I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 7

For some reason I awoke early the following morning – early for me anyway. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was just after seven o’clock. I could hear my parents moving around as they got ready for work, and a single glance at David told me that he was still fast asleep. Yawning widely, I stretched luxuriously and stared at the ceiling, thinking vaguely of what I was going to do for the day. Nothing really special except for the visit to sort out Mark’s computer – and hopefully Mark as well. Having something to get up for, I slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Once I’d attended to the needs of nature, I stepped into the shower and for once had a long, hot shower by myself.

I was laying back on my bed, dressed only in undies and thinking of nothing in particular when Charlie made himself known.

“Where you been?” I thought to him, trying to remember when I talked to him last.

“Oh, out and about,” he said. “Since you and me have got together and I’ve had some practice, I found that I can sorta skip from once person to another and have a bit of fun. Not as good as what you and me do,” he giggled, “But I can sit in their minds and enjoy what they’re thinking or doing.”

“That’s interesting,” I mused. “Must be good fun. Learn anything?”

“Yeah, lots. I’ve learned to drive a car for once thing,” he laughed. “Once of David’s mates, Simon, drives his mum’s car sometimes.”

“How’d you do that?” I asked.

“Don’t drive it myself, stupid, Simon does the driving bit, but I know how do do it though.”

“Didn’t mean that,” I went on. “Jump from one to another.”

“Oh, that’s really neat! Once I’ve met someone and sorta felt their mind, I’ve only got to think of ’em and if they’re not too far away, I can join ’em.”

“That’s good,” I yawned, only taking half an interest in what he was saying as I wasn’t fully awake.

“Yeah, you should try it sometime!” he replied. “Anyway, what we doing today?”

“Going to see Mark, sort his bird pictures out.”

“I bet! And?”

“Nothing!” I told him sharply, rather to my surprise. Then added, a bit more gently, “Well. Perhaps we might … But I don’t want you interfering this time.”

For once I wanted to see what I could do without Charlie’s help and didn’t need his presence.

“OK, OK!” he sniggered. “I wanna go and see someone else anyway.”

With that he was gone. I turned over and glanced at David who was now awake and looking in my direction.

“Mornin’ bro.” he said sleepily. “You’re awake early.”

“Yeah. Mum and dad woke me up with their noise.”

David rolled out of bed and scratched his balls, his dick piss-hard. “What you doin’ today?” he asked.

“Not much. Said I’d go to see Mark sometime.”

“Mmmm,” he answered disinterestedly. “I’m going over to Derrick’s. Mum and dad left yet?”

“Don’t think so.”

“OK. I’m gonna have a shower. Coming?”

“Naah. Had one.”

He didn’t bother answering me and I lay back, hands behind my head. For some reason, the comment Charlie had made about mind-hopping sprang into my consciousness. Experimentally I tried to get inside David’s head and to my surprise found it was a great deal easier than I thought it would be – much easier than the last time I’d tried it. He wasn’t thinking of anything very much except washing himself – I caught a half-formed thought that he wished I was there to do his hair and back, but it vanished just as fast as it came. His mind then turned to Derrick, with whom he’d planned to spend the day. I became instantly alert as he pictured what he wanted to do with him, being treated to a slightly disgusting image of the two of them doing, well, ‘doing the dirty’. Not surprisingly, David was rock-hard by now and was slowly jacking himself off as he thought. Letting my hand roam down to my own erect dick, I stroked it gently as I concentrated on David, but the pleasure I was giving myself blanked out David and so I let it go, just in time to feel David shoot his load down the drain.

Needless to say, I didn’t let on that I’d been in his mind. I wasn’t particularly bothered about what he planned to do, I wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. Changing tack, I thought of Mark as hard as I could, but only succeeded in picking up a very fuzzy grey something-or-other which may or may not have been him. Giving the idea up, I struggled to my feet and finished dressing, hearing the front door slam as the ‘rents leave for work as I pulled my T-shirt on.

