by Adam Stewart


Chapter 4

It was the day for Josh to go to the first art class. He was slightly apprehensive but also looking forward to showing off his naked body to a group of guys.

When he arrived all six guys were sitting waiting for him. They all looked up as he walked in and he felt as if he was being inspected for quality. Their faces seemed to be pleased with what they saw so far. Jason introduced Josh to the others and then asked him to strip off. There was no suggestion of him undressing in another room so he just took off his clothes right there in front of all of them. When they saw his naked body the air was electric with excitement.

Jason explained to Josh how he wanted him to pose. It was the classic Michelangelo’s David full frontal pose but with a difference. Jason wanted Josh to hold his cock with his right hand instead of the usual stone. Josh took up the pose and held his cock as instructed. He felt Jason’s hand move up and down the inside of his leg to get it into the right position and as he did so Josh felt his cock begin to swell inside his hand. Two guys had moved their easels right forward and saw the swelling organ in his hand. They smiled at him which he found reassuring.

He stood there for what seemed an eternity but in reality was probably only about twenty minutes. He could see all of them sketching away like mad and was dying to see the results of their labour.

“Okay Josh, just a few more minutes please and would you put both of your hands behind your head”

Josh did as he was told and Jason asked him to look down towards his cock. The effect of course was to let his hardening cock swing up and hang free. Several guys moved a bit more forward and concentrated their gaze on his cock. It was soon rock hard much to the delight of the onlookers. After another fifteen or more minutes Jason told him to relax whilst they had a break.

Josh sat down on a nearby chair and a guy offered him a drink. It was a rum and coke which he hadn’t had before but he rather liked it. The feel of it running down inside him made him relax although his cock didn’t.

“Nice cock” the guy was saying. “Can you keep that hard for a long time?”

“Fairly long”

“You’ll need to if I know Jason”

Several other guys were now gathering round and touching various parts of his anatomy. “He has great muscle lines down the thigh don’t you think” one of them was saying to the others, and as he did so he ran his hand up and down the back of his leg. Josh just let them do what they wanted. After all he was being paid for it but he did smile to himself at the pretence of using art to see a young stud like him.

As the guy said, in the second half Jason wanted him to keep a hard-on the whole time. Not that it was difficult because Jason took hold of his cock every so often pretending to point out certain artistic points about it such as the way his foreskin folded back when his cock was fully erect or the way the veins protruded when they were engorged with blood. Josh had never realised there was so much to take notice of when drawing an erection.

Finally the session ended and Josh was able to stand down, including his cock!

“We normally offer our models the chance to have a copy of a couple of the drawings done by the group” Jason told him before he had a chance to dress. Josh rather liked the idea of having a nude drawing of himself so went round the group to look at what they had drawn. As he stood beside each guy to look at their offerings he felt hands on his backside and thighs feeling him up and down. One guy even took hold of his balls between his legs for a moment. He chose what he felt was a very good likeness of his naked body and another one of his erection.

When he got home and told Luke all about it they had a good laugh but Luke had to admit that the drawings were good. “Not the sort of thing we can frame and put on the wall.”


A few days later, Steve called Luke to say that he had been asked to produce a bareback film and were they interested. Luke said they were and Steve said he wanted to film it in the open. He knew someone who owned a large country estate and had agreed they could use it for filming.

“He’s a great guy and he’s invited us all to a party he’s arranging on the Saturday after next. There’ll only be about ten of us in all but it will be wild, Guy’s parties always are. Lot’s of sex, drugs, drink and whatever else you can think of. You guy’s interested?”

Luke had a quick word with Josh who immediately agreed. He had always wanted to go to a wild party and this sounded fab.

“Yeah, we’d love to”

“Great, so if you’re both free why don’t we go down on the Thursday morning so we can do some filming that afternoon and on Friday. That leaves us Saturday and Sunday to have some fun.”

“Sounds cool”

It was arranged that Steve would meet them at Paddington station and Guy would meet them at the other end to take them to his place.

“I’ll meet you just inside the main entrance because I’ll have equipment with me and I’ll need a hand in carrying it to the train. I’ll get a taxi from my place to Paddington.”

They arranged the time and Luke came off the phone full of excitement.

“How cool is that then” he exclaimed, “getting paid for a fab time at some posh dude’s country estate to fuck in the open air, followed by a wild party”.

“Fucking great”

The pair of them hugged and kissed and then went downstairs to tell Luke’s mother that they had been invited away for a long weekend in the country to do some more modelling work.

“Oh that’s nice” she replied casually. Luke and Josh looked at each other and grinned as she turned to carry on cooking. “Meal’s nearly ready so go and join Craig.”

They went into the living room having not really heard what Luke’s mother had said in all their excitement, and found Luke’s cousin sitting there reading a book. Luke had forgotten all about Craig coming to stay with them for a few days.

“Hi Craig”

Luke introduced Josh to Craig and they shook hands. Luke had always liked Craig, who was a few years older than him but he lived up north so did not see each other that often.

“So”, Craig said looking at the pair of them, “I understand you two live here together”.

Josh nodded not quite sure how to react to the obvious innuendo. “Yeah, Josh is my boyfriend” at which point Luke put his arm round Josh’s waist to make it very obvious they were in a relationship.

“That’s great” Craig replied, giving them both a warm grin.

“How about you then” Luke asked, “any serious girlfriend in tow”.

“No way” Craig responded quickly, “I’m of the same persuasion as you guys but Ma and Pa don’t know yet so mum’s the word”.

They all exchanged knowing glances and changed the subject just as Luke’s mother walked in to say the meal was ready. “Your father is going to be late so we’ll have ours”.

‘How unusual’ Luke thought to himself, he couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a family meal together. But it suited him as it gave him more time to be with Josh and his mother didn’t mind them having the occasional kiss when they were in her company. He always had the feeling that his father felt a bit embarrassed even though he accepted his son being gay.

After the meal, they all three went upstairs to Luke and Josh’s private suite of rooms and had some fun together. Craig couldn’t believe how forward Luke and Josh were but he was more than happy for them to take the lead. The pair of them soon had him stripped off on the bed and as one sucked his cock the other gave him a cock to suck.

