Park Life

This story was written under the pseudonym, StormWriter. I had totally forgotten that I used that name. It was from my website, Tales from a Storm, and I was the StormWriter. At that time my head was all over the place, like a storm, as I came to grips with who I was, hence the name.

This story was written not long after leaving university and I was feeling let down by the system and the promises that we were all given about getting a degree. I studied Physics and had high ambitions of being in research, but that never came to be. I remember my depression really consumed me in my last year of university and it’s no surprise that I couldn’t get a decent job as I didn’t believe in myself.

The setup is very much from my university days where accommodation wasn’t exactly the best, not like today where students get purpose built rooms with en suite bathrooms. I suppose I am a romantic at heart as I believed that you could meet someone great just going about your day; these were the day before Grindr.

The old mansion house and grounds are based on a location near me and ‘Megan’ used to be the name of our dog. Much of what I wrote back then had an element in my past.

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