As usual, mum had left a note asking us to do a few household chores before we went out, which we soon saw off, and with a quick glance round the ‘tidied’ living room and kitchen went to grab our bikes.

We rode in silence most of the way: David I knew was thinking of Derrick, cricket and an empty house. My mind was more concerned with Mark. It wasn’t easy to mind-hop whilst riding my bike, but with a little practice found I could keep enough of my brain working to make sure that I didn’t kill myself and still try to get inside Mark’s mind. As I got nearer and nearer to his house, the grey mist cleared a little and an image started to appear.

He was making himself a cup of coffee as I rang the front door bell. I’d already discovered that he was thinking about what time I would turn up, how difficult it would be to set up a database for his collection of pictures, and few other odd things – none of which were about sex I was a bit disappointed to learn.

It took about an hour to set up and fine tune the database and load the pictures on to it. Mark was well pleased with the end result and played around, trying different ways of sorting it. Some of the pictures weren’t all that good and so we spent another hour messing about with an image enhancing program, something else he didn’t know much about. By the end of the session, I was getting seriously frustrated – we’d sorted out his problems, but what about mine? All the time we’d been working together, I’d probed his mind a few times but learned nothing – it was almost as if he was deliberately blocking out that part of his mind. As a last resort, I dropped my hand on top of his ‘by accident’ and thought as hard as I could of he and I jacking off together back at the house.

It worked! The hidden part of his mind sprang open and I was in. Mark’s face reddened a little as the unwanted thought flashed through it but he didn’t try to banish it – not very hard anyway. I could feel him trying to make his mind up – did he want to, or didn’t he? Mostly he did, but there was a bit which told him no, he shouldn’t. Choosing the times carefully, I shot him thoughts of how good it felt, that it was just a bit of harmless fun, that … well, you get the idea.

“Can I see it again?” I asked. I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t know whether I’d actually spoken what I thought, or just implanted the idea. Whichever it was, it achieved the desired effect as the growing bulge in his jeans showed.

I made a big show of adjusting my dick, not for a second taking my eyes away from his groin.

“Come on, let’s have a bit of fun,” I whispered, sliding my hand across to his thigh.

The timing was perfect. He gave me the slightest of nods and I began to unfasten his fly. As he opened his legs enough to allow me better access, my mind almost went into orbit as I pushed my hand inside.

“Wanna go on the bed?” I said, grasping his rod gently.

“OK,” he almost moaned.

Somewhat feverishly I undid his belt and pushed his trousers and pants down to his ankles, leaving his dick fully exposed and laid flat against his navel, throbbing slowly in time with his heartbeat. With the softest of touches, I grasped it and sighed happily.

“Nice one!” I said quietly, staring at my prize.

Mark tried to push my hand away, but only with a nominal effort.

“Take mine off,” I told him.

He was too far gone by now to raise even the faintest of objections, and with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, he did as he was asked. “Everything!” I added, giving him an encouraging smile.

Seconds later we were both laying naked on his bed, eyes taking in the erotic sight. Mark I knew was still a little nervous, but was getting more comfortable with every passing second. He was even beginning to enjoy himself, I learned as I felt delicately around his dick and balls. Picking up his hand, I put it on my cock and gasped as his fingers tightened round it.

We were laying a few chaste inches apart, each staring downwards at our slowly moving hands. I inched closer to him, allowing our shoulders and legs to touch, and feeling for the first time the magical spark of electricity shoot through me as we came in contact. Lifting my head up slightly, I let Mark put an arm underneath me.

“Nice!” I whispered, refraining from kissing him with no little difficulty.

He half-smiled back at me and continued jacking me off slowly.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he said thoughtfully, not for a second lifting his eyes from our groins.

I knew that he’d said that more for his own benefit than mine and so ignored it mostly.

“No, I know,” I agreed, giving his dick a little squeeze. “That’s what makes it even more fun.”

“Suppose so. You ever done this before?”

“No, never. First time. You?” I said, hoping there isn’t a Hell for me to burn in

“No. Never.”

“Wanna stop?” I asked, pausing my hand.

For answer, he just looked at me and shook his head slightly.

