by Adam Stewart


Chapter 6

Gary became a regular visitor to the house over the next few weeks and Luke’s mother treated him as one of the family. She rather liked him, particularly when she watched him swimming naked with the other two. She loved to watch his lithe black body glide through the water. Her husband also secretly watched without it being too obvious. He and his wife had come to an agreement some while ago when she asked him one day if he was bisexual. She had noticed how he always looked at men when they were out together and never seemed to be interested in the women. They were both very fond of each other and were happy together but she knew that he was really in love with a work colleague of his. Sebastian was an Asian and owing to cultural problems had to keep his sexuality secret from his parents and brothers, although he knew that one of his brothers was also gay. He and Luke’s father had been having an affair for several years despite him being ten years older than Sebastian’s 35 years.

They had bought a small flat near Kings Cross together so it gave somewhere for them both to be with each other whenever they could. Luke’s mother had met Sebastian on several occasions and liked him. She was happy to let the relationship continue as she also had a younger man that she was seeing. He was single but did not want to have the shackles of marriage. She knew it might not last for ever but he made her feel young again and he was fantastic in bed. She told her husband about him when he admitted the gay relationship and they agreed to continue living together provided neither worried about what the other was doing when they went their different ways. Many of the weekends when Luke thought they were both away together they were in fact with their respective lovers. They thought about telling Luke but decided to leave it for the time being. At some point they would have to but that could wait.

On this particular day the three were in and out of the pool and Luke’s father stood and watched them from the kitchen for a while. He could feel an erection forming as he watched Gary walking naked round the pool. His wife saw him and smiled “He is rather gorgeous isn’t he?” “He sure is” her husband replied, “I’m not surprised Luke and Josh like him.”


It was only a week before Luke and Josh were due to start their college courses so Steve wanted to get the porn movie done with Gary before they got tied up with college. It was agreed they would go over to the studio on the Friday and then go to a club that night. Gary was apprehensive about it all and not sure what to expect. He had watched many porn movies but did not know what actually happened when they filmed them. “Just be yourself and forget about the camera” Luke told him, “that’s what we do and we enjoy ourselves.”

When they arrived Steve went through what he had in mind. The action started with Luke and Josh coming into the room and making love. Having stripped each other, they got on the bed and sucked each other off. Josh then started fucking Luke doggy style when Gary wanders into the room wearing a red G string. The camera focuses on his black bare butt for a few moments before moving to his cock which is already getting hard. Luke licks the head which is peeping over the top and Gary unfastens the G string so it drops to the floor. His cock is now free for Luke to take into his mouth and suck. Soon Gary is shooting his load into Luke’s mouth and the camera zooms in on the hot white cum that is shooting out.

The next scene is with Luke fucking Gary doggy style and the camera zooms in on Luke’s white cock penetrating Gary’s black butt. They each fuck each other several times more and end with a scene where Josh and Gary manage to fuck Luke together. The final shot is of a white cock and a black cock penetrating Luke’s arse.

When they had finally finished Gary was grinning ear to ear. “That was great, I really enjoyed doing that” he exclaimed. He was even happier when he received his payment from Steve. “This is fucking brilliant” he screamed as they left for Soho, “being paid for doing something I love doing”. The other two laughed, put their arms round him and gave him a big kiss.

“I vote we go to the boots only party tonight guys” Luke told them.

“Great idea” the others replied.

When they crawled back home in the early hours of Saturday morning they had all had a great time, despite being somewhat hung over and bum sore!


The day came for Luke and Josh to start their college courses. IT for Luke and business studies for Josh. Their colleges were in London so it meant that they could still live at home and be together when they were not at college. They were both apprehensive about what lay in store for them and Josh was particularly concerned that Luke might find someone else. “I love you Josh and always will” Luke told him when they talked about it but they did decide that they could have the odd bit of sex on the side if they particularly fancied anybody.

The first few weeks went fairly smoothly for both of them as they gradually got to know their fellow students. Luke made friends with two guys who were both gay and through them he was introduced to another four guys. Josh also met a couple of guys and it wasn’t until he was invited back to one of their lodging rooms that he found out that they were both gay.

