Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 11

Life quickly settled in to a routine. Gareth started his school, I settled into my new job and everything was OK. There was an added bonus in that the landlady said that she would keep an eye on Gareth for me if he was on holiday or off sick when I was working. This pleased Gareth too as he wasn’t actually being ‘baby-sat’ although there was someone nearby if he wanted anything. I also gained a lot more confidence in Gareth; he rarely went out in the evenings except to go to the swimming club he’d joined and to visit one of the friends he’d made at school.

I’d first met Jake one morning as he called for Gareth on the way to school. Same sort of height and build as Gareth but ginger-haired and seriously freckled. He was a fairly good looking boy, and not one of the street yobs which were all too common around here. I was pleased to see that he also started to come and visit Gareth at home when they would disappear into his room for hours on end.

It was Gareth’s habit to strip off completely when he got home from school and wander round the flat bare-footed, dressed only in his underpants. I asked him once why he did this, not that I minded in the slightest of course. He said that he just felt more comfortable that way. He used to do the same at home, he added, except that he only did it in his own room. I could imagine his father’s reaction if he started parading around the house, all but naked!

After first few times Jake came round and they were a bit more comfortable with each other, Gareth started stripping again, but at least had the decency to put a pair of shorts on. I wasn’t sure whether this was better or not, he still got my cock stirring. Jake decided to copy Gareth and decided to strip down as well, but only as far as taking his shirt and shoes and socks off. His beautiful brown freckles spread down from his cheeky round face down to his chest I was delighted to see.

When I commented one day about how nice they made him look, I got a withering ‘don’t go there’ glare from Gareth and an embarrassed Jake saying that he thought they were terrible. Later that night Gareth explained that he hated them because he thought they made him look like a baby and he got pissed off every time someone said how attractive-looking they made him.

The best times Gareth and I spent together were early in the evening when Jake wasn’t around, apart from lazing in bed together on a Sunday morning that is. Once stripped of his clothes, with a drink and biscuits close to hand, he loved climbing on my lap, curling up and sucking on his thumb. That’s when we simply enjoyed our closeness, talked and gave each other some TLC, something we’d both missed most of our lives I suppose.

It was during one of these idyllic moments when I was cuddling him that I noticed how much fitter and healthier he’d grown since I first saw him, mainly due to his swimming and less stressful life I surmised. His body was filling out nicely, he was developing some muscles and had certainly grown taller; he was nearly my height now. Getting him to stand up, I took his pants off and got him to turn round for me. He really was a gorgeous boy. I gazed at him and told him how fit he looked, in every sense of the word. Gareth giggled, put his hands on his head and pirouetted for me, his (for once!) flaccid dick and balls leading the way. Still smirking with a self-satisfied grin, he leapt back onto my lap and kissed me on the lips. I ruffled his hair, kissed him back and ran my fingers through the rapidly growing pubic hair of the best-looking young satyr that ever lived.

“Mmmmmmmmm, That’s nice. Don’t stop,” he sighed as we watched his dick harden. “Jake’s got a nice cock,” he informed me reflectively after a few moments.

They must have seen each other naked lots of times by now, and I wasn’t at all surprised that he’d taken notice of it. What did surprise me was that he commented on it, he’d never talked about anyone that way before.

“Oh, yeah. What’s so nice about it then?” I replied curiously, nibbling on his ear.

I felt his own pride and joy twitch under my fingers.

“Dunno really. It’s sort of longer and thinner than mine and it’s got bright ginger hair! He’s circumspected as well.” This deliberate mispronunciation amused him and he giggled.

I said nothing for a few seconds as I absorbed this fascinating piece of information, then deciding to go with it, said, “How much longer? Very much?”

“No, I don’t think so, maybe a couple of centimetres.” Gareth’s eyes were closed as he tried to remember it.

“That hard or soft?” I sniggered in his ear.

“Soft, dummy!” he laughed and dug me painfully in my groin. “ I’ve never seen it hard; not really hard anyway. He got a bit of a hardon the other day when we were getting changed after swimming.”

“So, you haven’t done anything with him then?”

He knew that I wasn’t trying to delve into his personal affairs deliberately, after all he could lie if he wanted to, he just accepted it as a logical question following on from what we were talking about.

“Naaaaah. I think he wants to though.”

