Bipartite Boy
by Alexander


1. Ryan and Angela

Ryan was walking on air – and being a normal fifteen-year old boy there was only one thing that could make him that pleased with himself. Sex. He’d had sex for the first time, or, to be more correct, had had sex with a girl for the first time. He didn’t count the few jack-off sessions he’d had with his mates over the past couple of years, they weren’t important. In fact he didn’t even know why he’d got involved – real, proper sex was done with girls, not boys.

It’d started innocently enough when he’d gone to Angela’s house after school as usual. Their routine was that they’d check out their homework to see if there were any major problems with it, and if not they would end up on the living room settee kissing, cuddling and whatever until it was time for him to leave. And today was no different, at least to start with. Once they’d settled down and Angela had taken her T-shirt off for him once again, he was in heaven. She hadn’t even stopped him when he slipped an exploratory hand inside her knickers. This wasn’t too unusual, although it was a rarity that she’d let him go so far so easily.

Taking a breather to adjust the boner inside his pants, he looked at Angela and grinned. Smiling back, she pushed his hand out of the way and let her fingers wander up and down his cloth-covered shaft before delicately unfastening his trousers and sliding his zip down.

Once his dick was exposed, Angela leaned down to kiss her boyfriend and continued to let her hand hold on to Ryan’s pride and joy. This was just about as far as they’d ever gone, both eventually satisfying themselves with a deeply enjoyable spot of mutual masturbation and some furious tongue-lashing. Angela began to move her hand up and down slowly, keeping pace with Ryan’s fingers already exploring that magical spot just inside her.

“Slow down a bit,” Ryan whispered in her ear through gritted teeth. “I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.”

“Mmmm,” Angela replied, stopping her hand but not removing it. “Me too!”

“Oh fuck!,” Ryan moaned as he shot his load onto Angela’s hand. “Bollocks!”

Angela giggled at the mess on her hand and wiped it off with her now discarded T-shirt.

“How soon before you can do it again?” she asked curiously, re-inserting Ryan’s fingers.

“Dunno. ‘Bout ten minutes I guess,” a very pissed off Ryan mumbled.

“Good.” was the single-word reply, which Ryan hardly heard as he was stunned to see her hurriedly push her jeans and knickers off, leaving her stark naked in front of him. His eyes opened as wide as they could at the sight of her beautiful nakedness.

“Oh wow!” he moaned, his eyes fixed on the one place that fascinated him.

“Come on,”she laughed a trifle nervously, “Let’s do it before I change my mind!”

He needed no second bidding. Within seconds he too was similarly undressed and kneeling excitedly between her legs.

Showing him the way in, Angela sighed as she felt him enter.

“Take it out quick if you’re gonna cum again,” she growled, wrapping her legs around him and encouraging him to start.

Being his first time if not Angela’s, Ryan’s brain was a maelstrom of emotions, lust and incredible excitement being the uppermost by far. They couldn’t, and didn’t last five minutes, achieving passionate and mind-blowing orgasms together, Ryan only just managing to extract himself in time.

Totally spent, the couple lay in each other’s arms kissing softly until they regained some sort of composure. Once they’d come down from their incredible high, they looked at each other, slightly embarrassed at the situation they’d found themselves in so unexpectedly and began the search for their clothes.


2. Mike and Martin.

Way across the other side of town, Mike was just pulling his tender 14-year old cock out of Martin’s arse. They’d been planning to do this for ages after they’d found that weird site on the ‘net when they were searching for some boy-on-boy sex pics. Ever since they found that they liked messing with each other a few months ago, their fun times had escalated little by little until jacking each other off and trading blow-jobs were a daily event. In fact they were addicted to their secret hobby and were forever searching for new things to try, and butt-fucking was the ultimate as far as they were concerned. They hadn’t actually done it yet: it wasn’t easy to find the right time and place, but it was definitely on the agenda. Being close neighbours meant sleep-overs were out of the question: having street-wise (or rather boy-wise) parents who knew 14-year old’s wanting to sleep-over meant only one thing, even asking the question was pointless. But today, the boys were determined to take full advantage of the ninety minutes or so before their parents came home. They’d been talking about it all day at school, secretly and obscenely when no one was within earshot and as a consequence they’d hurried to Martin’s house just as school had finished, expectant erections leading the way.

Within minutes of getting indoors, they were bollock-naked and stretched out on Martin’s bed, grinning stupidly at each other and caressing their hugely erect cocks.

“We gonna do it then?” Mike said, making a lunge for Martin’s cock.

“Yeah!” his mate replied. “Let’s!”

The matter of who does what to whom was settled by the toss of a coin, it being decided that Martin should be the first to loose his anal virginity. Mike was happy with that; he wanted to experience both positions anyway and couldn’t care less in which order they arrived.

“Give us a kiss,” Martin sniggered. “You gotta get me in the mood first!”

That was no problem for either of them, and they spent a good few very happy minutes ‘getting in the mood’, as they phrased it.

“Come on then,” Martin whispered into Mike’s ear. “Let’s do it.”

Reaching into his school bag, Mike pulled out a tube of KY which he’d lifted from the local shop a few days ago. It was already half-used as the pair had joyfully experimented with its properties several times in the past couple of days, much to their delight and mutual satisfaction. In fact, if they hadn’t decided to ‘do it’ today, there was a real danger that one of them would have to steal another one.

