by Adam Stewart


Chapter 12

Luke and Josh were due to fly off to Zurich the week after their exams had finished. They spent the week relaxing and visiting their new home. It was a large three bedroom flat on the top floor and had a small balcony which faced South West so they got plenty of sun on it. But the main advantage was that it was secluded and no other flat or balcony looked onto it. “This will be great”, Josh exclaimed as he stepped out on to it, “we’ll be able to sunbathe in the nude out here”.

“And have sex” Luke added grinning and hugging Josh.

They decided to use the smaller bedroom as the office for the new business which was already being formed with a college friend of Luke’s. They would be offering an IT service to companies. Josh would handle the administration side; Luke and his friend Allan would work on the technical side. Luke & Josh would do sales and design a website so there was a lot to organise.

Allan lived in Ealing and had a small house where he could store equipment. He was a real techno kid and not interested in the business side. When Luke asked him if he would to join them he jumped at the idea but on the condition that he would be an employee and not a shareholder. “I’ve not got any money to put in” he explained, but Luke knew he was a dedicated guy and would put one hundred percent into whatever he did. He was also very personable so would go down well with clients – and he was gay! Sadly he had lost his parents in a road accident two years’ previous but was determined to get through his degree and do well for himself and their memory. What he did end up with was their house in Ealing which was now fully paid for so he was in a good position. He had looked after himself and the house for the past two years and liked living alone. It enabled him to work as much as he could, which he loved doing, and live the life he wanted to live. He had never come out to his parents although he was sure his mother knew he was gay.

Josh and Luke walked round the flat planning what colour they would paint the walls. They decided to have a neutral colour throughout and use pictures and furnishings to give colour. They also decided they wanted modern contemporary furniture. “I think we had better do something about this carpet” Luke said looking at the state of it. It had looked okay when they had seen the flat furnished but now it looked stained. The bathroom and kitchen had recently been redone with a very nice tile so those were okay.

“Why don’t we have wooden flooring throughout” Josh suggested.

“Yeah, great idea, we could run it through from the hallway into the living room and into the three bedrooms.” They had already decided they would make their bedroom the one at the back that had the balcony off it and which was slightly larger than the second bedroom which would make a great guest room. Both rooms would take a king size double bed easily plus other furniture. Both rooms already had large fitted wardrobes and there was a large store cupboard in the hallway. Even the small room had a storage cupboard that would be useful for office items.

Luke called a flooring company and the next day a very nice young man came to the flat to measure up and brought samples of wood flooring with him. He looked at Luke and Josh and quickly worked out they were a couple. He in fact was bi and made it clear that he was not averse to gay action. He slipped off his jacket saying it was warm in the flat, and casually opened his shirt. He touched the lads whenever he had the opportunity and they did likewise. Luke even put his hand on the guy’s backside at one point when they were looking at a particular sample. “Very nice” Luke said casually. The guy wasn’t sure if Luke was referring to the sample or his butt. They eventually chose the wood they wanted and agreed how it should be laid. The guy took the measurements and placed the order for them on his laptop using his phone as a modem.

“Could it be laid next week whilst we are away?” Luke asked.

It was a big order and the young guy wanted to do his best to oblige. He contacted his office and by chance a fitting due that week had been delayed by the customer.

“Yeah, we can” the guy said excitedly, “and it will be done by one of our best fitters”.

Luke told him that the concierge on the desk at reception would open the flat up for the fitter and that his father would probably come in during the week to see how things were going. The guy had said it would take the full five days. This meant that when they returned from Zurich, they could get on with the decorating. They had already arranged with Gary that he would help since he had done painting and decorating at college. He would take some holiday from work and be paid by Luke so he was more than happy.

Two days later they were off to the airport to fly to Zurich. They had booked a gay bed and breakfast for the four nights they were in Zurich. It had been recommended to them and sounded good. It had six rooms so they hoped to meet up with some other gays.

They arrived at the airport and got a bus to the old town where the B&B was situated and where the gay area was. They wanted to be in the thick of things. They found the house and knocked on the door. A very camp guy greeted them and invited them in. “Hi guys, good to see you, hope you had a good journey”. They assured him the journey had been good and they were delighted to be in Zurich. Having done the usual checking in he then showed them to their room. He was wearing a pair of very brief shorts that just about covered his buttocks and the lads guessed that he had nothing on underneath. On top he wore a T shirt that ended halfway down his upper body so left plenty to see between the end of that and the top of his shorts which were very low slung. As such the top of his pubic hair showed and the crack between his buttocks. They got a good view of this as he walked up the stairs in front of them!

He told them about arrangements for breakfast, which basically was come down when you like up to midday and help yourself. He gave them a key to come and go as they pleased. He then told them who else was staying. It seemed there were a couple from Manchester called Tim and John, two guys from Germany, two guys from Florida, two Brazilians who were from London and a single guy from another part of Switzerland who occupied the one and only single room. Luke and Josh became great friends of Tim and John and also got to know the two Brazilians quite well. They in fact lived in South London.

