by Adam Stewart


Chapter 9

Several days later Charles phoned Luke to see if he and Josh would like to join him and some friends for a dinner party. It was just before they started back at college so Luke readily accepted. “Just one thing” Charles added before ringing off, “are either of you into water sports?”

“I take it you mean piss rather than rowing and sailing”

Charles laughed, “Yeah I do”.

Luke said they had both taken part before and had no objection. “Excellent” Charles responded, “thought I might add a bit of entertainment after we have dined.

Charles next rang Ryan to see if he and Stephen would like to join his dinner party. Ryan said he would love to and when asked about water sports he said he had never participated before but was happy to try the experience. “What about Stephen?”

Ryan said he would have to ask him and would ring back. Stephen in fact said that although he quite enjoyed piss porn he didn’t fancy taking part so would decline this invitation. It was agreed that Ryan would go on his own with Luke and Josh.

The party was on the following Friday so they agreed to meet up en route since Ryan was not sure where to go. They arrived on the dot of eight as instructed and Charles invited them into the hallway. After many hugs and kisses, he asked them to take off their shoes and socks. “I thought we would have a different dress code tonight so would you mind removing your shirt and trousers as well”

Luke and Josh grinned and duly removed the required clothing. Oscar was standing wearing only his briefs and a bow tie ready to take the redundant clothing. Charles then gave them a bow tie each and fitted it round their necks. It was an odd image – bow tie and pants – but it amused Charles so they were happy to go along with it.

Charles led them into the lounge where drinks were duly served by Oscar. “I’ve invited another chum of mine. His name is Dominic. He’s very camp but great fun.

No sooner had Charles said something about him when he arrived. He too was stripped of his shoes, socks, shirt and trousers and entered the lounge wearing a pair of boxer shorts which were fairly tight fitting so they clearly showed what he had underneath which, to say the least, would not disappoint.

Oscar was soon announcing that dinner was served so they all trooped into the dining room. Charles sat at one end and told Ryan and Luke to sit one side and Dominic and Josh to sit the other. When Oscar came in with the first course he had removed his briefs and put on his butler apron. Dominic screamed with delight “Oh a butler in the buff, how delicious”. As Oscar served him Dominic placed a hand on Oscar’s bare buttocks and gave it a good feel.

Dominic was foppish as well as being camp and he flung his long black hair back and forth. Luke and Oscar found him to be very amusing but didn’t take him too seriously. “Oh what a divine meal my lovely Oscar” he exclaimed as Oscar cleared away the plates. Another hand caressed Oscar’s backside as he did so within Dominic’s reach. Oscar was used to Charles’ exotic and outlandish friends so took it all in good part and just played along.

Finally the meal ended, all the dishes had been cleared by Oscar and they had finished a liqueur with their coffee and finally a brandy.

“Let’s move into the lounge” Charles said and promptly led then back.

The sofas had been moved back and large soft cushions spread out on the floor round a low table that had several oil burners on it again. The room had already filled with an erotic aroma and they were all soon feeling the effects of it. Also on the table were four jugs of what looked like a soft drink which had a golden colour. Oscar poured six glasses and gave one to each person including himself.

“This is a cocktail that Oscar and I prepared earlier” Charles explained. “For our entertainment this evening you need to drink as much of it as you can.” Having been to one of Charles’ water sport parties before, Dominic knew that the cocktail was in fact one third white wine and two thirds piss. It also contained another ingredient which Charles would not divulge which apparently relaxed the bladder and allowed a full flow when required.

Luke tasted the drink and half guessed what it contained when he noticed the odour but continued drinking it. He in fact rather enjoyed the experience in any event having seen people drink piss on piss porn movies.

Meanwhile on a large TV screen which was fixed to the wall in front of them a video of guys fucking was showing. Although the camera concentrated on the action close up, he suddenly recognised some of the genitalia taking part.

Charles grinned at him. “This is a montage of the other night which I thought you might like to see.”

When that ended, a piss porn movie came on. “Just to give you some ideas” Charles said.

Luke and Josh watched the video with great interest and found that it really turned them on.

It took a good half hour or so for them to consume the four jugs of ‘cocktail’ and by the time they had, bladders were full. “Let’s go next door” Charles said and led the group into a bedroom that just had a large square mattress on the floor which was almost twice the size of a double bed. The mattress was covered in a sheet and the floor was tiled. “Don’t worry about wetting anything because the mattress is well waterproofed and as you see the floor can easily be mopped. Just let it flow.” Charles told them.

