Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 12

Most days Gareth got home about an hour before I did, but tonight he wasn’t there when I arrived. I was a bit concerned, although he’d been late once or twice before, I still worried until I knew where he was. Much to my relief he appeared, breathless about twenty minutes later. He said that after school he’d gone to Jake’s house to pick something up and forgot the time. I reminded him yet again to at least text me if he was going to be late. He accepted the reminder in his usual way, kissing me quickly on the cheek and promising once more never to do it again. There was something about him which led me to believe he was in a particularly good mood that evening, perhaps it was the way he was bouncing about helping me get tea ready or the smirk which never left his face. Something had excited him, but he wasn’t going to tell me yet. Once tea was finished, he sat on my lap, legs astride the chair and faced me. He hooked his hands behind my neck and looked at me, his big brown eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Well? Spill it. What’s got you so hyper?” I asked.

“Can Jake spend the night Friday?” he gasped.

“Tomorrow?” I questioned.

“Yeah. It is alright isn’t it? Say it is, pleeeeeease. You said he could.”

“Yes, of course it is. I’d love to have him.” The double entendre was deliberate and not missed by Gareth.

“Bet you would, but he’s not like that. Welllllllll, not yet anyway. And even then only after me, I saw him first!” he giggled. “I told his mum that you’d call her tonight to say it was OK.”

Without further ado, he picked up my phone, keyed in the number and handed it to me when it started to ring.

I spoke to Jake’s mother, confirmed that it would be alright, and chatted about other things for a minute or two before Gareth grabbed the phone from me and asked to talk to Jake. There was something surreal about Gareth chatting to his best mate, arranging a sleep-over with him, straddled in my lap with his boner staring me in the face.

“So. How’d that happen so quick?” I asked. “Yesterday you weren’t sure about anything.”

“When I got to school he was waiting for me in the playground and dragged me off to where it was quiet. I thought at first he was pissed off at me ‘cause he looked angry. Then he said he was worried that I hadn’t come to school in the morning and thought that you’d found out about what we’d been doing the night before and I’d been stopped from coming to school.”

He paused, having to take a deep breath because he was gabbling everything out in one go.

“Anyway,” he carried on, “ I said that wasn’t the reason. I told him I’d had a bad stomach and took the note you wrote from my pocket.”

I could guess what happened next and I felt a knot growing in my stomach. “And you got the wrong note,” I said flatly.

“Yeah. But I didn’t give it to him. At least not straight away,” he grinned. “Wait and let me finish.”

The knot loosened a little.

“I saw your one for me first, then gave him the other one, for school, to read. When he gave it back, he said why’s my name on the other one? I didn’t know what to do at first, but then I saw he was looking pissed off with me again, so I made him promise to keep it a secret and showed it to him.”

“And then?”

“He looked at me funny and I said that you’d caught me wanking – again!” he laughed. “And so you wrote the note for a joke.”

He’d calmed down a bit by now, but was still highly amused by the story.

“You didn’t say anything else, did you?”

“No. Not much anyway. I said that you were my brother and we sometimes messed around when we were smaller. He said that was OK ‘cause him and his little bro. have done some things as well.”

I heaved a sigh of relief, thanked God that Gareth had an agile brain, and relaxed. I satisfied myself by reminding him of the need to keep that side of our life a deep secret, not that I needed to in a sense because he was very aware of what would happen if we were ever found out.

Gareth busied himself tidying his room and making up the top bunk for the next half hour, eventually dragging me in there to check it out. He’d done a fair job of it too, all the clothes had been put away, the desk tidied and the posters straightened. The framed picture of him in his swimmers had been put back in its place on top of the bookcase. I congratulated him before saying that he could have the use of ‘our’ big bed if he preferred. It took him a full minute before he realised I was pulling his leg, but not before I noticed the swelling in his pants.

I got the usual reply. “Bastard!”

Half an hour later, I carried him to bed, his own, after he fell asleep in my lap. A happy smile on his face and his thumb in his mouth. I really aught to break him of that habit, sometime. It makes him look so childish and innocent.

I was disturbed early the following morning when a naked and cold young man slid in my warm, comfortable bed.

“Morning!” he said, far too cheerfully for 6.30 in the morning. “Coffee’s up.”

I struggled to get my brain in gear and sat up, bleary-eyed.

“Couldn’t sleep,” he chirped. “So I thought I’d give you breakfast in bed.”

I looked between him and the mug of coffee, still not fully conscious.

“No, not me, stupid, unless ………….” he smirked and kissed me lightly.

“Piss off!” I managed to say, kissing him back. “Twirly.”


“Too early!”

He giggled and cuddled up.

“It’s gonna be good tonight,” he sighed. “I like Jake. And not ‘cause of what you’re thinking!” he added. “I’ve never had anyone sleep over before.”

He said this without any rancour, without any emotion at all. Simply a flat statement of fact. I felt very sorry for him; to reach his teenage years and not have had sleep-overs with your mates once in a while seemed almost un-natural somehow. I determined to give him as good a night as possible.

“Wanna go bowling or anything?” I offered. This was a new thought for him, he’d assumed that they’d spend the evening in the house playing games or something.

He thought for a minute, then said, “No. Not tonight, thanks. But we can next time. Can we get a video?”

I agreed, and we nestled together drinking our coffee in silence, each with our own thoughts.

I had a text message lunch-time from Gareth. ‘Ice cream. Coke. Crisps.’

I replied, ‘What, no Jake then?’

His answer was ‘ :)’ which said everything.

Arriving home burdened with the provisions, I dumped them on the kitchen table and checked out his room. Tapping on the closed door, I waited until I heard Gareth say ‘come in.’ They were sat on the top bunk, scanning through car magazines, both still in their school clothes. I got a cheery grin from Gareth and a slightly quizzical one from Jake, head on one side. I guessed what he was thinking and let it go. Fishing out some cash from my wallet, I handed it to Gareth and suggested they went to get a video.

