Getting Wild with a Fresher
by Foxpark


Simon loved his life. He was living as a free spirit, doing what he really wanted to do. A lot of his friends had called him mad for staying on at University to do his masters but he shrugged all that off. They said he was crazy for specialising in copyright law in the media but he had already proved them wrong. He hadn’t even completed his thesis and already had three job offers from firms in London and Cardiff. He managed to perfectly balance his workload against some assistant lecturing and a part-time job behind a bar off campus. He still had plenty of time for going out with his mates and going to society meetings for the student radio station and the performing arts groups.

As anyone whose set foot on a campus will tell you- Universities, Colleges- whatever you want to call them- attract drama in a big way. It was usually the ones who had made their way to higher education because ‘they didn’t know what else to do’ that got involved in the various arguments and factions that developed over time. Simon had steered well clear of any of that and so had very few enemies in life, he got on with people. The only ones he ever really clashed with were the Christian groups who were forever trying to correct the sinful ways of an openly bisexual man. So he liked both genders- maybe he’d settle down with a wife and kids or a guy and a few adopted babies- he was content with the fact that he didn’t have to decide any of that for now. It wasn’t like he’d even slept around. He’d been in short, sweet relationships with the few girls he had slept with and the only guy he had ever fooled around with was a good friend.

One of the many reasons he’d chosen to come to this Uni was the brilliant facilities it had. Whilst he’d never been particularly sporty he did really like the gym, which was decked out with brand equipment and a juice bar. Usually he just used the treadmills or went up there for a few games of badminton when he needed to blow off steam. On this occasion however he was going swimming with his friends. It wasn’t that he couldn’t swim or anything, it’s just that he didn’t care for it that much. It was bad enough having to put up with muscle-heads in the gym itself without having to deal with the arrogant wankers who frequented the swimming pool. Once upon a time Gyms were seen as gay and they kept a huge percentage of arseholes out but now it was filled with people. They were the ones you get in every gym. The straight boys so desperate to prove their masculinity and heterosexuality but unable to grasp the irony of working out whilst making sure there were guys watching you lift the biggest weights and doing the toughest programmes.

The swimming pool was different however. The lifeguards were of course students themselves who got their jobs through the union. They all seemed to be the undergrads and gym junkies. Of course- every one of them was striking to look at and they knew it. They spent most of their time working on themselves- even going into town to get on the sunbeds and top up their tans.

The second Simon got into the pool he instantly wished he hadn’t come. In the far corner sat one of the guys from his Language in the Media class. Reece. Reece was toned, tanned, baby-faced- basically he was gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that people often forgot that he was an utter bastard. He had spotted Simon and had given him a nod before returning to the conversation he and two other lifeguards were having with two girls who were sitting on the edge of the pool. Simon had… trouble with Reece. He was never there in lectures and in seminars he spent most of his time bragging about who he had got on the night before. The thing that really got to Simon was his arrogance. He was popular and seemed to meet his deadlines and achieve outstanding grades without even trying. Maybe it was a case of sour grapes.

Simon was already 23 and seeing someone 5 years younger having a better time than he had had at the same age got him chocked up with a kind of jealousy that not even Simon himself found attractive. He never voiced his opinion to anyone though because that was on a par with admitting that, just for one day, Simon would like to live as Reece and know what it’s like to have it all without having to try. Simon’s life was amazing now but if he had been the same person he was now when he was in his first year he would have done everything harder and longer.

He was taken out of his internal train of thought by the sound of snickering. He looked up to see that the two girls had now gone and the three lifeguards were staring at him and muttering something. Reece said something to the pair who burst out laughing. Simon was not by nature a paranoid person but he knew when he was being made fun of. He pretended not to notice and decided to leave. He made an excuse up for his friends, got out and headed to the showers.

Whilst in there he stood under the shower with his trunks on and tried to get the smell of chlorine off his skin. As he stood there letting the water run over him Reece walked past the doorway. He smirked at Simon and said something along the lines of “did you have a good swim?” to which Simon gave a half hearted reply. Humiliated would be too strong a word for how Simon felt- but he was definitely riled up about people blatantly taking the piss out of him.

Later that night whilst working behind the bar he saw Reece again, but only briefly. He was chatting to some random girl who was clearly in awe of him. After that he didn’t see him at all and his shift was quite uneventful… until he went out back to empty one of the glass bins that is. Reece had a friend behind the bar and that same friend must have been the reason that Simon came out the door to find Reece up against the wall with the girl from earlier dry fucking her as she moaned into his shoulder and ran her hands through his blond hair.

“You two get back inside now!”

They both leapt back at the sound of Simon’s voice and stood there stunned.

“Simon… I… er…”

“How the fuck did you get back here- on second thought I don’t want to know cos’ it means someone is gonna have to lose their job- now get lost!”

