by Adam Stewart


Chapter 1

Luke sat on his bed trying to decide what to do. He really fancied Josh but he was not sure whether Josh felt the same about him. “For fuck’s sake” he told himself, “I’m 18 and should be able to ask a guy if he wants to go with me”.

Most of his friends had sussed he was gay even though his parents hadn’t. He’d known since he was fourteen when he had the hots for one of his teachers. The teacher concerned was in his early 20’s and had a stunning body. Luke was fairly certain he was gay by the way he looked at the boys and virtually ignored the girls. Luke just drooled over him and several boys noticed, calling him queer and poofter but he didn’t care. He didn’t have any girlfriends but lots of boyfriends. His parents had often commented, and still did for that matter, that he should find a nice girl to go out with. “No thanks”, he would reply, but still they never queried why.

His father owned a successful business and was never at home so he hardly saw him. The last time he remembered spending quality time with his dad was when he was about eight. His mother was a lawyer and always seemed to have her nose in legal papers so he seldom sat down and had heart to heart talks with her. They lived in a large house with a large garden in Hampstead so at least he was close to central London where he often went. He ventured into one of the gay bars in Old Compton Street soon after he was 18 and felt somewhat lonely. He needed to find a boyfriend with whom he could go out and about and visit bars and clubs. The gay mags he picked up listed loads of places he wanted to try, but not on his own.

He was an only child and at times he wished he had a brother he could talk to and do things with, even though his friends who did have brothers always complained about them. The three of them rattled around the large house but one advantage was that he had his own suite of rooms at the other end of the house to where his parents were. In addition to a large bedroom he also had a large sitting room which had a sofa bed in it so he could have friends sleep over on occasions. Not that he did because he was always afraid he would try and jump them when they were undressed.

The other thing he liked about the house was the swimming pool. When they had first moved there several years ago the pool was open air and it was generally too cold to use. Luke suggested to his dad that they build a glass enclosure and make it an inside pool with a large terrace to sunbathe on in the warm. To his surprise his dad had agreed and the building work was begun almost immediately. They now had a great inside pool that was always warm, with a small changing area off it and a large paved area with lounging chairs. Not that his parents used it much but he spent hours there. He loved swimming and his friends thought it really cool to have an inside pool. When he was on his own he liked to swim naked. He loved the feel of the warm water against his naked body. His mother saw him once but never said anything so he just carried on doing it. Since his dad was seldom there he doubted he had ever seen his 18 year old son naked.

The other person who had seen him naked in the pool was the au pair. She used to live in but when she got a boyfriend she moved in with him so only came during the day now. But before she moved out she had made a move on Luke when his parents were both out. He was 16 at the time and she came and stood by the side of the pool and watched him swim up and down. He was conscious of her doing so but continued swimming hoping she would go away but she didn’t. He eventually came to the side where she stood and asked if she wanted something. ‘Yes’ she replied, ‘you’. Luke clambered out not knowing quite what she meant. As soon as he was standing on the pool side she knelt down and took hold of his cock and began to suck it. Luke was taken aback and did not know what to do. He enjoyed the feel of a warm mouth round his cock which was reacting rapidly but on the other hand he was not keen on a female doing it. When he was fully erect and pre-cum was beginning to ooze out he withdrew his cock from her mouth and ran to his room stark naked. She laughed ‘Never mind big boy, perhaps another time’. She never tried it again and soon afterwards had announced that she was moving in with her boyfriend. One thing it did do for him was to confirm that he did not like the idea of having sex with a female.

He often wondered what his parents would say if he just came out with the fact that he was gay. He had the feeling they would flip so he kept his sexuality hidden. Anyhow, he only had to wait another two and a half years and he could do what he liked. His uncle, who had died when Luke was 16, had left him a large sum of money that was now in trust. He would have access to it when he was 21. Luke liked his uncle and they spent a lot of time together. Luke had the feeling that he was gay because he had never married and often talked about gay things in a roundabout way. Luke even wondered whether his uncle had sussed that Luke was gay. Anyhow, one day his uncle said to him ‘When I die I am going to leave you a large sum of money and when you have access to it I want you to buy yourself your own property and enjoy life’. He added, ‘Once you’re on your own you can live the life you want to live and to hell with the rest of the family’.