“Can I borrow your card?” he asked. “I can’t find mine.”

I knew this was a lie ‘cause I’d seen it in his school bag that morning. He couldn’t borrow the sort of film he wanted on a juvenile card. Grinning, I tossed it to him and said, “That’ll cost you!” I meant nothing by it, but the slight stare from Gareth and ‘the look’ from Jake said something else. Even I blushed when I realised what I’d implied and closed the door quickly.

They returned half an hour later with an X-rated shoot ‘em up SciFi movie, with, according to the picture on the jacket, lots of semi-naked women. I asked Jake the obligatory ‘won’t your parents mind?’ question, accepted the pre-ordained answer, and suggested they save it until later.

Both boys dashed off to their bedroom and re-appeared five minutes later in their now becoming usual in-house attire. Gareth had changed from the Y-fronts he wore to school today into his tight red briefs. Jake was wearing some blue patterned ones which, whilst not so tight, showed his package off nicely. He looked slightly embarrassed, but a look from Gareth dared me to make any comment. Manfully, I ignored them both and carried on as if there was nothing unusual going on. As they went to the kitchen to help themselves to food, I got a grateful wink and a mouthed ‘thanks’ from Gareth.

For the next couple of hours they played games, demolished the food, and disappeared into their room whilst I watched the news. When I shouted that they could watch their film if they wanted, they re-appeared as if by magic. Despite looking as closely as I dare, I couldn’t see any signs that any activity had taken place, not that I was bothered much anyway, I was just very interested.

Gareth took charge. He drew the curtains, switched off the overhead lights and put the cassette in the VCR. The room was in total darkness now except for the tv glow and a subdued light from the kitchen. Jake sat cross-legged on the floor watching the credits roll. Gareth, to my amazement plonked himself on my lap and cuddled up. He wrapped his arms round my neck, kissed me once on the cheek and settled down, sans thumb for once. Jake looked at him, smiled slightly and received a dazzling grin from Gareth in reply. I had the distinct impression that this blatant display of affection was as much for Jake’s benefit as mine, as if to say, ‘see it’s OK for us men to have a cuddle.’

Once the film proper started, I got a final peck from Gareth and he joined Jake on the floor.

The film had next-to-no plot, lots of big bangs and flashes, loads of scantily dressed nubile women and succeeded in attracting their undivided attention. I spent half the time enjoying watching them, and half the time suffering the film.

I could only see Jake properly from where I was sat, Gareth had his back to me. The film had got Jake excited as I watched the bulge in his pants get bigger, to be absent-mindedly fingered and adjusted once in a while. Gareth occasionally whispered in his ear, which resulted in a suppressed snigger and a lurch in the tented underwear. I even saw Gareth sneak his hand across and casually grab a feel of Jakes dick when he thought I wasn’t looking. Jake didn’t hurry to brush his hand away, he just took just a second or two longer to react than he should have done, and grinned at Gareth, flashing a glance in my direction to check I hadn’t noticed. I had a solid boner by now, and couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to: I was also aware of a wet patch spreading in my underpants. As the film ended, far too soon for my liking, it hit me suddenly that Gareth was to have company that night and I was condemned to a night’s celibacy. It was the first Friday night since we’d moved in that we weren’t to share a bed. Oh, well, such is life I sighed.

The two boys didn’t move, not even when the VCR clicked off. I soon realised why; they had exactly the same problem I had, except they were only wearing underpants. Jake’s hands were covering his now very prominent boner and I could just hear Gareth sniggering at their predicament. They both took side-long glances at me, silently wishing I would move. I did the only thing possible under the circumstances and stood up, turned my back to them before they noticed my erection, and wished them both a good night. Another favour he owes me I thought.

I got undressed slowly, fell into bed, and with a lonely sigh, picked up my book. In the background I heard the two boys shower, two pairs of feet scamper across the corridor and their bedroom door close. For a while I strained to hear any noises from the room which would give me a clue as to what, if anything, was going on. The only sound was the muffled beat from his CD player. I gave up after a while and tried, without success, to concentrate on reading. After going over the same paragraph for the third time, and still not knowing what I’d read, I gave up and turned the light out. My hand found my lonely cock and I gently stroked it, eyes closed with images of a naked Gareth and nude Jake flickering through my mind. I came massively, made a half-hearted attempt to clean the mess up and fell into a fitful sleep.

At half-past three I heard my door open and I turned to see who it was. Gareth, with his head poking round it, whispered, “You awake?”

I grunted a ‘yes’ and he slipped in, quietly closing the door behind him.

“Missed you, and I thought I come and say hello,” he said.

I made room in the bed for him and watched as he joined me. “Everything OK?” I asked, slightly worried at this early visit.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, but I couldn’t sleep properly so I come to see if you were awake.”

“What’s Jake doing?” I whispered.

“Asleep. We didn’t go to bed until two.”

He snuggled up and kissed me on the cheek, letting out a sigh of contentment. I let my hand wander down to his groin, found a soft cock and took hold of it. Gareth flinched as I felt the sticky, flaccid instrument.

“It’s a bit sore,” he giggled, “Don’t let go though, just hold it.” He found mine and grasped it. “It’s wet!” he smiled, “What you been doing?”

I smiled slightly and replied that I’d missed him.

He kissed me and lay with his head listening to my heart for a few minutes, the slow, steady rhythm soon making his eyes close. We didn’t want sex together, we just wanted to be with each other for comfort for a while. I stroked his hair and chest idly, looking at his angelic face, and fell into a doze, happy now we were together.

At half-past six, I woke him and reluctantly suggested that he aught to go back to his bed before he was missed. Sleepily he stumbled out of bed, kissed me tenderly and whispered “I love you” before staggering, still half asleep back to his room.

