Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 5

It was two weeks later that I paid an ‘official’ visit to the family. This time we’d planned that he would be out shopping in town when I arrived, but that he would telephone to ask me to pick him up at half-past ten. This, we hoped, would put his mum and dad off any scents they may have picked up over the past weeks – not that they had I don’t think, but you can’t be too careful.

I found it tedious keeping up a conversation with them while waiting for the call, not to say hard work. At twenty past the hour, the phone rang. Thinking it was too early for Gareth, I continued my idle chatter with Uncle Bill as his wife answered the phone.

“It’s our Gareth,” she interrupted us, holding the phone out at arm’s length. “He wants to say hello to Phil.” Feigning surprise, I took the receiver and held it to my ear.

“Hiya!” I heard. He was as excited as I was by the sound of it, but he didn’t have to hide it like I did.

“What you doing? Where are you?” I asked as conversationally as I could manage.

“Round the corner in the phone box. Can you come and get me?”

“Oh, I see. Missed the bus have you? “ Pause. “OK then, where are you, did you say? Outside the university? Right. I’ll be there in about twenty.”

Fitting in my explanation with the half of the one they’d heard, I said that I’d go and pick him up from town. It was almost spoilt when Uncle Bill said that the idiot should walk home, or get the next bus, but luckily my Aunt asked if I would be so good as to get him. She was worried about strangers talking to him!

I collected him from the phone box round the corner within five minutes. He leapt into the car and hid himself on the floor with the comment that he’d just seen a mate of his down the road and didn’t want to be seen. Once at the top of the road and heading out of the village, he sat up and wormed his arm round my waist.

“Glad to see you!” he grinned. “It’s been ages.”

I explained the conversation I’d just had with his mum and dad, and how lucky he was that I’d been able to get out of the house to meet him. To give him his due, he looked a little worried for a while, but soon cheered up when I added that I thought things were alright.

Gareth was now being hyper-active in his excitement. We were travelling down the dual carriageway heading for a quiet spot we knew when he drew my attention to his groin area. It wasn’t the erection he undoubtedly would have by now that he wanted to show me, but that it was poking out through the fly of his shorts! The sight was adorable and I couldn’t resist just wrapping my fingers round its warm, smooth skin for a moment or two and giving it a rub before reminding him that we were on a busy road and the passengers in any passing vehicle could see what was happening – not a good idea! Still grinning, he simply covered it over with my coat and held my hand in place. Driving was made harder, but not impossible as I carried on toying with him.

I’d worked out we’d about an hour, or just under, before we would be missed and so I tried to remember if there was anywhere nearby we could stop for a ‘funny half hour’. Luckily there was a lay-by on a little used road close at hand, and before long I pulled up under an Elm tree and turned the engine off.

I turned to look at my cousin and smiled at him broadly. “It’s good to be here. I’ve missed you,” and I took his hand and squeezed it. A tear formed in Gareth’s eye, quickly wiped away.

“Do you wanna do anything?” he whispered urgently. “We ain’t got a lotta time if you do.”

“Do you?” I asked.

“Yeaaaaah!!” he sighed. “I’ve been waiting ages for you.”

In view of the lack of time we clambered into the back of the Landrover, which thankfully I’d had the foresight to clean out earlier in the week; after all it now had a more important use than storage space for my junk!

We didn’t bother getting stripped, instead we unfastened our trousers and slid them down to our ankles. Gareth lay back, enjoying the fresh air drifting over his perfect body. I took a second or two to look at him closely. His skin was flawless, pale pink and satin-soft. Not a hair in sight apart from the one or two wisps of blond hair around his cock, which only seemed to enhance his attractiveness. Not being able to resist him, I leaned over and placed my lips on his. For the first time he reacted as I hoped he would. There was a slight, hesitant pressure at first but then he threw his arms round my neck and pulled me to him. I felt his tongue trying to force its way into my mouth, which I opened willingly to let him in. We tongue-wrestled for a while, until Gareth pulled away and looked into my eyes, but said nothing.

“Wow! That was brilliant!” I sighed. “What do you want to do next?”

“Can we do what we did before?”

Assuming he meant sucking each other, I replied that he was in charge and we would do, or not do, whatever he wanted. With no little difficulty I turned over so we were head-to-toe in the cramped space. Taking his steel-hard bone between my fingers, I held it as I let it slide into my mouth. I started sucking him hard: he’d got me so aroused in such a short space of time that I wanted us both to be satisfied as quickly as possible. Suddenly, I paused and thought.

“When did you last cum?” I asked curiously.

“Just before I rang you,” he giggled. “I’d got back from town early so’s I wouldn’t be late and I got pissed off with waiting and my thing was hard so I went to the public toilets and jerked off.” The smile faded as he added, “I didn’t want to, I wanted to wait for you, I thought I’d just do a bit then stop, but I couldn’t and I came.”