“Lay on your back, like in the pictures,” Mike urged Martin. “And lift your legs.”

It took a bit of arranging and a lot of giggling, but it wasn’t too long before the lads were satisfied that things were lined up OK and they were ready to start. With silly grins and a desperate urge to get on with it, Mike pressed his purple head against the little brown ring.

Had they but known it, Mike’s steel-hard dick slid inside Martin with remarkable ease, far easier than they had a right to expect. In their innocence, and overwhelming carnal lust for each other, the possibility that it would be incredibly painful, if not actually impossible, hadn’t occurred to them. Copious amounts of KY and a ‘let’s get in the mood’ play-around first had done their bit.

“Oh fuck!” Mike moaned as his cock breached the barrier and he felt Martin’s heat and tightness for the first awesome time. “Oh shit!”

Martin was speechless, his brain a mass of flashing lights and his body filled with a warm glow such as he’d never felt before. Of pain, there was just the briefest flash, instantly replaced by an unbelievable sensation of pure sex.

“You OK?” Mike whispered. “Want me to go on?”

Martin nodded quickly. Mike pushed down slowly.

“It’s all in,” Mike said, still not quite believing what he was doing to his best mate. “Feels fantastic. You gotta try it!”

Martin grinned widely and urged his mate to get on with it.

He tried to take it slowly, honestly he did. But once the full force of the sensations hit him, all attempts at self-control went flying out the window and he started to buck in and out like a demented rabbit, only pausing once when because of his over-enthusiastic effort, his dick slipped out – to be instantly replaced much to their joint relief.

Such was the intensity of their coupling that it was only when Mike’s balls tried to empty themselves for the third time that his cock softened and he reluctantly let it slip out of it’s new home.

“Oh Christ!” Martin sighed. “That was the best! We shoulda done it before! And look, I even cum without touching it!”

“Wow!” was all a breathless Mike could manage, staring sightlessly at the silvery mess on his best friends navel.

Lazily the two boys rolled over and embraced, kissing each other gently as their exhausted bodies tried to recuperate.

“Want me to do you?” Martin whispered once he’d regained some strength.

“I’m too fucked,” Mike said reluctantly. “I ain’t got no energy left. Tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure,” Martin replied, slightly disappointed. “You’ll fuckin’ love it. Honest.”

Thus it was that not long after, Mike was walking home, thinking of what he’d just done and what he was going to do tomorrow. Happily, he put a hand in his trouser pocket and gently fondled his tender dick, well satisfied with himself. ‘Life is good,’ he thought. ‘Life is fuckin’ brilliant!’


3. Midnight.

Ryan and Mike didn’t know each other – didn’t know that on the stroke of midnight they had at least one thing in common. They were both in their beds, jacking off and thinking of the momentous, life-changing event that had occurred to each of them a few short hours ago.

Ryan’s hand was moving slowly up and down his cock, eyes closed as he relived each fantastic second of the loss of his virginity with Angela. Having done it once, he fantasised, there was no reason why they couldn’t do it again and again and … His hand speeded up and the welcome and familiar ache in his groin began to makes its presence felt.

Mike was laying in bed, eyes open and looking at his still red dick in his hand, perfectly happy knowing where it had been so recently, and looking forward keenly to the afternoon when it would be his turn … Sighing in perfect contentment, he allowed his fingers to wrap round his tender dick and begin …

Accompanied by a stifled moan, Ryan’s dick exploded, his cum jetting out achingly hard, splattering his body from chin to groin.

At precisely the same instant, Mike’s balls contracted, his cock twitched, the first pellet of cum was ejected and then …. his heart stopped.

In that single fraction of a second when their minds were hit simultaneously by that orgasmic bliss that left them filled with a white nothingness of pure ecstasy, something truly strange happened.

‘Undiagnosed congenital heart condition’ the coroner was to tell his grief stricken parents sometime later. ‘He wouldn’t have felt a thing. Quick and painless. Could have happened at any time.’ He chose not to embarrass them by explaining precisely what had triggered the event.


4. Mike and Ryan.

Of the dozens, possibly hundreds of cums he’d had, this was by far the best, Mike thought as his sperm jetted from his dick once again. There was just a moments real, physical pain as his balls emptied themselves and his mind soared high in the air with the ecstasy of it. And stayed there. Mike waited anxiously for his brain to re-engage itself, but it never did. Carefully and very slowly he opened his eyes, wondering what the hell had happened to him.

“Oh, fuck!” he thought as he saw his body laid on the bed, a smile of sheer bliss on his face and a now very limp dick clamped in his hand. There was no real emotion in his thought, just a factual recognition that he was dead. ‘Like the proverbial parrot’ he thought to himself incongruously. ‘But what a fuckin’ way to go!’ He giggled to himself as he thought of what would’ve happened if he’d died when his cock was deeply embedded in Martin’s arse. ‘Might just have freaked him out a bit!’

He didn’t have time to think any more than this before his mind was filled with yet another orgasm-induced whiteness. He felt his body shudder as he ejaculated another massive load of cum. He stared down at his dick, confused. Shit! It wasn’t his dick – hell, it wasn’t even his hand! Automatically he opened and closed his fingers and felt the now wilting cock respond to the pressure. The feeling was there, the post-orgasmic tiredness was there and he could even feel the sticky dampness on his stomach. Everything was normal in fact – with one exception – it wasn’t his body.

