Uni Rugby
by Foxpark


Part 1

There are certain names for people like me. In a few years time when I’m writing a C.V. it’ll be B.N.O.C (big name on campus).  For the tutors and the faculty I’m ‘a young go-getter’ but for everyone else I’m known as ruthless. I’m not particularly mean or anything, it’s just that I know that the work I put in now will help me out later. University won’t last forever. One day it will end and I’ll be tossed into the deep-end of the job-seekers pool; there’s a lot of sharks roaming around out there. Making friends and connections is important. Working hard to get the grades is important. Work hard and try not to make any enemies. Nothing is beneath me and nothing is too hard.

So far I’ve made a shit-load of friends and only a handful of enemies, so yeah I guess life is good. I work hard and I play hard. Although I’m in a million different clubs and things I can’t say my life has been anything other than ordinary. That’s what I would have said a month ago at least; before the start of this year.


Let’s get the basics out of the way shall we? Derren, known as Dez, was 21 and a bit too driven. Not quite enough to make him annoying but he was getting there. He had very few scruples- he just didn’t let everyone know it. In the world revolving world of favours he was king. This story begins because he was simply doing another favour, for another friend in the hopes of climbing the ladder of life.

Football is the king of sports in most parts of the UK, but at University it’s all about rugby. The Rugby Team holds one hell of a lot of cards with the Student Union and the Faculty. Young-men will spend their entire time working on their bodies, just to be good enough to make the team, or at the very least, make it into the society. It’s a lot like being in a gang only all the serious bits take place on a field and the rest of the time is spent drinking, chasing women or working up a sweat in the gym. The best part of it all was that it functioned like an ‘old boy’s network’; If you didn’t get great grades tutors would turn a blind eye so long as you were one of the priceless star-players. People were even known to get jobs with former members who remembered ‘the glory days’. In short- a shed load of young and impressionable students would do anything to get involved with the rugby squad.

Now Dez had got a ‘special request’ from the current captain Jack Barton. Everybody knew that, when it came to sexuality, Dez swang like a gibbon in a rainforest to suit whatever mood he was in. Dez had known Jack back in school, and whilst they hadn’t exactly been friends then, they’d both ended up relying on each other’s support on their way to the top of the heap. For Dez it had meant improving Jack’s image with the non-sporting types as he took over the Rugby team. In turn Jack threw his weight (i.e. ordered his players to throw ‘their’ weight) behind Dez’s various bids for positions on the Student Council. This time it had been Jack’s turn to call in the favour and Dez had been a little surprised at what it entailed.

“Butt plugs?”


“What for?”

“Rugby Initiations, we’ve got a shit load of freshers joining us- we might have to use the initiations to weed em out this year; usually it’s all just a bit of fun.”

“So why don’t you get them?”

“It can’t come directly out of our budget- If you get them I can give you cash and make up some excuse for it later.”

Dez didn’t bother asking if Jack was just a tiny bit too embarrassed to order fifteen butt plugs himself. Dez had heard enough horror stories about the Rugby initiations to believe this wasn’t some sought of hoax. The thing is that the typical Rugby player probably got with 3 times as many girls as any other male student. Despite this their initiations were incredibly… well… gay. Nudity was a guarantee- but that was true for most of the sporting societies. These were young-adults experiencing true freedom for the first time; everything had to be done bigger and better than before.

Procuring the ‘toys’ was not a problem. With the wonder that is the internet Dez had ordered 15 small ‘Tail Plugs’ at £5.99 each and they arrived right in the middle of fresher’s week. Derren was not vicious enough to order any of the truly obscene toys that were on there and so had opted for the smallest he could find. The fact that they had tails on the end would just appeal to the teams’ rather unique sense of humour.

Fresher’s Week was as busy as ever with party after party being hosted. It wasn’t until the end of the week that the societies began their recruitment drive. Some (like Rugby, Christian Union and Law) only had to stand there with a clip board. Others had to try a lot harder- at one point Dez had to tell the equestrian society to stop press-ganging everybody. In all the madness he still had time to work recruit people to the societies he was in. Though he was president of the Raise and Give (R.A.G.) organisation he had sod all to do with getting new members signed up. He drank, danced, and drank some more- he even got off with a few people at a traffic-light party. Eventually Fresher’s week was up and it was time for the work to begin.

Now it’s during the first two weeks of time that the societies initiate their new members by holding their first meetings, organising their first events and going on their first pub crawls. On Monday night Dez got the phone-call from Jack to deliver “the goods” to him the next night. This would have been a simple enough task if he hadn’t insisted that he hand them over at exactly 11pm on the sports field. It sounded more like a drug-drop. Whilst most of the rugby players were fantastically gay friendly he wouldn’t have been surprised if they were standing there in trench coats and dark glasses to collect the goods. Still a favour given is a favour received and so he agreed.


Tuesday night. The playing fields were pitch black except for the circle of light in the middle of the furthest one. This was generated by a few outdoor lamps and some torches. Dez had expected one person to be standing there ready to pick up the toys and take them to wherever the initiations were taking place. What he found when he got there was the fully clothed members of the rugby teams barking orders at about 20 young-guys in their underwear. As he approached he felt a twitch of appreciation in his groin. This year’s intake were pretty fine specimens by all accounts. Jack nodded to Dez as he neared the large circle of light.

“S’pretty impressive number you’ve got this time,” Dez said passing the box to the Captain.

“This is nothing we cut it off at fifty bodies- this is part one of em. We lost five of them by the end of the bar-crawl.”

“Don’t you want to see what they can do before you start weeding them out this way?”

“Already done that- pre-bar crawl- there were only three that couldn’t make it and they were all part of the bar-crawl casualties.”

Jack didn’t seem as elated and energetic as his team mates. He stood staring seriously whilst the others jeered and wolf-whistled the squad of newbies who were now doing push-ups. Clearly he was having difficulty witling them all out. Dez suddenly felt very out of place. He was not sporty and as much as he loved to see all the male flesh that was on display this was really not his scene. Some of them looked near to collapse- either from exhaustion or the severe amount of alcohol that was going through them. Two of the guys stood up without saying a word and went to collect their clothes. Clearly they’d had enough. A few of the clothed players shook their hands to show there was no hard feeling and asked if they could get home alright. In an instant it was all just a harmless bit off fun for them. The other continued to be hounded. Another three would have to go before Jack could use the toys on the poor bastards.

They were ordered onto their feet and told to collect a can of lager from a box. Then they were told to down the contents. Two of them began to throw-up simultaneously and were promptly excluded from further participation. They were too beaten to make it back to their houses alone.

“Shit! Khan, McCarthy- take those two back to their rooms will you then come back here,” Jack ordered the grim expression never leaving his face. “What do you think Dez?” he asked turning to his friend, “I can’t push em any further than this or else I’ll get into trouble. I haven’t even got enough guys to make sure they get back alright. The others are escorting people back to their rooms- Tyler and Douggie had to go to the hospital with one of the guys.”

Dez could sympathise with Jack on this one. He was a leader and he had a limited number of spaces. It was up to him to figure out a fair way of eliminating people. The usual humiliation was reserved for the last few.

“Get em naked- some of em have got to refuse.”

“They’re pretty drunk and they’ve lasted this far- I don’t think that’s gonna do it- besides that’s pretty standard stuff.”

Nevertheless Jack barked at them to line-up and strip their remaining clothes. There was some hesitation but all of them began to take down their underwear. Dez tried to hide his apparent interest for decencies sake. Annoyed that nobody seemed about to give up Jack told them all to lay face-down. Dez heard shouts behind them as a few of the players that had been escorting freshers back to their homes returned. This did nothing to lift Jack’s spirits. He was in charge. At this point in the evening the remaining freshers were usually the ones guaranteed a place in the squad, he couldn’t keep this many freshers naked. By the time he reduced the numbers they’d be suffering from hyperthermia. This mess would not happen on his watch. He would not be the captain that dropped the ball.