I laughed slightly at him as I said, “I know the feeling. Once you’ve started, you can’t stop!”

We returned to our sucking and licking. The thought of him wanking in a toilet thinking of me, and the taste of his sperm in my mouth were enough to make sure that neither of us lasted long. I sensed his seemingly prehensile tongue slipping and sliding inside my foreskin as his fingers ran up and down my prick. I tried to suck out any remains of his earlier jerk-off, thoroughly enjoying the scent and flavour of him. Given these circumstances, I lost control of myself and spasmed my load of warm, love-juice down his throat within seconds: soon after Gareth’s cock gave a couple of jerks before shooting his still tremendous amount of sperm into me. Thankfully, his earlier jack-off must have taken the edge of his orgasm as he didn’t react as strongly as he normally did.

Once dressed and we were heading home, I was deep in thought, turning over an idea I’d had when he interrupted me.

“Have you ever had it up your bum?” I heard him say.

I should have expected this sort of question at some point I suppose, but I’d never given it a serious thought apart from once in a while when we were making love someplace. It was something which I’d only ever tried once and didn’t like it because of the pain – I must have been about twelve I suppose. Gareth, I assumed never had.

“What made you think of that?” I asked.

“Saw it on the toilet wall, but I’ve thought about it before.”

I told him the truth and that it was probably very good, but painful. He agreed that it would, but he wouldn’t mind trying it though. My mind reeled as I absorbed this revelation. I suppose that it was the natural progression in our relationship, but it was a big step and one which might just ruin the good thing we had going if we weren’t careful. Still he kept on about it, and we ended up agreeing to try it when we could. I took this chance to bring up something else which had been worrying me slightly over the weeks I’d got to know him.

“You know when you cum, Gareth?” I started, “Well sometimes you worry me a bit the way you sort of scream and beat about the place. I’ve even thought you were going into a fit or something and it scared me.”

He giggled at this and explained that ever since he started to play with his – thing, as he still called it – when he came to the good bit at the end, he’d always sort of lost it. “You should’ve been there the first time I came,” he laughed. “I was in bed and was wanking it when suddenly I got the feeling and I shot this stuff out. I was so surprised that I went into one and fell out of bed!”

“What happened?” I chuckled, remembering happily the first time I came.

“Mum came to see what’d happened, but by the time she got in my bedroom, I was back in bed. I told her that I’d just fallen out when I turned over.”

By this time we’d arrived back at the house and weren’t too late to cause any comments, thank goodness.

During the afternoon, I decided to mention the idea I’d had before to see how it would go down. Whilst Gareth was up in his room messing about, I turned to my uncle and aunt and said that my summer holidays were coming up soon and I was going camping for the first two or three weeks, probably down on the south coast somewhere. With my heart in my mouth, and certain they could read my thoughts, asked them if they thought Gareth would like to come. I pointed out quickly that I hadn’t as yet mentioned it to him, just in case he couldn’t make it.

They thought for a moment before telling me that they hadn’t any objections: if he wanted to go, then he could. They even hinted that they thought it was a good idea, although didn’t actually say so.

It was during tea that Uncle Bill brought it up by saying to Gareth that I’d offered to take him camping if he wanted. Gareth’s face was a picture. First shock, followed by a slow dawning that he wasn’t hearing things. I’m sure that if we’d been alone he would have rushed over, and hugged and kissed me in thanks. As it was, he just about managed to stay on his seat and say excitedly that he would love it. I hope his mum and dad didn’t notice the red glow of happiness that suffused his face. Just as I might have expected, there then followed an impressive list of ‘do’s’ and don’t’s’ from his father, calculated I guess, to piss him off. I could tell that Gareth didn’t take his father too seriously, despite the sombre look he adopted. His sparkling eyes said all that was necessary for me.

Gareth and I didn’t get much of a chance to talk that evening as his parents didn’t go out; neither did we get what we both wanted: to be near each other, to touch and hold and be close. Talk about frustrating!! From about eight o’clock, I kept getting more and more frantic signals from him that it was time for bed: either fingers pointing to the ceiling or a hand dropped to his groin. He even had to move to another chair out of his parents eye-line as his erection became more and more difficult to hide. Not that I didn’t have a similar problem. You try keeping your dignity when a ravishingly good-looking almost 13-year-old boy is trying his best to get you into his bed!

I managed to stay around until the news finished at about ten-thirty; Gareth had given up an hour before and had gone upstairs. Saying goodnight to my uncle and aunt, I followed my hopefully would-be-ready-and-willing angel.

He wasn’t in bed, much to my surprise. Sat on the floor, he’d gathered together what few bits of camping gear he had, as well as fishing rods and other stuff he wanted to take along.

“Come on,” I chided him, “It’s weeks away yet. Don’t get too excited.”

Largely waste of breath of course, but it did slow him down. He pushed the pile into the corner of the room and bounced across to where I was sitting on the bed. Worming himself round my back, between me and the wall, he hugged me tightly and lay his head in my crotch, looking up.