Luke knew how much the trust fund was and kept a close eye on how it was growing. He had the feeling that his parents didn’t really approve but his uncle had always been known to do what he wanted and took no notice of what others said, especially his brother. His uncle had died sooner than Luke had expected but he had not known that he was already dying of cancer when he told Luke about his inheritance. He missed his uncle. He was good fun to be with. Now he was lonely and feeling that he didn’t fit in with the norms because of his sexuality.


At breakfast the following morning his mother announced that she and his dad were going away for the weekend to a business conference. “Do you mind being on your own” she asked him, “or perhaps you could see if you could stay with a friend”. Luke began to think quickly.

“Could I have a friend stay over here?”

Without giving it any thought his mother immediately agreed that he could and that she would arrange for meals to be pre-prepared for him so that he only had to heat things up in the oven. Luke was used to cooking for himself so that was no problem in any event. Fortunately the au pair never came at weekends now so he would have the house all to himself.

He went upstairs and immediately phoned Josh on his mobile. He and Josh had spent lots of time together at college and with the group but had never actually gone out together alone. Luke’s heart was thumping with anticipation. He just hoped Josh would want to come and could come that weekend.

“Hi Josh” he announced as soon as he heard Josh’s voice.

“Hi Luke, how you doing” Josh replied.

Luke got straight to the point. He wanted to ask Josh on the phone so he had time to think about it before they met later on at college.

“Was wondering if you’d like to come over to my place for the weekend” he said casually, “I’ve got those DVDs you mentioned and we could have some fun together”.

“Yeah, that’d be great” Josh answered, sounding more excited than he had perhaps intended. Josh fancied Luke but had never had the nerve to say anything. “Your folks don’t mind me coming then” Josh added without any real knowledge why since he’d never met Luke’s parents.

“Yeah, no problem, in any event they’re away this weekend so are happy for me to have someone over.”

“So we’ll be on our own then”

“Yep, that okay?”

“Sure, yeah sure” Josh replied, his heart thumping with excitement at the thought of having Luke all to himself.

They rang off saying they would meet later at college to make final arrangements. Both their minds were going into overdrive at the thought of what they could and hoped they could get up to.

As Luke went out the door to drive off to college he told his mother that Josh was coming over for the weekend. “Oh that’s nice” she replied, not having a clue who Josh was.


As they both had a lecture together on Friday morning with nothing in the afternoon, it was agreed that Josh would come back with Luke at lunchtime and stay over to Monday morning when they would go off to college together in the afternoon for a tutorial with their Math’s lecturer. This would give them three days together.

As Luke drove up to the big gates at the front of the house and waited for them to open, Josh gaped in awe at the house in front of him. “Fucking hell, some house” he exclaimed. Luke grinned. Most of his friends said the same when he brought them home so he was used to it. Josh was thinking of the three bedroom semi that his parents owned on the outskirts of Highgate and to which he seldom invited friends because it looked such a crappy place in comparison to where most of his friends lived but this place beat them all.

Luke parked the car in the sweeping drive that swept round past the front door and jumped out. Josh followed him up to the large front door clutching his small overnight bag.

“Come on in” Luke told Josh, “dump your bag down there and come through” he continued. Josh obeyed still in awe at the size of the hallway from which a staircase swept in a curve to the first floor landing. Rooms went off either side of the hall and from what he could see, one was a lounge and another was a dining room. By now they had gone to the back of the house into a large kitchen and living area where he met Luke’s mum.

“Hello Josh, nice to meet you” she said airily, “have left some food in the fridge for you both so help yourself, must go since I’m collecting your dad from the office and then going straight off to Harrogate”.

She gave Luke a quick kiss on the cheek, shook Josh’s hand and disappeared into the hall. “Won’t be back until late on Sunday so don’t worry” she called as she hurried out.

“Wow” Josh exclaimed when they were finally on their own, “if that’d been my mum she would have been fussing around showing me what food she’d left and what I should and not do, it’s so embarrassing sometimes, she seems to think I’m still a kid”. Luke smiled; his parents had always left him to get on with things on his own. Sometimes he wished they would take a bit more interest.

“Okay, let’s make some lunch and go upstairs and I’ll show you that DVD I bought”

They made some rolls and took them up to Luke’s sitting room.

