Don’t Call Me Bobby!
by Taran Geary


“Bobby, come and get your tea.”

Bob Honeyball cringed as his mother’s voice called to him up the stairs. Why did she still have to call him “Bobby?” He had asked her countless times not to. Bob, Rob or Robert would do, but no, to his mum he was still “Bobby” and, he supposed, he always would be. Although, he pondered that “Bobby” was better than “Dobby” which his brothers called him when they wanted to torment him.

“Ok Mum. I’m coming.”

Bob was 14, about 5′ tall and with short dark hair. He was also blind. It didn’t bother him; he’d always been blind and he had no concept of what `sight’ was. It never seemed to hinder him in anything. Although he wished he could play football, it sounded a lot of fun, but he played ball games with his brothers and he especially liked it when they stood in a triangle and played `catch’. Bob could pinpoint a sound with deadly accuracy and when either of his brothers called out “Comin’ at `cha” as they threw the ball, Bob would invariably catch it. He said he could “Hear the ball cutting the air”.

He was glad he had the mum and dad that he did. They allowed him to be part of everything that went on including the inevitable rough and tumble that a family of three boys involved. He had friends at his school who were treated like rare and delicate ornaments and who, consequently, were pretty helpless, whereas Bob could hold his own in most of the situations he found himself in.

He jumped off his bed and put the Braille book he was reading away on the shelf and ran downstairs. He could run in the house because his parents never moved anything and he instinctively knew where he was.

“Where’s Chris and Graeme?” he asked as he sat at the table. It was unusual for his brothers not to be there for a meal.

“Chris is playing football, and Graeme’s having tea with his friend Colin. Don’t forget it’s your piano lessons tonight.” Bob loved music and he was considered quite a star. His party piece was to play `Nut Rocker’ on the old upright piano which Bob’s grandmother had given to them with little brother Graeme bashing on a tambourine. This always drew admiring gasps from his grannies and aunts and uncles.

There was one more thing about Bob that even his mum didn’t know. He was gay. He was quite happy about that t too. He was happy about most things in his life; He sometimes thought how lucky he was being Robert Honeyball and how he wouldn’t want to be anyone else. He loved being around boys his own age; he loved their smell, the sound of their voices and especially how they felt. When he met someone new he would ask to feel their faces to get an idea of whom they were and sometimes he would get very aroused at the feel of some of the boys. Some of the girls liked to put his hands on their tits. This annoyed him and he hated it but felt he had to laugh along with them.

“I saw the new neighbours today,” Mum said. “They look very nice”.

“What are they like?” Bob asked.

“Oh, I suppose the couple are about my age and they had a teenage boy with them.”

Bob’s interest perked up at this. “When do they move in?” he asked. “Sometime this week, I think.” Just then the doorbell rang and mum hurried to answer it and Bob strained his ears to overhear what was said.

“Good evening,” a woman’s voice said. “We’re Alex and Jane Summers and we’re moving in next door at the weekend, and this is Trevor.”

Bob decided to go and investigate further. In his haste he ran through the door and collided with somebody full force, bringing himself and them to the floor with a crash.

“Oh, Bobby, do be careful. Are you both all right?” Mum asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Bob giggled.

“Are you ok, Trevor?”

“I’m fine,” said Trevor.

Trevor? So he’d been rolling around on the floor with Trevor? Bob took advantage of their scrambling to get up to see what he could find out about this new arrival. He felt great strength in very muscular arms and a broad and defined chest. The voice was slightly high pitched but soft spoken and with the hint of an accent. And he smelt delicious; a combination of expensive scent and a manly musk. Bob felt that he had to get to know this young man better.

“… And this is my middle son, Bobby.” Mum continued after apologizing for the collision.

“Bob”, Bob said as he shook hands with the neighbours. “Please call me Bob.”

“Bobby’s fourteen” mum continued, talking about him as mums do, as if he wasn’t there, “And you probably noticed that he’s blind.”

“Really, I wouldn’t have guessed,” the woman said. “Trevor is fifteen, nearly sixteen.”

“Wanna come up to my room, Trevor?” Bob asked, “Leave this lot to get on with it?”

“Er, yeah, ok.” Trevor replied shyly.

“Come on then, this way.” Bob turned and ran up the stairs. Trevor looked surprised and ran after him.

In Bob’s room, Trevor sat at the desk and Bob sat on the bed.  “Are you really totally blind?” Trevor asked.

“As far as I know,” Bob smiled in reply.

“It’s just that your eyes follow me around and look straight at me.”

“I’ve been told that before. But I know exactly where you are and I can catch a ball if you throw it to me.”

“Never!” said Trevor incredulously. “Prove it.”

“Ok, is there a ball in that top drawer?” Trevor rummaged in the drawer and finally found a tennis ball.

“Yeah, got it”

“Ok, call out and then throw it. Not too hard.”

“What shall I call out?”

“Well, my brothers usually call out “Comin at `cha””

“Weird. Ok, you ready? Comin at `cha”

Effortlessly Bob caught the ball in one hand and sent it straight back to its thrower.

“WOW, that’s amazing!” gasped Trevor obviously impressed.

“Oh `tis nothing,” Bob feigned modesty and both boys laughed. “Trevor, would you mind if I felt your face? It’s how I know what people look like.”

“Er well, ok then. Weird, but ok.” He moved the chair forward and Bob sat forward on the bed and reached out his hands. He started at the hair. It was very fine and brushed forward with no dressing or gel. He moved down the broad low forehead to the fine eyebrows and down the rather large down-turned nose. He moved to the sides and around to the ears and he explored them closely. He was surprised to hear Trevor moan quietly and gasp as he gently touched his ears.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Trevor’s voice made Bob jump.  “What makes you say that?” Bob said a tad nervously.

“Do I have to write it down in Braille?” Bob looked puzzled. Trevor placed his hand in the centre of Bob’s chest and then with his index and first finger his hand walked down Bob’s chest right down to the belt where he stopped.

“How did you know?” Bob whispered nervously.

“You’re pointing at me.”

“Huh?” Trevor’s hand then continued its walk until it landed on the very stiff dick that was causing a large bulge in his trousers.

“Oh shit!!” Bob hissed and tried to cover it with his hands. “I’m so sorry,” he said getting more and more flustered. “I really am so sorry.”

“It’s alright, Bob.” Trevor said soothingly, putting a hand on Bob’s shoulder, “I don’t mind, I really don’t. I’m actually enjoying it. Please don’t upset yourself.”

“Are you gay?” Bob asked cautiously.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I am, so don’t worry.”

“Have you done it with anyone else?”

“Well, yeah, I’ve messed about a bit with a couple of lads at my old school but nothing serious.”

“My brother let me feel his once,” Bob said. “Just to show off how much hair he had down there. It felt lovely. I think he worked out that I’m gay from that. He hasn’t let me near it since. That’s all I’ve ever done.” There was a long pause until Trevor said “Do you want to touch mine, you can if you want to.”

“But I don’t even know you.”

“Does that matter?”

“Well, yeh, it does to me. You could be a homicidal, queer bashing maniac”.

“Do I look like a homicidal, queer bashing maniac?”

“I don’t know I can’t see you!”

“Oh shit, sorry Bob!”

“It’s ok; people say things like that all the time.”

“Do they? It must get right on your tits.”

Bob laughed at Trevor’s expression, “I’ve never heard that one before. I’ll have to remember that one.”

“We used it all the time down in Bristol” Trevor continued. “I’m surprised you hadn’t heard it. So what do you want to do, then?”

“Let’s just get to know each other and see how it goes for a bit. Is that ok?”

“Yeh, that’s fine. I think that’s the right thing to do.”

Bob reached over and brushed Trevor’s cheek lightly with the back of his hand, “You’re blushing,” he grinned.

“Am I? It’s just that … well, I haven’t felt like this before. All sort of trembly and going hot and cold. I’ve never really fancied anyone before. Do you feel the same? I can see you’ve gone red as well.”

“Yeh, I guess I do,” Bob replied nervously. There was a pause and Bob asked “Are you going back to Bristol tonight?”

“Yeh, anytime now. I’m surprised I haven’t been called.”

“I’ve got my piano lesson anytime now as well. I wonder if our mums would let you stopover.”

“No, I don’t think there’s any point asking. I’ve still got tons of packing to do. Shame though; it would have been nice.”

“Yeh, it would.”

“Bobby, Mrs. Evans is here!” mum’s voice called up the stairs.

“Shit, I’ve got to go now. You will be back on Saturday, won’t you?” Bob asked, disappointment and eagerness in equal measures showing plainly in his voice.

“Yes, I will definitely be back on Saturday. Have you really got to go straightaway?”

“Yeh, `fraid so. My music teacher is outside in her car waiting for me, I shouldn’t keep her waiting too long. She’s very good to come and pick me up and bring me back. Mind you, I’m sure she only does it because she believes I’m going to be a concert pianist and make her famous.”

“Do you want to be a concert pianist?”

“Bloody hell no,” Bob exclaimed. I want to play rock and jazz. I want a band like Jools Holland.”

“Bobby, will you hurry up! Mrs. Evans is waiting!” mum’s impatient voice rang up the stairs.

