Gareth and Phil
by Alexander


Part One : Cousins United

Chapter 1

My father and his brother hadn’t spoken for many years, for what reason I don’t know. The only thing I knew was that on the few occasions I’d met him, I didn’t like him much. I must have been about eight or nine that last time we met: my mother took me to stay with them for a few days as his wife had just had a baby and wasn’t very well. The reason for her poor health I was to find out later was that she’d had the baby relatively late in life – in her mid-forties. Unbeknown to me that baby, later to be named Gareth, was to play an important part in my life much later on.

For the time being I just wanted to get away from my Uncle and his other two sons, Steven and Robert. They were in many ways like their father, and even at the ages of 15 and 16, were already brash, boisterous and bullying. And I at the tender age of eight or nine was the perfect target for them. My Uncle ruled the family with a rod of iron, or a leather belt, or his fist. Family arguments were an everyday occurrence and almost always ended with him hitting one or other of the boys whether they were part of the argument or not. Life for those few days was hell.

It wasn’t until twelve years later that I saw my Uncle again. I was at university, about thirty miles away from them. I don’t know what on earth possessed me, but for some reason I’d telephoned them one day and asked if I could come and see them. I’d like to think that it was from some sort of altruistic idea of bringing my uncle and father together again, but more likely it was because I wanted to somehow show I was now an independent being.

Anyway, for whatever reason I found myself driving towards Milton Keynes one Spring Saturday morning, idly thinking of what the next few hours would bring. Once I found the house (they’d moved two or three times since I was last there, and now lived in a small picturesque village just outside the town), I knocked at the door and waited. It was soon opened by my Uncle and immediately I began to regret my visit. The first thing that struck me was the smell of pipe tobacco which enveloped him like an invisible cloud. Instantly unpleasant memories of my previous stay with them surfaced, I’d forgotten that smell and all its associations. Struggling to pull myself together, we shook hands and I was invited in.

My initial nervousness soon disappeared as I found that not only did it seem that he’d changed, but the house was very different to the one I remembered with some distaste. The two older boys had married and left home, which I was a bit surprised at, as far as I know we’d never been invited or even told about their weddings. I’d almost forgotten about the third boy, Gareth, until I was reminded of him by my aunt, who told me that he was in bed at the moment recovering from a cold, and perhaps I would like to go upstairs and see him later. I would be sharing the room with him anyway if I decided to stay the night.

We talked for a little while longer about family affairs, catching up on a good many years history. One good thing which came out of our conversation was that they promised to ring my parents soon and even try to go and visit them. Something else however disturbed me a little. Whenever we spoke about Steve and Robert, they were full of praise for them: how well they’d done, how rich they were going to become and so on. Gareth hardly ever got a mention, and when he did I got the distinct impression that there was a problem of some sort. I wasn’t on firm enough ground with them to probe too deeply, but I stored it at the back of my mind for future reference as I hoped that Gareth wasn’t being given the same sort of brutal treatment my Uncle had given his two older boys.

Despite all the foregoing, I had quite a pleasant day with them, and when asked if I would like to stay the night readily agreed, and within a few minutes was introduced to Gareth, my cousin and my room-mate for the night. Things were a little awkward at first as you might expect, but once his parents had gone I sat on the edge of his bed and started to chat with him. He was a much slighter built lad than his brothers, and my first impression was also that he was a shy and timid boy. We did however manage to get to know each other well enough to make us comfortable together. One thing that I haven’t mentioned so far is that I am gay, but I don’t suppose this will surprise you for a moment, bearing in mind where you are. My experiences had been very limited however as I was also very frightened of being found out. I’d had quite a few experiences at school, especially in my mid-teen years, some of which were more memorable than others. I’d also had one or two flings afterwards, but for two or three years now I’d been completely celibate: doing nothing except look after myself in the traditional manner. It was somewhat to my embarrassment and surprise therefore that I found I was getting an erection just sat on the bed talking with Gareth. With discretion being the better part of valour, I decided to cut the conversation short and go to bed before I got myself into trouble.

Laying in bed in the dark, I turned things over in my mind, trying to put into some sort of order the many things I’d learned over the past few hours. On the one hand I was pleased that I was beginning to build some sort of bridge between my Uncle and my father and that I’d coped rather well with what could have been a very difficult situation. On the other hand, my unexpected reaction to Gareth disturbed me.