“Wow” Josh screamed, “this your own room”.

“Yeah, all mine and I do what I like in here. Out of bounds to ma and pa unless they are invited”

“Cool man, cool” Josh exclaimed wishing he had parents like that.

They ate their lunch and looked at the DVD but neither of them really seemed that interested in doing so. Suddenly Josh looked at Luke and said “Your parents know you’re gay”.

Luke looked at Josh for a moment before answering. “No, not sure how they’d take it.” He paused briefly and then added casually “What about yours”.

“No, god no, they’d have a fit if they knew I was gay. My older brother knows though but he has never said anything to them.”

“How’s your brother over it”

“Oh, he’s fine, he told me just to be myself and not to worry but not rock the boat unnecessarily, but it’s okay for him because he’s left home and living up north.”

“He gay”

“No, he’s living with a girl”

“You ever been with a girl”

“No, never liked the idea. Once saw my brother fucking his girlfriend. Had a peep through a crack in the door when they thought the house was empty. Saw his big cock thrusting in and out of her and didn’t like what I saw – apart from his cock of course”. They both laughed.

“What about you”

Luke told Josh about the au pair incident and they had a good laugh. “Have you done it with a guy” Josh asked.

“Have to admit that I’ve never had the opportunity apart from a grope and a wank.”

“Same here” Josh responded somewhat disappointedly.

They both fell silent for a moment, both thinking that perhaps they could be a first for each other.

“Fancy a swim” Luke asked. Josh looked at him not quite sure what he was suggesting. “We have an indoor heated pool. Don’t need trunks, I always swim in the nude.”

Josh’s eyes lit up at the thought of seeing Luke naked and readily agreed that he would love a swim. They both stripped off naked and went downstairs to the pool. Once again Josh said ‘Wow’ when Luke led him into the pool area. The hot humid air hit them as they walked over to the pool naked. Josh admired Luke’s rounded bum as he dived in and then watched his naked body glide through the water so effortlessly. He dived in and followed Luke in his wake. They swam several lengths before coming to rest at the shallow end and stood facing each other. As they got their breath back they both looked down at each other’s cocks. They both had good sized members with plenty of dark pubic hair. The refraction of the water distorted the view but as the water calmed down they could see each other clearly.

Luke broke the silence between them. “Nice cock”

“Thanks” Josh grinned back. His heart was thumping hard and he so wanted to take hold of Luke and kiss him. He could feel his cock beginning to thicken so decided to get out of the pool. As Josh lifted himself out of the water, Luke could not stop himself from grabbing Josh round the waist and pulling him back into the water. He put a hand onto the semi hard cock and squeezed it waiting to see how Josh would react.

“Mmm, that feels good” Josh responded.

They fooled around for a while in the water and then climbed out of the pool. Josh stood on the side with water dripping from his naked body whilst Luke got some towels from the changing room. When he came back he wrapped one round Josh and dried him off. When he had dried himself he led Josh upstairs. As they walked stark naked up the winding stairs Josh felt a shiver of excitement go through his body. He just knew it all felt right and he wanted it all to happen.

Luke led him by the hand into the bedroom and they lay down on the bed. They kissed passionately and fondled each other. Neither wanted to rush this, their first time. Josh laid back and let Luke suck his cock and lick his balls. Luke took hold of his cock again and slipped his tongue underneath his foreskin. His cock grew more and more until it was nearly bursting. He felt Luke’s tongue dip into his piss hole and Luke could taste the pre-cum as it oozed out. Josh then felt him slowly lick his smooth belly and then his chest. When he got to his nipples he stopped and slowly licked them. Josh groaned with ecstasy. His nipples were very erotic spots for him and he loved the feel of Luke’s tongue on them. The more Luke licked them the harder they formed and the more erotic they became.

They kissed passionately again and rolled over so that Josh was on top of Luke. He then worked his way down Luke’s body and repeated the process on him. Luke reached over to his side cabinet and took out a bottle of poppers. He inhaled deeply into each nostril and felt the wave of excitement flood his body as his heart rate increased. Josh took the bottle from him and also inhaled deeply in each nostril. He had never used poppers before so he was not expecting the rush of sexual excitement that it caused. He took hold of Luke’s cock and almost swallowed it as he sucked the hard organ. The head was large and red and was weeping pre-cum. Josh licked it and liked what he tasted. He licked and licked until it was dry.