I couldn’t get back to sleep and so at half-past seven I decided to get up and have a shower. I was luxuriating under the warm water when I heard the door open and someone come in to use the toilet. I assumed it was Gareth and slid the shower door open slightly so we could talk. I turned round and saw the shock of ginger hair: Jake was stood pissing into the bowl. I stood, transfixed at the sight, staring at the beautiful scene and taking a good look at him. He’d finished draining his bladder, and was slowly stroking his growing boner. I continued to watch, pushing the slightly guilty feeling of being voyeuristic to the back of my mind as he beat his meat faster and faster until he came, the wads of cum dropping into the bowl. His knees collapsed under him and he put a hand out to the wall to support him as he squeezed the last few drops from his softening dick. His exquisite, slender, circumcised dick. Hurriedly he flushed the toilet, pulled up his pants and padded out. I was left thinking wild, impossible thoughts.

It was well after nine when the two boys surfaced and made their way through for some breakfast. I’d been up for an hour or so, tidied up from the night before and having made a drink sat reading the paper. Neither boy had dressed, they were still wearing just their pants as they fed themselves on toast and cereal. I excused myself and went to grab a shower.

I offered to take the boys out later that morning, but they’d already planned to go shopping in town together, and then they were going back to Jake’s house for lunch. Gareth said he’d be back at tea-time.

I passed a lazy, lonely day, missing Gareth more than I thought I would. The flat was empty and depressing without him. I went out for a solitary drink and a bite to eat.

Later that evening, when Gareth and I were alone, I asked if he’d had a good time with Jake. He said that they’d had a marvellous time, and that Jake was to going stay over again next Friday night. I resisted the temptation to probe any further as to what they’d got up to: it wasn’t any of my business and Gareth wouldn’t appreciate being quizzed.

It wasn’t until we were safely tucked up in bed that he started to tell me what they’d done. I put a finger on his lips, and said that he didn’t have to if he didn’t want. “As long as you were OK and enjoyed yourself, then that’s fine.”

“I don’t mind,” he said after a while, “He’s OK with it.” I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant, but let it go.

“Did you know,” he mused, “I don’t have any pyjamas?”

“I thought you did. Didn’t you bring some with you?”

“Yeah. But they got too small and tatty so I threw ‘em away. Never wore them anyway did I?”

I smiled and said that that was his choice, not mine. “Do you want some then?”

“Maybe. If I go over to Jake’s house.”

He squirmed closer to me and rested his legs over mine, laying on his back.

“Jake never wore his last night, they’re under my bed I think.”

I waited for him to carry on.

“After our shower, we got undressed, well took our pants off anyway ‘cause that’s all we had on. I was sitting on my bed looking at him when he fished some pyjamas out of his bag. He was gonna put ‘em on when I said ‘why? I don’t wear ‘em.’ He threw ‘em under the bed and said he wouldn’t either then. Then we sat back on the bed and put the CD on. He said that he was embarrassed after the video ‘cause he had a hardon and didn’t wanna move ‘cause you’d see it.”

“I know,” I laughed, “I saw. And I saw you grab a feel of him as well when the film was on.”

Gareth had the grace to blush slightly and retorted, “Well, what else did you expect? In any case, you had one as well – I saw it in the tv. AND you were playing with it!”

I’d forgotten about the reflection on the tv screen, and I certainly don’t remember fiddling with it!

“Well, what else did YOU expect, with two almost naked handsome boys for me to look at?” I laughed.

“OK. Well, Jake said he’d seen it as well and asked me how big it was. I told him it was a bit bigger than mine and a bit bigger than his as well. But not much,” he added, grinning.

“We were both hard again so I felt his and he felt mine. Then he asked me if I wanted to do anything. I said, ‘yeah, what?’ I thought he just wanted to wank or something, but he asked if I wanted to suck it.”

We held each other’s dicks and slowly worked them up and down as the erotic image formed itself in our minds.

“I told Jake that I’d never done that before, and asked him what it was like. He said that him and his little brother did it sometimes, and it was good fun.”

Both our cocks twitched.

“I said that it would be OK and what do we do. Then we got on the top bunk and got into a 69. Do you know you can see the sea from the top bunk? Anyway, he sucked me and I sucked him. He wasn’t very good at first ‘cause his teeth kept scratching, but after a bit he got used to it and it was brilliant.”

That was why his dick was tender last night, I thought.

“And we did it for ages. We told each other before we came so’s we could stop and have a rest then we’d do it again. But then I couldn’t help it and I cum in his mouth and he came in mine. I swallowed his, but he coughed and spit mine out. It was gross!”

I laughed at the thought and let him carry on.

“But it was OK though, and when we’d finished, we felt each other till we was hard again and did it again. He really liked it Then he went to sleep. I tried but I couldn’t. That’s when I came to see you.”

I slid him off the top of me and squeezed him tight, “I’m glad it was OK.”

“Mmmmm. And we had another this morning when we woke up,” he giggled. “But he didn’t have hardly any cum though,” he mused.

Hardly any wonder, I thought, remembering Jake in the toilet. I smiled at the memory and told Gareth about it.

He giggled and said that explained why.

Passionately we kissed and stroked each other for a while. Gareth having some fun with Jake was one thing, but I knew what Gareth wanted, and what he liked. Jake was a one-off sort of thing, it would be good for however long it lasted and they would both enjoy it. But Gareth and I were in a different league.

We nestled our pre-cum soaked dicks together and toyed with our nipples, taking little pecks at each other once in a while. I could feel the heat from him as he moaned with pleasure, his legs wrapped round mine like a grapevine. Like his orgasms, physical contact was important to him and had to be close and intense.

“Well?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!” he groaned, “Yeah!”

“Which way?”

“Lay back. It’s my turn.”

He took my swollen dick into his mouth and deliciously wrapped his tongue round it as I pulled his into mine. Working my tongue inside his foreskin and trying to tickle under his cockhead, I tasted the slightly salty taste of the remains of his cum. It was heavenly and I let out a groan of pure delight. Playfully, I reached up and grasped a nipple between my fingers and thumbs and massaged them until they were proud and erect, Gareth’s chest heaving with the fantastic sensations coursing through him. I could even feel his cock trembling in my mouth as he immersed himself in pure joy.

