A View of the Den
by Foxpark


As he turned onto the main road he replayed the conversation in his head. He was an idiot. Despite every doubt, every niggling little thought that had eaten at him for the last 6 months, he had still believed it might work. He had wanted it to work. He had wanted it so badly that he had willingly ignored all of the signs of a bad idea and had carried on regardless. Now he was left with nothing but a boiling sensation in his gut: utter self-loathing.

If he had gone to his parents place or sat in a bar drinking himself to oblivion it may have turned out differently. As it was he had already rang his best friend up, explained the situation and stopped off at the supermarket for a multi-pack of beer. The sad thing is that it wasn’t the first time this had happened, it wasn’t even the second, but there were just too many reasons not to go. There was the flat, the friends, the new bed they were still paying for; all things that he’d somehow convinced himself were good enough reasons to make another go of it. He sincerely wished he could believe that. In the end the only reason Sean Miller had spent 4 years in a loveless relationship was fear. Why had he let an average guy cheat on him time and again? “Maybe,” he thought to himself as he turned into his friend’s driveway, “it’s just because I’m an average guy.”

No sooner had he killed the engine and opened his car door than his friend’s Collie rushed out of the house to greet him. Samson must have been a good 10 or 11 years old but still bound about like a dog half that age. Gently but firmly pushing him away and stroking his head, Sean made his way into his house. The smell of bacon came from the kitchen and Sean could hear the clang of pans being moved about. His stomach began to rumble in response to the scent of sizzling meat. Setting his bag down by the door, he went in.

“Your door is open Birdy.”

“Yeah I know,” replied Sean’s friend of 16 years, “I’m letting the air blow through for a bit. Samson s’alright, he knows not to run off.” Birdy plated up two bacon sandwiches and handed one to Sean. “So…”


“Is this finally it? Or do you mean it this time.”

As was typical of Rick Sparrow (Birdy to anyone that had known him longer than an hour) he decided not to tip-toe around the issue. As far has he was concerned his best-friend had wasted four years being faithful to someone with all the likability of a wasp at a family picnic. He couldn’t understand why, after being cheated on the first time, Sean had not simply called time on the relationship. It wasn’t like he was a bad looking guy, even Birdy could see that much and he was all about women. Still, like a good friend he had gone along with his friends choice of partner; even when it meant biting down on his tongue any time his arsehole boyfriend was in the room.

“This is it,” Sean responded finally.

“Who was it this time?”

“Just some guy – I didn’t want to know all of the details.”

It was silly really but for a moment Sean couldn’t meet his friend’s gaze. No one likes to hear the words “I told you so” and he could feel them approaching with the inevitability of an oncoming train. He took a bite of the sandwich in an attempt to fill the silence in the room. He tried to think of something happy. He was already thinking of things that he’d have to arrange post break-up. He longed for an off button to his brain, an organ so cruel it would hand him doubts and to do lists whilst he was at his most miserable.  As if reading his mind Birdy pulled a beer out of the fridge and handed it to him.

“We can go through what needs going through tomorrow for now let’s just say screw it and drink yeah?”

That was the great thing about having a friend you’d known so long; sometimes very little needed to be said. Birdy knew how Sean’s mind worked. If he had gone to his parents he would have got an endless amount of questions or worse – pity. Birdy had a great way of sympathising without being outwardly nice. It was great if, like Sean, you were one of those people who found not crying even harder when people asked “are you okay?”

“Right then,” Birdy sighed, “I’ve made up the bed in the spare room but you’ll have to fight Samson for it. I’m going up for a quick shower and then we’re going out for a bit – and don’t you give me that look, you’re coming.”

With that Birdy left the kitchen and headed upstairs, closing the front door on his way past. Samson stood watching Sean’s plate on the off chance some of the bacon may accidently fall out of the sandwich and onto the floor. Sean’s treacherous brain wondered what he would see if he were to look through his phone. Maybe there’d be an interesting post or a text. His hand had already made its way into his pocket.

