Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Part Three : Gareth & Phil The Move To Cairo

Chapter 14

If I thought I’d given Gareth a shock when I told him that we were to leave Dover, I had an even bigger one given to me a couple of weeks later when I got to work one morning. Gareth and I had spent the week-end camping near Exeter, trying to find somewhere to live. We’d come up with a couple of places that were worth a second look, and had more or less agreed to go down again the following week-end, stay in a hotel this time and check them out.

On Monday, I was called into the boss’s office. There was a cup of coffee waiting for me on his desk, which told me firstly that I wasn’t in trouble, and secondly that whatever he had to tell me was important. He wasn’t the sort of man to beat about the bush very much and started off by telling me that he had had second thoughts about the job in Exeter. My heart sank at this disastrous news, not least because I knew how badly Gareth would take it, but before I could say anything, he hurried on.

“There’s a vacancy arisen in our office in Cairo. That’s Cairo, Egypt,” he smiled. “The guy who was the Deputy Manager there has left, and I need a replacement urgently and I’d like you to go out there.” He went on to explain that I could still have the job in Exeter if I wanted, that offer hadn’t been withdrawn, but he thought I would like to see a bit of the world. When I reminded him of Gareth, he nodded and said that he’d forgotten about him, but that shouldn’t be a problem as the company owned a flat and I was welcome to use it, with or without family, he grinned.

The only immediate difficulty was that he needed an answer as soon as possible, preferably today. After giving the matter some thought, I told him that I would like the job very much, but I had to check it out with Gareth first. Having agreed that I could take the rest of the day off to see him and explain things, I sent a text message, asking him to meet me at the school gates at lunch-time. And, remembering how upset he was the last time I gave him a surprise, sent a second one telling him that it was good news and not bad!

When I collected him, he was firstly curious and secondly, despite my second text, worried. I sat him in the car and pulled away from the school.

“I’ve been offered another job,” I started. “But this one is a bit further away than Exeter.”

“Where?” he asked, “And with the same firm?”

“Yes, the same company and the job is in Egypt. Cairo. They want me to go out there as Deputy

Manager, as soon as possible.”

He thought about it for a moment; I could see he was unsettled and had something on his mind. He sat, biting his lower lip and staring out of the window. It suddenly hit me what was worrying him. I was being stupid again, I’d missed out the most important bit. “You’ll be coming with me, of course. If you want to that is. If you don’t want to go, the other job is still there.”

He visibly relaxed and turned to look at me. I think he was about to say something, but changed his mind and instead asked me what I wanted to do.

“I’d like for us both to go to Egypt, I think it’ll be good fun. But if you don’t want to, then we’ll stay here.”

He gave me one of his special smiles and unclenched his hands. “Can we go? It’ll be fantastic, much better than Exeter anytime.”

“But you’ve never lived in Exeter,” I said, grinning.

“I’ve never lived in Cairo either, but it’s gotta be better than Exeter, hasn’t it!”

I couldn’t argue with that, so I turned the car round and headed back towards school.

“Aww, come on, you aren’t going to make me go back to school now are you?” he said.

He had a point. I know that I’d have difficulty settling down to do any work under these circumstances, especially if I was Gareth’s age. I pulled a face at him, and agreed that we could give school a miss for once. Instead we went back to my office where I introduced Gareth to the people that worked there before going in to see the boss. He and Gareth had met once or twice before, usually at company social functions, but they’d never actually spoken very much. I was impressed by the way Gareth carried himself, given that the meeting was so unexpected. We chatted for a while before I confirmed that I would take the post up if it was still on offer, provided that the accommodation was taken care of, and Gareth could accompany me. This was quickly agreed to, and to sort of celebrate I took the rest of the afternoon off to go out with Gareth.

I don’t think the reality of the rapid change in circumstances really hit us until we walked out of the office onto the street when Gareth and I looked at each other in disbelief.

“Did we just agree to go to live in Egypt?” I said, looking at him.

“Err, yes I think we did.” he grinned.

We laughed almost insanely at each other and headed off into town to get something to eat.

Still feeling excited, we got home later that afternoon, still fired up. Just as soon as we were indoors, Gareth leapt into my arms and kissed me on the lips, gently at first but as his passions rose, more firmly.

“Come on,” he said, “Let’s go to bed!” And as if in confirmation, dragged me towards my/our

bedroom, struggling to unfasten his shirt with one hand as he did so.

“Hey, what’s the hurry?” I gasped, trying to keep up with him. “It’s not four o’clock yet!”

“I wanna talk and I like talking to you in bed,” he giggled, as happy as I’d ever seen him. “Come on.”

Within a couple of minutes we were in my cold, unmade bed. Shivering, we wrapped ourselves round each other for warmth (honestly!) and hugged one another. Once we’d warmed up a little Gareth turned to me and said that he was looking forward to the move, even though it would mean leaving his friends behind, Jake especially.

“What about Milton Keynes?” I said carefully, “You going to tell them?”

“Dunno. I suppose I aught to.” He thought for a moment and added, “When are we going to move?”

“I don’t really know. I think they’re in a bit of a hurry to get someone out there, but it’ll take a couple of weeks at least, if not a month.”