“Legs up,” I heard him whisper, “Hurry up!”

I raised them and rested on his shoulders, and almost before I was ready, he inched forward, grasped his dick in his hand and thrust it straight in. No pause, no delay, just one long thrust. I yelped in pain and surprise, tears coming to my eyes. Before I could say or do anything, he began banging away viciously and violently, face contorted with passion. Recovering as best I could, I held him by the waist and pushed and pulled with him, forcing him deeper and deeper down. With every stroke I felt less and less in control and more aroused than I’d been for a long time. Without warning and without having a finger laid on it, my super-hard cock spurted out huge gobs of cum, only to be ignored as he kept on thrusting harder and harder. Then he came. I swear his cock swelled to twice its size point as he erupted great spurts of his love-juice deep inside my gut. I felt every spasm as he emptied himself almost brutally, his body still thrusting long after he’d shot his last bullets as if searching desperately for one last round.

He crashed down beside me, bright red and sweating profusely, eyes glazed and body rigid. I wasn’t far away from that either. Struggling for breath, I stared at the ceiling open mouthed.

“Jesus, Gareth!” I managed to stammer out minutes later. “Christ! What was that all about?”

I leaned over him to find tears, real tears, flowing down his face. I stroked them away with the bed sheet and held his face.

“Sorry,” he sobbed, “Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. Did I hurt you?”

“No. No, you didn’t, but what happened?”

“I was telling you about me Jake and I got all worked up. Then I thought about you and me, and Jake, and everything seemed to get jumbled up in my mind. I thought you’d be mad about me going with Jake, and we always do things together on Fridays and I wasn’t there, and I missed you, and I wanted you, and……….” he broke down again, uncontrollably.

I held him close, whispering calmly to him, saying it was alright and that everything was going to be OK, and anything else I could think of.

It took ages for his sobs to die down and for him to be sensible enough to talk to. I pulled the blanket over us, and rested his head on my chest.

“You know,” I started, “you’re only 13 remember, and you haven’t got your hormones in full control yet. It isn’t your fault, there’s nothing wrong with you. These things happen sometimes, and you can’t do anything about it, but they can be painful and hurtful sometimes. I know, I went through just the same thing when I was your age.” I don’t know whether I was right or not, but I wasn’t far off the truth, at least a far as I understood it.

He looked at me, puzzled until he began to understand what I’d said, or tried to say.

“Then you’re not mad at me?” For anything?”

“No, of course not, dumbo!” I grinned.

He managed a slight, nervous smile.

“You know,” I started again, “You know that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen, unless you really cared for someone, and they loved you, just like your fantastic orgasms. It’s sort of a good thing in a funny way.”

“It is? But …..”

I kissed him on the lips to stop him talking. “That’s enough. Now shut up and give me a hug.”

He squeezed me tightly and wiped his face with the back of his hand. I lay back and sighed, holding him tight. I loved him more than anything in the world, and wouldn’t change a thing about him, but his emotional roller-coasters were a bit wearing sometimes. I’m glad I’m not 13 any more.

We neither of us felt sleepy, so we chatted about everything and nothing for ages, restoring peace and tranquillity to our bed.

“Hey, tell you something!” he suddenly shouted, “Tell you two things!”

“What?” I grinned.

“Jake wants you, for one!”

Why wasn’t I surprised at this? Little hints and glances from him had led me to believe that he was alright knowing Gareth and I done things in the past, and I think he knew that I didn’t object to him and Gareth, well ….. you know. I think I’d even seen a questioning look from him, wondering what it’d be like if he and I …. but at the time I’d put it down to my own over-active imagination.

“Oh, yeah? And the second?” I said, trying to give myself time to think.

“You want him!”

Despite my attempt to prevent it, my dick twitched in Gareth’s hand.

“See, I told you,” he giggled, giving it a shake. “But don’t worry, it’s probably just your hormones out of control.”

I said nothing for a minute, then, deciding to bite the bullet, asked him how he thought he knew Jake wanted me.

“He told me, sort of. We were in town when he asked me about you, and what we’d done together and stuff like that, and if we still did things. I told him that was our secret if we did anything or not, and nothing to do with him, just like his and mine were. Then he said that he’d told me the secret about him and his brother, and I knew that what he said they did was true ‘cause I did. So I said that we sometimes wanked each other off, and had even sucked each other a couple of times. But that was all. I didn’t tell him about the best things we do. Don’t mind do you?”

I did mind in a way, but now the cat was out of the bag, I had to trust Gareth and Jake to keep it a secret. I told Gareth that I’d’ve preferred it if he hadn’t told him, but now that he had, he had to make sure that it didn’t go any further.

“It won’t, I can guarantee that,” he said.


“Cause he and his brother, you know, stick it up each other sometimes. And even if he doesn’t, he told me that he does and that’s almost the same thing. I don’t think he’d want me telling everyone that!”

“How old’s his brother?” I asked.

“‘Bout ten I think.”

“So, why didn’t you do anything last night then?” I queried, changing the subject

I got a scowl from Gareth and, “Cause we agreed that we’d only do it with each other, ‘cause it’s special, and ‘cause we love each other.”

That put me firmly in my place and I apologised.

“That’s alright,” he said seriously. “But he did ask though.” he added wickedly.


“I told him that it was dirty and I wouldn’t ever do anything so nasty!” He blushed before continuing, “And neither would you, would you?”

“No, of course not, you little liar!”

He flashed me one of his special wicked grins and said, “Wanna do it now?”

I thought for a moment, then said, “No. I think we’ve both been through enough tonight. I’d love to try it in the morning though. Once before breakfast, and twice afterwards!”

He smiled, contented now and squished my soft dick between his legs. “Hold me,” he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.

We didn’t mess about in the morning. Instead we had a long lay-in, watched the boats out at sea and the seagulls wheeling about noisily in the sky, and not talking very much. Gareth got up, made a breakfast of coffee and toast and climbed back into bed.

