Let’s Forget Tea!
by Alexander


Part One

It had been a long hot day and I was tired, sweaty and a bit pissed off so I decided to skip tea with the other boys in the dining room and go have a shower. Usually the living area of the school is very quiet at this time as everyone is either eating or walking about in the grounds. This was the time of day I liked best because I could be reasonably assured of being alone and uninterrupted for at least an hour.

Technically we weren’t allowed into the dormitory area until after six o’clock, but I had long since learned that if I pretended I was going to the toilet and waited until most people were in the dining room, I could sneak out and head for my bedroom unnoticed. I was just about to make a dash for the stairs when Alan, one of the few boys I got on really well with came in the toilet.

“Hiya!” he said as he undid his flies, stood at the urinal and half turning towards me continued, “No tea again?”

Alan and I had a sort of on/off friendship in some ways. We were fairly close, got on well together and spent a lot of time in each other’s company outside school either playing football or walking round town. The on/off bit came with regard to sex. Once a week or so, at some sort of hormonal signal we would seek each other out and have a bit of ‘fun’ together. I don’t think we ever referred directly to this aspect of our friendship, but we accepted it as a matter of fact and simply enjoyed ourselves whenever we felt the desire.

Leaning on the corner of the wall, I kept my eye on his glorious soft three inches as I chatted to him. He was of course perfectly aware of where my attention was directed, and typically made no move to hide it – after all I had handled it often enough and had even had it in my mouth once.

“No,” I answered slowly, “I think I’ll go up and have a shower instead.”

Shifting his gaze down to his cock, he shook the drips off the end and gave it a couple of masturbatory strokes, making it semi-erect in the process.

“Oh, well then, I’ll see you later, wanker!”

This was one of our ‘key words’; the hidden agenda hinting that if I was interested we could get together later for some fun.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll meet you in the library in about an hour if you like.”

Watching him struggle slightly to put his hardening tool back inside his trousers, I was aware that I also had the beginnings of a hard on.

We left the toilet together; he turning left to the refectory and me going in the opposite direction heading for the stairs, happily aware that my boner was getting harder.

Hurrying to my bedside cabinet, I opened the draw and found the magazine which I had hidden under my schoolbooks. Alan had found this gay mag. in town a week or so ago and it was full of young, beautifully naked men in all sorts of erotic poses. We had joked about it of course, and even had a couple of good wanks over it, but what disturbed me a little was that I actually enjoyed staring at the pictures and tossing myself off over them, especially late at night under the bedclothes with a torch.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and threw them on the floor. Placing the magazine in front of me, I knelt on the bed and took my now solid prick in my hands and gently started to jerk off, fantasising about the young men I was staring at.

I must have been so engrossed in the book and my thoughts that I didn’t hear the door open or anyone walk in until Alan almost shouted at me, “Gotcha!”

Shit! I nearly fainted at the sound of his voice and span round to face him frightened at first, but relaxing a bit when I saw who it was.

“Arsehole!” I retorted, pretending anger “You almost scared the shit out of me.”

“A bit more than shit,” he laughed, staring pointedly at my groin. Grinning widely, he sat on the bed behind me and looked at the pictures over my shoulder.

“Not bad, are they?” he whispered, “Mind you, I’m glad I haven’t got a cock that size, I wouldn’t know where to put it,” he added putting his finger on a particularly big prick.

“Hey, I thought we were going to meet later in the library,” I enquired, “What are you doing here now?”

“When you said you were going to miss tea, I guessed what you were going to do and I thought that I’d catch you at it,” he answered. “There’s something else too. Dave, my room-mate has gone into town for the evening and so we can use our room instead of the library if you like. I’ll meet you in there in half an hour.”

Alan was a year older than me and was lucky enough to share a twin-bedded room with David. I don’t think that they ever did anything together like Alan and me, and I wasn’t really interested anyway. I was happy enough getting what I did, mostly with him but also with another lad in my dormitory once in a while.

“Don’t waste it now,” he said, moving round to the front of me and taking my hand away from my dick, “Save it for later!”

“OK then, half an hour. I’ll see you.” I said, standing up.

After Alan had left the room I collected my things and walked through to the showers. Luxuriating under the warm water I soaped myself all over, closed my eyes, and spent the next twenty minutes thinking of the fun and games we were about to have. Having got myself clean and refreshed, I dried myself and deciding that it would be a waste of time putting any underwear on, pulled on some old jeans and a T-shirt and went to Alan’s room at the end of the corridor.