When they had unpacked their things they went downstairs. They were just about to go out when Tim and John came down the stairs. “Hi guys just arrived” Tim called out. The two lads explained they had arrived about half and hour ago and were going out to explore.

“Do you know Zurich” John asked. The lads said they didn’t so John offered to show them around. “Unless you’d rather go alone” Tim added, “John has a habit of taking people over”. The lads said they would be happy to be shown round by people who knew the place. “Well makes it easier and you also get to see the interesting back streets instead of just the tourist bits”.

Tim and John were in their early thirties and knew Zurich well because Tim frequently came over on business and John often joined him. They therefore knew all the bars, restaurants and clubs worth going to so the lads let them lead the way. Tim and John were also more than happy to have the company of two gorgeous lads like these two!

They showed them all the usual tourist spots and some of the more unusual places. They stopped in a bar for a drink and they told each other all about themselves. “Do you fancy joining us for a meal tonight” Tim asked, “we know a great gay place where the waiters only wear briefs”. The lads said they would so Tim phoned the restaurant and booked a table for four at eight thirty. After the meal we can go to a bar and then onto a club. When they had finished their drink they went back to the B&B to shower and change and agreed to meet downstairs in an hour.

When Luke and Josh got into their room, they commented on how nice the two guys were and what an advantage it was having someone who knew their way around. Up in Tim and John’s room they were saying “Fucking hell what gorgeous guys, hope we get to see more of them!”

They met as planned and set off for the restaurant. The restaurant was situated in an old house. Unless you knew about it you would never realise it was a restaurant. You knocked on a front door and were let into what would have been the old parlour. This had a bar in which you waited until your table was ready. The restaurant which was upstairs could only accommodate twelve diners so it was very select and you had to book ahead. They also only accepted gay males, of which there were plenty in Zurich!

They were shown up to their table and as Tim had said, the two waiters were only wearing briefs which were very tight and very translucent so you could see clearly what was underneath, which was plenty! During the meal Tim and John asked all about the two lads and were they still at college. When Luke told them they had finished their degrees and were about to set up an IT business and had a new flat to move into when they got home, they were suitably impressed. Tim and John ran their own accountancy business and had been partners for over ten years. They had a very enjoyable meal and the company was good.

When they had finished their meal, the owner came up to Tim and said something to him. Tim asked him to give them a minute and then asked the two lads if they would be interested in joining them again on the Saturday evening after the parade had finished for a rather special meal. “It’s only for special customers and is limited to twelve for the night. For the customers its pants only and the waiters are in the buff although they do wear a very small apron to start with but that soon disappears as the night wears on as do the pants very often” explained Tim. The lads said it sounded good fun and would love to join in. Tim booked the four of them and they left for a bar. “We’ll go to a club a bit later and there’s one you must go to whilst in Zurich” John said.

They found a bar that was full of very nice looking guys and the lads had several coming up to them to say hello. About eleven o’clock, Tim suggested they go to the club he had in mind. “There are naked go-go boys who get very friendly” Tim explained. The club was just a few minutes walk away and they went in. It was busy and they had to fight their way through to the bar. The go-go boys were in fact naked and mainly dancing in one corner but every so often one or two would come out into the crowd where they would be touched up and the go-go boys would do likewise. Tim and John noticed they made a b-line for the two lads and soon they had two naked go-go boys all over them. Tim was pleased to see that the two lads took it all in their stride and weren’t the slightest bit put off when one of the go-go boys unzipped Luke’s trousers and placed his hand inside. Before long his trousers were round his ankles and he was being sucked off by the other one.

Eventually they made their way to the back of the bar where there was seating. “You guys clearly feel comfortable with all that going on then” John said. Luke and Josh laughed and explained they had done porn as well as live shows so nothing worried them.

“Ah right then” Tim said grinning, “upstairs they have a rather special club which is for members only, which we are, and we can invite up to two guests”. He then explained that it was pants only and that you had your own naked escort for an hour to play with and after then you went into another part of the club which had back rooms with fetish rooms and porn. “Anything goes” Tim explained, “So would you guys be interested”. Luke and Josh said they definitely would. “The only thing is” Tim added “is that it is quite expensive because it includes the escort for an hour, the first drink and the other facilities”. When Tim said the price, Josh nearly died but Luke took it in his stride and said ‘yes’ they would love to go. “Great” Tim said excitedly thinking about the kind of evening he would be having with these two young bucks, “I’ll go and book since you can’t just turn up on the night”.

He disappeared for a few minutes and returned grinning to indicate they were duly booked in for the following night.

They eventually returned to the B&B in the early hours and went to bed. They agreed a time they would meet up the following evening in order to go for a drink before going onto the club. The following day Luke and Josh ventured out on their own having been given ideas of places to see and visit by Tim. He had also suggested another very good gay run restaurant for a meal that evening. As they were walking round the town they met up with the two Brazilian guys who were very cute. They ended up spending the rest of the day with them as well as having a meal together at the gay restaurant Tim had recommended. Luke and Josh eventually went back to the B&B to shower and change for the club and the Brazilians went off to meet some other guys they had agreed to meet.