Ryan let his breath out with a well-satisfied groan and looked down at himself, inordinately proud of the rope of cum now cooling on his chest. The mental image of Angela faded as he searched around under the bed for his cum-rag.

Usually he’d simply turn over and go to sleep once he’d jacked off, but tonight he felt different somehow and not in the least tired. In fact he felt far more alert than he had a right to, bearing in mind what he’d just done. Furrowing his brow he tried to think. The first thing that struck him was that his brain seemed bigger somehow – not bigger in size, but full of stuff he didn’t know he knew. He also had the strangest feeling that he wasn’t alone. Impossible of course: the house was all locked up, his parents were in bed and even his bedroom door was bolted. But still …

Curiously he turned his bedside light on and looked around the room. Everything was in its place and there were no bogeymen or anything around, and yet …. Things seemed different. Familiar yet unfamiliar. Normal yet abnormal. Thinking about it, even his own body felt odd. Sliding out of bed, he stood up and immediately sat down. “Stupid!” he thought to himself as he lost his balance. “What the fuck’s going on?” His body felt bigger than it should: arms just a bit longer than he thought they were, legs more muscular and hairier. He wasn’t scared or frightened, just overawed by the strangeness of the feelings. Ryan stepped over to the full-length mirror and examined himself. It was him alright: there was the tiny scar on his arm where he’d cut himself ages ago, the bruise on his shin from the football game, the hair on his head, in his groin, under his arms – all familiar and yet not.

Whilst he was trying to work out what was happening, he gazed in the mirror as he curled his fingers round his flaccid dick. For a few seconds he had the strangest feeling that the hand holding it wasn’t his: the memory of the time he’d let Jason jerk him off flashed into his mind. That was what it felt like, or when he tried to masturbate with his left hand. Not an unpleasant sensation, but not quite right.

Shrugging his shoulders, he decided that he must be sickening for something and climbed back into bed, eventually dropping off to sleep.


5. The First Day

Ryan was not a morning person. It wasn’t until after he’d showered, dressed and got some food inside that he began to take notice of the world around him. Today was no different until he stood under the shower. Reaching his crotch area, he soaped around his cock and balls, watching idly as his dick hardened. Ryan never jacked off in the morning – apart from anything else he never had the time and so the burgeoning erection was ignored. Ignored that is until he started to wash it. The instant his hand touched it, he knew that something was wrong. The hand wasn’t his – again! In something approaching a state of panic, he let it go.

‘Stupid’ he thought to himself and tentatively replaced his hand.

This time he was prepared for the shock and didn’t let go. It most assuredly wasn’t his hand – but it felt good anyway. Almost as if it had a will of its own, Ryan watched as he began to jack himself off. The sensation was amazing and in next to no time his breathing became ragged and he fired a massive load of cum onto the tiled floor. He shuddered slightly as he calmed down and decided that if he was really sickening for something, then at least for now, he wasn’t complaining!

Over the day, the strange feelings Ryan was getting didn’t get any better – but then neither did they get any worse. ‘It’s like I was a computer or something’, he rationalised. ‘Like someone had added some more memory and a new program or two. The same, yet not the same’. Once or twice in lessons, he was amazed to find that he knew answers to questions he was certain he didn’t know yesterday. And his handwriting had changed too – neater and more readable.

There was another change too, one which really did unnerve him.

Like every other boy he knew, he spent a great deal of time perving on the girls in his class, eyes fixed on particularly nice tits, or a glimpse of a smooth thigh, or even better, a flash of knicker once in a while. Such sights as these always resulted in an erection which he carefully hid from view. Today he failed to get one – OK, it got semi-hard, but nowhere near as solid as normal. He also found to his horror that he was also sneaking surreptitious glances at boys groins, and even once in a while wondering what sort of tackle the boy had. This too gave him the beginning of an erection, no more so when he looked at the well-filled package that Jason had. He and Jason had jacked off together before and he knew perfectly well what he had – a nice uncut five inches which fitted comfortably in his hand. Subconsciously he dropped his hand onto his own cock and gave it a squeeze, accompanied by a wish that he and Jason could do it again – and soon! Shaking his head at the unwanted thought, he forced himself to concentrate on his work.

The weirdest thing of all happened at lunch-time. He’d collected his meal from the canteen and was heading off to the table where his mates were sat when he saw Chris Meredith out of the corner of his eye. It was common knowledge that Chris was gay and although he was accepted well enough in school, not many people actually chose to be in his company. For some unfathomable reason, Ryan changed direction and he found himself sitting beside Chris. Not even across the table, but actually next to him.

“Hiya!” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Chris replied, surprised but not unduly perturbed.

They talked idly for a few minutes about their upcoming exams when Ryan found he was actually pressing his knee against Chris’s thigh. Glancing at Chris’s face, Ryan first saw a look of puzzlement and then a slight smile. Despite his deep reservations, Ryan smiled back and pressed a little harder.

“I need a piss,” Chris said quietly. “I’m going to the gym toilets,” he added unnecessarily.

Ryan watched as he left the dining room and without a second thought pushed his tray of unfinished food to the side and followed him.