“In that case, I’ll write and tell them just before we go. That way, they won’t be able to make me go up and see them. And if they come down here, it’ll only be for a day at the most.”

I didn’t appreciate that Gareth still harboured some serious grudges against his family. I’d assumed that with passing of time they’d lessened in their intensity, but they hadn’t: he still wasn’t going to meet them unless it was absolutely necessary. I gave him a squeeze and said it was his choice, and I’d support him whatever he decided to do.

“To hell with that,” he grinned, changing the subject and playfully digging his knee into my testicles. “Come on, let’s have some fun. I feel randy!”

We kissed and cuddled for seeming ages until we were interrupted by Gareth’s mobile phone beeping.

“Text message,” he whispered between kisses, “I’ll get it later. My hands are full.”

He was right too, one hand was holding my erection in place, the other stroking my hair. Whilst he was doing this, I had worked a finger into his ever-ready butt and was fondling his balls at the same time. The last thing we wanted was to be disturbed just now, and the ‘phone was duly ignored. We’d just got down to serious business again when we had another interruption. This time it was the front door and not the ‘phone.

“Who the fuck’s that?” Gareth said, exasperated. He rolled out of bed, glanced at the ‘phone and added non-committally, “It’s Jake.” Slipping on my dressing gown, he half-smiled at me and went to open the door. Not having a great deal of choice, I put my trousers on and went to join Gareth in the living room.

“Sorry!” Jake grinned, “Caught you at a bad time have I?”

“Piss off!” Gareth grinned, “We were just resting, OK?”

“Yeah. Well, whatever.” Jake answered, still smiling. “Anyway, I only came round to see why you weren’t at school this afternoon, but I think I can guess the answer to that.”

Gareth and I looked at each other, neither of us quite knowing what to say next. I shook my head very slightly at Gareth, hoping he would get the message. Thankfully, he picked my signal up and turning to Jake said, “We had to do some shopping and stuff.”

Jake didn’t believe us for a minute, but didn’t seem to mind. “Good, I thought you were sick or

something, but as long as you’re OK, that’s fine.”

He made no attempt to move, in fact if the bulge in his trousers was anything to go by, he couldn’t move anyway. There was the slightest of awkward pauses before Gareth jumped up and said he was going to get us all a drink. Two minutes later he was back with three cans of Coke, and his erection making itself obvious through the dressing gown. It looked as if both of the teenagers had already made their plans for the rest of the afternoon.

“Wanna join us and get comfortable?” Gareth suggested to Jake, almost leering at him. “It looks as if you have a problem!”

Jake had the grace to blush slightly as he glanced at his groin area, and my own dick began to harden at the unexpected turn of events. We hadn’t had sex as a three-some for ages, and suddenly it seemed a good idea. I hoped Jake would stay for a while.

Without giving him a chance to reply, Gareth put down his drink and moved over to Jake and put his hand over his groin. “Come, on,” he whispered, “Let’s do it.”

Jake stood up and let Gareth loosen his trousers and slip his hand inside. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before Jake started to unfasten his shirt. I watched, fascinated as they went through what looked like a well-practised ritual, neither hurried nor slow, just a part of their mutual delight in each other. Once standing in just his underwear, Jake put his hands on Gareth’s shoulders and hugged him, their groins meeting and grinding together erotically. It was too much for me to bear; I was in imminent danger of coming in my pants if I stared much longer and I stood up, adjusting my cock as I did so.

“I’ll leave you two alone if you like, I’m going to my room.” I was almost sure they would follow me. Almost, but not absolutely.

I wandered about the room for a few minutes while Gareth and Jake chatted in the other room, but before long I heard them coming along the corridor. When they entered the room, they looked at me and smiled. For some reason, it struck me then that Gareth and I were to leave all this behind in the not too distant future, which would mean us both having to re-build our lives in many ways, not only in terms of our home, but also friends and in a strange country as well. I wondered if I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Gareth and I were good friends and enjoyed each other’s company, but could we survive living together almost 24-hours a day, with no one else we knew and in a country where we didn’t even speak the language? It was in this pensive mood that I climbed into bed with the two boys, worried more for Gareth than for me. He’d had one major upheaval in his recent past, and I wondered how he’d cope with another, even bigger one.

I wasn’t allowed to be maudlin for long. The lads were in an excitable mood, Gareth because of his news, and Jake because of the unexpected but welcome sexual delights he was about to indulge in.

It only took them a couple of minutes to cheer me up, I felt Gareth’s cool, comfortable hand wrap itself round my flaccid cock and give it a welcoming squeeze. His other hand, I noticed was similarly holding Jake’s already hard dick. Gareth looked like the cat that’d got the cream and gave us both a wicked smile, knowing he’d got us both just where he wanted. My prick rapidly hardened as I turned over to face him.

“Happy?” I whispered.

“Oh, yeah.” he sighed, “Couldn’t be better.”

Jake put an arm over Gareth’s chest and tweaked his nipples playfully.

Gareth, being settled between Jake and I, couldn’t decide what to do first. I knew that earlier he’d wanted me to fuck him, I could tell he was in that sort of mood before we’d even come to bed in the first place, but now Jake was here, things had had to change. Not that we objected too much in fact, both Gareth and I knew we’d got all night to ourselves, and a little diversion as a starter wouldn’t go amiss.

