Aggressive Submissive
by Rodder52


There’s a paradox in the notion of a submissive fuck-toy (which is what I am sometimes) aggressively pursuing a butch top. But when the lust overtakes me and I need to be taken like a fag bitch. When my hands stray to my nipples unbidden. When my breath shortens and my knees weaken because the image of a stern stiff cock fills my brain, I have to find someone I might seduce into fucking me.

This day it was Big Mike Williams. There needs to be some kind of chance that the guy’s going to be open to an approach of course but sometimes I get so hungry I take risks. The only signal I ever got from Big Mike was one time we were pissed and having that weird drunk conversation “If I was A Woman”.

‘If I was a woman I’d stay home and play with my tits” etc. etc.

Anyway, this time Big Mike said, “If you were a woman I’d fuck you.”

It broke the rules of the game a bit but I got such a rush I didn’t pull him up.

“If I was a woman,” I said, “I’d let ya.”

So on that flimsy evidence I set out to see if I could get the big guy to take care of me. They say a standing dick has no conscience – well let me tell you – neither does a hungry bunghole.

Pulled into his place with a 12 pack middle of the day. I knew his girlfriend would be working and Mike does most of his journalist work from home.

“Thought I’d come by and getcha drunk,” I say.

“You’re a good man,” he says. “And they’re hard to find.”

“And you’re a hard man – they’re good to find,” I say.

He gives me a look that tells me he’s confused by my squirrelly act but I don’t care. I’m already turned on by the knowledge that I’m taking this crazy chance. I’m openly perving at him and checking his crutch.

We have a few beers and I try to drop broad hints but he’s not picking them up. He knows I’m acting strange but he doesn’t know why. He’s got no idea I like dick.

I asked him how his sex life was going and he told me he was good as married so it was up to shit and I tell him I wish I could help.

“Yeah me too buddy,” he says.

“Mike,” I say, “I want to confess something to you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Sometimes I get so horny I can’t help myself. I’m a fag Mike. I just keep dreaming of cock, cock, cock. I want your cock. I came over here today to try and get you to fuck me.”

“What the fuck?” he says. “Man you’re crazy.”

I could tell he was surprised but I couldn’t tell if he was angry or amused. I know how I felt. I was fearful. I was anxious. And I was aroused.

I’d got to the edge and now I jumped. I pushed my shirt up over my tits and tweaked my hardening nipples.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t help it Mike. I’m so fuckin hot for you. Fuck me Mike. Please fuck me buddy.”

I stood and pushed my jeans down to my ankles. I turned and bent and offered my arse. I knew the sight was as fine as any woman’s white and cleft full moon in that position. I stroked the plump cheeks with my hands and pulled them open to flash the pretty pink ring.

“Stop that you crazy fuckin bastard,” shouts Mike.

He said something else too but I was so hyped I didn’t hear what it was.


“Get in the bedroom.”


“Get in the bedroom, someone might see us out here.”

I walk to the bedroom in a daze shedding my clothes as I go. I look over my shoulder and Big Mike Williams is right behind me. He’s stripping too and his eyes are glued to my arse. It’s wiggling like a geisha girl’s bum because my jocks are still caught round my ankles and he loves it. He pushes his shorts down and his big rigid cock bounces free. He’s as horned as I am.

In the bedroom I kick of sneakers and jocks and kneel on the bed presenting my arse doggy style. I can hardly breathe as I wait for Mike’s first touch. Nothing happens. I look back and he’s just standing there stroking his cock and drinking in the sight of my wanton bum.

When he comes forward he puts his hand on my neck and pulls me back to stand upright.

“Want to kiss ya.” He says.

Big Mike Williams and I stand in his bedroom, naked, face to face and passionately kiss each other’s mouth. I feel the hot tube of his cock on my belly and his big balls rest on my stiff dick. He bends to me and pushes his tongue in my mouth. I suck on it and squirm against him.

His big hands cup my butt cheeks and he rolls them around as he savors the texture of the skin and the weight of the heavy globes. Every now and then I feel a knuckle graze my hole and it sends a jolt of electricity through me.

He is in complete control of me and he pushes my face slowly down over his hairy chest like a man operating his own personal pleasuring machine. He guides my lips to his nipples and I suckle for a fleeting moment before he continues my journey until the warm earthy smelling air of his crotch is in my nostrils. I suck his cock. I fondle his balls. I push one hand between his legs and caress his arse.

He stops me and sits on the bed. He arranges me on the bed too – kneeling with my arse in the air and my face in the warm funk of his cock and balls. This way he can enjoy full access to my backside. I suck him and revel in the caresses of a man who clearly loves another man’s arsehole. My senses overload when I feel a big fat finger stretch my hole.

The sensational ecstasy weakens me with submissive lust. I twist my own nipples and my bumhole strains to feel more of the slippery intruder. His hand reaches down and offers a finger in need of lubrication. I reluctantly abandon his cock and oblige him. The familiar odour of my hungry hole fills my nostrils and I drool and suck at the fingers like a demented slut. He slaps my ass and guides his cock into my mouth to remind me to keep sucking.

I moan around his big plummy cockhead. He rubs my balls and squeezes my bum cheeks. I’m impatient for the penetration of that finger. I need it. I twist and turn under his caress to try and get something – anything to contact my hungry hole. I’m flexing it open and shut. I’m writhing up and down. I can hardly breathe.

I am completely abandoned to lust. Thrusting my hips like a rutting dog. I’m completely under his control. He tweaks my nipples. I moan louder. His hands split the cleft of my bum and his finger touches my ring again. I push back. I want it all inside me. He owns me. He works his finger hard round the rim of my arse. The searing pain is so welcome – it burns my tender rosebud. My cock is hard and bouncing.

“Fuck me,” I say, “Please Fuck me.”

He pulls me around to face him. He hauls both my legs up so the backs my knees are on my chest and I’m presenting to him. I am so turned on by offering myself like this. His rigid cock points strait at me. He looks deep in my eyes and expertly wipes spit over my hole.

He lubes the head of his cock with another wipe and pushes the head against my hole. He pushes. The pain is immediate and glorious. We stare into each other’s eyes. He pushes again and I push back.

My hole slowly opens. His big fat cock slides all the way up my arse. I put my hand behind his neck and stare into his face and he begins to fuck me – a slow, rhythmical, radiating cramping in my bowels. We look into each other’s face as we get into the rhythm.

I feel like I’m in love as I look up at the big naked man steadily fucking me. Then I realize – this isn’t Mike’s first time.


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