Stories by Alexander

All stories copyright Alexander and reproduced with their kind permission

Alexander has been writing for more years than he cares to remember, usually stories of the adult/youth variety. Believing that there is enough violence and ill-will in the world already, the tales are usually non-aggressive and contain a little history and/or geographical interest to make them fun to read – and escape into a different world for a while.

A young exec is sent to Egypt

Let’s Forget Tea!
The antics in boarding school

Life Is What You Make It
Philip begins his physical journey

Lord Bachelor
A tale set in Victorian London where Lord Batchelor plays host to his young nephew

Gareth And Phil
Phil is stuck in the middle of a strained relationship between is father and uncle
     Chapter-02     Chapter-03     Chapter-04     Chapter-05     Chapter-06     Chapter-07     Chapter-08     Chapter-09     Chapter-10     Chapter-11     Chapter-12     Chapter-13     Chapter-14     Chapter-15     Chapter-16     Chapter-17

or a whimsical look at the god of love

Bipartite Boy
The life of two boys merge

A Cautionary Tale
Two young boys have impure thoughts

Gay And Ghostly
Simon learns to live as a ghost

Alec In Wonderland
On a bike ride, Alec finds Wonderland

Naïve In The Extreme
A naive boy starts to learn

Miles Of Smiles
Miles discovers that his teacher writes gay porn and posts it on the internet
Chapter-01     Chapter-02     Chapter-03     Chapter-04     Chapter-05     Chapter-06     Chapter-07     Chapter-08     Chapter-09     Chapter-10     Chapter11

I Know What’s On Your Mind
The whole of my family were into ghosts and ghost-hunting
Chapter-01     Chapter-02     Chapter-03     Chapter-04     Chapter-05     Chapter-06     Chapter-07     Chapter-08     Chapter-09



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  1. I enjoyed these stories. I thought “Life is what you make it”, “Tanta” and “Eros” were particularly good. Thanks!
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