Both their cocks were rock hard and ready to burst. Luke desperately wanted to fuck Josh. He felt Josh’s arsehole and slowly fingered it. Josh liked the feel of it and started groaning with pleasure. Luke reached over for the lube and gently pushed a well lubricated finger into the inviting hole. He felt the hot flesh inside and it made him want to fuck Josh even more.

“Can I fuck you” he asked Josh

Josh grinned and nodded. He so wanted to feel Luke’s big cock up his arse.

Josh kneeled on the bed and Luke slowly inserted his well lubricated cock into the inviting hole. Josh groaned as he felt it slowly enter. He wished Luke would just thrust it in but he realised that he was taking it slowly as it was their first time. The big head was finally inside and Luke pushed the length of his hard cock inside. Both groaned with ecstasy. Josh could feel the hot flesh moving in and out and Luke could feel the soft hot flesh of Josh’s arse rubbing against his sensitive cock.

Luke wanted to get the most out of this so he took it slowly, otherwise he would come too soon. He moved his cock in and out its full length. It felt fantastic. Josh loved the feeling it produced and his own cock got harder and harder.

Eventually Luke could not hold out any longer and he shot his hot seed inside Josh’s arse. Josh could feel it come and screamed with delight. Having come, he pulled his cock out and slowly wiped it across the still wide opening. Cum dribbled out and he pushed it inside with his cock. They continued doing this for several minutes until Luke finally collapsed on the bed beside Josh.

“I want to fuck you”, Josh told Luke.

“You can, but later, let’s make this last”

Josh agreed and they both showered. Josh still had a hard-on so Luke sucked it in the shower but he didn’t want him to come yet. He wanted that inside him later!


It was evening already and they both felt hungry so went downstairs and prepared some food. They didn’t bother to get dressed so went down stark naked. Luke loved being naked and Josh seemed to like it too.

“Want to go to a gay bar tonight”, Luke asked.

Josh had always wanted to go to one but had never had the opportunity to do so.

“You bet” he replied enthusiastically. Luke had looked on the Net for some bars to go to in Soho and they went through the list. They decided on a bar to go to first and take it from there.

They had their meal sitting round the table still naked. Luke had often wanted to do this so he really enjoyed it. To be able to walk round the whole house naked had always been a dream but he had never had the opportunity before. Now he had his boyfriend naked with him as well. It was heaven.

He sat and looked at Josh’s naked torso. He really was beautiful. Like Luke, he had a smooth body with a neat matt of pubic hair. It was almost as if it had been trimmed but he doubted Josh had done that. His own was very similar and he had often thought about shaving off his pubes. To be honest he did do it once but the stubble that formed a day or two afterwards drove him mad and he didn’t fancy the task of having to shave everyday. Both their cocks were uncut and looked similar in size. The next time they both had a hard-on he would measure them.

Josh noticed Luke looking at him and stopped eating.

“Well?” he asked, knowing full well that Luke was admiring his naked body.

“I was admiring your body”, Luke admitted rather sheepishly.

“And”, Josh said teasing Luke further.

“I think you’re gorgeous”

Josh blushed for a moment and then grinned. “I think you’re gorgeous as well, in fact I thought that from the first moment I ever saw you at college.”

Luke’s heart gave a flutter. They both stood up and fell into each other’s arms. They kissed passionately, with tongues driving deep into each other’s mouth. They explored each other’s body with passion as they did so. “I love you” Luke whispered into Josh’s ear. Although he knew what he had heard, Josh stopped kissing and looked Luke in the eyes. “Do you really mean that?”

Luke looked at him wondering if he had gone too far. “Yes, I do, I really do. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Josh smiled. “I’m so relieved you said that because I’ve loved you ever since I first met you but never dared say anything just in case I’d got it wrong and you weren’t gay.”

They kissed again and both felt a bond form between them that neither wanted broken.

“Let’s make love again” Josh said and started pulling Luke out of the room.

“Let’s do it by the pool” Luke suggested, “I’ll go and get the lube”.