They stood there for a moment longer and Reece’s face began to visibly contort with anger.

“I said” hissed Simon “Fuck off before I throw you out.”

Reece went to grab the girl’s hand but she pulled away looking embarrassed and ran back inside toward the right side of the bar. With one final angry look Reece followed her.

“Cheeky fuck,” Simon thought to himself. It was the back of a pub why couldn’t he just take her back to his room on campus like a normal person? He wasn’t a prude by any means, when he was in the mood he’d do some kinky stuff but he really didn’t appreciate running into that arsehole dry humping like some fucking dog in public whilst he was nearing the end of one long ass shift.

Not soon after that his shift ended. He got out of clear-up because his friend Lisa insisted he looked tired. He took this to mean that it was her that had let Reece outback and knew he’d been the one to catch him.  This meant that he only left about 10 minutes after all the punters. The fact was that he wasn’t tired but he was grumpy and so he decided to avoid the well lit streets and drunken punters, many of which he knew and would certainly try to chatter to him even thought they could barely string a sentence together. The path he took led behind a few houses before going through a semi wooded field. The trail would take him straight up to campus. It would be pitch black even on a clear night but that wasn’t much trouble for a sober person who had walked the route several times. He always found it relaxing to wander toward the glowing lights of the university through the dark. With every step he was feeling more and more relaxed which is probably why he hadn’t noticed a shadow detached itself from the wall as he passed the last house and turned on to the path through the field.

The path had just wound around a trio of trees when something heavy knocked Simon to the ground. He rolled over knocking his mystery assailant off of him. Springing to his feet he stood over the figure that was still slowly getting up. As it got to its feet and began swaying Simon caught a glimpse of blond hair in the moonlight.

“Reece? What the-”

But then the figure charged him again. It wasn’t hard to dodge; he was clearly drunk and a bit slow to react. One short, hard shove on his shoulder blade and Reece was sprawled out on the ground once again.

“What are you playing at Reece?” Simon wasn’t shouting, if anything he sounded a bit weary.

“I was in with her… Then you…” He was clearly struggling with words.

“Blue balled you? Cock-blocked you? I didn’t do any of that- you were where you weren’t meant to be and I moved you on. End of.”

Reece was getting up again, “Showed me up you prick. Fucking… Faggot!” and with that he charged again.

There were a few things Simon couldn’t let pass. 1. The bastard had been mocking him earlier in the pool. 2. He just used an Americanism to try and put him down. The sheer shock of being called faggot meant that Simon was just a bit too slow to dodge. This time Reece was hard to throw off. The tussle they’d already had was clearly causing him to sober up.  Reece had already wrapped his arms around Simon and begun to bear hug him, squeezing the air out of his lungs. Simon took hold of the collar of his shirt and pulled causing him to loosen his grip and move his neck to stop from choking. The collar of his shirt tore and they rolled over again.

Now Simon was on top and was trying to pin down Reece’s arms. There was a sudden moment of shock when he ground crotch upward mashing his dick into Simon’s. This broke Simon’s concentration who was again too slow to react as Reece used his legs to roll them over once more. Now another mad tussle began and Simon tried to grip hold of his opponent rather than let him get an advantage. In the process of this there was an almighty rip and then Simon was suddenly released. He stood up immediately and stared down at the shadowy figure of Reece who was now sitting in silence.

He pulled out his phone and turned on the blue torchlight, aiming down at Reece. He was sitting there with his legs splayed just staring at the damage that had been done to his shorts. The top button and zipper had been ripped right off but had continued down the V of the zip to the seat of the shorts. It hadn’t occurred to Simon just how much force he had been using in the struggle. But what struck him now was the fact that, illuminated by the ethereal, blue electronic light of his mobile, was a gym god with a torn shirt and torn shorts. The most eye catching thing though was Reece’s semi-hard cock- he’d been going commando.

There were no words to describe how Simon felt about what happened next as Reece looked down at himself and a conniving smile spread across his face before he looked back up straight into Simon’s eyes.

“You like what you see?” Reece asked as he snaked one hand over his chest before trailing it down his belly. Simon could hardly believe his eyes as Reece’s hand encircled his rapidly growing dick and he let out a low moan. He began to stroke his cock, all the while staring at Simon with that cocky smirk, occasionally looking down and admiring his cock. His slow steady wank began to pick up speed as he bit his lip and let out another lower moan. He really was putting on a show and Simon could feel his own hard cock in his black work trousers painfully straining at the confines of his boxers, demanding his attention.