Luke looked at Craig’s naked body and liked what he saw. He had often wondered about Craig’s sexuality but this was the first time they had ever done anything together. He had a gorgeous arse and he wanted to fuck it. He told Craig to kneel on the bed and he greased his arse up ready for a good fuck. He thrust his cock into the gaping hole and gave it a good fuck. He didn’t want to cum yet so he withdrew and let Josh have a fuck. Craig seemed to be enjoying every second of it. As Josh fucked Craig, Luke got under him and sucked his cock. Craig had very dark hair and a thin line ran down his chest to his pubes which were jet black. Luke took the big fat cock into his mouth and sucked it hard. Craig was out of his mind with excitement. Having a cock up his arse was great and having his cock sucked at the same time was even better. These two guys certainly knew how to service a guy, he told himself.

Luke wanted that big cock inside him so he told Craig to lie down on his back. Luke then sat on the big fat hard cock and felt it stretch his arsehole wide. Once inside he rode on it up and down like a stallion. It was just great. Meanwhile, Josh sat on Craig’s face and got him to lick his arse out. Craig had never done this before but he liked the experience. He pushed his tongue inside Josh’s arsehole as far as he could and then licked round his balls whilst Luke rode his cock. He was in heaven.

When they had all fucked each other and sucked each other’s cock and arseholes it was time to cum. Craig lay down on his back and the other two knelt over his body. All three wanked together and soon they were all spewing their creamy load over Craig’s stomach. Luke and Josh then licked the cum up and ate the lot.

“You two are really something” Craig exclaimed as they finally allowed him to get up to have a shower. Luke was tempted to tell Craig about their porn film antics but decided it was best to keep that quiet in case something slipped out when Craig was talking to his mum and dad.

“So when do you reckon you can tell your parents you are gay then”

Craig looked at the pair of them. “You are so fucking lucky you know to have parents who accept you as you are. I doubt I will ever be able to tell them but I expect they will find out in due course.”

Josh related his experience with his dad and Craig wondered if his dad would react the same way. “So that’s why you live here then.”


During the next few days the three of them had some great time together and they took him to a couple of gay bars and a club on the Saturday night. Craig had never been to one before so was really excited. He loved having his arse touched as he pushed through the crowds and joined in the fun by touching up other guys. One guy wanted him to go back to his place but he declined saying that he was with a group of friends. He wished in some way that he had but he was a bit too new to all this at the moment for him to accept. Some day he would move to London and enjoy all the fun. It was dead where he lived and nothing like this existed.

Finally it was time for Craig to go home and there was an emotional parting but they arranged that he should come down again in a few months time for some more fun. “Look after that cock and arse of yours” Luke whispered to him as they finally parted at the station.


The day came when they were due to meet Steve at Paddington. The two lads couldn’t hold back their excitement at the thought of prancing around naked outside and fucking each other, and then the wild party to follow. They quickly packed their things, not that they needed to take much since most of the time they would be naked by the sound of it. Fortunately Luke’s mother had left for work when they left otherwise she would have been fussing round them making sure they had everything they needed.

“Couple of T shirts and a spare pair of trousers should do it” Josh said as he packed his bag. “Yeah not bothering with socks either” Luke added. “You wearing briefs” Josh asked. They looked at each other and grinned. “Nah, let’s go without and be free”.

They met Steve as planned and each took one of his metal cases which held camera equipment. “See you guys have packed lightly” he grinned seeing the small rucksacks on their backs. “We reckoned we wouldn’t need much” Josh grinned. “True. If Guy has his way he’ll have you guys naked all weekend.”

“Suits us” Luke responded.

Steve smiled to himself. He so loved these two guys, they were up for anything.

They reached their destination and had to wait for Guy to arrive. The station was a small halt out in the country and not a soul to be seen. As they stood outside, Steve looked at his two porn stars. “You two wearing any briefs?” The lads grinned which gave him his answer. He put a hand into each crotch and felt the large organs that lay beneath. “Mmm very nice”. He unzipped each of their trousers and put a hand inside to feel the naked flesh. Immediately both cocks sprang into life and he was soon holding a full erection in each hand. He was tempted to go down on his knees and take each into his mouth but he thought better of it.

“You guys are really something”

“Well we didn’t think we’d need underpants”

“Too true. Try and keep those hard-ons when Guy arrives, it will send him wild” Steve laughed.

Keeping a hard-on was not generally a problem for either of them and true to form when Guy did eventually arrive they both sported plenty for him to see.

After due introductions he said to each of them “Mmm I see you’re pleased to see me”, at which point he grabbed each of their cocks through the thin material. He looked at Steve and grinned as if to say, ‘these two are gorgeous and we’re going to have such fun’.

They loaded the gear into the rather expensive four by four and drove off at speed. The estate was about ten minutes away in the middle of the country. As they drove up a long driveway towards the house, the two lads couldn’t believe what they saw. The house appeared huge although in reality it only had eight bedrooms and four rooms downstairs, one of which was a huge dining room. As they drove up to the front door a very nice young man opened the door and came down to greet them. He was introduced as Charles but whether that was his real name the lads never found out. He was very Spanish looking and had a very nice bronzed complexion. He wore tight white trousers and a tight fitting white shirt that showed his body off to the full. He seemed to be a general houseboy who appeared to do everything, including the cooking – at which he was superb.

Guy showed the boys to their room which was on the back and looked over a large lawn and simple borders consisting mainly of shrubs. Low maintenance was clearly the order of the day. In the distance there were trees and open farmland. There was not another house in sight. It certainly was ideal for filming porn.

“I assume you guys want to share” Guy quipped with a large grin as he showed them into the enormous room. “Plenty of room in that bed for a few more as well if you wish” he added. The bed was truly large and was clearly large enough for three or even four to sleep in comfort.

Guy left them to unpack the few things they had brought and told them to come downstairs for some lunch when they were ready. Luke walked round the room hardly believing it all. On each side of the bed there was a small cabinet. He opened the drawer in each to find a stock of condoms and lube plus a bottle of poppers. “What you might call the complete five star service.”

Before Guy had left them he told them that there were casual trousers in the wardrobe which they may like to wear around the house with the casual shoes provided. “And if you feel like showing off your bare chests we won’t mind that either” he added. It was all said in such a way that it was more of an instruction than an invitation much to Luke’s amusement.