“I’m sorry Trevor, I really have to go.” Bob got up and headed for his bedroom door. Trevor stopped him and put his hands gently on his shoulders. He leaned forward and kissed him gently on his forehead and then moved down until he kissed the end of his nose. There he stopped, uncertain of what to do next. Bob offered guidance. “Keep going,” he said breathlessly, and Trevor obeyed and soon their lips were touching gently. And then …

“Bobby! Have I got to come up there and drag you out with my bare hands?” mum was growing ever more impatient.

“OK, Mum, I’m coming.” And then to Trevor, “Look I’ve got to go. I’m sorry but …”

“It’s ok, I understand. It’s only a couple of days till Saturday.” He smiled thinly and stroked Bob’s cheek gently. They then took each other’s hands and walked out and down the stairs together. When they got to the bottom, Trevor again kissed Bob and a tingle went right through him like an electric shock.

“Wow” Trevor said in a whisper after he had composed himself.

“Yeh, wow!” Bob gasped in reply.

“See you Saturday, if I can wait that long.” Trevor whispered and he stood and stared at the door for a few moments after it had closed behind his new friend.

Trevor walked into the lounge where his parents were deep in conversation with Bob’s mum.

“Can we move in before Saturday, please?”

“What’s brought this on all of a sudden?” Mrs. Summers exclaimed. “It was only yesterday you were flatly refusing to leave Bristol. That must have been some talk you had up there!”

“Yes, it was. Bob’s a nice guy.”

“Oh I’m glad you’ve made a friend already and you’re happy with the move at last.”

Trevor just smiled to himself. “Yes,” he thought, “Bob really was something special.”

“Come along now. We really must get going,” Mr. Summers said. Pleasantries were exchanged and the Summers headed off back to Bristol.

The following evening Bob once again found himself alone in the house with his mum.

“You and Trevor seemed to hit it off.” mum said casually.

“Yes, he’s nice.”

“It’ll be nice for you to have a friend around here rather than just your schoolmates.”

Bob just smiled to himself and looked forward to Saturday when he could be with Trevor again.

“We’re having a party next week to introduce them to the neighbours,” mum continued “We thought it would be a nice gesture and they’re such nice people. I’m trying to decide whom to invite. I’ve asked the Kaminski’s from next-door-but-one. Oh, by the way, they’ve got George’s nephew from Gdansk stopping with them for a while. The poor boy speaks hardly any English but we’ll invite him anyway.”

“How old is he?”

“Oh, 16 or 17, I think. Thelma told me that George took him to the pub on Friday and they both came home completely wrecked. She wasn’t best pleased I can tell you, especially since one of them was sick all over the bathroom floor. And George always seems so nice.”

“Oh well, I’d better get some practice in”, Bob said, trying to avoid listening to the character assassination of George Kaminski who, in Bob’s opinion was one of the most downtrodden, put-upon men he had ever met. His wife, Thelma, known out of earshot as “Brunhilda”, ruled his life with a rod of iron. Hyacinth Bucket was slovenly next to Thelma Kaminski. Mum had said that she thought it was because she never had any children of her own. “Well,” Bob thought, “a young person in the house might be just the tonic she needs.”

He ran up to his room and sniffed the air. Yes, there was still a trace of Trevor here and he chuckled and hugged himself with the anticipation that in two days Trevor would be living next door. He felt his right hand moving to his crotch as he thought about his new, very special friend. He lay on his bed and brushed his cheek with the back of his left hand, trying to replicate the feelings that were aroused when Trevor had done it yesterday. He moved his hand from his cheek to his chest and moved it slowly in a circular motion so that he brushed both nipples in turn. He undid his zip and felt inside his boxers as his breathing got faster and faster. He pulled his rock hard dick out through the opening and started to work it slowly. Steadily he increased the speed of his ministrations as his left hand moved under his tee shirt and toyed with his hard, aroused nipples. He frantically undid his belt and worked his trousers and boxers to his knees. He tucked the hem of his tee shirt under his chin as his left hand went down to massaging and supporting his fulsome balls and once again his right hand started to wank his gently curved member. His hips began to thrust upward and his head tipped backward as he frantically worked to achieve his orgasm. His body went rigid and he pushed upward, resting purely on his shoulders and his heels as his orgasm hit like a tidal wave. He tried but couldn’t stop himself crying out as his juice splashed on to his stomach and chest.

“Jesus Christ!” he hissed as he relaxed and his body dropped back fully on the bed and he lay there gasping for breath. He laid still for a moment as his dick twitched trying to force more juice out on to his belly. He reached for a tissue and he began the mopping up operation. “My God,” he whispered to himself. “If he can make it that good when he’s not here, what’s it going to be like when he is here?” He whistled to himself at this thought before heading to the bathroom for a wash.

Saturday came and went but Trevor didn’t, and Bob found out that he had been shipped off to grandparents until the house was habitable. He was pretty cut up about this and he was in an uncharacteristically bad mood. He banged and crashed about and shut himself in his room, refusing to come out for any reason.

“Do you know what’s wrong with Bobby?” mum asked his elder brother, Chris.

“Dunno,” he replied.

“I’m very worried about him. It’s just not like him to be so grumpy” Chris sighed heavily. “Mum, he’s 14. He’s doing the moody teenager bit.”

“Do you think that’s all it is? I wish your father was here. I hate it when he does these long trips abroad.”

“So do I Mum.” Chris put his arm around his mother’s shoulder.

“Yes.” Her eyes took on a faraway look. “You were always your dad’s boy. Bobby was always his mum’s. I don’t know about Graeme. He doesn’t seem to need anyone.”

“Graeme’s a little sh… I mean he’s just independent, that’s all. Or he thinks he is. Try not cooking his dinner or washing his socks for a bit and you’ll soon find out how much he needs you.”

Mum smiled at her eldest son’s logic.

Up in his room Bob lay on his bed and listened to some of his favourite music very loudly, but despite the volume he fell asleep and he had a dream in which he was lying in bed when his balls exploded and he was washed away on a tidal wave of spunk. But just as he, in his bed, was being swept down the stairs on this huge sticky river, he woke up with a start and a yell so loud it brought his mother rushing into his room.

“What is it, Bobby? Are you alright?”

“Yes, Mum, I’m fine.” Bobby replied breathlessly. “I just had a bad dream.”

Nevertheless, mum walked over and put her hand on his sweat-soaked brow. Bob tried to cover up a large wet stain that covered the front of his jeans and the obvious erection but without success. Mum looked him up and down and assumed that her little boy had had his first wet dream. She smiled to herself and said “If there’s anything troubling you, you know you can always talk to me, don’t you?

“I know Mum, thanks.” Bob had got his breath back now.

“I should get a shower if I were you.”

“Ok, Mum perhaps I will.”

“Just so long as you’re alright, Bobby,” and she leaned over and kissed her favorite son on the top of his head.

“I’m fine Mum, thanks.”

It was only a couple of days before Trevor arrived back next door and needless to say he was knocking on Bob’s door almost immediately. Trevor came into Bob’s room and closed the door. He walked up to Bob and kissed him gently on the tip of his nose.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said just above whisper. “Have you missed me?”

“Like anything,” Bob replied. “I tried to stay celibate for you so it would be better when you came back.” Trevor looked puzzled and pulled away from Bob.

“What do you mean `cebilate’?

“Celibate,” Bob laughed. “It means to go without sex. I tried to stop wanking while you were away so that it’d be all the better when you came back! But I failed miser…”

Trevor pushed away from Bob “Don’t laugh at me!” he said, annoyance sounding in his voice.

“Trevor, I’m not laughing at you. I’m just explain…”

“Yes you are! You’re always laughing at me and taking the piss, just because you’re so fucking clever. Why do have to be so fucking clever all the time? Why can’t you just be normal?”

“I am normal. I’m just blind. I can’t do the things you do. I’d love to play football and rugby and cricket and be as good as you but I can’t. I have to do other things. If things were the other way round I’m sure…”

“Don’t grovel, you make me sick!” Trevor went to push past Bob but pushed him much harder than he meant to and caught Bob off guard so that he fell backwards across his bed, banging his head heavily on the wall. He struggled to get his bearings and huddled himself into a ball in the corner formed by the bed-head and the wall. He pulled his knees up to his chin and buried his face in to them.

“Please don’t hit me Trevor,” he said. But all he heard was Trevor’s heavy footsteps down the stairs and the front door slam.

“Bobby, Bobby, what’s going on,” mum’s voice came up the stairs. She ran into Bob’s room and was shocked to see her normally bright and breezy son huddled up on the bed and crying into his knees. She was even more shocked to see the smear of blood where Bob’s head hit the wall.

“Whatever’s happened? Did he hit you?”

“No, it was an accident”

“Let me look at your head. You’re bleeding. Why did he run away if it was just an accident?” She went to the bathroom to get a flannel to wash the cut on Bob’s head. “I’ll speak to his mother,” she called as she came back.

“No Mum. Don’t, please.” Bob pleaded and mum was shocked when Bob lifted his head to see his sightless, usually expressionless eyes were bloodshot, full of tears and carrying an expression of abject misery.

“Alright, I won’t say anything. But will you tell me what this is all about”? she said as she dabbed the small graze on Bob’s head.


“Why ever not?”

“I can’t.”

“Why can’t you?”

“I just can’t, that’s all!”

“It’s just that I thought you liked Trevor.”