As I lay there, arms under my head and staring up at the ceiling I earned myself another hard-on just thinking about Alan. Lazily, almost without thought I removed my T-shirt, opened the top of my jeans and relaxed waiting for him to turn up.

I must have been half asleep, dreaming about I don’t know what when I was startled to feel Alan pull my jeans down and looked round to find him standing there bollock naked. Smiling wanly, I tried to hide my embarrassment by telling him that he’d been so long that I’d fallen asleep, bored.

“Bollocks!” he smiled, “You were dreaming about me, I know it!”

“Fuck you! I’ve got better things to think of than you.”

“Oh yeah? Well think about this then,” and grabbing my jeans pulled them right off.

Alan must have been feeling particularly horny and randy as he wasn’t usually this forward or aggressive. He was normally much more content to take things easy and let them take their time, with me in the lead. My feelings were confirmed when he lay on top of me, placed his cock between my legs and started to fuck me slowly and gently but with obvious passion. I loved this technique of his as not only did it make me feel terrifically happy, but I could also look at him at the same time.

Alan lay his head down by the side of mine on the pillow. Inclined as it was slightly towards my ear, I could hear him breathing hard in time with his thrusts into my loins. Suddenly he took me completely by surprise and started sucking at my neck, trying his best to give me a ‘love bite’!

“Hey! Hey!” I said through the pain, “Slow down a bit. What’s got into you tonight?”

Thankfully he slowed down a bit and stopped playing at vampires. Turning to look at him, I was surprised to see how red with tension his face was.

“What’s up?” I enquired, genuinely concerned for him.

“Nothing really, except that I have never felt so fucking horny as I do now for some reason. When I came to see you earlier and I saw you having a wank, I almost raped you there and then!” he added, only half-joking I suspected.

“What’s caused this? Not that I’m complaining, provided you leave my neck alone,” I replied, pushing his head gently back on the pillow.

“Well, when you left to come upstairs during tea, I found that I’d lost my appetite thinking of what you were coming upstairs to do and went for a walk round school. Without quite knowing how I got there, or even why, I walked past the junior dormitory and heard a noise from inside. Opening the door as quietly as I could, I saw two of the junior kids naked on a bed, with one fucking the other!”

“Jesus!” was my gasped reply, “Who was it? What happened?”

Alan went on to tell me that they were so wrapped up in what they were doing that they didn’t see him there and so he stood and watched. Seemingly it wasn’t the first time that they had done this as not only were they transparently practised at it, but also they were having a conversation about football at the same bloody time!

“Honestly, I’ve never had such a fucking hard on in my life just looking at ’em. And then, just as I had decided that I’d better go and leave them to it, the one on top said that he was about to come and began ramming his cock in and out just as hard as he could. The one underneath stopped talking then and saw me in the door. He was so shocked that he was speechless but his mate just carried on, not knowing that I was there. When he’d finished, he collapsed on the bed alongside his mate who still said nothing, just pointed at me. Talk about mortified! I don’t know who felt worse, them or me. The only thing I could think of to say was that they ought to lock the door next time, or find somewhere else.”

Listening to this story, I was aware of three things. Firstly that I was determined to find out who they were, secondly that I was feeling just as randy as Alan now, and thirdly that either I would fuck him or he would fuck me. Now.

“What do you think it’s like, being screwed up the arse?” I asked with as much implied meaning as I could manage.

“Dunno.” he replied thoughtfully, “What do you think?”

“Do you wanna try it?” I asked, my heart in my mouth.

There was only a moments hesitation before Alan nervously replied, “Yeah. We’ll give it a go if you like.”

By this time both our cocks were rock hard and just waiting for some sort of action, but neither of us wanted to make the first move. Silently we both stared at our erections, waiting for the first one to speak.

“I’ll try first if you like. My cock’s smaller than yours and perhaps it won’t hurt so much,” I eventually volunteered.

“OK then,” he agreed, “But let’s try and find something to make it go in easier.”

Climbing off the bed we both set to and searched the room for something suitable. It wasn’t

long before I found a jar of antiseptic cream in David’s cupboard.

“This ought to do,” I grinned, “But don’t tell David!”

Carefully I smeared some of it all round my boner whilst Alan squished a bit around his bum.

“I’ll lay on my back and lift my legs onto your shoulders,” Alan told me, “That’s how they

were doing it anyway.”

I hadn’t thought about the actual mechanics of being fucked before, but having got myself into position, my prick was then automatically just in front of Alan’s bum hole and all I had to do was lean forwards a bit and press the tip against the little brown circle.