In the quietest toilets in the school, the two boys stood a metre apart, their dicks pointing down at the trough, each staring intently as they slowly erected.

‘Nice one!’ Ryan thought as he looked at the slender cock.

Ryan didn’t move as Chris took a small sideways step and slowly reached out a hand towards him. Moving closer to Chris, Ryan’s fingers wrapped themselves round his now solid boner.

“In there,” Chris mouthed, nodding towards the cubicles.

Ryan had never had a blow job in his life, but once the offer had been made, there was nothing in the world he wanted more. Frantically he pushed his trousers and pants down to his ankles and stared as Chris’s mouth slowly approached his pulsating cock.

“Oh fuck!” he moaned as he was engulfed.

“Oh shit!” he groaned as Chris’s tongue got to work.

Yesterday he’d had his dick buried up to the hilt in Angela – and that was brilliant, fucking fantastic in fact. Now he was being sucked off by Chris, and that was just as fantastic. Different of course, but still amazing. And with the added bonus of a prehensile tongue working its own magic. Much, much better than Angela’s efforts.

“Cumming!” he moaned far too soon for his liking. “Fuckin’ hell!”

“Mmmm,” he heard Chris mumble as he swallowed every least drop.

Chris stood up, his face a rosy red with the effort and a broad grin across his face.

“Wanna wank me?” he whispered, waving his beautiful cock at Ryan.

“ ‘Course,” he found himself saying, returning the smile.

Chris’s dick felt every bit as good as it looked: iron-hard and yet soft, smooth, silky and incredibly hot.

Ryan let his fingers roam around Chris’s balls once in a while, eliciting an ecstatic sigh from him and a desperate “Don’t stop for Christ’s sake!”

He didn’t. Not until Chris had shot his load onto the cubicle wall anyway.

“That was unbelievable!” Chris said as he pulled his pants up. “We gotta do that again sometime!”

“Any time,” Ryan grinned. “Anytime you like.”

Chris gave Ryan a slightly puzzled look, shrugged his shoulders and let himself out. “Give me two minutes,” he whispered.

All afternoon, Ryan felt a certain amount of elation at his unexpected encounter with Chris. Elated and yet at the back of his mind, he knew it was completely out of character. Not that it worried him too much, he’d enjoyed himself anyway. More than he would care to admit.

The after-school session with Angela went very much as he expected – once the homework was done and dusted they settled down on the settee and began to mess around. For some reason his dick didn’t react quite as fast as it usually did – in fact it didn’t even achieve its full hardness. Ryan kissed Angela deeply and ran his fingers over her lovely smooth breasts, mentally ascribing his semi-erection to the fact that he’d had a heavy cum at lunch-time.

Even when she extracted his dick and began to play with it, it never fully hardened. Neither did it do any better when he slid two fingers into her.

“It ain’t properly hard,” Angela giggled. “You gettin’ bored with me or somethin’?”

Ryan thought quickly. “No,” he whispered, giving her clit a rub. “I had a wank dinner time, thinking about you.”

She laughed. “Shoulda saved it!”

Ryan closed his eyes and concentrated on her hand toying with his dick. ‘The last hand did that was Chris’s’ he thought – and he hardened instantly.

“That’s better,” Angela said. “It’s woken up!”

It took a little longer than usual, but he managed to cum satisfactorily eventually, even if it was after she’d orgasmed twice.


6. Realisation Dawns.

Ryan was getting worried. Sitting at the back of a boring Maths lesson, he mulled over the odd events of the past couple of days. Putting together all the things that’d happened, he realised that somehow he’d become a different person – and didn’t know how or why.

Losing his virginity to Angela was the first thing. That was good. More than good, fuckin’ brilliant he smiled to himself. No, it wasn’t that. Thinking harder, he realised that things first got peculiar later that same night as he was having a wank. That was when he first felt as if he was someone else. Then the things he found he knew without knowing where he’d learned them. Then his hand-writing, and lastly the thing with Chris in the toilets. There was no doubt in his mind at all – someone he’d become a different person. Well, not different perhaps, but somehow changed, and in a way he didn’t altogether dislike he suddenly realised. OK, the fun with Chris had been out of character, but it was fun nevertheless; almost as much fun as being with Angela. And when all said and done, it was harmless.

Giving up the struggle to rationalise things, he put his mind to the impossible maths question in front of him.

Things were better with Angela that afternoon. She wouldn’t let him fuck her again, but they did everything else and his performance well satisfied them both. She’d even joked that it was better ‘cause he hadn’t jacked off today. Only once did he catch himself thinking about Chris and Jason, but that was a fleeting thought which flashed through his mind as he shot a very respectable load onto Angela’s hand.

A couple of hours later he was watching the local news on the TV with his parents when a brief report of a young boy’s death attracted his attention. Apparently the lad had suffered a massive heart attack, cause by some sort of birth defect the reporter said. When a picture of the boy was flashed up on the screen, Ryan almost had a heart attack himself.

‘That’s me!” a voice inside his head suddenly said. “That’s bloody me!”

Ryan felt as if he’d been hit by a ten-ton truck. He stopped breathing and stared open-mouthed at the TV. In a blinding flash everything became crystal-clear. Not that it made any sense – none whatsoever, but he knew, simply knew, that that boy he was staring at was him. Or at least, was the reason for the changes he’d suffered. He was inside him, or to be more precise, his mind was.

