by Adam Stewart


Chapter 10

The photo session with Toby had gone well and Steve was happy to do a movie with him and Josh. It was agreed that the first one would be just the two of them and Luke would be involved in the second. The date was fixed for the following Friday afternoon. Toby was really excited. He loved posing in the nude for the photos and looked forward to having sex with Josh whilst being filmed.

Before they left, Luke asked Steve if he would be interested in doing a piss sex movie.

“Yeah I sure would” he replied, “I’ve been asked to do one but never found any guys willing to do it.”

Luke explained that he and Josh would be willing and that they also knew another guy who was brilliant at pissing with a rock hard cock. “Brilliant” Steve exclaimed. It was left that Luke would ask Ryan if he was interested and let Steve know but he was sure Ryan would jump at the idea since he would be paid for it.

It was now early evening so the three of them decided to get something eat before hitting the bars and then a club. They went into Soho, found somewhere to eat and then toured the bars. They ended up in 79CXR which was as cruisy as ever. A very nice black guy started chatting to them and before long they were exchanging information about each other. He suggested a club that was running a pants only and wanking night. The three lads agreed and off they went.

When they got there they undressed down to their briefs and trainers and moved into the bar. There was plenty of talent around and whilst they had their first drink they just looked and enjoyed. Several guys came up to them and had a good feel of what they had to offer. All four were soon showing fully erect hard-ons like the majority. As the night progressed and the drink flowed guys became more active and several were standing with pants round their ankles and being sucked and wanked by enthusiastic participants.

Their black friend, whose name was Guy, pulled the three into an alcove, pulled each of their briefs down and started sucking each cock in turn. He then got each of them to wank over his face at the same time. By some miracle they all shot their hot load more or less at the same time and he took most of it into his mouth. Meanwhile he had pulled his own pants down and was wanking himself much to the delight of the others. Several other guys had gathered round to watch the spectacle and to feel the naked butts on show.

When they had finished, Guy thanked them all and said “I’d love to get my cock into each of your arses”.

The others said they were happy to let him. “They don’t like fucking to go on here” Guy explained, “how about coming back to my place”.

The three lads readily agreed and Guy led them back to his flat which was not that far away. As soon as they were in the front door, Guy stripped each of them one by one. Then he threw off his own clothes and left them all in a heap by the front door. He led them into a room which was living room, bedroom and kitchen all in one. “Welcome to my studio flat”

The three lads sat on the bed whilst Guy got some beers from the fridge. Before they had time to drink much he was all over them again and sucking their cocks. They were all soon hard and ready for action. “Beautiful” Guy said, “Three lovely white cocks and I want each one up my arse”. He passed Luke some lube, lay down on the bed with his legs wide apart and up in the air. Luke lubed his own cock and then Guy’s arsehole. He pushed his finger inside and felt the hot warm flesh. Guy was tight but seemed to love the fingering. Luke then slowly pushed his cock into the grease hole and started fucking. It felt gorgeous fucking this black hole.

He then pulled out and Toby took over. He had never fucked a black guy before. He watched as his stiff white cock moved inside the black arse. Having savoured the feeling of having hot flesh round his cock he fucked. “Mmmm that’s fucking fantastic” Guy moaned as the fucking continued.

Finally Josh took over and inserted his big cock into the black arse. Guy had seen that Josh was the biggest so he had hoped that the others would have opened him up in readiness but even though Josh eased his cock in with great tenderness, Guy still felt his arsehole stretching to its limit to accommodate it. Once in he loved the feel of this big tool being inside him.

When they had all fucked Guy, he said he wanted to fuck each of them. He got all of them to lie side by side on their back with legs in the air. He first of all rimmed each of them. They could feel his strong tongue pushing its way into the arsehole and it really turned them on. He then licked round their balls before inserting a well lubed finger into each arse. His own cock was rock hard and he slipped it first into Toby. Although it was a slim cock it was very long. Toby felt it move up his arse as Guy pushed it in until his black balls were slapping against Toby’s. After several strokes he moved to Josh who was next in line. Josh too could feel the long thin cock shoot up his arse. He doubted many guys had been that far up his arse before. Finally there was Luke. Guy was looking forward to getting up this beautiful arse. He slowly inserted his cock which was now covered in lube and natural fluids from the previous two and gently pushed his way in until he could go no further. Luke loved the feel of this long slim cock up his arse and groaned and groaned with sexual satisfaction.