“Ready.” he whispered, taking hold of my waist, “But for fucks sake stop if I tell you,” he pleaded.

Gently, but with increasing pressure I began trying to force my way in. At first there was only a bit of pain, but the harder I tried, the worse it got. Biting my bottom lip, I tried not to let it show too much but it soon became more than I could bear and I stopped pressing quite so hard. At exactly the same time I was conscious that the muscles around his hole had relaxed and I slipped in. As quickly as I could I reached round and grabbed his arse cheeks.

“No, don’t move. I’m in now. Just give me a second.” Apart from anything else, having got inside him, I didn’t want to go through that again – at least not just yet.

“That’s better,” I said, relieved that the pain had completely gone, “Jesus, it’s just as if I can feel every vein in your bum. It’s not bad now I’ve got it in.”

‘Not bad’ was something of an understatement. It was absolutely phenomenal! As I slowly and carefully began to pull in and out, I felt as if I would burst with delight and pleasure.

“Don’t stop for Christ’s sake,” Alan pleaded as I slowed down to get my breath back, “It’s brilliant!” Getting into a smooth rhythm, I started to screw him in earnest, each time I thrust forwards managing to get a bit deeper into him.

“Fucking marvellous. It feels brilliant!” I was conscious of Alan saying somewhere in the distance. I was far too wrapped up with my own feelings of ecstasy to hear him properly. I thought that I had had some gigantic ejaculations before, some of which were so incredible that they were painful, but when I came without any warning just a few seconds later, it was the best ever! Ever! I pushed so deep and hard into his arse that I thought I would come out the other side. And I am sure that I produced as much spunk as all my other times put together. Slowing down and stopping involuntarily, I collapsed, falling forward onto Alan’s chest. Surprisingly I felt come all over him.

“How? …” I began to ask.

“I don’t know how you did it, but it was just as if you were pressing a button inside as you were fucking me, making my cock get harder and harder and just as you came, so did I, and I didn’t even touch it!” Alan managed to say between deep breaths. “It was bloody brilliant!”

“So that’s what it’s like,” I thought to myself, “Fucking somebody. I didn’t think it would be as good as that though.”

After we had rested for a while, Alan turned over to face me and said, “Do you want me to try and screw you?”

I had been hoping that he would ask me this, sooner or later and I had my answer ready.

“You’re damned right I do. You’re not the only one who gets the pleasure!”

Picking up the jar of cream again, we managed to empty it completely this time and I got myself ready to be injected.

Just as Alan had told me, at first the pain was excruciating and I draw blood on my bottom lip as I tried to overcome it. Once he had got inside me though it evaporated and I started to enjoy myself.

I suppose that everyone enjoys their first fuck, and remembers it forever. This was certainly true in my case and I can still remember it even now. The sensation was indescribable – you have to have been there and done it to understand, words simply can’t do it justice. For what seemed an age we lay there coupled together, soaking in the delights and sensations of each other. Having just had one experience of it, we were a bit more ready for what to expect this time and just as Alan had predicted, there seems to be a little magic button inside which when touched sends paroxysms of intense pleasure right through you. Despite having just come, and in magnificent amounts, we still managed to do it all over again. And within a record time: before, when we have tried to see how long it takes between being able to come for a second time, it has been up to an hour sometimes, but this time we managed it within a few minutes! Having now completely exhausted ourselves we stretched out on the bed, comfortably hugging each other wordlessly.

“That was good,” I said to myself as much as to Alan,” really good.”

“Wasn’t it!” Alan sighed.

I knew then that this wouldn’t be the last time we did it, and hopefully we would even be able to get the two littler boys to join in our fun.


Part Two

The opportunity to meet the two boys came one Saturday morning a week or so later when the school was having a football match against another local boarding school. Unusually, both the junior and senior games were taking place on our fields: normally one of the games would be away. Almost all the boys in our school were down on the fields watching the matches. This wasn’t because they were necessarily interested in the games, but simply because there was nothing much else to do. We weren’t permitted to leave the school or the grounds until after lunch on Saturdays, and even then only when we had a good reason to go into town for something.

Alan and I were wandering idly around the field chattering about nothing in particular when he grabbed my arm and pointed at a gang of junior schoolers on the touchline.

“There,” he said, “Those two kids just there.”

“What?” I asked somewhat bemused, “What are they doing?”

“Nothing, stupid. They’re the two kids I saw, you know, messing about in the dorm.”

