What’s In A Title?

A title, along with the book cover form the first impressions of a potential reader. So to me, the title is important.

I had a working title, but that was just perfunctory. My first attempt at a title was:

Becoming Kes

Now I have changed it to:

Enhancing Kes

I’m not sure I like either of them but prefer the second title. But I think the reader might think I have written some sci-fi novel about a man being turned into a superhuman. It is definitely not that. Cockaigne does have some fantastical elements about it, but I would never classify it as sci-fi.

This then leads me back to my first title.

I am working on some book covers at the moment. I want to show you some soon and get your opinions. My biggest issue is adding the title text without it looking flat.

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