This didn’t surprise me in the slightest, and I surmised that Gareth wouldn’t object either. I was happy that he felt able to talk about it quite openly, knowing I wouldn’t throw a fit.

“Do you want to?” I asked, kissing him on the forehead. “I don’t mind, if that’s what you want.”

He kissed me on the cheeks to say ‘thanks’ in his own way.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind, if he wanted to.”

The conversation died for a while as we cuddled up closer and embraced. Gareth had broached a subject which must have been troubling him for some time and, despite our special relationship, must have been difficult for him.

“So, what next then?” I asked.

“Don’t know. Even if we wanna do anything, we ain’t got nowhere to go.”

There was a heavy hint of ‘help me’ in the statement. We chatted round the subject for another twenty minutes or so, both of us getting harder and harder at the mental images we were conjuring up. Eventually I came up with the obvious solution, the one which he was fishing for right from the start if I know my princeling.

“You can always come back here you know. That is if you don’t fancy the idea of making out on the sea front or the beach. I daresay I could make myself scarce for an hour or two. Or I could sit and watch.”

He twisted round to face me properly and looked me straight in the eye before saying, “Piss off!”, followed by, “Sure? I wouldn’t mind if you said no.”

“Don’t be daft. It’s either that or you take my car to an airfield I know near Milton Keynes……………”

He didn’t let me get any further before he grinned broadly and pinched my lips closed with his fingers, relieved the problem was solved.

“Now,” I said brightly, the conversation over, “Would you like me to take care of that for you?” I tweaked his little mascot playfully.

He stood up to face me, placed his hands on my shoulders and said, “Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes, please! Take me to our bed.”

He wrapped his legs round my waist, shouldered his head and I did as I was told.

Dropping him to the floor, I stared out of the window at the grey sea. I felt his arms snake round my chest from behind and his fingers grasp my nipples. I held his hands in place, taking in a deep breath. He kissed me lightly between the shoulder blades and hugged tightly.

“We’re OK aren’t we?”

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Neither of us liked to use the word ‘love’ very much except when wrapped up together in the solitude of the night and emotions running high. ‘We’re OK’ meant exactly the same thing though.

“Absolutely brilliant,” I replied softly. “We’re OK and a half!”

I felt his cock squeeze itself between my butt cheeks and I clenched them together, gripping it as firmly as I could.

“Want to ……?” I asked.

“No. Not now, we’ll do it later. Let’s just play now.”

We lay on the unmade bed embracing gently, our dicks dancing together. Somehow the conversation about Jake had made us both horny, not for physical love, but for a slow caressing affirmation of our ‘OK-ness’ I pulled him in a little closer and pressed a finger into his hole, which reflexively opened up for me. Searching for, and finding his prostate I tickled it delicately, enjoying the feeling of his body tensing and the sensual thrust of his pelvis into my groin. He moaned contentedly, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth.

Languidly we rolled about the bed, taking infinite delight in each other’s body, knowing full well that no one could ever compete seriously with what we had . Every day it seemed our love grew more and more, stronger in every way. Even the thought of him and Jake getting it on together didn’t disturb either of us: we both knew it wouldn’t be the same.

I worked a second finger inside as I let him press his fingers into me. Our red-hot boners were nestling side by side, the friction of our thrustings adding to the pleasure. We were in great danger of rushing things along too quickly for both our tastes and so reluctantly we slowed the pace a bit and cuddled together for a change, fondling and sucking on nipples until they were hard and tender. I squirmed with delight as Gareth nibbled on them with his teeth, painfully. Pushing him away, I whispered, “I’ll do that to you if you’re not careful, and you know what happens then don’t you?”

He giggled lightly and answered, “I don’t care. Do what you like. It’s always worth it.”

I didn’t of course; Gareth’s orgasmic fits still scared me a little, and I know he finds them exhausting and frightening sometimes. But, as he said, it’s worth it.

“So, when do you want me outta here?” I asked, “So you can have your evil way with Jake?”

“Dunno. We’re going swimming Tuesday, so that’s out. Wednesday?”

“Good idea. I’ll be late home from work on Wednesday then. About seven.”

Today was Monday: Gareth should be sleeping in his own bed tonight. But after we hugged and kissed a while longer, I had the strangest feeling that he wouldn’t be there tonight.