“Oh fuck!” he said to himself as the newsreader went on to the next item.

Inside his mind, a battle-royal was raging. One part of it was telling him that he was Ryan, Ryan Johnson. Another part was saying he was Mike. Michael Rider. Both parts were confused, not to say terrified. After half an hour Ryan had calmed down enough to risk standing up.

“I’m going to have a lay down,” he told his parents. “I’ve got a rotten headache.”

He turned down the offer of an aspirin and went to his bedroom. Firing up his computer, he logged on to the news site and opened it up on the Michael Rider story. The picture of Michael threw him again for a moment, his heart missing a beat or two as he stared at the not unattractive-looking boy. He absorbed the details of the story and leaned back in his chair, thinking hard.

The boy must’ve died about midnight, the article said. Ryan thought. At midnight, he was …. ‘yeah!’ he smiled. Then he sat up with a jerk. It was also at midnight that he felt ‘different’ for the first time. Could it be? No, impossible. But what if? His mind went in circles as he contemplated all the possibilities – and impossibilities.

‘Mike?’ he said to himself. ‘Michael?’

In the hinterland of his brain something stirred. ‘Mike?’ he thought again.

That something which had stirred a moment ago seemed to wake up. There wasn’t a ‘yes’ or ‘what do you want?’ sort of thing, just a certain knowledge that its presence had been recognised.

‘You there?’ Ryan thought, realising just how stupid the question would appear if anyone knew what he was thinking.

Ryan sensed an acknowledgement.

‘What’s happened?” Ryan thought.

There was no response for a moment or two, but then he had a sudden impulse to clear his mind and try to think of nothing.

‘That’s better’ the something which seemed to be Mike said. ‘I got more room to think now.’

‘I’m either going mad or I’m seriously ill,’ Ryan thought.

The was the suggestion of a giggle at the back of his mind.

‘ I haven’t a clue what’s happened,’ the Mike voice said. ‘But it’s good fun ain’t it!’

‘What?’ Ryan flashed.

‘Two minds. One body. And a nice one too!’

Ryan wasn’t at all sure about it – in fact he didn’t believe it. He was becoming more and more convinced he’d lost all contact with reality.

‘No you haven’t. At least, if you have, then so have I. And I know I’m not mad. I’m me and you’re you. We just happen to share the same body now.’

Deciding not to pursue that particular avenue for the time being, Ryan asked, ‘Who are you anyway?’

‘You know that. Michael Rider. Mike to my friends.’

‘Yeah, but I don’t know anything about you. I never even knew you. ’

There followed a very interesting exchange of information, not the least being the reason why Ryan’s sexual tastes had changed.

‘You mean you’re gay?’ Ryan queried, more than slightly horrified.

‘Sure,’ Mike replied, with just a hint of delight. ‘You liked the thing with Chris? I did. Nice isn’t he?’

‘You made me do that?’

‘Yeah. It was hard work, but worth it in the end. And when we gonna get with Jason again?’

‘I’m not gay,’ Ryan insisted. ‘I’ve done it with my girlfriend, Angela.’

‘Yeah, I know. Pretty disgusting it was as well. I’d hate to do that. I had to go and hide in the back of your mind until you’d finished.’

Without realising it, the two boys had accepted their novel situation and exchanged thoughts and feelings freely, each learning from the other. Ryan felt better knowing he hadn’t gone mad, and Mike happy to have a working body to live in. The fact that Mike was gay and Ryan wasn’t also lent a certain something to their new relationship.

For a few days, there was a great deal of shuffling backwards and forwards between their minds, but eventually they came to a sort of working relationship. Most of the time they could work together in perfect harmony, sharing things they knew and enjoyed. Schoolwork became easier – quite good fun in fact as they swapped personalities once in a while. The only real problem was with their sex drives. The Ryan half continued to enjoy Angela much as before once they’d agreed that Mike should retreat to wherever he went. With care Mike even enjoyed being jacked off by Angela: once he’d got Ryan to close his eyes he could at least pretend it was Martin’s hand doing all the work.

He did much the same when on the following Friday, Angela actually let Ryan fuck her again. At the start, Mike was so against the idea that Ryan couldn’t maintain his erection properly, but once he’d started to plough into her, Mike simply thought of him and Martin again, after all when he couldn’t see what was happening, it wasn’t all that different. In any case, the end result was that all three of them had a wonderful time, Mike in particular enjoying the vicarious orgasm. But he was still frustrated and needed a boy.


7. Compromise.

To be frank, Ryan had become used to Mike’s preferences and although he didn’t like them he’d accepted them, after all there were other bonuses which his dual personality gave him. He was also aware that Mike was frustrated. The Ryan half of him was getting just about as much sex as he wanted, but Mike was starting to play up and was threatening to mess with his mind if he didn’t help him out.

So it was that Ryan sought Chris out once more. Spying him in the corridor between lessons, Ryan grabbed him by the arm and quickly asked if he would have lunch with him. “I just wanna talk to you,” he said as Chris looked back at him, puzzled and slightly afraid at being accosted so roughly. Chris agreed, thinking that at the very least he might get a wank out of it.

There was more on offer than that though, as Chris soon came to realise once they’d found a quiet spot and started chatting.