When he had done with fucking all of them he said he wanted to sit on each cock. He then knelt across Luke and sat down on Luke’s cock and rode him. As he did so he wanked his own well greased cock and brought himself to a climax. Hot white cum shot over Luke’s naked body. He then did the same to Ryan and then to Josh. Each time he managed to shoot cum over them and whilst he was riding Ryan he managed to bring Luke to a climax who shot another load over himself. When he was riding Josh he managed to do the same to Ryan and got him to shoot his load. Having finished riding Josh he then wanked him and got him to shoot his hot load of cum.

“There we are lads” Guy said proudly, “all fucked and fully satisfied”.

The lads eventually left and they agreed to meet up again the following week for another hot session.


The following week, Luke and Josh were back at college for their final year. Luke had a new tutor for one of his subjects and the guy was just gorgeous. It was a small group with only six of them so the tutoring was very much one to one. When he was with Luke he found it difficult to concentrate on what the tutor was saying. The tutor also liked to come up close when explaining something and Luke could smell his cologne and feel the warmth of his body. Several times Luke got a hard-on whilst he was with him and Luke suspected that the tutor had noticed. After several sessions, Luke began to wonder if the guy was gay. He had asked them all to call him by his first name which was Dillon.

The third week into term, Dillon asked Luke to see him in his room to discuss a particular piece of work he had done. Luke arrived at the time stated and knocked on the door. Dillon almost immediately opened the door and led him into the room. He had put his hand on Luke’s shoulder as he did so and Luke felt a wave of sexual excitement shoot through him. His cock immediately sprung into life and as much as he tried to ignore it the bigger it grew.

Dillon asked him to sit down on a sofa. He then went to his desk, picked up Luke’s work and sat down close beside Luke on the sofa. “This work you did Luke is brilliant” he said, “I just wanted to go through it with you to see how you got to your conclusion”. Dillon held each page of the work on Luke’s lap resting his right hand on Luke’s thigh. He turned his body towards Luke and for a while laid his left arm along the back of the sofa behind Luke’s head. Luke was almost panting with rampant desire. Every now and then he noticed out of the corner of his eye Dillon’s hand casually feeling his own crotch. At one point when Dillon was changing over pages Luke looked down into Dillon’s crotch and saw that he had an erection. Luke’s own erection had gone into overdrive and was oozing pre-cum causing a small damp patch.

They had finished going through all the pages but Dillon left his hand on Luke’s thigh.

“You’re an excellent student Luke” he said, “All the other tutors are very pleased with your work and they all say how pleasant you are”.

Luke felt a bit embarrassed and murmured ‘thanks’.

“Don’t be embarrassed Luke, so few students get those comments from all tutors”

Luke looked at Dillon and grinned.

“You have lovely eyes” Dillon then said as he slowly moved his hand up and down Luke’s thigh. “You are a very desirable young man”.

Luke was trying to work out what the guy was really saying. It appeared he was coming on to Luke very strongly.

“I understand you have a boyfriend Luke”

Luke nodded and replied “Yeah, his name is Josh”.

“Lucky Josh” Dillon replied giving himself a few more strokes in the crotch before returning his hand to Luke’s thigh.

“I assume he is your age so you are both young. Do you have an open relationship?”

Luke automatically answered without thinking, “Yes we do but we are both very much in love with each other and live together”.

“That’s great, I like that. I have never found a guy to love me like that. I take it you’d realised I was gay.”

Luke nodded.

“I have had several students fancy me. Do you?”

Luke was taken aback at the directness of the question but again without really thinking he replied “Yes”.

“I thought you did” Dillon replied rubbing the damp patch on Luke’s trousers, “Getting quite excited aren’t you” he added before moving his hand to feel Luke’s erection.

Luke decided to be bold. It was the tutor coming on to him after all. “I see you fancy me” he said and moved his hand into Dillon’s crotch to feel the big erection beneath.

Things moved fast after that and Dillon soon had Luke stark naked. He quickly removed his own clothes and knelt down to suck Luke’s cock which by now was wet with pre-cum. He then lifted Luke’s legs and licked his arse and his balls. He sure was an expert and knew all the buttons to press. Luke was putty in his hands. He stood up and offered Luke his own rampant cock to suck. Luke did so and Dillon was not disappointed. He brought Dillon to a climax and hot creamy cum shot out over Luke’s face. Dillon went down on Luke again and brought him to a climax. He let the hot cum shoot into this mouth. “I just love the taste of young stud’s cum” he murmured to himself.