“And get off your phone,” came a yell from upstairs, “It won’t do you any good ya bloody girl!”

Sean had to smile a little at that, though it was a little disconcerting knowing he was that predictable. Bacon sandwich eaten, he put the plate by the sink and went to sit in the living room. The ‘Den’, as Birdy referred to it, was his pride and joy. Whilst it wasn’t to Sean’s taste (Birdy had a thing for retro furniture), he had to admit his friend was quite a good decorator. Well he was a decorator by trade. He’d set up on his own and he’d steadily built up his list of clients and a network of brickies, plumbers etc that would all hand him work or recommend him. He wished, not for the first time, that he could be like him. Everyone knew Rick Sparrow as the one to go to in a crisis. Nothing seemed to worry him much and his effortless calm seemed to rub off on people. It was a shame (and a surprise) he wasn’t married. He was tall and good looking with messy brown hair that seemed to look amazing even when he’d put zero effort into it. Though they couldn’t go anywhere without women falling over themselves to flirt with him Birdy had never been one to brag about his conquests or tell-all anytime he got laid. At 26 he had his own place, a good job and a good life. In every way possible, Sean envied him.

He turned on the television and cycled through the channels, desperate to keep his mind occupied. Taking a swig of his beer he chose a trashy dating show and slouched down on the sofa. Samson jumped up and lay across his lap. Though it made him sad to think it, Sean was grateful for the affection the dog showed him. He wished he hadn’t have had that thought. It was like bursting a dam. One small drop of self-pity let loose the tsunami of feelings that he was desperately trying to keep at bay. Once more the hot, bitter feeling of self-loathing began its cycle through his head. Maybe he was just an average guy. Maybe that’s why everything had happened the way that it had. He had wanted to believe that this time his boyfriend would be faithful. That every indiscretion was ‘just a mistake’ and not just another time he would find out how little the man he loved felt for him, that was the lie that kept him there for so long. He could feel the tickle in his throat; an itchy sore feeling that said he was about to cry. With the innate sense of dogs everywhere, Samson chose that moment to raise his head and give Sean’s face an enthusiastic lick. Safe in the knowledge that no one could see him, Sean buried his face in the dog’s fur and let one tear escape his eye. He didn’t start sobbing because that would be too much like a defeat. One tear was enough for now- just enough to be a soothing kind of release and not something weak or shameful.


It had taken an hour in front of the mirror, cycling through what clothes he had taken and fussing with his hair, before Sean felt brave enough to head out with Birdy. They had argued about where to go for some time. Birdy had the sense not to suggest that Sean “go out and get back on it”. He had wanted to say that and more; something along the lines of the fact that Sean’s former boyfriend had never got off of ‘it’ in the first place. That would have been cruel and so it remained unsaid. After an aggravating back-and-forth he had finally got Sean to agree to stay local and go to a few pubs and bars. It wasn’t like he didn’t understand how Sean felt, it was just that he knew how much more miserable he would be if they had stayed in.

It was now about half 6 and the first bar was just starting to get busy when they arrived. Birdy told Sean to find a seat whilst he got the first round in. Picking a table near the wall he took a seat and waited. He couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a group of women sitting nearby.

“I don’t mind what it looks like but he’s got to have spent at least two months wages on it.”

The fervent nods this got in response made Sean groan inwardly. Why had gay people fought so hard for marriage equality when all they needed to do was wheel out a few bitches like this. As the conversation went on he listened to the “I’s” the “Me’s” and the “My’s” and wondered what her future hubby would think. Would he ever propose if he could hear her talking about their potential engagement and future wedding as if he didn’t actually exist anywhere in the picture. He had to suppress a bitter laugh as he thought of every time he had heard some bigot say that the gays were “undermining the sanctity of marriage.” Yeah right.

“What are you smirking at numb nuts,” Birdy said sitting down and passing him something blue in a bottle.

“Never mind that, what’s this shit? I haven’t had an alco-pop in years I don’t even think teenagers drink them anymore.”

