Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 17

Life settled down into a very comfortable, if busy, routine after those couple of traumatic days. Gareth got himself involved with several courses at the British Council as well as sports at the club. He and Pete became firmer friends and spent a great deal of time in each other’s company. They also met a few other kids, both boys and girls, who were the sons and daughters of other ex-pats. I never found out if Mike had been told about Gareth and I: he never said anything and I never asked. I just assumed that he knew because, as Gareth said, ‘all the signs were there’. I must admit that once we’d decided not to hide our relationship, I felt a lot better. The only dark cloud on the horizon were the letters he sent home, which I know upset him more than he would admit. I was shown the ones he wrote to his brothers before he posted them: they explained that he and I were now more than just ‘cousins’ and although he didn’t explain in detail what he meant, there was no room for doubt as to what he was referring. He never got a reply, to those or any other subsequent letters, not even a birthday card. All it did for me was to confirm what I already thought of his family, and I think he now thought the same.

It was late November and I was having a fairly easy time at work, being between the holiday seasons, when Mike and I were talking one evening at the club. He was explaining that he had to go back to England for a couple of weeks to discuss his work with his bosses. Usually he would have taken Pete with him, but it was boring for him as there wasn’t much to do there and he spent a lot of time alone. It was Pete’s idea that he could stay with me and Gareth if everyone agreed, saying that it would be more fun and better for him as he wouldn’t have to miss any schooling.

Mike told the boys to go away and enjoy themselves somewhere and leave us alone for a few minutes. I knew what was coming next, and waited with interest to see what he said. Obviously he was going to ask me if Pete could stay and had told the boys to get lost just in case I said no. What was a little surprising was that he started off by saying he knew, or at least had assumed, that Gareth and I were in a physical relationship. This, he continued, was OK with him and didn’t cause him any problems. He also knew about his son and Gareth messing about. Once again, he considered this not to be anything to worry about as, in his words, ‘there was no harm in it’. The only thing he wanted to talk to me about was Pete and I, and this is where the surprise came.

“Pete’s got a bit of a crush on you,” Mike said pouring a beer out for me. “He’s besotted with you in fact – thinks you’re some sort of God,” he laughed. “He’s even got pictures and photographs of you in his room. Not on the walls of course, but in his drawers. He doesn’t know I’ve seen them, and he’d kill me if he ever found out.” He took a long pull at his beer. “What I’m saying I suppose is that if he does stay with you and Gareth, he’ll probably make a pass at you.”

I looked at him, waiting for him to carry on: what he was saying couldn’t have been easy for him, but I couldn’t think of anything to say that would make it any easier for him.

Thoughtfully, he went on, “I know you well enough to know that you wouldn’t start anything, but I also know that if he offered, you wouldn’t say no, would you?”

I nodded at him, and said, “You’re right, I didn’t know about the crush on me, I honestly hadn’t noticed anything. I know about him and Gareth though. And as regards the other, well, I would like to think that I could resist anything he tried, but I can’t in all honesty guarantee it.”

“Well, all I’ll say is this, and then we’ll change the conversation. If Pete does make a pass at you, I’d rather you didn’t take him up on it of course, but if you do ….” He took another pull at his beer. “If you do, then be careful with him: he’s all I’ve got.”

I looked at him speechless. There was a lot of things I would have liked to say to him, but didn’t know where to start. All I could think of was, “OK.”

He laughed lightly and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t panic. Pete is a strong-minded boy and won’t do anything he doesn’t want to. And, for that matter, usually gets what he wants anyway. If he’s set his cap at you, you may as well give up now!” And then on a much more serious note added, “He’s got to learn about life somehow or other, and if that’s what he wants, then this’s as good a way as any I suppose, considering the marked lack of female company in this neck of the woods.”

I grinned inanely and took a deep breath.

“Come on, let’s grab another beer and find the boys.” Mike said, clapping me on the shoulder, ending the conversation.

We had another drink all round and left soon after, Gareth and I walking home slowly. I told him most of the conversation I’d had with Mike, and he wasn’t surprised by any of it.

“So, what you gonna do about Pete?” Gareth asked.

“Dunno. What do you think I should do?”

“Let him stay with us of course, he’d like that and in any case there’s nowhere else for him to go is there?”

“That’s already fixed. Of course he can stay with us. No, I meant the other. About him having a crush on me.”

Gareth laughed and gave me a hug. “You’ve got no chance there mate, he’s made his mind up. And you couldn’t say no even if you wanted to! Remember Jake?”

He was right of course, I was really trying to find out what Gareth thought about the whole thing, and apparently he wasn’t in the slightest bit put out. I didn’t think he would be, but it was just as well to check things out, especially bearing in mind the events of the past few days. Memories of Jake flashed through my mind and I smiled inwardly.

The following day Gareth and I were sat in the lounge when he asked how we were going to manage the sleeping arrangements when Pete arrived.

“I suppose we could make the bed up in the spare room for him, put a few things in there and make it comfortable I guess,” I said.

“Why not move it in our room and have done with it. It doesn’t seem right you and me together and him sleeping by himself. If it were me in his place, I’d feel a bit left out.”

“Yes, but ….” I started to say when Gareth interrupted.

“I know what you’re thinking, and that would make it even worse if he thought that we’d made him sleep alone so’s we could … well you know.”

Why did I have the feeling that I’d been railroaded? The obvious (and sensible) solution would be to get all three bedrooms set up, but that wasn’t even mentioned – in any case that would probably be the worst thing we could do under the circumstances, certainly Gareth didn’t want to do that I assumed.

“OK, then let’s do it.” I agreed.

It took only a few minutes to drag the single bed through and re-arrange the room to accommodate it, Gareth’s and my beds against one wall and Pete’s against the opposite one.

“This’s silly!” Gareth said, looking round the room and smiling. “Do you honestly think we’ll use all three beds?”

I looked at him, his eyes were twinkling and one of his wicked grins spread across his face.

“So?” I questioned.

“Push ‘em all together.” was his simple, logical comment.

Once again we re-organised the room and I must admit it was certainly more practical, if not morally decent. Then another thought struck me.

“What about the maid?” I asked Gareth.

As far as I was aware, she was happy enough knowing that Gareth and I slept together, but what would she think of the three of us sharing one big bed? She may have chosen to ignore whatever Gareth and I did at night, but I doubt very much if she’d be able to ignore it when there were three of us.

After talking about this for a good half-hour, we couldn’t come up with an answer, part of the reason being that neither of us spoke Arabic sufficiently well to work out what she thought. We decided to leave that particular problem until the following day when I could ask my boss, Dave, what he thought.