Tim had told them to wear as least as possible since they would be stripping off when they arrived and would be given a pair of pants to wear. The idea was that since the pants didn’t stay on that long and since the rest of the night was spent naked, it saved having to carry them around with the possibility of losing them. They therefore wore just three items – a T shirt, a pair of trainers and a pair of three quarter length lightweight trousers.

They met up with Tim and John as planned and set off to the club. When they got inside Tim led them to a door at the back where he showed his membership card and they were all let through. They then went into a reception area where they paid their money, stripped off their clothes and put on the pair of Aussie Bums provided. Their clothes were bagged up and handed to the guy for safekeeping. They were also provided with an electronic tag that would be used to charge their drinks. They had to give a deposit of so much to cover the likely cost with their entrance fee. They were then told to go upstairs where they would be met.

When they got up there, they were in a large room that was in semi darkness. There was a small area where a naked barman worked. They were allocated a cubicle area which consisted of a large cushion that was about six feet square. As there were four of them together two cushions were put side by side and the movable screens were adjusted to close off their area. They were told their escorts would join them shortly with their free drink. The four lay down on the cushions and took in the immediate environment. As their eyes adjusted to the semi darkness Luke realised that the screens were in fact made of a fine mesh and that you could see through to the cubicles either side where naked guys were having a lot of fun with their escorts. Having looked at this for a moment, both Luke and Josh felt their cocks beginning to stir.

Within a couple of minutes the two naked escorts arrived with their drinks plus one for themselves. They were each given a cocktail which certainly had a kick in it. The two escorts sat down amongst the guys and chatted whilst they all drank. Since there were two escorts for the four of them they would swap about between the two couples. The escort sitting with Luke and Josh started feeling their naked legs and moving his hand into their groin. Soon he had a hand in each of their briefs to feel their cocks which by now were getting quite large. He grinned and pulled the garments down to expose the organs. Soon the pants were off and he was sucking the pair of them and they were feeling his cock which was now rock hard as were theirs. Suddenly the guy lifted himself up and sat on Luke’s cock. He had quickly lubed it and the next second it was inside his arse. It felt fantastic and Luke was certainly not going to complain. Josh stood across Luke so that the guy could continue sucking his rod. This went on for several minutes until he told Luke to lie down and he sat on his cock. Luke just watched as the guy’s cock went in and out of Josh’s arse.

When he had finished with Luke’s cock up him he lay down between them and turned on his stomach. It was a clear invitation to be fucked so Luke quickly obliged. He lubed his cock and thrust it into the guy’s open arsehole. As Luke fucked him he wondered how many other cocks would be up here tonight. They guy was a good fuck and Luke was enjoying himself. He then withdrew so that Josh could take over. The guy winced with pleasure as he felt Josh’s big thick cock go into him. He could feel the big head moving its way inside and he loved it. Luke looked over to the other two who were also giving their guy a good fuck. Both Tim and John had nice slim bodies and a good butt each. Luke enjoyed watching Tim’s naked butt go up and down as he fucked the guy.

It was time to change over so the two escorts changed places. First each of them wanted to fuck their new clients so they got each of them to kneel on all fours so they could fuck doggy style. The guy with Luke and Josh first fucked Luke. He was a big boy and Luke could feel his big dick inside him as it thrust its way in and out. He just loved it. Then the guy quickly moved over to Josh and gave him a good fuck. He changed back and forth several times before he moved them apart and knelt on all fours between them. This was the invitation to fuck him so Josh quickly stuck his big organ inside the guy. He loved big cocks and enjoyed this one. Then it was Luke’s turn so he too gave the guy a good servicing. When Luke had finished, he inserted three fingers up the guys arse and finger fucked him. The guy was in heaven, he just loved having fingers up his arse. Soon a fourth was up there too and Luke felt deep inside the guy’s arse.

The allotted hour went very quickly – well it always does when you’re having fun! The escorts said their goodbyes and gave all of them a hug and a kiss before leading them to the door where they would go upstairs. They entered another small bar area where the naked barman gave them a welcome and another free cocktail. The bar had no counter between the barman and the customer so he was on the customer side all the time. The idea was that the customer could enjoy the naked body and they did just that. He was gorgeous and his cock was already riding at half mast. They all four sat on bar stools and as he gave each of them their drink he held their cock for a moment and grinned.