“I do, I mean did!” The tears started to flow again.

“Alright then. Why don’t you come downstairs and I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

Chris was in the living room watching the TV. “What’s happened?” he asked.

“Bobby had a little accident,” mum explained.

“Did that Trevor hit you?” Chris asked when mum had gone to the kitchen. “Cos if he has, I’ll fuckin’ kill him!”

“No he didn’t hit me. It was an accident. We were arguing and he pushed me as he tried to get out. He didn’t mean to. Really, please Chris. Don’t do anything.”

“What were you arguing about? Did you try it on with him?”

There was a stunned silence and finally Bob whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I know you had the hots for him the way you’ve been banging around here like a bear with a sore arse and running to the door every time the bell rang. We all know you’re gay. It doesn’t matter. No one’s bothered. I’ve been pretty sure for a long time and I heard Mum and Dad talking about it, as well. You know what Dad says: We don’t have secrets in this family.”

Bob just sat in stunned silence, a million and one thoughts racing around his head like demented wall-of-death riders until mum brought his cup of tea in.

“You’re right about me,” Bob broke the silence. “But not about Trevor. He’s gay as well and we had a wonderful time together while he was here at first. I’ve been longing for him to come back but it all went wrong for some reason. I really don’t know what I did wrong. He said I was laughing at him and that I was too clever. I don’t understand.” mum took him and held him tightly.

“Oh Robert Alan Honeyball,” she said. “Whatever shall we do with you?”

Bob buried himself into his mother’s ample bosom and the tears flowed.

A couple of days passed without an incident, and at about 6pm the doorbell rang. Chris answered and he was surprised to find Trevor standing there. Chris eyed him coldly.

“What do you want?” Chris’s voice was flat, calm and ominously quiet.

Trevor swallowed nervously and asked extremely politely, his voice cracking under Chris’s cold stare. “May I speak to Bob, please?” he squeaked.

“I’ll see if he’s in,” Chris said and slammed the door shut in Trevor’s face. After an unnecessarily long time Chris opened the door again and said, “He’ll be down in a minute. But listen to me boy,” and he put his face so close to Trevor’s that their noses were almost touching. “If you lay a finger on my brother, big as you are, I’ll bounce you from one end of this street to the other. Got it?”

“Got it,” Trevor mumbled and looked at the floor as he ground the toe of his left foot into the gravel of the front path. Although only a year older than himself, Chris was over 6 feet tall and despite sharing Bob’s slim build, Chris obviously looked after himself and he fairly rippled with muscle. Trevor was no slouch in the scrapping department when he needed to but he felt Chris’s warning was well worth heeding. There was definitely something menacing about Chris, Trevor decided.

“Hello Trevor.”

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’ll live. I’m ok now Chris, thanks.” Chris scowled at Trevor and disappeared into the house.

“I’m really sorry for what happened. I definitely didn’t mean to hurt you. We’d had a terrible row when I got home. It got so bad that Dad went up the pub – he hasn’t seen the inside of a pub for years – then Mum started on me and lots of things were said that shouldn’t have been and I climbed out of a window to come to yours cos Mum had grounded me. I ripped my favorite top on the window catch and then lost my footing and fell into that big bunch of stingers. So what with that everything else I just jumped at you I really am so sorry. Will you forgive me?”

“Let me think about that. Hmmm. All right then, you’re forgiven.”

“Oh thanks, Bob. I thought I’d blown it. Look can we go for a walk or something? I need to get out.”

“I’ll have to ask my mum, first.” So Bob disappeared into the house “Ok, but you’ve got to have the lecture first.” After mum had satisfied herself that Trevor wasn’t a homicidal maniac and that he was fully versed in the art of guiding a blind person, they were allowed to proceed. Bob refused point blank to take his white stick saying that Trevor would look after him. They linked arms and left the house.

“I do hope Trevor looks after him,” mum fretted to Chris after they had gone.

“He wouldn’t dare do anything else.” Chris grinned, causing Mum to shake her head in bemusement. “She would never understand teenagers,” she thought to herself.

“Hello, Bobby,” an accented voice said cheerfully.

“Oh hello Mr. Kaminski. How are you?” Bob replied. George Kaminski was in his front garden, pottering about doing nothing in particular.  “I’m very well, thank you. And who is this young man?”

“This is Trevor. He’s moved in next door to us on the other side.”

“Pleased to meet you Trevor. Bobby you haven’t met my nephew, have you?”

“No I haven’t. I’m looking forward to meeting him”.

“I get him for you,” he called into the house in Polish and very soon the nephew appeared. “Chad, this is Bobby and Trevor from up the road.” Pleasantries were exchanged and Chad said, “I heard about little blind boy from down road.”

“I’m not `the little blind boy from down the road.’ I’m just Bob and I don’t live down the road. I live up the road!”

“Oh sorry. I upset you?”

“No it’s ok, but just call me Bob.”

“It good! I am Chad!” he shook Bob’s hand vigorously and Trevor’s too. “Where you two go to?”

“Oh we’re just off for a walk; probably the park,”

“I come too, please?” Chad asked.

“Yes of course,” Bob replied, giving Trevor an imperceptible squeeze at the same time. Chad and George had a quick exchange in Polish which resulted in George getting his wallet out and passing some crisp notes to Chad who then vaulted over the front garden wall and took a place next to Bob and the three of them set off at a gentle stroll. They chatted about this and that until eventually Chad said, “Is there shop that sell beer? I like beer.”

“Yes,” said Bob. “There’s one just a bit further along.”

“Ah good! You like beer?

“I do,” said Trevor. “But I’m not old enough to drink it. I drink it at Christmas, that’s all”

“Same here,” said Bob.

“You want me get you Coke or you want can of beer?”

“Beer, please!” Bob and Trevor spoke as one. Chad laughed and entered the shop. He emerged with a carrier bag with a six pack and several bags of crisps.

“Oh, are we having a picnic?” asked Trevor.

“What is picnic?” asked Chad.

“When we eat outside we call it a picnic.”

“Ah, I see,” said Chad and he said the word in several different ways. “I like that word pic-a-nic!” They soon reached the park, which was deserted.

“Let’s sit on that roundabout,” said Trevor and they all sat and set the roundabout spinning slowly. Chad cracked three cans of beer and handed them round. They sipped in silence just enjoying the sensation of the gently spinning device. Every now and again one of them put a foot down and accelerated the roundabout when it slowed. Bob laid down on his back with his head toward the centre pivot and his legs hanging over the edge. Trevor found it difficult to drag his eyes away from Bob’s crotch which was bulging nicely in the snugly-fitting jeans he was wearing. Although he’d only had one can, the alcohol was going to his head and he felt relaxed and happy staring at Bob’s jeans in the fading light. Bob too was feeling the effects and many thoughts were pouring through his mind. Chad smelt wonderful, he thought, totally different to Trevor, but wonderful just the same. He liked Chad but just at this time he wished he wasn’t here because he wanted Trevor all to himself and he wanted to `bonk him brainless’ (one of Chris’s expressions).

Chad and Trevor had copied Bob and they all lay with their legs dangling and just watching the stars come out.

“What are you smiling at?” Trevor asked Bob.

“Oh, just thinking,” Bob replied. “I love this time of day, just as it’s getting dark.”

“How you know it get dark?” asked Chad, puzzled.

“I can feel it. The whole atmosphere changes. My Grandma says that the exact moment the sun disappears is when time stands still. That’s how I know when the sun has gone. I feel time stand still.”

“Has the sun gone yet?” Trevor asked.

“No, it’s got a while yet.”

“You`re weird,” Trevor grinned.

“Anyway Chad,” Bob said. “Your Auntie told my Mum that you hardly spoke any English.”

“Ah,” Chad smirked. “She think I can’t, so she look after me nice. I get a bit better every day and she think I clever!”

“My God, you’re crafty!” Trevor laughed.

“What is crafty?”

“Sneaky.” Trevor made some arm movements like a snake to emphasize the point.

“Ah, you have to be sneaky to live in Gdansk.”

“Is it bad there?” Bob asked.

“It terrible. No work, no homes. I want come and stay here. My uncle sponsors me and I cross my toes. I like it here. I make nice friends.” He jabbed Bob playfully in the ribs causing him to splutter and shower crisps all over the surrounding area and making him cough violently. “And I like your beer!” he beamed.

“Fingers,” said Bob.

“What?” said Trevor.

“Fingers,” Bob repeated. “You cross your fingers, not your toes.”

“Oh, Bob! Stop it, please.”

“Stop what?”

“Being clever. You’re being clever again.”

“Sorry Trevor. I won’t do it again.” Trevor smiled and took hold of Bob’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Chad watched this with great interest.

“Hang on,” said Bob. “The sun’s going down. Just be quiet and listen.” There were a few moments silence as the three teenagers just lay on their backs and two of them watched the orange orb slip down beyond the horizon.

“Did you feel time stand still?” Bob whispered.

“Er … no, sorry,” said Trevor.

“Not understand”, Chad shrugged.

“Me neither really,” said Trevor. “You can teach me to feel it another time, eh.”