The following day, being Sunday, I decided to relax during the morning and stay until lunch-time when I had to leave so I could get back to my hall of residence in time to do some work before lectures on Monday. One thing I did do during the morning however, was to have a serious effect on the rest of my life. To save time later in the day, I’d decided to do a bit of shopping in the village and Gareth asked if he could come with me. Gladly I agreed, and added that if no one minded we could go for a ride round the countryside as well. Within a few minutes we were drifting around the rather uninteresting countryside of this part of Northamptonshire, chatting away quite happily. He’d lost some of his shyness, and whilst not being too voluble still managed to maintain an interesting conversation. Like his brothers, he had an interest in cars and was interested in mine, which happened to be a rather old ex-army Landrover I’d picked up cheap. Not a good-looker certainly, but fun to drive. Idly, I asked if he could drive. I knew that his brothers had been taught at a very young age by their father and was surprised when he said he couldn’t.

For whatever reason, and I swear that there was no ulterior motive, I asked Gareth if he’d like to try and have a go at driving my Landrover. He grinned broadly and said he’d love to.

“Any idea where we can go?” I asked, uncomfortably aware that I was getting an erection, again. What was this boy doing to me?

We ended up on one of the several Second World War abandoned airfields that scatter the county. It was an ideal place for learning to drive as it had a concrete runway, which whilst not all that wide was plenty long enough!

The Landrover, surprisingly, is an easy vehicle to drive. Not very fast, and certainly heavy on the steering, but still fun to drive. It didn’t take Gareth long to pick up the rudiments. In fact like the rest of the men in the family, he appeared to have an innate gift for driving. We quickly progressed from driving up and down the runway in more or less straight lines, to three-points turns and so on. It was during one of these turns, when I was helping him with the steering wheel when I noticed his groin. He had a definite erection! My thoughts flashed back to when I was taught to drive at about the same age and how I would get hard almost every time I got behind the wheel. (There was a reason for that, but I’ll tell that story later – maybe!!)

Immediately I saw the boner, my own hitherto dormant member sprang to life. A little embarrassed, I slid back to my own side of the car and, hopefully unnoticed, adjusted my cock into a less uncomfortable position.

Whilst Gareth was having fun driving around, I stared out of the window, trying to gather my thoughts. Idly, I glanced over at my companion and let my eyes wander down to his groin again. It was still tented out, but this time it was being caressed by Gareth’s hand. At first I thought he was adjusting himself just as I had done, but apparently not as he was definitely toying with it. He must have noticed where I was looking as his hand suddenly shot back to the steering wheel. I looked at his face and saw he was blushing a very bright red.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “That always used to happen to me when I drove. Still does sometimes, it must be the vibrations!” I joked.

Gareth half-smiled back at me, slightly more relaxed. His hand dropped back to his groin and just rested there, his finger and thumb massaging what I judged to be his cock-head. I was trying to guess its size, and without thinking, regretting it just as soon as I had said it, asked him how big it was. Shit! Any thoughts I’d had of seducing the boy (and I must admit, it had occurred to me) were dashed. Bollocks! I got only a slightly puzzled, quizzical look from him before he replied that he’d no idea really, but he supposed it was about four inches or so. At least I’d had a reply and so all hope hadn’t been lost I thought gratefully.

“Not bad,” I answered, trying to think desperately of what I could say or do next to move things along and possibly change the subject for a while as least. Once again I took hold of my own erection and adjusted it.

“How big’s yours then?” I heard him say.

“Dunno. About six inches I guess,” I told him.

There was a slightly awkward pause whilst we both sorted our thoughts out.

“Can I feel it?” I asked him quietly, surprised at my own audacity. He didn’t answer in words, just simply moved his hand back to the wheel and opened his legs a little wider. For some reason I became very nervous: I wasn’t at all sure whether or not Gareth really wanted me to touch him, or whether he was just being nice, a sort of reward for letting him drive.

“You sure? You don’t mind?” I checked.

“Yeah. I don’t mind.”

Trembling, I slid my hand over and rested it on his boner. Feeling it gently with my fingers, I mentally agreed with him that he must have four inches at least.

“Can I get it out?” I asked with bated breath.