Realisation hit me and I stared at the two boys, my interest sparked. One, the slightly taller one, was a lad I’d noticed around before, mainly because of his hair. It was extremely light-coloured, so light in fact that it looked almost silver in certain lights. He was nothing special in the looks department I don’t think, but then he wasn’t ugly either. His friend on the other hand was something else. His hair was a dark shiny nut-brown colour which hung straight down like a curtain, reaching almost to his collar. His round face bore a natural smile that I would die to have and as my eyes slid down his body, I tried to picture him naked. A bit on the thin side compared with most boys of his age, I thought, but then I knew I preferred them that way in any case. What did impress me was his package. He was either wearing several pairs of briefs under his trousers, or he was rather better endowed than most 13-year-olds. The bulge was definitely one of his more interesting characteristics: one which I was determined to investigate further.

Alan and I sat on the grass a little distance away from them, close enough to take a good look at them, but far enough away so we could talk without being overheard.

“Which one is which?” I asked Alan.

“The silver-haired one was doing the fucking,” he whispered, then added unnecessarily, “the other was underneath. He’s the one that saw me first.”

“Jesus!” I whispered back, staring even more intently at the duo.

It was then that for some reason the boys turned round. It took a moment or two for them to realise who they were looking at, but you could see realisation dawn on them as they recognised Alan. Rather than be acutely embarrassed, as I would have been, they both grinned broadly and gave us a little wave before turning back. I could hear their giggles as they obviously remembered the incident.

“Wonder what their names are?” I mused.

“Martin and Ryan,” Alan answered, much to my surprise.

“How’d you know that?”

“Checked out the bed list in the office.”

“Smart move,” I smiled, “So, what’s the next stage? Wanna do something about it?”

“Yeah, I guess. Could be fun.”

I agreed with him and asked if he had any ideas.

“No, not yet, but we must give it some serious thought though.”

We both sat and stared unseeing at the football match, each of us trying to conceive a workable plan to have some fun with Martin and Ryan. Quite naturally, given the topic of our conversation, I was conscious of getting a boner – and so was Alan I noticed when I looked at him.

“Wanna do something about it?” I asked, nodding in the direction of his groin and getting a slight smile by way of an answer.

Easing ourselves up, we turned away from the crowd and walked slowly towards school, trying our best not to attract any attention.

The nearest buildings to the fields were, as you might expect, the gymnasium and swimming pool, but for fairly obvious reasons we decided to avoid this area and turned into the main classroom block. This building, reputedly over a hundred years old, was like a rabbit warren if you didn’t know it, as over the years it has been modified and altered so many times that it was full of unexpected twists and turns, with class and tutorial rooms in all sorts of odd places. One particular feature was the size of the toilets – not the six-in-a-row urinals, but the sit-down cubicles. They were enormous, big enough to open a broadsheet newspaper up in, and still have space either side!

It was into one of these that Alan and I settled ourselves. Dropping our trousers and pants to the floor, we automatically adopted our usual position when going for a ‘quickie’. Resting our foreheads on each others shoulders, we grasped each other’s now rigid cock and started to jerk off. It had taken us some little time and practice to get used to this position, partly because Alan is left-handed, but it had been solved only after he’d had lots of practice using his right hand! (being left-handed was a distinct advantage in some of our other games though – think about it!).

During these quickie sessions that Alan and I shared, I usually thought of nothing else but the pleasure I was both getting and giving, but this time was different – I surprised myself by seeing images of the two youngsters flash through my mind. And I came a lot quicker and harder than I normally did. So did Alan.

Rather hurriedly we dressed and after checking there was no one around, carefully left the toilet, grinning conspiratorially at each other.

“See you later,” I said to Alan as we went our separate ways, each with only one thing on our mind.

It was during tea that we met again, and finding a relatively quiet corner of the refectory sat together, side-by-side.

“I’ve had an idea,” we both said together, and stopped, smiling at each other.

“Tell me yours first,” I offered.

We exchanged ideas, most of which were fantasies revolving around kidnapping, blackmail, or worse. All were rejected of course as being simply too outlandish.

Then it struck us. The obvious. Why not simply ask them if they wanted to join us? They could hardly go running to the staff and complain, could they? The worst that could happen was that they would tell their friends, and who would believe them?

Within a few minutes we had put together what we thought was a workable plan – it all depended on timing, and a large slice of luck. We agreed to try it at the first opportunity.


Every time either one of us saw Martin or Ryan, we gave them a broad smile, and on a couple of occasions even ruffled their hair. It was our way of letting them know that their secret was safe, and hopefully build up their confidence and trust in us.