I was right. We spent a happy couple of hours messing about on my bed, ending only when we couldn’t resist temptation any longer and finished off with a wonderful, mind-blowing frantic 69 and a hot shower. I glanced at the clock when we got back in the living room and discovered it was still only about nine o’clock. It was too early for bed, and, as Gareth reminded me, we hadn’t eaten yet.

“The only thing I’ve eaten since lunch is ……….”

I didn’t let him finish as I knew exactly what he’d eaten, and didn’t need reminding as my still slightly tender dick told me.

We decided to eat out and hit the local KFC for a change. It was fairly busy in there and we had difficulty in finding somewhere to sit, but luckily we grabbed the two empty seats as a couple left.

Gareth was in an animated, flippant mood, not taking anything seriously and finding everything amusing. He almost went too far though when he smeared some mayonnaise on his fingers, looked at me meaningfully and slowly licked it off. I felt myself redden and kicked him under the table, mouthing for him to pack it up. There was no doubt at all what he was trying to imply and I hoped no one saw him; I have my doubts about two boys sat opposite him who sniggered at the sight though. That amused me for some reason: if they really knew what he was thinking, it’d probably made their night.

When we got home, I busied myself tidying up for a while whilst Gareth got ready for bed. This consisted solely of brushing his teeth, walking into the bedroom and dropping his clothes where he stood before sliding under the covers and picking up a comic to read until I was ready. Ten minutes later and I gratefully got undressed and joined him.

I put an arm under his neck, pulled him up to me and lay back to read my book whilst he finished his comic. If only we could do this every night I thought to myself: get into bed, cuddle up for a while and read, then turn out the lights and go to sleep. We could then do away with his room and the celibacy it rightfully enforced on us. Unfortunately, life being what it is, there was no way he and I could share a bed and not indulge ourselves, so the second bedroom stays.

Gareth finished his comic, dropped it with the others on the floor and turned over so he was facing my back. I felt him slip his boner between my thighs and thrust it forwards, an arm draped itself over my shoulder and he found a nipple to play with. Holding the book with one hand, I pushed a hand under the bedclothes and eased my way down to his cock. Tantalisingly I tickled the end of his erection between my legs, sliding the foreskin back and forth over his corona and rubbing his piss slit with the tip of my finger.

“Pack it up!” he burst out, “That tickles!”

I dropped the book on the floor and turned to face him, holding his adorable face between my hands before kissing him on the lips.

“Hiya, sport!” I whispered. “How you doin’?”

“All right, thank you very much for asking,” he replied, attempting unsuccessfully to sound as upper class as he could.

“Fine. And what would my Lord and Master desire this evening?” replied the ever-faithful old retainer.

“A little fu…… er, rogering, if you don’t mind, my man.”

Breaking up into fits of giggles, we gave up pretending and snuggled up closer.

We snaked our hands southwards and found our targets. We held on to them loosely, feeling the blood coursing through the veins, sensing their delightful warmth.

My satyr wriggled himself into a more comfortable position and rested his head on my chest and commenced salving my nipples. This wasn’t fair; I couldn’t reach his without disturbing both of us so I rubbed his back lightly and worked on his manhood. A good clue to the mood he was in was given away by the fact that he was already wet and leaking. I smeared a bit of it up and spread it on his lips.

“KFC!” I whispered into the ear nearest me. I felt his chest heave as he suppressed a giggle, not for a second pausing in his licking, only a slight nip from his teeth telling me he’d heard.

He didn’t pause in his ministrations even when he climbed over on top of me and sat on my cock, wriggling until it lay happily between his butt cheeks. I massaged his exquisite balls and cock, feeling his golden nuggets and dick respond gloriously.

“Can we do it?” he pleaded, “I’m really in the mood.”

Who was I to argue? I watched as he straddled me and grasped my cock between finger and thumb. He let himself down slowly, feeling for his hole. I didn’t even feel his muscle open; we united in an unbroken movement, my prick sliding straight into his love tunnel as far as it could.

Not once did he break eye contact with me, not once did he wince as I entered him. He breathed out a long sigh of elation as he rested against my balls.

“That’s really good. Really, really good,” he moaned. “Nobody move.”

