I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 6

Neither of us paid a visit to Thanet House for the next three days. David had his own schedule of things to do, places to go and friends to see as he always did. I avoided the house deliberately: the sex games I’d enjoyed there were good, but both mentally and physically tiring and in any case, from that point of view, David was more than satisfying my needs. The other thing I needed to do was sort out what I wanted from Charlie, if anything.

On the fourth day, I’d decided.

Sitting on the edge of the horse-hair mattress, I waited for him to turn up. I felt his presence well enough and also a marked reluctance for him to put in a physical appearance. Slowly though, the spectral mist gathered in the corner and Charlie took form.

“You OK?” I flashed.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Where you been?”

We had a few seconds intense exchange of views – not an argument as such, but each putting quite a forceful point of view forwards. Eventually, we agreed that we were still friends and he shimmered across to the bed.

I explained how I felt about the body take-over thing and that it scared me witless when he did it, the most frightening bit I told him is when I get my body back and not knowing where I’d been, or even worse, what I’d been doing.

“OK,” Charlie said. “I can understand that. But remember it’s been fifteen years since I did anything, and I so badly wanted to do it again. Once I found that I could take over your body, I guess I overdid it a bit.”

“You could say that,” I agreed. “How about trying to get just a bit of you inside me. Like sorta sharing things. Let me have enough room to think and do what I want, and you enjoy it.”

“What, just along for the ride sort of thing,” he giggled.

“Well, yeah, I suppose so. But we might be able to …. talk … at the same time.”

“OK,” he said, obviously very happy at the prospect.

Just like before, it took a lot of mental effort to get things right, but eventually I learned the trick of allowing him into me, but retaining control of all my faculties. My brain seemed to work a bit slower and my reactions weren’t as good, but I don’t think anyone would notice if I was careful.

“Try going for a walk outside,” he asked.

To his immense relief, we found that there didn’t seem to be any restriction on how far we went and I had no problems at all in keeping full control of myself.

Well satisfied with ourselves, I made my (our?) way back to the room. The closer I got to it, the more I became aware of that old, familiar stirring in my trousers.

“Is that you or me?” I flashed.

“Both,” Charlie said. “I can’t do it unless you are open to the suggestion.”

“Give me a nice thought,” I said experimentally.

Immediately my mind was filled with images, mostly of David, but mingled in with them was his friend Derrick who must’ve made a bigger impression on me than I thought. There were also a few of the delectable Mark, but as I’d never seen him boned up, he was a bit fuzzy. My dick was now straining at the zip and I moved a hand to release it. Then let it drop back.

“See if you can make me take it out,” I asked Charlie.

There were a few seconds silence and then back came the message that he thought he could do it.

“Brilliant. Try it,” I said.

I released a bit of my mind and to my astonishment, I watched as my hand edged towards my flies. I willed it to stop, which it did. Letting it carry on, I smiled happily. Cracked it! I thought.

Wrapping my hand round my dick, I started to jack off to the pictures in my mind.

“Open up a bit,” I felt Charlie say.

I did so, and straight away the feelings changed. I could feel my hand doing its job, but I also had the sensation you get when someone else is jacking you off – all the best feelings from your cock, but none from your hand.

“Magic!” I heard Charlie say.


Over the next few weeks, Charlie and I practiced our new-found talent almost every day, getting to the point where we were both comfortable with what we were doing. David had lost almost all interest in the house once we’d thoroughly explored it, and spent most of the days out and about with his mates. Our night-time sessions continued though, getting more and more enjoyable as time went by. Don’t get me wrong, our fun together didn’t rule our lives. OK, we spent some time together every night in the same bed, but it didn’t always lead to sex. Often we just talked quietly, having a grope when we wanted and a nice cuddle.

What was the absolute best though was when we went out together and one or other of us felt randy. We’d jacked and given blow-jobs in all sorts of places, including ‘our room’ in the broken-down house, the cricket pavilion, the woods and even once in the school toilets when we met by accident.

