Eight Days a Week
by Rob Thomas


I jack off every day.

Some days I jack off twice. Even on days I have sex.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Just like many of my friends, most guys upon discovering masturbation jack off multiple times daily throughout their early teens. That isn’t how it worked for me though, probably because I discovered masturbation fairly late. Living in the “Bible Belt” we didn’t have sex education in school, and my parents never discussed sex with me, so the mechanics of sex were unclear. And I had never heard of masturbation. I had of course discovered on my own that rubbing my dick felt good, although I had no idea what I was doing, or what it meant.

However, I was soon to find out.

I was about 14 years old when one day while in the shower soaping up and enjoying rubbing my dick, it suddenly became even more rigid and started pulsating. A warmth then began to spread throughout my body, followed quickly by what felt like an electric current spreading from my groin. I looked down to see what was going on with my dick just as a thick, white liquid shot from it with each pulse. I was confused by what had happened, and as I recovered from the shock, I went through what many boys do upon their first ejaculation: I feared that I had injured myself. I briefly considered telling my parents, but something held me back, telling me to wait and see what happened. I wasn’t in any pain, and so I waited.

And nothing happened.

As the next day, and then the next passed and I didn’t become ill, I was more and more relieved. Confident that I had not injured myself, I began to think about what had happened, and ultimately about how good it felt. It was then that I realized that what I had done was what I had seen the other boys in school mimicking. Their fists at their crotch making an up and down movement now made sense to me. And it was normal, and harmless.

And as I had discovered on my own, it was also fun.

Growing up we lived in a small house and privacy was rare. Usually my only opportunity to enjoy my dick was in the bath, so every few days I would masturbate in the shower. As I entered junior high school we started having physical education class, complete with group showers. I knew I was attracted to boys, and was thrilled at my first sight of other boys’ dicks. Those images gave further fuel for my “jack off” or “bate” sessions, as I had learned to call them.  I wasn’t sure how often I should “jack,” but my two to three times a week in the shower seemed about right, and usually kept my public erections under control.

When I left home for college real sex presented itself, but even so it was too infrequent to meet the needs of an 18 year old. In addition, I was living in the dormitory and privacy was still rare.

So my shower bating continued.

In my junior year of college I moved off campus and into my own apartment. I was happy to have the freedom to jack wherever and whenever I wanted without having to worry that I’d be surprised by a roommate. But as enjoyable as this was, I found that I had developed a masturbation frequency that didn’t much change over the years. Through relationships and single times, I sustained myself with jacking a few times a week, which my body had come to tell me it needed.

However, all that changed as I approached a milestone birthday.

Interested in maintaining my sexual health in coming years, I read several books about how men can maintain active sex lives. The advice given was pretty much as expected: eat right, exercise, etc.  But one author said something more, and it resonated with me. He said the best way to keep having sex is to keep having sex. In other words, use it or lose it.

As I thought about what he said, and about what kind of sex life I’d like to have in the future, I came to the realization that I had never had sex as frequently as I’d like. I did what I had always done, and what my body was conditioned to need.

But what I really wanted was to have sex every day.

Was it possible?  Could I really have an orgasm every day for the rest of my life?  I chuckled, but I was intrigued by the suggestion. I wanted to follow the advice given, so I set a short-term goal: by myself, or with a partner, I would ejaculate every day for the next week.

Surprisingly, thinking about it made me hard.

Before I knew it my hand was in my pants as a sudden need for release came over me, and my cock was soon sending warm cum across my chest. I had jacked the night before so I was surprised by the urgency of my need, but I congratulated myself, and laughed at ‘getting off’ to a promising start.

After two orgasms in two days, I slept well and awoke the next morning satisfied but with thoughts of my seven-day bate plan forgotten.  However, later as I was leaving for work I saw my neighbor and occasional jacking buddy Mike working in his yard. My jacking plan immediately came back to me in the form of my swelling dick, an effect Mike always has on me.  I never knew when Mike would be up for a bate session, so I tried to put him out of my mind and turned my thoughts instead to how I was going to be able to get it up again that evening for jack number three.

I needed a plan.