“Great!” I giggled and started to work on him more seriously.

Didn’t take long of course, not with the mood we’d got ourselves into. We both came to very satisfactory orgasms with a few strokes of each other, surprised by both the volume and gratification we got. With what little energy I had left, I grabbed my T-shirt and cleaned us both up before taking hold of Mark’s now flaccid dick again and just holding it happily.

“Come on,” he said once he’d got his brain back in gear, “We’d better get dressed.”

I picked up my now very soiled T-shirt and looked at it in disgust.

“Here,” he grinned, “Borrow this one.”

He threw me a clean one and watched carefully as I dressed. Taking a quick tour of his mind, I discovered that he was by no means as pissed off with the event as he looked or spoke. In fact I’m sure he was already hoping we would do it again sometime in the not-too-distant future.

“OK?” I asked as he searched for his clothes.

“Yeah,” he answered convincingly. “I’m good.”

For Mark that was as much of an admission that he had enjoyed himself as you would ever get and I rejoiced inwardly.

“Wanna come round my house tomorrow?” I asked.

This time he smiled properly and said he would. What he didn’t say, but thought, was that he hoped there would be a repeat performance.

“Everyone will be out,” I said significantly. “Can I trust you to behave yourself?”

“Not in the slightest,” he laughed. “But I’m bringing my camera so’s we can go to that house and take some more pictures.”

“That’s OK, we can do that as well if you want,” I giggled. “But I gotta go now, I’m already late for David. See you tomorrow?”

“Sure,” he said happily.

I hadn’t arranged to meet David of course, but I wanted to part from Mark on a high note and in any case I wanted to experiment more with the mind-hopping thing.

The best place, I decided, was the local park, where there was sure to be lots of people and so I rode there fairly quickly, taking the opportunity once in a while to think of Mark. To my delight, I could sense that he was laying on his bed, toying idly with his once-again erect cock. He was feeling quite pleased with himself in an odd sort of way – happy that our mutual jack-off session hadn’t been as nasty as he thought it would be, and happy at the prospect of doing it again tomorrow. This pleased me too of course and I looked forward to it with even more delight.

Once in the park, I quickly learned that I couldn’t mind-hop quite as easily as I hoped. To begin with I sat quietly on a bench and looked at people one by one. Nothing. Not a thing apart from a few fuzzy images from little kids which I put down to their having more open minds than older people. Giving up, I went across to the other side of the park where a gang of boys were playing soccer. Thankfully, I recognised quite a few of them and gave them a wave as I sat on the grass to watch. A couple asked if I wanted to join in, but as this was done as much out of politeness as anything else, my refusal wasn’t taken amiss: they knew I was hopeless anyway and were quite glad.

Of the dozen or so players, I knew about half of them by sight, and three or four by name Looking at them one by one, I confirmed that I had no empathy at all from the ones I didn’t know. Of those that I recognised, the ones I knew better gave me instant access to their thoughts – fuzzy and unclear to start with, but gradually firming up as I concentrated. The two I knew best, class-mates of mine, I had immediate contact with, much to my pleasure.

Brian, the one closest to me, was concentrating on the game and had few other thoughts apart from watching the ball and I let him get on with it as I switched to his mate Andy. I sensed straight away that he was bored. Giving him my full attention, I learned that he’d only joined in the game because everyone else had wanted to play and he didn’t want to be left out. Just at present his mind was in free-fall, hoping that the ball didn’t come anywhere near to him, and yet having nothing else to think about. Taking advantage of the blankness, I sent him an image of myself, (fully dressed for once!) and watched for his reaction. I was inordinately pleased when his head came round to look at me and I gave him a wave of acknowledgement. Giving me a slight smile and wave back, he turned his mind back to the game. I let him have a few minutes to himself and then slipped back. This time I implanted a suggestion that he had a loose shoelace, and once again I was delighted to see him bend down and re-tie it.

‘So far, so good,’ I thought. ‘Now for the big one.’

