Beach Encounter

I wrote this story in late 2003 and was probably one of the first gay sex stories I wrote. I had been an avid reader of Nifty for several years but remember I grew tired of reading stories that were predictable or badly written.

I wanted to write a story that tricks the reader into thinking that Pete is going to hook up with the stud walking the beach but then takes the reader in a different direction.

For the most part, I think the story works but it is overlong. There is too much preamble. I still quite like the story and could have been the first part of a steamy holiday romance.

I submitted this story to TommyHawksFantasyWorld website and he published it in December 2003. To accompany the story, he commissioned an artist, Dean Cameron, I have borrowed that picture and used it above to create the story card.

TommyHawksFantasyWorld has changed since publishing my story and is no longer a paysite which hosts his, and other writers, stories. It is now just a place for his stories and a way of him selling the eBooks he created. His stories are well worth a read; I enjoyed them very much when I had access to his site.

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