They got out the trousers which had clearly been sized correctly, no doubt from information provided by Steve, and put them on. The thin material left little to the imagination and the tight fit left no doubt as to what was inside. The lads duly put them on and admired themselves in the mirror. “Well we are being paid after all” Josh said with a laugh. They slipped on the canvas sandals, splashed themselves with some of the expensive eau de cologne in the bathroom and set off downstairs.

They found Steve and Guy in a large conservatory leading off from one of the large rooms at the back. Steve had also changed into a similar pair of trousers but not so translucent or so tight fitting but sufficient to show off his good looking body. He wore an open short sleeved shirt that showed off his hairy chest, which always turned Luke on.

“Come and sit down beside me guys and enjoy the sunshine”

The weather had been particularly good the last few weeks and Steve had hoped it would last long enough for the shoot and so far it looked as if it would. It was plenty warm enough without being too hot in the sun for the lads to cavort around naked and the light was good for filming.

The lads sat as instructed either side of Guy on a large wicker sofa. As soon as they had done so he put a hand in each of their laps and ran it up and down their thighs. Each hand finally stopped in their crotch and he gave each a good feel.

“Mmm you guys are really nice but I mustn’t spoil your shoot”

Luke and Josh grinned at the double entendre.

“Come on guys it’s time to have some lunch before you start work”

He led them onto the terrace where Charles had laid a table with cold meats and salads. He invited them to help themselves as he poured a white sparkling wine for each of them.

“Charles is so clever at everything, aren’t you Charles” Guy said as he put a hand on the young man’s bottom and rubbed it up and down.

“I try to please”

“Well you certainly do that in more ways than one”

Charles grinned at the two lads who knew exactly what was being referred to. Josh was looking forward to getting a bit of that action in due course as was Charles having had a good look at the pair of them as they walked out onto the terrace in their see through trousers.


When lunch was finished, Steve said it was time they started some filming. He suggested they change into a pair of boxer style shorts to go off to the lake where they would be filming. “That’s all you’ll need guys” he told them as they stripped off their trousers and stood naked for a moment as they stepped into the shorts. Charles and Guy stood and watched, and enjoyed the sight.

“Do you mind if Guy comes with us to watch” Steve asked the lads. Knowing that it was his estate they could hardly say yes they did mind so immediately said ‘no of course not’. In any event they were both getting used to be watched as they fucked each other.

All the film gear had been loaded into a land rover which appeared to have seen better days but it got them to the lake okay across fairly bumpy land. The lake was right in the middle of the estate and surrounded by trees. It was ideal for filming porn as nobody could disturb them or see what they were up to. Guy drove them to a grassy patch at the waterside where the action would take place. Steve had clearly been before since he knew immediately where to set the cameras up. The lads had to play out a small role which involved them walking along the lakeside to the grassy area, stripping off their shorts and then going into the lake for a swim.

On the cue of ‘action’ they started their short walk towards the camera holding hands and looking as if they were out for some fun. They got to the grassy area and stripped off their shorts and walked into the lake. The water was reasonably warm, and Guy had assured them it was clean and okay to swim in. Luke felt the warm water rise up his body and it felt great. He loved swimming naked and it always gave him a hard-on. He splashed Josh who splashed him back and the pair of them made a dive into the deeper water where they could swim. Once in the water Steve had told them to do whatever felt natural and after a while to come out and walk back to the grassy area.

They swam around in a circle and played games with each other, some of which included Luke diving down between Josh’s legs and grabbing his cock. It was clear on Josh’s face what was happening and Steve just loved the way these two guys improvised to make the film look so much more natural. He then gave the signal for them to come out and the pair of them walked slowly out of the water. He captured their naked bodies gradually coming into view as the water level uncovered their nakedness. Much to his delight Luke had good signs of an erection which he zoomed in on. Josh too had the makings of one so he zoomed in on that as well.

Steve had said if they wanted a break before they got into the sex they could otherwise just carry on in a natural way and he would edit out any awkward bits afterwards. He had told them roughly what he wanted but he knew with these guys that they produced what he wanted naturally so it was best to leave them to it.

Luke and Josh were now out of the water and standing on the grass. Luke was towelling down Josh very erotically. So much so that Josh was now sporting a good erection which Luke knelt down in front of to suck. Josh took the towel and slowly wiped Luke’s back. The camera zoomed in on the suck and as usual Steve was not disappointed with what he was filming. He watched through the lens Luke taking the long hard cock into his mouth right up to the hilt. He could almost feel the big head at the back of his own throat. They then changed over and Josh sucked Luke for a while with the same expert action. Guy could not believe what he was watching. His own cock was straining to get out of the flimsy shorts that he had slipped on just before they came out and he could see that Steve’s own cock was doing likewise. “These guys are hot material” he said more to himself than Steve.

Josh was now laying flat on his back on the towel and Luke had positioned himself astride his head so that his cock could be sucked by Josh. Luke pulled Josh’s legs over his chest so that his arse was in the air. He then proceeded to rim the gaping arsehole whilst being sucked. Steve zoomed in on the cock sucking and then onto Luke licking arse.

Luke pushed a finger into the gaping arsehole and then a second. He finger fucked Josh as he felt his own cock being almost swallowed by Josh who had an amazing ability to get the full length into his mouth and part down his throat without retching. The more Luke fingered him the more he sucked Luke’s big juicy cock.

After a while they changed places and Luke lay back on the towel whilst Josh sucked his cock again. Just as Luke thought he was going to come Josh stopped and lay on top of Luke and they kissed passionately.

“These two don’t just have sex with each other when being filmed, they make passionate love” Steve whispered to Guy who already had an erection inside his shorts as he watched them.

“They are just brilliant” he whispered back, giving his cock a squeeze.

The two lads chopped and changed their positions just as they did when they made love in private. They loved trying different positions. One minute Luke would dominate Josh, the next minute it was the other way round, or they serviced each other at the same time by using a range of contortions apart from the classic sixty nine position.

Finally they were both ready to come so Josh licked and sucked the head of Luke’s cock until he was spewing hot cum into his mouth. Steve managed to zoom in just in time to catch the load shoot out and then filmed it running down Luke’s cock out of Josh’s mouth and Josh then licking it off as it did so until the shaft was clean of cum. It was then Josh’s turn and Luke swung him over so that he was on his back with his legs in the air. Luke positioned himself with his crotch up against Josh’s arse and pulled his legs high in the air. Josh’s erect cock stuck out over his stomach and Luke commenced wanking it. Every so often he would lick Josh’s arsehole which gave Josh erotic shudders through his body.