“Let’s go out for the day,” I suggested. “We could both do with some exercise, and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day.”

“OK. Let’s go climbing.”

He didn’t mean mountain or rock climbing; there aren’t any near Dover apart from the friable chalk cliffs. What he did mean was scrambling up the steep grassy hills which surrounded the town, like giant up-turned pudding basins. Getting to the top was a struggle, but the views were worth it. On a clear day like today the French coast would be clearly visible, and even the sun’s reflection from car windshields could be picked out.

I let him shower first as I cleaned up the kitchen; I followed and went to get dressed, finding an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Gareth appeared in the briefest of shorts and his best new top. He looked good enough to eat, but nevertheless was asked to find something more appropriate. We threw a few bits of food and tins of drink into a bag and set off.

It was a wonderful day. Just the two of us wandering around the hills and lanes, exploring wherever we wanted and in splendid isolation. Neither of us were what you would call ‘people people’, we enjoyed our own company and didn’t like crowds very much. Rambling through the countryside, sometimes arms resting on shoulders, side-by-side, sometimes half a mile apart, we spent a good few hours at peace with the world. We took some pictures of each other in appropriate mountaineering-type poses, mainly to send off to his mother and brothers, before eating our scratch lunch high on a hilltop overlooking the sea, with Gareth sat between my raised legs, elbows resting on my knees. On the way back home, we found a field so Gareth could have drive round: a perfect end to a perfect day as far as he was concerned.

Once indoors, we dropped everything where we stood, stripped down to our pants and sank gratefully into ‘our’ chair and rested. Gareth snuggled his head into my neck, stuck his thumb in and closed his eyes.

“You stink!” he giggled.

“So do you, like a pig-sty!” I retorted and closed my eyes.

Two hours later we awoke in darkness. Night had fallen and as yet we hadn’t turned the lights on. I asked Gareth to move, or to get the lights.

“Naaah. Let’s don’t move. I like it.”

He was right, it was nice. All alone, ensconced in our little cave, thinking about the rest of civilisation scurrying about here and there was a tiring thought in itself. We dozed again. Eleven o’clock came and I awoke with stiff muscles and feeling chilly. Gareth was out cold. As gently as I could I worked my way round him, placed him back in the chair and went for a shower, after covering him with a blanket.

When I’d finished, he was still sleeping so I carried him to his room, put him to bed and switched the lights off. I woke him at half-past seven the following morning; I don’t think he’d moved once.

Jake appeared at half-past eight and came in to wait as Gareth searched for his school things, scattered all over the place as usual. Jake and I sat in the kitchen and chatted idly as we killed time.

“So, you coming over Friday night?” I asked, with nothing more in mind than a simple question. He coloured up bright pink and said, “Yes. If that’s OK with you.”

“Of course it is, I’d like that. Gareth would too.” I paused and thought over what I’d just said. Did it sound right? I hadn’t said anything he could misinterpret had I? I couldn’t really tell, but was that bulge in his trousers slightly bigger or not? I gave up thinking about it and went in search of my ‘brother’.

Gareth never said anything about it that evening except to tell me that Jake had reminded him that he was staying over on Friday. Now that was interesting.

The week fairly flew by. Jake popped in most nights for an hour or so and seemed to become more relaxed in my presence, even cracking jokes once in a while. Both of them by now stripping as soon as they came in the front door. Thursday night when Gareth was spending two minutes sitting in my lap, Jake even sat on the arm of our chair and joined in the conversation.

After he’d left to go home, Gareth finished his homework and sat on the floor in front of me, watching the news. I ruffled his hair and he turned to flash me a smile.

“You know Jake’s here tomorrow night,” he said through a mouthful of biscuit.

“Yeah?” I replied questioningly.

“Well.” He fell silent for a moment as he considered his words.

He took a deep breath and said, all in one go, “Well. I can’t sleep with you, and it’s Friday and I should and can I stay with you tonight? We won’t do anything. Promise. Can I? Please?”

Who could resist such an eloquent plea? I didn’t stand a chance, and he probably knew it. Once he looked at me with his big cow-eyes, I was sunk anyway.

I smiled down at him, nodded in the direction of his groin and said, “As long as you keep that thing under control.” He giggled happily and adjusted the boner growing in his pants. I moved mine too. There wasn’t really any hope for either of us.

Usually we head off to bed about eleven o’clock on school nights, but tonight Gareth started yawning, or pretending to, before ten. I picked him up off the floor, sat him in my lap and whispered, “If you’re that tired young man, I think you would be better off in your own bed. By yourself,” I added hastily in case he thought of suggesting that it didn’t matter which bed as long I was in it with him.

That immediately elicited a grin from him and the yawning stopped as if by magic. What it didn’t stop was his grinding his butt into my groin and nibbling my ear. I slid my hand under the waistband of his pants and cupped it round his balls and prick, holding them gently and giving them the occasional squeeze. Changing my hold slightly, I rubbed the palm of my hand over his cockhead until I felt his pre-cum start to leak out. Making sure it was well and truly wet. I pulled my hand out, and presented it to him. After first smelling it, he licked it clean and grinned at me, “That was nice, get me some more.” he said quietly.

“You’re impossible!” I laughed, “You ain’t supposed to enjoy it!”

“ S’your fault. You taught me. Remember? I always thought it was piss until you showed me!”

“So? You still ain’t supposed to enjoy it quite so much!”

We lapsed into a comfortable silence and watched the end of a tv film before deciding to call it a day and heading for bed. Gareth and I enjoyed our bed times when we were sleeping together, it was the best time of day for us both. There is something very special about the feeling when you cuddle up together after the trials of the day are over and relax. Even without the sex side of it, a night sleeping with the person you care for most in the world, safe from interruption and distraction is truly wonderful. I think we always woke up in much better moods and feeling better when we had spent a night embracing each other.