“Dez I need ideas fast.”

“Hey don’t look at me- technically I was only dropping off that box for you- I shouldn’t even be standing here.”

“Please,” Jack said looking desperate, “This is going to go tits-up and I can’t let my team-mates see me struggle.”

Dez racked his brains for a solution. He was beginning to regret getting involved at all. It would look bad if he was attached to all of this when an ‘incident’ occurred. It had to be fair. Everybody was subjected to the same thing and therefore there was no complaining to the head of the student union when they didn’t make it.

“What about the American thing?”

“What do you mean?”

“When they take pledges on in the frat houses they basically use them as slaves- they have to ‘prove’ how much they want it.”

“This is England- nobody’s going to go for that least of all the Team.”

“Trust me- if every guy takes a fresher for twenty-four hours- anyone who doesn’t drop out has to run the gauntlet to get in.”


“I’ll explain that afterward- you need to decide what to do now.”

“What about the others? We’ve got to do this all again tomorrow.”

“Just trust me- do the same with them. If you push them any further with drink or drills you’re gonna be in deep shit.”

Jack thought about it for a second and nodded to himself. He walked over to the row of young exposed backside and tapped two boys on the head. They got up and stood to attention. It was comical to see how serious they were being about it all. He ordered them over to the side then told his team to line-up.

“This is how we’re gonna do it. Since you’re all so determined to be part of this, since you all think you’re good enough, I’m going to make you prove it. 1 day of servitude to a team-member,” He smiled at his squad reassuringly, “if any of you still fancy your chances then you’ll run the gauntlet and we’ll see how you perform then. Boy’s I expect you to make them work for this. Every dirty job you can think of- get em to go at it.”

He ordered them to start picking a naked hopeful each. Unsurprisingly his team-mates seemed to be going for it. Dez had expected at least one person to say something like “that’s pretty gay,” but he guessed they were pretty drunk themselves. Jack went over to the two lads he’d picked out and explained they were the property of his two absent team-mates and that they’d been handed over to them tomorrow.

A quick bit of maths told Derren that there’d be one guy left over. He suddenly felt a bit uneasy. He was about to excuse himself when Jack took him by the shoulder and barked at one of the hopefuls. A young-guy with dirty-blond hair got to his feet and walked over, swaying from the sheer amount of drink that he’d consumed. The only thought that crossed Derren’s mind at that moment was:

“Why does he have to have those eyes?”


When Cole woke up the next day his body had to go through the slow process of a systems check. He was hung-over but he smelled of soap rather than alcohol. His memories swam backwards and forwards through his mind. He began to piece bits back together. He had been on the bar crawl- and that had been fun. Then a couple of the Rugby initiates had got ill and had been towed away. Then they were on a field being made to run around and do a bunch of exercises. He could distinctly remember hoping someone would give-up but nobody did.

As he sat there mulling over the events of the night before it suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t know where he was. This was not the room he’d moved in to a week ago. It was slightly bigger for one. That was not his computer and those weren’t his pictures on the walls. This room was also clean. Something ancient broke through the fog of his mind. It climbed over the red-hot walls of his hang-over and reached out to touch the very core of his being… Somewhere close by… somebody was cooking a bacon sandwich. He made to get out of bed and then had yet another realisation. He was naked. He was naked in a strange house. Had he pulled?

He looked around the room for clues. This was a guy’s room. So that ruled out getting laid. Was he with one of the rugby lot? Shit. Just as he stood to find some underwear a man he didn’t recognise appeared in the door way with a plate of bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea. Whilst he didn’t recognise the stubbled face Cole somehow knew his voice as he said…

“Oh you’re up then slave boy- I think we need a chat.”


Part 2

Cole’s first instinct was to shout back about the slave boy comment but the whole situation left him without a voice. He was naked in a stranger’s house. His mind was trying to pass him the facts through the fog of amnesia but they weren’t coming fast enough. There was something about the way this stranger had called him “slave boy”. It wasn’t menacing in any way, in fact it was quite plain as if it was a simple statement of the incontrovertible truth. His hang-over suddenly followed him from the bed and hit him square in the head. He felt queasy and needed to sit back down. The black-hands of shame begin to race into his mind- he could fill his eyes begin to water.

“C’mon we’ve already had that bit,” said the other guy, putting the cup and plate on a sideboard.

“What?” was all Cole managed to mumble miserably.

“You don’t remember do you?” the guy said as he sat at the far end of the bed. “Well let’s see. My name’s Dez and I rescued you from the rugby initiations last night. Do you remember the bar crawl or the field?”

“Shit I failed didn’t I?” Cole whined miserably, “This is so fucking embarrassing, I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, hey- like I said we’ve already done that bit. You’re just hung-over you’ll be laughing about all this tomorrow.”

“What do you mean we’ve done all this?”

“You had a good grizzle when I got you home, don’t worry it wasn’t a full on cry,” Dez added as he saw the younger lads face. “You haven’t failed the initiation either. In fact you did very well,” Dez smiled broadly as he saw a tentative grin on the blonde teens face.

Cole suddenly placed his hands over his genitals as if he’d only just realised he was naked. Of course he had- it was just his brain hadn’t sent any messages to his body to do anything about it. He felt a little better knowing he’d made it through the initiations but something still bugged him.

“Slave boy?”

“Ah yeah,” Dez went on as he went for a dressing gown behind the door and threw it to a grateful Cole, “It’s like this. You survived the initiations but so did a lot of others. There’d done everything they could do without pushing it to a dangerous level, and you were all already too drunk so I came up with a solution…”

“Hang-on a sec I don’t remember seeing you at the bar-crawl- what position do you play?”

If Dez had been in court, the guilt on his face would have set him up for an immediate life-sentence, “I’m not you see. I was performing a small favour for the captain of your team and I kind of got lumbered with you. Ya see the suggestion was that for the next 24 hours you lot would be slaves to the existing members of the rugby team. Trouble is there were more initiates than there were members of the rugby squad- some were still ferrying people home,” (“or to hospital” he added to himself guiltily).

Cole had listened to this with a wide-eyed misery; it was a special blend of shame and guilt known only to those who were hearing “what really happened last night”. So he had been this guys slave and still was. That was his task.

“Look,” said Dez as if reading his mind, “You lucked out. Right now the other initiates are slaves to the rugby team- and I think you know full well that those guys have an incredible imagination when it comes to humiliating people. You got me, and you won’t have to do anything, we’ll just make something up and you can get in ok?”

Cole nodded slowly. This guy seemed genuine enough. But there was one more thing that was bugging him. “Why am I naked?” he asked. Then he listened to the long journey back to Dez’s house when he’d been wearing just shoes and his underwear. How he’d spent a while with his head down the toilet, gently sobbing about how he was never drinking again etc etc. Then Dez had apparently sat him in the bottom of the shower and got him washed before putting him to bed. There was an embarrassing silence as all of this sunk in. It wasn’t that he’d been seen naked by another guy because from what he could remember (and he really wished he couldn’t) there’d been a lot of nudity out on the field last night. It was that someone had seen him naked and vulnerable. Cole thanked Dez as he passed him the cup of tea and told him his clothes had been washed and were just in the dryer. With that he got up and excused himself, closing the door behind him.

Cole stared around the room with his bleary eyes. It appeared he had lucked out. He was gradually becoming aware of the aches and pains of his body. A twinge in his arms reminded him of the endless number of push-ups the rugby team had forced the initiates to do. This guy, Dez, was right. If he had been handed over to one of the team for humiliation he wasn’t sure he could have taken whatever it was they were now dishing out to the others. What was it that was still bugging him? It was something about Dez- but he couldn’t put his finger on it.