“You have a boyfriend” Philip asked. Josh explained his situation with Luke and the things they did together.

“Cool man, that sounds great”

Within a short time the three of them were feeling each other’s erections but the other two seemed not sure how far to go. Josh took the lead and started unfastening one of the guy’s trousers. Clothes were soon discarded and they were all romping on the bed with Josh sucking them both off. They both had big cocks and soon they were both spewing loads of hot white creamy cum which Josh greedily licked up.

“God, you sure know how to suck” Oscar told Josh whilst Philip was moving to suck Josh off. Josh lay back on the bed and let the pair of them do what ever they wanted. He lifted his legs and whilst one sucked him off the other fingered his arse. He was relaxed so the guy’s fingers went in easily. First one, then two and then three. “Beautiful” he muttered as he thrust the fingers in and out. “I’d love to fuck that arse”. “Be my guest” Josh told him. Philip didn’t wait for a second invitation and quickly had his cock inside Josh. “Oh fucking beautiful” he exclaimed as he thrust his cock in and out. Having just shot a load it took a while for him to shoot another but shoot he did, right up Josh’s arse. Oscar was entranced at the sight of a cock thrusting in and out of an arsehole right in front of his eyes. He had never done a threesome before and rather liked the idea. He was also fairly innocent with regards gay sex having not done more than grope guys before. He now wanted to fuck Josh and his cock was ready and waiting.

“Can I fuck you” he asked Josh. “Sure go ahead” Josh responded taking the guy’s full erection into his hand before he changed places with the other guy. He gently pushed his cock into the open arsehole and gasped at the feel of his naked flesh against the soft flesh inside Josh’s arse. “Aaaaaaah” he exclaimed as he slowly pushed in and out. Gradually his erotic feelings took over and he began thrusting in and out faster and faster until he felt his cock explode by shooting more cum up Josh’s arse. When he was finished he bent forward over Josh and kissed him. “Thank you that was fucking brilliant”.

Philip quickly took advantage and inserted a finger up Oscar’s arse. For a moment Oscar froze but he gradually relaxed and let Philip finger some more. He suddenly realised that he liked being fingered and relaxed further. Philip felt the relaxation and slipped another finger inside and felt round the warm soft tissue inside. “What a lovely arse” he told the guy who just grinned.

“Your first time” Josh asked him. Oscar nodded. Josh smiled remembering his first time.

The three remained good friends and had other threesomes as the weeks went by.


“Can we invite a few friends round for a party next Friday night when you and Dad are away” Luke asked his mother.

“I take it they’re all male” she responded with a grin.

“Of course” Luke replied with a laugh.

“Yeah no problem, just restrict them to your end of the house”

Between them they invited eight gay guys although in the end only six could make it. With Gary that made seven of them. They prepared some food and got plenty of drink in and laid it all out in the sitting area of their rooms. Gradually the guys arrived and soon the party was in full swing. Luke had deliberately made sure that the rooms were hot so that guys would feel like taking clothes off. His ploy worked when he and Josh slipped off their T shirts, kicked off their shoes and socks and laid back casually on the floor. One of the guys had brought some hash so they all smoked a joint. This with the drink soon relaxed them, especially as they were now all on shorts.

“Anyone up for a game of strip whist” Luke asked casually.

“Yeah, I am” one of the guys replied. “Yeah and me too” said three others. The others nodded their agreement so Josh got the cards out and explained the game.

“You play it like whist and the one with the lowest score at the end of each round picks up a forfeit card which will describe what they have to do” Josh explained.

“First of all everyone must only be wearing two items of clothing so those with more should strip off additional items” Luke added.

Only two guys were still wearing their T shirts so they stripped them off to match the others.

The first round had Oscar lose his trousers. He was wearing a skimpy pair of briefs which left nothing to the imagination. “Nice cock” they all announced.

