A Very Black Friday

_79361314_024904339-1It would seem that the latest import from the US has caused a problem over here in the UK. Bargain hunters have been fighting, and I heard of people taking bargains out of other shoppers trollies when their backs are turned.

Now I’m not blaming the US, it’s not their fault, I blame the British public. Surely we are better than this! But I think the problem is that we all expect something for nothing, or very little at least. The retailers also have to take their fair share of blame also, they didn’t manage the scenes properly and also they are very good and telling us what is a bargain when they hiked the pre-sale price skyways in order to show the huge discounts they give us. This behaviour is being looked at but it is still rife. Why can’t we just be honest.

Although I was out shopping that day, I didn’t take part in the scrum. I had a very nice day just doing my Christmas shopping. And I bought myself a nice christmas present, a nice compact tablet.

Farewell to HandJobs

HandjobsAfter 24 years Handjobs is closing. The reason is that people simply aren’t buying it anymore, mainly due to piracy. As soon as a new edition was published it was on the torrent sites, among others, so all and sundry could download it for free.

This got me thinking! When I started Screeve I never intended for it to be a paysite, I realised they simply don’t work. The internet means that you can find queer stories all over the place and mostly for free.

Now, I’m not going to knock Nifty as it provides a valuable service and was my first foray into reading queer stories, but there is a lot of dross out there. The benefit of magazines such as Handjobs is that you know that you are always going to get good stories and artwork. And if you want quality, you have to pay for it.

I think there will always be a place dedicated magazines such as Handjobs and it is such a shame this one has now gone.