“Now don’t go insulting the kiddy booze- we had many a good night on these when we were sixteen. True we’re probably both sterile from all the chemicals that are in them but…”

“I think they put antibiotics in them now and ship them out to Malia and Lanzarote- it’s the only way to keep the STDs evolving into a talking life form.”

Sean took a sip of it and immediately felt a bit nostalgic.  Half the fun of drinking as a teenager wasn’t feeling the buzz of alcohol for the first time but doing something you know you shouldn’t. He wondered what a younger version of himself would think if he knew where his life was heading. Would he still be shy about coming out or flirting with other guys if he knew beyond any doubt that it would be ok in the end?

“See those four biddies sitting next to us,” said Birdy cutting through Sean’s thoughts, “d’ya wanna play a game?”

“Go for it,” Sean replied breaking into a grin.

“Real or fake,” Birdie said leaning closer to Sean so he couldn’t be overheard.

“They’re all fake.”

“No the tits,” chuckled Birdie.

“The red head’s are fake and so is the one with the fake tan, the other two are real. I’d bet the next round on it.”

“It’s your round anyway and you’re wrong. The red head’s the only one with a real rack the others are all fake.”

“Piss off are they- and how do you know.”

“Well,” whispered Birdy moving even closer.

“Just kiss him!” came a voice from behind them. Sean turned to see a tall man in shirt and jeans walking up to them. He took a seat at the table and beamed at them with a smile that actually put Sean at ease despite the fact he could have been a homophobic nutter. He had a neatly trimmed beard, more like an all over stubble and hair that had been cut very short but was clearly beginning to thin.

“Oh sod off we were discussing boobs,” Birdie replied with a laugh.

“I’m not judging,” the stranger replied, his eyes glittering with mischief, “I just saw the drinks and assumed you’d finally swapped sides.”

“Alright, alright I just fancied a change. Sean this arsehole is my mate Mason, Mason this is Sean one of my oldest and dearest. Sean’s also a bummer like you so you can both talk about that whilst I go get the next round, I don’t want any more wankers taking the piss out of what I’m drinking,” he said forcing a hurt expression.

“To be fair they probably put the piss into these drinks,” Mason quipped waving the bottle at him for emphasis.

Sean relaxed a little knowing that this was a friend not just a random arsehole. He watched Birdy walk to the bar and begin flirting with the barmaid. Mason said nothing and grinned at him from across the table. So he was gay too. Sean’s brain made a little note of that and then told him that he was sitting in silence like a weirdo.

“So how do you two know each other,” he asked. It was a pretty lame question but it would be good enough to get the ball rolling.

“We’ve worked together on a few different projects and with him that usually involves a stop off at the pub every other evening. We kind of started hanging around outside of work and it’s just gone from there. How about you?”

“Oh I’ve known him since we were kids at school, before anyone even knew him as Birdy.”

Birdy came back with three pints of beer and they began chatting a little more naturally. Whenever the conversation slowed Birdy would offer up some little bit of information about one of the other two men and it would pick up again as questions were asked and answered. Sean discovered that Mason was 32, lived a few streets away from Birdy with his best-friend Sophie and had a thing for horror movies. Sean had actually forgotten most of his troubles whilst he listened to his new acquaintances conversation and laughed at his jokes. It wasn’t until he was asked about his own situation that his mood took a nasty and sudden nose-dive.

“Sean’s moving in with me for a little while,” Birdy cut-in.


“Right I’m bored of this bar lets go to the next,” he continued  getting up and making a show of pulling on his jacket.

Sean thought once more of how grateful he was to have Birdy in his life. A true life-saver. He hadn’t even flinched when he said Sean was moving in. He had just reached the conclusion and blurted it out as a fact. It saved him from having to tell a complete stranger about his break-up too, a subject he wanted to avoid talking about at all.