One thing I’d noticed about Jake was that he’d got more attractive in the months I’d known him, not the least of his assets being his almost fully mature dick. It was still almost an inch longer than Gareth’s, and sprouted from a gorgeous mass of ginger hair which made it irresistible. Pushing Gareth’s hand out of the way, I leaned over and lowered my mouth down towards Jake’s leaking dick, which was just begging for some attention.

I felt Jake re-position himself and knew precisely what he was doing as I heard a gasp from Gareth which could only mean that he had his dick being sucked by his best friend. There was a throb from Jake’s cock as he engulfed Gareth, showing just how much he was enjoying it; I decided to make it even better for him as I eased a finger into his butt and searched for the magic spot. He mewled as I touched it, thrusting his hips closer to my face as he voraciously swallowed Gareth.

Gareth was pushing his dick as far down Jake’s throat as he could; he was feeling randy before Jake appeared, and now the three of us were in bed together, he was ecstatic and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. I wanted all three of us to stay here as long as we could, I hadn’t had any fun with Jake for ages, and I’d missed him. He enjoyed our sex games enormously and was almost always ready for fun, but he was different to Gareth. Jake liked to cuddle and caress for a while, but he hadn’t quite learned that foreplay and simply enjoying each other’s bodies could be almost as satisfying as the orgasm itself – it was almost a race to see how quickly he could cum. After he’d climaxed though, he liked being hugged and even kissed once in a while as he recovered. He once told me that in some ways that was the best part for him, feeling satisfied and comfortable at the same time.

It was the same now as I sensed his cock swell slightly as I sucked hard on his red-hot cock, using two of my fingers to bring him to climax. I was having some difficulty in keeping pace with the volume of pre-cum he was spewing out; he could make more of it than anyone else I’d ever known – not that I objected too much! I heard a guttural moan from him as he forced that little bit more into my mouth and his dick hardened up. This was immediately followed by a volley of hot, sweet, cum rocketing down my throat, each one urged on by a loud moan. With one final twist I pushed hard against his prostate, eliciting one more spasm and moan before he pulled back, letting his rapidly softening cock slip out of my mouth. Gareth, sensing that Jake had orgasmed, allowed himself to climax, and eyes glazed, mouth wide open, he shot his own contribution into Jake’s waiting mouth, his whole six inches reaching deep into his throat.

We lay there for a good half hour chatting about odds and ends, still enjoying the company of each other and the feel of naked flesh, erections being played with and balls being fondled. Eventually though Jake pulled himself together and reminded us that he was already late home, and should hurry back before he got into trouble. Sliding out of the bed, he grinned at us both as he pulled his underpants up, struggling to fit his boner in them. Once fully clothed, he grinned as he told us to stay where we were as we looked so comfortable. “I’ll see myself out, don’t worry,” he said, “See you tomorrow Gareth?”

“Yeah, probably. If I’m not there though, come round after school if you want.”

“OK. Oh, by the way, I’d forgotten. There’s a party at Anne’s tomorrow, birthday or something.

Wanna go?”Jake said.

“Yeah, if you like. If I’m not at school tomorrow, will you tell her?”

With this little piece of business concluded, Jake shot off home, leaving Gareth and I laying in bed. Despite his advancing years (!) Gareth loved nothing better than to cuddle up close and rest his lovely head on my chest, just as he did so many years ago when we first got together. We lay and watched the TV together for a while, in perfect peace. I twisted his hair between my fingers as he semi-dozed, his leg stretched over mine, his cock nestled against my thigh. These were our best times together and as far as the rest of the world went, it could go hang.

“I wish your friends could see you now,” I smiled happily, teasing him. “They wouldn’t believe it.”

Her twisted his head round and grinned at me, showing his remarkably innocent and child-like side which endeared him to me.

“They’d be sick as parrots with jealousy,” he said seriously. “I think most of the boys I know would like being held and cuddled like this if they admitted it, but wouldn’t dare say so for a million pounds. I think we’re lucky, you and me. Even Jake is jealous of us you know. Not just the sex bit, although he likes that as well, it’s just that he never gets any TLC at home these days.”

“Well, you never did, …..” I stopped suddenly, realising that I was going down a road which would be far better ignored. “Sorry!” I whispered.

“Don’t matter. That’s all in the past now, like a bad memory. The odd thing is that I almost wish mum and dad knew about us because it’s a great feeling knowing they can do fuck all about it!”

I kissed him on the forehead and gave him a squeeze. “I love you, you know.”

He wriggled up the bed a little and kissed me on the lips, softly to begin with, but more firmly as I responded. Breaking off, he looked me in the eyes and whispered, “I love you too. I don’t know what I’d’ve done without you. Honestly.”

We kissed deeply, wrapping our arms round each other and clinging together tightly. It was these sort of wordless conversations that I derived most pleasure from, as did Gareth I think. There are few things that give as much real honest-to-goodness pleasure as resting in the arms of someone you love, knowing that your love is returned. Pure hedonism I know, but what the hell!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and mine did when I couldn’t ignore the insistent call of my bladder. Sighing, I eased Gareth off my chest and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

“Gotta go piss,” I mouthed at him. “Sorry!”

