Alec In Wonderland
by Alexander
(with a little help from Lewis Carrol)


Alec was in heaven – or at least as close to it as he’d been for ages. It was the first day of the summer holidays and together with his best mate John, they’d taken advantage of the fine weather and gone out for a long bike ride.

For the past half-hour Alec had been riding behind John, staring at the deliciously rounded shape of his rump, emphasised by the tight white shorts he was wearing. How he managed to wear such tiny shorts and yet keep his tackle pain-free was a mystery to Alec – he had to wear much looser ones, not only to give them some room, but also to hide his erection which was the inevitable consequence of being anywhere near his best friend.

Not that they’d ever done anything together in all of their 13-year-old lives. Alec had long since given up hope on that score despite dropping the heaviest of hints and most tantalising of displays on their regular sleep-overs. He just wasn’t interested, not yet anyway, but Alec was determined to keep trying in the hope that he would change one day.

Things didn’t get any easier when they stopped at the top of a long hill to take a break and have their picnic lunch. Choosing to rest under a big tree just off the road, they soon demolished their food and drink and settled down for a rest. John choose to lay directly in front of Alec, giving him a heart-stopping view along the length of his legs and up to his tightly wrapped package. He wondered for the hundredth time how the zip on his shorts managed not to keep sliding down under the pressure.

The next thing Alec knew was that he was falling; falling down what seemed to be a gigantic rabbit hole, all the while spinning round slowly, not at all surprised at the pictures of boys he knew fastened on the wall of the hole – mostly wearing shorts, but not a few in close-fitting Speedos or even nothing at all.

After what seemed an age, he came to rest on a green grassy bank on the edge of a field. That, in itself wasn’t too unusual, after all he was in the country-side. What did surprise him was the gang of boys playing games in the field below him. They were all his sort of age or a little younger and every one of them appeared at first glance to be naked, but on closer inspection he saw that they were wearing the briefest of clothing over their groins: tiny shorts, thongs, Speedos and even what looked suspiciously like loin cloths in some cases.

Before long one of the boys spotted Alec and came running up to him, grinning broadly.

“Hello,” he said. “Who’re you? You come to play with us? I’m Randy.”

Alec was speechless for a few seconds, but then decided that the boy meant that his name was Randy, and not a description of how he felt.

“Hi!” Alec said nervously. “I’m Alec. Alec Carter.”

“Glad to meet you,” the boy smiled. “I’m Randy Peter. You from up there?”

He pointed skywards at the exit of the hole Alec had just fallen out of.

“Yeah. I guess so,” he said, puzzled. “Where am I?” “Wonderland,” Randy said. “Come on, meet the others. They’ll be glad to have someone new to play with.”

Alec let himself be guided down the slope to meet Randy’s friends, all of whom turned to greet him.  Within seconds, he felt their hands stroking his body in welcome: they were obviously a very tactile lot as dozens of delicate fingers running over his skin and into his groin demonstrated. He was acutely aware also that they were giving him an erection. Glancing down to make sure that it wasn’t visible, he was amazed to find that he too was covered (nearly) by nothing except the tiniest of white, almost transparent, thongs.

“Come on, let’s eat!” one of the boys said gleefully, taking him by the hand.

The gang raced off towards a picnic area which Alec was sure hadn’t been there a few moments ago, but shrugging his shoulders, he chased after them.

There was food and drink a-plenty, and after Alec had helped himself to a plateful, sat down on the grass with Randy and a few others, chatting away as if they had been life-long friends.

“So, who are you all?” he asked.

“We’re the Dream Boys,” someone on his left-hand side said. “We’re the boys you dream about when you’re in bed at night and thinking nice, dirty thoughts.”

“You’re joking!” Alec said. “They don’t exist except in my ……..”

“Exactly! Where do you think all us boys come from? Mars? Take a look around and see if you recognise anyone.”

Alex stared at each boy in turn, and realised the sudden and shocking truth: each and every boy he had dreamed about in the past was there. Some looked like school friends, others like boys he’d seen around town and lusted over, yet others like good-looking, groin-tingling boys he’d seen on TV or in films.

“Wow,” he gasped.

“I’m Curly,” the lad giggled as he placed a hand on Alec’s groin.

“Name or……?” Alec asked.

“Both!” he laughed and drew aside his thong to display a magnificent dick rising from a bed of the curliest red hair he’d ever seen.

Alec was reminded instantly of an amazing erotic dream he’d had a few weeks ago after perving on a boy at school with almost identical red hair. He offered Curly his hand to be shaken.

“We don’t do that here,” Curly laughed. “We’ve a better way.”