“Yeah, ok.” Bob sounded resigned to the fact that his two friends probably thought he was quite mad. Just then a mobile phone rang and Bob reached into his pocket: “Hello Mum. Yes of course I’m all right. In the park, sitting on the roundabout. Yes, Trevor’s here, and Chad. Chad is Mr Kaminski’s nephew. WHAT NOW? Why? We’re having a great time. Just talking. What do you think we’re doing? No, I’m not being cheeky. 9 o’clock? Half past please. Please Mum, don’t spoil it for me. I know I’m only 14, but Trevor’s nearly 16 and Chad’s nearly 17. Half past it is then. Thanks Mum. See you around ten.” And he quickly hung up.

“I think I not the only crafty one here,” Chad smiled.

“Any beer left?” Trevor asked. Chad handed them around.

“Drink it slowly. This last one,” Chad said. They all sipped their beers slowly and Chad decided to grasp the nettle.

“So you boys got big love thing going?

Trevor spat his beer out in shock and coughed and sneezed as the beer came down his nose.

“What did you say?” Bob asked.

“I say you boys, you big in love, yes?”

“What makes you say that?” Trevor asked after regaining his composure.

“I watch you… how you say?… you’re… er… how you move.”

“Body language,” said Bob.

“Da, da, that the thing! Well, I right, yes?”

“Yes. Know first time I see you I they more than good friends, I think!”

“Do you mind?” Trevor asked.

“Why I mind? I got nice boyfriend too, in Gdansk.

“Really,” Bob gasped. “Are you serious or teasing us?”

“No, I serious.”

“Well, tell us all about him, then.” Trevor urged. “We want to know everything. Start with his name.”

“Markus.” Bob loved the way Chad spoke this name. He obviously relished just saying his lover’s name. He rolled the “r” and extended the last syllable until it sounded almost salacious “Marrrrrrkooooooos”. Chad smiled and his eyes took on a distant look as he spoke.

“He 19 and a student. He want be an engineer and he lucky to be at college. His father throw him out but still pay his college. He not want to see him ever again because he gay. He live with my parent. They know we gay but must not be gay. If anyone knows we gay we are stoned out of the town; maybe killed. That’s why I want come here and brings my Markus too.”

“How much longer will you be here?” Bob asked.

“Another two week, then I must go home. I not want to go. I miss my Markus, I sad and happy.”

“Do your aunt an uncle know?” asked Trevor.

“Yes, they quite happy and want us to live with them.”

“That’s really good,” grinned Bob. “Come on Chad, give us a hug. It seems to me that you need one.” Chad grabbed Bob and gave him a huge hug and then Trevor joined in and a big three-way hug was enjoyed by all. When the hug broke up, Bob said “Come on then we’d better head home and Chad can buy us some chips on the way!” Chad looked taken aback and laughed out loud.

“Bob, you very crafty boy!” He took Bob’s right arm and Trevor took his left and the happy trio headed off for home.

The giggling trio tumbled in through Bob’s front door and Chad tripped over the mat bringing all three crashing to the floor where they stayed rolling around in fits of lager-fuelled laughter. The noise brought Chris running through from the lounge with a cricket bat in his hand. The sight of the three friends crawling around on hands and knees giggling helplessly stopped Chris dead in his tracks.

“What the f…?” He checked himself just in time. “It’s ok, Mum.  It’s only Bobby, that Trevor and some other kid.”

“I am Chad,” Chad said as he got to his feet. “You are Graeme, yes?”  He held his hand out for Chris to shake. Chris looked at him coldly but he took the proffered hand and he was impressed by the firmness of the grip and a little trial of strength took place between them before a draw was silently agreed.

“Pleased to meet you, Chad, but actually my name’s Christian. Call me Chris.”

By this time mum had come out from the lounge. “Are you drunk?” she exclaimed, horrified.

“We only had three teeny, weeny cans.” Bob giggled.

“Sorry Mrs. Honeybun,” Chad put on a much-exaggerated look of sadness and regret that even made Chris smile.

“It’s ‘Honeyball’, Chad,” Chris corrected.

“Oh, I sorry, Mrs. Honeyball.” Chad made a great play of trying to pronounce the name correctly. “It my error. I buy beer. I like beer, especially English beer and I share with my friends…” Again the look of total dejection, sadness and despair. Chris battled with himself to stifle a laugh.

“It’s alright, Chad,” mum said. “But Bobby’s only 14, he’s not used to beer. Don’t do it again.”

“Ok, I won’t,” Chad beamed and he nudged Trevor in the ribs “It mean more for me next time!”

“Thelma’s got her hands full with this one,” mum said quietly to herself.

They trooped through into the kitchen and the four boys sat around the kitchen table and mum made coffee and tea before going back to her TV programme. She smiled to herself as gales of laughter and ribald comments drifted through from the kitchen. She could never understand why it was that when men got together, all they seemed to do was insult each other, but she liked the idea that Bobby was making friends with sighted people rather than just the other blind boys at his school. She was happy as well that Chris was involved. Although he played both football and cricket for local teams, he didn’t really socialize with his team mates much and he had a reputation as being rather serious; dour almost. Mum worried that for someone so young, he tended to be very cynical and mistrusting. He and Bobby were quite close but they never actually did anything together. “It would be nice for them to have mutual friends,” she thought.

Back out in the kitchen, the conversation had died down a bit and there were long periods of silence as people tried to stay awake. Chad picked up the local paper that was lying near him and idly browsed through it.

“I want go that place,” he said, tapping the paper.

“What place where?” asked Bob.

“You read for me, Trevor. I not read English very good.” Trevor took the paper and started to read it.

“Soho Pride!” he exclaimed and he read out the list of attractions that were to be on offer there.

“When is it?” Bob asked, excited at the thought of going.

“Next Sunday,” replied Trevor. “Shall we go?”

“Yeh!” said Bob. “I’ll just go and ask my mum.” With that, he ran through into the lounge.

“Mum, can me, Trevor and Chad go to Soho Pride next Sunday, please?”

“Good Heavens!” Mum exclaimed. “No, you most certainly can’t!  Whatever next?”


“Because you’re only fourteen and blind”

“Yeh, but Trevor’s nearly sixteen and Chad’s nearly eighteen!”  “But Trevor’s only lived in London a week and Chad hardly speaks any English! And he’s got a taste for drink! Do you really think I’d let you go to the West End with them? No Bobby, you can’t go. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not fair!” Bob shouted and stamped out of the room. “And don’t call me Bobby!” he shouted again as he slammed the door.

“Sounds like bad news,” Chris said darkly as the door slammed and they heard Bob stamping up the stairs as loudly as he could.

“Should I go to him?” Trevor asked Chris.

“Yeh, might be an idea,” Chris replied.

As Trevor left the kitchen, Chris said to Chad, “Do you want to make some more coffees? I’m just going to talk to my Mum.” He left the table and went into the lounge and sat down next to his mother.

“Bob sounds upset,” he said.

“I know, but how could I let him go to Soho during a festival with another boy who’s only lived here a week and a drunk who hardly speaks any English? Even if he could see, I wouldn’t let him go. It’s too dangerous. Anything could happen to him. I can’t risk it.”

“It means a lot to him, you know.”


“It was a big thing for him to come out to us, and although I don’t like that Trevor much, they’re very happy together. And Chad is not a drunk!”

“No, it’s just too risky.”

“How about if I took them?”


“How about if I took them? It looks like it might be fun.”

“Chris, are you, er, well are you gay as well?”

“No, of course I’m not. I just want Bob to have some fun and get a feel of what happens at these places. And I like Chad. I’d like to show him around.”

“You know he’s gay, as well, don’t you?”

“Well, I suspected it. How did you know?”

“Thelma told me. She wants him to bring his boyfriend back over here and live with them.”

“Bloody hell,” Chris exclaimed. “When’s that going to happen?”

“No one knows. It’s down to immigration. But soon, I hope. Thelma’s a different woman. She worships the ground he walks on. And watch your language!”

“So, can I take them to Pride?”

“Oh, I suppose so as long as you promise to look after them.”

“Of course I will, thanks Mum.” He gave his mum a squeeze and headed back to the kitchen.

Up in Bob’s room, Trevor and Bob sat side by side on the bed. Trevor took Bob’s hand and held it tight and kissed it a couple of times.  “Don’t worry, mate. There’ll be other places and things we can do.”

“But I want to go THERE! It’s where gay people should be. I’ve just come out to my family and I want to live a bit of the gay life – find out what it’s all about. It’s not fair!” He pushed his bottom lip out and he reached for some tissues and blew his nose and wiped his eyes.

“Bob, Trevor. Can you come down, please?” Chris called up the stairs.

“What’s all the shouting?” Graeme appeared at Bob’s door in his pajamas.

“Sorry Gra’, didn’t mean to wake you”, Chris apologized to his youngest brother.

“What’s going on?” Graeme persisted.

“Oh, we’ve just had a bit of an argument,” mum said. “Why don’t you go back to bed?”

“Not tired, anymore!” Graeme set his jaw in a way that made it quite plain that he was awake and nothing would make him go back to bed until he was ready.

Mum thought for a while and said, “Alright. Get your dressing gown on and come down for a while. You come back down as well, Bobby.”  The four older boys resumed their places at the table and Graeme sat on a stool and leaned on the sink.

“Right then,” Chris began. “You can go next Sunday!”

