The Party After 6th Form
by Foxpark


I was at a mate’s 18th Birthday party sometime in August when this happened. We’d all just finished 6th form so we were blowing off steam before results and, for most of us, university. My friend Rachel’s dad had hired out the local bar and she’d invited most of the college, her older brother and his friends and a ton of mates that she must have known from outside of college but for the most part it was people from our sixth form.  I guess I was pretty popular then. I wasn’t friends with everyone but after two years with each other everybody had at least spoken to each other a few times. I didn’t really have a sexual identity as such. I never really thought about things in terms of gay and straight. In school I’d tried to muck around with a few guy mates but not got very far. Ultimately I ended up dating girls. Well one girl but that had ended in our first year in college. We’d only ever had sex once. It’s nothing like they tell you it’s going to be. There was no music, roses or fireworks. It was more of a drunken fumble that went a bit far and if anything we were more concerned with getting it over, done with and out of the way.

I guess I should introduce myself before I go any further. My names Toby- yes it’s a crap Thomas the tank character name but I’m stuck with it- and when this all took place I was 18. I guess I was alright looking, not drop-dead gorgeous but certainly nice enough to get my fair share of drunken kisses at various parties. My hair was short and brown and I was forever experimenting with messing it up with wax to make it look interesting. That day I headed over to my best friend Chloe’s house. Chloe was a lesbian and whilst being a bit of an anomaly at our college she was never ever short of play. She was also the only person (other than the guys in question) that knew I’d ever had an interest in other guys.  I told her about the game of dares I once played with two friends that eventually escalated until two of us were wanking in front of each other. I know that a lot of people would have thought that was pretty standard but as a teenager in the moment with the blood pumping and the adrenaline going through me it was one of the horniest moments of my life. There was something about it being almost forbidden that just made it hotter. I still bash one out to the scene of my mate desperately working toward his orgasm.

Anyway that night I got myself ready round Chloe’s. I dressed in fitted jeans with a v neck tea and a waistcoat. I actually felt hot in that outfit. Me and Chloe had a few pre-drinks and she told me about some girl she was seeing in Brighton. I told her about the uni I hoped to be going to and what I would do when I get there. We were already feeling the effects of the drink by the time her dad shouted down that we best get a move on if we wanted to get there on time so we downed our glasses and got on our way.

When we got there we realised it wasn’t just the bar they’d hired but also the beer garden out back which they’d set up with a marquee. The whole thing was decorated with fairy lights and they’d set up speakers that were wired in to the sound-system indoors. The whole thing was pretty impressive. I know that in most places that’s a pretty boring idea for a party but in the rough end of London where people didn’t have a shed load of money to throw at these sorts of things, this was extravagant. That and we were all of legal drinking age and there was money behind a bar so by most 18-year-old’s standards that’s a pretty fantastic do anyway. So I was mingling with people, talking about the future and other stuff. I got involved in some drinking games and eventually we end up playing spin the bottle on the dance floor. That meant whilst dancing in a small circle the bottle was spun on the floor between us. Anyway when it gets to my turn I ended up getting Liam. He was a bit of a dick but I’ve got to admit he was attractive. The problem was he was one of those guys who ‘knows’ they’re attractive you know what I mean? He had messy curly brown hair and dressed in that indie style that everybody used to think made them look sooo individual despite the fact they all wore the same thing. He also played guitar which got him a lot of play with the girls- that and his gorgeous face. Anyways everyone’s cheering so I think fuck it and he comes in closer and we kiss. Then everyone starts chanting, “Tongue tongue tongue,” so we start locking lips before I probed around with my tongue, his meeting mine and massaging each other. He was clearly thinking what I was thinking. Give em a show! Suddenly his hands are on my neck and my face and mine are in his hair. We didn’t like each other and I wasn’t getting off on the kiss but he was cute and having an audience did add a certain thrill.