On the other side of the door Dez breathed out a sigh of relief and leant back on a wall. That had been every bit as difficult as it had been the night before. Eventually he’d had to toss the poor bastard a robe for the sake of his eyes. Cole was seriously fit! Last night he’d taken him back to the house on Jack Barton’s orders. He’d started whinging as they got in. It was all a little incoherent. It wasn’t anything dark, he didn’t offer up his soul, it was just a drunk fresher lamenting his situation in a series of mumbles and whimpers. If it had been anyone else he would have took him back and left him with his head in the toilet before skipping off to bed, but it was those eyes. They were a bright green and they just did… something to Dez. They made him soften. He’d taken the younger guy back and had taken care of him. He’d got a god look at his equipment when he helped him shower but somehow it wasn’t an erotic moment.

He didn’t know why but when he finally laid the naked fresher out on his bed he sat for a while stroking his dirty blonde hair. That was when things got a little heated for him. He had just met this guy, he was gorgeous, he was naked and now he was in his bed unconscious. He’d sat on the edge of the bed watching the rhythmic movement of the eighteen years olds chest and listening to his heavy breathing. Dez was hard. His hand found its way into his underwear. But then he stopped. It was those damn eyes. He could have jumped him. Barton had handed him over as a slave. But he didn’t want to.

Seeing him just now had got Dez fully hard again. He traced the outline of his cock through his jeans and bit down on his lip to suppress a moan. It wasn’t that he was over sexed at all- but this guy had got him seriously hot. But he was most probably straight. That was a problem. Knowing that it would only ever be a fantasy, Dez took his hand of his crotch and went downstairs to get Coles clothes out of the dryer.

When he returned the eighteen year-old had fallen back to sleep. He knew he had to get out of there. It may have been mad to leave what was technically a stranger in his house but if he stayed he was going to get into trouble. His hand had already found his dick again and all he could think about was shoving the tasty looking cock up his arse and riding it till it filled him with cum.

Where was any of this coming from? He decided to leave a note telling Cole to stay put when he woke-up and see to the morning’s business. First he had to go on to campus to a lecture on research skills but then he planned to take a detour and sort out his little problem.


Technically speaking Elliot McGrath had absolutely no power whatsoever. At 25 he had managed to secure himself a cushy job as an admin assistant in the archaeology department. He was, in other words, a glorified secretary. Sweep all the usual arrogant assumptions aside however and you saw that secretaries were incredibly useful people. They had access to files, knew all the deadlines and had the ear of the lecturers. In other words they had a lot of sway and so it paid to keep them in a good mood.

Elliot knew this, he knew that everybody else knew this and he used it to his advantage. A 25-year-old with moderately good looks, surrounded by young and nubile students 24/7 will be bound to have to endure certain distractions. For Elliot the enjoyment of student bodies was a soul-consuming vice. Whilst every-where else in the world people look at universities as a place of enlightenment, those places still deal in the world’s oldest form of currency.

Whilst he had many an undergrad willing to get him off, Elliot wasn’t liked. Yes he was quite good-looking and he kept in shape but he was, first and foremost, an utter, slimy, and consciousless bastard. Today Dez had decided to pay homage to the not so humble Mr McGrath. Technically this would be a freebie for Elliot- there was nothing Dez wanted for the moment- but he needed to satisfy an urge.

That is why, that afternoon. He found himself bent over the secretary’s desk with his trousers and underwear at his ankles listening to Elliot spit on his cock. He felt his hole quiver with anticipation as the older man spat on his hole and he felt the saliva trickle down onto his balls. People like Elliot didn’t ‘do’ preparation even though Dez’s ass was begging to be played with. Elliot simply lined up his 8 inch cock and speared the horned up postgrad straight away. Dez had been expecting this bit and had placed a ruler in his mouth so that he could bite down as he felt the secretary tear into him. The door may be locked but they still had to be quiet. The desk shook as Elliot went straight into a fucking rhythm. Dez’s body quivered uncontrollably as his sphincter struggled to cope with the ruthless invasion.

“Elliot Slow down…” Dez panted as the pace increased.

“No fucking chance- this is the first arsehole I’ve had in months I’ve only had one fresher’s cunt so far and she weren’t exactly tight!”

Elliot grabbed a handful of Dez’s hair and pulled him up so that Dez could feel his hot breath on the back of his neck. The bastard secretary had been so horny he hadn’t even bothered removing his trousers. He had literally just taken his hard cock out and drove it into Dez twitching hole. Dez could feel Elliot’s belt buckle pressing painfully against his ass as the thrusts got harder and deeper. Dez needed it. By the time Elliot had begun long dicking him Dez had already driven his teeth marks into the wooden ruler as he tried to suppress his moans and screams. All the while he was picturing the would-be-rugby stud at home. Wanting to be there with his legs spread, getting fucked by that meaty looking cock and staring up into those striking eyes in that cute face. He was suddenly brought out of his chance as with a few short grunts Elliot unloaded inside of him. He didn’t linger in post-orgasmic bliss but just pulled out unceremoniously leaving watery-cum trickling out of Dez’s hole and down the insides of his thighs.

“Much better Dez thanks- so what the fuck do you want? You ain’t exactly one for freebies.”

Dez hadn’t gotten this far without knowing how to talk to the thick, arrogant fuck of this world like Elliot. The trick was to talk in their language and (because Dez wasn’t exactly perfect- being an over-achiever without morals) to never let them think they’d got one up on you.

“Just getting my favours in early Elliot, remember that one won’t you,” he responded pulling up his trousers without bothering to clean himself up. “Oh and the girls from the R.A.G. society wanted to tell you to stay away from their freshers.”

“Their freshers love a bit of this,” Elliot jeered grabbing his now clothed cock.”

That was the problem with people like him- if you were going to give him a label then yes-he was straight with bi tendencies. The trouble with labels, Dez reflected as he walked home, was that they tended to oversimplify things. There weren’t any simple labels for people like Elliot in the real-world. By the time you said:

“Well technically he’s straight but he fucks guys in the arse because ‘any holes a goal’ and he loves the feeling of having power over them, even though most people wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole unless they were getting something out of him because, whilst he is good looking, it’s not easy to overlook the fact that he’s an absolute cunt!”

… You would have run out of breath.

On his way back through campus Dez got a phone call from Barton wanted to know what happened after he left. He told him.

“So you’re working him hard right? Remember I don’t mind if he makes it through but I need some of them to drop out there’s still too many and we’ve got another load tonight.”

“What about the one you took back?”

“Oh, Westall? He’s doing fine I had him up early this morning- sent him around the entire student flats with a high-vis jacket on and told him to introduce himself as the voluntary cleaner- he’s done every toilet in the block. I’ve got to hand it to him I thought he’d wuss out when he had to introduce himself to the fresher girls as the toilet attendant but somehow he managed to get three numbers-”

“-Lucky little bastard-”

“I-I know, and one of them was Bev our ‘actual’ cleaner!”

“Legendary- so I’m guessing he’s made it through, what about the others?”

“A couple of dropped out but not enough- Just make sure you don’t go easy on him mate. I know this ain’t your thing but I need to make sure he’s being tested to- it’s only fair on the others.”

“Tested how?”

“I don’t know get creative- look I gotta go I’ve got a seminar this afternoon and I’ve still got to remind everyone about the second bar-crawl and initiation tonight.”

Barton hung-up leaving Dez feeling a little bewildered. How the hell could he give him some sought of test without crossing too many boundaries? Just being in the room with him was enough to get Dez hard. There had to be some safe way of humiliating him…….