Without a word, they both dressed. Dillon then kissed Luke and said “Hope you didn’t mind me seducing you”.

Luke said he didn’t and enjoyed their time together.

“Next time you must come to my flat and we can relax more together and get to know each other better” he told Luke, “but needless to say for both our sakes this needs to be kept under wraps so no telling others”. Luke assured him he would not, realising that Dillon had more to lose than he did. “As long as it’s clear that you seduced me” Luke said with a grin.

Dillon laughed and patted Luke on the bottom as he left. “Until next time” he added as Luke went off down the corridor.

Luke could hardly believe what had happened. He never expected to be seduced by a tutor. The problem was did he tell Josh or not. They were always open with each other so he thought he should. Josh had told him about guys he had met at college and fucked so this was no different. He tossed it over and over in his mind as he travelled home.

“Hi gorgeous” Josh called out as he entered the front door. Luke’s parents were away yet again for a few days so they had the house to themselves.

“You okay” Josh asked as he came over and hugged Luke.

“Yeah fine, had a somewhat unexpected day”

Luke decided to tell Josh what had happened. Depending on his reaction would depend whether or not he would continue his sexual relationship with Dillon.

“He what” Josh exclaimed, “you lucky bastard, wish some of my tutors would seduce me, I’d love to get inside one or two of them” he exclaimed.

“We didn’t fuck” Luke said more in defence than anything else.

“Yeah but next time he will want to” Josh said with glee, “how old is this guy and what’s his body like?”

“You don’t mind then” Luke said.

“Why should I as long as you always come home to me” Josh replied and grabbed hold of Luke’s balls with one hand and thrust his other up his T shirt. Luke relaxed and kissed Josh passionately. “I love you.”

“I love you too” Josh replied and unfastened Luke’s jeans. Soon they were both stark naked and fucking each other over the table. The thought of Luke with his tutor made Josh really randy. They fucked and fucked until they were interrupted by Luke’s mobile ringing. Fortunately it was nearby so Luke answered it whilst Josh was still fucking him.

“Hi Dominic how are you”

“I’m fine, hope I’m not disturbing anything”

Luke laughed, “Well I’m in the process of being fucked by Josh at the moment”

“You lucky bastard”

Luke held the phone near Josh’s cock sloshing in and out of Luke’s arse.

“Oh how delicious” they both heard Dominic screaming.

“Anyhow, my lovely gorgeous boys” he continued when Luke put the phone back to his ear, “I’m going down to my house in the country for the weekend and would like you two lovely boys to join me. I’m having a dinner party and inviting a couple who live nearby but he’s bi and she loves watching him being fucked by a guy and generally joining in the fun so if you don’t mind seeing a bit of pussy then you’re very welcome and will have great fun. I should add that she has a gorgeous body and watching his gorgeous arse go up and down whilst he fucks her is quite a turn on.”

Josh had is ear close to the phone so they both heard what Dominic had said and was nodding to Luke.

“Yeah sounds fun why not”

“Oh wonderful” Dominic screamed, “it’s only you two staying so we can have some fun on our own. Why not come on the Friday evening, it’s only an hour from London, and go back Sunday evening”.

“Sounds cool” Luke replied and took details of where to go and how to get there.


Friday soon arrived and the lads set off to Oxfordshire. They had been told to travel light since formal dress was not required. Dominic met them at the station and drove them to his ‘house in the country’ which in fact was a ‘country house’ with its own farmland. They eventually arrived at a beautiful house which had six bedrooms and three reception rooms plus goodness how many other small rooms. Dominic explained that he employed a gay butler who looked after the house when he wasn’t at home and who lived in a cottage within the grounds. “He’ll be in to do dinner for us but otherwise we have the place to ourselves. He’s a gem and lovely with it but we never fuck each other.”

Dominic took them to their bedroom and showed them all the facilities. The rooms were furnished with great luxury and everything oozed money. Laid out on the bed were two pieces of material which looked like silk and was very thin. Holding it in his hand, Luke noticed that it was almost translucent. They were both a golden colour with hints of pink. “Thought it would be nice if we all wore these silk wraps for the weekend” Dominic explained, “Anna and Carlos just love wearing these and will probably arrive already wearing theirs”. Dominic then showed them how to drape them over their shoulder leaving one naked and then tying the ends to keep them in place.

Luke and Josh smiled and agreed to wear them.

“Come down when you’re ready” Dominic told them as he closed the door behind him.

The two lads looked at each other and grinned. “Sounds as if this is going to be an interesting weekend” Josh said as he stripped off and tried the wrap on.