It was a good job I did talk with Dave. I didn’t mention that young Pete was coming to stay with us, I didn’t think that was necessary, I simply raised my concerns about Gareth and me sharing the same room. I was right in what I thought, and bearing in mind what he’d told me before, he said that under the circumstances a change of maid would be a good idea. Luckily all the ‘domestic staff’ such as maids and drivers were employed through the company and it is a fairly simple job to change them round; they’re used to it and accept it as part of a normal routine. He left the office for a while and came back smiling.

“Fixed.” he said, “I managed to get a fella to sort you out. Called Anwar. He’s been with us for ages and even speaks a little English. He should be there tomorrow. I’ve also taken the liberty of … err … explaining the situation to him.”

“Thanks!” I said, “Thanks a lot.” I meant it too, it was a big relief to know that we were becoming accepted as part of ‘the family’ which was the company.

That afternoon when I arrived home, Gareth and Pete were already there, drawing paper and art books scattered all over the place as usual. And, as usual, they were clad in nothing but their underwear. I looked at them both appreciatively, smiling and willing my cock not to get too hard, the tiny briefs they were almost wearing left very little to the imagination.

“Hiya, Phil!” Gareth said, getting up from the table and coming up to me. He put his arms round my waist and kissed me on both cheeks, then on the lips, lingering there for longer than he usually did. When he let me go, I caught just a glimpse of a twinkle in his eye and that little bit of tongue that told me he was up to something. To my surprise Pete came over and hugged me lightly. He didn’t try to kiss me as Gareth had done, but what I did get was a definite feel of his cock and balls pressing firmly into my groin as he squeezed himself into me. I looked down at him and saw the same wicked smile I get from Gareth.

“Thanks for letting me stay,” he whispered. “It’s gonna be fantastic.”

I smiled at him and ruffled his hair, “That’s OK, Pete. Anytime.”

They continued with their drawing as I foraged about the kitchen and made a scratch meal for us. Once prepared we sat on the patio and dug in. I told Gareth about the change in maid and that in theory we had a man called Anwar looking after us as from the following day.

“How old is he?” was Gareth’s first question.

I hadn’t thought of that and had no reason to, I told him, giving him a knowing look. He just smiled, glanced at Pete and said, “Well, you never know!” I chose to ignore the comment and Pete’s accompanying smile.

“Shown Pete where he’s sleeping?” I asked, changing the topic to a less formidable one.

“No, not yet, I forgot.” Gareth replied. “Come on, Pete.”

I watched as they went into the flat and walked straight past our room to the now empty one. Gareth threw open the door and waved Pete in.

“But there’s no bed!” I heard Pete say in surprise.

“Oops! Sorry!” Gareth grinned, “Wrong room.” He then took him into our bedroom and showed him what we’d done. This time there wasn’t a word from Pete, just a happy smile as he came back on the patio. He stood in front of me, thrust his groin against my knee and said, “Thanks,” very quietly. I said nothing, just returning the smile. Now I was sure it was his boner I felt. Gareth I noticed had his head buried in a book, just the merest hint of a grin on his face.

After we’d finished tea, the two boys took themselves off into the games room as I cleared up the mess on the patio. Once done, I grabbed a Seven-Up and my book and lay on the lounger reading. There wasn’t a sound from the boys room and I assumed they were busy drawing or painting: it was pleasantly restful for once.

When they re-appeared some time later, was I mistaken, or were there two damp patches where the tips of their cocks were? I tried unobtrusively to get a closer look at them both as they wandered around. I was sure of it: whatever they’d been doing in their room, it wasn’t painting that was for sure. I smiled inwardly and turned over a new page in my book. It was going to be one hell of a couple of weeks I mused, I hope Gareth has the stamina!

Pete left shortly after and Gareth joined me on the lounger. He unfastened the belt and zip on my trousers and slid them off, leaving me in just my undies. Laying down with his head in my lap, he picked up one of his books and started to read, one hand holding the book and the other holding his cock. I don’t think he noticed that I watched as he pulled his hand out of his briefs, licked the cum off his fingers and put it back.

The following Friday evening Pete and his dad arrived with Pete’s suitcases. They were dropped off in the lounge whilst we had a quick cup of tea and finalised some of the odds and ends about Pete’s staying with us. Mike tried to press some money on me for looking after his son, but I refused, saying that one day he’ll no doubt to the same for Gareth and me. He also gave me a small bag to look after, and once the boys were out of the way told me that it held Pete’s asthma spray and medicine. I looked at him surprised.

“Oh, don’t worry, it’s been ages since he had an attack. This climate suits him, I think it must be over a year since he had one, but I like to keep them around just in case. But for God’s sake don’t tell him you’ve got them – he’ll never forgive me. It’ll spoil his image,” Mike laughed.

I hid them away in my desk and shook hands with Mike as he left for the airport. As I waved goodbye to him, I thanked God that he didn’t ask to see where his son was sleeping. Perhaps he preferred not to know.

The two boys were full of themselves when I got back into the flat. Gareth even allowing his normally rather quieter nature be overtaken by Pete’s exuberance. Pete’s suitcases had been upended and scattered over the bed, his clothes then being thrown haphazardly into various drawers and cupboards, socks mixed up with shirts, underpants sharing space with towels. I left them to it.

Five minutes later, they were back, the ‘unpacking’ completed to their satisfaction.

“Want to eat out or in?” I asked.

“In!” they chorused. “Pizza. And beer!”

I dug the wallet out from my pocket and was just about to open it when Gareth said, “I’ll get it,” much to my surprise. I looked at him quizzically, but the unspoken question was ignored. From his pocket he produced 20 pounds. I knew better than to ask him directly where he got it, but I knew he hadn’t got a lot of cash and wondered where he got it from.

“Sold a picture,” he grinned, reading my mind. “My first one. Oooops! Second one,” he continued, still grinning.

“Who to?” I asked.

“Pete’s dad bought one that Pete and me drew of him. Paid us just now.”

I grinned. Mike had managed to leave us some money after all!

The boys ran out of the flat to get the food and drink: evidently we were going to have a party tonight. An hour later and they staggered back with boxes of pizza, half a dozen beers and a case of Seven-Up. These were quickly spread out on the patio, followed by the TV.

“Brilliant!” they said, surveying the scene.

“Now let’s get comfortable,” Pete grinned.

Without the slightest hesitation, he shucked off his shoes, t-shirt and jeans leaving him in just those yellow briefs he knew I appreciated. Gareth shrugged his shoulders, grinned and stripped down to his Y-fronts.

“You too,” Pete said, staring at me, hands on his hips almost daring me to defy him.

I looked at Gareth who simply shrugged his shoulders again and nodded his head ever so slightly, that wicked grin of his playing about his mouth. Sighing dramatically for effect I did as I was told and dropped my clothes on top of theirs.