We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes simply relishing the calmness and tranquillity before picking up our books to read. After a while I heard Gareth drop his book to the floor and he nestled up on my chest, arms on my shoulders. It became impossible to read comfortably with him like this, so without much regret, put my book down, turned the bedside lights out and snuggled down, putting an arm round Gareth’s waist and breathed out a sigh of contentment.

“What we going to do about Jake tomorrow night?” Gareth asked.

I’d been thinking of this off and on all day and hadn’t come up with any answer, there were too many if’s and but’s. “I don’t know. He’s your friend it’s up to you, and him, I guess.”

“Yeah. I think he wouldn’t mind us all sleeping together in the same bed. It’d be good.”

“Perhaps Jake won’t want to do anything like that any more, or perhaps he just wants some fun with you and not me,” I said.

“Naah. He’s been on about it all week. And he gets a boner every time we talk about it!” Gareth giggled. “Told you before, he wants to get it on with you.”

“What about you? It’s not fair on you is it? I don’t want to spoil anything for you.”

“That’s OK. I don’t mind. It’d mean you and me get to go to bed together, which is the best!”

He squeezed me gently and gave me a quick kiss. This simple show of tenderness gave me an instant hardon, and I felt around for Gareth’s dick, which, like mine had been soft until now.

“That’s better,” he sighed as we lightly held on to our dicks without moving our hands.

“Let’s see what happens, shall we?” I said. “If you want to, and he wants to as well, then I suppose we could. But only if he’s sure about it.”

“OK,” Gareth replied, “Let’s go for it and see what happens. You wouldn’t mind if he just wanted to sleep in my room then?”

“Of course not, if that’s what he wants.”

I got another kiss and a tickle in my groin. “I’d still come and say goodnight to you though,” he smirked, “Just to make sure you were alright by yourself!”

The next question threw me a bit. “Have we got enough money to get a little portable tv?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think so, why?”

“It’d be nice to have one in here, or in my room.”

He was scheming something, I just knew it, but decided not to ask. The idea was a good one anyway.

“Yes, OK then, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Tomorrow? Please! Then we can all watch a DVD in bed.”

So that was it. I laughed and tickled him under his arms, “You never give up do you? You’ve got a one-track mind – a dirt track!”

He joined in the laughter and let go of my cock to wrestle me onto my back, arms stretched out over my head. He clambered on top of me and lay out, full length, gazing into my face. The mood changed instantly as we locked eyes and exchanged a world of love. The room disappeared into a mist as his angelic face filled my entire being, a knot building in my guts and my heart racing.

“I rather like you,” he said tenderly.

“You’re not too bad yourself on the whole. I think I’ll keep you,” I grinned, “Despite your bloody hormones!!”

He smiled slightly at the poor joke and rested his forehead on mine, kissing me on the end of my nose.

For once we didn’t feel like sex, not screwing anyway. Even Gareth was perfectly happy just laying together and caressing one another softly, enjoying the warmth and companionship. In some ways it was better than full-blown sex, there was no sort of primal, desperate urge to race towards orgasms. The sensual kisses and fondling was supremely erotic for both of us; and without being touched, our dicks were throbbing, getting excitingly close to cumming several times, but by mutual consent, backing off in time so as to prolong our love-making for as long as possible.

It was Gareth who came first. We were kissing when I felt his body jerk three or four times and a warm feeling spread out from his groin. He tightened his grip round my neck, but didn’t break the kiss for an instant. He moaned into my mouth ecstatically as he spasmed: my balls boiled over and my cum spurted out, ending up I don’t know where, I groaned and hugged him tightly, utterly satisfied.

Soon after we were laid side-by-side, with Gareth facing me. He was twirling my hair between his fingers, just looking at me. I kissed his eyelids as they drooped closed and we dozed for a while.

We both woke the following morning, sweaty and sticky, but surprisingly refreshed considering how little real sleep we’d had. Over breakfast we chatted about the arrangements for the night to come, carefully avoiding anything vaguely sexual, but aware that it was lurking in the background. Gareth said that he’d collect a video on the way home from school and I would try and find a cheap tv for us during my lunch break. He still had my card I remembered, and he offered to pay for the rental himself, which I thought was good of him!

I watched out of the window as Jake and Gareth walked down the road together, heads inclined towards each other and an animated discussion taking place. I idly wondered what they were talking about so seriously as I got ready for work.

I managed to find a fairly cheap tv set for us, a bit more expensive than I’d planned, but it did have a built-in DVD player which was a bonus. I also grabbed a few snacks for us as well, mainly sweets and things. There was a box of flavoured ice poles which I threw in for good measure.

Gareth and Jake must’ve been at the window watching out for me because they were frantically rapping on the glass as I struggled to get the new tv out of the car. Glancing up at them, slightly irritated that they hadn’t bothered to come down and help, I saw two pink torsos grinning back at me and instantly preferred that they stayed where they were!

When I reached the top of the stairs to our flat, the door opened and two tousled heads peered cautiously round it and after checking that no one was around, scampered out wearing nothing but their underpants, relieved me of the box with the tv in it and dragged it indoors.

Within seconds, it was unboxed and sat on the table. Gareth was trying his best not to let his excitement get the better of him and he carefully unwrapped it, dropping the discarded packing on the floor. His eyes glittered brightly as he noticed the DVD slot and he shot me a broad, happy grin. I put my arm round his shoulder, hugged him and kissed him lightly on the top of his head. I glanced over at Jake who was standing on the other side of me. He too was grinning and so I put my other arm over his bare shoulders and gave him a squeeze as well. There was an instant’s pause as I felt him tense up, but almost immediately he relaxed against me, hugged me round the waist for a split second and flashed me a wide cheery smile. I ruffled his hair and went into the kitchen to put the pizzas in the oven, leaving the boys to sort the tv set out.

Once the dinner was under way, I checked on the boys. They had the tv plugged in and were studying the instruction book trying to work out how to tune it in and sort the remote out. I decided to take a quick shower and get changed while it was fairly peaceful. Thoughtfully I chose to put a pair of shorts and a baggy t-shirt on for a change.