When they had finished their drink they moved into the back room area. The two pairs decided they would split up and meet back in the bar later. Luke and Josh stood for a few minutes to adjust to the darkness but soon they could see their way around. The first room was S&M and a guy was bent over a padded bar with his hands and feet restrained. Another guy, who was staff, was using a whip on the customer. He invited Luke and Josh to come closer and they could see in the dim light that the guy’s bum was getting red. He then fingered the guy being whipped and followed that with a dildo which was fully inserted. The restrained was calling out obscenities but clearly enjoying every second. His bollocks were hanging down between his legs and his cock was gradually getting larger. The guy fingering then invited Luke to take over which Luke was more than happy to do. The guy had a large fleshy bum and with his legs stretched wide apart by the restraint bar, his arsehole was being stretched wide open. Luke pushed two fingers in only to find that his arse was so wide open that he was able to get four in. He pushed the fingers in right up to the crook of his thumb and felt right inside. He fingered the warm soft flesh and the guy was lapping it up. The guy whipping then took up another whip that looked like a riding crop with a short piece of leather on the end. He used it several times on the guys arse and then up and down his back. He then tapped the guy’s balls with it which hung right down below his cock which was now bent right back between his legs. The guy winced as the crop hit his balls and he shouted out “Aaargh, fuck, fuck, fuck” but he found it very erotic and his cock got even larger. The guy then tapped the large head of the guy’s cock before cracking it against the inside of his thighs. He then invited Josh to fuck him. He had noticed Josh’s large erection and enjoyed watching as it thrust its way inside the guy’s arse. Josh gave him about six hard thrusts before handing over to Luke who gave the guy another six. As they fucked, the whipping guy gave the bare buttocks another whipping. His arse was now really red. Finally he pushed the stop button near his hand and a red light came on. The guy stopped whipping and released him from his shackles. He stood up shakily and thanked all of them for a great time. It was too dark for him to see Luke and Josh in the shadows so he had no idea who had fucked him as he left the room.

The guy then invited Luke to be restrained and whipped. Luke agreed and his ankles were fixed in the restraint bar so that his legs were wide apart. He could feel the pull in his groin which made it feel even more erotic. His wrists were then handcuffed and fixed to the wall down in front of him so that his buttocks were high in the air full exposed. His cock had been pulled between his legs along with his balls.

The guy started with the leather whip. His stroke was gentle but it still gave Luke an erotic feeling of excitement. He felt his cock getting larger as each stroke lashed across his naked butt. The guy took the riding crop in his other hand and started tapping it against Luke’s balls. Pain suddenly shot through his balls for a moment but when it had gone the feeling left was elation and he hoped the guy would do it again. He was now tapping the head of his cock which was reacting like mad. Then another tap on his balls and another moment of pain shot through him like an electric current. He could feel it shooting up into his cum sac inside and for a moment it made him feel sick but still he enjoyed the after effect. The guy was still whipping his arse which he had hardly noticed with the other pain but now he was whipping harder and the riding crop was being slapped against the inside of his thighs right up in his crotch.

Luke was about to press the red button near his hand when the guy stopped. He then put three fingers inside Luke’s wide open arse and fingered him deep inside. “Aaaargh fucking hell” Luke gasped at the feel of the fingers probing the soft flesh inside, ‘this guy really knows how to finger fuck and degrade a guy’ Luke thought to himself and made a mental note of what he was doing for future use. He also made a mental note that he and Josh must definitely get a restraint bar, a leather whip and a riding crop when they got home.

The guy was now inserting a dildo up Luke’s arse and he felt the full length go inside. After giving it several strokes the guy pulled it out and inserted his own cock. Luke didn’t realise it was the guy’s cock up his arse and for a moment assumed it was Josh but after a while he realised it was different to Josh’s which he knew the feel of blindfolded. The guy fucked and fucked and enjoyed it immensely. This was what he liked about this job; he could fuck who he liked without even asking!

Having given Luke a good roasting he invited Josh to do likewise. Luke immediately realised it was Josh and murmured “Mmmm nice cock Josh”.

When Josh had finished, the guy release Luke and invited Josh to be restrained. Not wanting to miss out on anything he agreed and the same process was followed. The whipping guy particularly enjoyed pulling Josh’s long thick cock between his legs and his large balls. He even knelt down and licked the cock for a moment. He commenced the whipping and used the riding crop as he did so. Josh too felt the shooting pain go through his balls as the crop hit them and was then surprised at the erotic feeling it gave him once the pain stopped. When the guy finally stopped whipping he moved Josh’s bollocks to one side with his hand and then used the crop right in the crotch. It came down with a whack and Josh’s whole body rose upwards with a jerk. “Oh fuck” Josh shouted out. The guy grinned. He always enjoyed the reaction whacking this particular bit caused.

Having had his fun with the whips and the crop the guy fucked Josh. He enjoyed fucking these two guys and wanted to get the most out of them. Having given Josh a good roasting he invited Luke to do likewise. Like Luke, he immediately knew when his lover’s cock was inside him and he relaxed and enjoyed it.

Finally Josh was released and the pair thanked the guy for the fun he gave them. They walked onto the next dark room and it was empty apart from the guy manning it. He invited them in and explained this was the electro toys room. Having used them at Sam’s the two lads decided to give them a go. Josh was the first this time. He was sat on a padded bar and his legs were restrained in a restraint bar with his legs wide apart as before. He was then laid back horizontal and his wrists were again handcuffed and fixed to the wall behind him. The result was that his cock and balls were open to abuse by the operator. He first of all fixed an electro cock ring and turned on the current. Josh could feel his cock tingling and as it did so it grew hard. Whilst this was going on, the guy used an electro prod on various parts of Josh’s body like Sam had. He first touched his balls which sent another shot of electricity through his genitals. Then he touched up and down his chest and his nipples followed by the inside of his thighs. He then briefly touched the flesh between his legs beside his ball sack. Josh’s body jumped up and down as he did so and each time he could feel his cock getting harder and harder.