A few minutes later when a now fully clothed Cole greeted Dez at the door he was a little put off by the smirk on the older guys face. Suddenly all the friendliness he’d seen earlier that morning had evaporated and something in Cole’s gut told him that he was now in serious trouble.


Part 3

“A cam show?”

“That’s what I said,” Derren replied with a smile.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me- I’m not doing that!”

Derren had expected Cole to react like this. It didn’t matter. He had gone over the idea a few times in his head and it was a win-win situation. Barton would be happy because his initiate would have been tested, Cole would be one step closer to getting on the rugby team and Derren… well Dez would have the un-enviable task of watching Cole strip off on webcam and perform for a bunch of strangers. “it’s the hard end of the bargain, ” he thought to himself as he walked home that day with a huge grin on his face, “but I guess I’ll just have to do my best to enjoy it.” All Cole had to do was have a wank on a cam site- he didn’t even have to show his face. Dez would ‘of course’ be obligated to hold the webcam in position because it tended to slide about a bit and might film his face accidently. He hadn’t told Cole about that part of the plan yet.

“Look the second lot of you charming rugby recruits are going to be put through their paces tonight. You’ll have even more competition – so why not simply do this, laugh about how humiliating it all was, and get on to the next bit?”

“I don’t want to do it- I don’t want a load of creepy old perv’s staring at me whilst I knock one out!”

“No one needs to see your face,” Dez responded reassuringly. He couldn’t believe it, this guy was even cuter when he got angry his face immediately went somewhere between a sulk and a pout.

“Look – you can’t make me do this-”

“You are absolutely right- I can’t. Nor will I try. This is your choice. You don’t ‘have’ to join the rugby team either. But if you want to play fair and get into Barton’s little group you will have to do this. These are the terms,” Dez finished levelly and folded his arms. For a moment or two the young fresher couldn’t meet his gaze. Dez decided it was best to leave the room and let him think about it.

It was a bit unfair when he really thought about it. This clearly hadn’t been part of the ‘new horizons’ that students were told they’d explore at university. Still everybody had their rude awakening at some point- its just that his was coming early. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, Dez reflected as he threw himself down on the sofa of the living room, once people accepted the fact that, whilst you’d get into some “really crazy shit” at uni it didn’t mean you would enjoy it all, well- then they actually begun to have an adventure and had a bloody good time of it too.

Oh yes life had gotten… easier after Derren had learned to accept that ‘outrageous experiences didn’t always mean doing something you’d enjoy. Most of the time it was about doing things that pushed your boundaries. Most of the straight guys (and the sluttier girls) that came to university thought that their outrageous experience would include a lot of conventional sex and some heavy drinking. That was, as far as a hardened student was concerned, part of the day to day background for most uni students. They didn’t think they’d wake-up in the morning next to someone they didn’t fancy and hear that last night they snogged their best-friend for a bet. But once they accepted things would get out of hand and submitted to the idea that ‘anything can happen’ then they actually started living the Uni life. That’s when the fun truly began.


When Dez was just a fresher he signed up to a lot of societies, as many freshers do.  For some reason, that he couldn’t fathom even today, he signed up to kick boxing.  The head of the society was Terri Simpson a third year studying psychology. She wasn’t your typical girly girl by any means, and yet there was something alluring about her. She was all woman – it was just that her lady-curves were packed with enough muscle to break bone with a high-kick.

This particular experience was at her house-party. At University a house party is a pretty standard occurrence so it not unusual for there to be a healthy amount of competition between neighbours and friends. As a result every other party tends to be themed or have some outrageous hook that people think has never been done before. This party was meant to be Mexican themed which, considering it was a November in England, was pretty bloody optimistic. What it boiled down to was a mass of people drinking tequila, wearing sombreros and listening to Shakira and any other kind of music that sounded vaguely Spanish/Mexican/Latin (it was a party – no one was marking them on authenticity). ‘Fresher Dez’ had already hooked up at uni, got completely wasted, smoked something that may or  may not have been legal etc- but they weren’t really experiences you could say broke any boundaries. That was until three shots of tequila (that went down as gently as three lead weights) lowered everybody’s inhibitions just a bit too much.

Even to this day Dez was a little bit fuzzy on how he had ended up in Terri Simpson’s bedroom chatting utter shit to her boyfriend but by 3 o’clock in the morning that’s exactly where he was. At some point Terri joined them and said that everybody had crashed or taken cabs home and the party had officially run its course.

They talked. Dez couldn’t remember now what they had talked about but the conversation had veered toward sex. If he had been sober that night he would have easily spotted the side-ways glances that the kickboxing coach and her boyfriend were giving each other.

“I like to watch gay porn – it’s all about two guys together it really gets me off.”

When Terri had said that Dez hadn’t thought “my god what is she on” or “where the hell did that come from” – he was drunk, and so he just laughed. He tried to focus in on her face as she was telling him how hot it would be to watch two guys getting off in front of her. She was saying how she fantasised about playing with her pussy whilst two guys fucked on her bed. Dez hadn’t noticed her boyfriend moving closer to him until his hand was on Dez’s thigh.

Terri’s boyfriend wasn’t unattractive but there was nothing about him that really turned Dez on. If he’d been walking down the street Dez wouldn’t have blinked let alone given him a second glance. But at gone three in the morning, with alcohol coursing through his body and another guy moving forward to kiss him whilst his own girlfriend watched: Dez responded and kissed back. It wasn’t a good kiss- Dez remembered that much. Then the other guy’s hands were in his hair and pushing, gently but firmly telling Dez where this was all going to go.

“Take it out.”

And Dez did – wordlessly – completely wrapped up in the moment and apathetic to his situation. The guys dick hadn’t been anything special- even if it had Dez was too far gone to care, He’d gone down on him – no licking or teasing; this was not about attraction as this guy was clearly on the straight side of the curiosity spectrum.

“Fucking yes,” this had come from Terri who was watching the whole show with a satisfied grin on her face.

Then it all changed pace. Dez’s face was grabbed roughly and the guy began to brutally fuck his face. To his shame- even to this day: Dez went with it. This was clearly about the pick showing his girlfriend that he was an alpha and his dick wouldn’t exactly have troubled even a virgin cocksucker. IT wasn’t as if this was a mammoth session either as despite even the hindering effects of the alcohol the guy began to unload into Dez’s mouth. That had been a sobering experience. The guy could produce an unholy amount of spunk that filled Dez’s mouth, overspillng and dripping down his chin.

That was all that Dez could remember about that night- it wasn’t until the following afternoon when he received a video of the nights events from Terri with a simple “thanks” that it really hit him. She’d been recording it on her phone! He’d been used as a sex toy in some weird couples’ game. He’d been filmed sucking off a guy that he wouldn’t have touched if he’d been sober. The worst part of it all? No one had forced him. They were just as drunk as he was- but the barriers had melted away and he’d gone with it. It’d taken him a month to get over the shame of it all.

Yes- a big part of university life was exploring new horizons but that didn’t automatically mean you’d enjoy it. Since then? Well he had already put a foot over the threshold and new experiences came thick and fast. They weren’t all enjoyable but the answer to that was

“fuck it. So what?” He had deleted the video Terri had sent him out of self-disgust. There would have been no point in torturing himself by watching some random guy fuck his face and spunk up in his mouth despite having as much sexual magnetism as an elbow.

Some days- though very rarely- he thought, “if only I’d known then what I know now- maybe I would have still deleted it, but if I had kept it I’d always be able to look at the exact moment that I just let go and the adventure began.”


Derren was shaken from his trip down memory lane by a polite but pointed cough from the doorway.

“Alright I’ll do it but i’m not showing my face and I’m not doing more than ten minutes-”

“15 minutes and you have to do as people ask, except if its about showing your face. Is there anything else?”