On the Charlie front, we’d expanded his abilities to the extent that I only had to open that bit of my mind to him and he was there – almost always anyway. It didn’t always work, but I didn’t mind that. Unbeknown to David, we’d even had a few threesomes much to Charlie’s delight. Not only did he get his vicarious pleasure from it, but he also taught me a few things which surprised and delighted David once in a while – hence the need to move some of our more esoteric activities to the outdoors as we could be rather noisy!

At the beginning of the following summer I found myself watching David play a scratch game of cricket. By now, he had a body to die for. As I watched him bowl, I couldn’t help but think how good-looking he was, and how fortunate I was to share that beautiful body of his in ways which only he and I knew about. Apart from Derrick that is. I never asked him outright, but I knew that he and David still did stuff together – not as exciting or erotic as the things David and I did, but enough to keep them both happy. I felt slightly envious of him and shifted my gaze away from David and scanned the field. Standing directly in front of me was the boy of my dreams, Mark. Despite my yearning for him, we’d never actually spoken very much although we were good enough friends to say hello or give a friendly wave to when our paths crossed. I leaned back on the bench I was sat on, and let my mind wander, imagining what his naked body looked like, how big his dick was – you know, the normal stuff.

I must’ve let my mind slip because quite suddenly Charlie make his presence felt.

“Whatcha doin’?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I said.

He giggled and pointed my head back towards Mark.

“That’s the mystery boy isn’t it?” he said. “The one in your daydreams.”

I couldn’t deny it of course, just acknowledge it.

“Must admit, he’s got a nice body. Better than your brother’s, not as muscley,” he giggled.

“Piss off!” I retorted cheerfully. “David’s OK.”

“Wanna try an experiment?” Charlie queried.

“What?” I asked cautiously.

“Try to see if we can get inside his pants?”

“Never in a million years,” I sighed.

“Start to make better friends with him, you know, get closer to him, I’ll see what I can do.”

What could I lose? The thought that I might, just might, be able to have my evil way with him was enough to persuade me.

Once the game was over, I followed David into the changing rooms, intent on following Charlie’s advice. David was a bit surprised to see me follow him, but one glance in the direction I was looking told him why.

“Perv!” he smiled, but moved out of the way to give me a better view.

David was right. Mark’s body was just about perfect. A couple of inches taller than me (who wasn’t?), he was leaner than David, more of an athletes body than a weight-lifter. The centre of my attraction, his dick and balls, were stunning. Laying there softly, his uncut dick curled over his balls which were perfectly in proportion to his body. I half-closed my eyes and stared at them, only distantly noticing that Charlie had gone.

Was there some movement there? I opened my eyes fully and looked as closely as I dared. What had been a flaccid piece of beautiful flesh was slowly erecting, apparently unknown to Mark. In fact, it had almost reached full size – about six inches I noted – when with an embarrassed look around, he covered it with his hands and exited the shower in a hurry.

Instantly I felt Charlie come back.

“He’s a receptive,” he informed me. “Not nearly as good as you, but there is a little bit there. Did you see what I did?”

“Yeah, nice one. How’d you do it?”

“Took me a while to find out what turned him on, but I found it.”

“What?” I asked nervously, hoping against hope that it wasn’t girls.

“Wildlife. Birds especially.”

I giggled involuntarily at hearing this, but Charlie flashed me a picture of an Eagle.

“Dickhead,” he sniggered at me. “You know what I mean! Anyway, he doesn’t tell anyone about it ’cause they’d take the piss.”

“Yeah. I can see that,” I agreed. “But at least it’s something. And he got a boner just thinking about birds?”

“Well, no, not really. I tried giving him just sexy thoughts to start with whilst I tried to find out what turned him on, but when he started to get a hard-on, he blocked the thoughts and turned to something else – that’s when I discovered he’s bird-watcher. Then I just sorta put the two ideas together, you know, sex and birds and he got a proper hard-on then!”

“Don’t suppose he thinks about jackin’ off with anyone does he?” I asked out of curiosity. It’d make getting his trousers off a lot easier if he did.

“Give me a chance!” Charlie laughed. “Leave it with me a for a couple of days and I’ll find out.”