During the next few rounds Andy, Gary, Josh and Eli lost their trousers. Luke and Phil then lost their trousers and their briefs in one go when Philip had to take a card that said “Expose two cocks either side of you by removing the necessary clothing”. Philip and Mike lost their clothes the same way when Luke took a similar card. There was now a concerted effort by the four who were naked to strip the others of their underwear. Eli soon lost his quickly followed by Gary and Josh. Andy and Oscar were now the only ones with their modesty intact. Eli was the next lowest score so he had to take a card from the forfeit pack. “Remove an item of clothing from another player” he read out. The others roared with delight as he pulled off Andy’s boxer shorts. There was even more delight when they saw he had a semi hard on. Oscar soon lost his when he drew a card that said expose your cock by removing all clothing.

“Now the real fun begins” Luke announced “but let’s first have a drink”.

Whilst they all got their drinks, Phil asked “Andy and me have got some E anyone want one?”

“It’s good quality” Andy added.

All heads turned to Luke as if to seek his permission. “Yeah, why not. It will liven things up.”

Phil laid the pills on the floor and they all took one. It took about half and hour for them all to feel the energy buzz and the feeling of great love for those around them. Several hands started to wander onto other cocks and soon there were many erections. Meanwhile the game continued and Oscar was the first to draw a card.

“Suck the cock on your left for two minutes” he read out. He hastily did so whilst the others timed him. It was Eli’s and he was rock hard.

The next card was drawn by Andy. It said “bend over and suck a cock of your choice whilst the person on your left fingers your arse with one finger”. There were roars of approval when he bent over and sucked cock whilst Philip fingered him. “Oh my god that feels wonderful” he exclaimed. He wanted to put more fingers in but Luke told him to keep to the rules. “You may have a chance to do that later”.

The E’s had now kicked in and they were all ready and willing to do whatever the cards asked. Phil then drew a card that said “Bend over and suck the cock on your left for two minutes whilst the guy on your right gives you a rimming. It was Luke’s cock he sucked and Mike did the rimming. “Aaah that feels beautiful” he gasped in between sucks, “I just love my arse being rimmed”.

Over the next few rounds one by one they all had to suck, rim or finger someone. Luke then decided it was time to hot things up and replaced the pack with another. “You can choose whether or not to do the forfeit but if you don’t the rest of us have the choice of fingering you and sucking you all together” he explained.

After the first round Gary drew the first card. “Oh fuck me” he exclaimed as he read the card. Not knowing what it said the others replied “yeah we’ll fuck you”. He read the card. “Go on your knees and ask the person with the biggest hard on to finger you – first with one finger and then with two – and then fuck you bareback with six thrusts.”

“Oh my god that’s fucking awesome” Phil yelled. They all decided that Oscar had the biggest hard-on so he moved up behind Gary and started fingering. He had never fingered a guy before but once he had his first finger up inside Gary’s arse he quickly inserted another and had a good feel round. His cock was now aching to fuck the beautiful black arse that lay bare before him so he thrust his cock in and held it there for a moment to enjoy the feel of his flesh against Gary’s. He then gave him six hard thrusts whilst the others counted each one. When he had finished they all applauded.

Mike was the next to draw a card. “Ask a guy of your choice to lie down on the floor on his side with his legs drawn up to his chest. Then lie down behind him in the spoon position. Choose a person who has not yet fucked anyone to lie down behind you also in the spoon position. You then fuck the guy in front of you whilst the guy behind fucks you.”

“Fucking hell, a double fuck” he exclaimed.

He chose Oscar to fuck and Eli to fuck him. They got into their positions and started fucking for the required two minutes.

The next card that was drawn by Andy said “Get prepared to be fucked by two guys”.

“Oh fuck no, I can’t do that” he shrieked, “I don’t usually take it and certainly not two cocks”.