Their next stop was an old pub called The Barrow. The exposed beams and the low door of ‘ye olde days’ were all still there but the rest of the place had been redecorated and brightened up to attract a more diverse range of clientele. Sean went off to get the next round (three drinks and three shots since he didn’t get the last one) and Birdy and Mason went to find a table. Thinking back to the grilling Birdy had got for his drinks choices Sean decided to play it safe and got a further three pints and 3 Jaeger bombs. It didn’t take long for it all to be consumed and soon Mason was heading up to get another round in. Sean was already feeling the pleasant numbing sensation of the alcohol. The company had definitely stopped him from slipping into a depressed state. As it was he had hardly thought about his troubles at all.

“So what do you think of him?” Birdy asked with an odd grin on his face.

“He’s funny, I like him.”

“Glad to hear it- look I hate to leave you in the lurch but I’ve just got a text from someone who needs me to head over and fix something. If I give you my keys can you let yourself in? It shouldn’t take long. If I finish quickly I’ll text you and come find you.”

“Someone and something aye? Who is she?” Sean laughed, to his utter surprise Birdy laughed.

“No one- just someone ok?”

“Alright, must be someone special if she’s just a someone,” Sean teased.

“Well maybe you’ll find out,” Birdy said coyly. His face suddenly became serious, “are you going to be ok?”

“I’ll be fine, even if you are abandoning your best mate so you can go and get laid.”

As Mason came back to the table Birdy repeated his goodbye, taking the time to down the entire pint Mason had bought, and then he left. Mason still had a massive grin plastered on his face. Sean wasn’t sure why but he enjoyed seeing it. It made something heavy and unnameable inside him suddenly become light. Once again he was sitting in silence when he should have been talking.

“So Sean, how long have you been queer?” Mason asked, taking another sip of his pint.

“Oh I don’t know, since childhood? It seemed like it might be fun.”

“How’s that going for you?”

“You know sometimes I really enjoy it.”

“Only sometimes?” Mason laughed.

The laugh was infectious and it made it easier to relax. They talked for a while about what it was like growing up as a gay man. What they liked and hated about ‘gay-culture’. They were both in agreement that bitchiness was top of the list. They talked about the number of near anorexic, hair tossing, promiscuous queens they knew. Mason joked that he thought of himself more as a ‘bear’ as he was too old and furry to be a twink. Sean had never really thought of putting himself in a category before. As he listened to Mason talk he wondered what his ex would have counted as.

He certainly came under the bitchy and promiscuous category. Not that a little fun wasn’t good but, even before they were together, Sean knew his ex had had a lot of sex with different partners. The black cloud that had vanished throughout the evening was suddenly back. Was that why he had been cheated on so many times? How on earth could someone who had slept with a ton of men settle for just one? Why didn’t he know that? Why would his ex, who had a ton of men to choose from, choose to be with a guy who was just average?

“Alright who is he?” Mason sighed.

“Hmm? Who’s who?” Sean said as he was shaken from his inner turmoil.

“Well there I was asking you what you wanted to drink and you were just staring at the dregs of your beer as if they’d slapped your mother in the face. Either that glass has offended you or your brain was on someone… offensive.”

Something told Sean not to lie. It told him that those eyes were far too intelligent and the man was far too quick to be lied to. But something a little more subtle and quiet told him that he could trust this relative stranger and so he told him the truth. Mason sat and listened, occasionally asking questions or nodding his head. The full beam of his grin had been reduced to a kind and patient smile. Sean thought it had to be the drink loosening his tongue up. Why else would he tell this stranger the embarrassing truth? He didn’t tear up or get emotional he just told it how it was and at the end of it all, when there was no more to say Mason replied with-

“Well I can’t fix any of that for you, but I can go and get us another drink each?”

Sean burst out laughing. Most people would have felt awkward or responded with something like “I’m sorry.” Mason was a lot like Birdy in that respect.

“Thank you for listening to me whine, mine’s a Malibu and Coke.”

“Oh get her,” Mason laughed, “I thought you weren’t a stereotype?”