I kept a watchful eye on Mark as he finished getting dressed. I didn’t see anything though as he carefully kept his back to the room.

“You stayin’ or going?” David asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“Why?” I started to ask, but the sight of his half-erect dick and a quick glance he gave in the direction of Derrick told me all I wanted, or needed, to know.

“See you back at the house then,” I sighed. Then added quietly, “Lucky bastard!”

He blushed slightly and grinned.

“Where we goin’?” I felt Charlie ask.

“Home,” I thought back. “Nowhere else to go.”

The all-too familiar tickle in my groin made its presence felt and I put a hand into my pocket to keep things under some sort of control.

“Randy bastard!” I thought.

Charlie giggled and made my dick twitch. “You got me all horny,” he laughed. “Your fault. What you gonna do about it?”

I must admit that Charlie’s proposal seemed an excellent idea and I allowed my cock to harden up completely. Grabbing my bike, I rode home as fast as I could – the urgent need for a wank speeding me on, my mind full of images of a naked Mark.

Throwing my bike in the garage, I rushed upstairs to my room, stripped off completely, and lay on my bed, legs splayed and my cock pointing at the ceiling. I gripped it firmly and sighed in happiness.

“Beautiful!” I felt Charlie say.

I began to jack off, slowly to begin with, perfectly well aware that Charlie was enjoying it just as much as me. Unbidden, the pictures of hugely erect Mark flashed into my mind, encouraged no doubt by my invisible partner. My hand sped up and I stared at it, conscious that Charlie had managed to persuade my mind that it was Mark’s hand doing the work and not mine.

“Oh fuck it!” I yelled as I climaxed massively yet again, along with Mark.

This time I didn’t mind Charlie doing what he did: he’d judged the ‘mind-takeover’ thing properly and I think we’d both enjoyed ourselves, all the more so because he’d made me think of Mark doing it to me.


Over the next couple of weeks I took the trouble to be in Mark’s company as much as I could – not obtrusively, but just around and about him. We even chatted a bit once in a while and thankfully we seemed to get on OK. It helped of course that Charlie was able to slip into his mind once in a while and tell me what he was thinking about. It was a pity that he couldn’t take over his body completely like he did mine, but Mark wasn’t anywhere near as adept as I was at feeling his presence. The best Charlie could do, apart from reading his mind, was implant ideas, and even that was hard work, but it could be done and that’s all we needed to know.

It was the Friday before the half-term break that Charlie told me of his plan.

“I’ve been working on him all day,” he said as I packed up my stuff ready to go home. “Make sure you leave school with him.”

Mark and I walked slowly down the drive, wheeling our bikes and chatting idly. When we got to the school gates, he stopped and looked at me oddly. I knew instantly that Charlie was around.

“Can I ask you something?” Mark said, looking round to make sure no one could overhear.

“Yeah, of course,” I replied, my heart thumping.

“I want to take some photo’s of wild birds and things. Do you know anywhere good round here that I can get some?”

I thought of the house straight away of course and told Mark that I knew a perfect place.

“It’s sorta secret though,” I went on. “Only my brother and me know about it. It’s an old haunted house – the one no one talks about.”

“Oh, that place,” Mark said, his face lighting up. “I’ve heard about it, but never been. Can you show me where it is?”

I gave Charlie a big mental hug and quickly told Mark a bit about the house. After making him promise to keep it all a secret, I arranged to meet him at the bottom of the lane tomorrow morning.


“You’re feeling randy tonight!” David said as we settled into a comfortable 69 later that night. “Anything to do with Mark? You’ve been seeing a lot of him lately.”

Is nothing secret? I thought to myself. ‘That’s the trouble with brothers, they know each other too well.’

“Yeah, well.” I grinned at him. “You’ve got Derrick.”

“Forget him,” David said. “We’re talking about you and Mark. Done anything yet?”

In between give each other lazy blow jobs, I filled him in on my plans for the following day.

“Bollocks!” he said, lifting his head up. “I was going there tomorrow, with Derrick.”

For a split second, I believed him.