“Bollocks!” he replied quietly, ” I was almost asleep.”

I was just finishing off in the bathroom when I heard him come in behind me. He kissed me on my shoulder and said, “I’m gonna take a shower now I’m awake. Want one?”

We were both a bit sticky and odorous I suppose since our romp with Jake and it seemed like a good idea. We wriggled our way into the cubicle and luxuriated under the warm water for a few minutes before soaping ourselves and washing the day’s grime off each other tenderly.

“Wash my hair for me?” Gareth smirked. This was one of the euphemisms we’d come to use when one or other of us was feeling horny, and I wasn’t in the least surprised to hear it, after all we still had some unfinished business to take care of.

I poured a generous helping of shampoo onto his head and worked up a mass of lather for him. I

leaned back on the tiled wall and braced my feet in the shower tray. Turning my princeling round so his back was to me, I pulled him to me so his shoulders were resting on my chest. I massaged his head, enjoying the amazingly erotic sensation just as much as Gareth. Having made sure he was as clean as he possibly could be, I was just about to get him to rinse off when, without moving, he said, “You haven’t done all my hair.”

I squirted a small drop of shampoo onto my hands and dropped them down to his groin. I wasn’t in the least surprised to find him already as stiff as a board, his boner standing out waiting for me to take care of it. It was as much as I could do to stop myself from masturbating him there and then, my own hugely erect cock snuggled in between his thighs. I gave him a couple of tentative strokes to see if he wanted me to finish him off now.

“Wait,” he said, “Let’s dry off and go back to bed.”

He rinsed us both off, kissing me urgently. Out of the shower, we dried ourselves more or less

completely, but Gareth was in a hurry. Grabbing me by the wrist he dragged me back to the bedroom and into bed. Instantly he lay full length on top of me and placed his lips to me, his tongue desperately searching for mine. I could feel his already throbbing cock against my stomach, pressing hot and hard against me. I embraced him tightly and returned his kisses just as fervently, my fingers searching out his butt hole as I did so. Once inside, he moaned loudly and passionately, holding me even tighter in his arms. The signs of course I recognised instantly: he was no longer in complete control of himself – a wonderful mixture of sheer lust and desperate desire had taken over.

“Do it. Do it. Now!” he pleaded, kneeling astride me as he spoke. With one hand on my chest, the other grabbed my copiously leaking cock and pushed it against my hand, forcing me to take my finger out. Instantly he sat back, my boner sinking instantly deep inside him.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” he moaned rapturously, “That’s better!” He opened his eyes wide and looked at me unblinking. Gently I pushed my hips up and pressed against him, willing every centimetre of my cock to enter him. In response, he pushed down, holding my wrists firmly as he did so. Once we’d got a smooth rhythm going, he moved my hands up his chest and pressed them against his solidly erect nipples. I rubbed them between my fingers, feeling his whole body shiver with delight as he immersed himself totally in his passion. The effort of thrusting my hips up and down against his weight soon exhausted me and I gave up, allowing Gareth to work at his own pace. I stared into his face, his eyes now closed and his bottom lip gripped firmly between his teeth. Up and down he bounced, completely oblivious to the lustful noises he was making. There was no way could he last long like this, his headlong rush towards orgasm as unstoppable as an express train. His anal muscle was spasming viciously against my cock, masturbating me far better than a hand ever could. My balls tightened up against my crotch, just at the same time as his did. I braced myself for the inevitable. With a last, desperate thrust, he forced himself down as hard as he could, my cock spewing out spunk almost angrily in solid, high pressure spurts. In something of a daze, I watched as Gareth’s bright red cock tightened and suddenly ejected a solid stream of boiling hot jism, shooting way over my head and landing on the wall above me. Gareth let out a strangled scream and his whole body locked up in spasm, shaking and shuddering uncontrollably from top to toe. Used to them as I was, this was spectacular by any standard. The grip on my wrists was ferocious, painful in fact, and I stared at him as even his eyes rolled into his head, only the whites showing. For a full two or three minutes he sat there, unmoving, beads of sweat forming on his brow. Then, just as suddenly as it started, he came to, falling forward onto my chest, breathing deeply. Knowing better than to try and talk to him just yet, I covered us over with the sheet and held him, his head on my shoulder, waiting for him to come back.

He woke me from my catnap a few minutes later with a kiss on my neck.

“I did it again, didn’t I?” he said, his tiredness evident in his voice. “And hard.”

“Yep,” I agreed, “And you scared the shit out of me again!” I rubbed his hair and grinned.

“Sorry!” he said, unsmiling. “But it was good though. Really good.”

“Yeah, I could tell.”

We’d long since got over any embarrassment caused by his fantastic ‘specials’, but I was still scared by them, fearing that one day he’d never come down from one of his fits. The only thing that stopped me from allowing him to go that far was the fact that I knew he enjoyed them in a weird sort of way; in his view the better the fit, the better the sex – and who was I to argue?

“You’ll get us thrown out of here, just like the hotel, one of these days,” I grinned, “Either that or the Police will arrive, thinking I’ve tried to murder you or something.”

“Bollocks!” he grinned back, “I couldn’t care less.”