“Boxers?!!?” Pete said, “That’s not fair. Only old men wear those! Wait there.” He rushed off to his room in search of something he considered more appropriate. Whilst he was gone, Gareth quickly came over to me, gave me a hug and whispered, “Thanks!” and returned to his seat.

Pete came back waving a pair of tiny white briefs at me. “Here, put these on.”

“I like my boxers, I’ve got more to look after than you two have and I need the room,” I joked, holding the briefs up in the air between two fingers. “I can’t wear these!”

“Yes you can,” Pete giggled. “If we are, then you’ve gotta.”

Turning my back on them both, I changed into the briefs. To my surprise, they fitted better than I thought they would. “Whose are these?” I asked.

“Yours,” Gareth said. “Pete and I bought them the other day. They’re a size smaller than mine, so I knew they’d fit!!”

“Bollocks!” I mouthed at him.

I got a tongue stuck out for that and a giggle from Pete.

“That’s better!” Pete said, “Now were all the same.”

He came across to where I was sat on the lounger, and with a “Move up!”, he sat cross-legged next to me. Gareth, not to be outdone, sat on the floor between my legs, resting his elbows on my knees as he helped himself to pizza and beer. I stroked his cheek gently as I ate, getting an occasional kiss on the back of my hand. He was happy: a fist full of pizza, a glass of cold beer and a SciFi video on the TV. Leaning his head back into my groin, he wriggled it about a bit, felt for my cock and giving it a gentle nudge, blew me a kiss. I blew him one back and gave him a squeeze with my knees.

Pete had somehow wormed his way close alongside me, his leg now resting hard against mine. I put an arm on his shoulder and gave him a hug before taking it back and picking up my beer. I wasn’t going to get away with it that easily though, once I put the beer back down on the table, Pete grabbed my arm and put it back over his shoulders, wriggling in even closer. He smiled broadly at me as he adjusted the erection under his briefs, making sure I saw what he was doing and taking no pains to hide the fact that he was staring at my groin, fortunately erection-less at the moment, but I knew that wouldn’t be for much longer.

I glanced up at the sky and happened to notice a plane which had just taken off from Cairo airport.

“Your dad,” I said, giving Pete a squeeze.

I felt him tense up under my arm, his hands drop to his groin and a high pitched panic-stricken, “Jesus! Where?” as he whipped his head round to look at the door.

“Up there, on his way to London!” I laughed, pointing at the aeroplane. “ I can just see his face staring at you.”

It took Pete only a split second to realise I was joking, but the look on his face was sheer terror until he broke into a grin and thumped me on the leg with his fist. “Christ! I thought he was here,” he said, “I nearly had a heart attack!”

“Why?” I asked innocently, “You’re not doing anything wrong are you? Or is it what you’re thinking about?”

Gareth thought this was hilarious and laughed loudly at Pete’s panic attack. Pete didn’t think it quite so funny though and looked both upset and abashed.

“Don’t worry,” Gareth said, “It’s only Phil’s sick sense of humour. Ignore it, I do.”

I gave Pete a comforting squeeze and kissed him on top of his head. “Sorry, I just couldn’t resist it.”

“S’OK,” he mumbled, managing to raise a smile. “My dick’s never gone so soft so fast,” he said, staring at his groin and giggling.

“That’ll be a change for it,” Gareth said cheerfully, looking at Pete, “It’s been hard ever since you got here!”

“So’s yours,” he retaliated, now fully recovered.

We all stared at Pete’s yellow briefs and watched, fascinated, as his cock slowly regained its former state, stretching out the thin cotton. I was conscious of my own dick now, hard as iron and straining against the material. There was even a tiny wet spot marking the end of it.

“Wanna see it?” Pete said quietly, looking at me.

I nodded, looking into his eyes. Gareth, sensing things were getting hot now, got to his feet and sat on my knee, putting his arm round my neck. He too had a boner, the head of it just sticking out the side of his pants, glistening wet. He rested one hand on it and kissed me on the cheek, letting me know things were all right.

Raising his hips off the lounger, Pete slipped his briefs off and lay back down again, his perfect dick now standing up proud. Unlike Gareth and me, he’d been circumcised, I saw. His dick, although a little shorter than Gareth’s or mine, was thicker. The purple crown was just as moist as Gareth’s, lending it an aura of magic, the droplets of liquid twinkling in the moonlight. It sprouted up from a small halo of soft curly hair, its dark colour serving to heighten its innate beauty. I longed to touch it, to hold it, to take it in my mouth, just like Gareth must’ve done several times by now and for an instant I was inordinately jealous of him. Gareth tightened his grip around my neck as he lifted himself up and worked his briefs off. They both looked at me expectantly, shifting their gaze from my face to my groin, their looks speaking volumes. Pushing Gareth off me, I raised my hips and watched as Gareth pulled my briefs down and released my dick. Bending over, he kissed the end of it and smiled up at me, licking his lips.

“Your turn,” he said quietly to Pete. Pete glanced into my eyes, leaned down and softly licked the crown of my cock. Getting back up again, he placed his fingers round my throbbing cock and held it, feeling my pulse racing. I leaned back and sighed. Gareth knelt down, took hold of Pete’s cock and slowly swallowed it. Pete moaned, closed his eyes and thrust his hips upwards, making sure Gareth took all of him in. I felt his hand tighten round my dick as he groaned, all other thoughts banished as he enjoyed Gareth’s expert tonguing. Slowly he began to jerk me off, timing himself to Gareth’s sucking, his fist tightening and relaxing as he submitted himself to my cousin’s/brother’s experienced sucking.

As Gareth’s mouth and tongue did their work, Pete started to writhe around, shaking his head and gasping for air. The grip on my cock alternately tightened and relaxed as he spasmed in uncontrolled delight, any thoughts of masturbating me forgotten. His grip was getting painful and with no little difficulty I prised his hand off, allowing my pain to subside. Pete looked at me with unseeing eyes and grasped my hand as tightly as he could. This was getting a little too much: Pete was going to lose it very soon and take the edge of what could be a good night. I tapped Gareth on the head and shook my head. He got the message and slowly released Pete’s dick from his mouth, substituting a very gently masturbating hand in its place. Pete came down from his high and looked at Gareth, not understanding why he’d stopped.

“Bedroom,” he mouthed at Pete.

Pete nodded in reply and struggled to his feet unsteadily, his mind still in a fog of hedonistic pleasure. Gareth, grinning, held on to him as he led him off the balcony. I followed close behind, staring at a pair of the most delightful and inviting butts anyone could wish to see. I grabbed a handful of Gareth’s cheeks and gave him a playful squeeze, getting a sly grin in return and a slap as he pushed my hand away.