The guy then removed the cock ring and took out the electro cock rod. Josh had been blindfolded so couldn’t see what was happening. He felt the guy’s hand grasp his now rampant cock and suddenly he felt a rod slipping down his piss hole. Having experienced it before, he was not too bothered and just let it happen. This time the rod slid all the way down until just the head with the electrode connection remained showing. He then connected it to the current and Josh felt the current shoot through his cock and into his balls. Luke gaped when he saw the guy had pushed the whole rod down since last time Josh had only had it part way down. Luke estimated that the rod was longer than Josh’s cock so it was well inside. Having got over the initial shock, Josh found the experience exhilarating. Blood rushed to his cock to make it even bigger and he was sure he could feel pre-cum sizzling inside his cock.

The guy finally pulled the rod out but still connected to the current. As it got to the slit end Josh felt another erotic tingling. He decided he did like this after all and would suggest to Luke that they added one to their list of toys.

Luke was then given the same treatment and Josh enjoyed watching Luke’s body jump up and down as the electric prod did its work. When he saw how far in the cock rod went he nearly died. “Did you put it down my cock that far” he asked the guy who duly nodded. “Fucking hell” Josh exclaimed and felt his cock to make sure it was still there and okay.

Having finished their electro torture they moved on. The next room contained a large inflatable and a naked guy was lying down in it. His hands were handcuffed above his head and tethered but his legs were free. They then realised that he was laying in about two inches of piss. He invited them to step in and piss over him. Fortunately they had been drinking beers so their bladders were fairly full. The pair of them let forth over the guy and over each other. The guy was blindfolded so had no idea who was in with him. Luke then knelt down and took hold of his erect cock. He sucked it and licked his balls. He then lifted his legs over his head and fucked him. Well he seemed to be wanting it! Another guy came in and joined them. As Luke fucked, the other guy pissed over the guy being fucked and Luke. Josh decided to lay down in the pool of piss and the new guy pissed over him as well. He then turned Josh over so that his face was in the pool and fucked him from behind. Between them they had a great time and everyone fucked everyone. They even sat on the restrained guy’s cock and fucked themselves on it.

By now they were all soaked in piss so they went and had a shower. Luke and Josh then walked round the dark corridor further and found a large darkroom. They could hear guys being fucked and they could feel naked bodies. They moved further in and soon found hands all over them. One guy came up behind Luke and started feeling him. Luke felt him back and he had a big cock. The guy rubbed his cock against Luke’s arse and it was soon rock hard. The guy then slowly inserted it into Luke and fucked him. Luke could feel its nakedness up his arse and it felt good. When he had finished the guy moved off and that was that. Luke then found another guy. This one knelt and sucked Luke’s cock. Luke tried to see the guy but it was too dark. All he could feel was the guy’s shaved head which was a big turn on for Luke. The guy stood up and turned round. He guided Luke’s naked cock to his arse and rubbed it against it. Luke was rock hard and ready to fuck again. He felt the guy’s arsehole and found it was ready to be fucked. Luke took him and fucked him hard. The guy groaned with pleasure as the large tool was thrust in and out of his arse.

Josh meanwhile was involved in a threesome. He had a guy fucking him whilst Josh was fucking another guy. Josh was fairly certain that another guy was on his knees sucking off the guy he was fucking. It felt good; one naked cock up his arse and his own naked cock up another.

Eventually Luke found Josh and suggested they go back to the bar for a drink. When they got there they found Tim and John. They got their drinks from the naked barman who grinned at them. Luke was still showing a semi hard-on. The barman took hold of it and made it into a fully fledged hard-on. He eased himself onto it and rode Luke’s cock as he sat on the bar stool drinking his beer. The others just grinned. “You lucky bastard” Tim told Luke when they had moved off into a private rest room, “I’ve always wanted to fuck him”. They all laughed and relaxed in the rest room which reminded Josh of the sauna they went to. There was a screen at one end showing porn. It was of two painters having sex on a ladder and one guy’s cock was thrusting in and out of the others. It made Josh get hard again.

Soon all four were at it. Tim had paired with Luke and John with Josh. ‘At last’ Tim told himself, ‘I have this Adonis to myself’. He played with Luke’s hard-on whilst Luke watched the porn. He sucked it until he could taste pre-cum beginning to ooze through the slit. Luke was feeling tired after a full day of sightseeing and all the activities in the backrooms. He was happy to let Tim have his own way and do whatever he wanted. Luke laid back and watched the porn whilst Tim enjoyed himself. He was now licking Luke’s nipples which were always erotic spots for him. Luke casually felt the back of Tim’s neck and caressed it. Tim then slowly moved down his body into his crotch and licked between his legs. The painter in the film was now having his cock sucked and Luke’s twitched with excitement as he watched it. Tim took hold of the cock and sucked it again. He just loved this big cock.