“What?” Bob sat up suddenly and started to wave his arms about in disbelief. “How come… why… what’s happened? Mum said…”

“Hold it, hold it,” Chris grabbed Bob’s arm before it took his eye out. “Mum said you could go…” There was a long pause for dramatic effect. “… as long as I go with you!”

There was a stunned silence before Trevor asked quietly: “And will you?”

“Of course I will. It looks like it might be fun.”

“Thanks, Chris,” said Trevor.

Bob got up and felt his way to where Chris was sitting and gave him a huge hug.

“Thanks Chris. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I think I do; now stop strangling me!”

“You’re the best brother in the world,” Bob whispered into Chris’s ear as he hugged him.

“Alright, don’t get carried away or I might just change my mind.”  Bob immediately let him go and sat back down.

After both Chad and a-very-reluctant-to-leave Trevor had gone home, the three brothers went and said goodnight to their mum and went to bed.

Chad came round most evenings but he knew that sometimes Bob and Trevor wanted to be alone so on those nights he borrowed some money from his uncle and went to the pub, so not seeing his two young friends wasn’t such a sacrifice really. And on some nights Chris went with him despite his mother’s disapproval. But he was always home at a reasonable time and he didn’t appear drunk; just rather more jolly than usual and his schoolwork didn’t seem to be suffering so there didn’t appear to be a problem.

Trevor and Bob seemed to spend every available minute together. The respective parents didn’t mind as long as schoolwork wasn’t affected, but Trevor’s parents weren’t at all happy about the nature of the relationship and confided to Bob’s mum that they were sure that it was `just a phase’ and that he would `grow out of it’. But at mum’s insistence, they let the relationship go its own way. If it fizzled out then there was no problem, but if it got really serious, well then, they would have to cross that bridge when they came to it. But for now Bob and Trevor enjoyed each other without parental interference.

On the Wednesday before Pride, Trevor arrived at Bob’s late after a game of rugby. He had a black eye and a few cuts and bruises but he looked flushed and happy because his team had won and he had scored the winning try. Bob was delighted when he arrived.

“Ahh!” he said. “You’ve been playing rugby and you won.”

“How do you know?”

“I can tell. I can sense that you’re very happy, even happier than you usually are when we’re together. And you smell fantastic! I can smell mud and soap and hot water, the leather of the ball and the other boys. But best of all I can smell you – hot and sweaty and glowing!”

“You’re amazing.” Trevor said in awe. “You’re dead right. We won and I scored the clincher!”

“My hero!” Bob mocked and threw his arms around Trevor’s neck. They kissed long, hard and deep. Bob could feel Trevor’s erection sticking into him and he knew that his dick was in the same situation.

“Bob,” Trevor gasped as the clinch broke. “I really, really want to do it with you tonight. I think we know each other well enough now and you make me so fucking horny. I just love you so much. I really think it’s the right time.”

“I feel the same, Trevor. I love you too and I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Shall we lie down?”


They lay on the bed and with trembling hands they started to explore each other’s bodies. Bob started to feel Trevor’s powerful, broad chest and he slipped his hand under Trevor’s sweatshirt and gasped as he reached the rock hard nipples. Trevor sighed as Bob massaged them and he put a steadying hand on Bob’s.

“Stop, Bob,” he said. “You’re driving me wild.”

Bob chuckled to himself and again locked himself onto Trevor’s mouth and they enjoyed another long hard kiss as Trevor started to remove Bob’s shirt. They sat up and Bob pulled Trevor’s sweatshirt up over his head until it was off. Trevor drunk in Bob’s now exposed torso and gently ran his fingers all over him; his shoulders and chest; his back and his ribcage that with Bob’s skinny build was clearly visible.

“Wow”, Trevor said as he explored every contour of Bob’s chest, neck and shoulders. “You are just so beautiful” he continued as he leaned forward to tickle Bob’s nipple with his tongue. Bob drew breath sharply as sensations he had never before experienced began to course through his body.

He put his hands on Trevor’s head and began to massage his skull before pushing him away.

“I can’t… I can’t… I can’t stand anymore,” Bob stammered. “I feel as if I want to explode. Let’s rest for a while.” They lay down beside each other but very soon Bob’s hand strayed onto Trevor’s chest. He had never felt anything like it before. The musculature was rock hard and Bob likened the feel to the marble sculptures he had felt during family outings to museums. He ran his hand down to the belly button and was surprised to feel hair there. This fascinated him and he twirled it around with his finger causing Trevor to giggle. He then traced the `treasure-trail’ down towards the ultimate goal. He expected it to disappear into the waistband of Trevor’s jeans and he was surprised to find the jeans wide open and the boxers pushed down as far as they would go without revealing their secrets. Instead, Bob’s hand ran into Trevor’s very erect dick as it strained for release from its cotton prison. Both Bob and Trevor gasped at the moment of contact and Bob’s trembling hand began to investigate more thoroughly. He slowly felt its full length through the material before, with his mouth as dry as tinder and almost hyperventilating, sliding his hand under the constricting waistband to get his first real feel of another boys most personal area.

“My God, oh my God,” he whispered. “This is just so fantastic! It feels just wonderful.” Trevor lifted his arse and pushed his clothing down to his knees before pushing them all the way off. Bob continued to explore and was amazed at how different Trevor felt to what he could remember of Chris and how different it felt to himself. He leaned over and licked it gently which caused Trevor to jump slightly. The taste was fantastic – pure Trevor like he always tasted when they kissed but 10, 20, 30, times more intense. The kissing and licking got faster before Bob took him wholly in his mouth. Trevor began to writh and moan and he stroked Bob’s back and neck before reaching down for Bob’s belt and zip. He fumbled for a bit and very soon Bob’s clothes were off and his full glory was revealed to his lover.

“Come over on top of me,” Trevor gasped and without releasing Trevor from his mouth, Bob climbed over so that his dick was over Trevor’s face.

Trevor put his hands on Bob’s hips and lifted him and positioned him so that as he lowered him, his dick would slip effortlessly into his mouth. Bob almost screamed at the sensation of sliding into Trevor’s mouth but the big mouthful he himself was enjoying prevented any sound from escaping. They stayed in this position for only a few short moments writhing and thrusting as passion took them over.

“I’m gonna cum!” Bob hissed pulling out of Trevor’s mouth. “Oh God, Oh shit, Oh FUCK” he struggled to keep from shouting at the top of his voice as he unloaded over Trevor’s chest and face.

“Me TOOOOOOO! … AHHH!” Trevor wasn’t able to pull out of Bob’s mouth in time and the first spurt got Bob’s tonsils causing him to cough and gag whilst Trevor unloaded onto his face. They both collapsed totally spent but euphoric and Bob twisted round so that their faces were together.

They kissed gently and Trevor licked some of his juice off Bob’s face.

“Sorry I came in your mouth,” he said as he kissed Bob gently.  “It’s okay,” Bob said sweetly. “Tasted lovely and felt great.” They kissed again and just lay there enjoying each other’s bodies.

“You know, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”  Bob whispered.

“Me too,” Trevor replied. “Nothing I ever did before compared to this. I love you so much, Bob.”

“I love you too, Trevor.” Bob snuggled up into Trevor’s muscular hug. “Don’t ever leave me, Trevor.”

“Why would I leave you?” Trevor sounded surprised.

“I don’t know. I just get the feeling that you like Chad.”

“What??? I like Chad, of course I do. And yes, he is good looking, and from what I can tell he’s got a dick like a racehorse. But I don’t fancy him and I certainly don’t love him. I love you, Bobby-boy. You’re my boyfriend. I’m with you and you’re with me. Together, forever and always. You’re everything I want. I’m going nowhere so stop being silly.” He squeezed Bob tight and kissed him long and passionately. Bob smiled to himself and snuggled even more deeply into his boyfriend’s strong arms. Their heads were touching and Trevor couldn’t help chuckling quietly at how wonderful he felt at this moment. He thought he was beginning to understand what Bob meant about time standing still. He wished it would. He wanted to feel this happy and secure for ever.

“Trevor?” Bob half whispered.

“Mmmmmm?” Trevor couldn’t be bothered to articulate.

“Don’t call me Bobby!”

“Oh fuck off!” Trevor whispered in Bob’s ear and they both erupted into a fit of giggles.

Trevor’s eyes flicked open. He couldn’t work out where he was. Something had jabbed him awake from his wonderful dream in which he was sharing a bed with Bob and, to him, it seemed like they had been having sex all night virtually continuously. There it was again! “What the fuck?” he thought to himself and he half sat up and rested on his elbows. He blinked his eyes as the early morning sunlight started to work its way through the chinks in the curtains. Then the penny dropped! He was in Bob’s bed, with Bob and they HAD been having sex all night! The jabbing in his side was Bob’s early morning eagerness for another session! Trevor chuckled to himself and snuggled back down to face his lover. He kissed him on the nose.

“Hello,” he giggled.

“Hello,” Bob replied and they started to kiss and rub themselves against one another. Orgasm soon followed although each boy only shot a few drops, the reservoirs being well and truly drained during the night.

“Come on, lover boys! We’re going to London today.” Chris’s unsubtle wake up call cut through their reverie.

“SHHHHHHH!” Bob hissed. “Mum’ll hear you!”

“Too late to worry about that! All the grunting and humping that was going on in here all night. I’ll bet the Kaminski’s could hear you two doors down! Now up you get and don’t forget to stand the sheets up in the corner before you go.”