He shot his load which was even more voluminous than Luke’s and it formed a large puddle of white creamy cum on his stomach. Steve zoomed in to see the puddle of cum before Luke bent over and licked it all clean. When he was done he slowly collapsed on top of Josh and they kissed. Cum could be seen oozing out of their mouths as they did so. Steve loved it since it made a very erotic shot to end on.

“Okay guys have a break before we do the fuck scenes”

“That okay then” Luke asked as he stood up, still showing a hard-on”

“It was brilliant”

Luke and Josh grinned like Cheshire cats. They loved having sex with each other and to be paid whilst they did it was even more enjoyable.

“Do you two want a blue pill” Steve asked them as they started preparing for the scenes where they fucked each other. They both said they would and Steve produced two Viagra from his pocket and gave them one each. Neither really needed one but they had found that with one it gave a bigger and firmer hard-on which was always better for the camera. It also enabled them to fuck longer before coming again.

Within fifteen minutes the pills were having an effect. Josh was now sporting a full erection with a large head. He could feel the blood rushing to his groin. He had also taken a sniff of poppers which he always liked when fucking and that too was making his head spin.

To ensure continuity they started from the position where they had finished in the last scene. Luke then pulled Josh’s legs up into the air and rubbed his swollen cock up and down Josh’s inviting hole. Josh squirmed at the feel of this large tool rubbing against the sensitive spot round his arsehole. His own cock twitched up and down and was itching to see some action of its own. Luke was teasing Josh and the camera by inserting just the tip of the head into the hole and then withdrawing it again. Steve loved the way these guys did this to each other because it showed quite clearly that condoms were not being used which was what it was all about. Finally Luke slowly inserted his cock into the waiting fuck hole and Steve zoomed in to watch the naked cock slide its way fully in.

Luke fucked him hard and Josh loved it. His whole body shook with the force of the big cock thrusting in and out of his arse. He could feel the big head force its way inside him and each time Luke withdrew it his erotic spots were hit and sent erotic thrills shooting through his body.

Without removing his cock, Luke raised himself so that he was standing up over Josh still fucking his arse which was now facing upright. Luke’s legs straddled Josh’s buttocks so that when his cock was fully inserted his bottom was sitting on top of Josh’s. It was a great sight and Steve loved it.

After a while Luke sank down onto his knees and Josh’s body repositioned itself automatically as they were still physically connected by Luke’s cock. Luke then lay sideways and fucked Josh from the side with Josh’s legs up in the air. He held one of Josh’s legs to one side as Josh held his other to make his legs wide apart. This enabled Steve to get his camera shot of Luke fucking like mad. Meanwhile Josh was wanking himself. The feel of Luke’s cock at this angle was sending him wild. He just loved it. He felt himself coming, which was not planned, but he couldn’t stop himself. Steve quickly realised what was happening and managed to get a shot of Josh shooting a load over his belly. Josh ran his fingers through the puddle of cum and then licked them.

Meanwhile Luke was also coming to a climax. Having seen Josh come again he let himself do so and shot his load onto Josh’s arsehole.

“Brilliant” Steve said out loud.

Having shot his load, Luke pushed his cock which still had cum dripping from it, back into Josh’s arsehole. He then swept the rest of his cum which was dribbling down Josh’s arse, into the hole and pushed it inside.

“Fucking brilliant”

Luke gave Josh a few more strokes before finally withdrawing. Josh swung his body round and they kissed again and hugged each other.

“Another perfect ending” Steve told himself as he zoomed in on their faces.

“That was fucking brilliant guys” Steve told them as they finally looked up to see what Steve thought.

“Any chance of you Josh fucking Luke”

“Looking at that hard-on he’s still got I should think he could fuck anything” Guy chipped in. They all laughed and agreed that it would be no problem. Even Luke’s erection had only fallen slightly and was still very much in evidence.

They started this scene with Luke bending over a fallen tree by the lake side. Josh had his cock ready to plunge into Luke’s arse as the camera started rolling. Steve closed in and concentrated his view on Luke’s arse and Josh’s cock from beneath. Josh slowly inserted his bare cock into Luke’s arsehole so once again clearly showing that this was raw bareback. He then proceeded to fuck Luke with great gusto. The sight from his angle as he sat on the ground looking upwards was very erotic. He watched Josh’s big cock thrust in and out and as he did so he could see his balls slapping against Luke’s bum and Luke’s balls shaking back and forth.

He then needed to move camera position so he told Josh to stop fucking but keep his cock inside. Having stood up and asked Luke to lean further over the tree he got Josh to stand on it so that he was standing over Luke’s exposed arse. He then filmed Josh thrusting his cock into the gaping hole. Josh rode Luke like a stallion. The effect was perfect. It was pure raw sex between two young studs.

The final scene showed Luke sitting in Josh’s lap with Josh’s cock up his arse. Steve filmed it from the front to show one cock fucking and the other being wanked by Luke. It was a very erotic shot and Steve felt his own cock stiffening again and straining to get out of his shorts. Guy’s cock was already fully hard and oozing pre cum which was showing through his shorts so it was clear to everyone that he was excited. He could hardly hold himself back from rushing to join in. Whatever happened he wanted to fuck these guys and be fucked by them.

Despite having already cum Luke managed to shoot another load over his stomach. Steve managed to capture it all on film. As he shot his load Josh carried on fucking him until eventually he could feel himself reaching a climax. He withdrew his cock and shot his load over Luke’s pubic area. The creamy white cum slid down onto his balls. Steve was beside himself with joy at capturing the scene. Cum was still oozing out of Josh’s cock as he slid it back inside Luke and some could be seen round the hole as his cock slid in and out. Once inside, Josh involuntarily shot another small load up Luke’s arse. The thrust was very clear to the onlooker and Steve smiled. ‘Perfect, bloody perfect’ he told himself.


‘Okay guys, that’s it for today’

Luke stood up and felt Josh’s cock slide out of his arse. He put his hand behind him and took hold of the still firm organ and wiped off the cum. He then licked his hand clean.

“Looks as if you enjoyed that Guy” Josh said fixing his gaze on the big hard roll showing beneath the thin shorts and a large damp patch of pre cum.