With that he dropped his thong and offered his erection to Alec. In return, Alec pushed his to one side and pointed himself at Curly. They shook penises congenially and adjusted their dress as if nothing unusual had taken place.

“Who’re the others,” he asked with bated breath. It seemed impossible that he’d actually conjured up all these boys in his dreams – there were so many of them, and all strikingly good looking.

“Come on,” said another boy. “Let me introduce you. I’m Red. Red Cox. You remember that day you wanked off five times?”

Alec did, and also remembered the outcome.

The first two boys he met were twins he recognised from a particularly good fantasy he’d maintained for the best part of a week.

“Hi!” they said. “We’re Jack and Jerk.” Then added wickedly, “Off.” “And that’s our brother over there by himself. No one talks to him much. He’s called Fuck.”

He was presented with a matching pair of four-inch cocks which he shook happily.

Next to be introduced was one of the boys wearing shorts, which did very little to hide an enormous package only just contained within them.

“Manley,” he said, extending his gigantic dick. “Dick Manley.”

“Christ!” moaned Alec as they continued the rounds. I hope not all they boys I’ve dreamed about are here. He had had some night-marish sort of dreams once or twice and he’d rather not meet anyone who was a part of those!  The closest he came to meeting anyone of them though was when he met a roughish looking lad who simply said, “Hello. I’m D’Arcy,” before giving him a flash of his rump and running off.

In quick succession he shook dicks with other familiar boys, recollecting each time what part they’d played in his fantasies. First to be remembered were a pair who were very well-endowed, and erect to boot: Peter (Stiff) and Don (Key). Then there was Percy Pointer who looked remarkably like another Percy who Alex had once spotted with an erection in the changing rooms – a wet dream come true!

There were far too many boys (and names) to remember all at once Alec found out – he was gob-smacked by the number of them, and all apparently of his making! One pair did, however attract his particular attention. They were sat alone under a tree, lazily jerking each other off when he noticed them They were dirty, unkempt and even from this distance exuded an odour which was instantly recognisable.

“Oh,” his guide said. “They’re two olds friends of yours. You don’t dream about them, but they’re always around in your sub-conscious. They are the link between you in the other world and this one.” The boy then added, giving Alex a hard stare, “They hide under your bed as a rule; that’s why they’re so dirty. You use them to, err, tidy yourself up afterwards and we collect the stuff to make the boys from. They’re called Jay Cloth and Terry Towel. Could do with a good wash, couldn’t they?”

Alec felt rather guilty at hearing this and resolved to sort the problem out a soon as he could – the boys were certainly a mess.

Pushing the thought to the back of his mind, he looked round to find the boy who was by far the commonest subject of his fantasies. He was nowhere to be seen, but as if he’d read his mind, Curly pointed in the direction of a picture-postcard little building across the field clearly marked ‘Boys Only’.

“Behind the cottage,” he laughed. “Waiting for you to say hello.”

Alec ran to the building and was delighted to find John sat on the grass. Without saying a word, John reached up and slipped Alec’s shorts and pants off, allowing his painfully hard dick to spring into the fresh air.

Just as John wrapped his fingers around his aching boner, Alec felt himself dragged back up the tunnel far faster than he’d come down it, and on the way back heard his name being called as if from a million miles away.

“Alec, Alec,” it kept repeating softly.

Blearily Alec opened his eyes to find he was back where he started, under the tree with John. There was something else too, which brought him fully awake – a cool breeze passing over his exposed groin and a hand on his erection – a hand which wasn’t his.

Staring down, he met John’s eyes.

“Sorry,” he said. “But I just couldn’t resist it.”

“What … ?” Alec queried, completely confused.

“We both fell asleep,” John told him. “And when I woke up I saw you with your pants round your knees and you were, well, sort of jacking off and calling my name out!”

Alec shook his head as if to clear it.

“Sorry,” he stammered, “I didn’t mean to …..”

“Shut up!” John grinned. “Do you want me to finish what I’ve started or not?”

“I’m not dreaming this, am I?” Alec said, hoping against hope.

“If you are, then I’m having the same one,” John said quietly. “Do you want me to carry on or not?”

Alec simply nodded and watched as his best friend set to work.

Afterwards, when the favour had been returned and the grass fertilised with their semen, John turned to Alec and said, “I hope you didn’t mind. But I know you’ve wanted me to do that for ages and when I saw you, well, doing what you were, I thought I’d help you out just this once!”

“Just the once?” Alec grinned.

“Well, maybe we can do it again sometime if you like. You sleeping round my place tonight?”

“Not much I hope!” he laughed as he gave John a gentle squeeze.


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