Five minutes he just sat there smiling to himself without moving, just an occasional clenching of his cheeks and a just perceptible up and down move. His dick stood out proudly in front of my face, slickly gleaming, oozing pre-cum and impossible to resist. I made to take it in my hand, but he brushed me away, asking me to wait a minute.

He was in ecstasy, I’ve no idea what was going through his mind, but he was deliriously happy, his tongue licking his lips once in a while and his feather-light fingers running up and down my chest in time with his moans. I risked touching his already proud nipples with my finger tips and was rewarded with a loud groan.

“Please, please!”

I was conscious that we were steaming full ahead for a Gareth spectacular. For a split second I thought about bringing him down, but instantly rejected the idea. He obviously wanted and needed this; it was his intention right from the word go and the last thing I wanted was to spoil it for him. As he said earlier, it’s worth it.

Carefully he leaned forwards so he was stretched out full length on my body, chest-to-chest and face-to-face. I cupped his sweating face in my hands and drew him down for a kiss. Our mouths opened and our tongues met in a writhing embrace, Gareth’s hands grasping my hair painfully in his clenched fists. Imperceptibly he began to move up and down my body, the head of my cock striking his magic button with every move, His timing and movement was absolute heaven for both of us. My cock was throbbing with delight, stimulated with the silky pressure of his rectum, my pre-cum lubricating it to perfection. I felt every millimetre of his own organ, equally bathed in love-juice, being stimulated between us. Still he kept up the slow, deliberate rocking and the deep, passionate kisses. Twice I almost came; three times I almost came. Somewhere in the distance I heard my moans, interlaced with an “Oh God!” and “Christ!”

I felt Gareth’s dick engorge and spasm uncontrollably as he propelled the sperm out of his aching cock, spurt after spurt after spurt, accompanied at last by my own no less explosive release. Together we froze in an embrace of ecstasy, Gareth’s eyes rolling to the back of his head for an instant as he rode the wave, back arched and legs taut, every muscle locked in spasm.

We clung together tightly as we both collected our wits and gasping for oxygen. I was acutely aware of tears mingling on my cheeks as I calmed down.

“You alright?” I whispered as soon as I felt that he was back with us. “You OK?”

He looked at me, nodded and broke down in tears.

I waited until they’d died down a little, holding him gently in my arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he blubbed out, “I tried not to, honestly.”

The penny dropped. The tears were for me. He knew he was heading for a fit-sort-of-thing and tried his best to avoid it, but simply couldn’t do it. At that point, it dawned on me like a revelation that Gareth was OK with his violent orgasms, they didn’t bother him any more as he’d got used to them. He was worried for me, knowing how scared they made me. I cried a little as I told him not to panic, if he was happy with them, then so help me God, so was I.

A little later, when we were talking over the episode, he said something very revealing.

“In a funny sort of way, I like them,” he astounded me by saying. “At first they frightened me, but once I knew I got over them, it was OK. In fact, when I have one I know the sex was bloody good!” He grinned at this and looked for my reaction.

I felt as if a ton weight had been lifted off me, and I thumped him on the arm in my elation.

“You little shit! You monster!” I laughed in relief. “I’ll kill you!”

He thought this highly amusing and tickled me under the arms until I begged him to stop. “Now I know that, I’ll make sure you have a funny turn every bloody time,” I said, the relief still showing. “And something else as well.” I waited until I had his full attention. “Just you wait until I tell Jake what happens every time you cum. That’ll put him off.”

“Bastard! You wouldn’t.”

I smiled, he knew I wouldn’t do that to him. Probably.

“In any case, I only do it when you and me have a specially good time, and you know that, bastard!” he sniggered.

We curled up together and got ready to sleep; there was still school and work tomorrow.

“Jake and me will never, you know, never do what we just done. That’s just for us.” There was a slight pause. “Promise? Just for you and me? You won’t do it with anyone else, and I won’t either.”

He was being deadly serious. I promised him with all my heart, kissed him to confirm my promise and we cupped each others balls and cock in our hands, with me feeling the cool slickness of his drying cum between my fingers. My angel dropped off into a well-earned slumber.

