I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 3

As usual, David and I didn’t get a chance to talk properly until we were in our room getting ready for bed. For the first time ever, he deliberately turned his back on me as he undressed.

“David,” I said to his naked back.

He turned his head and looked at me over his shoulder.

“I dare you to turn round.”

Slowly he turned, revealing his embarrassingly erect cock.

Giggling, I dropped my jeans and showed him mine. “Snap!” I grinned.

He visibly relaxed and even managed a half-smile before he climbed into bed.

“You OK with today?” I asked half an hour later, the events still playing on my mind.

“Yeah, I guess.” he said. “I don’t know how or why it happened, but it was OK.”

“Would you do it again?” I pressed on, feeling a bit nervous now.

“Suppose so, if you wanted.”

“When? Now?”

“You serious?” he said quietly.

“Only if you are,” I whispered.

“Whose bed?” he asked.

“Yours,” I laughed, throwing my covers back and leaping across to him.

There isn’t much room for two in a single bed, which made it all the more exciting as we cuddled up close, hands buried in our groins, working their magic.

“It’s that room isn’t it?” David said as he felt around my balls. “It did something to us.”

“Yeah, it must’ve done,” I whispered, stroking his hair with one hand and jacking him with the other. “You objecting?”

“Dunno. Beats jacking yourself off all the time though,” he sniggered as he put a hand on my dick.

“You haven’t got to, if you don’t want,” I whispered, lying through my teeth.

“Try and stop me now,” he laughed as he gave me a rather painful squeeze. “Just pray that the ‘rents don’t ever find out!”

It wasn’t anywhere near as comfortable in the small bed as it had been earlier on the bigger one at the house, but nevertheless we managed to enjoy each other immensely for the next half-hour, and in ways that just 24-hours ago, I would never have believed. My sexual fantasies, the few that I had, revolved about my right hand with the occasional stimulation from big-titted girls in films or on the TV. Now, they centred around my brother, and interestingly, all the other boys I knew.

I turned these thoughts over in my mind as I stumbled back from David’s bed, my dick now very soft and very tender.


“You coming out for a bike-ride today?” I asked innocently over breakfast.

“I’d like to,” David said seriously, “But I promised to see some lads down the village. Come tomorrow though,” he added with a wink.

I was a bit pissed off not to have Dave for company, but on the other hand it would give me time to try and discover more about my invisible friend. Feeling more excited than I strictly aught to, I rode my bike to the house as fast as I could, my cock already half-hard.

I put my head round the door of the room, looking anxiously for signs of him. Nothing. Feeling somehow cheated, I went across to the bed and sat down.

“Hi!” I sensed.

Sat next to me was the boy, looking much more cheerful than he did yesterday.

“Hi yourself,” I said, not feeling at all stupid talking to a ghost.

“Did you like it yesterday?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was good,” I replied.

“Stop!” he laughed. “You haven’t actually got to say anything. Just think it across to me.”

“Think it …” I started to say. Then just thought it instead.

“That’s it. Near enough anyway. Neat trick ain’t it! You gotta think it hard though else I can’t get it.”

“You can’t read my mind can you?” I thought, scared at what he might find there.

“No. You gotta think of me when you say anything and that’s all I get. Until we’ve had some practice anyway.”

“Who are you?” I began by asking.

“Charlie,” he sent back. “Charlie Anderson.”

“Hi. My names ….”

“I know who you are, silly. And I know your brother’s called David. Did you like what I did for you yesterday?”

“You did that?” I said, knowing now that he had.

“’Course. You and him wouldn’t, well, you know, have done it by yourselves would you?”

“No, ‘spose not. But why?”

“ ‘Cause I like doing what you did. Or used to when I was alive,” he added sadly.

“You are dead then?”

“’Course. Either that or I’m seriously underfed.” he laughed.

“How? Why?” I flashed.

“Bit of a long story. When I was alive, me and some of my mates used to come up here to, you know, mess about a bit. Sometimes just me and one mate, sometimes four or five of us. My nickname was Boner,” he giggled. “And I bet I’ve wanked off every boy in the village at least twice,” he went on. “And stuck my dick up the arses of nearly half of ’em.”

“So, what happened to you?” I asked, my mind boggling at what he’d just told me.

“Tried it on with the wrong person. We had two new boys in the village, cousins or something, and I got one of ’em to come up here with me. He didn’t want to do anything at first, but I sorta made him. He couldn’t manage anything though, his dick wouldn’t get hard but then he said that he’d come back tomorrow when he was more in the mood and we could do it then. When he came back, he brung his cousin with him and they knocked me about a lot, then locked me in that cupboard. When the villagers came here to search for me, they never found me in there and I died. Fifteen year ago now.”

“But there’s no body in there,” I said.

“No. One of the boys got scared and told the police where I was and they came and took my body away.”

“But you’re still here, or your ghost is, or whatever.”

“Yeah. That’s the bit I don’t really understand. You can only get spirits in certain places; something to do with the right sort of water, and Ley lines, and magnetism and stuff. Nothing to do with the houses or anything, it depends how and where you died. Most of us float around in the open air and aren’t ever noticed. But why some people turn into spirits and others don’t, I’ve no idea.”