Once on the bed, Pete knelt in the middle, leaned back and rested on his hands gripping his ankles. This had the effect of forcing his hips upwards and outwards, ensuring his now dripping dick pointed straight towards me. Before Gareth could do anything, I engulfed Pete’s cock in my mouth and tasted its deliciousness for the first time. It was all I expected, and more. I had become so used to the feel of Gareth’s cock in my mouth that the sensations I received from Pete were overwhelmingly exciting. Being slightly fatter and not so long, it was a completely new feeling and I moaned loudly as I licked and swallowed the delights he was offering. Somewhere in the far distance I moaned again as Gareth’s mouth closed around my tool.

I didn’t know how experienced Pete was, but judging by his reactions so far, he hadn’t had very much – certainly the oral treatment he was getting was driving him wild. I guess Gareth and me had being doing stuff for so long that we’d almost forgotten what it was like those first few times when even a gentle kiss on an erect prick could produce an explosion of epic proportions! Talking of which, I was sure that Pete was rapidly nearing the point of no return and so I reluctantly let him go to try and ease things down a bit. Gareth, sensing that things had changed, stopped sucking and after one quick glance at me, made to dive into Pete’s groin. I hurriedly motioned for him to take it slowly.

It was too late though: hardly had Gareth touched his lips to Pete’s dick when he erupted, taking us all by surprise with its suddenness and strength – including Pete! After the initial shock, Gareth fell back on the bed, laughing fit to burst: Pete was totally confused by what had happened and blushed deeply at the mishap, particularly when he saw Gareth’s cum-spotted face.

To be honest it was Gareth who first realised just how upset Pete was; after all he knew him better than me. With a slight shake of his head, Gareth let me know that I should make myself scarce for a few minutes. Taking the hint, I escaped to the balcony, grabbing a beer on the way out.

I didn’t see either of them for half an hour and was just debating whether to open another beer or not when they appeared from the bedroom. It was obvious that Pete had been crying, although he seemed cheerful enough now as the duo made their way outside, arms around each other’s shoulders.

“We need feeding,” Gareth grinned, helping himself to a slice of pizza and handing one to Pete.

It took a little while for the conversation to get started, but once it did, things soon got back to normal – or at least what counts for normal in our household – and the incident seemed to have been forgotten about.

Whilst Pete paid a visit to the bathroom, Gareth quickly let me know that despite outward appearances, Pete had had next to no experience with other boys, or men for that matter: the only real ‘messing about’ he’d done had been with Gareth and that had only started fairly recently as we both knew.

“I told him that I was just the same when I first did it with someone else,” Gareth went on.

“When was your first time?” I asked. Oddly enough, I’d never asked before and he’d never mentioned it either – it just never seemed to crop up.

“It was after a PE lesson, about six months before I met you,” he started. “Me and my mate had been told to tidy up the gym store ’cause we’d been messing about in the lesson and we were the only ones left in the changing rooms by the time we’d finished. Anyway,” Gareth went on as he made room for Pete on the lounger. “We were drying ourselves after a shower when we both got hard-ons, and, well, Andy sorta grabbed my dick and we just did it to each other.”

“Did you do it again?” I enquired, looking down at his once-again erect cock.

“Coupla times. I didn’t like him all that much. What about you?” he asked, looking at me.

I closed my eyes and thought back some ten or twelve years.

“It was when I was about 13 or 14 I think. Some mates and I had made a den in the woods and we used to mess around in there, playing cards on so on. One day my best friend David and me were there by ourselves talking about sex and stuff when we showed each other our dicks – and things just went on from there. We must’ve done it together nearly every day after that,” I laughed. Suddenly, I had a flashback and something I’d completely forgotten about sprang into my mind. “I even did it with your brothers,” I said, “When I was about nine or ten.”

As soon as I said it, I knew I’d made a mistake. A bad one. I felt Gareth tense up a bit and stare at me, not knowing what to say. As far as Pete or anyone else for that matter, knew, we were the only two brothers in our family – but now I’d let the cat out of the bag.

“Go on,” Gareth whispered, curiosity getting the better of him.

Mentally kicking myself for being so stupid, I went on to explain that I must’ve been eight or nine when Bobby and Michael (Gareth’s brothers) took me camping with them for a week-end.

“They didn’t want to, and I didn’t wanna go with them” I said. “But your dad told them that they couldn’t go unless they took me as well.”

Gareth and I shared a pained look at the unpleasant memories that had suddenly been brought up.

“Well, anyway, they got to telling dirty stories late that night and they saw I had a boner so they made me strip off and made fun of me.”

The memory was a painful one, but it was just one of many from that time of my life which I thought I’d forgotten all about.

“That figures,” Gareth said. “They always were arseholes. Always will be.”

“But I thought …..” Pete interrupted quietly, looking from one to the other of us.

“No, we’re not brothers really,” Gareth said. “We’re actually cousins, it’s just easier to let people think we’re brothers. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but I didn’t have a very good time at home and Phil managed to get me away from it, and we’ve been together ever since.”

“So it’s a secret then?” Pete said.

“Sort of,” I butted in. “It would be better if no one else knew about it, but I guess if they had to know …..”

“Oh, don’t worry, I shan’t tell anyone. I think it’s cool!”

“Thanks. It’d be better if no one else knew. But what about you?” Gareth said, trying to brighten up the conversation – and change the topic. “Have you done anything before?”

“Naah. Like I said in the bedroom, all I done is jack off with my mates when I was at school in England, but I ain’t done anything with anyone since I’ve been out here. Until now!” he giggled.

“And you’re OK with it?” I asked, seriously.

“You bet!” Pete laughed. “I think it’s magic!”

We breathed a collective sigh of relief and had a celebratory group hug – relieved that things were now completely out the open between us.

“So, guys, what do you want to do now?” I said, anxious to keep the mood cheerful.

The look the boys gave me left me in no doubt that it was a stupid question.

“OK,” I grinned. “Tell you what. I’m going down to the Club for an hour. Come with me if you like, or you can join me in an hour or so and we’ll have dinner.”

The boys flashed a glance at each other and said in unison, “We’ll stay here!”

Ruffling their hair, I stood up to go for a quick shower and get dressed. I heard the bathroom door open as I was showering, and turning round saw Pete looking at me.

“OK?” I said, turning the water off and smiling at him.

He nodded and stepped up to me, throwing his arms round my waist. He gave me a tight hug and looked up at me.

“Thanks,” he whispered before reaching up to kiss me on the cheek.

I would’ve liked to return the kiss properly, but decided that now wasn’t the time. Instead I reached down to his hard-on pressing into my thigh and took hold of it.

“Don’t break it off while I’m out,” I laughed and pushed him out of the room.