Much as Charlie had done to me when we first met, I persuaded Andy that he had a rather persistent tingle in his groin. Idly he scratched it, hardly aware of what he was doing, so I intensified it and was glad to feel his cock begin to stir. Eventually the itch got so strong that Andy had to do something serious about it, and with a yell to his mates that he was going for a piss, ran off the field to the changing rooms. I would have loved to follow him in, but decided against it – at least for the time being. Instead, I closed my eyes and thought hard. The vision wasn’t quite as clear as it was, but it was still good enough for me to know what was going on. Andy had sat himself down in one of the cubicles, and with his jeans round his ankles, looked curiously at his semi-erection. He wasn’t too surprised at getting a hard-on, just curious as to why it had happened right out of the blue. Once he’d checked that everything was in order, he leant back and started to jack himself off. There was no need for me to stimulate him any more and so I tried to read his thoughts – this time with more success. Drifting across his mind were a multitude of images, sexually invigorating ones. Some were of girls and some of boys rather to my surprise. None of them were clear enough for me to recognise, but the mere fact that there was a healthy smattering of nude boys was enough to satisfy me. With a wicked smile, I gave him a picture of myself, naked and jacking off in time with him. The effect was instantaneous – his cock hardened fully and his hand started to jump up and down like a thing possessed.

“Oh, fuck!” I heard, or felt, him moan as he orgasmed magnificently into his hand. “Shit!” he said as he stared at the mess dripping from his fingers.

I deliberately caught his eye as he left the changing rooms a few minutes later and was amused when I got a definitely embarrassed little smile from him and a tiny wave of his hand.

‘One up to me,’ I thought cheerfully.

It was only on the way home when I was thinking about things that it dawned on me what power I had. So far I’d ‘seduced’ three boys – my brother, Mark and now Andy (almost). And that wasn’t including Charlie. Awesome!

“You’re very pleased with yourself,” a familiar voice said. “Tell me all about it!”

I explained the day’s events to Charlie, who was impressed.

“Dirty bugger!” he said, grinning. “Thought you might be able to do something like that. Good trick ain’t it?”

I agreed, it was a good trick indeed. “So, where you been?” I asked.

“Oh, out and about,” he said enigmatically. “Dropped in on David and Derrick to see what they were up to.”


“They tried to screw each other, but didn’t get anywhere. They don’t know about getting ready for that sort of thing, and using oil or something as well.”

“Why didn’t you tell ’em?” I asked, feeling sorry for them

“Couldn’t. They were concentrating so hard that I couldn’t get into their minds. Found something else out though.”

“Oh, what’s that?” I asked, still thinking about David.

“There’s this other boy Graham, who I’ve found. Friend of David’s. He’s got a mind as good as yours. Better in fact!” he sniggered.

“How so better?” I asked, slightly peeved.

“He lets me take over completely and doesn’t mind.”

“Why’d he let you do that? What’s in it for him?”

“Ah, well,” Charlie replied, full of himself. “He don’t like being fucked very much and so I take over. Then we change round and I sit back whilst he screws his mate. Perfect arrangement!”

“So that’s why I haven’t heard from you very much recently,” I said. “Busy getting your rocks off with someone else!”

For once Charlie went quiet for a minute or two as he thought, then said, “Don’t mind, do you? Only it’s so good to get out and about after all this time, and you don’t do the sort of things I like.”

Now it was my turn to think. I’d missed Charlie a few times, but oddly enough not from the sex point of view, but as someone who knew and understood how I felt about things – even better than my brother. There was something else too, I realised with a start: I didn’t need him as much to help me probe other peoples minds. OK, I wasn’t anywhere near as good as him, but somehow he’d unlocked an ability in me that I didn’t even know I had – a truly awe-inspiring one.

We had a rapid-fire exchange of thoughts during which I described the sort of things I’d discovered I could do, and the things I couldn’t. In return he explained that most people were born with an ability to ‘read minds’ to a greater or lesser extent, but the talent slowly disappeared as you got older unless it was used. Some people were much better than others, and I was one of the lucky ones, as was Alan. David had a limited ability, but chose not to use it very much I think. Anyway, the upshot was that Charlie and I sort of agreed that we didn’t need each other quite so much now – our tastes and interests going off in different directions.