“Don’t panic!” he laughed as I went to thump him. “Only jokin’! I’m spending the day at his house. Parents are away for the day.”

The thought of David and Derrick messing about together, and the hope that Mark and me would be doing much the same sort of thing as well soon brought us both to a better-than-average orgasm, and with deep sighs of contentment, we cuddled together for a while.

“Derrick wants to try fucking,” David said quietly as we embraced.

“You gonna?” I asked, curiously.

“Dunno. What you think?” David replied seriously.

“Worth a try if that’s what you wanna do. Never know, you might like it, doesn’t appeal to me much though.”

We carried on talking about it for a good half-hour or so, at the end of which we were both as hard as nails again.

“Oh, fuck it!” David grinned, making a grab for my cock. “I gotta cum again!”

Not wishing to disappoint him, we jacked each other off happily and then retired to our own beds for what was left of the night.


I saw Mark sat on the grassy edge of the road, waiting at our pre-arranged spot. Not surprisingly my dick gave a little twitch as I saw he was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and matching camouflage patterned T-shirt. He didn’t give me a chance to perv on him very much though as he stood up as soon as he saw me and sat astride his bike.

“All set?” he asked cheerfully as I stopped beside him.

“Yeah, perfect,” I answered, keeping my eyes away from the healthy-looking bulge in his groin with difficulty.

Within a few minutes we were wheeling our bikes down the drive towards the house, Mark’s face showing a keen interest in the surroundings.

“Perfect,” he whispered, And you say no one comes here?”

“No. Only me and my brother sometimes. I like the peace and quiet, but David’s out for the day, so that just leaves you and me,” I said hoping he’d pick up the signal.

“Great!” he grinned, still looking round and apparently missing the point I’d tried to make.

“Come on,” he said once we’d hidden our bikes in the undergrowth. “Let’s explore.”

It took a good half-hour or so for me to show Mark around the grounds, not helped by the fact that he insisted we moved about as quietly as we could so’s not to disturb any wildlife that might be there. Having seen enough of the estate, I took him into the house and straight up to ‘the room’.

“This’s the best room in the house,” I told him. “It’s on the first floor and it’s the only one with any furniture in it.”

“It’s good, it’s good,” Mark replied, taking the room in with one sweeping glance.

I watched intrigued as he arranged his camera, binoculars, bird-book, note-pad and pencil carefully. For all it mattered, I think he’d forgotten all about me as he concentrated on his work. I didn’t mind too much though as I had his body to look at.

“Still got your trousers on?” a familiar voice said.

“Give me a chance,” I smiled back. “Only just got here.”

“Well, you’ve lost him already,” Charlie flashed. “He’s so wrapped up in what he’s doing, you may as well not be here.”

I stayed where I was for another half-an-hour but then got a serious case of the boredoms. Tapping Mark on the shoulder, I said that I was going out on my bike for a bit to stretch my legs.

“OK,” he grinned. “I’ll see you then.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Charlie chipped in.

The day was getting hot and I was grateful to take my T-shirt off and ride slowly round the lanes taking in the scenery. I’m not a great fan of nature or anything, but I do like the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, and no more than when I’m by myself letting my mind wander. Not that it wandered very far today though – it kept flipping back to Mark. Quite often when I was out by myself and the urge came on, I’d find some quiet place and have a slow, lazy wank. But not today: I had to keep it in reserve just in case I got lucky. Holding on to that delicious thought, I headed back to the house.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Mark had stripped his shirt off too; not only that but he was laying back on the bed skimming through the pictures he’d taken with his camera. Was I mistaken, or did his glance flick down to my groin as I stood in the doorway.

“Any good?” I asked, wiping my face with the T-shirt and moving across to the bed.

“Have a look,” he replied, showing me a picture on the tiny screen. I lay down beside him, our shoulders touching. To my surprise, he didn’t move away. Instead he held the camera in front of me as he went through the collection one by one. I was only slightly interested in the images: my mind was far too full of the feeling of his hot skin against mine.

“He’s getting a boner,” Charles flashed.

Risking a glance downwards, I was delighted to see a slightly bigger bulge.

