Afterwards by David Heulfryn

It has been an emotional day. Max and James’ parents know they are gay and are boyfriends. Min supports Max and shows their parents how much they love each other, no matter what. But James wants to move faster than Max.

The story of Max and Min is one which I am enjoying writing. I enjoy the love between the brothers and how Max overcomes his body image issues. Some stories make me think about my life and can depress me, but this story makes me feel elated. It is not a difficult story to write; some can be. I am writing it for how it makes me feel. I hope my readers feel the same positivity I feel as I write it. I find the platonic love between the brothers very powerful.

I had a comment wondering what Max looked like, I was going to reply and include a picture, but then I found out you can’t put pictures in comments. (A good thing I suppose.) So I spent this morning looking for a picture that mostly represented Max, and after trawling through the stock image sites and rejecting loads, as soon as this image appeared I just knew it was Max. This young man is the closest you can get to Max without me using a police sketch artist.

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  1. Thanks for the image of Max,

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