Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Chapter 4

Over the next months I managed to spend quite a lot of time in Milton Keynes without raising suspicion, but I had to be very careful. One time Gareth and I made arrangements for me to drive to Milton Keynes and him meet me in town: we could then spend the day together without anyone knowing. I picked him up at the bus station and we quickly hurried headed out for the London Road, well away from where any of his friends and family lived. At first we were happy just to be together, talking about all sorts of odds and ends. It wasn’t too long before the atmosphere between us changed slightly though. We both knew the real reason that we’d planned this get-together, but neither wanted to bring it up first. I’d driven about twenty miles aimlessly round the lanes and was getting a little fed up with it, not that I’d tell Gareth that of course – I was happy doing just what he wanted.

About lunch time we stopped at a way-side café for something to eat and drink. Rather than risk being seen by anyone, I grabbed a couple of hot dogs and some tins of Coke and went to sit in the car out of the way.

“It’s too busy here,” Gareth said. “Let’s try and find somewhere quieter shall we?”

I started the Landrover and headed down a farm track behind the café, not knowing where it would end up. Luckily, it didn’t go anywhere except to the top of a slight hill where it petered out on the edge of a wood. The view was quite good in fact, and we clambered out of the car and sat on the grass, leaning against the front of it finishing our food. Once that was disposed of, Gareth lay down, resting his head on my lap and looking up at me.

“OK?” I asked, conscious that my cock was starting to wake up at the thought of what was now at last within reach.

“Yeah. Fine, thanks,” he replied with an all-too rare smile. “Fancy a funny half-hour?”

I was pleased that he’d brought it up first: I always felt a bit guilty when I did, as if I was taking advantage of him every time.

“That’s a very good idea!” I grinned back, “Come here.”

Stretching out, we put our arms around each other and sighed as we relaxed. “That’s better!” I whispered. “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Me too,” he sighed.

I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He wasn’t totally comfortable with this yet, but he was getting used to it and I felt him pull towards me slightly as the tips of our tongues touched. At the same time I was aware of his hand creeping towards my groin area, searching out his target. In one smooth movement he unfastened my trousers and slid the zip down. Working his way inside and through the slit in my underwear he took hold of my boner and held it lightly. I moaned at his welcome touch and hugged him. At a slight pressure from him, I lifted my hips up and let my clothes be pushed down to my ankles.

Deliberately I refrained from touching him at all for the time being: I was interested in finding out whether he liked being played with more his than playing with me for some reason. I soon found out as my hand was grasped and placed quit firmly over his crotch, the sign being obvious.

“You randy little ….!” I said grinning, “What have we started?”

“Nothing,” he replied, “We’re just having a bit of fun!”

“Good,” I agreed and started to undress him.

Up until now, just about all we’d done was a lot of mutual jerking off, groping and one glorious time when he’d fucked my mouth. We’d both been satisfied with this, but for some reason I felt that today was different. There must be something more we could do without him freaking him out. Apart from anything else, I didn’t want to cum just yet, there was still plenty of time left in which to enjoy ourselves. He was relaxed and content enough for me to try to explore and see what he’s done in the past with his mates.

His head was resting on my stomach as he watched his hand toying with my pride and joy.

“Ever done anything else except this?” I enquired quietly.

There was a slight hesitation in his hand movement as he thought.

“No, not really,” he mused. “But Roger and me almost did.”

I’d no idea who Roger was, and wasn’t really interested at present; but what they’d almost done interested me.

“What did you do?”

“We were on a cross-country run at school when we both wanted to piss. We went into some woods and pissed together standing behind a tree. I couldn’t help but look at his thing and it was getting hard. I was embarrassed at first, but then mine got hard as well and we looked at each other’s thing. He didn’t put his away, just held it there for me to look at, and I did the same.” He paused as he thought about it.

“Then he asked if I wanted to do anything and I said yeah. We dropped our shorts and started to wank each other a bit, but then he asked if he could suck it. Then he got down and put his mouth on it. We did it for about five minutes then we thought we heard someone coming so we had to stop.”

“Did you like it?” I asked, holding my breath.

“Yeah. I think so.”

“Wanna try it again? Like we did the last time?”