“Keep talking,” Charlie told me.

I kept on asking about the pictures he’d taken, taking the opportunity to wriggle a bit closer. This time I was graced with a smile from him and a surreptitious hand straightening his cock. At Charlie’s suggestion, I put my own hand on my dick and left it there, gently stroking it – something Mark didn’t miss.

“Do you ever jack off?” I heard myself saying.

Mark, without a moments pause said, “Yeah, sometimes.” Then blushed brightly, aware that he’d said something he shouldn’t, or at least didn’t want to say. I flashed a grateful thanks to Charlie.

“So do I,” I grinned at him. “That’s why I like coming here.”

I don’t know how much Charlie had to do with what Mark was saying, but taking the bull by the horns, I went on. “Wanna know a secret?” I whispered.

Mark nodded uncertainly.

“I love getting naked and jacking off on the bed.”

“What, this one?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” I giggled. “Wanna do it now? I’m feeling horny!”

“I don’t know,” Mark said, “Someone might come.”

“What, here?” I laughed. “Nobody ever comes here.”

‘Take your jeans off, quick” Charlie told me.

“Well, I’m going to do it anyway,” I said, trying to sound as frustrated as I could. “Don’t mind you you?”

“No, suppose not,” Mark said, his eyes fixed on my half-revealed crotch.

I kicked my pants and jeans off and lay back luxuriously on the bed, allowing Mark to stare as much as he liked at my rapidly hardening cock. By now his own shorts only just contained what must be a rather painful erection, restrained as it was by his undies.

Slowly I began to jack off. “Gonna join me?” I whispered.

There was the slightest of hesitations – just enough to tell me that he wanted to but needed just a little extra persuasion.

“Come on,” I giggled. “I feel stupid being the only one who’s bollock-naked! Get ’em off!”

Mark slipped his fingers inside his shorts and started to push them down.

“You ain’t gonna tell anyone are you?” he said, pausing. “I haven’t ever …”

Jumping in quick before he could finish the sentence I said, “Course not. Tell ’em what? That you and me jacked off together? You gotta be joking!”

That seemed to satisfy him and he finished shucking his pants off.

I had been waiting weeks to get a good look at what was before me now and had had several good wanks over it, mostly with Charlie’s help. What I saw now bore no resemblance to the beautiful prick and balls I’d seen in the changing rooms. Now his cock was solidly erect, its six inches of superb reddish-pink flesh rising out of a forest of curly brown hair. Below these were a pair of matching balls, hanging loosely and adding immensely to the incredible sight. I think I even gasped in awe. Grinning insanely I slowly moved a hand across, gently pushed his out of the way and wrapped my fingers around the warm flesh.

“Wow!” I mumbled involuntarily.

Automatically I began to move my hand up and down, but I wasn’t allowed to do it for very long as Mark regained control of his cock and carried on from where I’d left off. Sadly, he didn’t return the favour.

Watching each other like eagles we jacked off together, matching stroke for stroke and moan for moan. This was turning out to be the best day of my life, I thought happily as I stared transfixed at the wondrous sight. It came to an end all too soon of course as I saw the pearly globules shoot out of his dick and gather on his stomach. Reflexively I followed through, not shooting out nearly as much of the magical fluid as Mark, but enough to make me groan with pleasure.

“That was brilliant!” I sighed, flopping back on the bed.

“Yeah,” I heard Mark reply quietly.

“That all you gotta say?” Charlie butted in happily. “It was fuckin’ ace!”

Once the post-orgasmal blues had gone, Mark and I dressed ourselves slowly and thoughtfully. Anxious not to lose any momentum and keep him in a good mood, I chatted away about his interest in bird photography whilst we made ourselves presentable. Mark, I was pleased to see, seemed OK with what we’d done and answered all my questions almost cheerfully. Whether he was pleased it was all over, or pleased because he’d enjoyed himself I’d no idea – but I would find out later I determined.

We were still talking birds and stuff as we cycled back towards home some little time later.

“So, what do you do with all the pictures you collect?” I asked curiously.