Charles got Luke, Ryan and Josh, in that order, to lie down on their backs on the mattress. Oscar then straddled Luke with his back to Luke’s head. He then started to piss onto Luke’s briefs and held up the waistband so that piss poured inside. Dominic meanwhile did the same to Ryan and Charles sat across Josh to do likewise. They all found it very erotic and were soon forming erections. The ‘pissers’ then turned round, pulled the soaking pants down their victim’s legs and pissed this time over their chest and onto their face. At the same time they pressed on the enlarged bladder of their victim’s cock and made them piss. Golden water was flowing all over them and forming pools on the sheet. Luke wanted to taste Oscar’s outflow so he opened his mouth so that he could direct a flow into it. Luke swallowed most of it but some overflowed and ran down his cheeks. Ryan noticed Luke doing this in the corner of his eye and got Dominic to do likewise.

The amazing thing with these three was that they could control when they pissed and when to have a hard-on. Oscar managed in fact to have a hard-on most of the time even when he was pissing and Dominic seemed to be able to do likewise. Oscar then lifted Luke’s legs above his head, squirted lube inside his arsehole and pushed his cock up to the love hole. He started pissing again and as he did so he pushed his head into Luke’s arsehole. Suddenly Luke could feel Oscar’s hot piss inside his arse. It felt wonderful. Then the whole cock would go in and for a moment the flow stopped. When Oscar pulled out he would commence peeing again and once again insert a pissing cock into Luke’s arse. Luke told himself that he wanted to do this as soon as he could. His bladder was still relatively full and he could feel the pressure of it as Oscar pushed in and out.

Ryan meanwhile was getting the same experience. He too could feel Dominic’s hot piss shoot up his arse each time he fucked him. His bladder too was still bursting and he started pissing as Dominic fucked him. Ryan held his cock and directed the flow up into Dominic’s face as he fucked back and forth. Dominic was surprised at the force of the flow and suddenly found himself being drenched in piss.

Charles had stopped fucking Josh and had moved up his body so that his cock was an inch or so away from Josh’s mouth. Josh involuntarily opened his mouth and Charles directed a full flow of piss into it. Josh managed to drink most of it but quite a bit spilled over and flowed down his chest. He then got Josh flowing and directed it onto his arsehole. He loved the feel of hot piss on his arsehole. He always felt it was as good as being rimmed.

Not wanting them all to run out of fluid, Charles pulled over a five litre bottle of previously prepared golden liquid. He held it up to Josh to drink as much as he could before passing it to Ryan and then Luke. For the next half hour or so whilst that liquid ran its way through, they sucked each other, rimmed each other and fucked each other. They moved from one to another and had their fill of cock.

Ryan was feeling he wanted to piss again so let rip over Luke. He too managed to keep an erection whilst he was pissing so he had a go at piss fucking Luke. He was reasonably successful although once he had got his naked cock inside Luke he wanted to keep it there and just fuck. They all soaked each other in piss whilst at the same time sucking and rimming. The taste of piss whilst they sucked and rimmed gave another dimension to the experience which they enjoyed.

Charles had pulled over another two five litre bottles of golden liquid. This time he poured it over Ryan’s head. Pissed poured all over him and soon his whole body was piss soaked. Then Luke got the same treatment followed by Josh and then Dominic. There was half a bottle left and Oscar poured some over Charles and the remainder was poured over Oscar by Ryan. The mattress was swimming in golden piss and the floor around them was also one big puddle.

“Come on” Charles said, “Let’s go and shower”.

They all padded to the bathroom next door leaving wet piss foot prints as they went. The bathroom was a wet room with a large shower in one corner. All five of them got under the shower and cleaned their bodies amongst bouts of groping fucking, sucking and rimming.

Oscar meanwhile was using a special machine to suck up the pools of piss on the floor and the mattress. ‘The washing will have to wait until the morning’ he told himself. By the time he had finished the others were drying themselves so he had the shower to himself.

They then returned to the lounge and lazed on the floor cushions. The drink flowed and the special aroma from the oil burners wafted over them to make them feel even more erotic. They played with each other and every now and then took a sniff of the poppers that Oscar had brought in with him. The sexual electricity flowed with abandon and they explored each other’s bodies by licking every orifice they could find.

