I Know What’s On Your Mind
by Alexander


Chapter 2

Dave and I went our separate ways the following day: he had arranged to play cricket with some friends he’d made in the village and I to ride around on my bike.

Having nothing better to do, I made my way back to Thanet House to have another look around.

As soon as I climbed through the window, I felt it straight away – the same sensation I had yesterday, almost as if the house knew I was there. I stopped and closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling. It didn’t feel malicious or dangerous – if anything it seemed glad that I’d come back.

When I went upstairs, I was astounded to see the mysterious door half open. Yesterday nothing could’ve shifted it. Today it was ajar. Carefully I stepped towards it, remembering what Dad had said about the ceiling falling down. It seemed OK as far as I could tell so I pushed the door open as far as I could. Peering inside, I stared in surprise. Unlike the rest of the house, this room still had furniture in it. A rough, hand-made bed, a built-in cupboard, a chest-of-drawers and a solitary wooden chair, all of which must be as old as the house I guessed. And also unlike the rest of the house, there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere: it was as if the room had been freshly cleaned. Venturing over the threshold, I took a single step into the room and as nothing happened, went all the way in. As I searched through the drawers and cupboards I felt a tingling in my groin, one which I always got when excited. I moved away from the disappointingly empty cupboard and sat on the bed, feeling what must’ve been a horse-hair mattress underneath me, rock-hard and unyielding to the touch. The tingly feeling in my groin got worse and I sub-consciously dropped a hand down. To my immense surprise, I found that I actually had an erection – and a really hard one at that. Idly, I stroked it from outside my jeans as I stared around. The itch got worse and I decided there was only one thing I could do to relieve it.

Laying back on the mattress, I unzipped and worked my cock out, letting it stand up straight. I stared at it for a moment, thinking how nice it looked with pre-cum glistening in the sunlight. Happily, I began to jack off, my mind full of erotic thoughts and self-satisfaction. I hardly noticed that as I got nearer and nearer to my orgasm that the pictures flashing through my mind were those of my brother and other boys I knew, all of whom were bollock-naked and doing the same thing I was. With a painful shudder and an even more painful ache in my balls, my spunk shot out like bullets, arcing high in the air and coming down to splatter all over the mattress.

“Jesus!” I thought inappropriately, “That fuckin’ hurt!”

“Good though,” I smiled to myself as I regained some strength. “Even better than last night.”

As my dick wilted, I had the distinct impression that the ghost, or whatever it was, was also very happy as I seemed to be enveloped in a warm, cosy glow and a definite (but odd) feeling of gratitude.

As I slowly rode my bike home, I thought about what had happened back at the house. Having a wank was no big deal; sensing the feelings in the house wasn’t too odd either, but the two together coupled with the definite feeling of immense satisfaction from ‘the ghost’ was intriguing. Having a good wank was the most pleasurable things in my life, after food that is, and the one I’d had just now was certainly a record-beater. The only thing I could possibly do was try it again tomorrow.


“Go back to the house today?” David asked as we lay in our beds.

“Yeah, the door was open today though.”

“What?” Dave said, his interest suddenly awakened. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“You never asked!” I replied in the time-honoured fashion.

“But …” he started to say, then changed his mind. “Something happened, didn’t it?”

I felt myself blush, grateful that in the gloom, he couldn’t see it.

“Well,” I said. “There’s some furniture in the room, and a bed.”

Bearing in mind that we were both in bed playing with our dicks, there was only one conclusion he could come to.

“You didn’t!” he laughed. “Dirty sod!”

“Yeah, well!” I replied lamely.

“Going back tomorrow?” he asked.

“Probably. Wanna come?”

Another giggle before he said, “Yeah, wouldn’t mind.”

Shortly thereafter I heard a moaned ‘Fuck’, followed by a quiet “G’night!”

I continued stroking my own dick lazily as I gave David time to settle down. As I thought about the self-induced pleasure I was about to treat myself to, I was surprised to find myself thinking about boys again – just like I had back at the house. And again it made my cock harden just that little bit more as I began to stroke it in earnest.

The cum wasn’t as spectacular as the other ones, but it was healthy enough to make me want to yell out in delight. I only just managed to stuff my face into the pillow in time.



It was with mixed feelings that I went with Dave to the house the following morning. I really wanted to try that wank-thing again to see if it was just as good, but with David there, I had no chance. Still, he was my brother and we’d discovered the place together, so I guess he had every right, pissed off though it made me.