Luke was almost reaching a climax when Tim stopped sucking him. He lifted Luke’s legs and rimmed his arse. Luke could feel his hot tongue pushing its way into his arsehole. As he did so Tim felt Luke’s balls and gently squeezed them. He loved big balls too! He stopped rimming and fingered the arse he had just licked out. His two fingers slipped in easily as did a third. He had a good feel round inside and massaged Luke’s G spot. Luke was now on a high. Having this done to him whilst watching the porn was really something. He made another mental note – to have a flat screen on the wall in the bedroom connected to a DVD to show porn!

Tim withdrew his fingers and inserted his cock. To maximise his experience he slowly pushed it in until his whole cock was deep inside. It felt fantastic. It was a long time since he had fucked a guy this young. The feel of his naked cock inside this gorgeous naked arse was unbelievable. He just had to make sure he didn’t come because he wanted to make it last. Apart from that he wanted to cum over Luke’s naked body.

Whilst he was being fucked by Tim, Luke looked over to watch Josh who was now fucking John. Luke loved watching his boyfriend fucking someone else. He just loved seeing his naked butt rising up and down and his cock thrusting its way inside another’s arse. Best of all, of course, he loved that cock thrusting in and out of his own arse!

Tim was reaching his climax so he quickly withdrew and shot his load over Luke’s body. He got there just in time. Another second and his hot seed would have been shooting up the lad’s beautiful arse. “Aaaargh” Tim exclaimed as he shot his copious load. Luke placed his fingers in the large pool that was now forming on his stomach and licked them. When Tim had finished, Luke took hold of the erect cock and massaged it with his own cum. Tim nearly shot up to the ceiling as he felt the hand rubbing over his sensitive head.

Luke & Josh eventually left the club and thanked the other two for a fantastic night. Tim and John decided to troll the backrooms again to see what they could find. When the two lads got back to the B&B the two Brazilians were just arriving back as well. “Hi” they both said, “had a good night”. Luke explained where they’d been and the other two were envious. “Fucking hell” one of them exclaimed, “that sounds really hot”.

They got inside the front door and as they walked upstairs, one of the Brazilians said “Fancy a drink in our room and you can tell us more about what you got up to”. Luke was feeling more awake now and Josh seemed okay so they both agreed. When they got into the guys’ room they introduced themselves.

“I’m Pedro and this is Luiz”

Luke and Josh introduced themselves and Pedro invited them to sit down and to make themselves more comfortable. There was particular emphasis on the ‘more comfortable’ which Luke took to mean strip off some clothes. He noticed that the other two were removing their shoes so he did likewise. He then stripped off his T shirt and lay back on the bed which was the only place to sit. Josh did likewise and was soon joined by the other two. Pedro gave them all a can of beer and they relaxed and talked.

Pedro had positioned himself between Luke and Josh with Luiz next to Josh. As they talked, Pedro’s hand wandered onto Luke’s thigh. Soon his hand was slipping inside Luke’s trousers and feeling the naked cock inside. Josh decided to do the same to Luiz. He found a fully erect cock inside which he held in his hand. Soon the trousers were off and they were all fondling each others’ naked body. The Brazilians had beautiful bodies and their skin tones made them even more so. Luke felt between Pedro’s legs and inserted a finger into his arse. “Aaargh, fuck me” he implored. Luke lifted his legs above his head and admired the gorgeous arsehole. His cock was fully erect and ready for fucking again. He slid it in and fucked Pedro, very gently at first and then with more gusto. Pedro just loved it and his audible exclamations clearly confirmed this. Josh was now fucking Luiz with the same enthusiasm so their naked butts were rising up and down with the same rhythm.

When they had both finished, the Brazilians wanted their cocks inside the two lads. Pedro told them both to stand and bend over the bed. He told Luiz to do the same. Pedro then fucked the first gaping arsehole and then the next and then the next. He jumped from one to the other and thrust his naked cock into each naked arsehole one after the other. He was in paradise. Luiz then wanted to do the same so he took over. Luke and Josh eventually got their turn and fucked the two Brazilians one after the other. They finally went to bed at two in the morning, having left the other two with clothes under their arm. Their room was on the floor above so they walked up stark naked. They fell on the bed and went straight asleep. They woke up at eleven the following morning when they heard a knocking on their door. Josh got up and opened it stark naked.

“Hi” Pedro said cheerily, “we were wondering if you’d like to join us today; we’re going to Lake Lucerne”.

Josh asked them into the room and Luke who had now got out of bed joined them. Pedro and Luiz enjoyed once again the nakedness of them both and grinned. The lads agreed to join the other two and quickly had a shower. Pedro watched them as he chatted. “We know a place where you can swim naked” he explained “but bring your trunks just in case”.

Once the two lads had wakened themselves up with the shower they all went downstairs to get some breakfast.

“Ah, just in time” the owner said as they walked into the dining room, “clearly a busy night last night” he grinned.

Luke grinned back replying “You could say that”.