“Did you like what we did the other day?” Ryan asked nervously. He’d never actually chatted up another boy before and found the experience very unnerving: if it wasn’t for Mike’s prompting he’d have cut and run at the earliest opportunity.

“Yeah. It was good,” a curious Chris answered. “Why?”

He hoped he knew the answer, but being hit on by one of the biggest studs in the school had him confused – and very interested.

“Wanna do it again?” Ryan said between clenched teeth. And at a prompt from Mike added, “Somewhere quieter.”

Chris nodded, and with the slightest of smiles said, “Why? I thought you were straight. I don’t want no trouble or anything.”

Despite his feelings, Ryan went on to say that he liked to ‘play the other side of the fence’ once in a while. He didn’t want a regular boyfriend or anything, just a little boy-on-boy fun for a change. “How about my house sometime this week-end?”

Chris didn’t believe his luck, and Ryan didn’t believe what he’d just said.

“Yeah. OK then. Saturday morning?”

“Great!” Ryan said, “You know where I live?”

Chris nodded and dropped a hand into his groin, partly to hide the obvious erection and partly to show Ryan how excited he already was despite his reservations.

In return for the enormous favour Ryan had done for him, Mike left him completely alone during his times with Angela, satisfying himself with embracing the tremendous orgasms Ryan enjoyed under her hands. And there was one other thing Mike could do to show his appreciation. By a delicate adjustment of their minds, Mike could take control of Ryan’s whole body and make him do as he wanted. It never lasted very long though – perhaps ten minutes at the most because the concentration involved was so great and most times he tried it, Ryan fought back. But not always …

Late at night when Ryan was having his ‘goodnight wank’ he’d allow Mike to take control of his hands. The extra feelings he got were more than worth the risk he felt he was taking and he always ended up with the most fantastic cums. It helped of course that Mike could sense Ryan’s emotions building up and he paced himself to give him the absolute maximum of pleasure, ending up with a climax that exhausted them both.

It now took Ryan a good few minutes to drop off to sleep afterwards, mainly because he and Mike were still swapping thoughts and feelings. Mike knew how Ryan felt when he was messing with Angela, and although the feelings he had were almost the same as he had when he used to be with Martin, they were subtly different. Ryan felt the same too, and oddly enough found that he was looking forward to the morning when Chris was due to arrive. ‘Just as an experiment’ he rationalised.

Chris turned up just before ten o’clock. At Mike’s insistence, Ryan had dressed himself with more care than he normally did. ‘He ain’t gonna go for raggedy jeans and a scruffy T-shirt’ Mike insisted. ‘Try those blue shorts and the white T-shirt. Oh, comb your hair and put some smelly stuff on as well.’ Ryan did as he was told.

“Hiya!” a very nervous Chris said as Ryan opened the front door.

“Hi!” Ryan replied, giving him a smile. “Come on in.”

There was a subtle change in Ryan on the short walk from the door to the lounge, one which Chris was completely unaware of, thank goodness. Ryan let Mike take control.

Almost instantly, Ryan’s dick began to harden up at the sight of Chris’s enticing butt.

‘Oh fuck!’ Ryan thought and retreated as far as he could to the back of his mind.

At first the conversation between Chris and Mike was nervously stilted, both knowing why they were there but neither willing to put their thoughts into words, much less any action. Chris, still a little apprehensive was treading very carefully, not convinced yet that he wasn’t about to get beaten to a pulp. Mike was equally tense. He’d never seduced a boy before – what’d happened between him and Martin just sort of did, neither of them actually planning it. ‘Still,’ he thought, ‘I’ve gotta have a go.’

Tentatively Mike put his hand on the back of Chris’s neck and let his fingers stroke it a couple of times, then took his hand away to judge Chris’s reaction. Seeing none but a slight smile and an almost imperceptible moan, Mike moved up a bit closer and rested his hand on his thigh. This time he saw the unmistakable swelling in Chris’s groin and slowly worked his hand towards it. Obligingly Chris opened his legs wider, turned to face Mike and dropped a hand on Mike’s erection.

“Want to see my room?” Mike whispered.

Chris nodded.

Once inside, with the door firmly closed, the two boys stood in front of each other. Mike reached out and stroked the front of Chris’s trousers. Chris returned the gesture.

“Do you kiss?” Mike heard himself say.

“Yes,” Chris said as he took a step forwards.

Timorously the boys lips touched. Arms wrapped themselves round waists. The kiss got a little harder. Eyes closed and lips parted. Tongues found each other. Cloth-covered erections pressed together.

“Wanna get undressed?” Chris moaned.

At the back of Mike’s mind, Ryan absorbed the event unfolding in front of him, and despite his earlier misgivings found it not as puke-making as he thought it would be. He was even more impressed when he examined Chris’s naked body now standing in front of him. ‘Good body’, he thought. ‘Tight, smooth and almost hairless. Looks nice.’

Mike let his eyes drop downwards and saw a beautiful, full-skinned cock, pointing sky-wards. It was just a bit small than his, and thinner too, but it matched the body it was attached to perfectly. They kissed once more, revelling in the full skin-on-skin contact, cocks jostling for space between them. Without breaking their embrace, the boys worked their way across to the bed and collapsed on it, hands stretching down to groins.