The young fresher looked uncertain for a moment. Dez watched his face contort as he fought with some unmentionable inner-demon. He ran a hand threw his hair and stared down at his bare feet, unable to meet the older student’s gaze for a moment.

“I’m dyslexic…”

Dez waited to see if there was going to be any more to this but there didn’t seem to be. “Is… that a problem?” he ventured.

“I know how these cam sites work, I can’t read what they’re saying and type back and… you know… not all at once. Your gonna need to read what they’re saying to me and I want you to guarantee that they NEVER see my face.”

Dez’s cock jumped in his underwear, this couldn’t have gone better if he – well he had planned it sought of, but this way meant he wasn’t pushing Cole into it.

“And you won’t tell anyone? I don’t want it getting out unless I decide to tell someone-”

“I completely respect that,” Dez responded quickly, “and like i said you don’t really have to do this – it’s your choice.” But somewhere in the back of Dez’s brain was a voice screaming at him to shut the fuck up and get this fit fresher naked as fast as possible.

Dez led the way back to his room and explained the set up to Cole. Cole would sit in a chair in just his boxers to starts with and Dez would be sitting in front of him with his laptop, reading and responding to people online and making sure the webcam didn’t shift to hit the lads face. Cole was visibly trembling as he stepped out of his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head, but as he sat down in the chair he shot Dez a look of defiance so fierce that it gave Dez chills.

“Well?” Cole said – it was only then that Dez realised he’d been staring with his mouth open. “Let me know when we start – I’m setting a timer on my phone- 15 minutes and no more.”

Dez logged on to the cam site and checked the position of the camera. In the small box on his screen was the full torso and groin shot of the gorgeous fresher- this alone was enough to get him salivating, but just above the edge of his laptop was the full image. The flawless face, the dirty blond hair and the sparkle of his eyes. That image alone was enough to capture Derrens full attention. Getting a hold of himself (not that way – but believe me he desperately needed to do that) he clicked the button to start broadcasting and gave the younger student a thumbs up to let him know they had begun. Cole started the timer on his phone and cast it aside, ready and waiting for the first instruction.

The chat screen erupted.

It was now early evening so there weren’t that many ‘performers’ of note online. The image of a young fit body, muscles rippling as his hands stroked his chest was enough to entice people by their hundreds in an instant. That – and the little heading “18 year old Rugby student” that Derren had decided to place in the status box.

“They want you to play with your nipples.”

Cole swallowed loudly and it looked for a second as if he was about to get up and call of the whole thing but slowly, ever so slowly, his hand traced its way over the toned flesh of his stomach and his fingers began to graze the darker skin of his nipple. Once more a volley of comments lit up the screen. Cole looked at Derren with a raised eyebrow, his look still demonstrating his reluctance to go with this easily.

“They want you to start wanking your cock.”

Cole shot Derren another look but let his hand slide back down his abs and begin to play with the soft flesh contained within his underwear. By this point Derren was practically dribbling and struggling to concentrate as his own hard cock demanded attention as it ground against his jeans. He risked a glance at the time on his laptop – 3 minutes had already passed!

“They keep demanding that you take it out.”

Dez had expected Cole to struggle with this bit but he pulled out the most perfect cock Derren had ever seen. It made sense- at 18 even a situation like this couldn’t have competed with the fact that any sexual situation would ignite the throbbing beast that is male sexuality. Cole’s cock was – well perfect. The dark flesh of his manhood must have been at least eight maybe eight and a half inches. Lads like Cole weren’t made by some organic process- they had to be hand crafted by sime gifted sculptor – had to be.

Dez watched – mouth open – as the fresher began to pump his hand up and down his cock, slowing every now and then to pass his palm over the sensitive engorged head. He took a good look at the endless trail of obscene messages that appeared on screen.

People were really enjoying the show.

“They want you to take out your balls”

Cole was now in the moment and stretched his underwear lower to release a heavy set of boy balls. He rolled the soft love eggs in one hang whilst the other continued its ministrations on his 18 year old dick. Only Dez could appreciate the look on the younger student’s face as he shut his eyes and bit down on his lower lip, succumbing to the pleasure and forgetting his position momentarily.

The resolution on the camera was too low for the online audience to appreciate it – but Derren could clearly make out a clear drop of precum forming at the tip of Cole’s cock. Derren’s own mind was filled with nothing but filth – if he’d been in a position to put his thoughts into words he would have shocked himself with the hideously lustfulness of their nature.

It shouldn’t have happened, he didn’t sense it coming but he sneezed. Briefly – ever so briefly the camera was shook and turned upwards to catch a glimpse of the fresher’s face contorting in ecstasy. Dez’s hand shot forward and corrected it in an instant, withdrawing it just as Cole opened his eyes to see what the sudden commotion was about. It wouldn’t have been long enough for anybody to recognise who he was and it was highly unlikely that any of his straight mates were watching the show online. That thought passed through Dez’s head in an instant, it had to because all the higher functions of his brain shut down once more as it gave way to the raging lust that was watching the show before him. The sweet smell of precum and sex had found its way to Dez’s already tortured senses as he fought down his desire to lick and nibble every inch of the masturbating Adonis in front of him.

If there was a god of homosexual men then he had heard Dez’s wordless prayers as a request blinked onto the screen.

“They want you to lift your legs and show them your feet.”

It was a typical request for straight boys. They’d think nothing of showing their feet but in that position it would show their man cunt. Dez was practically panting at the mere thought of what he was about to see. Looking a little weirded out by the request Cole complied and slowly began to raise his feet…

…and then the alarm on his phone sounded, signalling that fifteen minutes had indeed passed. Cole instantly dropped his feet and covered himself as best as he could with his boxers. Dez audibly sighed as the dark pink flesh was hidden from view. Responding to the hand gestures Cole was making he stopped the camera feed.

“That’s it you’ve passed and I’ll tell Barton you’ve done so,” Derren tried to sound as friendly and non-plussed as possible to cut away the tension in the room.

Cole smiled, visibly relieved- “thanks, and you won’t tell anyone right?”

“Right, now – not being impolite but get the hell out of here you’ve been here since god knows when in the morning.”

This got a smile from Cole who dressed hurriedly.

“Have you seen my necklace mate? it was a present.”

“erm na,” Derren replied hurriedly kicking the pendent under his desk (he would congratulate himself for this bit of quick thinking later), “I tell ya what give me your number and if it turns up i’ll give you a call.”

Success – after exchanging numbers and saying a rather awkward goodbye Cole left. It had gone pretty smoothly. “Sure,” Dez thought to himself, “later on I’ll kick myself for not recording it but I won’t forget it- it couldn’t have gone better.” His hard-on had softened somewhat since saying goodbye to Cole but he gave it a quick pull through his jeans. He’d left his laptop on and strolled towards it to shut it down.

He had stopped the show but the page was still up and running.

There at the bottom of the comments feed were four words that sent a spiteful chill down his spine.

[Cole is that you?]


Part 4

It had been exactly a week since the… incident with Cole and the cam show and Dez had heard nothing more about it. According to Barton, Cole had made it onto the team and that was all Dez needed to know. Dez had waited for the backlash from whoever it was that had recognised Cole from the quick flash of his face, but it didn’t come. Life continued. Dez was so busy running between each society and his books that he barely had time to think about Cole at all. Well except for a brief moment in the morning where, for reasons Dez had not yet sat down to analyse, he would pocket the rugby players necklace along with his keys and mobile before leaving the house.