Chris ducked out of the door to avoid the barrage of flying pillows that were aimed at him.

“Oh God”, said Trevor. “Do you think they could hear us?”

“Don’t care if they did. If today’s going to be anything like last night, then we’re going to have a wonderful time. My God these sheets are soaking! How many times did you cum last night?”

“About the same as you I reckon. Although I did knock a couple out while you were asleep.”

“You slag!” Mocked Bob, “Cheating on me already with Mr. Palm and his five sons!”

“You trying to tell me you didn’t?”

“Might have done.”

Ah-hahhhhh, thought so!”

“This wet patch is definitely yours though.” Bob held up sticky fingers for Trevor’s inspection. “Mines definitely thicker and creamier than this.” “Bollocks!” Trevor launched himself at Bob and a short play fight left them both breathless and laughing and Bob’s bed looking as if it had exploded.

While Trevor showered, Bob mused on what a coup it was to get Mum to allow Trevor to stop over so that they could get an early start. They conveniently forgot that Chad had to arrive yet, but it didn’t matter, Trevor got to stay. Mum had insisted on putting a foldaway bed in Bob’s room although she confided to Chris with a deep sigh, that she didn’t expect it to get much use.

They presented themselves for breakfast and when mum had left the room, Graeme asked “Trevor, did you trap your finger in that foldaway last night?”

“What?” Trevor looked blank.

“It’s just that I thought I heard you yell “Oh Fuck!” a couple of times during the night.” Trevor went bright red and wished the ground would open up under him. Chris and Bob just exploded in laughter. Trevor just looked blank again.

“They’re taking the piss, Trev. Don’t worry” Bob grinned.

“Wankers!” Trevor laughed just as mum came back into the room.  “I beg your pardon?” She said.

“Er, I was, that is I just said `Thank you for having me.”

“That’s all right, Trevor. You’re welcome.” She smiled back and Trevor breathed a sigh of relief.

The doorbell rang and Chris went to answer it. He came back in to the room with Chad who was wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of bright orange shorts which hung much lower on his hips than mum considered to be strictly decent. She was surprised that Thelma allowed him out looking like that. Then, of course, Chad was the apple of her eye and he seemed to be able to do anything he wanted.

“Good morning everyone,” he beamed and sat at the table next to Chris.

“Would you like some breakfast, Chad?” mum asked out of politeness.

“Yes please!”

“That was a stupid question,” she muttered to herself as she put some more bacon and sausages under the grill.

“Doesn’t your auntie feed you?” Graeme asked.

“Oh yes, but I a growing boy. I always hungry.” The others just smiled and sat and watched as Chad effortlessly and systematically ate every morsel, almost going as far as scraping the glaze off the plate in order to get the last of the tomato juice.

“Come on then,” said Chris. ” Let’s go.”

“I want to come, too.” Graeme complained.

“Next time, maybe.” mum said. “We’ll go out around the shops a bit later.” The idea that he might be able to persuade his mum to buy him something expensive as compensation while they were out placated him for a while. “Wear your dark glasses, Bobby,” she continued ,”and take your telescopic white stick in your pocket and you’d better put your badge on as well in case you get separated in the crowd.”

“Shall I just get `Blind Boy’ tattooed on my forehead and carry a big bell, as well?” Bob grumbled.

“Don’t be facetious, Bobby. I’m just concerned. It’s your first time in the city without me.”

“I know Mum. I’ll be alright. I’ve got these three looking out for me.”

Mum gave Chad a mildly disapproving look and said quietly “Well, two anyway.”

All the goodbyes were said and soon they were sitting in the train bowling down the Metropolitan Line towards the city centre.

“What that thing?” Chad asked pointing out of the window.

“Oh Man!” Trevor exclaimed. “That’s the Wembley Arch. It’s the new stadium! Wow! I didn’t know we were so close to it.” Trevor then started to reel off facts and figures about the stadium and how it was his dream to play there one day.

“Which sport?”

“Don’t care,” Trevor continued. “I just want to play there!” Bob moved in closer and snuggled up to his boyfriend, memories of last night still fresh in his mind. He rested his head on Trevor’s shoulder and Trevor put his arm around Bob and squeezed him gently.

“I love you,” he whispered, hoping Chris and Chad who were sitting opposite and deep in conversation, wouldn’t hear.

“Love you too”, Bob hissed back.

“Right!” Chris said loudly. “We’ve got to change at Baker Street. It’s going to be chaos there, really crowded. So Trevor, you look after Bob and for God’s sake don’t get lost. I’ll navigate `cos it’s like a fuckin’ maze.”

“What I do?.” Chad didn’t want to feel left out.

“Just stay close to me and Trevor and make sure you can see all of us at all times.”

“OK, Boss.” Chad gave a ridiculously elaborate salute and clicked his heels. The train pulled into Baker Street.

“Hold me tight, Trevor,” Bob said, fear showing in his voice. He’d never felt a crush like this before and despite Trevor’s firm grip on his arm, he began to think that perhaps he shouldn’t be here without his parents.

“Escalator!” Trevor shouted and he guided Bob on to the first step. People continued to push past them and Bob nearly tumbled as a man with a big bag on his back pushed past and hit him with the bag.  “You ok?” Trevor asked concerned.

“Yeh, I’m fine.”

“OK, get ready to step off.” Once again someone pushed past and Bob lost his footing completely and fell off the end of the escalator and on to the floor, bringing Trevor to his knees as well.

“CHRIS! WAIT!” Trevor called. Chris turned around and saw what happened and he grabbed the man who pushed Bob.

“Why don’t you look where you’re going, asshole?” he shouted at him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him like a terrier shakes a rat. The man struggled and started to speak in a language Chris didn’t understand. Chad ran over and pushed his way in between them and started to speak to the man heatedly.

“He say he sorry, “Chad said. “But I call him fuck off cunt, anyway.”

“Thanks, was he Polish?

“No he Latvian, but he understand,” Chad grinned. Bob had now got to his feet and was none the worse for his tumble but Chris rounded on Trevor.

“You’re supposed to be looking after him you useless fuck!”

“Chris, leave it. I’m ok. It was an accident.” Bob spoke to his brother. He felt close to tears that what should have been a wonderful day was already going sour. Chris glowered at Trevor and looked at Bob and then at Chad who was giving him a very strange look indeed; a sort of a cross between shock, anger and disappointment. This seemed to shock Chris who calmed down as quickly as he had exploded.

“Ok, I’m sorry Trevor,” he said,” but try and keep a better grip on him.” They carried on along the tunnel to the Bakerloo Line that would take them to Piccadilly Circus and thence to Soho.

They climbed the steps from Piccadilly Circus Station and out into the sunlight. All around them there was music and the smells of exotic foods cooking.

“Wow, this place is fantastic” Trevor gasped.

“I know the atmosphere is great, I can almost taste it,” Bob said as he tipped his head back and drew in huge breaths through his nose.  They headed off down Glasshouse Street and turned into Brewer Street making for Old Compton Street. The smells in the air were getting stronger and the sounds of music were getting louder as they strolled along. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Trevor gasped. “Have you, Chad?”

“No, we got nothing like this in Gdansk. Maybe in Warscezawa but I never see. There some beautiful boys here.” As he spoke he pulled off his tee shirt and tied it around his waist.

“What about Markus?” Bob asked.

“Not as nice as Markus! When we live here I bring him and show him like you show me.” He leaned over and gave Bob a kiss.

“Oi, watch it.” Trevor said with a smile. “Get your own man.”

“I just say thank you, that is all,” and he leaned over kissed Trevor as well.

“Are you going to kiss Chris?” Bob asked mischievously.

“When he had a few drinks.” Chad said with a twinkle, then he ran forward to walk along side Chris who was looking astonished at some of the sights that confronted him.

The crowds in Old Compton Street were beyond belief and progress was very slow even at this early hour. Chris and Chad walked in front with Bob and Trevor very close behind. They soon came to a makeshift stage where a Drag Queen was entertaining the crowds. Chad pushed his way to the front and dragged a reluctant Chris with him. Immediately Chad caught the entertainer’s attention.

“Well, well, what have we here? Stripped and ready for action at this early hour. Why don’t you come up here and talk to me?”

Chad made for the steps, still dragging Chris with him who was now the colour of beetroot. When they were on the stage, Chad called Bob and Trevor to come up as well.

“Who are Bob and Trevor?” the artiste enquired.

“They my friends, the reason we here.”

“I see,” the artiste said to Chad,” and what’s your name and where do you come from?

“My name is Chad and I from Hhhhharrow”. Chad still found “h” sounds difficult.

“Really? Do they all talk like you in Harrow?”

“No, I from Poland. I stay with my uncle.

“And is this your boyfriend?” She said indicating Chris who was trying to squeeze down the cracks between the floorboards of the stage.

“Not yet,” Chad giggled. “He just my friend but I work on him.”

She asked Chris his name but he seemed to be paralyzed. She managed to get a mumbled “Chris” out of him but realized she was on a hiding to nothing with him and moved along the line.

“So who are these two?”

“That Bob, Chris’s brother Bob and his boyfriend, Trevor.”

“Boyfriends!!! Oh how sweet! How old are you sweetie?” she asked Trevor.


“Fifteen! How wonderful. How long have you been together?