“You like a big cock, don’t you Simon?” Reece said once again, licking his lips. Simon was still struggling to take it all in. One minute this Eighteen year old had been attacking him and now he was kneeling in front of him massaging his cock and almost demanding that he watch. What the fuck was running through this kid’s mind? All the drunken stupor of a few moments ago had disappeared and now Reece’s voice sounded cool and calculated. Those fucking facial expressions as he watched Simon’s reactions! It was like watching a fucking porn star.

“Is this what you think of when you’re sitting in my seminars listening to the old bastard Dr List talk? Is this what you sit there picturing?” somehow the sound of Reece’s voice made Simon feel like he was under his control now. Reece continued in a girly voice, mocking Simon, “Oh Simon, oh yeah, give it to me.”

Simon didn’t feel angry at being mocked, but he felt the slow creep of embarrassment as he realised that yes- he wanted Reece- badly.

Reece began to buck his hips upwards into his hand, “Oh fuck! Here it comes you dirty fuck! Ah.” and with a few moans the kneeling figure, his cheeks flushed with the effort, began to unload his balls on the grass. Simon watched each spurt until it stopped and Reece’s hand slowed down.

He got up a flicked his hand to the side, Simon heard the remaining cum hit the ground somewhere off to the side. Then suddenly he had hold of Simon’s wrist and was pushing him back toward a tree. Simon felt his back collide with the bark, but still he couldn’t move. This was all too much, the situation had taken an unexpected turn and he was still too stunned to speak. He felt the cum on his arm as it dripped down from Reece’s right hand. Then Reece’s face was close, almost kissing him, and even in the dark Simon could make out the dangerous, animal look in his eyes. He could feel Reece’s exposed cock, still hard, grinding against his own, leaving trails of excess teenage spunk over his trousers.

“You want this don’t you? You want to see what the thick bitch Chloe was gonna get before you interrupted? Simon thought he was going to kiss him, but Reece moved just as their lips were about to touch and began sucking on his neck. Simon felt him fumbling with his belt and immediately began to help him, all inhibitions lost- he needed this. The smell of Reece’s Sex, his athletic abs pressed up against Simon’s own chest, the image of him masturbating just moments ago, it all made Simon burn up with lust. Reece grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled exposing more of his neck to the assault from his teeth and lips. No sooner had his trousers and boxers fallen to the ground than Reece pulled off and ordered Simon to sit down. He complied, his bare arse now on the ground, his hard, leaking, 23 year old cock exposed to the night air.

“Do you know how fucking wet she was getting just from that?” Reece said coldly. “They all do you know. Word gets around. I’ve had more pussy than you’ve had cock and cunt and d’ya know why? Cos I’m fucking amazing at it. They come to me cos they know I can get em off”

Who the fuck did this kid think he was? He was 18 and he was talking like some sort of experienced, sexy, Hollywood villain. Simon could feel the anger coming back but it was suddenly gone as Reece pulled his boxers and trousers right off leaving him in his vans and his black shirt.

“Hold your knees cunt!” He demanded. And it really was a command. Simon felt his hands grabbing hold of his legs before he’d even processed what had been said. Reece was now kneeling between his legs, his cock STILL hard, and his dangerous smirk still on his face.

“When was the last time you ate a pussy Fuckface?” He mocked. “D’ya need a lesson? Ok then. First you start by teasing the bitch’s lips.” As he said this he traced Simons Arsehole with a finger.

“Yeah that’s it, and don’t worry if there’s a little bit of hair there it just means she’s filthy and she’ll be up for more. By this point she should be whimpering a little and biting on her lip, yeah just like that Simon. Now if they don’t get wet straight away you spit on their pussy to get it going, that way you can get a few fingers in.” He spat in his hand which still contained traces of his cum from earlier and began to push two fingers up Simons boy chute.

“Oh and if you’re a really lucky boy Simon she’ll be tight- but don’t go easy on her, pussy’s were made to stretch so that’s just what you do.” He spat on his hand again and added a third finger. “Yeah that’s it and now she’s really moaning, but that’s okay because she wants it. If she didn’t she would have stopped you by now and you would have been okay with that. But she didn’t did she? So now you’re sliding, yes, four fingers into her cunt and she’s moaning like a cheap little whore.

Simon had only had only had sex with a guy once and that was when he was nineteen, the rest of his time they’d done different things. But as he lay there getting finger-fucked by this eighteen year-old  wank-fantasy he prayed that he was going to move on to talk about playing ‘with her clit’. He longed to feel someone else play with his prostate. But as the fingers were suddenly withdrawn it occurred to him that this (cough cough) straight boy probably hadn’t come across that particular delight… yet.

” Now you can be daring,” Reece said, his eyes glittering in the darkness, “get in there and eat that little cunt for all it worth.”

