A Very Black Friday

_79361314_024904339-1It would seem that the latest import from the US has caused a problem over here in the UK. Bargain hunters have been fighting, and I heard of people taking bargains out of other shoppers trollies when their backs are turned.

Now I’m not blaming the US, it’s not their fault, I blame the British public. Surely we are better than this! But I think the problem is that we all expect something for nothing, or very little at least. The retailers also have to take their fair share of blame also, they didn’t manage the scenes properly and also they are very good and telling us what is a bargain when they hiked the pre-sale price skyways in order to show the huge discounts they give us. This behaviour is being looked at but it is still rife. Why can’t we just be honest.

Although I was out shopping that day, I didn’t take part in the scrum. I had a very nice day just doing my Christmas shopping. And I bought myself a nice christmas present, a nice compact tablet.

Go With The Flow

Do you do it? Pee in the shower I mean. There is a campaign at the University of East Anglia UEA to save water by taking your first morning pee in the shower. It’s a subject that divides the nation. I must confess that I am not a fan of other people doing it, especially if the shower is shared, but I must admit that I have done it a few times when caught short and just can’t be bothered to hold it in or get out and go to the toilet.

If you have an opinion on the subject then let me know in the comments. I’m sure some of you like a little water play.