“Fair enough” Luke said, “in that case you can pass it onto someone else who is willing to do it but first they will suck you till you come and the rest of us will finger you.” Andy agreed and he was laid down on his back. Luke agreed to do the forfeit so he did the sucking. The other guys lifted Andy’s legs up high and they all started fingering him one by one. Once he had received every finger they started again and this time two of them put a finger into his arse. Despite him not usually taking it his arse was very open and in no time he had four fingers up there. He seemed to be enjoying it. Philip then took over and inserted his four fingers up at once right up to the hilt. He could feel the hot flesh inside and gave it a good feel round. Andy was now clearly enjoying it so Philip replaced his fingers with his cock. Meanwhile Luke had got Andy to the point of no return and within seconds he was spewing hot cum all over his belly. Luke licked up every drop much to the delight of the others watching.

It was now time for Luke to be double fucked and he asked who wanted to do it. “It has to be bareback to get them both in” he explained. Eli and Oscar were quick to agree so Luke got on his back, held his legs up over his head and Oscar slid his cock into Luke’s ready and open arsehole. Eli came in from behind and the pair of them thrust back and forth in unison.

“Fucking brilliant” exclaimed the others before eagerly getting back to the game.

“Why don’t we discard playing the cards and just take it in turns to pick a forfeit card” someone suggested.

They all readily agreed wanting as much sex as they could get.

The first card drawn by Mike said “Lie on your back and let everyone else sit on your naked cock and take two thrusts”

He lay down and everyone else in turn sat on his cock as instructed. He was a big boy so it was not easy for some but they all managed it. The next card drawn by Philip said “Bend over a chair standing up and let everyone else fuck you with their naked cocks for four thrusts”.

“Gee, a gang bang, fucking brilliant” he exclaimed with delight.

They bent him over a chair and one by one they all fucked him with four strokes. He could feel each one going in and by the time all eight had done so he felt brilliant if not a little sore.

The final card that Josh pulled said “lie down and let everyone else wank into your mouth. You must swallow every drop of cum so you must lick each cock when they have cum. Any cum spilt over you, must also be picked up by them and licked off their fingers.”

Josh loved cum so was more than happy to do this. The others were all ready to spill their seed so it didn’t take long for eight loads of cum to be shot into his mouth. Some missed but it was soon picked up and given to Josh to lick off. “Let’s wank him off and take his cum” someone said so Josh was brought to a climax and when he shot his load several tongues swooped down to lick him clean.

The rest of the night was spent having sex with each other and there were several more gang bangs. The following morning found nine naked bodies slouched in various positions where they dropped off to sleep. By midday they had all left to go home and Luke, Josh and Gary cleared up. “What you might call a successful party I think, don’t you” Luke said. The other two laughed and agreed it was fucking brilliant.


Two days later Josh received a call from Jason. “You said that you would be interested in three of you coming along for a session with us but no art. I’ve got a bunch of new guys who would be interested in having a session with you, Gary and your third friend if you’re interested.”

Josh said they would be and arranged for the three of them to go on the following Friday evening about ten o’clock in the evening. He had mentioned it to Luke previously so hoped he was still willing. He knew Gary would be.

They arrived at Jason’s house and as instructed stood in the porch each wearing a pair of revealing briefs and nothing else. They had left the rest of their clothes in the car which they had fortunately been able to drive right up to the front door. The front driveway was also well hidden from the road so they could in fact have stood their naked without anyone seeing them.

Jason opened the door wearing a short loose gown that just about covered his cock.

“Hi guys, come on in”

They followed Jason into the living room where five other guys were laying around in various states of undress.

“Hi guys” one of them called out, “very nice”.

The three were offered drinks and they all asked for a Bacardi and Coke. As they sipped their drinks another guy offered them something ‘to make you relax and enjoy the fun’. Luke asked if anyone had any Es. In no time three Es were being pressed into their hands.

When they had finished their drinks and more were being prepared for them, Jason suggested that they give the guys a floor show between the three of them, “and then perhaps we can join in”.

The three lads agreed and started making love to each other. All three were soon naked and erections were at full mast. Luke and Josh started by giving Gary a double fuck. They had greased him up well beforehand so their two cocks slid in easily much to the delight of the six onlookers who were now crowded round the three of them within touching distance.

“Oh my god that is beautiful, just look at that black arse with those two white rods thrusting in and out” one of the guys exclaimed.

