It Can Take You By Surprise

Broken Glass

I went through a year of lockdown and didn’t fall into a deep bout of depression. Now we are coming out of lockdown, it hits. I can’t blame it on anxiety, which I know some people are experiencing after such a long time being locked down. But I suppose that is the nature of this illness; there can be no rhyme or reason for when it strikes.

I was very conscious of my mental health during lockdown. I suppose because I knew there was a possibility of going into a depression during that difficult time, I made conscious decisions to try and stop it from happening. Now we are coming out, I have been more lax with my health, and I allowed this bout to overwhelm me.

So the lesson I have learnt this time is, don’t get cocky and complacent when you feel good; you need to keep working to keep depression at bay.

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2 Replies to “It Can Take You By Surprise”

  1. I am quite sure you are not alone in this, David. I know this to be true. It is good to see you sending out messages again – and such an honest one, too. Welcome back to the Screeve community xx

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    1. Thanks Paul. I recently made a decision to accept my illness and be honest. I have even opened up more at work (with people I trust). Unfortunately the NHS offers little help so there are many of us out there struggling.
      All the best and thanks for the virtual hug.

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