“I want to be fucked by all of you” Dominic suddenly announced. He was well pissed with alcohol and his words were slurring. Charles knew that he really did want to be fucked and that he also liked to be handcuffed whilst he was being roasted.

He and Oscar moved a square table into the centre of the room and between them they lifted Dominic and draped him over the table so that his head and arms hung down one side and his legs down the other leaving his arse hanging nicely over the edge of the table. They then handcuffed each of his hands to a table leg and his each of his feet to the legs the other side. With his legs wide apart it exposed his arsehole ready to be fucked. Charles pumped some lube up it and invited the others to fuck away.

“He loves hot cum up his arse so don’t hold back if you feel you want to shoot” he told everyone.

Ryan was feeling very horny so he took another sniff of poppers and thrust his cock into Dominic’s arse. He pumped and pumped with all his might. For some reason fucking someone who was tied down and could not respond, made him even more randy but Dominic seemed to be enjoying the roughness by the grunts he was making. “Yeah, give it to him hard, he loves that” Charles told him.

After about five minutes Luke took over from Ryan and he too fucked him hard. Then Josh took over and gave Dominic a good roasting with his big cock. He rather fancied being fucked like this himself as he had never been tied down before. When Charles had positioned Dominic over the table he had pulled Dominic’s cock back between his legs along with his balls. Whilst the others fucked Dominic, Charles knelt between their legs and sucked the hard cock. The head was swollen almost to the point of bursting and as Charles sucked more Dominic was screaming obscenities but loving every second.

Charles and Oscar had their turn and still Dominic seemed to be enjoying it. Every now and then Charles would hold the poppers under his nose so that he could take a good sniff and the others did likewise. They were now all highly sexually charged and whilst one person fucked Dominic the others fucked each other. After about an hour, they each fucked Dominic once more but this time they each shot their load of hot cum up his arse. When all had come, Charles stuck two fingers up Dominic to feel the result. “Beautiful” he exclaimed, “his arse is swimming in hot cum”.

They released Dominic who promptly thanked them all for a ‘beautiful gang bang’ as he put it. “And I hope you all left your visiting card” he added. They assured him they had and he grinned.

Josh then said he had never been fucked whilst being tied down so would like the experience. Ryan said he hadn’t either and would like to do the same. Luke was not so sure since he liked being in control but he might try it.

Not wanting to miss another chance of fucking, the others manhandled Josh onto the table and handcuffed his hands and feet to the table legs. Charles then fucked him hard and Josh really loved the feel of being unable to stop him. Then Ryan fucked him followed by Oscar and then Dominic. Finally Luke took his turn. Josh could not see who was fucking him but as soon as Luke put his cock inside him he knew who it was. Luke was much gentler. He couldn’t give his boyfriend a hard fuck like the others so it was much more sensual. Somehow Josh found it was even more erotic than the others and he could feel his own cock stiffening. Like Dominic, Charles had pulled his cock back between his legs so as it stiffened it became very sensitive. When Luke had finished fucking he knelt down and sucked the big swollen cock and licked his balls. Josh felt waves of electric eroticism shoot through his body and made a mental note that they would do this again at home.

Ryan was next to be gang banged and he too loved the feeling. Having cock after cock rammed into him sent him into a level of sexual excitement that he had never experienced before. Luke eventually agreed to try it so let himself be handcuffed to the table. He in fact enjoyed it more than he thought he would but decided that he preferred to be in control. Finally Oscar was bent over the table and handcuffed and they all enjoyed giving him a good hard fuck. Having a cock inside his arse was an experience not to be missed. The hot flesh inside his arse wrapped itself round the sensitive head and sent each of them into a state of erotic oblivion.

Despite no sleep they played around with each other for hours with occasional periods when they just laid back on the floor cushions and drank more alcohol or coffee provided by Oscar along with other culinary titbits. It was eight in the morning and Dominic said he had to get off because he was meeting up with someone for lunch. Charles said the others were welcome to stay for the day if they wished and to join him for another dinner party that evening. Luke and Josh said they couldn’t because they were due to go to Steve to do a nude photo shoot with Toby.

“How about you Ryan” Charles asked. Ryan was more than happy to stay. He had enjoyed the party and was up for another with Charles and his friends.

The other three left leaving Charles, Oscar and Ryan to clear up the flat in readiness for the next fun and games. When they got outside, Dominic gave Luke and Josh his card with his address and telephone number. “We just must meet again” he told them and took a note of Luke and Josh’s mobile numbers. “You must come and spend a weekend with me at my house in the country” he said as he gave them both a kiss.