“So you’ve been stuck here ever since …..”

“Oh, no. I can move from one place to another, but only along those lines to another place. Don’t do it much though, I like it here. Nice memories,” he giggled.

I glanced at my watch, thinking that we’d been talking for ages and it must be about time I went home for lunch. Much to my surprise, only ten minutes had passed.

“Thinking’s much faster than speaking,” Charlie told me, “Nearly instant.”

“Wow!” I thought, impressed. Then I had another thought.

“Yesterday, when David and me jacked off, you got ….” I didn’t know how to put it.

“Yeah,” he flashed guiltily. “ I shoulda told you. If I touch you, or am very close to you I can feel what you do, and make you do and think some things. When you spunked up, I felt it just like you did – and I haven’t felt anything like that since I, …. well, you know!”

“What, it’s fifteen years since …. Oh shit! You poor bugger! I’d die if I couldn’t have a wank every day.”

Charlie laughed hard at this, and it took me a minute to work out what I’d said to make him crease up. “Sorry!” I giggled. “Didn’t mean it like that!”

“Do it for me now?” he asked, almost pleadingly.

“What? Wank? Dunno if I can. I gotta be in the right mood.”

“I can help there, no problem,” Charlie flashed, and I got the tingly thing back.

“Fuckin’ magic!” I thought as my dick sprang to life.

“Wait. There’s more,” I heard. “But take your things off first.”

Eager to see what he had in mind, I stripped off, lay on the bed and grabbed my tool in anticipation.

“Think of the person you wanna mess with most,” I felt. “Boy,” he added giggling.

That wasn’t difficult. Andrew James was in my class and had a truly good-looking cock, one which more boys than me had perved over at some time or another. He had more hair than anyone else in the class, and his beautiful dick curved over his balls in a way that somehow just begged to be held. Half-hard, I knew it was at least four inches. Unfortunately he was as straight as a die, but that only made him more attractive as far as I was concerned.

“Oh Fuck!” I groaned as a perfect image of the both of us sprang to mind, naked, laying on a bed and wanking each other off gently and tenderly.

A hand I was sure wasn’t my own flew up and down my shaft, my back arched up from the bed and I moaned in ecstasy, lost completely in a blissful world consisting of no one except me and Andrew…

“Oh Shit!” I screamed as I shot my achingly painful load out, a long string of wonderful, mind-blowing cum reaching from chin to groin. Totally drained, I collapsed on the bed, chest heaving and eyes glazed.

“Sorry about that,” I heard Charlie gasp. “Didn’t know I could do that.”

“Wha …?” I tried to say, my eyes refusing to focus and my brain a useless mish-mash.

“That. I was fixing the pictures in your mind when I found myself right inside you, tossing you off and making you think it was Andrew.”

In his own way, Charlie was just as shell-shocked as I was, obviously shaken by his newly-discovered talent.

“Don’t wanna do that too often,” I said with feeling. “Nearly fuckin’ killed me!”

“Welcome to the club,” Charlie sniggered. “But seriously, we gotta try that again.”

“Sod that!” I said, but a corner of my mind decided that perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea, especially if he could do what he just did, but a bit sorta easier.

“OK,” I agreed nervously. “Try it now if you want, but you gotta promise not to do anything silly or stupid. Oh, and don’t wank me again, it’s a bit sore!”

“Right,” agreed Charlie.” You’ve got to let me into your mind though, and I don’t know how you do that.”

Neither did I, but having agreed, I tried my best. It was like trying to open a door with a bunch of keys, you had to try all of them before you found the one that fitted. I tried to think of all sorts of things which I thought might work, but none of them did. I gave up in frustration

I rolled over and looked at Charlie.

“Sorry,” I said. “It didn’t work.”

“Take a look at yourself,” Charlie signalled.

At first I hadn’t a clue what he meant until I realised that I was dressed properly, my pants and trousers having been pulled up and fastened.

“You?” I asked dazedly.

“Yep. Good, innit!” he laughed.

I wasn’t too sure. Having someone else in charge of your body was frightening, especially if you hadn’t a clue as to what it had been doing in your absence.

Charlie sensed that I wasn’t altogether happy and he changed the subject. “Can I try something else?” he asked. “Nothing as hairy as that. Just let me hold on to your arm and see if you can take me outside.”

That seemed harmless enough and so I did as he asked. In fact we got almost as far as the gate when Charlie accidentally let go of me for a second. Instantly, he was gone. I stared around, panicking a bit: there was no sign of him anywhere. The only other place he could possibly be, I reasoned, was back in the room and so I ran there as fast as I could.

Thankfully he was there, looking thoughtful. “Works,” he said. “Just as long as I don’t let go.”

“Great!” I said, “Now that is something worth being able to do. You can get out and about now.”

I was pleased for him, really pleased. I still couldn’t get over the fact that he hadn’t had a wank for fifteen years: he had a lot to make up for and I was more than pleased to help in anyway I could. Well, almost. The body-swap thing was scary.

“I’m knackered,” I said. “Gotta go home. See you tomorrow.”

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere. Try and bring David.”

“OK, I’ll try.”


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