“Thanks!” he whispered, “It’s gonna be great isn’t it?”

“Yeah, It’ll be good fun.” I agreed. “Provided, of course that you can keep out of trouble between now and then!” I was joking of course, but only partly. I didn’t want anything to spoil it for us.

Sneaking surreptitious glances at each other, enjoying the real and secret reason for our happiness, we undressed and climbed into our beds, neither of us bothering with pyjamas I noticed. We lay on our sides talking to each other about where we would go and so on, both aware that we were simply killing time until the house was quiet.

Once we thought that everyone else was settled, Gareth slipped out of his bed and I held the covers back while he slid into mine. Wrapping our arms round each other, as much to stop us falling out as anything else, I was basking in his lovely warmth and delicious odour of fresh soap as I made myself comfortable. He’d also overdosed on deodorant! I assume that he’d been thinking ahead for a change and had got himself ready for me, in the way that adolescents tend to, by going overboard with the smellies! Still, it was a lovely thoughtful thing to do and there was no way I was going to spoil it for him: I wasn’t his father!

I was also aware of his boner pressing urgently against mine. It seemed to have grown over the past few weeks and was getting close to the same size as mine I realised – perhaps it’d benefited from the frequent use and massages it’d been subjected to!

“Can we, you know, do what I said before?” he whispered in my ear.

“I don’t think so, not here anyway. We would make too much noise and they would hear us, much as I would love to try it.”

He looked disappointed, but understood why we shouldn’t do anything too dangerous.

“Tell you what, though, we could try something else if you want. Turn onto your front and I’ll show you.”

Doing as he was asked, he stretched out fully on the bed, head resting on folded arms. Carefully I climbed over him so I had one leg either side and gently lowered myself so my cock was laying along his butt crack. Easing down further, I let my elbows take the full weight of my body. Very, very slowly I started to rock myself back and forth, letting his superb butt-cheeks do all the work. I think it was difficult for both of us: certainly the pleasure we were getting from it wasn’t all that much. Whenever I tried to speed up, the bed creaked alarmingly and I had to stop. In frustration, we swapped places, hoping that Gareth’s slighter frame would work better. It did, but not much and it still wasn’t fulfilling. It was Gareth who whispered that we could go on the floor.

Hurrying from the bed, we re-positioned ourselves between the beds and tried for a third time, with Gareth on top. This was much better. Gareth’s dick fitted perfectly between my cheeks and I could feel every single movement he made. It was much more sensual that I thought it would have been and I was getting extremely excited by it. Even the pain of my cock being rubbed up and down the carpet was bearable, just.

Gareth was sighing and moaning somewhere behind me as he thrust in and out, the pace varying with his passion, obviously lost in his intense concentration and determination to enjoy every second of it. His breath was coming in short, sharp gasps as I sensed his orgasm start to build up. The thrusts became more and more urgent and less and less controlled, his back arched in ecstasy. As I felt the first wad of spunk hit my back, I rolled over quickly and kissed him desperately, hugging him tightly to me – I was terrified that the noises he was sure to make would bring his parents in at the run. Thankfully Gareth realised what I was doing and allowed me to caress him lovingly as he calmed down. With a final thrust, he dropped the last of his cum on my stomach and breathed deeply. He didn’t rest there though: in something of a frenzy, he spun round and engulfed my now tender cock in his mouth and took the whole length. With out-and-out lust he sucked, swallowed and tongued my dick, his small hands pulling my butt up as far as humanly possible. I managed to keep pace with him until with a desperate final lunge, I shot huge wads of my cum straight down his waiting throat.

I waited a while with him cradled in my arms, watching the bright red glow of his body gradually subside to a more normal colour. We were both spent and could only manage short, breathless sentences.

“OK?” I whispered.

“Yeah. Fucking marvellous!” he smiled. “When can we do it again!!?”

Somehow I managed not to laugh out loud at his exuberance and satisfied him with a “just wait until we go camping!”

Staying on the floor, we hugged and cuddled for a while before Gareth reached over and kissed me. At first it was a quick peck on the lips, but once he was sure I wasn’t going to stop him, followed through by a deep, tongue twisting kiss of real emotion. I was glad he’d come to enjoy this and I relished every second of it.

Glancing at the clock and finding that it was now well after one in the morning, I picked him up and gently dropped him on his bed. As I did so, he grabbed my half-hard dick and started to jerk me off. Not having the energy to stop him, I lay beside him and took hold of his. Slowly and with great enjoyment we kissed and started to jack each other off. I was sure that there was no way I could get together enough spunk to shoot for a third time today, and neither should Gareth be able to. But I was wrong: much to my amazement we both did. Not a lot admittedly, but enough to please us both.

Totally spent I staggered over to my bed and was asleep almost before I hit the pillow.


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