“Store ’em on the computer. I’ve got hundreds.”

‘Why didn’t that surprise me?’ I grinned to myself. “What you got ’em all on a database or something?”

“I wish,” he said. “I’ve tried, but screw it every time. Computers and me don’t get along too well. It’s just about all I can do to take them off the camera.”

I could manage computers I gleefully thought. Perhaps …

“Want some help?” I offered seeing a way forward.

“Could you?” he said, turning to look at me “It’d be really good if you could. I’m hopeless.”

We chatted about his problem for the rest of the way home, my mind split between sorting out his computer and hoping frantically that it would lead on to other, more interesting things.

“So,” I said as we stopped at the spot we’d met earlier. “Want me to sort it for you? I can come tomorrow if you like.”

It only took a minute or two to arrange things and then I was on my way home, dreaming of what the morrow would bring.


Much to my surprise when I got home David and I were informed that mum and dad had arranged a séance for that evening. In the normal course of things it wouldn’t have bothered us in the slightest, but tonight was going to be different we were told. Apparently dad had met someone at work who was interested in joining our group and he was bringing his family round for a chat and a ‘try-out’ as he put it.

“Family?” I asked, only half-interested.

“Yeah, mum, dad and their son. Boy about twelve or so I think. So make sure you two have a shower and dress properly.”

I stared down at my torn and dirty jeans, grinning back at dad.

David and I were introduced to the Jamesons later that evening. They were all of a type that David and me were well used to by now: tall, gangly and rather nervous sort of people. The boy, Alan, was interesting. He was just like his father to look at, but there was an air about him that intrigued me. He was smartly dressed, hair combed neatly and perfectly well behaved. And yet …

As we were sat talking over tea and biscuits, I took the opportunity to look at him unobserved. Definitely street-wise I decided, with a strong streak of independence. At a guess he would be happier in jeans and T-shirt playing football. No, not football. Smoking and swapping dirty stories with his mates. That was it! I smiled at him, and got a wry ‘I don’t wanna be here’ grin back. We happened to look into each other’s eyes for a moment and I got the shock of my life – I was sure I could almost see into his mind. Not like I sometimes did with people when I could sense what they were thinking, but actually read what he was thinking, just like Charles did with me. Tearing my gaze away from him, I shook my head in puzzlement. Experimentally I tried to see if Charlie was around – not a sign. I got up to go to the kitchen for some more tea and bumped into mum.

“What do you think?” she whispered. “You’re better at judging if they’re any good than me or your dad.”

“They’re OK. I think they’re all sensitives.” I told her, choosing not to tell her about Alan.

“Good!” she smiled.

I found myself sat between David and Alan as dad arranged us around the table. I gave David a smile and rested my hand on his, waiting for the others. I knew immediately what David was thinking, which didn’t surprise either of us. Bed. Games. Fun. The sooner the better. We smiled at each other knowingly and held hands a bit tighter. Looking at Alan, I put my other hand on his, slowly and carefully. I was rewarded with an instant connection with his mind – a nervous, almost frightened mind. He wasn’t frightened about the séance though, which surprised me. He was scared that the séance would reveal something else – something he wanted to keep secret. I gave him the best encouraging smile I could and felt him relax just a little as we listened to dad starting things off. Switching my concentration back to Alan, I probed his mind as much as I could, finding it both easier and nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. He was thinking of David and me, which didn’t surprise me. What did make me jump though was what he was thinking. Good looking, friendly, easy-going, I picked up straight away. Then a stray thought crossed his mind. ‘Wonder if they …..’ The thought wasn’t completed as he banished it. Carefully I thought of David and me in our bedroom, both naked but not touching. Alan jumped and flashed a confused stare at us. Giving him a small smile, I pressed his hand slightly and mouthed “You OK?”

He nodded back, assuming that I didn’t know what he’d been thinking and a lot calmer now. Pushing things a bit further, I allowed the images of David and me to get boners and our hands reach out for one another, just as we’d done dozens of times.