“Any more beer and I’ll end up bloated,” chuckled Sean as he patted his belly.

When Mason returned with the drinks they had completely abandoned the subject of Sean’s ex. It was nice to have a chance to moan about it without having to face a load of questions afterwards.

“So who do you think Birdy is shacked up with?”

“Oh I know,” once again Mason’s eyes lit up, “He thinks I don’t know though. He’s currently at my place banging away at Sophie, my housemate. They’ve been trying to keep it on the down low but they are absolutely shit at it. What I don’t get is why it’s a secret. They’re practically made for each other.”

“If they are that close then I think it’s because they are made for each other; he’ll want to take it slow and not ruin it. Still it was a bit harsh to leave me for a booty call.”

“I’d say he left you in pretty good hands,” Mason replied silently.

They both finished their drinks and sat in a comfortable silence for a moment. Sean was quite happy to bask in Mason’s company. He felt… acceptable. He felt as if he was ok.

“Look I hate to be forward but do you fancy heading back to yours and watching a DVD or something for a little while? I don’t really fancy going home and listening to those two pretend they’re not having sex.”

“I think that’s a damn fine plan, I’m not in the mood for another bar and Samson isn’t much of a talker.”

“How old is that dog by the way?”

“God knows, I think he’s immortal. I think Birdy’s mum got him when we were about sixteen or seventeen. He hasn’t really aged though.”


“So how come you don’t look like a stereotypical ‘bear’ then,” Sean asked as they sat on the sofa, “I thought they were all huge hairy guys over forty.”

“Not necessarily,” Mason said his mouth full of the pizza they’d bought on their way back, “it’s more of a lifestyle choice. I’m not really one for the scene. I used to hate going into clubs and having people look at me like I was shit on their shoe without having even said hello to me yet. That really annoyed me about the gay scene. So one day my boyfriend at the time took me to a bar that was for ‘bears’ and there were people of all shapes and sizes and people that were into as a kinky kind of thing. The most important thing however was that everybody either smiled and said hello or just minded their own business. It was friendly and I actually felt relaxed. I’m not massively into any particular kind of guy but if someone wants to put me in a category I’ll proudly go in the one for all the decent folk in gay-land.”

After a silence Mason looked at Sean who was sitting with a massive grin on his face.


“Oh nothing, that was very passionate. I was seconds away from grabbing my placard and following you down the street,” he laughed. “So… you’re not into any particular kind of guy?”

“Well not exactly. I don’t have a physical type, it’s more a personality thing, there has to be a spark.”

“Like right now?”

Ok. Sean didn’t know where the hell that had come from. Somewhere along the way the beer had washed away the filter between his brain and his mouth. The trouble was he didn’t know he was thinking it until that moment.

“Yes,” Mason said after a long pause, “I’m enjoying spending time with you.”

“You’re very honest,” Sean didn’t have any idea where the verbal diarrhoea was coming from, “I like that you aren’t afraid to say what you’re thinking.”

“Lots of people say what they think, it’s called being rude-”

“-but it’s not like that you’re not saying anything negative or offensive you’re just saying what you’re thinking. It’s nice.”

There was another long pause. Sean suddenly felt all of his calmness slipping away as a cold dread set in. He’d gone too far. There he was enjoying a nice evening with a nice guy and he’d had to say something stupid. He silently cursed Birdy for making him come out when he wasn’t ready. He should have stayed in and drank until he passed out and he couldn’t feel anymore misery. What had possessed him to think that this funny, intelligent, nice guy would have any interest in some loser who’d just broken up with some arsehole? Why hadn’t he had enough sense to remember that he was just an average guy…

The thoughts hit a wall and evaporated because Mason lips were now on his. His breath tasty slightly of garlic from the pizza. The hair of his beard was rough against his chin. It wasn’t until Mason pulled away that Sean even realised he had shut his eyes.

“That was a nice thing to say. I think you’re great too. Let’s finish the pizza and pick a film shall we?”