The aura I felt as we climbed the stairs was even better than before – it was positively warm and somehow calming, as if it was welcoming us with open arms. With a sigh of relief, I saw the door was still open and I let Big Bro. go through it first.

“Wow!” he said, looking round, “This stuff’s really old.”

“Draws are empty,” I told him as he tried a couple of them. “And the bed’s as hard as nails.”

Dave pressed the mattress experimentally and agreed with me. Then he noticed something which I’d missed. Pointing a finger at several grey-coloured spots scattered around the middle of it, he looked at me and smirked, “Dirty bugger!”

Almost instantly I felt the familiar tingle start up.

“Shit!” I mouthed to myself as I put a hand inside my trousers to confirm that I was as hard as I thought I was. I was looking at Dave, hoping that he hadn’t noticed when to my shock I saw a spectral shape standing next to the bed. It didn’t scare me any, I somehow knew it was friendly, but the sight of it made me gasp.

“What?” David said, looking worried for a moment. He obviously couldn’t see what I did.

“Oh, nothing, I was just thinking.”

“I bet,” he grinned and carried on examining the room. He paused for a second and looked at me. “You feel anything?” he asked curiously

“Yeah. Like somebody’s here. Doesn’t feel bad though. Sorta friendly.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” David said turning back to the cupboard.

The ghost-thing drifted towards me and stopped right in front of my face. It was a boy, about my age I guess, and dressed in clothes that were about ten years out of date. He had a slight, wistful smile and a friendly, open face. Tentatively I stretched a hand out. The instant I touched whatever it was, I felt an intense feeling of loneliness, mixed up with ones of joy and happiness. I pulled my hand back, shocked at the feelings.

The image came closer and reached out a hand to mine. As soon as we made contact, I felt the same feelings again, but this time with a distinct impression that he wanted to tell me something. I freed my mind up like we do at the séances and was amazed to get a feeling of immense joy from the spectre.

“I knew you’d be OK,” it said directly into my brain. “I just knew it. And you’re pleased too!”

I knew precisely what he meant and automatically glanced down at the immense bulge straining in my over-tight jeans. Feeling more than a little embarrassed, I glanced over at Dave who was still playing about with the cupboards and drawers, his neat bum stretching his jeans to the limit. I had a sudden desperate urge to rip his trousers off, throw him on the bed and wank him silly.

“Go on,” the boy said. “Ask him.”

I didn’t need to know what. “You got a tingle as well?” I said to David, the sentence suddenly popping into my mind.

“What you say?” he said, turning to face me. A reply wasn’t necessary any more as I could clearly see that he had. He was also blushing furiously, alternating his glances between my own bulge and his own.

“Touch him,” I heard.

Without saying a word, I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh, Shit!” he moaned.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would do what I did next. Moving my hand from his shoulder down to his trousers, I slowly unfastened his belt, slid his zip down and put my hand inside his pants.

“Oh fuck!” he moaned as he reached down to my waist.

Somehow we fell onto the bed and frantically pushed our jeans and undies down to our ankles, dicks now beautifully erect and tantalizingly close. Simultaneously we reached down and took hold of each other’s dicks, feeling for the first time in years their soft hardnesses and silky-smooth textures.

Slowly at first, but with a rapidly increasing fervour we jacked each other off, our arms round each other’s shoulders, embracing one another as never before.

“Cumming!” David shouted out.

“Cumming!” I yelled.

“Cumming!” I heard a youthful voice scream somewhere in my mind.

David and I stared at the wilting cocks held in our hands, splodges of cum splattered everywhere, stunned by the totally unexpected and unlooked for turn of events. We were both acutely embarrassed and avoided looking at each other.

“I don’t believe we just did that,” David said, glancing down at our now flaccid dicks and cum-speckled thighs. “Don’t fuckin’ believe it!”

“You liked it though,” something made me say.

David looked at me oddly for a second then nodded slowly.

“Don’t you ever tell a fuckin’ soul,” he mumbled.

I giggled. “Who the fuck am I gonna tell? Mum and dad? Your mates?”

David, apparently over the shock by now, gave me a hug and whispered, “Forget it. It was good.”

Over in the corner of the room, I saw an ecstatic-looking ghost, his face wreathed in smiles as he stared at us.

“That was something else,” he signalled straight into my mind. “Un-fucking-believable!”


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