It wasn’t until he was in the depths of the library’s restricted-access section that he gave any real thought to the situation. The restricted-access section (RA- ZONE) was not some dark dungeon in the bottom of the library. Nor was it a high tech secure area with fingerprint readers and steel shutters; it was an airy space where the rare, important or old books were kept. They were all security tagged so that they couldn’t be taken out of the room without setting off an alarm. Essentially it was a large collection of tables and chairs in the middle of a small labyrinth of textbooks. It was in the middle of this labyrinth that Dez bumped into Elodie, a bright-eyed, bushy tailed, happy-go-lucky, tanned and drop dead gorgeous post-grad student who (because some stereotypes are there for a reason) had absolutely no business being a librarian. Unlike the older full-time librarians, who believed the university’s library would run a lot better without any students in it, and the student-librarians who believed that the proximity of all that literature would turn them into instant geniuses.

Elodie was an actual people person. She somehow managed to take a deep personal interest in everything that was being said to her. The downside of this was that she was incredibly nosey. Which is why when Dez took a seat she appeared out of nowhere and began firing off the questions- the first being: “Do you know Cole?” Dez knew enough not to try to deny any involvement with the fresher so began responding in kind to the pump-action questions. “I know him through Barton.” “yes he’s alright looking.” “No I haven’t seen him recently” Eventually he managed to ask what this was all about and the explanation was this:
Cole had learned from those around campus that the sunny librarian knew everything about everybody and had casually dropped Dez’s name into a conversation with her (it was unclear how). Then he’d asked what she knew about him. She’d told him the truth; he lived in a world of favours and was nice enough but “you shouldn’t get on the wrong side of him.” Then he’d gotten a bit funny and asked if he (Dez) could be trusted… and when she said “I guess so” he made his excuses and left.

That had Dez’s mind going for the rest of the day. Why would a straight ma… a gorgeous straight man be asking after him when the last time they’d met things hadn’t exactly been a bed of roses for the rugby player. The answer came in the early evening when Barton called to ask Dez to head over to his place as soon as he was able. The tone of his voice had left little possibility of refusal- he sounded tense and a little angry. When Dez got to Barton’s room he was greeted with a question. Not, “How are you?” or “Have you had a good day” but…

“How much do you know about that gay cam site you put my fresher on?”

Dez was a little taken aback to say the least. His lips moved without sound as he tried to think of a response. Then he caught site of Cole over Barton’s shoulder. He was sitting on the captain’s bed and his eyes were red and puffy.

“What’s all this? He didn’t make the team or something?” Dez asked indicating the younger guy on the bed. It wasn’t really said in a caring way, which Dez regretted, but throwing a question back at Barton would give him time to think. Barton glared at Dez for a second. Then he seemed to reach some sort of conclusion in his head and his expression softened slightly.

“You’d better come in Dez.”

“What’s all this about?”

“Well, Cole has told me all about your little trial. I’ve got to say I wouldn’t have thought of it myself and it was a doozy I’ll admit, but its caused a bit of trouble. You see someone recognised Cole and they somehow managed to record the live feed, or so they say, and they’re threatening to put it around if Cole doesn’t… give in to their demands.”

Dez looked again at Cole who was staring at the floor. He saw for the first time that Cole looked dishevelled. Whatever the demands were they were clearly bad enough that Cole chose to come to his captain and expose his exploits rather than meet them. Then it was there. Coming up out of the dark of his insides and filling him from the belly up. Dez was getting angry, he was getting angry on Cole’s behalf. Something made him stretch his hand out to Cole before he remembered where he was and dropped it again.

“No one could have seen his face” (he lied) ” I made sure of that. So who is this person and what is it they want?”

“She’s someone my sister went to school with, she was in the year above me,” Cole’s croaked miserably, “I didn’t even know she went to this Uni but apparently she does and she says she can pass the video around if I don’t do what she wants.”

“Which is?”

“Sleep with her.”

Dez turned to Barton and raised an eyebrow. Barton shrugged his shoulders. Being monogamous and having integrity was a fine thing but it was unheard of for a single 18-year-old, especially a fresher, to turn down anything with tits and a pulse. The expression on Barton’s face said he couldn’t see the problem either.

“She’s a snake,” Cole went on as if reading their minds, “If I fuck her there’s nothing to say she won’t keep hold of the video anyway. She says she can easily prove its me.”

“How did she contact you?”


Dez thought for a moment. The cogs in his head had begun moving again as a plan formed and he turned on Barton with a grin that would chill the spine.

“Jack what did you propose to do about this?”

“ME? I called you, you’re the one who got him in to this-”

“- at your request.”

“Yeah but-”

“are you proposing to let some back-alley slut blackmail one of your team?”

Jack Barton looked mad for a second and the he caught the glint in Dez’s eye. It really wouldn’t do for one of his own to be blackmailed. If they ended up with girlfriends who permanently had their nuts in a vice, well that was one thing, but Derren was right. It was his team, they were his boys.

“What’s the plan?”

Dez turned back to Cole, ” What do you think your team would say if they heard you’d been dared into the cam-show as a trial? Nope- that was a rhetorical question. They’d probably admire you for going through with it and they’d laugh, the worse you’d get is a nickname. They’d probably even award you lad points” Dez couldn’t stop himself from physically shuddering as he used that expression. “The thing is if they found out some random bitch was then trying to blackmail you they might actually take your side.”

Cole sat there with his mouth open, he’d expected sympathy but now he felt like he was being chided like a child. “What about everybody else? What if one of the staff found out, or the other students? Or what if-”

“My point,” said Dez holding up a hand, “Is that you have support.” Barton nodded solemnly to affirm this. “All I need is her name and what she’s studying.”

“Sally Reed, Theatre studies or something like that,” the words tumbled out of Cole’s mouth. Something about the look on the older guys faces said that salvation was close at hand.

Dez had to stop himself from laughing out loud. It was all so easy. He told Barton to have a discussion with a few of the team and he’d text him when it was all set. That being said he motioned for Cole to leave with him. They walked leisurely across campus. It had gotten dark but it was too soon for anyone to be out at the bars or clubs so it was relatively quiet. As they walked Dez kept stealing glances at the gorgeous younger man beside him. It didn’t matter that he’d seen the rugby-player naked. He was every bit as arousing fully clothed. Whilst he tried to fight it, his mind kept on filing with the memory of the Blonde’s perfect hard-cock. How His own mouth had filled with saliva as his body urged him to cross the room and put it in his mouth, how his own cock had throbbed in response. When he looked up at Coles face again he noted that he still seemed cowed but a weight had certainly been lifted.

“So what’s the price?” Cole spoke suddenly without any particular tone.

“What do you mean? For all of this?”

“Oh come on- I spoke to that girl, the librarian. She said everyone knows you only do a favour for a favour. That’s how it works isn’t it? so what’s the price?”

Dez was shocked that he felt a little hurt by this outburst. but then the other part of him said “grow a pair and seize the opportunity.”

“Tomorrow we’ll deal with your little problem… then we’ll talk about you returning the favour.


Part 5

This was the day. The plan was set.

Cole couldn’t help but feel nervous as he followed Derren down to the South college. Technically he was being rescued but at the same time he had been told nothing. What made it worse was that Derren kept on smiling to himself as they walked in almost total silence. Cole didn’t think that Dez himself even noticed that he let out an occasional snort and giggle. Clearly something was amusing him.

***Dez was already thoroughly enjoying himself. He could’ve let Cole in on the plan but then he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the mix of nerves and pants-wetting fear that was radiating off of the fresher. Yes it was cruel of him to leave him hanging but his comment the evening before had annoyed him. Yes- he was the kind of person who would only do a favour for a favour. Yes- he was probably, maybe, possibly manoeuvring Cole into a position where he’d end up in his debt. It was just rude to call Dez out on it that was all.

