I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 8

I never thought I’d say it, but thank God for school! It was a veritable heaven as far as I was concerned as I could not only fantasise about any and every boy I saw (which I’d always done anyway!) but I could have fun with their minds as well. I knew, of course, that I couldn’t penetrate the mind of everyone I saw, but at a guess about one in ten had ones I could get into, and a couple of those I could actually sort of control if I thought hard enough about it. At a rough guess, there were about 120 boys in my year group, and I knew about half of those in the years above and below my year group. That meant I knew about 240 boys well enough to recognise, which in turn meant that I could sense the thoughts of about 25 of them. Good enough, I grinned to myself as I worked the figures out.

Not surprisingly my favourite hunting grounds were the various toilets scattered around the school and the two changing rooms – the gym and the sports field. I knew I had to be careful of course – I’d seen the consequences often enough of a boy being ‘outed’, rightly or wrongly, and the last thing I wanted was to be a part of that group.

My usual ploy was to scan the boys around me at break or lunch-times and see which ones were susceptible to my probings. On several occasions I managed to persuade a particularly good-looking one that he needed to pay a visit to the toilet. I would then make sure that I got there before him and wait for him to arrive. It was easy to persuade him to stand close enough to me so I could take a good look at his tackle, and sometimes even make him get a hard-on. More often than not that was as far as I could make the boy go and they would depart hastily. Several of them though didn’t object too much and it only took a little suggestion from me for them to openly display what they had, provided I returned the favour.

I remember with some satisfaction the first time my plan came together perfectly. There was a boy, Kevin, in the year group below me who had a particularly open mind I found out. He wasn’t bad-looking either, which was a bonus. The first time I came across him, not only did he let his cock get obviously hard in front of me, but he also gave it one or two suggestive tugs right in front of me. I flashed him a compliment or two and was delighted to see him blush slightly. For a day or two I watched him and probed his mind gently, discovering two things almost straight away: firstly that he’d only recently started to cum, and secondly that he thought a lot about other boys.

It was the start one the lunch-break when a golden opportunity to take things further presented itself to me. I’d just left my classroom and was headed outside when I almost bumped into him in the corridor. A flash of recognition crossed his face, together with a slight touch of embarrassment as he remembered where we’d met. Taking a chance, I suggested that he was in urgent need of a piss, and that it must be in the toilets on the top floor, the least used ones. I too needed to use the same bathroom and so led the way, listening carefully to his footsteps behind me.

Once inside the empty room, I got my dick out and waited. Sure enough, ten seconds later he followed me in and stood at the urinal about two feet away. I turned to smile at him, almost waving my cock in his direction. He didn’t need any further help – his dick started to fatten up instantly and he even changed hands so I could get a proper look at it. I allowed mine to harden to its full extent and started to wank it provocatively.

He couldn’t take his eyes away, and I knew then that I’d got him. I closed the gap between us and turned to face him properly. “Want a bit of fun?” I asked quietly, nodding in the direction of a cubicle.

His mind was a mess – I almost reeled with the intensity of his reaction as he nodded furiously.

Without bothering to re-fasten our trousers we squeezed into the nearest cubicle and reached our hands downwards.

“Oh fuck!” he sighed as he grasped my cock.

I held his dick between my fingers, absorbing its softness and innocence.

“Nice one!” I whispered, giving it a squeeze.

I got a broad grin for that and a quickening of his hand.

“Wait a bit,” I said quietly. “Drop your pants.”

He did so hurriedly, pushing them down to his knees as fast as he could before retaking hold of me.

Kevin was so excited that it took only a few strokes to make him cum, which he did violently. Not massively of course, but with a much-needed release. Amazingly, he only paused in jacking me off for a second or two before he started again, his cock staying just as hard as it was before. Knowing how sensitive it must be, I shifted my attentions to his balls – delightfully small and hairless.

“Cumming!” I moaned as his delicate fingers danced around my pride and joy. “Cummmmming!”

I fired my bullets out in rapid succession, each one getting as far as the wall in front of me. Kevin stared in awe as each one fired out of my cock.

“Wow” he grinned as my tool softened. “That was good.”

I hadn’t the energy to do anything except nod in agreement.

Neither of us made any attempt at getting dressed for a couple of minutes – we were both far too interested in getting a good look at each other.

“We’d better go,” he giggled at last, reaching down to pull his things up.

“Yeah,” I replied. “That was good, Thanks.”

“No problem,” he laughed lightly. “I liked it.”

I saw Kevin fairly regularly after that, managing to get together at least a couple of times a week to repeat the exercise, much to our mutual satisfaction – and I didn’t even need to ‘persuade’ him either!