Wednesday swung round and I left work as usual, remembering that I couldn’t go home yet. I wandered into town slightly bored and looking for somewhere to go for a couple of hours. I couldn’t go and eat; we would be eating later. Instead, I went for a drink with the barman I’d met on my first visit to Dover. We sat and chatted for a while: it made a pleasant change for me to be out alone at this time of day and I found it restful, my mind in neutral as I watched the world go by. My eye was taken by two young teenagers sitting in the lobby. There were about Gareth’s age and were deep in conversation, heads almost touching. My mind turned to Gareth and Jake. I hoped that things were working out for them, whatever they wanted.

Sipping my drink, I recollected my first time with another boy. I was eleven, nearly twelve. Some friends and I had built a sort of den in our garden shed where we’d assembled some treasured possessions and a collection of comics and toys. It was one Saturday morning when David came round to play; he was a year older than me and lived three or four houses away. I didn’t like him all that much because he tended to be very sort of dominating and dictatorial sometimes, but he knew things and could do things I couldn’t, like getting the lights to work in our den and things like that. Anyway, we shut ourselves away in our hide-away and were flicking through some magazines when out of the blue he said, “How big’s your peter?” (We called it that in those days). I’d started having erections over the past few months, and had even learned that playing with it was OK fun. I knew he’d been getting boners too, I’d seen them through his trousers sometimes. The question seemed sort of dirty, and being eleven years old, exciting. I said that it was about three inches. He laughed at me, and said in his best put-down voice, “Mines bigger than that.”

We couldn’t leave it there of course and within minutes had our erections on display. He was right, he was bigger and even had a tiny bit of hair as well. He got me to hold it for him, and rub it up and down; in my innocence I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, but was happy to share the fun with him. I don’t remember him touching me that first time, but I didn’t care. When he came I thought it was fantastic and I was hooked. We did it regularly and frequently after that first time, with him always in charge and me doing as I was told. The best thing was that I soon let some other mates of mine in on the secret and I had some much better times with them. Derek in particular was good fun, he simply couldn’t get enough of it. Whenever we got together, we always found some time to play with our dicks and over the years had some terrific fun. Once David discovered girls, he drifted away from us thank goodness; it was only in later years that I realised what an unpleasant and selfish person he was. Me and Derek on the other hand never did think much about the opposite sex, we had enough fun together not to bother with them!

I’d finished my drink and was vaguely thinking about getting another and carrying on with my delightful daydreaming when I saw the time. Reluctantly I put my memories away until another day and got to my feet, thinking that I needed to do some food shopping on the way home. Back to reality with a bump!

When I got indoors, I noticed that Jake and Gareth were stretched out on the living room floor watching tv, as usual, Gareth wearing his shorts and Jake in his grey school trousers. They rolled over, said ‘hello’ and returned to the tv. Gareth joined me a minute later in the kitchen as I made a drink. I glanced at him and raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to say something. The little monster didn’t give anything away, not even in his face. All I got was a cheeky little grin and the tip of his tongue stuck out at me as he grabbed some Cokes and ran back.

When I settled down in my chair, they sat up, cross-legged and started chatting with me about their day at school. Jake’s zip was undone and I tried to attract Gareth’s attention to it without Jake knowing. Eventually after a lot of face pulling and frantic nodding, he saw what I was trying to do. Without taking his amused eyes off me, he cupped his hands over Jake’s ear and whispered to him. Jake blushed deep scarlet and discretely pulled it up.

After Jake had left, Gareth drew the curtains, switched the tv off and deposited himself on my lap, legs hanging over the side of the chair and his shoulder on my chest. He didn’t say a word, just the usual peck on the cheek and thumb in his mouth. I was dying to ask him what had happened, and he knew that I was. But we were playing a game. He swung his legs idly as he stared into space, just waiting to see how long it would be before I gave up. Determined not to let him win, I ignored him and closed my eyes. I felt him move his head to my shoulder and start to nibble my ear. He was deliberately trying to get me going one way or another. I surreptitiously slid a hand inside the leg of his shorts and searched out his cock. I was only a little surprised to discover he wasn’t wearing any pants. Not only that, his cock was semi-hard and stickily wet. I withdrew my hand and made a big show of smelling my fingers and licking them as if to confirm my suspicions. I looked at him in mock horror.

He couldn’t keep the pretence up any longer. Giggling, he gave me a big hug and thumped me on the chest with his fist. “Bastard!” he grinned. It was a draw and we kissed each other to call a truce.