“There’s one thing you hadn’t thought of though,” Charlie said. “How about other things? It hasn’t gotta be sex all the time you know. You’d be amazed at what you can get people to do!”

Now there was a new thought. Stupidly, I’d never thought of using my talent for anything else except, well, you-know-what. But if I could do other things as well … my mind began to reel as I considered it.

The first and most obvious person to try it out on was my brother of course and so later that evening when we were gathered around the TV, I decided that a cup of coffee would be welcome. Staring at the back of David’s head, who happened to be sitting in front of me at the time, I passed the idea to him as hard as I could think.

It took a couple of minutes for it to work, probably because he was comfortably relaxed and didn’t really want to move – but then he stirred and disappeared into the kitchen, returning five minutes later with two cups of steaming coffee! Pleased with myself, I tried several other little things over the course of the evening: getting him to scratch his balls, turning to look at me and so on, and it worked almost every time and not once did he seem to realise that he was being made to do it.

Getting him to do sex stuff in bed late that night didn’t need any magical powers – he would’ve done that anyway. I though him into doing a ’69’ with me, but then I wasn’t sure whether it was his idea or mine. In any case I soon lost interest in doing any more experimentation as I felt his familiar and very welcome mouth wrap itself round my cock.

The next person with whom to explore my talent was, inevitably, Mark. He appeared about mid-morning, well after David had gone out. In fact I had almost given him up when he arrived, apologising for being late. Throwing a few essentials like Coke and biscuits into a backpack, I straddled my bike and followed him down the road. I’d already decided not to mess with his mind until we got to the house, but it didn’t stop me probing a bit as rode along behind him. His mind was filled with thoughts of the bird pictures he hoped to take, but beneath that I discovered that he was also thinking about the fun we’d had yesterday. Well, ‘fun’ wasn’t quite the word he’d use I don’t think. He hadn’t disliked what we’d done, although to say he was ecstatic was probably stretching things just a bit far. The main thing was that he couldn’t quite work out how or why he’d got in that situation; he’d never done that sort of thing before, and had never wanted to. And yet having done it the once, he wouldn’t object to doing it again – probably. He’d never suggest it though, and would try to resist any offers if he possibly could. Probably.

Once again, I went for a walk round the grounds once he’d set his stuff up and settled down to work, partly because I was bored and partly because I wanted him to be in as much of a relaxed and happy mood as possible for what I had in mind. Having nothing else to do, I thought of Charlie and slightly to my concern, it wasn’t as easy to contact him as usual. To start with there was a grey fuzziness, a little like an out-of-tune radio or TV. Slowly it cleared though and I was greeted by a very disgruntled Charlie.

“What?” he said, sounding very pissed off with me.

“Sorry!” I stumbled out. “Did I disturb you or something?”

“You bet you fuckin’ did,” he said, a bit calmer. “ Me and Graham were just about to get it on with a mate of his. Good looker too!” he smiled wryly.

“Sorry!” I said again. “Don’t really want anything, just to chat, that was all. Go back if you like.”

“Sure?” Charlie replied, the relief sounding in his voice.

“Yeah. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“OK,” he said, then vanished, only to flash back a second later with a cheery “Good luck!”

Shrugging my shoulders, I headed back to Mark to see what he was up to.

The sight which met me as I entered the room almost caused me to have a heart attack. Mark was looking through his binoculars at a bird or something, and to do so he’d spread his legs apart, leaned over and was resting his elbows on the widow sill. The result was that his jeans were stretched tightly over his arse. A very presentable, if not downright obscene vision.

Not taking my eyes from the sight, I moved across to the bed and sat cross-legged on it, taking in the view. Mark turned to look at me, grinned slightly and went back to staring out of the window. It wasn’t long before I started to look for things to relieve the frustration that was building up in me – not a sexy sort of frustration though (for once!), just an annoyance that I was with a boy I liked quite a lot, and was being ignored. Letting my emotions get the better of me, I flashed him a message that I was bored.