Another boy I took an inordinate interest in was Philip. He was the same age as me, in the same class in fact. Quite simply he was the best-looking boy ever. He had a slightly olive-coloured skin, a mop of unruly black curly hair, luscious black eyes and a smile to die for. His cock and balls, which I’d perved on many, many times in the changing rooms were just perfect: an uncircumcised four or five inch tool resting on smooth, fuzz-covered balls. A walking wet-dream as far as I was concerned. Unfortunately he was unattainable. I could get inside his head easily enough and could even implant some suggestions. The problem was that he was unshakably hetero. I knew I could make him get hard by flashing him pictures of naked girls, but the instant anything even vaguely gay crossed his mind, he lost it. Once or twice I took pernicious enjoyment in giving him a hard-on during class, much to his consternation and watched avidly as he unconsciously fingered it below the desk. I always made it go down though when the lesson ended – after all I didn’t want to embarrass him!

Like many things in life, it is always the impossible things that you desire the most and so I devoted a lot of time and energy to Philip, without making one millimetre of progress.

One day, because it was raining so hard, we were kept in school during the lunch-break and I had spent a good deal of it mind-hopping when I came across a very bored Philip sat by himself. He was so relaxed that I got right inside his mind without any problem whatsoever and found that he wasn’t thinking of anything at all. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea.

I gave him the thought that he needed a piss urgently and watched as he stood up to make his way to the nearest bathroom. As he left I gave him two other thoughts in quick succession – one that he should choose a quieter toilet, and secondly a series of scantily-dressed and naked girls. Quickly following him, I watched as he climbed the stairs to the first floor and went into the bog. Whilst he was busy unzipping his flies, I slipped into a vacant sit-down and locked the door.

Now I could get down to work seriously. I knew that I could enter his mind completely and, just as Charlie had done with me, enjoy all the thoughts and feelings he had whilst still allowing him to do whatever he wanted. The only problem was that I had to ‘leave my own body’ when I did this – to outside appearances it would seem as if I had fainted, hence the need to lock myself away.

All well and good. I continued giving him the images he wanted to see – and a few he’d probably never even thought of before! The upshot was that he developed a raging boner that simply demanded attention. It was magnificent and exceeded even my expectations. It was six-plus inches of beautiful, flawless olive-coloured flesh standing out from a bush of the same curly black hair that I knew so well. Already from the uncircumcised head, pre-cum was beginning to drip out copiously.

There was only a subdued ‘fuck it!’ from Philip’s tortured mind as he decided to do the only possible thing. He locked himself in the adjoining cubicle and dropped his pants. With a self-satisfied sigh he stretched his legs out as wide as he could and lovingly took hold of the piece of hot flesh between his legs.

I gave him more images to work on, slowly and deliberately. If I produced them too quickly, it would be over and done with in next to no time I reasoned. This way, I could at least make it last a bit longer – and we were both enjoying ourselves hugely.

As if in time with a hidden melody, I changed the pictures with a steady rhythm, allowing them to get faster little by little until with an explosion to rival that of Krakatoa, he exploded. I’m sure we both fainted for a split second as he erupted, sending globs of hot cum high in the air: high enough I noted with delight afterwards to reach the ceiling! Philip moaned loudly and his whole body shook with passion as he slowly came down from what I learned was his best and most intense orgasm ever.

Quickly, I slipped back into my own body just in time to hear ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” from a very surprised but not unhappy Philip.

My own cock was of course achingly hard by now and I carefully released it. Once I’d heard Philip leave the room, I gave it the few rapid jerks it needed and allowed my own seed to spill out – not as magnificently as Philip’s of course, but very welcome nevertheless.

It was with a wry smile that I noticed how tired Philip was for the remainder of the day, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him any more than half-hard.


Such was my life at school. I was having immense fun and ‘seduced’ more boys than I can remember. I have mentioned just Kevin and Philip because they stand out more than the others: Kevin because we still do stuff once in a while, and Philip because it was so spectacular. I’d made my mind up though that I wouldn’t get too involved with any one person too often. Much as I would like to have a close ‘friend’, it would be far too dangerous – not only for my reputation, but also because David went to the same school of course, and he would be sure to hear if I was doing anything. The result was that as time went by, I was getting more and more ‘long term frustrated’.

David and I still did stuff together nearly every night – in fact it was almost routine. That isn’t to say that it was boring or anything though, we both enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to our games. For some strange reason we found them comforting and relaxing and looking back on it now, it was whilst we were sharing the same bed – and each other – that we were closest. I still needed more though – someone just as special as Derrick was to David.

It was David that made me realise it. I’d been out all day with Mark, riding round the lanes taking the odd picture here and there, but mostly just for the fun of it. Sex was off the agenda of course – the nearest we’d got to it was watching each other piss in the bushes, neither of us getting even the slightest bit hard. I was OK with that though: once we’d set the limits to our friendship, I discovered that I quite liked him as a person and actually enjoyed his company.

David and I were telling one another about our day, lazily playing with each other when he asked me whether or not Mark and I were ‘doing stuff’. When I told him that we weren’t, he looked surprised.