“Everything OK then?” I asked.

He nodded and smiled, “Yeah. Fine.” He didn’t say any more, and I wasn’t going to ask; if he wanted to he’d tell me in his own time. In the meanwhile I was content to know that he seemed pleased with the way things had gone.

When it came to his bed-time, he said goodnight and took off for his shower as usual. I finished watching the news, heard the shower turned off and decided to follow his example and go to bed myself. After I’d washed and showered, I didn’t bother dressing and walked to the bedroom, drying my hair as I went. The first thing I saw was Gareth’s blue shorts on the floor. The second was Gareth in bed, arms behind his head, waiting for me.

He knew the rules and never breeched them unless there was a reason, so I made no comment. I climbed in next to him, ruffled his hair and smiled to let him know it was OK. There was no need to ask him what he wanted, when he was ready he’d tell me. It took about five minutes before he turned onto his side, rested his head on a crooked arm and put his hand on my waist.

“It was alright. Thanks,” he said quietly.

“Good. I’m glad. Everything went alright then?”

“Yeah. It was funny really.”

“Wanna tell me? You needn’t if you don’t want to,” I answered.

“I don’t mind.”

I faced him and invited him to get closer. Once he was comfortable, he went on to tell me how things had gone.

“When we got in, we went to my room and I got changed as usual, but this time I took my pants off as well. I told him that I didn’t like wearing them with my shorts, but you made me and ‘cause you weren’t here, I could take ‘em off. He was watching me all the time so I knew he could see my dick and things and I let him. I could see him get a bit hard in his trousers but I didn’t say anything. We sat at my desk first looking at some books, and I’d put that picture you took of me in my trunks, you know, the one where you can see my boner, on the desk where he could see it.”

Gareth had obviously given his plan some thought before he got Jake into his bedroom. “So, what happened next?” I asked, feeling my own cock get harder.

“He kept looking at it, trying not to let me see him do it, but I could tell he was ‘cause his dick got really hard so I could see it sticking up in his trousers.” Gareth slid a hand under the bedclothes to adjust his boner.

“I sat real close to him and got our legs together and said that you’d taken the picture when we were camping this summer, but you wouldn’t let me show it to anyone. He didn’t ask why, I think he’d guessed anyway. I looked at his prick and then at mine, we were both hard. I said to him that’s why I didn’t like wearing pants. Jake sort of laughed and went a bit red, and said that he knew what I meant.”

I cuddled him a bit closer and said, “You are evil when you want to be aren’t you!” He sniggered and pecked me on the cheek. Gareth was enjoying telling the tale, and went on to say that Jake didn’t know what to say next although they both knew what they were thinking.

“So?” I asked.

“Well, I moved my dick so’s he could see it better and show that I didn’t mind him looking at it. I asked him if he wanted to see it. He didn’t say anything but he nodded, so I pushed my shorts down over it and I asked him to get his out as well. He did and we sat looking at them for a bit before he asked if we could go and sit on the bed. I told him to take his things off and we got on my bed and felt each other’s dicks.”

“Bet that was nice,” I whispered.

“Yeah. He’s got a nice one, and it got really hard. We sort of felt each other and rubbed them. He started to wank me off and so I did it to him until we both came. It was good.”

“Didn’t you do anything else?” I asked, a little surprised knowing my cousin.

“Naaah. I think he was a bit scared. He wanted to get dressed after he’d cum, but I said not to ‘cause I liked it, and we could do it again in a minute. He seemed OK with that, so I played with it and tickled him, you know, like we do.”

He put his hot hand round my balls just then and demonstrated his technique, forgetting to take his hand away when he’d finished.

“That was nice,” I moaned.

“Mmmmmmmm. Anyway, I got him all hard again and we wanked some more until we both came again. Then we got dressed and watched some tv until you came in.”

I kissed Gareth on the lips and said, “I’m glad you had a good time. Think he’ll do it again, if you want to that is?”

“Dunno. I said he could stay over one night if he wanted and he said yes, he might.”

Surprisingly, I felt a bit jealous of Gareth, not because of the bit of fun with his friend, but because he was young enough to do it and enjoy it as a simple ten-minute pleasure taken up and put down without any repercussions on either side. Shaking my head to clear away the unwelcome thought, I replied that he would be welcome to stay anytime.