“What do you like doing?” Mike asked as he stroked the meat under his fingers.

“Whatever you want,” Chris sighed, now feeling ecstatically happy knowing he wasn’t going to get beaten up.

They kissed again, more passionately now, knowing they were sharing the same thoughts.

Hands roamed freely, backs were scratched, necks and shoulders stroked, hair played with and balls felt gently. Dicks rubbed tenderly

“You’d better slow down a bit,” Mike murmured. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t.”

Chris giggled and satisfied himself with a good feel of Mike’s balls.

“Do you, you know,” Mike asked, giving Chris’s butt a squeeze to make the point.

Chris nodded. “Only done it twice before though. I ain’t had much practice!” he added laughingly.

“That’s twice more than me,” Mike giggled. That, at least, was partly true. “Wanna give it a go?”

Chris, not believing his luck, nodded. “Got any ……”

He didn’t get chance to finish the sentence as Mike leaned across him and pulled out his (Ryan’s?) tube of lubricant from the beside cabinet.

“You do it to me,” Mike said, handing the jelly over.

Spending the minimum amount of time possible, first Chris and then Mike got themselves ready, and after a short discussion, Mike crouched down on all fours.

Chris rested a hand on Mike’s hip and aimed his dick at the inviting spot. Moving up slightly, he gasped as skin met skin. Taking a deep breath he eased forward. Mike bit his bottom lip and waited. Ryan panicked and almost regained control what was, after all, his own body. But then he relented – after all it’d been good fun so far, hadn’t it?

As Chris made contact, images of Martin, Ryan, Angela and a few others he’d forgotten about raced through Mike’s mind, and reflexively his anal muscle relaxed. Chris slid in easily and without a pause pressed himself home. An intense feeling of delight swept through both Mike and Chris – and, vicariously, through Ryan. The sense of fulfilment; of sheer, wanton lust quickly overcame the momentary flash of pain and everyone sighed with happiness.

“Jesus!” Chris moaned. “This’s fuckin’ brilliant!”

Mike agreed wholeheartedly and wriggled his butt excitedly. “Feels like a telegraph pole!” he giggled.

“Can you lay down?” Chris asked. “Slowly though so I don’t come out.”

Carefully Mike did as he was told and felt the intense delight of Chris’s naked chest on his back as well as his dick buried up to the hilt.

Very carefully, Chris began to work himself in and out. The twice he’d been allowed to fuck someone before had both been hurried and somewhat desperate events, the pleasure they’d derived being marred by their indecent haste and a fear of being caught. This time he was allowed to take as long as he wanted – or at least as for long as he could control himself.

As far as Mike was concerned, this was a dream come true. Ever since he’d discovered the joys of sex, he’d been happy. He was even happier when he’d met Martin, a sympathetic soul in every sense of the word. And now, …..

His reverie was interrupted by the wild thrashings Chris was subjecting him to. Wonderful, glorious, heart-stopping thrusts. Heart-stopping? Mike almost broke into laughter as a now distant memory surfaced. He couldn’t care less about that, after all things hadn’t changed all that much had they? Except for Ryan.

Who was having a fight with himself. He shouldn’t be enjoying this, should he? But then, he reasoned, why not? It was happening, and it felt OK. A bit more than OK in fact. And then: it wasn’t normal, wasn’t right. But then again, it felt so, so … good, he admitted.

Chris had of course lost control of himself and was racing towards a climax to end all climaxes. Frenziedly he pushed down for one last, mind-blowing time and ejected everything he had deep inside Mike’s bowels.

“Oh Christ!” he almost shouted.

“Fuck!” Mike echoed as he shot his own load onto the bedcover beneath him.

‘Bugger me!’ Ryan giggled. ‘That was bloody awesome!’

Weary, but inordinately happy, Chris and Mike lay on their backs, fingers entwined.

“How’d you feel?” Chris asked.

“Fucked!” Mike laughed. “Well and truly! You?”

“Same. Good wasn’t it?”

Mike leaned over and kissed Chris lightly. Then again, more seriously.

“I hope we can do that again soon, Ryan …” Chris said, stroking Mike’s chest.

The body that was Mike/Ryan convulsed as they both tried to react at the same time. In his euphoria, Mike had quite forgotten that the body through which he’d just had the experience of a lifetime wasn’t his and reacted badly at hearing Ryan’s name. But then a mental jog from the piece of his mind that wasn’t his brought him to his senses.

“Oh, yeah!” Mike sighed. “I’d like that.” And to his amazement he got a qualified agreement from Ryan.


8. Both Sides of the Fence.

Over the next few weeks, Ryan and Mike began to understand each other more and more, and more importantly started to work together. Ryan, for his part, learned that boy-on-boy sex wasn’t as bad as he thought it was and in fact was almost (but not quite!) as good as sex with Angela.. Mike, in his turn, tolerated the fun Ryan had with the girls and accepted Ryan’s preferences as philosophically as he could, even enjoying it sometimes.