As Josh thrust his cock in unison with Luke he could feel someone fingering his arse. “Mmm beautiful” a voice said as the owner continued fingering. Josh looked round and grinned at a very nice looking guy who already had his top off and his trousers round his ankles. A long thick cock was now slapping against his arse. The guy then slowly inserted it into Josh and fucked him whilst Josh fucked Gary. For a moment the four guys linked together seemed to work okay but eventually Luke was squeezed out of Gary so he left Josh fucking Gary whilst he was being fucked from behind. It was a nice sandwich which continued for quite a while.

Meanwhile, Luke was being sucked by another guy whilst someone else was licking his arse. Luke just let the two guys service him. Another guy stood on a chair and offered his stiff cock to Luke to suck, and Luke willingly obliged. The guy was stark naked and had a beautiful body. Luke put his hands round to the guy’s arse and started fingering. The guy was already well lubricated, both up his arse and with alcohol so was more than happy to have a finger up his arse whilst Luke sucked him. “Mmm that is wonderful” he exclaimed. Luke was not sure whether he was referring to the fingering or the sucking but he then said, “I want your cock up my arse”.

The other two guys stopped their sucking and licking and watched Luke insert his bare cock into the other guy’s gaping hole. Luke thrust his cock in and out with great gusto and the more he did the more the guy loved it.

As time went by they swapped about and virtually everyone had fucked each other. The atmosphere was electric and spunk was spilling everywhere.

After a while, Jason suggested they all had a rest and ate some food he had prepared. Everyone agreed they could do with some fodder to boost their energy for the next bout of sex.

“When we are all fed and watered” Jason explained, “and we are all fired up again, I want to try something out that I have always wanted to do”. Everyone stopped eating to listen to what it was. Jason then explained that with nine of them it should be possible to form a ‘fuck circle’. “In other words everybody is being fucked and we have a perfect loop of cocks in arse”. They all laughed at the idea but were willing to give it a try.

All nine guys were now stark naked and had stiff rods flapping in front of them. They formed a circle and everybody greased the person in front of them with a couple of fingers. The room was alive with “mmms” and “aaahs” as they did so. Starting with Josh and Luke, one by one they inserted their cock into the arse in front of them until they had formed the circle. Jason was the last to have a cock up his arse and he completed the circle by sticking his cock up Luke’s gaping hole. “We have lift off guys” Jason called out, and they all slowly started fucking the guy in front in unison. They managed it for several minutes and Josh was about to shoot his load when the circle broke. “Aaah I was just about to shoot up Gary” he exclaimed. “Shoot it up me” a guy yelled and bent over in front of Josh. He was the youngest guy in the group and Josh was more than happy to stick his bare cock up the guy’s arse and shoot his load. This seemed to start others wanting to do the same and one by one they fucked the guy and shot their naked load into his inviting arse. By the time the eighth person had shot their load his arse was dripping with cum, and lubrication was certainly no longer necessary. Cocks slipped in and out with ease and the guy enjoyed every second of it.


Life for Luke and Josh went on like this for the rest of their first year at college. It seemed they were always fucking someone at some party or other or for money at the art class or making porn videos for Steve. How they managed to get any work done was a miracle but somehow they did and they passed their end of year exams. They both made lots of friends at their respective colleges and several met up as a group and became one big happy family of gays. As such they were very much an all male group and few females got invited to join in unless it was clearly a non sex night. Most times they met it ended in sex at one point or another during the evening or weekend.

When they were almost due to finish the term for the summer break, Josh was invited to join a group of guys for a small get together. Josh had an odd feeling about the invitation but decided to go along in any event. When he arrived at the venue, which was a flat being used by a couple of the guys, he found five already there.

“Hi Josh” one of them said as he walked in, “you’re the last to arrive before Toby”.

“Toby’s coming?” Josh asked somewhat surprised. He had met Toby and did not particularly like the guy and had often wondered if he was gay.

“Yeah, the little prick has pissed us all off and we are going to give him a lesson he won’t forget”

Josh asked what he had done and they explained that he had been calling the group names such as fag group and wankers and had also sent some of them dirty notes.