I decided I would go directly home, undress, relax with a glass of wine, fire up some porn and hope, hope, hope I could crank off another one. As I thought about my plan, and about how good my cock would feel in just a few hours’ time, my cock began to swell, and by the time I arrived at work I had an erection that I couldn’t get to go down.  Luckily it was a cool morning and I was wearing a jacket that covered my bulging crotch as I made my way to my desk.

It was slow day at work and my mind kept drifting to what I would be doing later that evening, keeping me semi-hard throughout most of the day. By the end of the work day I had been aroused for many hours and was anxious to get home and finally get some relief.

After gathering the mail, and a quick shout-out to a neighbor, I was finally home, and very excited. Following my plan I booted up the computer and stripped down. I was surprised by how full my balls felt, and was enjoying the feeling of my thickening dick slapping against my thighs as I headed to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

I then settled in at the computer and began my hunt. I frequently jack in front of my computer so I keep a supply of lube, poppers and a few toys handy in the desk drawer. I greased up my by then throbbing cock and began a slow stroke, all the while hunting for just the right video to pull me over the edge. I had been so turned on all day that it didn’t take long for that lovely heat to start spreading through me as my prostate swelled. As wave after wave of chills ran up and down my body, I finally released my load, spraying it across the desk top.  Damn it was incredible!  As my breathing began to slow and the last of my cum oozed from my slit, I couldn’t help but smile at the mess I had made.

After another restful sleep, I awoke the next morning with an erection, a rare occurrence since my early 30’s.  What was more surprising was the small bead of precum sitting just on top of my cum slit. Out of habit I scooped it up on my finger and slipped it into my mouth.

My excitement and hard-on quickly subsided however when I remembered that I had an early meeting, and I quickly forgot about my dick as I readied for work. On the drive into the office I thought about my incredible orgasm the night before, and also about my surprising morning wood.

And just as I had the day before, I arrived at work with an erection.

It was a busy day, but finally 5:00 arrived and I headed home.  It was a warm day and as I drove home my mind again turned to my next bate. Despite three orgasms in three days, I still had doubts about my ability to jack day after day. As I thought about it I began to relive my incredible orgasm from the previous night, and as I did my dick began to fill and thicken. I instinctively began to caress it, and by the time I turned onto my street the base of my dick was humming. It didn’t take long for me to get inside the house, strip and start pumping my dick.  Was it really possible for my dick to feel this good, and for me to crave it this much, after having already blown three loads?  Fuck, it felt good, and as I continued to stroke I was rewarded with another tasty drop of precum.

I quickly relaxed, putting my doubts out of my mind, and settled back to enjoy another bate. As I closed in on my orgasm I reached for the popper, taking a deep, slow huff, and letting the familiar warmth sweep through my body. I pulled and squeezed my balls as I pumped, and as I reached the point of no return I slowed my stroke, wanting to feel my cum as it bubbled up inside me seeking release. I could feel my prostate begin to swell, and I cried out as each contraction pumped semen up through my shaft. As my breathing slowed, and the last drop of cum dripped from my balls, I again admired the mess I had made.

I slept well again, waking briefly just long enough to give my hard-on a loving squeeze before drifting off again.  The next morning I awoke rested and ready for another day. It was uneventful but I ended up having to work late, and was exhausted when I left the office.  As I drove home sex was the furthest thing from my mind. But, like the day before, as I turned onto my street my cock again began to fill. As my cock pushed and strained at my fly I hurried home, anxious for another bate.

The urgency with which my dick again demanded release had me unzipping my pants as I approached my front door.

As I closed the door behind me I pulled my dick free, and smiled as a long string of precum flowed from my thickening cock head. I hurriedly scooped it up, desperately wanting a taste, but knowing I couldn’t wait a second longer for release. Instead, I used it as lube, and my orgasm was upon me before I knew it, spraying my load across the floor just inside my front door.

I didn’t have to be at work until late the following morning and decided to clean out some personal emails.  It didn’t take as long as I expected, and not surprisingly I was soon looking at some favorite porn sites. I absently started rubbing my dick through my pants and it wasn’t long before I had unzipped and pulled my thickening dick free. I like to be nude when I jack and began to undress. However, seeing my thickening cock jutting through my fly was such a turn on, I stopped undressing and reached in and also pulled my balls through.

