Coming Out

Max has a revelation for Finn. He thinks that Finn is a naturist. It all seems to fit, and Finn comes out as a naturist to their parents. Being only thirteen, his Mum thinks it might be a phase. But Finn is eventually allowed to be naked at home. To Finn’s surprise, his Dad strips down to his briefs one night to support his son, and Max goes all the way.

This is the end of part one of the series ‘Conversations with my Brother’. I hope you have enjoyed the series, so far. This is the longest series I have ever written, which is down to the brothers and their special relationship. I have enjoyed writing about their life and have tried to make any sexual interactions age-appropriate, but this was not a story about sex. It was a story about brothers and the bond between brothers. It is a unique bond that will survive all adversity and will only grow stronger in time.

But the story of Max and Min will continue. As this latest chapter alludes to, the boys might be moving to be closer to their father’s new job. Could his new job be in Cockaigne? Min will love the town, but Max would be parted from his boyfriend. Any move will bring new adventures along with the heartache of being separated from your first love. How will Max cope?

Thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed, and rated the stories. It has been great to read your feedback. Writing this series has got me through a difficult time. In the past, when depression took hold, all writing stopped. But the power of the love between Max and Min got me through it. I love those boys like they are my own sons.

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  1. What a great story. Can’t wait for Finn to move to Cockaigne.

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