The first time we could put our plan into action was almost a week later when Alan’s room-mate had gone into town again for the evening. Hurriedly we scrawled out a note addressed to Ryan and Martin: “If you want some fun, come to my room in five minutes.” It was signed by Alan. I added, “Don’t tell anyone!” and put my name to it. The missive was pressed into Ryan’s hand as he queued for his meal, much to his surprise

Less than five minutes later, Alan and I were in his room, dressed in T-shirts and loose-fitting shorts, sans underwear. Waiting. Impatiently waiting. In silence.

There was a timid knock at the door, and quiet as it was, made both Alan and me jump.

“Come in.” I said, hopefully just loud enough for them to hear.

The door opened slowly to admit two very timid and nervous boys. They stood facing us, side-by-side, glancing at each other in their tenseness. I swear, if they could have got away with it, they would even have held hands.

“Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble,” I said as affably as I could. It had struck me that a note from older boys to younger ones, especially in a boarding school like ours was never ‘a request’, it was an order.

“Yeah,” agreed Alan, “We just thought …….” He left the sentence dangling in mid-air, leaving it to them to draw any inferences.

They relaxed slightly, but only slightly. They were still uncertain.

“Close the door behind you and sit down, why don’t you? We ain’t gonna bite. At least not yet!” Alan joked.

They did as they were asked, choosing to sit on the arms of the large upholstered chair. Alan and I remained seated on the bed.

“I’m sorry I interrupted you the other day. You know, when you were …..”

The boys had the grace to blush, but didn’t say anything. Their eyes however looked liked frightened rabbits.

“Hey, relax lads, ” I chivvied them. “We’re just sort of … interested … in what you were doing.”

It took another fifteen minutes of persuasive banter and heavy innuendo to convince them that we were ‘on their side’ so to speak.

It turned out that they had come to the school together, having been at the same Prep. school. They had been ‘doing things’ together for two or three years, but it wasn’t until they came here that they’d actually discovered anal sex. The first few months in a new boarding school are traumatic for anyone, and for a first-year junior, even more so. They had spent a lot of time crying together, hiding away from the rest of the school whenever they could. Sex had been one way they had been able to comfort each other, and what had been an exciting and satisfying past-time at their previous school, had taken on a much more significant role. Life being what it is, one thing had led to another and … the result was what Alan had seen.

By this time they were completely at ease and gabbled away, each interrupting the other. I guess the relief at not being beaten, or worse, lent them a certain animated volubility and looseness of tongue.

Alan and I had almost forgotten about the original reason for our getting them in to the room. Almost, but not quite. We had both sprung boners listening to the boys adventures, a fact which had not escaped either of them. To make things easier for them, and wanting to hurry things along, I raised my feet and rested them on the edge of the bed. This had the intended effect of allowing them an uninterrupted view right down the insides of my wide-legged shorts. Alan did the same.

The boys had settled themselves more comfortably in their chair by now and were squeezed together, arms round each other’s shoulders. I watched, fascinated as I observed tents grow in their tight grey school trousers.

‘We are almost there,’ I thought to myself happily.

During a lull in the conversation, I took the bull by the horns and staring intently at their bulges said, “Can we see them?”

This wasn’t totally unexpected by anyone of course, but the actuality of putting it into words was still a bit of a shock. The boys looked at each other nervously for a second, but then broke into wicked, angelic grins.

“Only if we can see yours properly,” the beautiful brown-haired Ryan said.

Alan and I were naked within seconds of course, seeing as we were wearing next-to-nothing in the first place. The boys however weren’t far behind as they too had decided not to wear underclothes.

The thought flashed through my mind as to who was seducing whom. They had obviously come prepared. I laughed inwardly to myself, storing the thought at the back of my mind for future investigation.

So there we were. Four hormone-ridden boys, naked as the day they were born, staring intently at each other’s bodies, erections very much to the fore.

I didn’t know how old the boys were exactly, but they must have been between eleven and twelve years old, given the year they were in. Both had beautiful, unblemished balls and cocks. Not a mark to be seen anywhere. Smooth and silken-looking, they were perfect. They both had a little hair too, I noticed with interest. Martin’s, being the fairer of the two wasn’t quite so obvious, but Ryan had an enticing line of dark brown fuzz at the base of his now fully-erect four-inch boner, which served only to frame what was, in my opinion, the most exquisite prick I’d ever seen – not that I’d examined all that many of course, especially ones of his age.