Sean nodded his head still numb from what had just happened. It was exhilarating being with Mason. He literally switched from one thing to another without seeming to register the change. One minute they had been kissing and the next they were sitting side-by-side on the sofa as if nothing had happened. Mason had chosen a movie off of the TV rather than a DVD. It was an action-comedy but ten minutes in Sean still couldn’t have said who was in it or what was happening as his head was still spinning. Some rational voice in his head was saying, “I know you’re drunk and a little shocked but that was a very good kiss, let’s just think about that for a second shall we?”

Sean kept trying to steal a glance at Masons face so that he could try to figure out what he was thinking, but every time he tried mason turned to face him and asked if he was ok. In the end he convinced himself that maybe they were both just under the influence of a little too much booze and things had got a bit weird. The trouble was that it didn’t feel weird at all. If he was thinking straight he would have reminded himself that he had just broken up with a complete dick and was probably not in the best state to make decisions. He most certainly shouldn’t get involved with anyone on the same day that he’d ended a four year relationship. But he wasn’t thinking straight and that was why he let his hand slide ever so slightly to touch Mason’s. When he didn’t resist he slowly took Mason’s hand in his own keeping his eyes locked on the screen of the television to give the impression his body was acting of its own accord.

The ball was in his court now.

It happened. There was no other way to describe it. One moment he was sitting next to Mason hand in hand and the next he was flat on his back across the sofa having his mouth devoured. This was not the chaste delicate kiss Mason had given him moments before. Mason’s large hands moved over his arms and through his air as their lips mashed together. Sean could hear himself breathing back into mason mouth as he fought to return the bigger man’s attentions with as much fervour. Sean moved to let his fingers pass over Mason’s clipped hair as he felt him move down along his neck occasionally nipping at his throat with his teeth.

“Wait, Wait… hold on.”

It was like an out of body experience. He heard the words without realising they had come from him.

“What’s wrong?” Mason had pulled off of him slightly and now looked at Sean with concern.

“I… I don’t know. Nothing.”

Sean leaned up to take Mason’s mouth in his once more but he could feel the hesitation as their lips met.

“Something’s up,” said Mason softly. He sat up and pulled Sean into his arms. “Tell me what’s going on in that head of yours.”

All the questions and emotions that had been plaguing him were now just a congealed, tangled mess that his inebriated brain was trying to put into words.  Somehow, in Mason’s embrace, he felt like he might be able to sort through them. He let his hand pass the unbuttoned collar of Mason’s shirt, feeling the dense fur of his broad chest. Part of him wanted nothing more than to jump on this bear of a man but other parts were screaming at him that it was a bad idea.

“I think I’m a little drunk-”

“That makes two of us,” said Mason. Sean somehow knew without looking at his face that he was smiling.

“I want… I want this,” Sean stammered as he ran his hand along Mason’s thigh, “but-”

“-but you just broke up with some arsehole and you’re suddenly unsure of everything.”

“He wasn’t always an arsehole you know.”

“If he didn’t realise how special someone like you is then he’s an arsehole,” Mason growled.

“We’ve just met,” Sean chuckled but there was no real humour to it.

“Yes, and I see someone smart and funny with an annoying habit of over-thinking everything. I see someone with an actual brain and the fact that you’re cute doesn’t hurt either.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

They sat in silence for a moment. The sounds of a car chase came from the film on the TV but neither of the men were watching it. Mason let Sean’s hair twist gently between his fidgeting fingers as Sean’s hand continued to explore Mason’s broad chest. Cute. Sean hadn’t felt even vaguely attractive in… well years. Now he was sitting with a bearded hunk who had managed to make him laugh when he didn’t want to; he’d made him forget his misery, however briefly, and allowed him a few hours of happiness. Now this same man, a relative stranger, was making him feel like he was worthwhile. Now that he thought about it he couldn’t remember the last time someone had made him feel that.