Luke and Josh grabbed a taxi and set off home to get ready for the session with Toby. “Just as well Steve doesn’t want us to shoot loads of cum this afternoon” Josh grinned. “Yeah” Luke agreed. “Should still be able to give him a stiff cock if he wants one” Josh added.


Back at Charles, Ryan was busy helping Oscar clean up the piss soaked mattress bedding and mop the floor. They then cleared the remaining glasses and crockery from the night’s entertainment before having some breakfast and then finally getting some sleep. They all slept through to early afternoon and Oscar made some tea and tiny sandwiches. Ryan smiled and tucked into them. Despite the earlier breakfast he was hungry.

Ryan then helped Oscar prepare for the evening’s dinner. There were supposed to be three guys coming but one couldn’t make it. “There will be Nigel who’s a long standing friend of mine but I warn you he is quite mad and totally outrageous but you’ll like him and he’ll certainly like you” Charles told Ryan. “The other lad coming is someone I only met recently but he’s rather delectable” Charles said grinning, “He’s about your age so Nigel will certainly be happy because he loves young guys to play with”.

Ryan said he was happy to be played with as much as Nigel wanted. “Well he sure will I can assure you. Charles told Ryan that Nigel loved to play strip poker and slowly see the young bucks get naked. “Should warn you that he cheats and somehow controls the game to suit him so just let him do it. You should also be aware that he likes his recreational drugs and offers them round freely but don’t feel you’ve got to use them if you don’t want to.” Ryan was beginning to get excited about tonight and couldn’t wait for the fun to begin.

They all got dressed ready for their guests. Oscar gave Ryan a white shirt and some black trousers to wear and Charles finished the job off with the bow tie from the previous night. “Nigel sometimes gets carried away with excitement so clothes sometimes get torn but don’t worry about it” Charles explained. Ryan looked at his outfit and realised the items were far more expensive that he normally wore.

On the dot of seven thirty, the other young lad arrived. Charles brought him into the lounge and introduced him to Ryan. His name was Joe and Ryan found him very attractive. Charles told him to remove his T shirt and jeans and to put on the white shirt and black trousers supplied. Joe duly obliged. He was similar in size to Ryan, slim with beautiful smooth skin and a smooth hairless body which had been bronzed with plenty of sunbathing like Ryan’s. He had dark thick hair which had an unruly look since it stuck out in all directions but it gave him his charm. It contrasted nicely with Ryan who had fair hair.

Nigel arrived at eight and flounced in. He was in his mid to late thirties, was fairly tall with long silky black hair which fell onto his shoulders. In contrast to Joe’s hair, it was beautifully groomed and swung from side to side as he moved.

“Oh how wonderful” he said as he was introduced to Ryan and Joe giving each a hug and a kiss plus a quick grope to feel what they had to offer. “Mmm very nice” he commented, “I can see we are going to have some fun together”.

Oscar served cocktails which were pink and had cherries on sticks in them. Nigel took each cherry and seductively sucked each one before eating it.

“And how’s my lovely Oscar” he said once Oscar had finished serving drinks. “Come and give me a big kiss” at which point he pulled Oscar towards him, hugged and kissed him and placed his hand firmly in Oscar’s crotch. Oscar returned the kiss and gave Nigel a feel as well. Nigel loved it and smacked Oscar’s bottom as he walked away.

Nigel was the centre of attention but he was an amusing guy who had plenty of jokes, mostly rude and always sexual. He was not afraid of asking what some would consider were embarrassing questions of those around him such as ‘when did you last fuck a guy’ and ‘in what unusual places have you fucked’. Following each question and its answer he would relay his experiences in great detail. The others just listened and duly answered when asked their particular question. Although he was someone who was fine in small doses, he kept the party going and Ryan and Joe took a liking to him.

Oscar called them into dinner and Charles seated them two a side round the table. He put Ryan beside him and Joe beside Nigel. Oscar came in with the first course. He had changed out of his shirt and trousers and had stripped off down to the apron again. Nigel as always loved seeing Oscar dressed, or rather undressed like this, and as Oscar stood beside him Nigel rubbed the naked bum up and down. Throughout the meal, whenever Oscar was within reach he had a hand on his bum, between his legs and on one occasion a finger up his arse.

