I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 4

I was totally fucked I realised as I set off homewards. The wank I’d had was more exhausting than I thought, brilliant though it was. I rode my bike slowly, letting the unbelievable events of the morning work their way through my mind.

Firstly, and above all else, I was acutely aware of the change in me. From becoming a nerdy, sexually naive teenager just a few days ago, I was now becoming an out and out sexaholic: more than that, I was probably a gay one. That bit I wasn’t too sure about as I hadn’t tried the other yet, but I was in no hurry to do so. For the time being, I was happy with what I had. Whether it was the influence of Charlie, the influence of the house, or my hormones waking up at last I wasn’t sure and I didn’t care that much either. Just being alive with a working dick was great fun.

Then there was Charlie of course. Under different circumstances, my parents would’ve been over the moon with my discovery of a real, live (well, you know what I mean!) spectre. They both said that they’d met with, and spoken to, spectres. I had no reason to doubt them of course, but I’ll bet that neither of them had had anything like the experience I’d had. And I had to keep it secret! As a teenager, I had plenty of practice in that direction though and it wasn’t a problem. The other thing bothering me was the body change thing. I wasn’t too keen on that, for obvious reasons, but then I hadn’t given it any proper thought yet – there must be something in it for me apart from a heart-stopping wank. Perhaps a compromise somehow?

I had lots of unanswered questions rattling around my mind but I put them aside as I parked my bike and went into the house in search of food.

After we’d had lunch, I was at a bit of a loose end and hadn’t planned on doing very much except to watch TV for a while. David, though, wanted to know if I’d found anything at the house, so we went for a walk into the village.

“What, no bikes?” he complained.

“Naah, don’t feel like it.”

“What, wanked too hard on the bed did you?” he sniggered. “Bit tender are we?”

“No,” I laughed. “I banged my balls on the crossbar.”

“Ouch!” he grinned, “Hurts don’t it! Anyway, tell me all.”

“Not much to tell. The door was still open but nothing else had changed so I went exploring in the woods. Not much there either.”

“Boring!” Said Dave. “I found out something though.”


“Spanner told me,” he started, pointing to a boy smoking a cigarette outside the pub his dad ran.

“Dad was right. There was a murder in that house years and years and years ago. He says that a boy was killed there because he was gay.”

My ears pricked up and I listened carefully. “You’re joking!” I said.

“That’s what Spanner told me. There used to be this boy who, you know, fooled about with the other boys. Called Charlie something-or-other. Then two tough kids found out and beat him to death.”

“What kids?” I asked. “They still around?”

“No. The cops found ’em and arrested ’em.”

“Interesting,” I said. “P’raps that’s why we felt something in there.”

“Yeah. I bet it was that gay boy stuck there for ever and ever. First he’s gay, then gets killed and then he’s a ghost. Sucks don’t it,” David said with feeling.

By now we were at the park so we sat on a bench and watched the other kids playing football.

The story about Charlie had obviously hit home and we both sat quietly for a couple of minutes. Idly I watched the football game, my eyes wandering from boy to boy with an interest I’d never had before. Groins first, then face. If the face was right, back to the groin for a closer look, watching their balls move as they ran round the pitch.

“You’re perving!” David giggled, waking me out of my reverie with a thump on the arm.

“Bollocks!” I said, giving him the answer he expected.

“OK. Boywatching. Which one do you fancy?”

I turned to face him, ready to give him a brotherly slap.

“Only joking!” he grinned, holding his hands in the air. “But IF you were interested, which one?”

Deciding to play along, I nodded at a good-looking lad wearing a Chelsea shirt.

“Mark. He’s OK. Definitely straight though,” David informed me.

“How’d you know?”

“ ‘Cause I see him at cricket and he never bothers to hide his tackle. And never gets a boner either,” he smiled.

“And you called me a perv!” I laughed, feeling just a twinge of jealousy. “Anyway, it’s your turn, which one?”

His eyes flashed instantly to a kid I knew, but then just as quickly went to someone else.

“Him,” he said pointing to a boy I’d never seen before and neither had David I don’t think.

“Crap!” I laughed. “You looked at Derrick first, I saw you!”

David coloured up and looked suitably embarrassed. Knowing my brother, it didn’t take a genius to work out why.

“You haven’t!” I gasped. “Honestly?”

He nodded, and dropped his head onto his chest, a wry smile crossing his face.

“When?” I asked, a bit more seriously. “Come on, no secrets.”

“After cricket a couple of times. Dunno how it happened quite, but we just sorta did it after everyone else had gone.”

“Whaddya mean ‘just sorta did it’? Couple of times?”