“About a month.”

“Ahhhhhhhh” went the Drag Queen and “Ahhhhhhhh” went the audience. She moved along to Bob.

“How old are you, Bobby?”

“Don’t call me Bobby” Bob said sternly.

“Ooooh, Bob is it?”

“Yes please, and I’m fourteen”.

“Fourteen! Only five years younger than me!” This brought jeers and cheers from the crowd. She looked at Bob and said tactlessly “You can’t see me, can you?”

“No, but I can smell you.” Bob shot back without missing a beat.

“I see we’ve got a live one here. So what do you like doing, Bob?

“Shagging!” Bob said, and it raised a mighty cheer from the crowd.

“Well I guessed that! Anything else?”

“He plays the piano.” Trevor interrupted.

“Do you? Do you indeed? We’ve got a piano thing here. Will you give us a tune? What do you think audience? Should Bob play for us?”

“Alright”, said Bob. “Just a quick one”

“Reminds me of last night!” quipped Trevor, and again a roar from the crowd. Trevor guided Bob over to where the piano was and sat him down,. He ran his hands over the keyboard.

“It’s shit!” he said. “But I’ll have a go.”

Bob started off playing the chimes of Big Ben before launching into a frantic boogie woogie, his hands flying over the notes and his head nodding in time to the music. Sweat broke out on his brow and people were coming out of adjacent pubs to see who was playing. The crowd clapped and cheered their encouragement. Finally Bob finished with a crashing finale and the crowd went wild. The entertainer just stood and stared open mouthed as Trevor guided Bob to the front of the stage to take his bow. She finally regained her power of speech and called out to the Landlord of The Admiral Duncan who was standing by the stage.

“Reggie, Darling. Give these boys a drink … on me!”

The four boys trooped off the stage, Chris was fairly glowing with pride at his little brother’s performance. They made for the door of the Admiral Duncan. The crowd parted to let them through and hands kept patting Bob’s shoulders and ruffling his hair as they passed. They got to the door and the bouncer stopped them.

“You’re too young,” he said.

“But we’ve just been bought a drink,” Trevor protested. The bouncer was just about to reply when Reggie appeared and ushered them all inside.

“Just sit quietly in the corner,” he said and took their drink orders. Chad beamed wider than ever as a pint of beer was placed before him.

“Bob, you go play piano some more so I get more these!” he joked as he savored his first mouthful. Chris was also enjoying his beer despite complaining bitterly about how embarrassed he was by being dragged up on stage. They continued to talk and joke and decided to carry on down Old Compton Street to Charing Cross Road and then walk back down to Piccadilly before deciding where to eat. They drained their glasses and left the pub. Again they walked with Chris and Chad in front and Bob and Trevor close behind.

“Bloody hell, Bob!” Trevor hissed as quietly as he could over the noise of the festival.

“What?” Bob hissed back.

“They’re holding hands!”


“Chad and Chris!”

“Fuck off, Trev.” Bob laughed incredulously.

“They are, honest! Come on speed up a bit and we’ll get really close so that you can touch them.”

They did speed up and Trevor guided Bob’s hand so that he grasped both Chad and Chris’s hands. He quickly made a thorough inspection and smiled at his brother’s efforts to break away, but Chad was having none of it and he clung on to Chris’s hand like his life depended on it. Chris finally gave up his struggle and let Bob check out his holding Chad’s hand.

“Does this mean I’ve got a sister? Bob laughed.

“No I just … I don’t know but …”

“He just, how you say it? He just get carried away.” Chad came to Chris’s rescue.

“Swept along with the atmosphere?” Trevor asked.

“Yeh, sort of. Something like that”

They came to where Old Compton Street forks and they took the right hand way out into Charing Cross Road.

Suddenly a youth barged into Chad and he was spun around and then he collapsed holding his stomach. Trevor immediately ran off after the youth leaving Bob feeling bewildered.

“My wallet” Chad gasped. “They steal my wallet, my money my papers they steal!”

“Stay with Bob!” Chris shouted and he too ran off in pursuit. Bob felt a rising panic. He couldn’t feel or hear any of his companions. He had no idea where he was. “TREVOR, CHRIS, CHAD” he shouted.

“OK Bob, I here.” Chad gasped. “I hurt but ok.” Chad reached out and took Bob’s hand and he started to relax. Chad explained what happened as he got to his feet.

Meanwhile the crowds had prevented the mugger getting too far ahead and Trevor was able to get close enough to launch a very impressive flying rugby tackle and bring the boy crashing to the pavement. The mugger struggled manfully and even tried to bite Trevor but a few seconds later Chris arrived and grabbed him by his hooded shirt and dragged him to his feet.

“Punch my mate and nick his wallet, would you? I’ll show you nicking,” and he shook the boy violently “Give it back!” a few more shakes. “Give it BACK!”

“Alright, alright, don’t hit me!” He sounded like he was going to cry. But Chris had lost his temper and was set to hit him hard.

“CHRIS! STOPPIT! For God’s sake.” Trevor shouted. Chris pulled back at the last minute.

“Just give me the wallet,” Chris said menacingly. The mugger reached inside his jacket and handed Chris the wallet. Trevor pushed the boy’s hood off so they could see him properly.

“My God! How old are you?”


“Bloody hell.” Chris was shocked at the boy’s undernourished, sallow appearance and his dirty greasy blond hair. “What do you steal for?”

“I’m hungry”


“I live on the street. I ain’t got no home.”

“Why not?”

“Keep yer nose out.” The lad started to get surly.

“Ok, look,” Chris reached in his pocket and brought out a five pound note. “Go get yourself a burger.”

“Yeh? Thanks mate!” and the boy ran off.

“You old softee,” Trevor teased as they walked back to Bob.

“Not a word to anyone, you hear?” Chris replied. “And by the way, that was some tackle you pulled back there.”

“Thanks” Trevor said modestly.

They got back to Bob and Chad and the wallet was found to be intact and they wandered off down Charing Cross Road to enjoy the rest of their day without further incident.


It was a lovely warm summer morning and unusually the three Honeyball brothers were all at home at the same time. They decided to do something that they hadn’t done for a long time; they went into the garden and played catch. Their mother watched them from the window and mused that she wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last time she ever heard the expression “Comin’ at cha”. They were all growing up so fast and already Chris had decided not to go on the family holiday this year and it seemed likely that ball games in the garden would soon be a thing of the past as well.

She smiled as voices were raised as minor spats were settled with a quick rough and tumble and the indignant shouts soon turned to giggles. Suddenly they stopped playing and headed for the house. Mum ducked away from the window not wanting them to know that she was watching them. They all trooped in and attacked the fridge looking for refreshments. The clinking of glasses was soon replaced by the sounds of drinks being gulped down and lips being smacked. The doorbell rang and Bob, expecting Trevor, banged his glass down and ran to the door.

He opened the door and opened his arms wide and shouted; “Come on you sexy beast! Give us a snog!”

“Oh hello Bobby, is your mother in?” an unexpected voice asked. Bob stood agape and frozen to the spot, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him. He was conscious of his mouth opening and closing wordlessly as his mind raced looking for an escape from this embarrassment.

“Oh hello Mrs Kaminski. Please come in.” Then he shouted “MUM, MRS. KAMINSKI’S HERE.” He showed the visitor into the lounge and said quietly to her “I’m sorry about that, I thought you were someone else.”

“I rather thought you did,” and she gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Mum appeared and she asked Bob to make her and her visitor some tea. Thelma looked aghast.

“You let Bobby make tea?”

“Of course.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll burn himself?”

“Not any more. He knows what he’s doing. Anyway, it’s nice to see you. What brings you round?” Thelma’s face dropped.

“He’s gone,” she said.


“Chad. He caught a plane last night.”

“I thought he was here for another week, at least.”

“He was going to be, but we got a call from his mother. Markus has been attacked and quite badly hurt and he was asking for Chad.”

“That’s awful. Do you know how he is?”

“No, he hasn’t rung.”

Bob brought the tea in and mum told him to tell Chris that Chad had gone.

“I do envy you your boys,” Thelma continued, wiping her eyes and staring off into middle distance. “We never had any. George wanted to but I wanted to run my business. Then I became ill and lost the business and by then it was too late. I know we are comfortable but I wish I’d gone along with George. That’s why I loved having Chad here. You know I actually used to like finding his socks down the back of the sofa and even his underpants shoved down behind the radiators. I miss him so much already.”

“He’s a lovely lad,” mum bit her tongue. “I’m sure he’ll be back soon, perhaps with Markus as well.”

“I hope so. Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Thank you for the tea and I’ll let you know what happens.”

Trevor did eventually arrive and they went straight up to Bob’s room. After the usual preliminary kisses, hugs and gropes, Bob sat down and told Trevor the news. They discussed it for a few minutes and eventually came to the conclusion that yes, they’d both miss him and they were sure he would be back as soon as he was ready and in the meantime let’s have some sex.

Bob virtually leapt on Trevor knocking him flat on his back on the bed, He slid his hands up under Trevor’s shirt and kissed his neck passionately. Trevor eventually got his bearings and started to pull Bob’s shirt up over his head. They were both eventually naked and both as hard as iron. Bob was like a madman as he sucked as kissed and massaged every part of Trevor’s body.

“Stop! Stop!” Trevor gasped.

