Tired & Fed Up

January and February are always busy months for me with long days and short nights. I barely get time to have a private life so when I check emails I don’t want to deal with a load of crap.

Recently I’ve been inundated with emails telling me I’ve been hacked and they have video of me wanking off to porn taken from my web cam. I must pay them bitcoin to stop them emailing everyone in my address book.

The first time I recieved this it really scared the crap out of me. I actually thought I’d been hacked. Then I thought if anyone had actually hacked my webcam all they could video is me looking blankly at the screen while surfing the BBC News website or the occasional forum; certainly no wanking or anything lewd at all.

Once I realised it was all complete bollocks I felt fucking annoyed.

One good thing did come out of it though. I have stepped up my cyber security and am using unique and complex passwords, I’ve even looked into ramping security on the website.

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2 Replies to “Tired & Fed Up”

  1. Yep, had two of them telling me I had been hacked and I had to pay in bitcoins. This tiny penis will have several email addresses, maybe hundreds, to keep bomb barding me and others. They go straight into junk and then blocked. I just wish the shit would come banging on my door, save feeding the dogs for a few days!

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  2. Jan & Feb can indeed be a drag, David, but Screeve is a great website which cheers up many a moment for many folks, I guess. I certainly appreciate it – and often use the links and look into the archives. Sorry to hear about your spam crap but good that you realised it was bollocks. (Although saying that might be doing a dis-service to bollocks the world over.) March will arrive, and so will Spring. Keep up the great work. I’m trying to finish a new story to send you.

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