It was still fairly early I noticed, not even nine o’clock yet, nowhere near time for bed. We lay

together, not speaking for a few minutes before I said, “Want to go out to get something to eat?” I was hungry, I realised, not having had the time to eat since we’d got home.

He thought this was a good idea, and after taking a hurried shower, we dressed and walked into town. Neither of us wanted a full restaurant-type meal so we hit the nearest decent pub and had some French fries and scampi. A couple of glasses of beer to wash it down with, and we were satisfied.

In view of the closeness of our move to Egypt and the urgency to get things moving I suggested that Gareth skip another day from school and do a little research for us. All of the travel arrangements my firm would organise of course, but we’d need things like work permits, visas and a whole raft of inoculations. This was Gareth’s job for the day, one which he took to with relish of course. He was going to a party that evening and so wouldn’t want to eat just before he went, so we met for a light lunch, a quick chat and then went our own ways.

It was almost midnight when he came back. I’d gone to bed fairly early that night. Apart from the fact that I was feeling tired, I had a good book to read and wanted to try and finish it. I heard the flat door open and Gareth come in. Yawning, he came into my room and sat on the edge of the bed to get undressed. I’d long since stopped trying to make him sleep in his own room every night – he used it on odd occasions when he felt unwell, or wanted a bit of peace and quiet, but mostly he slept with me. We’d got so accustomed to it that we even had ‘our own’ sides of the bed. Leaving just his pants on, he went to have a wash and clean his teeth before coming back and removing his pants, climbed into bed.

Cuddling up to me, he picked his own book up and started to read. He’d hardly said a word since he came in, which I put down to him being tired. I turned to him, kissed him on the forehead and asked if he’d had a good time. As I did so, I thought I could smell something on him; at first I thought it was probably aftershave or deodorant, but it seemed more feminine than that somehow.

“What’s that?” I grinned, “perfume?”

“Yeah.” he said quietly, not looking at me.

It took me five minutes to realise that although he was looking at his book, he wasn’t reading it, not a single page had been turned since he opened it. Something wasn’t right. I put my book down and turned on my side to look at him.

“What’s wrong?” I said, putting an arm under him.

Moving up closer to me, he rested his head on my chest and started to talk quietly. Apparently the party had been a small one, with just a few close friends. During the evening they’d paired off, leaving Gareth and Anne together.

“We were kissing and cuddling in the living room,” Gareth said, “And she was sort of feeling me all over with her hand under my shirt. I was doing the same to her and had my hands, well, you know, up here.”

He pressed on my chest to show me what he meant.

“Then I felt her push her hand inside my jeans and onto my prick. It was really good, and I got hard. I thought that she wouldn’t mind if I did it to her, so I went inside her knickers and had a feel.”

He paused for a moment, thinking.

“Anyway, after a couple of minutes she took me to her bedroom and we got undressed and into bed.”

I felt my cock harden as he described things to me, picturing them together. She was quite a good-looking girl I recalled, and was even slightly envious of him.

“Lucky boy!” I whispered.

“No I wasn’t,” he said softly. “When we tried to do it, I just couldn’t make myself cum. I tried and

tried, but it wouldn’t even stay properly hard.”

He was on the edge of tears now, as upset as I’d ever seen him.

“Never mind,” I said, “These things happen sometimes. Don’t worry about it. What happened next?”

“We tried for ages, and the only way I could keep it hard was by thinking of you and me doing it. Then it got hard and I managed to cum.”

I breathed deeply, understanding now what was worrying him. I kissed him again on the top of his head and held him tightly. He put his leg over mine and wriggled so that he was laying half on top of me, his soft dick laying against mine.

“So? What do you think?” I said, carefully. “Perhaps it happened because you’d already cum today and couldn’t manage it again. And remember you had a ‘special’ yesterday as well!”

“No, it isn’t that. When I couldn’t manage it, I tried to think of some sexy things to make it happen, and the first thing that came into my mind was you and me. Phil, I’ve found out that I like doing it with you and Jake, but girls don’t do anything for me.”

There was a pause as we gathered our thoughts. I felt desperately sorry for him, I’d gone through exactly the same sort of thing as him. Admittedly, I was a year or two older, but nevertheless it came as one hell of a shock to realise which sex I preferred. I told him my story, which in many respects was just like his, except that it took me two years of trying to have ‘normal’ sex before I really accepted what I was.

“You know, it won’t always be like that, Gareth.” I said. “You’ll find that you can have sex with a girl. All it takes is the right time and place and things will just happen, you’ll see. In the meantime, you’re lucky you know.”

“Lucky? How?”

“Well, we’re both the same I think. I like having sex with you more than anyone else in the world, and it’s always good. We’ve both had fun with other people, of both sorts!” I smiled. “But I know I like it better with males. It’s too early for you to be certain about what you prefer, but I’ve a damn good idea what it will be, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s just that I feel so bad about it.”

“Why bad?” I knew exactly of course, but having gone this far with the conversation, I thought I’d try and help him sort himself out.

“Dunno really. It’s just because most boys would die rather than be gay, and they can do it with girls anytime.”

“Yeah, You’re right. But we aren’t like that are we? I don’t think there’s fuck all we can do about the way we are, and we’ve got to learn to live with it. In any case, is it really important at the end of the day? Surely it’s better to understand what sort of person you are and live round that?”