Once I was feeling better I joined the boys and sat in my chair as they channel-hopped, settling eventually on the kids cartoon show. Gareth, noticing my presence, jumped on my lap and snuggled down. He smiled at me, kissed me firmly on the lips and turned to watching Loony Tunes. Jake smiled at us both, more relaxed than I’d seen him before and also turned back to the tv. After five minutes of hip-grinding and an occasional peck on the cheek, Gareth gave my boner a hard squeeze, sniggered and slipped on to the floor with Jake.

Pizza was eaten al la picnic style, squatted on the floor. Once the pile of slices had disappeared, I brought out the Coke and frozen ice poles for them. They were sucking on the ices, sliding them in and out of their mouths and giggling insanely at each other at the sight. Gareth turned to me, looked studiously at the ice and said, “Looks like a prick on a stick!” and they both burst into laughter.

“Yeah, but which end of the stick is the prick?” I retorted. They looked at each other, laughed again and high-fived.

The meal over and the mess more or less cleaned up, Gareth scrambled through his school bag and produced two cds. One he put back and the other he threw across to Jake. He glanced at it, half-smiled and slotted it in.

I thought better of asking what the second video was, and settled down to watch some sort of disaster movie with them.

Ninety minutes later, when the world had been saved yet again, the hero had married the heroine, and everyone lived happily ever after, the boys started whispering to each other, tittering once in a while and shooting furtive glances in my direction once in a while. They were up to something. It wasn’t long before they scurried off to their room, hands making nominal, but unsuccessful attempts to hide little boners. I left them alone and picked up a paper to read.

There was little or no noise from Gareth’s room apart from a low beat from his CD and the sound of his Playstation working overtime.

It was getting towards eleven o’clock when they surfaced, much later than I’d anticipated, bearing in mind what Gareth had in store for Jake. They said they were going to bed and asked if they could take the tv with them. I agreed and said that I was thinking of going to bed soon anyway. Gareth picked the set up and carefully carried it down the corridor. I heard my bedroom door open and smiled to myself. I was going to give them half an hour to settle down and have some time to themselves, but quarter of an hour later I heard a shout from Gareth asking when I was coming to bed, and could I bring his school bag. Folding the paper up, I grabbed his bag, and with my incipient boner leading the way, walked to the bedroom.

They had re-arranged my room for me. The table which usually had my papers and books on it had been moved to the foot of the bed and the tv set stood on it. The curtains were drawn and all the lights off except the two bedside ones. Gareth and Jake were stretched out in bed, arms folded under their heads. A few comics were spread out on the bedcover, obviously unread.

There was also a heady smell of deodorant in the air. The two grinned at me, Gareth broadly and expectantly, Jake slightly nervously.

Gareth lifted the bedcover up for me as I sat down to undress. I noticed he was still wearing his pants, and so elected to keep mine on as well. I got into the bed, next to Gareth and made myself comfortable, or at least as comfortable as I could, sharing it with two young teenagers. Gareth turned his head from side to side, checking Jake and I were settled before pressing the remote to start the film.

“What’s it called?” I asked.

“Dunno. Forgot,” said Gareth, “Here have a look.”

He passed me the box. It was a low-budget, very X-rated mild porn movie, all bums, tits and cocks I guessed. Normally I would have made some jokey comment to Gareth, but refrained as this was obviously all part of his plan.

The film opened with a view of a film-set bedroom, the bed already occupied by a very buxom female. The door opened to admit a Latino-looking man. He said something to the girl, but the sound track was so piss-poor that it was indecipherable. Still, who watched the film for the dialogue?

Within five minutes they were in bed and ………………. You can probably guess the rest!

Gareth and Jake were engrossed in the action, with little mountains rising and falling over each of their crotches. Gareth leaned into Jake, whispered something and getting a nod back. There were some writhing motions under the clothes and they each produced their underpants and waved them at me, giggling. Sighing, I took mine off, waved them in the air and joined in their sniggers. The twin mountain-building resumed with greater vigour.

Gareth slid across the bed to get closer to Jake, and at the same time put his hand between my legs, urging me to get closer to him. Soon we were as close as we could be, without actually being on top of one another. Gareth’s hand pushed mine away from my dick and he grasped it firmly, starting to masturbate me slowly. I noticed the tent over Jake’s cock moving up and down at precisely the same time. That could only mean one thing! I turned to look at Gareth who grinned at me wickedly and shrugged his shoulders as if to say “Who? Me?” I leaned up a little to look at Jake. His eyes were closed and his mouth open, his tongue swiping his lips.

It wasn’t long before Gareth’s boner was being stroked, and it certainly wasn’t me!

We carried on watching the film, the boys wide-eyed and almost drooling with lust. Whether it was for the girls or men, I didn’t want to know.

I’d never been involved in a three-some before, and I assumed that neither of the boys had either and I was curious as to where we would go from here. The problem was solved when after a prolonged whispering between Gareth and Jake, Gareth looked at me, winked and grabbed my wrist. He sort of turned sideways, thrust my hand into Jake’s groin and dived under the bedclothes. His mouth found my dick and swallowed it. I held Jake’s hugely erect boner and smiled at him, a little embarrassed at the situation I’d found myself in. He was as just as embarrassed as me I think, but let me leave my hand where it was anyway. Slowly he turned over towards me, slid his hand into Gareth’s groin and started to work his dick. I took this as a sign that I could carry on, and I did, trying to imagine every inch of his tool in my mind as I felt its length time and time again. He soon relaxed enough to start sighing and moaning as he felt my fingers stimulating him. Once in a while I gave it a rest and felt around his balls and groin, encouraging him to moan even louder. Another first for me was the feel of an uncircumcised prick. Fascinated, I ran my fingertips round the underside of his corona. This produced a deep guttural groan from Jake and a definite hardening of his dick. This was indisputably a very sensitive spot for him and I left it alone for a while in case I accidentally make him cum before he wanted to.