The boys were in a much more relaxed and cheerful mood when they joined me at the club and it soon became obvious that whatever else they’d been doing in my absence, they must’ve made a big hole in the beer stock – not that they were drunk or anything, just hyperactive and with an alcohol-induced glow. A few games of table tennis and a healthy meal soon sorted that out though, and it was a tired but happy trio that eventually collapsed on our balcony.

Not bothering with any lights or even the TV, we squeezed up together on the lounger and stared at the starry sky, letting the peace and tranquillity overtake us.

“This’s nice,” Pete whispered in my ear as he wriggled up closer, wrapping his arms round my waist.

Gareth, who had adopted his usual position – stretched out as much as he could and with his head in my lap, opened his eyes, smiled happily at us and closed them again. For about ten minutes. Wordlessly, he sat up, stripped down to his pants and made himself comfortable again.

Pete, taking this hint did likewise. I put an arm round him, gave him a good hug and kissed him on his forehead. Before I could do anything else, Pete put a hand behind my neck and pulled me down, placing his soft lips against mine.

“Mmm,” he moaned as we opened our mouths.

What began as a nervous, tremulous kiss soon escalate in to a passionate lip-squashing battle with Pete doing his best to climb down my throat. With not inconsiderable effort, I managed to disentangle us and held Pete’s face between my hands.

Giving him my best smile, I gave him a quick peck and mouthed for him to slow down just a bit. With a delicate blush and cheeky grin, he nodded, satisfying himself with a cuddle instead. I was well accustomed to Gareth’s often spectacular orgasms by now and accepted them as just a part of Gareth’s nature. Pete was on a voyage of discovery and exploration and wasn’t yet able to control his emotions properly, and in any case at the back of my mind was the warning his father had given me about his asthma attacks: the last thing I wanted was for him to go into one which he would almost certainly do if he carried on as he was.

I gazed at the two all-but naked fauns nestled against me and smiled to myself, thanking whatever powers that be for my good fortune. Gareth was resting, eyes closed with one hand nestling inside his briefs, comforting his pride and joy. Pete had placed his head on my shoulder and was staring happily into the distance, still not quite believing the fantastic situation he’d found himself in, his joyfulness demonstrated by the epic bulge only just contained in his tight undies.

Gareth rolled over to look at me, a well-satisfied grin on his face as he saw Pete’s erection and the blissful, far-away glaze in his eyes. I nodded in the direction of our bedroom and gestured that he and Pete might like to make a move.

Slowly Pete returned to Planet Earth as he sensed Gareth roll off the lounger and stand up.

“Why don’t you and Gareth go to your room?” I whispered to him. “I’ve got a bit of work to do before tomorrow and there’s no chance of my getting it done whilst you two are around! I’ll come and join you when I’ve finished.”

There was only a moments pause as Pete looked at me, a slight look of disappointment on his face, probably cause by our disturbing his reverie. It soon vanished though as out of the corner of his eyes he noticed Gareth rubbing what was already a leaking tube in his undies. Gripping his lower lip between his teeth, Pete slid off the lounger and with a wicked leer grabbed Gareth by the arm and led him inside the flat – after giving me a quick peck on the lips.

“Don’t be long!” he murmured happily.

If the truth be told, I didn’t have any work to do – none that couldn’t wait anyway: I thought that he and Gareth would appreciate some time alone together. That, and I was sure I didn’t have the stamina that those two seemed to have!

Picking up my briefcase and extracting some of the paperwork, I skimmed through it disinterestedly. It didn’t help when through the door I heard giggles and laughter as the pair obviously had found something with which to occupy themselves. Before long, the noise subsided, only a quiet moan or sigh being heard once in a while.

I must’ve dropped off because the next thing I heard was the bedroom door banging open and a very frightened Peter come running out of the bedroom.

“Phil, Phil, come quick. Something’s wrong with Gareth!” Pete shouted at me.

Shit! I knew instantly what’d happened. I’d half-hoped that Gareth had had the sense to warn Pete what happened when he got really excited, but obviously he hadn’t. Rushing in to the room, I saw him trembling on the bed, his eyes staring at me, unseeing.

I put an arm round him and held on: within a minute, he’d calmed down and grinned at me, sheepishly.

“Oh fuck!” he murmured, trying his best not to laugh out loud.

Pete, immensely relieved to see Gareth smiling let out an audible sigh of relief.

“What happened?” he asked.

Gareth and I looked at each other, waiting for one of us to start.

“It’s just me,” Gareth said, pulling Pete down onto the bed. “When I get really horny and too excited, I freak out. It’s your fault!” he giggled, giving his mate a hug.

“Why? What’d I do?” Pete asked, now frightened.

“Nothing!” Gareth replied. “Or rather, everything. I really liked what you were doing and it got to me, like it sometimes does and I can’t stop that fit thing happening. Don’t panic though, I’ve got used to it by now and it shows I’ve had a good time!” he laughed.

“Christ!” Pete said, now feeling better. “You scared the shit out of me. I thought I’d killed you!”

I ruffled Pete’s hair and sat him on my knee. “You can imagine how I felt, the first time I saw him do that,” I smiled. “Scared the shit out of me too. Still does sometimes. Gareth doesn’t seem to mind though – in fact I think he likes doing it really, just to scare us!”

“Wow!” Pete said. “Bit like me then.”

“Whad’ya mean?” Gareth asked. “You fit too?”

“No. But I used to get asthma attacks if I got over-excited. Like the first time I wanked properly,” he giggled. “But I haven’t had one for ages. Maybe I’ve grown out of ’em, or I stop ’em happening somehow.”

“Like me,” Gareth said. “I know just before when I’m gonna freak out and if I’m quick I can stop it, but I don’t always want to!”

“I’m suppose to carry my inhaler and tablets with me all the time, but I haven’t bothered for ages,” Pete said. “I guess I should really.”

“You should,” I said as lightly as I could. “Good thing your dad remembered. Your stuff’s in my desk draw.”

“You’re joking!” Pete gasped. “You never told me!”

I went to get it from my desk and passed the grey cloth bag over to him. Opening it up, he spilled out the contents onto the bed.

“Inhaler, aerosol, tablets,” he counted out to himself as he examined each item one by one.

“How’d you use the inhaler?” Gareth asked. “I’ve never seen one before.”

Pete explained how it was used and added that he should take the tablets every day if he felt tight-chested, and the inhaler to ease his breathing if it gets too bad.

“What makes you have an attack then?” Gareth enquired.

Pete blushed and grinned wryly. “When I get stressed out.”

“Like when?”

This time he blushed even deeper. “The last two or three times have been, well, err, when I’ve been in bed, and …”

“Jackin’ off!” Gareth completed.

Pete nodded.