Alan eased back in his chair, quite happy to close his eyes and concentrate. For my part I let him get on with it as I moved my interests further down his body. His cock was rigid as I expected. I’d no idea of its size though, or if he had any hair or not – but it was most certainly erect, and leaking a tiny amount of pre-cum as well. ‘Well, well,’ I thought.’Now here’s an interesting situation.’

I jerked my mind back to the séance as dad reached a critical point, inviting the gathering to open their minds. I gave David a kick under the table to remind him to try and think of something more appropriate. Alan’s parents were both concentrating, their untrained minds as open as they could be. There was a lot there, but it was confused and mixed up, impossible for me to sort out. They were good though. I flashed them a thought of their parents and was pleased to see that it focussed their minds and before long there were fuzzy, unclear images of them in both their minds. They didn’t sharpen up any, and they didn’t stay long, but they were there and that was all that mattered.

I already knew what Alan was thinking and so didn’t try too hard, the only thing new I discovered was that he was taking little if any part in the séance at all – his mind was still fixated on David and me, plus one or two other boys I noted with a smile. Giving him my best smile I squeezed his hand, for which I received a rather embarrassed half-grin and a delicate blush.

The séance drew to a close not long after, much to my relief as the ache between my legs was in urgent need of some attention. I wasn’t the only one of course – David had a semi-hard on which he was desperately willing to go away, and Alan had a full-blown erection. Just as soon as the meeting closed, it was amusing to see three pairs of boys hands shoot down to their groins in a desperate attempt to hide the obvious.

It was time for mum and dad to bring out the beer and wine, from which we were excluded of course, having to settle for Cokes instead. Grabbing mum I quickly told her that both Alan’s parents were OK and that they would probably be good if they were taught how to focus on things better.

“And the boy, Alan is it? What’s he like?” she asked.

“Don’t know,” I lied. “I don’t think he’s all that interested. Bit like David I guess. I didn’t pick anything up from him anyway.”

“Well,” she said, “He’s still young, perhaps he’ll get better.”

Leaving the ‘rents talking and drinking, we three boys escaped to my bedroom with the remainder of the biscuits and more Coke. I tried to switch my mind off as we spread ourselves round the room. For one thing it was fairly tiring having to split my mind into two parts so that I could explore, for another I simply wanted to have a ‘normal’ conversation with Alan and David. My dick had been hard for ages and lacking the opportunity to do anything about it I thought that talking about anything other than sex would be a good idea.

It didn’t take long for David and me to work out that Alan was just as street-wise as I thought. Once away from his parents he relaxed completely and soon we were chatting easily about the usual boyish things of school, hobbies, friends and the like. The more we talked, the better I liked Alan. OK, he was a bit rough on the edges, but I think that was as much for show as anything else; he lived in a rougher part of town and he had to be as he was to ‘fit in’ with the other kids in the area. Beneath that bluff exterior was a boy I could like, a boy with similar tastes to mine, and moreover one I could communicate with.

As David and Alan chatted away, I let my mind explore, despite the earlier promise to myself. David, I was delighted to discover was busy wondering what he looked like naked, and whether or not he would ever get the chance to find out. Similar thoughts were spinning through Alan’s mind too, some of which surprised me. Given he was almost two years younger than me, his experiences certainly outshone mine and David’s and were similar to Charlie’s, but not as numerous.

So, there we were, the three of us talking about cricket and each one of our minds on something completely different. I giggled as I wondered how many times boys have sat in identical circumstances, struggling to maintain conversations when their minds were a million miles away, or at least as far as their dicks anyway.

“What?” David said, giving me ‘the stare’. He had a damn good idea what I was thinking of course, but couldn’t say anything.

“Oh, nothing,” I replied, “Just thinking of something that happened today.”

Thankfully, Alan changed the topic. “Can you see ghosts and things?” he asked. “My mum and dad say they can sometimes.”

“Not see them, but I can feel when they’re around,” I told him. “And know if they’re good or bad ones.”

I had to be careful. David had no idea how good I was, or just what I could do. Alan too worried me a little as I didn’t know how good he was either – he was better than David of course, but how much better?