The desert was topped with thick cream and when Oscar served Nigel his, Nigel took hold of it, lifted Oscar’s apron and dipped Oscar’s cock into the cream. He then bent down and sucked the cream off the cock. Oscar being used to Nigel’s outlandish behaviour just stood there holding the other deserts in his hand until Nigel had finished.

“Mmmm” Nigel exclaimed, “I’ll taste more of that later”.

They finished their deserts followed by coffee and liqueurs and when Oscar had almost finished clearing the table, he pulled Oscar over to him, removed his apron and bodily lifted him onto the table in front of him. He then proceeded to suck Oscar’s cock. When he had finished that he then lifted Oscar’s legs into the air and rimmed him with Oscar sprawled on his back across the table. The others just watched on with amusement.

When Nigel had finally let Oscar go, Charles suggested they all go back into the lounge.

The special oil lamps were filling the air with an erotic odour. The square table used the previous evening as a fuck table had been placed in the middle of the room with four chairs round it ready for their game of strip poker.

“Oh goodie” exclaimed Nigel, “now the real fun begins”.

They all sat round the table and Oscar served yet more brandies. Nigel got out his tin of pre rolled joints and offered them round. Ryan hesitated but watching Joe take one he decided to do likewise. The room soon smelt of hash. Ryan decided he rather liked the effect on him and continued drawing on the joint until it was finally finished.

They started playing cards and as Charles had said, Nigel somehow managed to control the game. First Joe was losing his shoes and socks and in the next round it was Ryan. Then Ryan was required to remove his shirt but Nigel told him to let him remove it. He turned Ryan round, ripped the shirt up the back and tore it round the collar so that Ryan just had the collar remaining with the bow tie. Nigel then slipped the rest of the shirt off him. He then groped him. “Mmm very nice” he commented before letting Ryan sit down.

Over the next few rounds Charles and Nigel lost their shoes and socks and Charles lost his shirt. The attention then concentrated on Joe and Ryan. Both of them lost their trousers so they were now down to their briefs. Nigel was getting more and more excited and plunged his hand down each of their briefs to feel the hardening cock beneath. The pair sat there and let the game continue without really having any control in the cards they played. Soon Charles and Nigel were down to their boxer shorts and Nigel was clearly showing a full erection which was straining to get out and forming a damp patch.

Joe was the first to lose his briefs which Nigel took great delight in removing. By now Joe too was sporting a good hard-on and Nigel gave it a quick suck before letting him sit down. As Ryan predicted, he was next to lose his and the same ritual took place. He finally sat down stark naked also sporting a boner.

Nigel lost his boxers next and Joe was required to give his dripping hard-on a suck. Charles was next and Ryan had to give him a suck according to Nigel’s rules. Now they were all naked, the game turned into an orgy. Nigel first of all laid out four lines of coke. Nigel and Charles snorted theirs and Joe did his. Ryan again hesitated but thought ‘what the hell, why not try it’. He took the rolled up twenty pound note and snorted the remaining line. He suddenly felt a rush to the head but after a while it settled down to a rather nice feeling. Oscar had poured four bottles of poppers into a dish on the table in front of them. The aroma soon filled the air and Ryan and Joe began to feel the rush of blood through their bodies.

Nigel got Joe to sit on his lap facing him. He had already put lube up his arse and lubed his own cock. He lifted Joe onto his long hard cock and sat him down on it. Joe felt the hot naked organ slip inside him and it felt great. Nigel then told Ryan to bend over and suck Joe’s cock. Oscar was then told to fuck Ryan from behind. Oscar was more than happy to oblige since he loved having is cock up Ryan. Having Oscar’s cock up his arse made his own cock get bigger and bigger until the head was nearly bursting. He slowly wanked himself whilst he sucked one end and was being fucked the other.

Charles pulled up a chair beside Nigel and stood astride him so that Nigel could suck his cock. The five were now in motion, sucking and fucking.

After a while Nigel had had enough. He wanted to fuck young Ryan on his own. The fucking and sucking team disbanded and he took Ryan over to the sofa, bent him over the arm and fucked him. He was far from gentle and Ryan could feel each thrust ramming into his arse. Fortunately he soon wanted to change his fuck butt so got Joe to sit on the arm, lifted his legs to expose his arse and thrust his cock into it. Joe was now virtually upside down with is head on the seat. Ryan knelt on the sofa and formed a 99 so that Joe could suck him and he could suck Joe’s cock. Nigel was still thrusting his cock in and out of Joe’s arse and as he did so he screamed “Oh that’s fucking fantastic, you gorgeous fuck”.