The kisses lasted all of a few seconds if that and then there was a short round of applause before the bottle was spun again. After that I headed back inside to the bar where some of my other mates had a drinking game going on on one of the tables so I just pulled up a chair and got involved. Soon I had gone way past the ‘mildly intoxicated’ stage and the demand on my bladder was making itself known. I excused myself from the game and carefully made my way to toilet trying not to seem drunk. It wasn’t until I was making my way back outside that I bumped into Liam. He was pretty tanked up himself as he was slurring his speech and seemed a little off balance.

“So, you lucky fuck” he slurred

I waited for more but realised he was pretty drunk and had probably had the rest of the conversation in his head.

“Why am I lucky?”

“C’mon you got a kiss from me, I’m fucking awesome at kissing,” he grinned in response.

There was something about that smile, maybe it was because he really was cute or maybe it was just the sheer amount of alcohol in my system but I suddenly felt like testing the water.

“Fuck-off I was doing all the work; you don’t get to take the credit for that.”

“Mate- it was all me- I own that.”

The drink was definitely doing its work because I advanced a lot faster than I thought I would.

“Mate- I will take you on anytime anywhere”

And just like that he had hold of my top and was dragging me out and around the marquee where no one could see us. Before I could say anything else he was kissing me and I just went with it. It was pretty dark outside as we continued to make-out but even so there was a thrill of being seen. He pulled off for a second and just gave me this weird look. And then he pushed me up against a wall and span me around.

I could feel his cheek on my neck and smell the strange cocktail of alcohol on is breath. Suddenly I was aware of everything. The smell of sweat from dancing mixed with his aftershave. It was intoxicating. He just stood there for a while with one hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist, breathing into my ear. I knew he wasn’t exactly gay so he was probably trying to figure out what he should do next. I shifted my hand behind me to make a grab at the bulge in the front of his chinos. This seemed to get him going again as his hands took hold of my belt and he began to fumble with the buckle. A complicated job considering how intoxicated he was. I could feel his breath getting faster and heavier as his excitement grew. He undid my top button and drew down my zip but didn’t pull anything down which I thought was a bit weird.

And then he stood stock still like he was suddenly unaware of what he should do next.

I should be clear that I’d not had any experience anally so to speak and I knew I didn’t want to go all the way but standing there with his body that close and my heart going so fast in my chest I knew I wanted something to happen. Then he had one hand on my stomach and I could feel the other sliding into the back of my trousers- into my pants. Liam’s hand began to knead my right ass cheek. As he got more comfortable with what he was doing he began to dig his nails into the soft flesh, letting me know that he was in control- and d’ya know what? For a split second I wanted him to be.

I guess what happened next was a little gross but, we were both horny and drunk. I heard him hock up phlegm and spit into his hand. Suddenly his hand was right back in my underwear and the gooey warm liquid coating his fingers was being smeared up and down my arse crack as he drunkenly tried to find his target. Then he located it. I let a moan escape my lips as his hand brushed past my hole.

I don’t know what I expected to happen really but I thought it would progress a little slower than it did. He leaned in closer and rammed a finger straight into me. I Bit my lip to stop a yelp of pain alerting everybody to what was going on outside of the marquee. His chin was on my shoulder and I thought he was about to say something but he didn’t. Instead he took my earlobe into his teeth and began chewing on it as his finger began fucking its way deeper inside me. It wasn’t painful but I couldn’t quite get used to how hot his finger felt as it slid in and out of me. I could feel my hole gripping on to his knuckle each time it past in and out. Despite the new sensations working their way through my boy chute and how horny I was feeling I guess the amount of alcohol was stopping me getting a proper hard-on.

“You like that?” It was the first thing he said to me since we kissed and that felt like a lifetime ago. “Told you I fucking own this shit.”

For some reason hearing him swear sent a jolt of pleasure straight to my cock. It was horny hearing him talk to me like we were two alpha fuck-heads in a pub whilst doing something so fucking hot. He began to speed up his finger in my ass. It was like he was fingering one of the fucking drunk girls at this party in their cunts. It was like he had read my mind at that point because he randomly sniggered, “boy pussy.”