They ventured downstairs looking like a pair of Roman Centurions with their right shoulder bare and the left covered. The draped material left their left thighs naked so it was very sexy to look at. They found Dominic in the large living room. A log fire was burning away in the large brick fireplace. Although it was late September the weather was warm but there was a chill in the air outside. The fire made the room too hot really but leading off it was a large glass conservatory. The double doors were open so the heat drifted out into that making it a nice warm environment. Dominic suggested they sit out there and led them out.

At one end there was a table which was laid up ready for their dinner and at the other there were two large chaise-longue type sofas which were wide enough for two people to lay comfortably side beside and which were angled to form a V shape facing the length of the room. The ceiling was glass as was the wall facing onto the garden. Sitting there it was like being outside but with warmth.

The two lads sat down on one of the sofas and decided it was easier to lie side by side. Dominic got them each a Bacardi and Coke and then sat down by their feet.

“Cheers guys, great to have you here”

“Cheers Dominic” they both said and Luke added “Looking forward to an interesting time with your friends tomorrow”.

“Yeah, Anna and Carlos are great fun and just love being with gay guys”

“So Carlos is bi” Josh said.

“Yeah he loves cock and Anna knows how to suck cock, rim arses and a load more so you’re in for a treat.”

They sat talking and Dominic felt up and down their legs as they did so. Once or twice he reached into their groins and had a good feel of their cocks underneath the thin wrap.

The door at the other end of the room, which led to the kitchen, opened and Rupert the butler came in. Dominic introduced Luke and Josh and he came over to shake their hands whilst at the same time having a good look at the naked flesh that was showing. Rupert was in his late thirties but was slim and quite good looking. “Nice to meet you guys, hope you enjoy yourselves whilst you’re here.”

Rupert told them that dinner was ready to serve so they all moved to the table to eat. When they had finished, Luke turned to Rupert and said “That was a delicious meal Rupert”.

“Thank you Luke, I’m glad you enjoyed it” he replied and placed a hand on Luke’s naked shoulder. He looked down at Luke’s naked thigh and felt a stirring in his trousers. ‘Time to leave’ he thought.

He told Dominic that there were some sandwiches in the fridge if they felt peckish later and said he was off. As he left he told them all to have fun and grinned. He set off to his cottage where he had a young man waiting for his night’s pleasure.

The three of them moved back to the sofa and Dominic brought over the remainder of the bottle of brandy and refilled their glasses. He sat down and proceeded to play with them again. Josh had noticed that the sofa was upholstered in leather but had a cover on it which appeared to be waterproof on the underside and absorbent on the other. Knowing Dominic’s liking for water sports he began to wonder.

He didn’t have to wait long because soon Dominic was peeing over them. The wraps soon became translucent with the wet to show the lad’s rapidly forming erections beneath. Dominic pulled off both their wraps and started sucking each of their cocks. He dribbled brandy over each of them and licked it off. He lifted Josh’s legs and licked his arse and round his balls. Josh was now rock hard so Luke bent over and sucked it. Dominic then turned his attention to Luke and did the same to him. The feel of Dominic’s hot tongue round his arsehole made his body erupt with erotic feelings. Dominic then pushed his tongue inside the arsehole as far as he could and licked inside. Luke was screaming his delight.

Josh then managed to get into a 99 position with Dominic and sucked his cock, licked his balls and anything else he could reach. As Dominic was on top, Luke pulled Dominic’s cheeks apart to open his arsehole wide and thrust his tongue in as far as he could. Luke was surprised how far he could get his tongue inside and Dominic could feel the strong tongue licking him out. He groaned and groaned with pleasure and told Luke to keep going.

Dominic wanted Josh’s cock inside him so he turned himself round and sat on the erect organ. He rode up and down like a stallion and Josh could feel himself rapidly reaching a climax. Dominic then said he wanted Luke’s cock up there as well so Luke positioned himself behind and gradually inserted his cock up alongside Josh’s. Once inside, they both fucked Dominic with great gusto. Dominic just loved the feel of both cocks up his arse. “Fucking hell that’s great” he screamed. Josh couldn’t hold his climax any longer and shot his load. Feeling it shoot, Luke also shot his load so Dominic got two loads of hot creamy cum up his arse.

Dominic wanted to fuck each of them so they turned over and offered their bare arses to him. He shot from one to the other until he was completely satisfied. He finished off by piss fucking each of them. They could both feel the hot piss shoot into the arsehole as he thrust his pissing cock into each of them. It was very erotic and they both felt their cocks getting back steam.