Luke shot upstairs and collected the lube, poppers and the towels they had used earlier and ran down again. Meanwhile, Josh had cleared the table and was stacking things into the dishwasher. “Such a tidy little queen” Luke teased Josh.

‘Yes I am’ Josh thought to himself, ‘always have been’.


Luke lay back on a table beside the pool and brought his knees up to his chest to expose his arsehole to Josh who was already fully erect. Josh first bent down and licked Luke’s arsehole. He had always wanted to rim someone and he loved the experience. And so did Luke. The feel of Josh’s hot tongue licking his love hole was out of this world. He squirmed with erotic excitement and shouted his pleasure.

“Oh god that’s fucking wonderful”

“You’ve got such a beautiful arse, I could do this all night”

Josh pushed his tongue inside the inviting hole as far as he could. He then fingered it and felt the hot flesh inside. He lubricated two fingers and pushed those in and felt around. “Fucking beautiful, just fucking beautiful”.

His cock was now twitching with excitement and he could hold off no longer. He squirted some lube on his long shaft and began thrusting it in. It slipped in easily and once he was fully inside he held it there for a moment to enjoy the feel of Luke’s hot bare flesh against his bare cock. They had talked about using condoms but they both agreed that they wanted the first time at least to be bareback so as to enjoy the full pleasure of losing their virginity.

Josh pumped and pumped and the more he did, the more Luke seemed to like it. He could feel his cock almost at bursting point but he didn’t want to come yet. He wanted to enjoy this experience for a while longer.

Finally he couldn’t hold himself any longer and exploded inside Luke. Whenever he came he did so with volume and Luke could feel it flow inside him. Josh bent over and kissed Luke. “Thank you” he whispered, “that was beautiful”.

They moved to a sun bed and lay in each other’s arms enjoying the experience of two naked bodies being together. They were both as happy as they could be.


After a while they both jumped into the pool for a swim. Having done twelve lengths each they returned to the sun bed and locked into a tight embrace. The feel of their wet naked bodies against each other was even more erotic. They must have laid there for quite a while because when they got up it was time to get ready to go out. Having showered and dressed, and used some of Luke’s wide range of eau de cologne, they walked to the station and set off for Soho.

They walked up to Ku Bar and although they both had butterflies in their stomachs they waltzed in as if they were regulars. Luke ordered two beers and they moved to the back of the bar where they could view the talent. There was plenty to view and they commented to each other on which guys they liked best. Luke turned and kissed Josh. It felt wonderful to be able to kiss the guy you loved in a public place, even though it was in a gay bar, but the thought of other guys seeing them do it gave Josh and thrill. Several guys were looking at them obviously eying them up.

They got chatting to several guys who asked where they lived and if this was the first time they had been to the bar. They admitted it was and that they intended coming more regularly. They found the guys really nice and several bought drinks for them.

After a while an older guy came over to them. Luke had seen him watching the pair of them and on several occasions their eyes had locked on each other. Luke guessed that he was in his mid twenties and he had a stunning body underneath the designer gear he was wearing.

“Hi, I’m Steve” he said as he joined them. They introduced each other and he asked much the same questions that the others had asked. He was particularly interested that they were both still at college.

“How old are you guys?”

“We’re both 18” Josh replied.


Cool indeed, Steve thought to himself. He could do with two stunning 18 year olds for his studio work.

“What work do you do?” Luke asked Steve.

“Run my own studio doing commercial work for clothes catalogues and the like. Also do some of my own short film work.”

At this point Steve grinned and Luke picked up on it. “What kind of work”

“Well, if you ever come to my studio I’ll show you”

He grinned again and Luke had a good idea what he meant.

“How about a drink for you guys” Steve offered, “Bacardi and coke okay” he asked.

Whilst Steve was at the bar getting the drinks, Luke and Josh looked at each other and grinned. “He’s rather nice” Josh said. “Yeah, very nice” Luke replied, “and a rather interesting business he’s in.”

At the bar Steve was ordering two Bacardi and cokes with double shots and a single for himself. He wanted these two guys well lubricated before he suggested they do some modelling work for him.

By the time they had finished another round of drinks, duly paid for by Steve, it was gone half eleven. Luke had a feeling that they were being softened up for something in view of the attention Steve gave them and the number of drinks he had bought so he made sure that the pair of them drank plenty of water as well.