The final question. I knew that if he said no, then the game had ended. If, on the other hand he said yes, then there was hope. He nodded, still not saying a word, eyes staring intently ahead. The Landrover is not a well-designed vehicle as far as the passengers are concerned. For one thing there is an enormous transmission tunnel running down the centre of the vehicle, surmounted by three gear levers (driving gears, low/high ratio drive and transmission lock for those interested!).

Sitting sideways in my seat, I reached up and started to slide his zip down. It only went about a third of the way before it jammed and try as I might I couldn’t get it any further down. Wordlessly, Gareth lifted his butt off the seat and adjusted his trousers so as to make it easier for me. Damn! I still couldn’t manage it.

“You do it,” I pleaded.

“Can’t when I’m driving. In any case I can’t concentrate when you’re doing that. Let’s stop over there.”

He indicated an old hangar some little way off to one side. Within a minute or so he’d pulled up against the high wall of the derelict building. Without looking at me, he pulled his zip as far down as it would go and slid down in his seat to make it easier for me. Eagerly I searched for his prize, and only causing him to wince once slightly, managed to manoeuvre his cock out through the slit in his undershorts and out into the fresh air. It was beautiful. Perfectly proportioned, uncircumcised and just the barest hint of blond pubic hair visible, I stared at it, astonished at how exquisite it was.

“Beautiful!” murmured, “Just beautiful.”

Gently I fondled it, storing every square millimetre of it in my mind for future reference and hopefully a myriad jerk-off sessions.

“Can you come yet?” I asked, not for a second taking my eyes of the prize.

“Yeah,” he said, eyes closed. He was obviously enjoying the attention.

“Wanna come now?”

“Dunno. It’s not very comfortable here, and we might be seen.”

“We can get in the back if you like.”

My Landrover had a van-like back on it, windowless apart from the doors.

“It’s not very big, but we could probably manage.”

“OK, if you want.”

The words seemed to put the onus on me: he was trying his best to give the impression of not being really bothered whether we did anything or not. But his actions told another story. Making only a nominal effort to fasten his zip, he was out of the door and making his way to the back before I could turn round.

The space in the back wasn’t all that big, and in any case it was filled with various bits of junk of mine, but with a little effort we made enough space for us to get more or less comfortable. Excitedly, I fumbled to undo his belt and slide his trousers and white pants down to his knees. This time I took a closer look at his manhood. Still erect, it was pointing North, its skin-covered head reaching almost to his belly-button.

“It really is very nice,” I whispered, taking hold of it and starting to work my hand gently up and down the short shaft.

“You can get mine out if you like,” I said, wishing with all my heart that he had the confidence, and the interest, to do so.

I felt his tiny hands scrabbling to undo the button at the waist of my trousers and I humped up a bit to allow him to push them down to my knees.

The sensation I felt as he started to fondle my cock and balls was indescribable. It had been a long time, far too long a time, since I had felt anyone else’s hand on my cock and I almost came with the shock. I moaned involuntarily with the pleasure Gareth was giving me. I hadn’t felt as good as this since the last time I was masturbated by a friend – and that was a very long time ago.

We lay there for what seemed ages, heads on each other’s shoulders, gently playing with each other, revelling in every movement, every emotion and every sensation. Without warning, I felt Gareth’s slight frame tense up, his groin thrust towards me, and just as he was saying, “Phil ……” he came massively, the results of our joint efforts shooting the few inches between us and landing on my lower stomach. Warm, wet and wonderful; his fresh semen set off a reaction in me which caused me to ejaculate in sympathy. Luckily most of it landed on the floor between us, only a little managing to finish up on his T-shirt. Sighing deeply, we relaxed with our arms round each other, deeply contented as we slowly came down from our incredible climax. Gareth was the first to drop into reality. I was still in a daze when I heard him say, “Drive! I wanna drive some more!”

Rather groggily I looked at him as he struggled to dress himself, the events of the past few minutes apparently already consigned to the past.

“Yeah. OK then,” I answered, reluctantly reaching down for my trousers and pants. “Go on.” We drove around for another half an hour or so when I remembered the time. “Hey, come on, we’d better get back, it’s getting late.”

Pulling a face, Gareth asked if he could drive as far as the gate. Agreeing to this, I watched as my new-found friend guided the Landrover towards the exit.


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