Observing Finn by David Heulfryn

Finn is taken to Cockaigne Pharma to undergo further tests. He is annoyed that no one is treating him respectfully and begins acting petulantly to make a point.

In the operating theatre, Finn gives Dr Chapman a semen sample before he takes a biopsy of Finn’s testicles.

(I apologise if the description of the medical operation causes some of you some discomfort.)

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2 Replies to “Observing Finn by David Heulfryn”

  1. Didn’t think you’d ever show a picture of male genetalia. Even when Min & Max are shown in bed, they have t-shirts on. I figured it was because of some sort of child porn rule. These testicles are probably an adults (pervert I am I think they’re yours)

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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    1. You are definitely a pervert 🙂 I don’t have the balls to show my balls. And I would never show naked minors on my blog. Naked miners are different. I love seeing those strong men, covered in coal dust, showering after a long shift down’t pit.

      I don’t know whose testicles they are, but here’s a link to the original picture,

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