Unbidden, my hand moved slowly towards it, palm upwards, my fingers eagerly awaiting the first touch of the prize. Glancing at Ryan, he looked me directly in the eyes, smiled slightly and pushed his hips forward. Only a very little, mind you, but enough to tell me that an invitation had been extended.

His pubescent prick fitted perfectly in the palm of my hand. As I closed my fingers around the shaft, I was rendered breathless as I felt for the first time, the iron-hard rod of flesh. I closed my eyes, willing every fibre of my brain to remember each minute detail of it. I heard Ryan moan, and when I opened my eyes, saw that he had thrown his head back and was moaning with the pleasure I was evidently giving him. I took hold of my own now painfully throbbing member and began to massage it, timing my strokes to match those I was giving Ryan. I was so lost in my reverie that it was with a little surprise that I felt a small hand trying to worm its way under my fingers and onto my cock. Blissfully I moved my hand away, giving Ryan free access to my own pride and joy.

For all that it mattered, we were in a complete world of our own: nothing could invade it. Nothing else existed except the overwhelming feeling of sexual intimacy we were cocooned in.

Slowly, and not for an instant releasing the grip on my Adonis, I manoeuvred us to the easy chair and sat down, pulling Ryan along with me, sitting him on my lap. I continued to masturbate him slowly and gently, savouring every delicious moment of it. With the greatest of difficulty, I managed at last to find my voice.

“Can you come yet?” I whispered in his ear.

“Sometimes, not always though,” he answered, eyes still closed. His voice was so quiet that I only just heard it.

“Wanna try and cum now?”

“Yeah. Oh yeah. Please!”

Shaking myself out of my absorption, I concentrated on the job in hand. As, I noticed, did Ryan.

Having decided to go for gold so to speak, it wasn’t long before I felt that familiar, magical feeling starting to emanate from my balls.

“I’m nearly there, ” I said through clenched teeth, “Don’t stop!”

I erupted within seconds, depositing my massive load over Ryan’s olive-skinned body, from his neck down to his thigh. At the same precise moment, my lover trembled and shook uncontrollably. I could feel his butt cheeks clenching and unclenching as his body submitted itself to an incredibly intense orgasm. Concentrating my stare on his cock-head, I was delighted to see a teaspoon-full of cum leak out onto my hand. Ryan, I vaguely heard, was moaning and groaning with the painful intensity of his passion. Slowly, and completely to my own amazement, I lifted my hand up to my mouth and licked the cum off my finger and thumb. At the same time, I looked at Ryan and saw that he’d pushed his fist hard in to his mouth in an attempt to stop himself from screaming out loud. As I transferred the magic liquid to my tongue, I noticed the deep white marks on his delicate skin where he’d bitten himself.

We both sighed deeply, struggling to get our breathing back to something resembling normality. I was spent. Totally and irrecoverably exhausted. I lay back in the chair and breathed deeply, my hand still holding on to the now limp prize.

It was Ryan who recovered first. “Thanks,” he smiled broadly at me, “That was the best ever.”

Then taking a quick look at his friend, obviously not wishing to upset him, added, “Well, almost!”

Alan. And Martin. I’d completely forgotten about them, not unnaturally I suppose given the circumstances.

They were laid on the bed, head to head, fondling each other’s still hard erections. Both, I noticed, were shiny with the results of their own exertions. And they were grinning at us, for all the world like two demented Cheshire cats.

“You two must learn to be quiet!” Alan smirked at me. “You were making enough noise to wake the dead!”

Martin just smiled, and catching Ryan’s eyes, winked broadly at him. “He always screams when he comes,” he said to me. “Sorry, I should have told you.”

“Bollocks! I don’t. You’re the one that makes all the noise.”

Before the banter could get any worse, a glance at the clock told me that we’d been ‘messing about’ for over an hour, and it was getting perilously close to the time when we would be missed.

The hint was taken by everyone, and hurriedly we searched for our long-forgotten clothes. The only words exchanged were a quick “‘Bye,” as they slipped out of the room and back to their own dormitory.

“I think we just made two little boys very happy,” Alan laughed as we dressed ourselves.

“Which two?” I answered. “I can’t say I was too disappointed!”

“I wonder how far they’d go with us?” Alan said thoughtfully as we made our way to the refectory. “I wouldn’t mind finding out if they were interested in meeting up with us again.”

“I think it’s worth checking out,” I agreed.

And so it was, but that is the subject of another story to be told later as Alan and I have an appointment behind the cricket pavilion in a few minutes.


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