Both Gareth and I broke out in a fit of giggles. “That means,” Gareth stuttered out between breaths, “That your dad knew you were goin’ to ….”

Pete began to see the funny side of it and started to giggle. “Bastard!” he laughed. Whether he meant his dad, Gareth or me he didn’t say, but at least he was feeling OK now. Turning to face me, he pushed me down on the bed and sat on top me me.

“Come on,” he sniggered. “I’ve knocked one of you out. Now it’s your turn! Hurry up and get undressed.”

Not for the first time I was amazed at the talent young boys have for accepting seemingly life-changing events such as we’d just witnessed with an ease which I find almost terrifying. Once they’d absorbed the information, it was relegated to the back of their mind, to be remembered but not dwelt on or worried about. Such was young Pete’s attitude now as he watched me undress, his tongue licking his lips in anticipation and his dick rising to full mast.

Gareth had recovered fully by now and he’d slipped an arm round Pete’s waist as he too watched my clothes drop to the floor.

“That’s better,” he said as he pulled me between them and kissed me deeply. “Now for Round Two!”

I was right in giving them some ‘alone-time’ before joining in their games: I guess they’d both satisfied themselves once already and now wanted to take things more slowly and concentrate on simply enjoying themselves. It seems Pete, like Gareth, needed to have a fairly quick orgasm to get things going, and then relax into the long-haul of atavistic pleasure.

Pete, as a relative new-comer to the pleasures that his body could give both himself and others took a while to settle down. Gareth and I were hugging once in a while, sharing slow kisses when Pete allowed. I wanted Gareth badly, and in a way that wasn’t possible with our house-guest around: he too was frustrated by the restriction dropped on us, but there was nothing we could do about it – at least for the moment.

Instead I satisfied myself by sucking in Peter’s still erect cock and burying my nose in his so-far almost hairless crotch. His moans were stifled by Gareth firmly planting hips lips on his and I felt the dick in my mouth harden just that little bit more as he welcomed him. It wasn’t too long before a small hand found its way into my groin and wrap itself around my dick. Pete didn’t do anything at first, but slowly he started to jack me off, timing himself perfectly with the attentions he was being given by my mouth.

He orgasmed before I did, but not unnaturally it was dry – well, almost – there was jut a hint of slick warmness running across my tongue. Pete’s dick never softened for a second, the only sign he gave of cumming was a hard thrust or two into my mouth and an impassioned moan from somewhere above my head. Once his little climax was over, he began to jack me off in earnest and within a few strokes succeeded in making me shoot all I could give, coating him with a layer of my best offering.

We all lay back on the make-shift bed, grinning insanely, still holding on to each other. Pete’s eyes were sparkling as he flashed a well-satisfied grin from one to the other of us.

“Awesome!” he whispered as he gave me a quick kiss.

Within five minutes I felt his breathing change and one glance told me that he was sleeping; one hand cupping his dick and balls, the other in Gareth’s groin. Very slowly we disentangled him and draped a sheet over him. Facing each other, Gareth and I hugged tightly, kissing deeply and allowing our hitherto softened dicks to blossom between us. It wasn’t sex we wanted – we’d had enough of that for the time being – it was the physical contact, the sharing of each other and the comfort we drew from it.

The next thing I became aware of was the sound of the front door being opened and then closed. Staring blearily at the clock, I looked in disbelief. Half past six. Six bloody thirty! Who the hell?

Then it dawned on me – it must be the new houseboy. ‘Shit!’ I groaned to myself as I struggled out of bed.

Anwar looked to be about 45 or 50 years old and seemed to speak fairly good English. He was a dark-skinned Sudanese as many domestic staff were, tall for his race and dressed in a new galabeya. We shook hands a little nervously and sat down at the kitchen table. It didn’t take long for us to work out what his duties were – they were more or less the same as everywhere else he’d worked and I gathered the impression that before long he would have everything under control, which pleased me no end.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when he was making the first tea of the day, I went for a shower. Firstly through, I woke the two boys up and told them that Anwar had turned up, and to make sure that they put some clothes on before leaving the bedroom. The last thing I wanted was to give him that sort of shock so early in the day!

I watched Anwar’s reactions carefully as the boys made an appearance soon afterwards – ‘putting clothes on’ they interpreted as wearing just their shorts, thankfully with underwear as well I noticed with relief. Anwar showed no reaction at all other than a cheerful ‘good morning’ as they sat down at the table for breakfast. So far so good.

In fact things went very well all things considered and by eight o’clock, Peter had left for school and Gareth had gone to the British Council for a class. As I wasn’t due in to work until the evening, I relaxed on the balcony with the paperwork I’d not done the day before. Mid-morning I was presented with another cup of tea and a request for cash with which to buy some food and other domestic stuff.

So far Anwar hadn’t mentioned the two boys at all although he’d given us all breakfast and had even stripped the bed and re-made it, so he must’ve know what our sleeping arrangements were – at least for last night anyway. It was a difficult subject to raise, but I felt that it had to be brought out in the open if only to forestall any problems.

I asked him to sit down with me and have a talk as we relaxed with our tea and after a while I asked about his family. Like many Egyptian families, his was a big one, with half a dozen brothers and sisters as far as I could make out, plus various uncles, cousins and nephews who shared the same house. He must’ve worked out in which direction I was heading as without much prompting enquired about the relationship between the two boys and myself. I told him that Gareth was my cousin and Peter was a guest for a few days as his father was away in the UK. Watching his face carefully as I explained things to him, there were no signs of disapproval or anything and I began to feel better, especially when he made some comment about a family of men being easier to look after than one with women in it. I didn’t expand on this, and left things as they were, hoping that we understood each other.

As a part of our working arrangement, Anwar left at mid-day to go home for his afternoon ‘siesta’: he would come back around seven in the evening to fix an evening meal for us if we wanted and then disappear again until the following day. This meant that Gareth and I had at least part of the afternoon to ourselves until Pete came home from school at about four – time I was looking forward to.

“Come on,” Gareth said as he threw his bag on the floor, “I’m knackered. Let’s go and laze on the balcony for a bit.”

It was just after two o’clock and despite the fact that I’d done next to nothing so far today, the idea of a rest appealed to me, not the least aspect of it being that Gareth and I could be alone for a while.

Grabbing a couple of soft drinks, I followed him outside and wasn’t in the least surprised to see him already stripped down to his pants and settling himself on the lounger. Passing him a bottle, I made to sit on the chair but was stopped.

“What’ve I done?” he giggled. “Aren’t we talking anymore?”

“I thought you wanted a rest,” I replied, sitting alongside him and running my fingers through his hair.

“Not yet,” he smiled and pulled me down to give me a kiss.