Gareth was feeling randy as his wandering hands and moist lips told me. His dripping cock also gave me a clue as it leaked onto my thigh. In the right mood, a wank, no matter how enjoyable for him, was inevitably followed by steamy, passionate loving.

“Wanna do it now?” I enquired tenderly.

“Yeah. That’s just what I want,” he sighed. “Do you wanna do it to me?”

Did I!! Leaning over him, I kissed him deeply, and crawled on top of him, my weight being taken on my arms as I rested my dick on his belly and allowed his to fit between my thighs. We rocked up and down as we tongue-wrestled and petted each other until I felt his knees lift up and my cock slip down towards his butt.

He lifted his legs up and over my shoulder as I targeted my cock. Easing down, I paused just for a second, watching my lover’s face as I prepared to give him all the delight he could take. We locked eyes as I slipped my full length into him. He mewled at the so-much wanted sensation of being filled once more with my dick. His butt cheeks spasmed tight as I bottomed out, as if trying to prevent me from ever taking it away. He grasped his own cock and fingered the end of it, already lost in his own world of sensual delight. I didn’t care about his frenetic climaxes now, I knew that he both expected them and needed them in a way if he was to be truly satisfied. I long-dicked him slowly, managing to free a hand and tweak his nipples at the same time. Under me he writhed and wriggled in an attempt to extract just one more ounce of bliss from somewhere. He rammed a fistful of bed sheet into his mouth to silence the screams as he squirmed. I speeded up slightly and concentrated on his prostate. I slowed down to give him a chance to take a breath before increasing the pace again. A little puddle of his pre-cum glistened in his navel as he gave up trying to keep hold of his cock and gave in utterly and completely to another fast-rising orgasm. I too joined him in the dance of love, urging my body to try just a little harder and a little longer to prolong the rapture before I collapsed, but the battle was already lost. I shuddered as my prick swelled and set like iron. I felt my balls tighten in my groin and rammed into him harder and harder until I erupted magnificently inside him, with more passion and love than I’d done for a long time. Time and time again I spurted out gobs of lava-hot cum, each one causing me to wince with the aching pain and blessed relief. Somewhere along the line, Gareth had lost it without my noticing, his rigid torso flat out below me, legs outstretched towards the ceiling. Even the muscles and veins in his neck were taut and standing out. I wasn’t as concerned as I had been previously, but it was still an awesome sight. I kept my cock inside him until it gave up the struggle and softened. Reluctantly I let it fall out and cuddled up to Gareth as it wilted.

I closed my eyes, only to open them seemingly seconds later with a kiss from a rosy-cheeked, tear stained Gareth. “That was the best ever!” he grinned. “I even cum again!”

I was exhausted. It was true, it was good: for both of us.

“If that is the effect that Jake has on you, then I guess he’d better come and live here with us,” Gareth sniggered.

There was an element of truth in what he said, and he knew it. I did get aroused when he was telling me what they did; he knew I would and that’s why he’d told me in such graphic detail. We both got turned on by it.

“You’re right,” I said, “But I don’t want him. It’s you I want, and only you. He’s OK to get you started, but I’m the only one who can finish you off.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s ‘cause we love each other.”

Unusually we spent ages kissing and cuddling that night, unable to get enough of each other. Several times we tried to sleep, but each time we were awakened by a need for more TLC. Neither of our dicks seemed to soften at all that night.

Eventually we awoke well after nine. In a panic we fell out of bed and rushed round trying to get ready. I gave up after a few minutes and said to Gareth not to bother, I’d ring in to say I was going to be late, and I’d give Gareth a note for school for when he appeared in the afternoon. That settled, we slowed down and had a late breakfast.

I wrote the note, showed it to Gareth who laughed and stuck it in his pocket. ‘Couldn’t come to school this morning as he was awake all night, w***ing and dreaming of Jake.’ I gave him a second one which credited him with a stomach upset. Leaving for work, I left Gareth with a suggestion that he clean the flat up a bit, and open some windows to let some fresh air in. Always the one to try and get the last word in, Gareth shouted for me not to forget the empty Coke tins on the way home as we’d be needing them. Thank God none of the neighbours would know what the obscene joke was.


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