When he had gone home last night he’d spent a happy hour making a few phone-calls to Barton and a few others. It had been a blatant abuse of power and would mean that several laws were about to be broken but that was all part of the fun. After all this was all about retribution for the crime of blackmail. The fact that it would give him a giggle was just a bonus. The only thing that had disturbed his otherwise pleasant evening were the unpleasant bits of his brain that had refused to shut down as he tried to sleep.

“He was right here,” they said. “Right here in your bed naked and open.”

“Vulnerable,” said his conscience, “it would have been wrong to touch him.”

Then he had stayed wide-awake for an hour with the image of Cole’s sleeping body lying on his bed. He replayed Cole’s cam show over and over again. Eventually he had gotten up, gone to his laptop and watched porn- wanking until he’d satisfied his raging hard-on. The more he thought about it the more he wondered why he hadn’t already made a move on Cole. Technically he had been at his mercy. What made him so different from everyone else that Dez’s better-self started nagging him to be nice?

That was last night. Now he was completely focused on the task at hand (or at least as focused as he could be with the gorgeous blonde rugby player walking next to him).

They finally made it to the South College’s main entrance and stepped inside. The university itself was relatively modern. Rather than the crumbling brickwork or bulky masonry of older universities, this was one with glass fronts and bright colours. That being said the inside also contained a great many ragged and shaggy lecture theatres and seminar rooms that had been in use since the 70s. Most of them were only used for the odd class as lecturers preferred the more modern. It was because of this that, at certain times of the day, Entire sections of the South College would be abandoned. All one had to know was when and for how long. That kind of information wasn’t generally accessible by students. It was mostly the Admin staff, pouring over an endless number of time-tables, that knew which rooms would be occupied when. You only had to know the right people and they could, for example, tell you that on this particular day the old South College would be pretty much abandoned in the late afternoon as most of the Seminars were being held in the newer colleges on campus.

Dez wondered what Cole would make of this particular experience. Would this be another slice of the wild life at university? Would he be appalled at how sordid it all was? Or would this be his moment- the epiphany where he would finally realise that shit-happens and even life’s most vegan of personalities have broken a few eggs and eaten raw steak. There was only one way to find out. As he neared the end of a corridor he stopped to turn and face the nervous looking fresher. Not for the first (or last time) he wish he didn’t have those eyes.

“Listen carefully. Just ahead is the side door to the Hemmingway Lecture Theatre. It’s the oldest, but still one of the biggest on campus. When we go in we’re gonna take a seat and enjoy the view without making a sound. Your friends are already in there, probably having a whale of a time. Do not speak until I tell you too- got that?”

Cole gave a wary nod, “alright but can I at least know what’s going on?”

“No,” Dez replied after a pause, “I don’t want you having an attack of conscience just before we wrap this little episode up. Don’t ask me why, I just get this feeling that you’re going to be too nice of a person to enjoy this as much as everyone else. Just try to remember that someone is getting their comeuppance, yeah mate?”

With that said Dez patted the younger student on the shoulder and led the way to the double doors. Easing the doors quietly open he slipped through and held the door for Cole. As the younger guy passed into the dimly lit room he suddenly caught sight of what was going on. Down on the central bench (where lectures were usually given) the bitch who had been blackmailing him was getting the kind of fucking he had only ever seen in the most risqué porn films.

Sally Reed had no idea she was being watched and whilst she was only doing this so that she could get a M.C. form forged and boost her scores, she had to admit the slimy bastard currently pistoning in and out of her knew how to fuck. Elliott McGrath did know he was being watched and it turned him on all the more. The gullible bitch beneath him had come up with this arrangement ‘all by herself’ (after some gentle nudging, obvious hints and bald proposals). He had never actually said he worked for the theatre department as such, he had simply popped along to see a colleague and happened to be behind the desk when she came in. It was one of Dez’s computer-whiz mates that had forged an email to her inviting her to come in and talk about her disappointing performance in assignments with a member of staff. As he pumped away at the velvet walls of her cunt he couldn’t help but think that this was one of the better favours he’d ever been asked to do.

Cole’s cock had hardened to full length and strained against his jeans. He was broken out of his trance as Dez pushed him along and into a row of seats. It was only then that he noticed the others. In the relative gloom of the lecture theatre he could make out Barton and some of the other boys from the rugby team watching the show intently. At least two of them were recording it, or so he guessed by the lights given off from the screens of their mobiles.

Dez had not failed to notice that the scene in front of them was having quite the effect on Cole. Even in this light he could make out the prominent mound of teenage cock desperately calling out for attention. Dez so wanted to drop something and accidently pass his hand over it or just say fuck it and jump on Cole. But no. He was here on business. Even so he took a moment to enjoy the sight in front of him. In all truth the girl did nothing for him but he appreciated Elliot’s efforts and allowed himself a moments reminiscence, thinking about the times he had been on the end of it.

As Elliot reached his climax and Sally faked hers (dramatic as she was) the members of the rugby team erupted into a roar of applause and wolf whistles. With surprising agility for someone who had just had a power fucking, Sally was on her feet and glaring at the players in the seats. Elliott merely smiled to himself and began re-dressing. Dez had to hand it to Sally, most people would have froze on the spot or broken-down but she seemed to pass straight through startled and go straight for angry. Her hand shaking with rage, she pointed a finger at a bewildered Cole and demanded to know what was going on.

The silence that followed was brought about by Barton who merely had to raise a hand to call for it. Though Dez would have loved to step in and take the credit this was team business; Barton was in charge.

“Actually Sally, Cole had no idea what was going on until he stepped through that door. If he had known anything he probably would have tried to stop us doing what we’re doing now. He’s nice like that isn’t he? But you see that makes what’s happening all the more important. You tried to blackmail him into sleeping with you- know personally I would have taken you up on that because as we all now know you fuck like you’re possessed-”

“-Who the fuck-” Sally began. “DON’T interrupt me!” Barton waited for the message to sink in and then continued, “I am Jack Barton, captain of the rugby team. Cole is one of my new players. Now if you mess with any one of my boys you mess with me, the team and half the fucking university. So here’s how this is going to go. Several of us have your little session recorded on our phones. You are going to back off of Cole or we are going to let this get around. We will send it to everyone. Should you drop out of Uni and decide that you’re now free to keep blackmailing him you should know that there are enough techno whizzes on this campus to hunt you down and send a copy of this video to your future employer, or your friends or even your family. This is over. No swearing revenge or trying anything stupid. You have learned something and hopefully Cole has too.”

A deathly silence followed. Sally stood trembling her eyes darting between Barton and Cole. For a brief moment Dez thought she might be stupid enough to try to save face by shouting at Barton or swearing that vengeance would be hers, but she was intelligent enough to know that she had lost. With all the dignity she could muster she turned and walked out of the side door, not once glancing at Elliot.

“Thank-you boys- the rest of the day is yours,” Barton said sounding a little tired, “Dez, Cole- a word please.”

“Oh am I dismissed too?” Elliot shouted up.

“Yes, thank-you Elliot,” Barton said stiffly.

“and my… er… payment?”

“Should be waiting for you at the time and place you requested.”

Elliot bowed theatrically and sauntered out of the side door with a smile on his face. Cole and Dez came to stand next to Barton. Cole hadn’t uttered a single word and he now hung his head, unable to meet the gaze of wither of the older men.

“no need to look like that,” Dez said cheerfully, “You’re off the hook. It’s done.”

“It just feels… harsh… that’s all.”

“And if we hadn’t have stepped in? What then? Would you have slept with her or would you have risked embarrassment. When it comes to retribution you can have justice or mercy but not both.”

Barton chuckled at Dez’s sudden eloquence and put a friendly hand on the blondes shoulder, “all sorted now piss-off and go be a student. Go enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anything else.”