“But I thought, …” he started to say.

I told him all that had happened, and how Mark was OK as a friend, but he wasn’t interested in much more than that.

“But what you doin’ about, you know, …” he giggled, giving my cock a wiggle. “I know you’re getting something somewhere, you gotta be!”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Only with a couple of mates at school once in a while. Nothing regular though, not like you and Derrick. Talking of which how are things with you and him? Having fun?”

“Oh, yeah!” he sniggered. “He’s OK.”

“What sort of stuff do you do?” I asked, instantly regretting it.

“Oh, same sort of things you me me do,” he said. Then, realising I could sense when he wasn’t telling me the whole truth, added, “And a bit more.”

I tried not to let my surprise show as I said quietly, “What? You haven’t? You don’t …?”

He blushed slightly but said nothing.

“Hey, I don’t mind,” I said, giving him a quick kiss on the forehead. “If that’s what you want, then it’s OK. At least you’ve got someone.”

We jacked each other off thoughtfully for a few minutes before David broke the spell. “Hey, I wanna 69,” he grinned.

Halfway through a rather enjoyable bit of fun, I felt David lift his head away from my dick and look at me.

“What about Alan?” he said.

It took me a moment or two to remember who Alan was.

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “I’d forgotten all about him. He was OK.”

How the Hell had I forgotten about Alan? OK, he was almost a couple of years younger than me, and lived in the nearby town, but I knew him and what’s more, knew what interested him. Now there was a thought.

I smiled inwardly and concentrated on showing David just how grateful I was for his brilliant idea.


It didn’t take me long to dig out his address from dad’s files, together with a note to say that Alan’s mum and dad were now regular attenders at their meetings. David and I rarely went to them these days, partly because we weren’t all that interested, and partly because, as mum so delicately put it, ‘some things weren’t suitable for children’. It was only years later that I learned the real reason. The adolescent mind is very susceptible to psychic phenomena, due largely to the increased hormone levels and changing bodies. Any teenager gifted with psychic abilities would frequently flood the minds of people around him with totally unsuitable thoughts and images: unknown to me, my mother had glimpsed some particularly vivid and licentious thoughts from both David and me – hence the ‘ban’ from the gatherings until we were able to control our thoughts! It also meant of course that Alan wouldn’t be attending the meetings either, so it was time for Plan B whatever that was.

The following Saturday, with the aid of a map and a lot of trial and error, I eventually found what I guessed to be Alan’s house. Taking care to stay out of sight, I looked at it. It was one of the better-kept houses in the street, although that didn’t say very much. Most of them were quite run down: peeling paintwork, dirty windows, junk in the garden sort of thing. Fitted in quite well with what I had thought about Alan. I concentrated hard and tried to find him. It wasn’t all that easy: I’d only met him the once and didn’t know him anywhere near well enough to get into his mind straight away – for all I knew, he wasn’t even at home.

With an immense effort, I could just about feel him – a grey, nebulous nothingness which only came into focus very slowly. Suddenly with a snap that made me jump, he was there. It took both of us a moment or two to adjust to the shock, and with obvious apprehension, I felt Alan ask, “Jason?”

“Yeah. Sorry if I made you jump. I’m just sort of experimenting. That is Alan isn’t it?” I said stupidly.

“Yeah!” he flashed back, slightly more cheerfully. “Where are you?”

“In town,” I said. “Shopping. What you doing?”

“Nothing. I’m still in bed,” he laughed. “I was asleep until a couple of minutes ago.”

“Wanna get together sometime?” I flashed. “We could have some fun!”

Mixed in with Alan’s agreement were images of naked boys as well as a desire to explore this talent we shared.

“Whichever you like!” I signalled back, much to Alan’s surprise and shock.

“You can tell what I’m thinking?” he said, aghast at the thought.

“Only if it’s strong enough,” I giggled.

We experimented with our new-found ability for a few minutes, amazed at the speed not only with which we’d accepted it, but the things we could do.

“Fuckin’ Hell!” he grinned.

“Snap!” I laughed.

A sudden noise to my left brought me back to reality with a start. Across the road was a group of boys staring at me with an interest I didn’t much like. It didn’t take a mind-reader to know what their next move would be.

“Gotta go!” I said hurriedly. “Come to my house tomorrow if you can.”

“OK,” he sent back. “See you.”

Beating a hasty retreat, I headed homewards as fast as I could.

Once clear of the area I slowed down a bit and thought about what had just happened with Alan. Strange to say, I wasn’t at all perturbed by the ease with which we’d made contact: in fact I was rather pleased in an odd sort of way because it meant that I wasn’t the only person with such a freakish talent and I could at last have someone to talk to who understood. There was always Charlie of course, but the big advantage that Alan had was that he was real skin and bone and not some ethereal presence!


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