“You guys going on to a club?”

Josh replied that they would like to but were not sure where to go.

“Come with me” Steve said and led them out of the bar. He took them to a small club which was downstairs and very intimate. Steve had to show a membership card to get in and he paid the visitor fee for the pair of them. Downstairs the music was thumping away and guys were gyrating to it.

“It gets hot down here”, Steve said as they squeezed their way to the bar, hoping that his two protégés would take the hint and strip their tops off in due course. Having reached the bar Luke insisted on buying the drinks. This time he made sure he only got single’s.

By the time he got back to Steve and Josh with the drinks they had both removed their tops. Not wanting to be left out he took his off as well.

“Nice body” Steve admired.

“Thanks, and you” Luke replied taking a good look at Steve’s naked torso. He also noticed a large bulge developing in his crotch and felt his own cock beginning to respond.

After a while Steve suggested they move into the crowd and dance.

“Need to drink up first” he said, having explained that it was not a good idea to leave drinks unattended in case someone slipped something into them. The two lads began to realise that they were clearly novices on the scene so let themselves be led by Steve, although they realised he had his motives as well!

They squeezed their way through the crowd and found a small patch of floor on which they could gyrate along with everyone else. Steve was obviously well known since guys were coming over and kissing him and then giving the two lads a good looking over with a grin on their face.

Steve put his arm round their waists and pulled them close to him. He pushed his crotch against theirs and rubbed it up and down along with the music. The lads could feel his hard-on and soon had similar boners inside their trousers. Being true to fashion they were both wearing their trousers low with a large area of white briefs showing above the waistband. Steve slipped a hand inside the top of their pants and felt their butts. They felt good he told himself and they certainly enjoyed having a hand slipped down inside.

Luke moved his hand down Steve’s crotch and felt the big hard cock straining to get out of the tight trousers. Steve groaned with pleasure as he felt a hand stroking his hard-on. He removed one of his hands from feeling one of the lad’s bottoms and moved it round to the two crotches pressing up against his. He felt the two hard cocks and decided he definitely wanted these two guys, not only for his modelling work but for sex. He was itching to pull down their zips and have a good feel of their naked cocks. Guys often did it on the dance floor when it was packed like this but he didn’t want to rush things with these two lads. He knew they were green but he had also realised they were not stupid so he groomed them slowly.

“Just going to the loo” he told them.

Luke and Josh hugged each other tight and kissed. It felt wonderful to do this with so many other guys round them. As they moved with the music they both felt hands exploring their bums but they didn’t mind.

“I think Steve may ask us back to his place” Josh said into Luke’s ear.

Luke grinned. “Yeah, I’m up for it if you are”

Josh nodded that he was too so they waited for Steve to make his move.

They noticed Steve coming back with more drinks and he was indicating for them to join him at the back.

“Got some more drinks on my way back”

He had got doubles again but he had bought each of them a bottle of water as well. After all, he didn’t want them too sloshed!

They were in a small dark alcove which they had to themselves.

“So, what do you think of the club then?”

Both lads said they thought it was great and admitted it was the first they had been to. “Thought so” Steve grinned and held both their heads close and kissed them. The kiss was prolonged and their tongues flitted in and out of each other’s mouths. Hands explored each other’s bodies and they were all bursting to get their cocks out and explore their naked flesh.

“Would you guys like to come back to my place?”

Both lads readily agreed so they downed their drinks and then squeezed their way back through the crowded floor and made their way out.

Steve lived above his studio which was only five minutes walk away so it didn’t take them long to get there. He took them straight up to his studio flat and offered them another drink.

They moved over to the large double bed at the other end of the flat and Steve quickly removed the lads’ clothes and discarded his own just as quickly. He wanted to see these two guys stark naked. “Beautiful” he thought as he invited them onto the bed.

He had them both lay back whilst he straddled across their legs and sucked their cocks. He certainly knew how to suck and soon both lads had full erections which were ready to burst. He teased each one in and out of his mouth and watched each of them squirm with delight. He loved doing this to guys and often did so when he wanted models to be really randy for a cum shot. He then got them to lift their legs over their heads so that he could rim each arse. He flipped from one to the other and whilst he rimmed one he had a finger in the other. They were both groaning with delight and were enjoying every second of it.