We lay and cuddled for a while, once again simply enjoying the presence of each other, without doing anything except embracing gently. We had done this so often by now that neither of us got fully hard anymore at the delicious skin-to-skin contact – just a semi boner that let us know that we were happy. Unless, that is …..

I felt Gareth’s dick harden fully as he pressed into me, and in mute sympathy, mine soon joined it. With a simple, loving gaze into each other’s eyes, Gareth pushed my shorts off and I did the same for him. Holding each other a bit firmer, we kissed deeply, the agenda now being determined.

“I’ve been thinking about this for hours,” he whispered as he grasped my dick.

“Randy sod!” I murmured.

“Mmmm!” he moaned into my mouth.

Under my hand I felt Gareth harden completely – his dick turning into a solid rod of lust which could only have one consequence.

“On top or underneath?” I asked.

Silently he rolled over and knelt astride me, holding my cock as he gently lowered himself. Once he’d satisfied himself that he’d got as much of me as he could get, he lay down and wrapped his arms round my neck.

“I love you,” he whispered as he lay motionless, staring into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I said quietly. “More than anything.”

“Let’s stay like this all afternoon,” he sighed, wriggling his butt to emphasise the point. “It feels so good.”

It lasted three minutes. I felt Gareth clench his butt cheeks a couple of times and a slight lifting of his hips – no more than an inch or two at the most, but the effect was startling.

I looked at him and saw the face of the wicked 13-year old I’d met a lifetime ago – a vulnerable boy who needed love – lots of it. And I was the one fortunate enough to be able to give it to him.

Unable to stop myself I kissed him deep and hard, not caring that he must be able to feel my tears of happiness moisten his face. Still holding the kiss, he began to rock back and forth, giving my dick the satisfaction it craved and at the same time stimulating his own cock between us. On a good day, we could carry on like this for up to half an hour before one of us lost it, but today wasn’t a good day. My lover’s timing was perfect, his slow thrusts emphasised by his clenching butt cheeks. Almost imperceptibly he speeded up, and breaking our kiss, he arched his back and eyes closed in ecstasy, concentrated on what he was doing.

I felt his hands tighten on my shoulders as he made one last thrust and allowed me to fire my load deep inside him, matched perfectly by his own solid ejaculation.

“Oh, Fu…” was all he could manage to stammer out before he fitted.

“You’ll be the death of me,” I grinned as I welcomed him back to the world.

“What a way to go though!” he grinned. “You and me both ….”

“Don’t!” I laughed.

There was silence for a few minutes as we recovered our senses, broken only when Gareth looked at me and whispered, “It hurts you know.”

“What?” I said anxiously. “Where?”

“Everywhere. I love you so much, it hurts when we’re together like this. I can’t explain it very well, but I get an achy sort of pain all over. I don’t want us to be apart, ever. I’d be lost without you.”

There was little or nothing I could say in response except kiss away the tears rolling down his cheeks and hug him as tightly as I could. I knew that if I’d even opened my mouth to speak, I’d break down as well.

We both dozed off then, I for one dreaming of the time we’d first met and all that had happened since then, and more importantly what the future held for us both. Good, bad or indifferent I couldn’t care less as long as we were together.

Some inner alarm clock stirred me to wakefulness and a single look at my watch told me that Peter would be home soon and it would be better if he didn’t find us like this. Giving Gareth a shake, I told him that I was going for a shower and that he needed to stir himself.

Yawning widely, he stretched out languidly and scratched his balls. “You working tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah. Why don’t you and Pete go down the club and I’ll join you later. Anwar’s getting a meal ready, so don’t go before then but I’ll see you there.”

“OK,” he said. “Piss off and leave me. See if I care!”

Giving him a swat on the butt, I went to get ready for work.


For the next couple of weeks things carried on in much the same sort of way with me, Pete and Gareth soon settling into a comfortable routine. To my relief, Gareth didn’t have any more major fits and Pete had the time of his young life, having to all intents and purposes having gained a temporary brother with whom he could mess around – not only sexually of course, but doing all those things that boys do. Anwar proved to be a treasure and served to remind me how lucky Gareth and I were to live where we did. The relationship Gareth and I had was accepted happily in the community – no problems and no awkward questions asked. Unlike back home in the UK, I often mused, where all sorts of difficulties would arise, none of which would be very pleasant.

To be honest, the next two years shot by without our hardly noticing. Pete and his father remained close friends of ours and many good times were had. Pete calmed down a little as he got older, although he still enjoyed the occasional romp with us, much to our delight. The best thing was that Gareth who’d left education by then, got himself a job at the Sports Club giving Art lessons and simple Arabic classes to the ex-patriate kids. Life was just about perfect – until one fateful day.

Gareth and I had been invited out for a meal by Dave the Boss, which wasn’t in itself an unusual event, but right from the outset I could sense he had something on his mind.

“How do you like Greece?” he asked out of the blue.

“Don’t know anything about it,” I answered, swallowing my food. “Why?”

He toyed with his knife and fork for a while before going on, “We’re opening a new regional office there and the company would like you to run it.”

I’d never even contemplated moving away from Cairo – I loved living here and didn’t want to leave. My first thought was that I screwed up along the line somewhere and was being ‘promoted sideways’ – and my look must’ve showed it.

“Don’t worry,” the boss laughed. “You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just that we need someone experienced to manage it, and you’re the best we have in this part of the world. It really is a big promotion and I’ll be sorry to see you go, believe me. And in any case,” he added, with a glance at Gareth. “You’ll be able to give the young man a proper job as well.”

He went on to explain that the office would be in Delphi, which is in central Greece. It’s a fairly small town, but the centre of a big tourist area and my job would be the local ‘fix-it’ man – hotel accommodation, tour booking and so on – much as I do now.

“Sleep on it,” he said, “And let me know what you think tomorrow.”

Much to my surprise, Gareth was over the moon at the prospect of moving. I suppose I’d become too settled in Cairo in some ways and didn’t want to change anything – life was good as far as I was concerned.

“It’ll be fun,” he grinned. “Somewhere new and different. Much better than going back to England.”

That aspect hadn’t occurred to me. If I didn’t take this job offer, perhaps the company might re-patriate me and stick me back in an office in Dover. I shuddered at the thought.

“Good!” the boss said when I told him that I’d consider the move provided that Gareth and I could spend a few days in Delphi first, to have a good look at the place.

“Already arranged!” he grinned. “I knew you’d at least think about it, consider it as a bit of a holiday. Just let me know the dates and I’ll confirm the arrangements with head office.”

Ten days later we were driving the hire car towards Delphi. The flight had been uneventful – quite surprising in a way as it had left on time and we actually arrived together with our luggage! The only moment of disquiet came when Gareth and I were given a cold, hard stare by the stewardess. It took us a minute or two to realise that we’d been holding hands and touching each other quite a lot during the flight. We’d grown accustomed to this sort of behaviour in and around Cairo where it was quite normal – but not on Olympic Airways! With a sniff and a pained look she walked away and proceeded to ignore us for the rest of the flight.