Meanwhile, Gareth was having the time of his life between us, my cock filling his delicious mouth and his cock being tickled by his best mate. He must’ve been in heaven. And as hot as hell, too because it wasn’t very long before his threw the bedclothes off and took a deep breath of fresh air, his face bright red and a sheen of sweat glowing on his forehead.

The film had finished ages ago, but no one had noticed until the machine clicked off. We all looked at it in surprise and giggled.

“Oh, well, we’ll watch it again later,” Gareth said. “Change places will you?” he said to Jake, “I wanna come that side.” They rolled over each other and Jake settled down next to me. Now the covers were off, I could took a long steady look at Jake’s cock. It was beautifully hard, and shining in the light. It didn’t seem to have grown a great deal in length from when it was soft, but it was certainly harder! And fatter too. It was very nice indeed. Gareth, seeing me staring at it, nudged me in the ribs, stuck his tongue out slightly and nodded in the direction of Jake’s weapon. I shook my head, but he insisted. Leaning down towards it, grasping the red-hot meat between my fingers, I looked up at Jake. He was leaning back on his elbows, staring wide-eyed at his throbbing cock and me. I raised my eyebrows questioningly. He gave the slightest nod and held his breath. Slowly, tongue first, I took his dick into my mouth. I heard a gasp from above me and a slight upward thrust of Jake’s hips. Gradually I absorbed as much of his dick as I could before closing my lips round it and starting to suck. He clamped his hands over my ears and tried to make me go faster. I resisted as hard as I could, and eventually he allowed me to slow down to a more reasonable pace. But still his humping and bucking were uncontrolled and in the back of my mind I hoped that he didn’t do the same thing Gareth did when he was over-excited. I felt his dick engorge slightly, and before it was too late, I pulled off. Two little wads of sperm dribbled out; we’d caught it just in time. Gareth had his head next to Jake’s, arms round his neck watching me.

I grinned sheepishly for some reason and held on to Jake’s still solid rod.

“See, I told you he was good, didn’t I?”

Jake nodded, still breathing raggedly.

“Wanna cum yet?” Gareth half-whispered to Jake.

“Yeah,” he just managed to gasp out.

Gareth arranged us into a sort of circle on the bed. I thought at first we were going to have a circle-jerk, but when he ducked down to take Jake’s cock in his mouth, I changed my mind. A little nervous still, Jake wrapped his mouth round the tip of my leaking dick and tasted the pre-cum. Deciding it wasn’t too bad, he took in the next inch or so. I left him to his own devices as I hungrily devoured Gareth’s more familiar cock and worked my tongue inside his foreskin. Jake wasn’t all that experienced as I should have guessed, but he only scraped me with his teeth a couple of times and it was well worth it. Not as good as Gareth, but with a little practice, ……..

There was no way Jake could last very long, he’d been so close to shooting so many times tonight that it only took the barest effort from Gareth before he was rewarded with his prize. I felt his body tense as he swallowed the gift, time and time again he swallowed until with a gasp he lifted his head. I brought Gareth to his climax as fast as I could, using my fingers to help. I knew what would happen if his orgasm was delayed too long and I didn’t want him embarrassed in front of Jake, not like that. He shot his magnificent load straight down my throat, pulse after pulse after pulse. With no little difficulty I managed to get most of it down me. Just as I was swallowing his first shot, I was aware that I was dropping my load into Jake. Losing all self control, I let it fire away as I worked on Gareth. The cool air round my dick told me dimly that Jake must’ve taken his mouth away, but I didn’t care. I was spasming like there was no tomorrow, and my mouth was full of Gareth’s delicious cum.

Re-arranging ourselves on the bed, I leaned over and kissed Gareth on the lips, forcing his lips apart slightly with my tongue. Evilly, I pushed a drop of his own cum into his mouth and closed it. Knowing just what I’d done, he glared at me for a second and then grinned.

Jake was still gasping for air, and knowing how Gareth felt just after cumming, I risked a rebuff and hugged him tightly to me, put his head on my shoulder.

“You alright, Jake?” I whispered in his ear, stroking his hair at the same time.

It was a couple of seconds before he answered. “Yeah. Yeah. I’m OK now. Thanks.”

I let him go, but he left his arms draped round my neck. I pulled Gareth across and we had a group hug, grinning at each other rather stupidly.

“See. I told you. It’s OK isn’t it?” Gareth blurted out to his mate. Jake nodded in response and dropped his head to his chest. “Don’t panic,” Gareth told him quietly. “I used to feel a bit pissed off just after I had a really good cum, but it soon goes, you’ll see.” Jake raised his head slightly and managed a small smile.

“Wanna watch the film again?” Gareth said, full of beans.

We looked at him in disbelief. Where in hell does he get the energy? He was told, ‘ no, not yet. Later maybe.’

“OK then, I’m gonna get a Coke. Come on, Jake.” Gareth rolled off the bed and grabbing Jake by the hand dragged him off to the kitchen.

There were gone a good five minutes before they returned, each with a Coke and one for me. Jake was obviously feeling himself again and he was grinning and a more normal colour. And they both had bloody erections!

I pulled the blanket over us and stared at the film, unseeing. Jake and Gareth had an arm round each other’s neck, giggling at the film, their hands working one another’s dicks gently under the covers. I turned my back on them and dozed, leaving them to get on with it.

Only once was I disturbed before daylight. I felt Gareth put his arm on my chest and give me a deep, loving kiss.

“Jake’s gone for a piss,” he whispered. “He’s OK with everything.”

I smiled, relieved for us all.

“And we’ve cum again!” Gareth sniggered. “Told you to get the extra tins didn’t I!”

I kissed him back and cuddled up to him until Jake climbed back into bed, smiling happily at me, all traces of nervousness gone. I gave Gareth a hug, gave Jake a hug, and turned over to leave them alone.


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