It was gone midnight and they were all tired having had busy days so they decided to retire for the night. “Tomorrow will be a heavy one I can assure you” Dominic said as he gave them both a goodnight kiss.

The two lads woke in the morning to find a naked Dominic standing beside their bed with two cups of tea. “Hope you both slept well” he said. They assured him they had and felt invigorated for another day.

“Come down for breakfast when you’re ready.” As he got to the door he added “By the way the wraps are in the dryer at present so just come down in the buff, no need to wear anything”.

After they had both showered, Luke and Josh went downstairs stark naked as invited. They walked into the conservatory to find Rupert bringing in dishes of scrambled egg, bacon and various other delights. He looked at them, admired their naked bodies and said “Good morning guys, help yourself to what you want”. Dominic soon followed, also stark naked, and helped himself to some eggs and bacon.

When they had finished Dominic showed them round the rest of the house. There was another reception room which was furnished with beautiful antique furniture. “I don’t use this room much unless I have a lot of guests.” He then showed them a wonderful dining room that had a large polished table in the centre with silver candlesticks. It was another beautiful room. He then took them into another room which was his study. It had a rosewood desk at one end and two sofas at the other. He sat down on one of them and invited them to sit down on either side of him. He then used a remote control to close the curtains and open up a large screen on the wall in front of them. Suddenly porn was showing and they were watching two guys fucking each other. The screen was so large that the image was almost life size so it was like watching two guys fuck live in front of you.

Soon they were all showing hard-ons and Dominic put a hand on each. The scene they were watching ended and Dominic stood up. The others followed and he led them out of the room. Just as they entered the large hallway Rupert came through to say he was going now but would be back to do some lunch for them later. They all still had semi erections and he took them all in and grinned. “Have fun” he added as he left.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around. They looked at more porn including a whole load of piss porn which Luke and Josh took great note of for their sessions with Steve. They remained naked the whole day even though the wraps were dry but somehow it seemed natural to stay that way even though Rupert came back to serve a light lunch for them in the lounge. He finally left again and said he would return that evening to prepare dinner for the five of them. Luke and Josh decided to have a nap since they suspected it was going to be a long hard night. They went to their room and made passionate love before finally dozing off for a couple of hours entangled in each other’s arms.

“Okay you two love birds it’s time to come and have afternoon tea” Dominic was saying as they came to life again.

They followed him downstairs and found a plate of sandwiches and cakes laid out in the lounge. “All we do here is eat” Luke exclaimed looking at the spread. “Well you two young bucks need the energy” Dominic said laughing.

It was soon time to get ready for the evening’s guests. They all showered and sprayed on their favourite colognes before donning the laundered wraps again. At eight an intercom bell rang. Dominic went to a screen and checked it was Anna and Carlos at the main gate. He pressed a button and watched the iron gates open. Within a few minutes he heard their taxi come up the drive and stop outside the front door.

“Hi Anna, hi Carlos, how are you both, come and meet Luke and Josh”

Anna and Carlos followed Dominic into the lounge and met the two lads. Carlos could hardly believe what he was looking at. “Mmmm very nice” he exclaimed as he shook hands and kissed Luke and Josh. “Put them down Carlos” Anna teased him and promptly went up and hugged and kissed each of them. “Mmm you are both very tasty aren’t you” she added.

As predicted they were both wearing their thin wraps and her firm breasts showed clearly through Anna’s wrap. Looking further south, Luke could see a matte of black pubic hair that matched her long black hair that hung over her shoulders. She was beautiful, knew it and liked flaunting it. Carlos also had a perfect body and as he stood sideways the lads could see his bronzed thigh and buttocks. He had jet black hair and when the light shone through his wrap it was possible to see a thick matte of pubes. Josh felt his cock twitch at the sights in front of him and a slight erection forming.

They all eventually sat down whilst Dominic served pre dinner drinks. Anna quizzed Luke and Josh about their relationship and how long they’d been together, did they still love each other as much as when they first met and did they enjoy sex together. The two lads decided to just answer all the questions as if they were perfectly normal. “Yeah we love each other more and more each day and love having sex with each other.”

“Oh goody” she exclaimed, “I’ll look forward to that”

“Sorry about this” Carlos said apologetically, “she really is a nosy cow but she loves watching guys fuck each other”.