This was a new thought to him. I’d long since made my mind up that my orientation was my own affair, I’d had sex with girls before, and would probably do so again some time or other, but it wasn’t of supreme importance. Just now, Gareth was all I wanted and needed, just as it was with him and me.

“Yeah you’re probably right. I never think about girls the way I think about boys.”

It was time to end the conversation I thought, he’d got enough to think about for the time being. There was just one more thing though.

“Look at me,” I whispered, putting a finger under his chin and lifting his head up. “What did you do as soon as you came in tonight?”

He thought for a moment, a puzzled expression on his face.

“Nothing. Had a wash and came to bed. Why?”

“Think. Which bed? And how were you dressed?”

Slowly the light dawned. “Oh yeah.”

“You could have gone to your own room and slept there. You could have got into bed with me, but with your pants or something on. You could have kept to your own side of the bed and ignored me. But …..Doesn’t that say something?”

“Right.” he smiled slightly, “And there’s the other thing as well.”

Now he had me puzzled. “What other thing?”

“You know, about doing ‘it’ with anyone else.”

“Oh, that. Yes. Well, that was our choice wasn’t it? Not that I don’t think we’re right of course.”

He was feeling better now, I could sense his dick hardening against my thigh.

“No trouble getting it hard now, is there?” I laughed, grabbing his tool and squeezing it hard.

“Only because you’re a dirty old man!” he laughed back. Leaning into me, he kissed me on the lips firmly, his tongue working its way into my mouth.

“I love you,” he whispered. “More than anyone else in the world.”

We were in danger of becoming mournful again, so I kissed him back and simply said, “Bollocks! It’s just the sex you love. Not me.”

That got me another kiss and a painful squeeze of my balls. “Piss off!” he grinned.

We slept well that night, mainly because Gareth was tired emotionally as well as physically and I because I’d had a long day at work: I fell asleep with Gareth, Egypt and lists of things to be done spinning round in my mind.

The next two weeks flew by; we had a lot to do in a short a space of time, but somehow we managed to get things organised. Most of the things we’d bought like the TV, HiFi system and so on we put into storage, other stuff like the furniture we sold to the landlady or her friends. As a result, we had an empty, depressing flat for a few days until I got pissed off with it and moved us into a motel. One last thing we did, at Gareth’s instigation, was to write our names on the wall behind a picture: “Gareth and Phil lived here” we wrote. Let the next occupier make of that what they will. Whoever it was, we wished them as good a life as we’d had there.

Our first night in the motel was fun; apart from it being nice not having to do any cooking or cleaning, it was comfortable and warm after our couple of days camping out in the flat.

“There’s only one thing,” I said as we lay on the twin beds watching TV. “We’ll have to be quiet in bed. These walls are paper-thin.”

“Who says we’re going to make any noise?” Gareth said sleepily. “I’ve decided to start a new life as of now. New house, new country, new me. Which means no sex.”

I turned to look at him, smiling. “Good. It’ll give me a break, I was getting tired of pretending I liked it anyway. From now on, you’re on your own!”

To prove his point, Gareth slid off the bed and standing in front of the television, started to get

undressed. Deliberately he sort of danced around, taking one piece of clothing off after another, all the while staring at me out of the corner of his eye making sure I was watching. Eventually he was stark naked, his beautiful body exposed completely. I couldn’t take my eyes off him: he was perfect. Mentally I compared him with the young boy I’d first met a life-time ago, nervous, frightened and abused. Now he was fitter, healthier and happier. What was a thin, almost waif-like boy with an angelic body, from the top of his scruffy hair, past his hairless groin down to the tip of his toes had now grown into a handsome young man, well muscled and even better looking than ever if that were possible. His almost six inch penis nestled in a bush of rapidly growing curly hair, his dick and balls in perfect proportion to his body. I felt tears of love starting to flow as I gazed at him.

“What’s wrong?” he frowned, his mood changing instantaneously. He ran across the room and sat on the bed beside me, his hands holding mine.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” I said, putting an arm round his shoulders. “I was just thinking how much you’ve changed, how good-looking you are, and how lucky I am.”

He blushed when he heard this and moved to sit on my lap, but said nothing.

“It’ll be alright, living in Cairo, won’t it?” he said quietly. “I mean for you and me.”

“Yes, of course. It’ll be great fun. Summer all year round, pyramids, camels, sand, and …..”

“Dickhead! I mean everything will work out, won’t it?” he said, still serious. “It’s a bit scary. Not like going on holiday is it?”

“I’m sure it will be fine, don’t worry, everything will be OK.”

I went on to tell him that I’d done a bit of exploring on the Internet at work, and that I’d found out there were at least two places he could go to continue his education if he wanted. There was a British Council School and there was an American University, both of which offered academic as well as vocational courses. It was also possible that I might be able to unofficially employ Gareth at work. One of the things on my mind was that he would need occupying for most of the time when I was at work.

We chatted about all sorts of odds and ends until well after midnight, mainly about Egypt and what we thought it would be like. Time wasn’t a problem as I’d taken a couple of days off to finalise things, one of which was a trip to London to collect our visas and other paperwork. Gareth and I were going there sometime the next day, but as there was no rush we relaxed.