“I think he’s a closet queen” one of the other guys said.

Josh gave his view of Toby and they all agreed.

“Anyhow, I invited him along and made it clear that it was going to be all male and he jumped at the idea of joining us.”

“The plan is to get him tanked up and then gang bang him – is everyone up for that”

There was general agreement so they started drinking and stripped off some of their clothes. Two of the guys also removed their trousers and sat in their boxer shorts.

Toby had been told that the party was starting later and he arrived on the dot. When he entered the room he was somewhat surprised to see the six guys present in a state of undress and his eyes lit up, especially when he saw the two in their boxer shorts.

“Hi Toby, come and join us” someone said breezily. Someone else suggested he remove some of his clothes and he was soon stripped down to his underpants. His drink had been spiked so he was soon on a high and joining in the fun.

After a while, when he had downed two more drinks, taken an E with everyone else and watched those still wearing trousers strip down to their underpants, the guy who had set up the party asked Toby if he was gay.

“Me, gay” he exclaimed, but never answered the question. “You’re the fag group and the wankers” he responded.

“So why have you joined us then” one of the others asked him. “And why are you drooling over seeing six guys in their underpants” another asked.

Toby started looking a bit uncomfortable but in his usual style bluffed his way out it.

“Just wanted to see what you guys got up to” he replied.

“Okay guys, let’s show Toby what we get up to” said the leader of the gang.

As if rehearsed, four guys picked Toby up by his legs and arms and carried him into the bedroom. He was laid on the bed on his back and his arms were splayed out above his head. Each hand was manacled to the bed head with handcuffs and his feet were held down by two guys. His underpants were then pulled off him to leave him stark naked. As expected, he was already starting to form an erection although not fully hard yet. He did not object to the treatment so far although he pretended to struggle a bit when he was being tied down. What he clearly enjoyed was seeing six guys remove their underwear and standing round him naked with cocks beginning to swing at full mast.

He in fact had quite a nice body which was mainly smooth apart from a good crop of dark pubic hair. Unlike most other guys at college he wore his hair long and often had it in a ponytail.

“Now isn’t that nice” one of the guys said out loud, “pity about the hair though. I think we should shave him don’t you, makes for a much nicer fuck”.

For a moment Toby thought he was referring to the hair on his head and started shouting bastards and various other names. He was very proud of his head of hair.

“Yeah” someone else said, “I agree I think we should shave his pubic hair off and round his arse”

There was general agreement at this and a shaver was brought to the bed for the first guy to start shaving off the matt of pubic hair. “It should give him something to remember us by for several weeks to come as it grows back and gives him the itch until it does.” Everyone laughed and enjoyed seeing the dark hair falling to the bed and a shaved area appearing round his bollocks.

Once the pubic area was shaved smooth without a short and curly in sight, they lifted his legs and shaved round his arse and under his balls. Toby decided to just let them get on with it rather than struggle. In any event he was rather enjoying the feel of hands all over his cock and balls and the feel of the shaver vibrating against his arsehole really turned him on. He had always imagined having naked men service him but had never had the nerve to initiate any kind of liaison. When he was asked to join this group he could not believe his luck. His public face of appearing not to be gay was a throwback to his upbringing since he knew he would not be accepted at home if he admitted he was gay. He pretended to have girlfriends but in fact did not. He hadn’t even fucked a girl, let alone a guy. He had tried using a dildo on himself and rather liked it so wondered what a live cock would feel like.

“Okay guys, that’s it. He’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Everyone laughed and had a good feel round the shaved areas.

“Want another drink Toby” someone asked. Toby nodded and a drink was held to his lips so that he could sip it. He had chosen vodka and it had not only been made very strong with half vodka and half coke but had also been spiked with a sex dating drug. As the other guys sucked his cock and licked his arse out, Toby drifted into a state of not really knowing what was happening to him. He was vaguely aware that something nice was happening to him but did not know what exactly.

“Okay guys, I think he’s ready to fuck” the leader told them all.