It took about an hour to get to Lake Lucerne and another twenty minutes to walk to the spot Pedro had mentioned. As he had predicted this particular spot was well secluded and not easy to get to other than the way they had come along the shore. In view of the distance and ruggedness it was unlikely anyone else would, except other gays!

They stripped off and went for a swim. The water was just warm enough to enjoy. They played around splashing each other and when near enough, groping each other. Eventually they came out and lay on a small patch of grass nearby. The sunshine dried their bodies but also made them randy again. Soon all four had erections which were being wanked by the person next to the them. They then decided to watch each person cum and shoot their load over someone else. Pedro was the lucky recipient. Luke first of all brought himself to a climax and shot his load. “Fucking hell” Luiz exclaimed as Luke’s load of hot creamy cum kept on shooting. “You wait until you see Josh” Luke replied.

Luiz was next and it was a very erotic sight watching his large low hung balls in their brown sac jumping up and down as he wanked his cock. Eventually he came and shot his load of cum to add to the pool already on Pedro’s chest. Then it was Josh’s turn. As Luke had said, the other two were amazed at the volume of hot cum he managed to produce. It flowed and flowed and when they thought he had finished he produced another load. Pedro’s chest was now smothered in cum and he still had to add his own. When Josh had finished Pedro did just that and added his own load to the large pool of seed.

When he had finished, Luke leant over and rubbed it all over his body; over his face, in his groin and over his still erect cock. “Oh my god” he screamed as he felt Luke’s hand handle his still sensitive cock. They all lay back and laughed and spent the rest of the day lazing in the sun. By now the cum had dried on Pedro’s body so he decided to wash it off in the water. As he did so he noticed a couple walking along the shore line. He rushed back to the others and told them someone was coming. They all quickly dressed and started the walk back. They passed the couple and grinned as they did so.

“Fuck me, he’s cute” Pedro commented once they were well past, “I bet she’s in for a treat once they find out spot”.

By the time they got back it was time to go and watch the parade so only just had time to shower and change. Luke and Josh had arranged to meet Tim and John at a certain spot so they found them and settled in to watch the parade which was brilliant. Once it was over, Tim said they should go to the restaurant they had booked for the four of them. They all said goodbye to the Brazilians and set off.

They arrived at the restaurant and were shown in by the same guy as last night but this time he was wearing a thin gauze loin cloth that hid nothing. He was well endowed and it did not go unnoticed by the four guests. Having stripped down to just their pants, he showed them upstairs where they found some of the other guests enjoying a pre-dinner drink. The barman, who only had a small apron on to cover his genitals, asked them what they would like. As he went back to the bar everyone looked at his naked arse. “Mmm beautiful” Luke heard several guys exclaim.

Luke and Josh looked round the room at the other guests. All were young good looking guys with fantastic bodies. ‘The owner chose well’ Luke smiled to himself. The bar guy was soon back with their drinks and as they sipped away several guys came up to chat. It was difficult for everyone to keep their eyes off the packets being hidden beneath the briefs but they did their best!

Two more guys arrived and soon after that they were all asked to sit down. The table had been arranged as one large one and sat three guys each side round a square. Luke and Josh were on a corner which turned out to be rather good since the waiter would stand between them and place a hand on their naked shoulders. It also meant that they got a good look at what was behind the very small apron which on close inspection was also see through.

The meal progressed and the guys got to know each other. When it got to the desert course, the waiters came out with two large bowls of fresh fruit. The aprons had now gone so the pair were stark naked. Everyone admired the naked bodies before helping themselves to the fruit. The waiters then squirted some whipped cream on top.

When the group had finished their deserts and the table had been cleared, the guy serving Luke and Josh stood between them across the corner so both had a good look at the guy’s cock which was already semi hard. He then squirted some cream on his finger and placed it on Luke’s nipples. He next squirted some on top of his now erect cock, placed a cherry on top and offered it to Luke to lick off. Luke needed no encouragement to do so and promptly took the cock into his mouth and sucked. The rest of the group were now watching this episode and giving encouragement. When Luke had finished, the guy leant over Luke and licked the cream off his nipples.

On the other side of the table, the waiter had got one of the guys to stand up and put his arms in the air. Before the guy could do anything the waiter had pulled open his briefs and squirted cream inside. He then plunged his hand in and massaged the cock with the cream. The drink had been flowing freely and guys were up for anything. The waiter got the guy to lie flat out on the table, pulled his pants off and squirted more cream over his bollocks. Others then licked the cream off him and gave him a good suck at the same time. His partner then lifted his legs, squirted cream over his own cock and fucked him. The rest of the group roared with approval and gradually briefs were removed and erections were flying.

Luke and Josh’s waiter meanwhile was on Luke’s lap and slowly inserting Luke’s cock up his arse. Luke could feel his cock slide up the waiter’s well lubed arse as he rode him. The other waiter was now leaning over the table and being fucked by another guy. When he had finished another took over.

The evening finally ended and everyone was well lubricated. Luke, Josh, Tim and John somehow got back to the B&B and collapsed on their beds. They all felt rough the following morning but somehow managed some breakfast just before it finished. Luke and Josh spent a quiet day wandering around Zurich before finally packing to fly off home the following morning. All in all it had been a fantastic weekend and one to remember for a long time. They said their farewell to Tim and John and exchanged addresses. Luke told them to call if ever they were planning to visit London.