The constriction of the opening lifted and stretched my balls, making my dick head thicken and darken. As my dick continued to swell, I kept up a slow stoke, moaning and squirming with each pass of my palm over the head. Finally my load was begging for release and I knew I couldn’t hold back. As I came to the edge I released my grip and watched as my cock stiffened and then began to bob with each jet of cum that flew from it, drenching my pants and shirt. Unbelievable.

Later that morning as I left for work I saw Mike also heading out.

He walked over and said he’d like to come by that evening. Mike is straight but we had been jacking together since he moved next door about a year ago. Mike is in his early 30’s, about 5’10, 180 lbs., with black eyes and black, close-cropped hair.  He has a nice size dick, and his erection is very firm with a slight curve towards his belly. It also has a nice head that is several shades darker than the shaft, and when he strokes the head swells, turning even darker. He also has a beautiful, lop-sided grin, and I melt whenever I’m on the receiving end of it.

Mike hadn’t been by for a few weeks and I was excited to see him again. Mike is a daily bator and we talk openly about jacking off.  We agreed on a time to meet, and I was anxious to get home that evening to shower and dress before he arrived.  I enjoy undressing in front of Mike, and enjoy watching him undress also. One of the many things I love about Mike is that I’ve never seen his dick soft. He is always hard when he pulls it out, and he is always still hard, and almost always still dripping cum, when he dresses after our jack.

I like to imagine that he’s always hard.


He arrived right on time, as usual, and after a drink and some catching up we headed to the bedroom. He knows where I keep the lube, and after he undressed he grabbed it and squirted some in both our hands. We normally sit side by side on the bed while we jack, so my angle of view of Mike’s dick is not the best.  But that night, feeling especially aroused and confident, I motioned Mike to a chair, and I took a seat directly across from him.

Mike quickly settled in, closed his eyes as he usually does, and started a slow stroke. Our usual routine is that once we have our dicks in our hands, our talk is limited to how good our dicks feel and how much we love jacking off.  However, with my recent jacking successes I was feeling bolder than usual and told Mike how much I liked looking at his dick.  Upon my admission he opened his eyes, gave me just the slightest grin, and slowly spread his legs wide.  He then again closed his eyes and continued to stroke his dick, giving me a view of his cock and balls that I had never had.

For the first time I felt that Mike was stroking not just for his own pleasure, but also for mine.

As Mike’s breathing quickened I saw a bead of precum start to ooze from his cum slit, followed by another and another until his swollen head and shaft glistened with it. They were soon followed by a bead of sweat rolling down his chest, so I knew Mike was close.  As his orgasm began, he stood, shooting his cum across the floor, with one drop landing on my thigh. I had wanted Mike’s cum on me since the day I first saw him, and being this close, with just that one sweet drop clinging to my thigh, I felt an amazing warmth begin to spread from my cock and balls, and I too then began to come. Mimicking Mike, I stood just in time to shoot my own load, where it joined Mike’s glistening, still warm load on the floor between us. Damn, damn and damn!

Mike never lingers after he blows, and after our bate highs waned, and our breathing returned to normal, Mike began to silently dress, his beautiful cock still hard and oozing.

As always, as Mike left he gave me a hug and whispered a soft “thank you.”

As I had every night that week, I knew I would again sleep well.   However, about 2:00 a. m. I awoke, but rather than turn over and go back to sleep as usual, my thoughts immediately turned to Mike, his cock, and his beautiful grin.  Without thinking about it I reached for the lube where Mike had left it on the bedside table and began stroking my cock. As I lay there thinking about Mike I began to come, and as the last drop of cum eased out of my slit and rolled down my shaft I smiled at what a week I’d had. I then drifted back to sleep.

I awoke happy, proud and very satisfied that I had completed my one week experiment. Then it dawned on me: thanks to Mike, I had actually jacked eight times that week.

And thinking about it, of course, made me hard again.

And so my life has continued, with each bate fueling another and then another. Daily orgasms give me a satisfaction I have never known, and they keep me energized, optimistic and loving life.


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