“OK” was the monosyllabic reply.

I’d only done this two or three times before in my entire life, and was only a tiny bit more experienced than Gareth, but I was more than willing to do it. I got him to stand in front of me as I put my back against the car and leaned forwards. My hands went to his butt as he rested his on my shoulders. Slowly I pulled him into my open mouth, conscious of him watching, fascinated, as his cock disappeared.

He had a perfect cock for sucking: not too big around, but long enough to reach the back of my throat without making me retch. It took me a few minutes to get accustomed to the unfamiliar feeling, but once there, I started work in earnest, licking and sucking on his beautiful cock for all I was worth. Gareth must be enjoying it as well, I remember thinking, because he started his adolescent fucking movements. Gently at first, but increasing in their ferocity rapidly. I remembered, almost too late, the violence and uncontrolled orgasms he had, and steeled myself for it.

It took longer than I thought and was about to have a rest when I felt his dick give a jerk and his body start to shake. Instantly his grip on my shoulders tightened and he gave a deep thrust, embedding his magnificent prick as far into my mouth as he could. Six or seven times he shuddered as he deposited his load. Even when he’d finished, he was still trembling and fighting for breath, mouth open and eyes glazed, his cock only half-softening and resting on my tongue – he was on much too much of a high to move anywhere until he came down from it. Eventually I eased him onto the ground and lay his lovely body on top of mine, noticing with interested that at some time I’d also orgasmed, my jizz making shiny pools on my chest. When he was able to speak, I asked him what it was like.

“Brilliant!” He grinned, “I like that!”

I hugged him tightly and replied that he could do it whenever he wanted! “What does it taste like?” he asked after a while.

“It’s a bit salty and gooey, but OK, I guess.” I told him.

“No, not spunk. I’ve tasted that before. Having a dick in your mouth I meant.”

“Oh! That. Well, it’s good. Better than good in fact, I can’t describe it really.”

“Can I try it?”

Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking of things we could do which wouldn’t scare him and now I found myself having given him his first proper blow job, and his asking if he can return the favour! Naturally, I agreed.

Spinning himself round, he quickly re-positioned himself, ready to embark on another adventure of discovery. He adopted the most logical position possible I suppose, although it isn’t one which everyone could cope with. Simply, he stretched out along the top of me, his belly slithering around slightly on the rapidly drying spunk covering my lower trunk. Because he weighed so little, I could manage him alright, and as an added bonus, had an eyeful of his delightful butt and hairless balls. They alone were enough to give me the boner of a lifetime, but the delicate touch of his tongue flitting around my hot prick were almost too much to bear. I only had to remind him once about his teeth, and after that he really started to get into it. If he had been nervous about getting involved in our sex games initially, which I think he was right at the start, he’d certainly lost all inhibitions by now. He was using my cock like a man possessed: when it wasn’t at the back of his mouth being stimulated by his tongue, it was being enchanted by his delicate fingers, playing it like a fine musical instrument. I thought I’d faint when his tongue delved inside my foreskin and worked its magic round my most sensitive head. Even with his weight I was squirming and writhing around, unable to stop myself in my ecstasy. And here’s another first. I shot my second load of the day into his waiting throat, every drop being swallowed, albeit involuntarily as he didn’t have time to back off. It didn’t faze him though as he ingested as much as he could immediately and swirled the rest around his teeth until he could get it down! As a finale, he managed to produce another sympathetic cum himself, not as fierce as before, but not far from it.

Exhausted, we lay there until our equilibrium returned, Gareth at last managing to turn round and lay nestled in my arms.

“Enjoy that?” I asked, stroking his lovely soft hair.

“Yeah. It’s OK isn’t it? I like that. Even managed to swallow your stuff as well. It tastes a bit like mine does.”

We cuddled and comforted each other for an hour or so, exchanging a few thoughts and ideas about when we could meet up again, where we could go and so on. It was getting late when we decided to make a move; the sun was going down and there was a distinct chill in the air. Reluctantly we dressed each other and started the drive back to town. I dropped him about half a mile from home with a last quick kiss and grope, and a boner he would have to take care of later.

Back in my room at college, I jacked off, thinking of Gareth and the things we had done and were yet to do. It was beautiful.


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