“I’m hungry,” Gareth said. A glance at the clock showed it was a few minutes before 1 am, much to my surprise. A quick call to Reception confirmed that there was no food available in the motel, but there was a 24-hour cafe not too far away. I waited as Gareth threw some clothes on and made himself decent. Ten minutes later we pulled up at the so-called cafe, which turned out to be no more than a converted lorry, customers eating in their vehicles. Grabbing a hot drink and a burger each, we sat in the car watching the lorries speed past on the main road. Once we’d finished eating, Gareth turned round in his seat, curled up and put his head in my lap. Playfully he stuck his thumb in his mouth and grinned at me. We were instantly back in time.

“Remember when we went camping?” he said.

I did, and closed my eyes thinking about it. They were good, happy times. I opened my eyes as I felt Gareth move: I should have known what he was doing. He’d pushed his hand down his trousers, cupping his cock and balls just like he used to, a sure sign he was content.

“OK, son?” I only called him ‘son’ when he was in this sort of mood, it seemed to fit in with his

temperament and he never objected so I assumed he didn’t mind.

“Mmmmm, OK, thanks.” He wriggled his head around, trying once again to stimulate my hitherto flaccid organ into life. It obliged.

“I thought you’d given sex up?” I said, stroking his hair.

Removing his thumb for a second, he just said, “Tomorrow,” and stuck it back.

Reluctantly after a few minutes I started the engine and headed back to our motel. Apart from anything else, the cafe was surprisingly busy considering the time and I didn’t fancy the idea of being seen with a 15-year old lad in my car at this time of night, not that we were doing anything wrong of course, it is just that I didn’t need any sort of aggravation just now.

Once back in our room, we got undressed and after grabbing a quick wash got into our beds and soon settled down to sleep, not waking until well after nine o’clock the following day. After a good breakfast we caught the midday train to London, spent the afternoon collecting a pile of paperwork including travel documents, tickets, visas and the like. An hour or two shopping followed, and by early evening were on the train home. Getting the airline tickets seemed like the final bridge had been crossed: despite all the time and effort spent on arranging things, leaving the flat and so on, having now got the tickets in our hands, the reality of the situation hit us. We were actually flying out in two days time. There was only one thing left to do; well, two really. Firstly, Gareth had to tell his parents that we were leaving England, and secondly, he wanted to say goodbye to Jake.

The latter was no real problem. Jake knew we were leaving Dover, but thought we were going to

Exeter still, we hadn’t mentioned Egypt at all. The more difficult problem was his parents. After a long discussion, we decided that we’d tell them we were going on holiday for a couple of weeks, and once there we could write and tell them that we’d found work and decided to stay on. That way, neither Gareth nor his parents would feel obliged to meet face to face and say their goodbyes. That was something even now Gareth wasn’t prepared to do, and I’m almost certain that had they known of our real plans, his parents would be happier just letting us go without the need to meet up.

It was the afternoon of the day before we were due to leave that Gareth and Jake got together. We’d met him in the town and had a good meal together as a sort of official goodbye thing, I’d then left Gareth and Jake together in our motel room on the pretext that I had something in town to attend to. It was going to be very hard for Gareth to leave Jake; he was the only true friend he’d made since leaving home and they’d shared a lot together. It was one thing when we were planning to move to Exeter, there was a possibility, however remote, that they could still meet up once in a while, but now there was next to no chance they would ever meet again, at least in the foreseeable future.

What was said, and what happened during those two hours they were together, I never really found out, and never asked. All I know is that when I did get back, they were just getting dressed and the bed had obviously been used, both were very quiet and withdrawn. Things brightened up a little when Jake came up with the idea that they could still keep in touch through the internet, something which hadn’t occurred to me. That cheered them up, and with the remarkable ability teenagers have of changing moods instantly, they were in a far better temperament when I dropped Jake off at home later.

Tonight was to be our last night in England, our flight was due to leave at eight am tomorrow morning, which means checking in at six, which means leaving Dover at four. It was going to be a long day. Neither of us minded the early start so much, I doubt if we could’ve slept much anyway – what was at the back of my mind was the ten or more hours we would be travelling before we arrived in Cairo.

I was thinking about this when Gareth and I were having a late meal in the motel restaurant; we’d

deliberately left it until the last minute and were the only ones still eating when it closed for the night. The waiter was making our lateness painfully obvious by hanging about our table, whisking the empty plates away almost before we’d finished eating. Normally I would have complained, but under the circumstances I thought better of it. Instead, Gareth and I, bowing to the incessant pressure finished the meal and went to our room.

Luckily there was a half-way decent horror film on the in-house video and it wasn’t long before we were laying on our beds waiting for it to start. Glancing at my watch, I decided there was just enough time to get a quick shower before it started. I stripped off completely, dropping my clothes where I stood. Gareth, I noticed was watching me as I undressed: there was nothing unusual in that, he’d seen me hundreds of times do the same thing and I wasn’t in the least embarrassed about it. In an odd sort of way, I actually enjoyed it, but don’t ask me why. Anyway, I hurried the shower through and wrapped a towel round me as I went back into the room. By this time Gareth had also got undressed and was laying on top of the bed, watching the TV and holding his soft cock in his hand. I grinned at him and lay on my bed, leaving the towel where it was.