Despite the feelings of pleasure it was suddenly painful and hot in my ass with his finger pistoning in and out and I moved him out of me and turned around. It was almost as if he were still playing the game of ‘Who’s the sexiest’ cos as I turned he sucked on the finger he had just fucked me with, and looked at me as if he’d won some sought of game. But I was drunk and if this had turned into a weird game of gay chicken I was not going to be outdone. My lips were on his again and I swung him around and leant his back against the wall. I moved down to his neck and began sucking and nibbling on it. It was his turn to moan as I placed love bites up and down one side of his neck, pulling the neckline of his shirt down to place some more on his chest. I was marking him as mine and he seemed to willingly take it.

I don’t know whether it was me drunkenly losing my balance, nature taking its course or what but somehow I was on knees in front of him and I had my hand s on his arse, playing with his cheeks through his chinos whilst he ran his fingers through my hair. I didn’t necessarily intend to go any further otherwise the whole game of who owned who would be tipped again but he kinda made the decision for me as his hands went to his belt and undid everything so he could take out his now very hard dick. It wasn’t massive or anything, it looked to be about 7 inches. I did nothing for a few seconds and just looked up at him. He wasn’t smiling anymore, I think he was too horny to be his eyes seemed to have glazed over with pure animal lust and he began to rub the tip of his cock over my bottom lip.

Suddenly my horny brain took over and said ‘what the fuck’ before I really realised my mouth was open and I had the head of his dick inside. What happened next seemed to come pretty naturally- I had blowjobs from girlfriends and knew what I liked (or would have liked if they’d been any good at it).  Whilst sucking on his leaking knob end I used my tongue to push back his foreskin and lick just under the head. This got an appreciative moan. I then began working my head back and forth over him. It was hard to co-ordinate everything because of the drink but I managed to take occasional swipes at different places on his dick with my tongue whilst bobbing backward and forward.

Just like that he was back into the role of dominator. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth like he was trying to be a porn star. It was all a bit sloppy as he’d had so much to drink. Suddenly his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged and choked but he kept on at his task. I could taste the salty-sweet precum from his cock leaking all over taste buds as I placed one hand on the base of his dick in an attempt to regain some control. I could tell he was getting close as he began to moan a little louder and fuck a little faster. It was then that I had an idea.

I worked my other hand into the back of his underwear and began sliding my fingers up and down his sweaty arse crack feeling through the fine hair for his boy cunt. I located it and placed two fingers at his virgin entrance then began to really focus on his cock.

I began to dribble a mix of spit and cock juice from the corner of my mouth as his excitement grew. I knew he wasn’t about to warn me that he was about to cum. Getting a load in my mouth would end our weird little game, he’d be a stud and I’d feel like a slut. That simply wouldn’t do.

As his cock became even harder between my lips I looked up to see his eyes closed and his head tipped back. As I felt the first pulse of his dick in my mouth I pulled off and spun to the side of him, driving my two dry fingers straight up his tight boy cunt. He yelled in pain and orgasmic pleasure as his exposed cock, glistening with spit, began shooting all over the lawn. I could feel the walls of his pussy half trying to push me out but also drawing my fingers in as he twitched with each spurt. His eyes were screwed shut as he grunted with each burst of jizz.  As his orgasm subsided I withdrew my fingers from his ass.

The realisation of what we had just done seemed to hit us at the both time as we zipped up and sorted ourselves out. We stood there for a moment looking at the floor not speaking and then headed back into the party. It was a weird sensation getting into bed in the early hours of the morning with the image of his face still plastered all over my mind. I ended up wanking, shoving the fingers I’d had in him up my own boy cunt, trying to re-capture the strange sensations that I had experienced only a few hours before.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him since results day when we congratulated each other on our exam results and wished each other luck at uni. I don’t know if he ever told anyone what happened but I know from facebook that he has a girlfriend now. As for me I’m still resisting labelling myself but am with a great guy now but every now and then I do knock-one out thinking about what happened that night.


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