“What’s up? Bob asked breathless and puzzled. “Don’t you want it?”  “Course I do. It’s just that … I want to fuck you.”

Bob stopped dead in his tracks. Still puzzled but now shocked.

He asked quietly, “Like a girl?”

“Like a boy.”

“I’ve never done anything like that before. It’ll hurt, won’t it?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I want to be inside you. Like we’re joined together.

Bob was still understandably nervous and his erection was fading fast.  “Do you know what to do so that you won’t hurt me?”

“I think so. I’ve seen it in books and stuff.”

“Don’t you need grease and stuff?”

Trevor giggled. “K.Y. is the stuff and I’ve got some in my pocket.”

“Got it all planned, then” Bob said wryly. “Where did you get it?”

“The chemist’s. Yeh, I thought the time would come when we’d need it. So I thought I’d get prepared”

Bob’s hand wandered over Trevor’s chest and belly as he thought things through. His hand wandered down and found Trevor was still rock hard. A smile came to his lips and he felt himself hardening as he fingered Trevor’s rock hard prick.

“Ok,” he said. “But you must promise to stop if I ask you to.”

“Of course.” Trevor leaned forward and kissed Bob passionately. Bob responded in kind and their tongues danced together as hands and fingers caressed, massaged and teased their bodies.

“Ok,” Bob gasped I’m ready. How do you want me?”

“On your back.” Bob complied and Trevor lifted his legs up to reveal Bob’s tightly closed, puckered hole. He stroked it with his finger, causing Bob to giggle. The giggles became gasps as Trevor’s finger worked its way inside the tightly shut opening.

“OW, that’s cold!” Bob squeaked as Trevor administered the lube to Bob’s arse.

“Sorry,” Trevor said, barely above a whisper. Bob gave a sharp intake of breath as Trevor inserted a second finger. “How’s that feel?” he asked. “Weird, but ok.”

“Ok, I’m going for it.” Trevor manoeuvered himself closer and put Bob’s ankles on his shoulders as he gently pressed his lube covered dick against Bob’s sphincter. There was resistance at first, then suddenly he was in! They both gasped in unison and Bob writhed at the sensation. Trevor continued to push and he disappeared little by little inside his lover. When he was almost there he dropped down so that his hands were on the bed either side of Bob’s head.

“Ok?” Trevor asked.

“Ok, just go gently when you start.” Trevor started slow, gentle thrusts, then very gradually speeded up. Bob started to push back involuntarily at Trevor and this lifted Trevor to an even greater feeling of elation. Bob moaned and writhed as Trevor got faster.

“Drop on to your elbows and kiss me!” Bob commanded. Trevor obeyed and Bob’s legs wrapped around his waist. They kissed hard and passionately. Trevor could feel Bob’s dick digging into his stomach as he worked.

“I’m going to come!” Trevor gasped “You want me to pull out?”

“No. Fill `er up,” Bob replied as he felt himself approaching his climax. Trevor gave a mighty thrust and he unloaded deep inside his lover. At the same time Bob unloaded between them. Trevor pulled out slowly and carefully then rolled off Bob and lay beside him, their bodies touching in as many places as possible. After a few moments Trevor was alarmed to see that Bob was crying.

“Shit, Bob. Dd I hurt you? I’m really sorry. I’ll never ask you to do that again I promise.”

“No it’s all right, you didn’t hurt me.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I don’t know.” Trevor was puzzled as Bob continued. “It’s just that I feel so wonderful and happy like I’m never going to be sad ever again. When you were doing me there was so much going on in my head I couldn’t control it. I left my body and I felt I was someone else. It was wonderful Trevor. And it was you that made it happen. I never want to forget this day.”

“Me neither.” Trevor was almost gurgling with pride and delight, and they lay together until they both fell into a light, refreshing sleep.

Ray Honeyball was due back from his business trip on Friday and mum had scheduled the party for Saturday. She thought it would be nice if the party served not only to welcome the Summers to the neighbourhood, but also to welcome Ray back from what had been a very long and difficult business trip. As the Friday approached, the boys were getting more and more excited, not only at the prospect of seeing their father again after so long but also the anticipation as to what presents he had brought them. Bob was particularly looking forward to introducing Trevor to his father, but he also had trepidations about how his father would react to the nature of their friendship, although he knew that his mother had explained things to Ray on the telephone and she assured Bob that Ray had reacted with surprise, but wasn’t concerned about it as long as Bob was happy.

When Ray’s taxi pulled up outside the house, the three brothers bounced out of the house like puppies released from a pen. They ran around the car pulling at the doors, trying to get to their father. Certainly if they had tails they would be wagging at top speed. They all talked at once as Ray loaded them up with suitcases and bags and paid the fair. He was swept up the path on a wave of adolescent adrenalin to the front door where mum was waiting quietly for him. Presents were handed out. An Ipod for Chris, a talking watch with myriad gadgets no blind person should be without for Bob, and a collection of games available only in the States for Graeme. And thoughtful man that he is, he bought a signed American football for Trevor.

Trevor was very nervous about coming round that evening. The thought of meeting Bob’s father was very daunting for him. He was overjoyed by the football and after some initial awkwardness, everything returned to normal. Trevor and Bob just played around that evening, Trevor was still not comfortable with having full sex with Bob while his father was there. Bob understood and thought that he was right.

The night of the party had arrived and the drink was flowing and the music was playing and everyone was enjoying themselves. Ray had elected himself `keeper of the music’ and so seventies rock ballads was the predominant theme. This didn’t sit well with young Graeme who was looking for an opportunity to slip one of his Beyonce albums on. He saw his moment and in seconds Beyonce was blasting out of the stereo system. This wasn’t enough for Graeme and he slowly turned up the volume until people had to speak louder to be heard. Trevor and Bob had been allowed to drink beer for the evening and were feeling rather fancy-free. They were having a silly conversation about what they liked about each other and Trevor finished it off by shouting “YOU ONLY LOVE ME FOR MY COCK!” just as Ray turned off the music. A hush descended on the room.

“Get me out of here!” Bob hissed.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’m frozen to the spot!”

Just then the doorbell rang and Graeme went to answer it. A few seconds later he came back. “Dad, you’d better come.”

Ray went out and was surprised to find a policeman and a man in a very smart suit and a briefcase.

“Are you Mr. Honeyball?” The policeman asked.

“I am. What’s happened?”

“Nothing sir. We’re looking for a Mr. George Kaminski.”

Ray called George through and after he had identified himself the policeman asked another question. “Do you know a Giantarias Kaminski, sometimes known as “Chad”?

“Yes, of course. He is my nephew. Look, what has happened? Is he alright?

“I just have another couple of questions then everything will be explained.” The policeman cleared his throat and continued, “Do you also know a Markus Jakowiec?”

“Yes. He’s my nephew’s…er… friend.” The man in the suit then spoke for the first time. “Do you mean boyfriend, by any chance?”

“Yes, that is what I mean. Look, where are they? What is happening.”

“They are under police guard outside in the car.”

“WHAT? Bring them in now, please!”

“All in good time sir. My name is Gerald Farrier and I am from The Department of Immigration, by the way. They were picked up at Heathrow because Mr. Kaminski didn’t have his papers. He said he rushed away and left them at your house. Is this true?

“Yes it is, but I thought he had his papers. But he is a scatterbrain so it would not surprise me if he left them.”

“Are you prepared to sign that you’ll ensure that these two young men will be living in your house and that you will be responsible for their good behavior?”

“Yes, of course. Can I see them?”

“In a moment, sir. If you could sign here, please. And here, and here, here and here.” He turned over a page. “And here, here, here and here. Good, thank you sir. Constable, will you bring the two young gentlemen in please?”

Chad and Markus appeared at the door looking very disheveled and unhappy but what shocked George the most was that they were handcuffed together.

“Constable! Remove those cuffs immediately.” Gerald Farrier was not happy. “Very well, sir I’ll leave this paperwork with you and you will hear from us soon. Goodnight.”

George gave Chad a long, long hug, and Markus too. “Your aunt is in there. Go on; make an entrance.”

The living room door crashed open and there stood Chad. “Hello. I back. Any beer for me?”

“CHAD!” shrieked Thelma, leaping out of her chair with a speed and agility that belied a woman of her age and girth. She leapt on him smothering him with kisses.

“What’s going on?” asked Bob.

“Chad’s back,” said Trevor.

“Well, I worked that one out.”

“I think Markus is with him, but Thelma’s climbing all over him so I can’t see properly.”

“At least we’re off the hook, anyway.”

“Yeh, thank God. Look out. George has pulled Thelma off Chad. He’s introducing Markus. They’re standing arm in arm like we do!”  “What’s he like?

“Well, he’s very tall.”

“Tall as Chris?”

“Yeh, easily, and he’s very thin. Not as skinny as you, though.” “Bollocks! What’s his face like?”

“Very round. He’s quite nice looking though. Brown hair a bit wavy and quite long. He has got quite a big nose.”

“Big as yours?”

“Bollocks! Come on let’s go and say hello”

As Chad introduced Markus to everybody it was plain that they were very much in love and they held hands or linked arms all the time.

From a vantage point in the corner, Chris watched the proceedings quietly, and before they got round to speaking to him, and unseen by anyone, he slipped away up to his room and locked the door.

The End


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