“What about people? Do you ever get feelings about them?” he asked. There was an edge to the question that told me it was more than simple curiosity that inspired it – he was nervous.

“Yeah. Sometimes anyway,” David said. “Dickhead there is better than me though.”

“The name’s Jason,” I said, slapping him softly on the face. “And I’m good enough to know what you’re thinking now anyway!”

A flash of fear crossed his face, which quickly vanished as I blew him a kiss and mouthed ‘later’.

“What about you?” I asked Alan. “Can you feel things?”

The first thing that crossed Alan’s mind was an image of himself feeling another boy’s dick through his trousers, but this was quickly dispelled as he thought about what I’d really meant.

“I can feel if people are friendly or not, and the sort of mood they are in.” he said thoughtfully.

I was sure he was holding something back and I had a fair idea what it was, after all I was doing the same thing.

“What about if you touch them as the same time?” I pushed. “Does it get better?”

“Yeah, think so,” he smiled. “Like when we were touching hands downstairs at the séance. I felt OK, sort of relaxed and stuff. I could feel that you were trying to make me feel part of the group.”

“Wanna try it now?” David asked excitedly. “Jason’s better’n me, but I can do it sometimes. ‘Specially with people I like!” The inference was obvious, and not wasted on Alan.

“OK,” he agreed. “How’d we do it?”

“Think of a number between one and ten,” David said to Alan, “and let’s see if Jace and me can tell what it is.”

We touched hands and closed our eyes.

“Seven!” David said brightly.

I nodded in agreement, as did Alan.

We tried a few more times, getting them right about three-quarters of the time – not a bad record.

“OK,” I said. “Let’s try something harder.”

We took it in turns to think of things and try to work out what they were. I got them right every time, with both David and Alan, but deliberately lied a few times so’s they wouldn’t guess how good I really was. David came second, guessing my thoughts every time – but then he is my brother and I guess he had a good head start because of that. Alan was brilliant, getting them right a lot of the time – but I knew he, like me, didn’t always let on that he knew the right answer.

“OK,” David grinned. “One last go. Let’s each think of something we really like doing and see if we can work it out.”

This time we did it in pairs, with Alan and David having the first go. Unexpectedly, I sensed that David was thinking of cricket, with Alan first imagining himself jacking off with another boy, but hurriedly changing this to a picture of a TV set showing a popular soap opera.

Now it was David and me. There was no need for either of us to touch hands, but we did so for Alan’s benefit. We both giggled and let go our hands, Alan looking from one to the other of us expectantly.

“Food!” I said.

“Girls!” said David at the same time.

Alan knew instantly that we weren’t telling the truth, but didn’t seem at all put out by it. Instead he grinned slyly at us, knowing full well what was really on our minds.

Then it was down to Alan and me. Taking an enormous risk, I thought of the two of us, naked and wanking. There was only an instant’s pause before I got a mental image from Alan, matching the one I was thinking myself.

“Sex!” Alan said, without thinking. He blushed furiously and pulled his hand back instantly.

“Right!” I giggled. “Me too!”

We would’ve carried on the game down those lines to see where it led us, but just at that moment Alan’s parents called up the stairs to let him know they were leaving. It was a relief in some ways: there was no way that Alan and me could do anything with David there, and the possibility of a three-some was definitely not on the agenda.

Just as they were departing, I managed to flash an image of Alan and I together to him, with a big question mark over it. To my delight, I immediately had one back indicating a definite ‘yes’, accompanied by a picture of an enormous, well you-know-what!


“What’dya think of Alan?” David asked as we climbed into his bed later that night.

“He’s OK,” I said as we made ourselves comfortable.

“More than OK? Reckon he’s up for it?” David queried.

“Oh Yeah,” I grinned, grabbing David’s shaft non too gently. “Ready, willing and able!”

“Thought he might be. His dick never went down all the time he was here! Wonder what it looks like?”

“Dunno. P’raps we’ll find out one day. But for now, …”

I bent over and took David’s already moist cock in my mouth and started work, my mind bouncing between David’s beautiful dick and the unknown one of Alan.



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