Simon really hadn’t expected that bit. As Reece began to lap at his arsehole like a dog Simon couldn’t hold off anymore and took one hand away from holding his legs to wank his aching cock. He didn’t want to cum yet but he couldn’t bear not touching himself any longer. Suddenly Reece’s tongue had found it way right up Simon’s boy cunt and Simon began to roar his pleasure to the night sky. He looked down to see Reece’s forehead moving around at the puckered entrance to his boy cave and even in the near pitch black he could see Reece had at some point begun to wank his cock. Reece pulled off and his face was instantly hovering above Simon’s. He could smell himself on Reece’s breath as he panted in his face.

“This next bit I haven’t tried before.” he almost hissed. “She was going to be the first one I tried it on. I hear you need to stretch it really good but that’s not a problem for you is it? That’s what we were discussing at the pool today Simon, I know you heard us. We were talking about what I’m going to do next, and you know why we mentioned you? Cos you’re probably plenty loose enough from taking all that bureaucratic cock from the University Staff, running around and being their pussy boy.  But now it is you here so let’s see what we can do shall we? First I hear it needs a lot of lube.” and with that Simon felt Reece’s cock begin to spurt warm cum all over his arsehole. No sooner had he finished than his fingers began to shove it into Simons arse and across his hole.

Again, it had been at least four years since Simon’s last arse fucking and he knew it would hurt, but he needed it and so as he heard the rustle of the condom wrapper as Reece tore it open in his teeth he had to squeeze the head of his cock hard to stop himself coming. Simon couldn’t see properly in the dark but suddenly something very hard and wide was pushing at his entrance, Simon actually gasped, His cock hadn’t looked that big earlier.

“Just relax fucktard. Now if you were doing this you’d listen to em moan, yep just like that, but you’d keep going until it’s in cos you know it what they want really.” Suddenly Simon felt Reece shove it all the way in and cried out in pain.

“Good boy Simon. See older is not wiser- aren’t we learning things tonight?” the cocky teenager went on. “Now you’ve serviced this ungrateful little cunt so now it your turn to get off so you stand up, grabbing the little cunts hair and dragging her to her knees” he narrated “and then you shove your cock in her face and wait for her to work it out”

This all happened in a split second. Simon could still feel something big and rock hard in aching arse but Reece’s leaking cum covered cock was right in front of his face. What the fuck had Reece done? Simon reached back but Reece stopped him and forced his cock into his mouth. Now Simon could taste two loads worth of cum in his mouth. Reece’s teenage cum was tangy and sweet and in that moment it was like nectar. Simon began to suck madly at his cock. How was he still hard? Even at eighteen Simon would have struggled to keep up with a session like this. His own hand went back to his cock.

“Let me know when your close Simon you don’t want to miss my surprise.” Reece’s voice had changed again. It was normal. He’d clearly sobered up. He’d dropped the sexually ambiguous bad boy act and now he was just a dirty teenager ploughing his cock into the back of another guy’s throat. Simon began to moan louder around the throbbing invader in his mouth. Whatever was in his arse was rubbing up against his button.

Reece grabbed Simon’s hair and forced him to look up even though it was too dark to see each others’ faces. “Are you close?” Simon nodded. “Good, now give me your phone.”

If he hadn’t have been so horny he would have been terrified that Reece was going to take pictures and denied him but almost slave like his hand went to the discarded phone lying next to him and passed it up to Reece who ordered him to wank hard. Simon was completely lost in the moment as he heard the keypad of his phone. There was a moment of silence broken only by the sucking noise of Reece’s cock in Simon’s mouth and the sound of his hand pumping his own cock.

Then it happened.

It was violent and sudden and Simon finally understood what Reece had done to him.

Reece’s mobile phone began to vibrate inside Simon’s arse, pushing against his prostate and pushing him over the edge. As he gasped Reece’s cock plunged right into his throat and begun unloading as he in turn began firing his sticky cock juice over Reece’s exposed legs and over his shoes. Simon swallowed the last of Reece’s sperm and spat out his cock. Both boys collapsed on the ground.

As he lay there and Reece’s phone stopped vibrating in his cunt, Simon felt the hot creep of guilt approaching. How could he have let himself be treated like such a fucking man slut by this arrogant little cunt? As his body came crashing down to earth he suddenly felt overwhelmed, ashamed and wanted to cry. Reece’s hand snaked between his legs and took hold of the exposed end of the condom that lay just outside of Simon’s Arse. With one yank the phone came out leaving Simons swollen boy cunt gaping.

Just as a tear formed in Simon’s eye the most surprising thing of all happened to him. Reece rolled over him, stroked his face and then he kissed him.

There was a moment of silence as Simon stared at the beautiful flushed face in front of him and stroked the feathery blond hair… and then.

“I’m sorry Simon”

And they kissed again.

It had indeed been a weird and wild night with this insatiable fresher.


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