“You bet I did” he grinned, “need someone to take care of this now” he said feeling his engorged organ.

“I’m sure we can do that for you” Luke joined in and promptly took hold of the large organ beneath Guy’s shorts.

“Mmm, very nice”

Josh meanwhile had gone behind Guy and pulled down his shorts. Guy stepped out of them leaving him stark naked. He had a nice body and clearly worked out to keep himself fit.

Luke knelt down and took hold of the throbbing organ and commenced sucking it. He was able to take the whole of it in his mouth so gave it a good sucking. Guy nearly went wild. He loved being sucked and this guy certainly knew how to service a cock. Josh was now standing up behind him with his body pressed against his. He could feel a big hard cock pressing against his arse and a finger feeling his arsehole. He had lubricated himself before coming out so the finger slid inside with ease. Having inserted one, Josh then inserted two and then three. Guy’s arse could take them easily.

Josh gently pushed Guy’s head over to make him bend over Luke’s shoulders. Having slipped on a condom’ which Steve always had handy, he inserted his cock into Guy’s gaping hole. Guy was in heaven. His cock was being given the suck of its life and now he was being fucked by a young stud’s cock that he had just seen inside the guy who was sucking him.

Luke didn’t want to be left out so he quickly discarded his shorts and offered his already hard cock to Luke’s mouth so that he could suck the pair of them together.

Having given Guy a good fucking, Josh then withdrew and went behind Steve. He pressed his hard cock against Steve’s butt and fingered his nipples. Josh knew that Steve’s nipples were his prime erotic spots. Steve reacted as always and what felt like an electric shock shot through his body. He wanted to be fucked and pressed hard against Josh’s cock which was already pressing its head against Steve’s arsehole. It slipped in like a knife through butter. The feel of that big hard cock inside him was wonderful. He felt behind him and pulled Josh’s body even closer so he could feel the whole length inside him.

Guy meanwhile had shot his load all over Luke’s face. He now wanted to fuck Luke before he lost his hard-on. Luke was happy to oblige and led the sheathed cock up his arse. Guy had a big cock and it filled his arse. It felt wonderful. It also felt wonderful having the warm sun bathe his naked body as they fucked each other in the open. It was something he would have to do again sometime but he had the feeling that there was going to be plenty of opportunity this weekend!

They ended up swimming in the lake to wash their bodies of cum before packing away the film gear and driving back to the house.


When they had unloaded the gear, Luke and Josh went round to the pool, stripped off their T shirt and shorts and had another dip. The water was lovely and warm and it felt great. After a while they got out and stretched out on a double sun bed together. Steve and Guy meanwhile had been watching them from the inside the house.

“Those two are dynamite together, aren’t they”

“They sure are” replied Steve, feeling rather pleased with himself and the way the two lads had performed by the lake.

“They not only have great sex together for the benefit of us all but you can see they are also in love which comes across as they are doing so”

“Exactly, they are just perfect and that session down by the lake was dynamite”

“Oh, by the way, Charles has asked if he could be in a film with the pair of them”

“Don’t see why not; what’s he got in mind”

“Well you know Charles is mad on piss so he was wondering if the lads would have some piss fun with him whilst you film it”

“Yeah, cool”

The pair of them joined the two lads by the pool and put the idea to them.

“Yeah, okay by me” Josh replied, “Yeah me too” Luke added.

“Have you two had a piss recently” Guy asked them.

“Nope” Luke replied, “I was just thinking I needed one”.

“Same here” Josh responded.

“Good, right hold it lads and I’ll get Charles, he can piss at any time”

The two lads laughed as they watched Guy run off in his very scanty shorts to get Charles and Steve went off to get the camera equipment.

“Come to think of it” Josh said casually, “I’m bursting for a pee”.

“Same here, so he should get a good soaking”

A few minutes later, the other three appeared. Guy and Charles carrying a tray full of drinks and Steve loaded with the camera equipment. The two lads were told to drink more liquid along with Charles until it had all gone whilst Steve set up the camera. Charles had undressed and was standing naked. He had a beautiful body and Luke hoped he would have the chance to fuck him. His cock was already twitching but he concentrated on peeing to keep it down for the time being. He wasn’t sure what he was drinking but he could almost feel it going straight through his body to his bladder.

Finally everything was ready and the plot was that Charles would appear to be sunbathing when the other two came along and pissed over him as he lay there.

“Okay action” Steve called as he panned in on Charles. The other two sauntered into shot pretending to talk to each other and planning their piss move on the naked body stretched out in front of them. Charles looked up at the two cocks hanging over him and grinned. Luke and Josh started pissing all over his body. Josh concentrated on his face and Charles opened his mouth to drink some of it. Luke pissed over his cock and up and down his body.

Luke then knelt at his feet and lifted his legs to expose his arse hole. He then pissed into it and all over his balls. Josh meanwhile was kneeling astride Charles and was still pissing into his mouth. Charles loved every minute of it. He just loved piss running over his body and into his mouth. He wanted to drink a glass full of each of these guys.

Steve halted the filming for a moment to give them all time to drink more liquid.

“What is this stuff” Luke asked.

“It’s a special brew that goes virtually straight through the body” Charles explained. He grinned at Guy who in fact knew that it mainly consisted of piss that Charles had peed earlier.

When they were ready to film again, Charles got the two lads to piss into a glass each. They each managed to fill two glasses and Charles drank each one in turn whilst Steve filmed him.

The tables were now turned and Charles pissed on each of the lads as they lay out side by side. Much to their surprise the piss pouring down over their naked bodies made each of them very horny and they soon exhibited strong erections. When Charles had finished pissing he sat down on Luke’s hard cock and rode it hard.

Charles wanted both of them inside him so he knelt down with his arse high in the air and told the pair of them to stick their cocks into him. Luke first thrust his in and then Josh slipped in behind him. Charles was able to take both cocks with ease so he had clearly done it before. Steve could hardly control the camera he was so excited at what he was filming. He zoomed in as both cocks thrust up and down giving Charles the fuck of his life.

Josh could feel Luke’s cock rubbing against his and he was soon reaching a climax. He pulled out and shot his load onto the gaping arsehole and onto Luke’s shaft as it still plunged in and out, dragging white creamy cum into the arse as it did so. Luke could feel the warm cum round his cock and he too was soon at the point of no return. He quickly withdrew and shot his load into the still gaping arsehole. It seemed to pull the hot cum inside as he did so and when he was almost finished he plunged his cock back in and shot the remainder inside.