Both men watched the blonde go before walking through the building together. They didn’t speak which was a sure sign that Barton had something to say. Dez knew him as a simple kind of guy who would say what he was thinking if he had anything to say at all. When there was a drawn out pause he was struggling with something. For now Dez was content to wait while Barton thought whatever it was through. He had always enjoyed Barton’s company in a weird way. They would never have said they were best-friends but they took comfort in each-others company from time to time. It was lonely at the top. Both men had to ‘network’ , give orders to people that didn’t respect them, work for charities they didn’t give a shit about and put a finger in every damn pie, all so that they could stay ahead of everybody else. Dez liked Barton because he was a solid and calm person who didn’t really need to scheme or plot- it was nice to interact with someone without trying to guess their next move. Barton, though he’d never admit it, knew that Dez was just a little bit sharper than he was and liked having him on his side even if they did have barely anything else in common.

In one movement Barton was suddenly in front of Dez who nearly walked straight into him. If the intense stare was anything to go by the Barton was still trying to way up the pros and cons of saying whatever it was that was on his mind but, now that he had stopped Dez in his tracks, he was committed to it.

“I’m… look…”

Dez waited but there didn’t seem to be anything else coming. He chose to take a shot in the dark and guess what the issue was.

“Is this about Elliot? Look he’s an arsehole but he’s discreet for the right price. What did you promise him anyway? He told me he wanted to deal with you directly.”

Barton suddenly looked very uncomfortable. His lips moved to say something but no sound came out.

“What?” asked Dez.

“A player,” Barton said quietly, “he wanted a player.”

Dez blood suddenly ran cold, “what! who?”

“That doesn’t matter, it’s done.”

“Look you can’t just force people into-”

“- I didn’t force anyone to do anything!” Barton cut in angrily, “I asked them and they went of their own free will.”

“Who was it?”

“That’s none of your business it was just a team mate who has a flexible attitude when it comes to his own sexuality.”

They stood in silence for a while Barton still felt a certain level of indignation that Dez would think he could force someone into Sex. Dez was desperately trying to line up a set of questions in his head. he needed to make sure that the team mate in question wasn’t Cole without giving himself away.

“Look… the player-”

“Is none of your business,” Barton said more calmly, “he’s a second year and his sexuality isn’t a secret but I’m not happy putting it to use like this. Anyway that’s not what I wanted to talk about.”

Thank God thought Dez, “Oh, what’s on your mind then,” he asked a little more cheerfully.”


“What about him?”

Barton was suddenly very, very close. It wasn’t threatening but it was enough to make the hairs on the back of Dez’s neck begin to rise.

“I’ve seen how you look at him. He’s a nice looking kid but he’s also a nice guy generally. Stay away from him.”

Now it was Dez’s turn to get angry, “What do you mean?”

“I’m saying he’s too nice and too soft to get mixed up in all this kind of shit. He’s also too straight.”

“How do you know and why do you care?”

“I care because he’s my responsibility. I know because its already been discussed.”

“What do you mean it’s already been discussed?”

“He asked about you, he felt uncomfortable with you staring at him like some hungry dog. He’s straight. So I’m saying, as a friend, let this one go.”

“You’ve got some nerve- what makes you think I even like him?”

“I know”

“And what difference does it make!?!”

“There are other people out there, you know, it s just your too fucking thick to see it. You get so caught up in the next big scheme or the next pointless conquest that you don’t see when someone actually wants you for you.”


“See- so stubborn. You know not everyone wears their bollocks out on display. Some people don’t just say the first thing that pops in their head. But you won’t give anyone a chance to get close enough- you won’t listen when someone’s trying to tell you something.”

“Like when?”

“like Now.”

“About Cole?”

“About me!”

Those last words hung in the air like the echo of dying thunder. Dez physically winced as he tried to figure out if he was really hearing what he thought he was hearing. Barton hung his head, suddenly unable to look at Dez in the growing silence.

“This is why you’re suddenly so dead against me fancying Cole?”

“I didn’t realise you’d end up liking him like that…”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“because you sleeping around with people is one thing, but you got fixated on him. you wanted something with him.”

Dez took a deep breath and tried to digest what he had heard.

“So you’re…?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about your girlfriend?”

“We broke up a few months ago. We haven’t really told anyone yet. Carla’s still my best friend and we still see each other every day.”

The anger Dez had felt at having Barton pry into his personal life had completely dissipated. In his heart he knew he could never have made something happen with Cole. He was straight and every time he’d considered doing something with him or trying to get him into a vulnerable position (again) something had stopped him. It wouldn’t have been right.

“Look,” Barton continued his deep voice cracking slightly, “I understand if you don’t feel the same way. Can we just forget I said anything. Friends?”

“I never said I didn’t feel anything,” Dez said calmly, “I just never thought about you. You were never an option for me so I just accepted that we would be friends and just friends.”


“so… I don’t know… why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I’m the captain of the Rugby team, I wanted to get ahead as a sportsman, its important to me. Don’t give me any of that ‘this is the 21st century’ crap- we both know not everything has moved on. Carla and me tried to make it work but we both knew it wasn’t right.”

Dez looked at Barton as if for the first time. He was an Adonis in his own right and standing as he was, looking vulnerable, he was actually quite cute. Dez did like Barton he’d just never really examined that word much. Maybe now was the time.

“7 o’clock.”


“7 O’clock. I’m going to come to your place. You’re going to arrange dinner and a DVD, I’m going to bring a bottle or two of wine and then we’re going to talk properly without worrying about anyone listening.”

“Like who.”

“Like the cleaning lady.”

Barton looked down the hall at a grinning lady with curly grey hair. She’d clearly been enjoying the free theatre. Winking at them both she walked away chuckling to herself. The two students burst out laughing.




A few hours after Barton’s completely random outburst the pair had finished dinner and were having a whale of a time ignoring a DVD whilst they sat at either end of a Barton’s bed, staring each other down. Barton hadn’t really said anything that Dez hadn’t already figured out for himself. Barton was neither straight nor Gay; he didn’t have a label because he’d never had to label himself before. It was only after splitting up with Carla that he’d really begun to think about that other side of his sexuality. Carla was hot (even Dez had to admit that) and Barton was faithful, Carla was also a bit of a nympho which meant that Barton’s desires were pretty much satisfied on a permanent basis.

“So why me?” Dez would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying having the upper- hand. It wasn’t anything malicious but he loved being able to openly flirt with Barton and the way he squirmed and blushed. It was actually quite cute.

“Well… your hot,” said Barton quietly, “and we’ve always been friends.”

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Whenever I ask you a direct question you suddenly become interested in the DVD. Look at me.”

Barton looked up, his face a picture of misery. He had no idea how to interact. Now he’d exposed his feelings he was suddenly embarrassed; unable to meet Dez’s steady gaze.

“I Just don’t know how to do this…”

“Try relaxing and being yourself,” Dez said with a gentle grin, “You’ve done the hard part, you’ve said how you feel. It would help if you were a little more flirtatious but to be honest I’m happy to sit here and enjoy the view whilst you work out how.”

This caused Barton to blush crimson again but at least it was accompanied by a sheepish grin. “To be honest I don’t know to flirt with a guy. I can tell you how fucking fit I think you are…”

“That’s more flattery but I’ll take it. Would it help if I helped you?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well it seems your nervous about this situation and you’re trying too hard to guess what you’re supposed to do and how I’m going to react. I’m going to simplify it. You said you like me. Well I like you to. You could try flirting but that’s a bit redundant now. What you can do,” and with this Dez slid closer to Barton,” is shut-your eyes, stop thinking and enjoy it.”

“Enjoy wha…” but Barton said no more because Dez was kissing him.


The End


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