As the film started, Gareth got up and turned the overhead lights off with the comment that it would be more fun watching it in the dark. Instead of going back to his own bed, he squeezed up tightly with me.

“That’s better!” he said as he wrapped himself round me, giving me a kiss on the cheek. It was a tight squeeze, the two of us on a motel-style single bed, but we managed. It helped when the towel was removed as for a while we cuddled together, chest to chest, with Gareth’s knee pressed gently against my balls. We kissed deeply and tenderly for ages, the film forgotten as we embraced each other passionately for the last time on English soil.

Gareth wriggled free of our hugging for a moment and lay on his back, inviting me to cover him. More than willing to oblige, I stretched out, laying our cocks side-by-side as I leaned in to resume our kissing. He was in a good mood, thoroughly enjoying himself and totally immersed in our love-making. It was wonderfully erotic, accepting and returning his passion – for a boy as young as he was, he could certainly arouse deep and powerful desires, and managed to do it somehow whilst still maintaining that indefinable aura of naivete and innocence.

Talking of innocence, that finger worming its way into my butt was anything but innocent! It slid in easily and was immediately joined by a second. I gasped as he found my prostate and pressed it gently, my cock giving an involuntary throb as he did so and leaking even more pre-cum. Slowly I started to slide my body up and down his, massaging our dicks between us, he moaned softly as I kissed him, wrapping his free arm round my neck and pulling me tight, our tongues fighting for space in warm, moist mouths.

I was being driven towards my orgasm as quickly as ever I was, and I’m sure that Gareth was even closer than me, given his passion. Forcing ourselves apart for a second, I kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “take it easy, remember where we are. Let’s slow down a bit.”

He pulled a comical face, stuck his tongue out and replied, “I don’t give a fuck!”

“Exactly!” I grinned, “but ease up anyway.”

“I’m OK, honestly. I’ve cum once today with Jake and I didn’t lose it then.”

I looked at him quizzically.

“Yeah. I let him fuck me. Hope you don’t mind, but I shan’t be seeing him again and I just sort of

thought he’d like it.”

Oddly enough, despite our agreement, I didn’t mind that much. I appreciated how much he liked Jake and how much he’d miss him, and under the circumstances I was glad they’d done it, for both their sakes.

“No, that’s OK, if that was what you both wanted. Was it OK?”

Shit! I shouldn’t have asked that, and regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth. It was nothing to do with me in a sense, and Gareth had every right to be pissed off with me.

“Sorry,” I said, “I shouldn’t have said that. Forget it.”

“S’OK,” he said, “It was good. At least eventually anyway!” He giggled as he remembered. “It took him ages to get it in, it kept bending or he’d miss my hole. I started laughing at him and he got really pissed off with me. Then he got it in and he was OK.”

“Good.” I said, simply, before kissing him again. By now I was really rampant, the image of Jake’s dick up Gareth was one I liked, having fucked them both. I wish I’d’ve been there.

“Can I, you know, do you?” he whispered.

Nodding my agreement we switched places, hardly breaking our kiss.

He lifted my legs up to his shoulders and shuffled himself closer, holding his pre-cum soaked cock with one hand. I felt him touch me and relaxed my sphincter as he eased himself in; without a pause he sank deep down inside, not stopping until his balls rested against mine. He sighed as he rested for a moment, savouring the moment.

“Wonderful!” he mouthed, and slowly he started to fuck me.

For once he managed to keep control of himself. Once or twice I felt him start to speed up, but he

restrained himself with an obvious effort, and slowed down. He concentrated on pulling his dick out just far enough to stimulate his cockhead, then pushing down slowly, enjoying every sensuous second of it: twice I was aware that he almost came, but succeeded in stopping himself. I was holding my own cock all this time, desperately trying to hold my own orgasm back for as long as I could.

It was only because I felt Gareth’s cock swell up slightly inside me that I knew he was about to shoot; he kept the same rhythmic pace up perfectly, the only outward sign being a biting of his lower lip and a contorted grimace on his face. I released my own prick and shot my spunk out with much-needed relief. Gareth shot volley after volley of his sperm inside me, each one being accompanied by a hard thrust and a stifled moan: no one would have guessed it was his second today!

I was watching him carefully for any signs of a fit, and when I saw him tense up, quickly pulled him down on to me and hugged him tightly, burying his head on my shoulder just in case. Thankfully, there was no need. He was still semi-comatose though, and breathing hard, but he was OK.

He nibbled on my ear playfully as he came round and tickled inside it making me laugh.

“Thanks. I needed that!” he whispered, taking hold of my now limp prick and massaging the last few drops of cum from it.

“Me too,” I answered. “That was awesome. And quiet,” I giggled.

“Yeah,” he sighed, “But knackering, I didn’t think I could do it.”

We cuddled up once more, Gareth resting his head on my chest as usual. I was just about to nod off when Gareth leaned up, pecked me on the lips and whispered sleepily, “That’s more fun than doing it with Anne. I didn’t have any bother keeping it hard this time!” Within seconds he was sleeping soundly.


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