“Fucking brilliant” Steve exclaimed as they finally came to a stop, “absolutely fucking brilliant”.

“Don’t move Charles” Guy was telling him, “There’s a lot more cum to shoot inside that arse of yours yet”

Guy ripped off his shorts and plunged his thick cock inside Charles. He fucked and fucked until he finally felt his load shoot up the hot arse. Not wanting to miss out, Steve then took over and shot his load which was at bursting point having watched so much porn through the camera lens.

Charles finally got up and grinned. “Thanks guys, that was great, I love being filled with piss and cum.”

From that moment on they spent the rest of the weekend walking around naked and fucked bare arse whenever they felt like it. Fortunately, Steve knew that everyone had been recently tested and in any event he had some pills to give the lads just to make sure.

The rest of the evening was spent lazing about drinking and taking the odd drug. It was interspersed with sex play which mainly involved sucking each other and generally having a good time. Steve wanted the lads in a reasonable condition for tomorrow morning’s shoot but after that, he told them, they could let their hair down.


The following morning was another gorgeous day and having showered, the lads went down to breakfast in the buff to find Charles was already flitting about stark naked preparing it. The lads sat down and tucked into a hearty full English. Each time Charles served them he placed a hand seductively on their bare shoulders. Luke took hold of the cock that was swinging near him and gave it a squeeze. Charles grinned as if to say ‘later’.

Steve and Guy joined them both wearing tight shorts that left little to the imagination as to what was underneath. “Morning boys” they both said as they sat down either side of them. Steve patted Luke’s bare leg and Guy did the same to Josh but made sure that his pat was well up into the groin so as to feel the big cock that was laying there.

“Mmm, very nice” he muttered.

It was time to start filming and this time it was to be round the pool. They discussed the scene beforehand and Luke suggested to Josh that they re-enact the first time they had sex round his pool at home. Luke liked what he heard and left it to them to do what came naturally.

They started off lying naked on the sun beds playing with themselves and then got up to jump into the pool. Steve filmed each of them swimming up and down the pool and zoomed in onto their naked bottoms. The two lads then came together and played around before finally coming to the pool edge. Josh lifted himself up onto the edge with Luke behind him and when his bottom was out of the water he grabbed him round the waist and started licking his arsehole. Steve zoomed in onto Luke’s tongue as it flitted across the sex hole.

They then both got out of the pool and Josh sat in a chair with his legs wide open. Luke knelt down and sucked the already hard cock that lay before him. Having given Josh a good sucking he lifted his legs to expose his hole. His own cock was fully hard and ready to go. He thrust it into Josh and started fucking hard. Steve was delighted. He zoomed in onto the hard cock thrusting in and out of Josh and felt his own getting hard inside his tight shorts.

Luke was coming to a climax so quickly withdrew and shot his load over the naked chest that lay before him. Josh pulled him forward and sucked the rest from Luke’s piss hole. Luke collected the spilt cum on Josh’s chest with his fingers and offered them to Josh to lick. Josh licked greedily until every drop of cum was gone.

They then moved to a sun bed and Josh fucked Luke as he bent over it. Before he was ready to cum he withdrew and Charles entered the scene stark naked with a hard on ready to use. He immediately took over from Josh and fucked Luke. He loved every second of it. The feel of his naked cock inside this guy’s arse was fantastic.

Steve had told him not to cum so he pulled his hot hard cock out when he felt he was on the point of no return. Steve then got Luke to sit on the sun bed and take both cocks into his mouth. He told each of them to cum inside Luke’s mouth but to make sure that cum spilt out. Charles was ready to cum and Josh having seen Luke being fucked was also still up and hard. More by luck than judgement they both shot their load at much the same time and Luke had two lots of cum shooting into this mouth. The shear volume made cum dribble down his chin which was exactly what Steve wanted. He had the camera zoomed onto Steve’s mouth ready for the shot and he was not disappointed. Luke licked each cock clean and the session ended.

“Fucking fantastic guys” Steve was telling them as he was putting away the camera gear, “now you can let your hair down and enjoy yourselves”.

It was lunchtime and Charles served sandwiches as they sat round the pool.

“Pete and Andy are on their way and will be here soon” Guy announced as he bounced over to them, “the other two can’t make it apparently so there will only be seven of us but that’s a nice number” he added.

Pete and Andy arrived soon after lunch and Guy brought them out to meet Luke and Josh.

“Hi guys” they said as they admired the two naked forms in front of them.

Both were in their mid thirties and both had beautiful bodies. “Hi Steve, nice to see you again” Pete said taking him in his arms and kissing him. Steve had removed his tight shorts earlier and now felt a hand fondle his bare bottom. He liked Pete and was looking forward to giving him a good fuck later.

“Right guys why not go and put your things in your room and then join us suitably undressed” Guy told them. He too was now naked so the other two did look somewhat overdressed for the occasion.

Charles brought out bottles of Gin, Vodka and Bacardi and they were put on a low table along with a variety of other drinks for everyone to help themselves. A cigarette box was also brought out with another box which Luke and Josh later found out contained a mixture of recreational drugs. The cigarette box was full of ready rolled joints.

Pete and Andy were soon rejoining them stark naked. Luke felt his breath suddenly draw in as he set eyes on their gorgeous naked bodies. Both had big cocks which hung between a large set of balls. He was itching to see how big they were when hard.

They all relaxed round the pool, Guy on a sun bed and the others on large thin mattresses, drinking and smoking pot. Luke was next to Andy and Josh on the other side was next to Charles. Steve was with Pete leaving Guy to survey the scene. As they relaxed more and more, hands started wandering over each other’s bodies.

Guy then offered them all a white pill from his box. It was very small. Luke looked at Steve who nodded as if to say “it’s okay”.

“Just let it dissolve under your tongue” he told them.

After a short while Josh was feeling very horny and wanted someone to fuck him. Luke was feeling much the same. He noticed that Andy’s cock was now rock hard so he bent over it and sucked it. The feel of Luke’s warm mouth round his cock head sent him into wild ecstasy. He wanted his cock inside this gorgeous young guy. He gently pushed Luke’s head away and turned him round so that his arse was ready for fucking. He slipped his cock inside and started pumping.