Toby’s body was dragged down the bed so that his arms were outstretched, his hands still being handcuffed to the bed head, and his legs were bent over his head to expose his arsehole.

“What a lovely sight” someone exclaimed, “a juicy arsehole ready to fuck and fuck, come on lads let’s get stuck in”.

With that, the first person thrust their cock into Toby’s arsehole and started fucking. Toby winced as the large cock forced its way in but once he was being fucked he seemed to just lay back and take it. One by one each guy fucked him really hard for several minutes each. It took half an hour for each of them to have their fuck and when they had all done so they started again and then had another round after that. By the time they had finished, Toby had been fucked eighteen times.

“Shall we give him one more round” the leader asked, “but this time do it bareback and fill him up with spunk”.

They all thought for a moment and discussed the implications. “He wouldn’t dare make a complaint against us because he knows that I have proof that he cheated in the exams”.

It was unanimously agreed that they would all fuck him one more time and shoot their load inside him.

The leader started and was soon shooting hot cum up Toby’s arse. “Fucking great, that was just fucking great” he shouted, “at last given the fucker something to remember us by”.

The next thrust his cock in and within a few strokes was shooting his load. One by one they all shoved their cock inside the already well opened and lubricated arsehole and gave him a final fuck to remember. Josh was the last to fuck him and being used to bareback he took his time to spill his load. As such, Toby had a good going over by the time he had finished. When Josh had finally shot his load, hot creamy cum was oozing out of Toby’s arse.

“I want a picture of this” the leader said and promptly took close up pictures of Toby’s arse with cum still spilling out, then a shot of his cock and a one of him tied to the bed. “If he causes any more trouble with us guys” he said “this lot will go on the internet for all to see”.

By this time Josh was feeling a bit sorry for Toby but kept his feelings to himself since it was clear that the others felt much more strongly about Toby’s past antics and attitude.

The leader had one final surprise in store for Toby though. They put his jeans back on and made a tear in both legs near the crotch. They tore his T shirt in several places and put that on him as well. They then took him with his remaining clothes outside to a car. They pushed him into the back and three guys got into the car. The other three decided to follow in someone else’s car. They drove to a well known cruising area and carried him to a spot in the centre. The other three kept their distance but were able to see what was happening. The guys with Toby tore off his T shirt and threw it to one side and then ripped his jeans even more so that his crotch was fully exposed. The remainder of his clothes were scattered around him. Toby by this time was totally out of it and was not aware of what was happening to him. He had been slightly aware of the gang fuck and enjoyed every second of it but by the time they fucked him bare back and filled him with spunk he was in a world of his own.

The guys left him and walked back to the car. On their way they met two other guys and told them that there was a guy in the bushes further in ready and willing to take whatever they wanted to do to him. Both guys grinned and made their way directly to Toby. When they found him and saw the state he was in they took advantage. They stripped off his jeans and fucked him several times adding to the already large pool of cum inside his arse.

Josh and the guys all went back to the flat as if nothing had happened. Nobody mentioned Toby and instead they had a full night of wild sex with each other. It was already one in the morning by the time they returned so the fun went on well into the following morning.

None of them saw Toby again that term as the next day was the first day of the summer vacation. However, Josh did see Toby during the vacation one day and said hello to him.

“Hi Josh” he said warmly, “how are you”.

“Had a sore arse after that party with the guys at the end of term but it was great fun and I really enjoyed being fucked, especially by you.”

Josh grinned but did not say any more.

“Don’t know what happened after I left there though because I ended up in the woods with no clothes and a guy trying to help me back to his place about four in the morning. We had a great time together and he was a great fuck too.”

“So you are gay then” Josh said.

“Yeah, course I am, just have to keep it under wraps because of my folks”

Josh understood fully and invited him back to meet Luke. The three of them got on really well and having stayed for a meal they had more roaring sex together. Josh had told Luke what had happened at the party but Luke did not let on to Toby that he knew. Toby seemed a completely different person and they all became great friends.

“Another person to introduce to Steve and Jason” Luke commented afterwards.

“Yeah, I’m sure he will be up to it” Josh grinned.


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