Steve looked at the two young butts in front of him and worked out how he could use these two guys for modelling work and porn if they were willing. He also wanted to fuck them both.

He pulled out a condom from the bedside drawer along with some lube and poppers. He didn’t actually ask if he could fuck them but neither did they object when he had lubricated both their arses and gently pushed his cock up against each to see their reaction. Both the lads were sniffing poppers like mad so he slipped his cock into Josh. It felt fantastic. He wanted to try Luke so he slipped his cock out and pushed it into Luke’s gaping arsehole.

He flipped from one to the other and gave them both a good hard fuck. They loved it. When he had finished, he wanted to see them both come so went back to sucking their cocks. He soon had them ready to burst and when they finally got to the point of no return they both shot their load. Steve was delighted to see the copious volume that each lad shot over their belly. “They will be brilliant in porn” he told himself, “now I’ve got to try and persuade them”.

They all showered in what was a large wet room and Luke made them a coffee. Luke looked round the flat and appreciated the quality of furnishings and items it included. “This guy clearly has money” he told himself.

“You guys interested in doing some modelling work for me?” Steve asked as he gave them each their coffee. Josh looked at Luke with a ‘don’t mind if I do’ look.

“What would it involve” Luke asked.

“Lot depends on what you’re prepared to do but I’m looking for young guys to model some underwear and swimming trunks at the moment. I also do nude work if you’re interested but it’s entirely up to you. I like to be straight up front so you know where you are.”

Luke liked this guy. He did appear to be up front and honest about what he was looking for with no traps. In any event he felt he could look after himself and say no if he wanted to.

“Yeah, I’m up for it” Luke replied.

Seeing that Luke was willing Josh said that he was too. He’d always fancied doing some modelling work, especially nude.

They talked about what the work involved and where the nude stuff was used, which was only on the gay scene so little chance of it being seen by any of their straight friends. “Hey, even if they do, I don’t care” Josh said jokingly. They also talked about money and the pair of them couldn’t believe their ears when they heard how much they would make by doing it.

“Okay” Steve told them, “why not come round tomorrow lunchtime if you can and we’ll do some shots to see how things go.

They both agreed that would be great and set off home. It was nearly 3 a.m. by the time they got home but neither felt tired. They were both still on a high from the events of the evening. Rather than go straight to bed they went and had a swim in the pool. They fooled around with each other in the pool and bent each other over the side so they could finger each other’s arseholes and lick them out. Then they sucked each other’s cocks and drank each other’s load. They were still on a high when Luke heard the grandfather clock strike 4 a.m.

The night air was still warm and they had the large sliding doors on one side of the pool wide open. Luke wandered outside onto the patio and Josh followed him. The warm air against their naked bodies felt wonderful. The house had a large garden which was split up into different parts with trellis dividing each area. Towards the bottom there was a gazebo which Luke often sat in to get away from his parents. They never used it so he had set up a small den for himself. It was only small but there was room for a sun bed on which he had placed a padded cushion. He often went down and stretched out. Many a time he had wanked himself off as he did so.

One thing he had never done was to walk to the gazebo stark naked. Only one house could actually see the front part of their garden but the owners were abroad at present so he knew it would be safe to do so, even though it was 4 a.m. in the morning.

“Come on” he told Josh as he set off across the lawn towards the path leading down to the gazebo. Josh just followed and said nothing. He too liked the feeling of walking out into the open stark naked without a care in the world. They wove their way through two separate areas of the garden before getting to the gazebo. Luke opened up the front doors and pulled the sun bed mattress out onto the decking. “I want to fuck you under the stars” he told Josh.

Josh laid back on the mattress whilst Luke pulled out a bottle of lube that he kept hidden in the gazebo. He lifted Josh’s legs over his head and lubed his arse before thrusting his already gorged cock into the gaping hole. His body thrust back and forth and he could feel the warm tissue inside the arse rubbing up against his sensitive head. He could wait no longer and shot his load up the warm arse before sinking down onto the end of the mattress with his cock still inside Josh. He leant forward and they kissed.

