I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 5

The following day was blisteringly hot, and what with one thing and another it was mid-morning before David and me got to the house, sweating like pigs despite the fact that we’d taken our time getting there.

“What we gonna do?” David asked as he locked our bikes up.

“Dunno,” I lied. I wanted to get David and me into the room as soon as I could, but I was sure he wouldn’t go for that as there was nothing there except a few sticks of old furniture as far as he was concerned.

“How about the garden? We ain’t had a proper look at that yet.”

We spent a good hour exploring the garden, finding nothing of interest except a tumble-down shed and an outside toilet, which neither of us felt like venturing in.

“Got anything to drink?” David asked as he wiped his brow with his T-shirt.

I collected the rucksack which we’d brought with us and handed him a tin of Coke.

“Wanna go up to the room? It’ll be cooler there, and we can sit down,” I said.

He shrugged his shoulders and started to follow me.

Once we’d removed our T-shirts, we sat cross-legged on the bed and emptied the bag out. More Coke, two chocolate bars and a few packets of crisps. Just the food a boy needed!

As we tucked in, I could feel Charlie’s presence quite strongly although I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“You feel anything?” I asked between mouthfuls.

“Mmmm,” he nodded. “I think it’s stronger than before. Friendly sorta feeling. You feel it?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “I quite like it.”

As I said that, Charlie appeared and sat on the bed. David furrowed his brow, glanced at the place where Charlie was sat and then went back to feeding his face.

“You seriously think there are ghosts here?” I asked.

“Gotta be,” he mumbled, stuffing the remains of our picnic back in the rucksack. “I can feel ’em all the time.”

We sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes until David stretched out on the bed and put his hands behind his head.

“What we gonna do now?” he said looking over at me.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled.

“You gotta be joking!” he laughed. “Don’t you ever get enough?”

Playfully I jumped on top of him, pinning him to the bed. I looked into his eyes and saw what I wanted.

“Strip!” I commanded.

“What? Everything?” he giggled.


“I fuckin’ hate you,” he laughed again as he unsnapped his jeans and slid them off, closely followed by mine.

Once again, I stared at his beauty, letting the tingle spread from my crutch throughout my whole body. I also had a lump in my throat. Leaning down, I planted a quick peck on his lips and grinned at him, waiting to see how he reacted.

“Lay down on top of me,” he whispered, wrapping his arms round my chest.

I was swamped with a feeling of intense emotion as I did as I was asked, and felt the slightest hint of dampness in my eyes. ‘This’s nothing to do with Charlie,’ I thought as I lost myself in his eyes. ‘This’s just between me and my brother.’ Nervously, David lifted his head slightly and kissed me quickly on the lips.

I felt Charlie touch me on the arm and out of the corner of my eye, saw him watching us carefully.

“We’re OK,” I told him.

“I can see that,” he flashed, with a tremor in his thought.

“You gonna lay there all day, or what?” David sniggered, bringing me back to the real world.

I rolled off him and took hold of his dick, resting my head on his stomach and stared at it lovingly.

Slowly – very, very, slowly, I moved towards it, waiting for David to stop me. My lips touched the tip of it, my lips opened and I began to absorb it.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” I heard as David lifted up to get it all the way in.


I could taste the saltiness on my tongue, I could see David’s face in front of me, grinning broadly and happily.

“Where the fuck did you learn to do that?” he sighed. “it was fuckin’ brilliant.”

I struggled to get my brain in gear, more than slightly pissed off because I hadn’t a clue what David was talking about. Well, I did have a clue, but I had missed the whole damn thing.

“Dunno,” I stammered out. “It just seemed like a good idea!”

“Too bloody right. I would never have thought of doing that in my whole life,” he said. “Can I do it to you?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I felt Charlie say.

“Leave me alone!,” I snarled as David re-arranged himself.

“OK,” he said irritably, and vanished.

“You’d fuckin’ better,” I managed to say to David. “Get down there Bro.!”

When I’d sucked David, I was knelt between his knees and I assume that’s where I’d stayed to do the job – that dickhead Charlie hasn’t given me a chance to find out if I did or not – or if I did anything else for that matter.

David had a different idea. He knelt astride me, arse in the air and his head all but invisible. Out of sight, yes – but I knew exactly where it was and exactly what it was doing.

I had never, ever, felt anything like the sensation I got when David swallowed my dick. It was as if all my birthdays and Christmases had come at once. The combination of David’s warm mouth and seemingly prehensile tongue was sending me into orbit and automatically I started to thrust myself in and out, giving him all the help I could. I heard myself talking, but I haven’t a clue what I was saying. I opened my eyes and was met by the normally disgusting sight of David’s arse in front of my face, and much more attractive, the sight of his balls jiggling around as he gave my cock some serious attention.

There wasn’t time to warn him: I felt my ‘nads move up into my crotch and the baby-making stuff start its journey. I opened my mouth to warn David, but just when I needed my voice, it’d gone. My rocket-propelled spunk had already filled his mouth to overflowing, causing David to cough and splutter like a 70-year-old asthmatic.

“Bastard!” he said, rolling off me and wiping his face more or less clean. “Just ’cause I did that to you, there weren’t no need to do it back!”

I pulled him down beside me and gave him a hug.

“Feel better?” I asked, rubbing his chest.

He nodded and lay back, hands crossed on his chest and staring into space.

“Oh, yeah. I just wanna lay here for a bit. It’s cool.”

He lifted an arm in the air and waved in in my general direction, “Fingers?” he said softly.

We hooked little fingers together. This was a sort of ritual we’d used ever since we were tiny – a sign that we were friends. Mum’d started it when we were kids, telling us that it meant we were friends again after we’d had a fight. As we’d got older, we also used it to say ‘thanks’ when words weren’t enough – boys never were any good at saying thank you. Turning over, we embraced one another lightly and closed our eyes.

The next thing I knew was that it was almost four o’clock. I stretched, yawned, and gave David a dig in the ribs. We weren’t late or anything and there was no need to rush anywhere, but we’d slept for almost two hours.

David woke up slowly. I watched as he looked down in surprise at his nakedness, turned a puzzled face towards me and then let it break into a wide grin.

“I’m all sticky and sweaty,” he said, running a hand down his chest. “Let’s go home and have a shower.”

Slowly we dressed and made ourselves presentable. As we made to leave, we hugged again, confirming that we were still mates.


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