Once home, it was time to get their flat and the business up and running. They had already decided on a name for the business and had registered it so it was now time to get an office set up and all that goes with it. They decided first to get the flat sorted out since without that done they had no office. When they arrived at the flat they found the flooring had been completed as planned and a note had been left by the young salesman saying ‘Hope you like it. I’ll come by next week just to make sure.’ The two lads chuckled at the thought of him coming round again.

The next day they went out and bought paint. They had decided to have all the walls a neutral colour and the woodwork in white eggshell. They bought two step ladders, brushes, rollers and everything else they needed at the one shop so by mid morning they were home and ready to start. They had already spoken to Gary who had agreed to help them as long as he got paid as he was desperate for money. He arrived at lunchtime and they set to work. The flat was warm despite having windows open and soon they were stripped off to the waist. They had decided to do the main bedroom first and had soon finished preparing the walls ready for painting. They were all wearing shorts and Gary suggested they paint naked to save spilling paint on their clothes. The others agreed and soon three stark naked guys were painting like mad. At one point Josh ran his roller over Gary’s bottom as he stood on the steps doing the top bit. “Oh, fuck off” he screamed and gave Josh a swipe with his brush over his cock. This led to Luke and Josh using their rollers all over Gary’s black body. Up and down his chest, over his pubes and his cock, up and down his legs and back and even wiping a brush between his legs into his groin. Gary decided it was best to let them have their fun and accept it knowing it would all wash off in the shower. When they had finally finished he said “Okay guys, any other bit you want to paint before I go and have a shower”. “Just here” Luke said as he wiped a brush over Gary’s black balls.

“I’ll come and help you wash it all off” Josh said following Gary to the bathroom. Luke got back to work and by the time the other two returned he had finished the wall they were working on. By the end of the day the bedroom had been completed with two coats of emulsion so it was just the woodwork to do. They decided to go out for a meal and treated Gary to his as recompense for him being painted.

Luke and Josh got home and sank into bed. They were exhausted after their day’s work. Even too exhausted for sex!

The next day the flooring salesman called. The three lads quickly put on their shorts and Luke let the guy in. When the guy saw the three lads stripped down to their shorts, all of which were fairly skimpy, his eyes lit up and he felt his cock start to rise. He tried to be professional talking about the floor and asking if the lads were pleased with it but he found it difficult.

“You must come back and see the flat when it’s finished and furnished” Luke said.

“Oh yes” the guy replied rather more quickly than he had intended, “I’d love to”.

Luke said he would call him and they would arrange for him to come round for dinner one night. The guy gave them his mobile number and said his name was Alex.

It took the lads five full days to complete the decorating but when they had they were very pleased with the result. Luke and Josh had already chosen some furniture which was now ready to be delivered so they arranged for it to come the next day. They had also ordered office furniture and that too could now be delivered. It was now a question of buying china and glass, cutlery and all the other bits you need for a home. Luke and Josh set off for Oxford Street and within a few hours had purchased what they wanted. Josh couldn’t believe the amount of money Luke spent on things but he knew he could afford it so he just went along and enjoyed the experience.

They had so much to carry in the end that they had to get a taxi home. “Setting up home lads” the taxi driver asked as they loaded their purchases into the cab. “Yeah” Luke replied. The cab driver grinned at them with a knowing smile. When they had got home and unloaded the cab the driver said “Enjoy your home and your life together”. Luke thanked him and gave him a big tip. The guy grinned even more and thanked him. “A gay or gay friendly cab driver” Josh remarked as they hauled their packages into the flat.

Within a few days they were all sorted out. They had even bought sun beds for the patio so they could do some nude sunbathing when the weather allowed. The office was now up and running and Allan had set up his end with all the equipment he needed. He even had their first client. It was a company a friend of his ran so they agreed to have all their IT services through LJ Associates Limited which was the name for the new company. Luke had also made contact with Antonio and true to form he had recommended them to several companies, most of which he owned. Luke had organised sales visits and a few days later he and Josh were making their electronic presentation which they had put together some while ago. All the presentations went well and their quotations were accepted so they now had four clients, one of which was large and required a new IT system installed. Allan would have his work cut out but he knew he could cope leaving Luke to do the day to day maintenance, most of which was done remotely.

Josh had already designed their website and this was now up and running. Already enquiries were beginning to come in as a result of it. Things were looking good and Luke was feeling satisfied that his decision to run his own company with Josh was the right one. To add to their excitement, their college results had arrived. Both had obtained a first class degree so they were well chuffed with each other. Luke’s parents held a celebratory dinner at which champagne was served. They were both very happy with their son’s achievements and they just loved Josh who was now very much part of the family. He had also phoned his mum to tell her the good news and two days later two bottles of wine arrived. He cried when he opened the box. How things had changed within a few years. He hugged Luke and kissed him still crying. Soon Luke was crying with him, they were both so happy.


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