It was then Josh’s turn and they reversed roles with Luke on his back with legs in the air and a thick cock up his arse. He could feel the big hard organ stretching his arse and the big head moving up and down inside. It was magic and felt wonderful. Josh was much more gentle and thrust his cock in and out of Luke’s arse with great finesse. He wanted to enjoy the feel of his cock being teased by the warm arse. Finally he reached a point of no return and shot his hot cum into Luke. When he had done he held his cock in place for several minutes longer pulling it in and out. Luke loved every second. They finally sank down on the mattress together and fell asleep.


Luke woke up feeling the warm sunshine on his naked body. For a moment he had to think where he was but looked down and saw the naked body of his lover and immediately remembered what had happened a few hours previously. It was well into the morning and he suddenly remembered their date with Steve.

They ran back into the house and quickly showered. On their way to the station they grabbed a taxi and arrived at Steve’s studio just on time. “You guys had any lunch” Steve asked as he showed them into his flat. They were both starving having had nothing since the previous evening. Steve dished up some pizza and they scoffed the lot. He liked his models well fed and watered before he started work with them otherwise they were restless.

He gave the pair of them some scanty briefs to put on and told them how to stand and what to do. Much to his delight the pair of them were naturals and did exactly what he wanted. They looked gorgeous in their briefs and there was sufficient bulge to make them look really sexy. He took several shots of their whole body but the catalogue generally wanted close-ups of the garment in question. He was more than pleased with the result. He got them to change into several different pairs of briefs and swimwear and knew he had found some real gems. The catalogue company would be more than pleased with the final results.

It took them a couple of hours to get through the various items so when they had finished he let them have a rest before moving onto the nude work. If possible he wanted to photograph them with a hard-on as well but he would see how things went.

After a short break he got them under the lights again but this time naked. Their bodies were flawless with not a pimple or blemish anywhere. ‘They’re just perfect’ he kept telling himself and knew that he had to do as much with them whilst they still had this perfect look of innocence. He got them to pose in all sorts of positions and took them at all angles. He then got them to work together and be lovers. Within minutes he noticed that their cocks were beginning to harden. ‘Great’ he thought to himself. In no time they both had a full hard-on.

“Are you guys happy to be photographed with a hard-on”

They both nodded so he continued. He got them to start sucking each other and pretend to fuck each other. He fetched some lube and got Josh to stick his cock into Luke’s arse. Luke had the better looking arse so would make the better picture but Josh was not far behind. He took picture after picture as they made love to each other until finally Josh spewed his hot cum all over Luke’s back. The final shot was fantastic.

“You guys are really something”

The pair of them grinned.

“Would you guys be interested in doing a porn movie together?”

Luke looked at Josh. “Yeah, cool, okay by me”.


“Yeah, if Josh is up for it so am I”

“I want to do a bareback movie, would you guys be willing to do that”

Since they had never used a condom so far they agreed but Steve gave them the pep talk about doing bareback in normal life. He would arrange for them to both have HIV tests with a clinic he used and at regular intervals if they did any more movies for him.

The lads left Steve on another high. Their dreams had come true within one weekend and they were making good money into the bargain. They got home and cooked a slap up meal for themselves.

At the mention of gay bars, Steve looked at his Dad.

“Well I’m right aren’t I” his Dad replied, “You are gay aren’t you?”

Steve nodded. “You don’t mind then”

“Why should I. I’m of the same persuasion. Why else do you think you mother left me.”

Steve had often wondered if his Dad was gay. He often went about the house naked and always seemed to enjoy seeing Steve naked as well. In fact on one occasion he even saw his Dad with an erection under his dressing gown when Steve was walking about in the buff.

“You’ve got your Grandmother’s inheritance in your savings account to fall back on if you need to and I’ll put some money into your account for you to live on until you get a job. You can always stay with Uncle James until you find you own place. I’m sure he will be pleased to put you up for a short while.”

Steve smiled. His Uncle James was definitely gay and had moved to London many years ago so he was sure to enjoy having a young gay eighteen year old staying with him.

So that was settled and over the next couple of weeks Steve got himself ready to move off to London. The day finally arrived and his Dad drove him to the mainline station where he could catch a direct train to London. Steve hauled his large case out of the boot along with a knapsack which contained amongst other things his laptop computer. He said farewell to his Dad and they kissed.

“Keep in touch won’t you” he said with a small tear in his eye.

Steve assured him he would and that he would ring once he had reached Uncle James.


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