The feel of it inside Luke’s arse made him want to pump harder and harder. Luke meanwhile was on cloud nine. It was if he was hovering over them and watching Andy’s cock pump in and out of him. He could see the long shaft sliding in and out although in reality he could only feel it. The feeling was sensational. Andy thought he was going to cum but in fact he hovered on the brink and just pumped and pumped with each stroke giving him a sensational feeling.

Meanwhile the others were equally active. Charles was being fucked by Josh, who was enjoying every second of it as he felt his cock thrust in and out of the soft flesh round his naked cock, and Steve was fucking Pete. They were all as high as kites and Guy just watched the fun. His own cock was rock hard and dripping with pre cum. He was trying to decide which arse he wanted to fuck first.

He decided it would be Josh and went over to him. Josh was still fucking like mad. He held an open bottle of poppers against Josh’s nose who dutifully sniffed. He then took a good lungful himself and inserted his cock up Josh’s arse as he fucked Charles. Josh could feel the cock going inside him and it felt wonderful. It made him fuck Charles even harder.

Having had his way with Josh, Guy moved over to Andy who was still fucking Luke. He held the poppers up to Andy’s nose who sniffed and Guy took another lungful himself. His cock slipped inside Andy easily and he thrust his whole length inside. Luke could feel the extra momentum as Guy’s cock thrust into Andy and Andy’s into him. He took hold of the bottle of poppers from Guy and held it up to each nostril for a long hard sniff. He could feel the rush going to his head which started to swim. The feel of Andy’s cock inside him was out of this world.

Guy then moved over to Steve and Pete. He followed the same pattern and thrust his rampant cock into Steve’s naked arsehole. He loved fucking Steve. His cock seemed to fit so perfectly and he held it there for a while to savour the moment. He noticed that Luke and Andy had swapped over and Luke was now fucking Andy. Guy slowly withdrew his rod from Steve’s arse and slipped over to Luke’s.

Luke was ready for another sniff of poppers and relaxed his arse for Guy’s big cock to slip inside. It felt great. Charles and Josh had now changed over so Guy next went to them to fuck Charles. He loved fucking Charles smooth butt with his big rough cock and thrust it in. Charles hardly noticed it go in because he was so enjoying fucking Josh. The poppers did however make him thrust even harder and the warmth of Guy’s cock inside him gave him a glow.

Now it was Pete’s turn. Guy waited for him and Steve to change over and then slipped his cock up Pete’s arse. It wasn’t the first time he had fucked Pete and he always enjoyed it. Pete could feel the hot cock up his arse but concentrated on fucking the lovely Steve.

Having fucked all of them, Guy lit up another joint and went round each of them to give them a drag. It was a great sight to see three couples fucking each other. He wished he had a camera at hand but of course it was all being recorded on the CCTV for later enjoyment!

Finally they all sank back on their mattresses and had another drink dutifully served by Guy along with another joint each.

The hours seemed to pass by as they drank, smoked and had sex with each other. Charles had somehow produced a meal which they all went inside to eat round a large table. After the meal Guy gave them each another pill. It was red this time and in a very short while they were all feeling very randy again. Flavoured water was also served and they drank copious amounts of this as well.

“We’ll do the fuck loop” he explained as he told all of them all to bend over the table with their butts in the air. Josh was first in line and Guy fucked him with six strokes in and out. He then moved onto the next arse and fucked him six strokes. When Guy had finished and moved onto the next gaping hole, Josh fucked the person Guy had just fucked. Gradually they moved up the line and when the person at the front end had been fucked he then started fucking the next to him and worked his way up the line. When Guy had reached the other end and fucked the whole line he bent over so was then fucked by the rest of the group as they worked their way up the line. Luke found it very erotic and enjoyed moving his hard erect cock from one arse to another. The loop kept going round the table until they had all been fucked by everyone else and had fucked everyone else.

Having drunk several litres of water, several of them wanted to piss again. During the afternoon whenever someone had wanted to piss they did it into a large plastic container on the patio rather than going to the loo. It was now almost full.

Guy led them all down into a cellar which was fitted out with chains, a sex swing and a shallow latex pool that was big enough for two people to get into. Andy laid down face up in the pool and Charles knelt at his feet and lifted Andy’s legs so that his arsehole was ready to fuck.

“Okay guys, let rip and give them a soaking” Guy told the others.

They all stood over the pool and directed their piss over Andy and Charles. Steve stood across Andy’s body and directed his piss into Charles’ open mouth who drank it as it came. Others directed their piss over his back and onto Andy’s face. Charles meanwhile was pissing directly into Andy’s gaping hole. Despite pissing his cock was still fairly erect and he managed to insert it into Andy’s arse. Andy could feel the hot piss shoot up his arse. Charles then fucked him and Andy could feel the piss being pushed up inside him. When Charles withdrew his cock a fountain of piss shot out of Andy’s arse.

Guy was now pouring the container of piss collected that afternoon over Charles and Andy. He first poured it over Charles’ head and then over Andy’s. Pete had found another three containers standing nearby and started pouring those over the two as well. Charles started fucking Andy again and as he did so piss poured round Andy’s arsehole and over the pulsating cock that was fucking him.

Andy and Charles got out of the pool and Josh and Luke took their place. The pool was now several inches deep with piss so they slopped about in it. Josh rather liked the feel of warm piss sloshing round his naked body. Luke lifted Josh’s legs and proceeded to fuck him whilst the others either pissed on them or poured yet more containers of piss over them. Luke found it very erotic having pissed poured over him as he fucked Josh. He thrust his cock in and out with great gusto and Josh’s body shook back and forth in the pool of piss. Andy was now standing in front of him with his cock aimed at his mouth. Luke opened his mouth and Andy pissed directly into it. It was the first time Luke had tasted hot piss and he rather liked it so he swallowed as much as he could. What he didn’t swallow poured down his face.

It was now Pete’s turn to lie in the pool and Steve sat on his large erect tool and moved his body up and down to fuck himself on Pete’s cock. Guy dragged over a large container that contained more piss which he had been collected for some weeks in readiness for this event. He and Josh lifted it over Steve’s head and started to pour the contents over him. Steve lifted his head up and opened his mouth so that he could drink some of it. The piss flowed out so fast that most poured down his face and over his body and then over Pete. By the time the container was empty Pete’s body was lying in piss about 6 inches deep.