Life being what it is, Angela and Ryan amicably parted company after a few weeks, both finding new partners. Now having a vested interest in the sort of partner Ryan chose, Mike looked at girls in a way he never thought he would. Ryan preferred girls with big chests and ‘good child-bearing hips’, the more bustily feminine the better. Under Mike’s influence, once in a while Ryan dated a more boyish-looking girl – smaller breasts, thinner bodies were what he liked. The sex they had with this sort of girl was thoroughly enjoyed by them both, Ryan learning that sex with a slender, fit girl was a severe test of his stamina and physical fitness and Mike discovering that sex with a lithe, lissome, back-scratching tigress wasn’t at all bad!

For fairly obvious reasons, the choice they had in boys was severely limited and being too choosy wasn’t an option. Chris became a regular partner, especially at the week-ends when they could get together without raising any suspicions. At school they had to maintain a studied indifference to each other and conversed mainly through text messages. One thing Chris did manage to do for Ryan/Mike was to let him know which boys ‘were up for it’.

Again a compromise had to be reached. Mike preferred the more feminine-looking boys, very much in the Chris mould whereas Ryan, if pushed to make a choice, liked the more rugged, muscular type. Under the experienced guidance of Chris, it was suggested that Ryan take a look at a boy called Robin Johnston.

“He’s a bit like you,” Chris confided. “Not really into serious relationships, but likes a bit of fun once in a while.”

Ryan knew him, being in the same year group as him: knew him and admired him. Handsome in a manly sort of way, easy-going and liked by everyone who knew him. Robin, though, was a misleading name for a boy who, to all appearances was very much ‘all boy’. He was a bit shorter than most and was an athlete – runner in fact – with a lightish frame and very muscular legs. In some ways he oozed masculinity, but he was something of a loner and rarely mixed with his team mates off the athletic field.

“Try it,” Chris repeated when Ryan expressed his doubts. “Try the ‘come hither’ look. It worked for me!” he giggled.

The opportunity came a few days later when they met by chance in the showers. At a serious prompting from Mike, Ryan looked at Robin and gave him the slightest of smiles. In response, Robin smiled back and made no attempt to hide either his nakedness or the fact that his gaze dropped between Ryan’s legs.

‘Nice one!” Robin grinned as he slapped Ryan on the shoulder when he left the shower room.

Seven days later, they met again. This time Robin, “call me Rob”, deliberately stood by the side of Ryan as they showered. This time they unabashedly took the measure of each other, and liked what they saw. With next to no effort from Mike, Ryan’s cock began to fill out.

“Looks even better than last time!” Rob whispered. “Must like something it sees!”

Unmistakeably, Rob’s dick was chubbing up Ryan noticed. Under pressure from Mike, Ryan reached a hand over and rested his fingers on the good-looking five inches now standing up proud. Rob didn’t move.

“Not here,” he whispered. “I’ll meet you outside in a few minutes if you want.”

They wandered off in the direction of the woods which marked the boundary of the school playing fields, and soon found themselves in a well-hidden dell.

“Smokers Corner!” Rob commented, nodding in the direction of the discarded cigarette packets and butts scattered around. “Don’t worry though, they’re all on the way home now, it’s only used at dinner times.” Moving a step nearer to Ryan, he added quietly, “Wanna jack me off?”

Ryan nodded and stretched out a hand.

“Just get it out through the fly,” Rob said as he slid Ryan’s zip down. “Just in case.”

For perhaps the very first time, Ryan actually enjoyed what he was doing. Not only was Robin a boy he liked and admired, but his dick was nice. Just about the same size as his own and a perfect fit in his hand. After a few delightful minutes, he leaned over and whispered, “Wanna blow-job?”

Rob nodded and leaned back against a tree, his expectant cock throbbing. Dropping to his knees, Ryan absorbed it in his mouth and marvelled at how wonderful it felt.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned involuntarily.

“Oh, shit!” Rob groaned as he put his hands on the back of Ryan’s head, encouraging him to take it all in.

Ten minutes later, they traded places, Robin proving to be no mean slouch himself. It was obvious that he was no novice and succeeded in bringing Ryan off to a mind-shattering orgasm.

“I’ve not had a BJ for ages,” Rob said as they wandered back across the field. “The last one was from my girlfriend Angela.”

“You mean Angela Jackson?” Ryan said, surprised but not shocked.

“Yeah. You know her?”

“Yeah. Ex-girlfriend,” Ryan laughed. “Gives good head don’t she!”

“Brilliant!” Rob agreed. “I’ll tell her you said so next time I see her.”

“Bollocks!” Ryan replied, thumping his new friend on the arm. “You can tell her she’s not as good as you!”

They parted company at the school gates, each going his own way, knowing that it wouldn’t be too long before they would meet again.


9. Consolidation.

I’d been a year since their minds had merged: a year of confusion, tolerance, acceptance, and ultimately complete unification. They no longer tried to be two separate entities sharing the same body: their tastes and preferences had aligned themselves to such a degree that whoever they were partnering and whatever they were doing was immensely enjoyed by the other. It became a sort of open secret that Ryan was bisexual and no one made a big deal out of it. In fact if the truth be known, many of their partners, of both sexes, took a pernicious delight in the knowledge that the cock currently massaging their butt (vagina) had recently been doing just the same thing to someone else’s vagina (butt).

Laying back in his bed late one night, slowly jacking himself off, Ryan suddenly thought how lucky he was. Sex, he decided, was great, no matter with whom. With a very satisfying moan Ryan orgasmed yet again and then turned over to sleep, dreaming of what a fantastic future lay ahead of him.


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