“And don’t forget my love that I adore seeing you being screwed by a lovely cock as well”

Carlos grinned and tried to change the subject but Anna had other ideas. She had sat herself between Luke and Josh and now had a hand underneath their wraps feeling their cocks. “Mmm lovely” she exclaimed, “gorgeous big cocks”.

“For fucks sake stop embarrassing them” Carlos pleaded.

“He’s only jealous really. What he is aching for is one you guys to suck his.”

Carlos sat down beside Josh and gave up trying to get Anna to behave. Josh put his hand over to Carlos and felt his cock through his wrap. He was already forming an erection. Josh bent over, lifted the wrap and sucked his cock. “Now that is a beautiful sight” Anna screamed with delight.

Just at that moment, Rupert came in and announced that dinner was served. “Sorry Josh you’ll have to put him down for a while and continue later.”

Rupert looked at the erection showing in Carlos’ lap and said ‘mmm’ in a satisfying tone before returning to the kitchen.

“Now I want the lovely Luke beside me” Anna announced as they sat down, “I can then give him a feel whenever I want to”. Luke duly obeyed and Josh sat next to Carlos who wasn’t at all disappointed having had a taste of what Josh could offer.

Rupert served each course and between them Anna placed a hand in Luke’s crotch. Carlos did likewise to Josh whenever he had a chance. Both had hard-ons and their wraps had been pushed away to expose them. As Rupert came up beside them to either remove a plate or serve the next course he had a good look at each erection and liked what he saw. He knew Anna and Carlos and knew how outrageous they both were so nothing shocked him.

Finally the meal was over and they moved over to the sofas at the other end of the conservatory. Carlos made sure that he took the brandy with him and refilled each of their glasses. Luke and Josh just went with the flow and let Anna and Carlos take the lead. Dominic was used to doing this with them so followed suit.

Luke found himself being laid across Carlos’ lap with his arse in the air. He then felt Anna rimming him. “Fucking hell that’s wonderful” he screamed as she thrust her long tongue inside his arse. She opened his arse with two fingers, held them apart and thrust her tongue down the middle before withdrawing her fingers. Her tongue was right inside and he could feel it. She took some lube from Dominic and squirted it into Luke’s love hole. She then offered the arsehole to Carlos who quickly slipped from underneath Luke and inserted his long hard cock into the gaping hole. “Oh yes” Anna screamed, “I love seeing cock go into a man’s arse”. As soon as he had finished she sat down and pulled Carlos onto her lap. She inserted her cock into her pussy and let him ride her. Slowly she turned her body so that she was lying flat on the bed with Carlos still fucking her. She then invited Luke to fuck him whilst he was fucking her.

Luke lubed his finger and stuck it inside the inviting arse. It was well open so he slowly pushed his cock inside. “Aaah” Carlos screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me” he shouted. Luke obliged and fucked him back and forth.

Not wanting to be left out, Josh and Dominic were on the other sofa busy fucking each other. Anna watched Dominic’s arse go up and down as he fucked Josh on his back with legs high. She wished she’d got a camera to catch the scene. Having Luke fuck Carlos whilst he fucked her almost felt like Luke fucking her. She knew that she would probably not achieve it in reality but this was the next best thing.

They all finally collapsed in a heap having discarded their wraps for the night and lay back on their sofas. Luke looked over at Anna’s naked body and saw her pink pussy and her matte of black pubic hair. She was casually fingering herself and for a moment was sexually aroused but once he turned his attention to Carlos and his still stiff cock with its matte of black pubic hair he soon realised what really turned him on.

The evening continued much the same in between drinking and more eating. Eventually about two in the morning Anna and Carlos left leaving the other three well sloshed. The three of them had gone out onto the front steps and said goodbye to the two of them. Fortunately their taxi was waiting by the main gate so could not be seen from the road!

The three returned to the lounge and had one final drink. Before long they were fucking each other again in front of the log fire which was still burning brightly. The feel of the hot fire on their naked butts as they fucked away made the experience even more sensuous. Luke and Josh finally wanked themselves off over Dominic’s face. He used his fingers to collect it all and put it into his mouth. “Mmm delicious” he exclaimed. He then wanked over Luke’s face and licked it all off afterwards.

His final act was to piss into three brandy glasses, pour some brandy into each and then offer one each to Luke and Josh. “Cheers” he said holding up his glass to theirs. “Cheers” they repeated and drank the contents. “Mmm brandy piss” Josh exclaimed, “rather tasty”.

The following afternoon Luke and Josh returned home having had a great time. Dominic said he would be in touch to arrange another dinner party!


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