There was no movement from Mark for a few more minutes and I’d given up even trying to read his mind – there was nothing there of any interest. Quite suddenly he put the binoculars down, turned to face me and said, “Come on, let’s go back to your house. There’s nothing happening here.”

I still couldn’t sense anything from him very much except that he seemed to be almost as bored as I was – well, not bored exactly, but frustrated like me. The only thing was that I couldn’t work out whether it was because of the lack of wildlife or something else.

On the way back to my house I tried several times to get into Mark’s mind but without success – he was one of those people who for some reason or other whose mind I couldn’t penetrate very deeply, the only things I could do was to implant ideas and sense what sort of mood he was in. And the mood he was in just now was a good one.

Once back in my house, an empty one thank goodness, we quickly grabbed the regulation soft drinks and food before disappearing to my room.

It was the first time Mark had been here of course and he was curious to know how two boys such as my brother and I managed not only to share the same space, but also how we managed to get any privacy. We chatted for a while along these lines, and seemed happy when I explained that when you’ve grown up with a brother, then privacy wasn’t a problem – ‘what you’ve never had, you’ll never miss’ sort of thing.

“What about being naked together?” he asked. “Doesn’t that worry you?”

“You’ve never had a brother!” I laughed. “We’ve seen each other naked since the day I was born and it’s no big deal.”

Mark looked at me curiously and after a moment said, “What about, you know, when you get a hard-on, or you wanna, well, have a wank?”

I giggled at his naivety and explained that boners are a regular event for us both and never caused a problem. “And if we want a wank, we either go to the bathroom, or do it in bed when the lights are out!” I lied.

“Wow!” he said quietly. “Not sure I could cope with that!”

“No choice,” I laughed, “It’s either that or do without!”

This at least raised a smile, and a most definite hardening below the belt.

“You ever done it together?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

“Yeah, a couple of times when we were younger. At least we watched each other do it. We’ve never done it to each other,” I lied yet again.

There was a considerable pause whilst he debated with himself. I knew what he wanted to do, what he wanted to ask and I flashed him a quick thought that I wouldn’t mind doing what was now uppermost in his mind. To help things along, I also commented that I thought it was hot in my room and I was going to take my shirt off.

“Good idea,” he agreed and without a second thought removed his as well.

“Wanna go any further?” I asked quietly, my hands resting on my belt in readiness.

In reply, I got a single nod of his head and a nervous swallow.

Unlike yesterday when we’d left our trousers and pants round our ankles, this time we stood looking at each other face to face completely naked.

“Very nice!” I whispered, reaching out a hand towards his dick.

Before I could take hold of it though, he moved across to my bed and sat on the edge, holding his own cock and staring at mine. I sat beside him and gently pushed his hand out of the way. Very slowly I started to jack him off. Mark closed his eyes and leaned back on his elbows, sighing contentedly.

“Lay back,” I said softly, pushing him back.

I had to put his hand on my own leaking cock as he seemed reluctant to make the move. Then we began to jack off with a bit more seriousness. As far as I was concerned, the feelings I was getting were fantastic – they always were when someone else was playing with my bits but I could sense that Mark wasn’t altogether happy: he was very nervous in fact. Despite my best efforts to make him relax, it wasn’t too long before he pushed my hand away and took over himself, wanking his own dick frantically. I had no choice of course except to take care of myself in a similar fashion.

At the end, when we’d both shot our loads onto our chests, Mark only rested for a few seconds before he retrieved his clothes and dressed himself quickly. I sensed that he was glad it was over with, and whilst not really regretting what we’d done, wasn’t too anxious to do it again. He’d learned something about himself I realised, something that disappointed me immensely.

An hour later, he left for home. We were still friends I was glad to know, and he wanted to keep the friendship going – but that was as far as it was going to go. Smiling ruefully to myself, I tidied my room up and accepted the fact that Mark and I weren’t going to get much further than we already had.


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