It may have just been the drink but the doubts were suddenly gone. Whatever dire contest had been going on between his conscience and his body was over. All that was left were the facts. That morning he had walked out of a loveless relationship and now he was with someone who wanted him.

With surprising dexterity he released himself from Masons grasp and swung his leg across him to straddle the bear’s lap. Sean took Mason’s face in his hands and moved in for another kiss. This was not a polite peck or a hormonal mess of lips and tongues; Sean’s kiss was deep and slow. Sean felt Mason’s hands grip his firmly as if to push him off but as their tongues passed over one another they released their grip and began to stroke Sean’s back.

With their lips still locked, Sean began to undo the buttons on Mason’s shirt. As the last one came free he broke off the kiss and leaned back to admire Mason’s hairy chest and broad frame. He had never really been with a hairy guy before. He dragged his nails across the course fur of Mason’s belly, fascinated by the way his body seemed to exude a feral sexual energy he had not encountered before. As he looked back up to Mason’s face he couldn’t help but smile as he saw the glitter of mischief that had returned to the bear’s gaze.

Mason’s large hands were suddenly under his ass, lifting him into the air. Their lips crashed together again, hungrier and more intense than before. Laying Sean out on the floor, their kiss unbroken, Mason pulled off his shirt and began to tear at the younger man’s belt. Sean felt it being ripped from around his waist in one motion and the buckle clatter as Mason threw it aside. Sean’s own t-shit was lifted up and he felt the tickle of Mason’s beard as he planted light kisses over his stomach making him flinch at the light little sensations.

“You’re ticklish?” Mason asked mockingly.

Sean heard the tone in his voice too late and he was suddenly wriggling around on the floor in hysterics as Masons hands darted under his armpits and along his ribs.

“Mercy!” he cried out still laughing.

Mason stopped and lay his body on top of Sean’s. He let his lips graze Sean’s ever so gently before kissing his way back down his neck, along his chest and back to his stomach. Sean’s jeans were undone and yanked downward and he felt himself being engulfed in the warm, wetness of Mason’s mouth. The bear’s tongue was delightfully rough as it darted over and around Sean’s swollen cockhead.

Mason pulled off of him. Tugging his jeans and underwear down further he began to devour Sean’s ball-sack. The sensations were taking Sean away. There was no room for thought, his entire being was focused on the situation he now found himself in. The bear had him at his mercy. Alternating between light licks and long rough swipes of the tongue, Mason mad his way back up to the tip of Sean’s cock. He hovered momentarily over Sean’s pulsing cock, his hot breath causing it to twitch, then he dove down once more, never breaking eye contact with Sean who had raised his head to watch the show. Sean’s body began to convulse violently but Mason pinned his hips down with his large arms. With a grunt Sean began to unload in Mason’s mouth.

Pulling off of the spent 20 something, Mason moved up to kiss him once more, letting Sean taste himself on his lips and tongue. Mason moved to spoon Sean, still half naked from the waist down. Laying together like that, their minds finally giving in to the alcohol and their bodies giving in to a comfortable fatigue, they began to drift off to sleep. Sean’s last thoughts as his eyes closed were that he had just been devoured by a bear in his best-friend’s ‘den’. Though that wasn’t very funny and though he would have thought it impossible that morning, he fell asleep with a genuinely happy smile on his face.

In the morning Mason had gone but he had left a note on the side explaining that he had to go to work for a while and to give him a call later.

“You looked quite happy sleeping there so I left you to it. I’ve written my number on the back of this piece of paper. I know you’ve got stuff going on but when you’re through with it and ready to move on I want first dibs. I’ll be coming back later on to drop some of Birdy’s stuff back off so I might see you then. See ya later sexy. M

P.S. The mark I left on your neck is a present, just in case you should bump into your ex when you go back to your flat to sort out whatever. “

Sean decided not to over think it (he had been told that was an annoying habit of his). Things had happened. Nice things. He could have spent an age working through his feelings and getting over his ex, instead he waited a week and then took Mason on a date.


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