“No chance of renewing our membership of the mile-high club then,” Gareth whispered.

“You can always ask. You did before,” I replied.

“No chance! She might take me up on it,” he laughed.

Much to the dismay of our hostess, Gareth stared her in the face, leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

We were still laughing at it when we started the drive to Delphi. To begin with, the countryside was fairly featureless on the whole, but before long we were winding our way through some quite serious mountain country. The England Gareth and I knew was fairly flat mostly, and Egypt was seriously untroubled by hills: the change was unnerving, if not actually frightening in a way. I was glad the car hire company had given us a small car as navigating anything bigger would’ve been a problem on the narrow mountain roads. As it was, passing anything was next to impossible.

Delphi is spectacular to say the least. It’s perched precariously on a mountainside with just half a dozen roads running like tiers round the steep slope and a few narrow lanes running up and down between them. I wasn’t surprised to see there were very few cars around: the only form of transport evident in any quantity being the tourist coaches parked outside town in the only car park.

We found the hotel without difficulty and the manageress was charming once she knew who we were. When it came to being shown our room, it was with some surprise that she took us across the road to a small house opposite. “This is our annexe,” she explained. “The staff live here and if you come here to stay, you and your, your …”

“Cousin,” I explained.

“Cousin will live here. Your office is in the hotel. Everything is perfect!” she smiled.

After a wonderful dinner in the hotel, Gareth and I sat with the owner of the hotel who told us about the town – not the historical bit, but what it was like to live there. We learned that Delphi only has a population of about 4 000 people, but this rises up to more like 10 000 in the tourist season. It isn’t on a main railway or bus route and other than the tourist trade, the only other sources of employment are the olive groves or fishing.

The Manageress, whose name I still can’t get my tongue round, took us to visit a couple of other hotels in the town later that evening where we were made more than welcome once people realised we were here ‘on business’ and not tourists. Being that dead sort of time between the close of the holiday season and the Christmas break, the town was almost bereft of holiday-makers and we had a very pleasant time chatting with the locals, all of whom were polite and very friendly – I don’t think any of us paid for a drink all evening.

It was close to midnight when Gareth and I eventually managed to escape to our accommodation, and gratefully collapsed on the settee.

“So far, so good,” Gareth said, wrapping an arm round my waist. “I like it.”

“Me too,” I agreed. “People seem OK.”

“Yeah.” he sighed, making himself comfortable. “We got a balcony?” he asked glancing round the room.

“Sort of,” I said, nodding in the direction of the French windows.

It wasn’t a big one by any means, just enough for two sun loungers, but it was enough for us.

Settling down once again, we lazily watched the few late-night strollers ambling past and soaked in the peacefulness. Whatever assets Cairo has, peace and tranquillity isn’t one of them. A city of several million people is always busy: noise and smells all-pervasive. Delphi was perfectly silent and once the stragglers had gone, idyllicly peaceful.

For the next couple of days Gareth and I did the tourist bit, visiting almost all the historic sites: the Oracle Temple, the stadium, the Treasury, the museum and so on. Lots of walking, most of it up and down steep hills soon tired us out and so on the third day we took the car and explored the mountains roads behind the town. By sheer accident we discovered a little car park just under Mount Parnassus, and I pulled into it to take in the view. Sitting under an old gnarled tree we looked down the valley towards the little fishing port of Itea, some ten or twenty miles away.

“I like it here,” Gareth said as he leaned against me. “All those statues are just like the ones in my books. Fascinating – they’re brilliant.”

“Wanna live here?” I asked. “It’s a bit different to Cairo.”

“Not much!” he giggled. “But yeah. I’d like it, would you?”

“Yeah, I think so. Seems to be a nice place. Friendly enough.”

“Mmm.” Gareth sighed as he slipped an arm under my shirt. “D’you remember the last time we sat under a tree looking at the countryside?”

I thought for a second and then smiled. “Oh, yeah. On the way to Dover. Or was it on the way back. Can’t remember.”

He giggled and went on, “Remember what we did?”

“You can’t! You wouldn’t! Not here!” I laughed

“Why not? There’s no one around.” he said, pushing a hand under my belt.

Whatever reservations I had disappeared as Gareth pushed me onto my back, covered my mouth with his, unfastened my trousers and left me in absolutely no doubt that he could and would.

There is something special about having sex in the open air which gives it an extra dimension, an extra bit of zest. Perhaps it is because back in the early days the only places Gareth and I could get together and enjoy ourselves was in the open, whether camping, the back of my old Landrover or in a country lane somewhere. Whatever the reason, it had certainly got Gareth excited. Throwing caution to the winds, we let ourselves go and went for it. Closing my eyes I took Gareth in my mouth and was instantly transported back to the airfield where we first explored each other so nervously.

Over the years our love-making had developed and improved of course and we knew exactly what each other liked and could make it last just as long as we wanted. But just now it was as if we were in a time-warp and we both raced into an adolescent frenzy, our orgasms arriving with a rapidity and force which took us both by surprise. The memory of his 12-year old body in my arms and his stiff spike urgently thrusting in and out of my mouth was simply too much and I shot my bolt with an energy I’d not experienced for a long time. This was closely followed by Gareth shaking and trembling as he followed through, the sensation I felt as he ejaculated into my throat being exactly the same as I remembered, only the quantity differing as I soon found out!

“Shit!” he whispered as he rolled away. “That was something else!”

We looked at each other, giggled madly and kissed deeply, that single show of affection giving thanks to whatever powers that be for giving us so many years of love.

“So,” he asked as we drove back down the mountainside towards Delphi. “We gonna move here or what?”

“I think we should. I like it here – peaceful and quiet. Could be good. What do you think?

“I think it’s brilliant. All those statues and things, the mountains and, well, just about everything. It’s OK.”

It was really as simple as that. In the short drive from Parnassus to the town, we’d decided to up roots and move home.

Dave was pleased that I’d agreed to the move and set the wheels in motion to fix it, the date of transfer being arranged for a month’s time.

There was a great deal of sadness on all sides as Gareth and me said our goodbyes to all the friends we’d made over the years we’d been in Egypt, not the least being Pete and his dad. Pete stayed over for a couple of nights to say his more personal goodbyes to Gareth and me, and we parted with a promise that we would get together again just as soon as we could, after all Athens is only a couple of hours away.

And so it was with a mixture of emotions that Gareth and I climbed up the steps of the ‘plane that would take us to our new life: one which if it was only half as good as it had been so far would still be perfect just as long as we were together.


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