The rest of the evening followed a similar pattern with Nigel grabbing whoever he wanted to fuck and then instructing others to either fuck or suck others. In between he snorted more lines of coke and sniffed poppers after almost every stroke of his cock. He finally seemed to calm down and became virtually senseless. By now Charles and the others were fed up with Nigel. Charles made a mental note not to invite him again to any of his dinner parties.

“Come on” Charles told the others, “Let’s give this fucker the fuck of his life”. Oscar looked at Charles knowingly since he knew, as did Charles, that Nigel did not like being fucked. They bent him over the arm of the sofa, stuck loads of lube up his arse, fingered it to loosen it up and then proceeded to fuck one by one. “And leave something for him to remember you by guys” Charles told them all.

Ryan and Joe were more than happy to oblige. They stuck their cock up Nigel’s arse and rammed it back and forth. Ryan had gone first and soon he was shooting his hot load up the warm arse. Once done he withdrew and let Joe take over. Joe put the weight of his whole body against each thrust. Nigel’s body shook as he did so. Finally Joe shot his load and made sure that every drop was deposited before finally withdrawing.

Charles invited Oscar to go next but he was unsure until he thought about other nights with Nigel when he had abused and made fun of Oscar. With these thoughts in his mind he thrust his cock in and brought himself to a climax. Finally satisfied he passed over to Charles. The others watched Charles’ big fat cock push its way in the gaping orifice. He shot his load and as he withdrew he said “Now you’ve been well and truly fucked Nigel”.

Nigel throughout this seemed to be oblivious as to what was going on but after a while he suddenly came to and looked at Charles. “Time to go home Nigel” Charles told him and threw his clothes at him. The other three had gone to the kitchen and Charles made out they had gone too. “Oh what a shame” Nigel said, “I wanted to fuck those gorgeous twinks again”.

Charles having already slipped on a T shirt and some trousers helped Nigel get dressed and led him to the door. He helped Nigel downstairs to a waiting taxi and told the driver where to take him. Having got rid of him he returned to the block only to find he had forgotten his key for the main door. Fortunately Kristin the young concierge was on that night saw him and opened the door. “He looked somewhat out of it” he commented. “You can say that again” Charles commented, “He’s been a complete pain”.

Kristin looked at Charles, who he knew to be gay and Charles was fairly certain that Kristin was too. Charles began to realise that Kristin was looking down at Charles’ crotch. “I hope you don’t mind me saying Sir but your fly is undone.” Charles looked down and saw that it was. “Oh dear, must have forgotten to fasten it when I quickly threw my trousers on to bring him down.” Kristin grinned knowingly and Charles grinned back. “Well I thought you wouldn’t want anything popping with the excitement.”

“Well that’s true Kristin and I’m feeling pretty excited at the moment”

“So I can see” Kristin commented as he looked at the large bulge beneath Charles thin trousers, “can I help you with that?”

“You might be able to”

“Well why not come through into my little office”

Charles followed Kristin into the small office behind reception. Kristin locked the door and without further ado slipped the T shirt off Charles followed by his trousers. Kristin quickly removed his clothes and bent over the desk. Without saying anything, Charles slowly inserted his cock inside Kristin’s arse and fucked him. “Oh my god that is beautiful” Kristin murmured, “you fuck so gently and passionately”.

After a while, they changed over and Kristin fucked Charles. “Fucking hell, what a beautiful arse to fuck” Kristin exclaimed as he pumped back and forth.

When they had finished, they both slipped on their clothes and Kristin checked the screens to make sure nobody was in reception. “Unlikely at this late hour but best to check.”

Charles gave Kristin a quick kiss and slipped out of the office. “Next time you are free one night let me know” Charles told him, “We can have some fun together”.

Charles went back to the flat and told the others what had happened. “You lucky bastard” Oscar screamed, “I’ve fancied getting into his pants for ages”. They all laughed and went back into the lounge. Whilst Charles had been downstairs, Oscar had cleared the air of smoke and Joe and Ryan had made some sandwiches for them to eat. When they had eaten and got through a bottle of red wine, the four of them had some more fun together, but this time they just let things happen naturally without anyone telling them what to do!


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