When Steve had finished fucking Pete they got out and Guy got in. He laid flat on his back and Steve got in and pulled his legs up into the air. As he did so Guy’s head went flat into the piss and as Steve fucked him it was almost lapping over his face.

Charles was now in the sex sling and the others were taking it in turns to fuck him. To keep their cocks hard they had each taken a blue pill. Andy was also snorting some coke and offered a line to Josh and Luke. The lads were now well high and had lost all inhibition so they accepted. They both snorted their lines and waited for the reaction. It came within a few minutes and they felt the rush to their head and the need to use their cocks on someone. They each fucked Charles in turn and his arsehole was so open that their cocks just slid in and out with no resistance all. The others crowded round and watched the two lads fuck in turn. Steve wanted his cock in too so he squeezed up beside Josh and thrust it in. Charles’ sex hole was open so wide that he took the two cocks easily. When they had finished two more gave him a double fuck. Fingers were also pushed in as well so at one point he had two cocks and three fingers of different people. By the time they had all done he had probably had fourteen cocks up his arse one after the other. He was released from the sling, carried over to the bath of piss and dropped into it. Piss splashed over side of the pool and Pete got down on all fours and licked it up.


Having all showered they went back upstairs. It was now dark but the air was still very warm and it felt wonderful on their naked bodies. A large motorbike was standing nearby. It was Guy’s and he had brought it round from the garage for them to have some fun on.

“Come on Josh” he called “I want to sit on your cock whilst I have this beast throbbing between my legs”.

Josh climbed astride the big machine and laid back so that his still erect cock stood up high. Guy got astride the bike and impaled his arsehole on the big large cock. He switched the bike on and the engine roared. Josh could feel the vibration through Guy’s big thighs and onto his hard on. It was very erotic.

“Hang on Josh”

Josh grabbed hold of Guy’s back and they moved off down the path towards the lake where they had been earlier. As they drove along, Guy moved up and down on Josh’s cock. It felt wonderful. They got to the lake and Guy got off and told Josh to bend over the seat which he duly did. He felt Guy’s hard cock slip into his arsehole and fuck him. He felt the hot seed shoot up inside him. Just as they finished, the others turned up in the jeep. They all jumped out and one by one they took over from Guy and fucked Josh. Cum was dripping out of his arsehole by the time they had finished but it felt good. When they had all finished, they jumped into the lake and fooled about with each other.

As if on a pre arranged signal they all emerged from the water and went back to the vehicles. This time Guy got Pete to lay out on the bike with his head on the handle bars so that he was facing the wrong way. Guy sat astride him and took the erect cock inside him. The others got into the jeep. They swung the seat backs down flat and Andy sat with legs astride in the driving seat with his back to the steering wheel. Steve sat down on his stiff cock and rode him. Charles knelt on the passenger seat with his arse in the air as he sucked Steve’s cock. Luke inserted his cock into Charles and Josh fucked Luke.


Off they set back to the house but Guy took them a long way round which at one point involved going onto a small lane which was public highway to reach another access point to the estate. He rode the motorbike stark naked. Fortunately it was gone midnight by now so nobody was about to see them but it gave them all a thrill to be going along stark naked and fucking each other.

When they finally got back to the house they unlinked themselves and staggered their way back to the living room with sore arses. They all collapsed onto a large fur rug which felt wonderful to their naked bodies. Charles brought out a large jug of some concoction he had made earlier. It seemed to have every spirit possible in it but it tasted good. The seven of them proceeded to demolish the whole contents as they smoked pot. Pete and Andy snorted another line of coke and swallowed another blue pill. Andy got Pete on all fours and then proceeded to fuck him as he stood over him. At one point his whole body was laying across Pete’s as he rode him like a stallion.

Soon the others were doing the same and three guys were kneeling on all fours whilst the others fucked them. It went on like this until the early hours and they realised it was light outside.

“Come on guys, let’s have some more outside fun” Guy told them as he led them all out to the jeep again. Everyone followed like lambs and seemed to forget they had been up all night. This time he drove them to the other side of the lake where there was as stream and some rocks on which they fucked each other again. It was now about seven in the morning. Suddenly Charles noticed a young guy watching them. They were fairly near the edge of the estate here and it was possible for people to get in if they really wanted to.

“Hello” Charles called out. All the others stopped what they were doing and looked up to see the guy still standing there.

“You want to come and join us” Guy called over as he stood showing his full hard on to the guy. The young guy hesitated but did not go away. With more persuasion he slowly walked over to them. He was about 19 and looked Eastern European.

Guy put his hand round his shoulders and coaxed him nearer to the group. His eyes were wide open at the sight of all the naked bodies. He clearly enjoyed what he saw since a bulge was beginning to show in his pants.

“You want to strip off and join us” Steve asked him.

The guy looked at him and then gradually took off his shirt. He had a beautiful body and soon several hands were helping him with his trousers. He was soon stark naked and standing with a fairly full erection. Andy kneeled down and started sucking it. Pete joined in and the pair of them gave him a good sucking. Guy offered the guy a red pill and a blue pill. He took both without any question. He was soon feeling very horny and was enjoying the feel of having his body explored by so many guys. Charles was already licking his arse and feeling inside. He greased him up and soon had him bent over with a cock inside him. He fucked and fucked as the guy groaned with delight. Then the others took over one by one and each fucked him. He had all seven of them and seemed to enjoy every bit of it. They then laid him down on a rock and sucked him off. When he came he shot load after load of creamy white cum.

Without a word he got his clothes and walked off.


Josh and Luke woke up in a bed later that afternoon. Neither of them really remembered getting there but surprisingly they felt reasonably refreshed despite the excesses of the previous twelve hours. Charles drove them to the station and they waited in silence for their train. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Fucking hell, what a weekend” Josh exclaimed.

“Absolutely fucking great” Luke replied grinning.

When they got home his mother asked if they had enjoyed their stay in the country.

“Yeah it was great” Luke replied not daring to look at Josh in case they both burst out laughing.

They went upstairs to them room and collapsed on the bed.

“I know one thing” Luke said.

“What’s that” Josh asked.

“My arse is fucking sore”

“So is mine”


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