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” he whispered.

“Course I fuckin’ won’t. Who’m I gonna tell anyway?”

“He started it. He got a ‘rection in the showers and I got one as well. We just looked at each other and waited until they’d all gone. Then we just sorta did it.”

“And now you do it every time,” I said lightly.

He nodded again, his grin broadening.

“Lucky sod, at least you’re getting some!”

“I’m bigger than you,” he laughed, punching me on the arm. “In any case, you got me whenever you want.”

From the look he gave me, I knew he was being serious and meant what he said.

“Thanks!” I mouthed at him, just as seriously, our eyes confirming the unspoken promise.

“Come on,” he said, breaking the mood. “It’s tea-time and I’m bloody starving.”

“When aren’t you?” I said. “Race you!”

Having got the awkwardness of the sex thing between us out of the way, David and me were closer than we had been for ages, not that we’d ever been very far apart anyway. The subtle change in our relationship was picked up by our parents though, that same night much to our surprise.

“What’s got into you two tonight?” dad asked.

“Nothing. Why?” we asked.

“You’re being polite to each other. Or at least as polite as you two can be.”

“Big Brother’s grown up,” I said.

“So’s Little Brother,” David chipped in.

Dad simply smiled in confusion, shook his head and went back to the TV.


As we had our showers that night, I took the opportunity to take a good look at my brother. OK, I’d seen his nude body hundreds of times and sometimes envied his more mature and muscular build. He was the same height as me more or less, but a good few pounds heavier. His hair was darker than mine and he had more of it, especially where it counted. All of this I knew. What I was staring at now was a new and different David – a David I hadn’t noticed before.

His eyes were a lovely dark brown, his face perfect and adorable and smooth as a babies bum. His body taught and solid with a nicely developed six-pack. Between his long legs nestled a perfect little cock, emerging proudly from a forest of curly hair, exactly the same colour as that on his head. Well, the cock wasn’t that little to be honest I decided. Three or four inches of beautiful pink flesh, which expanded to at least five, if not six, inches when it was aroused. All this above a pair of balls which hung down low, just begging to be stroked and fondled. I watched, fascinated, as his dick started to rise.

“ ‘Scuse me!” I heard from a million miles away. “When you’ve finished with it, can you spare a minute to wash my hair?”

I looked at David, blushing deeply.

“Ssss – sorry,” I stumbled out, acutely embarrassed.

“Hey, don’t sweat it,” he laughed. “I like making you jealous!”

“Yeah. Well.” I muttered, “At least mine’s bigger than yours.”

“Wanna bet?” he giggled, waving it at me.

I looked down at my own tackle and was only slightly surprised to see it just as erect as David’s.

Moving closer, David placed his cock alongside mine, its head touching my groin. He wrapped his hand round them and squeezed gently.

“Same size,” he said quietly. “That’s good.”

We stood there for a few moments enjoying the erotic intimacy, neither of us sure whether we should take things any further.

“Later!” David said suddenly, letting go of our dicks and giving me a couple of strokes to make his meaning perfectly clear.

Our dicks were still hard as we climbed into my bed just a little while later, aiming to carry on from where we’d left off.

“D’you think mum’ll buy us two new beds?” David grumbled as he struggled to get comfortable. “We’ve had these since we were about eleven.”

“Dunno. P’raps we aught to ask for a double,” I laughed.

“Bollocks!” came the retort. “We’d never get any sleep.”

I snaked a hand down and searched for my prize, David sighing happily as I found it.

“Let’s take our time,” he whispered. “See how long we can make it last.”

“You think other brothers do this?” I asked as I get a nice slow rhythm going.

“Dunno. ‘Spect so,” he said, his mind obviously elsewhere. “They’re daft if they don’t.”

“But you and me have only been doing it for a few days.”

“So? You having a guilt trip or something? Wanna stop? ‘Cause I don’t want to.”

“No, it’s not that,” I mused. “It’s just that it’s all sorta new and I’m not used to it yet.”

“Yeah, well. We shoulda done it years ago. Look at all the fun we’ve been missing out on.”

“Yeah, but ….” I started to say.

“Shut up and concentrate,” he interrupted. “And keep your hand moving just like that.”

It was after two in the morning when David eased himself out of my bed, his cum-slickened torso glistening in the moonlight. Smiling widely, he replaced the covers over me and leaned down. For a second I thought he was gonna kiss me, but all he did was whisper a quiet ‘goodnight’

“Goodnight,” I whispered back before turning over and closing my eyes.

Pity. I wouldn’t have minded a little kiss.


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