My Best Mate’s Older Brother
by Nathan Jones


Like most guys, when I was 18 I had a best mate. We’d recently started going out to the local pub together but I wasn’t really able to handle alcohol so I used to drink shandy, half beer and half lemonade. Even so, after two or three pints I would start to feel quite giddy. At that age I was always horny so I can’t say that drinking made me hornier, just braver. My mate, who was called James, had an older brother called Paul. Paul was three years older than us and much bigger physically. He loved to skate board and spent every spare minute practicing. The constant physical effort had paid off in the form of the strongest, best shaped legs and ass that I had ever seen. To top it off he also had a six pack stomach that, I have to admit, made me feel a bit jealous. Every time I saw it, and that was often because loved showing it off, I would resolve to have one the same and would do hundreds of sit-ups every day while I pictured him in my mind.

This particular evening I was in the local pub with James when Paul came in with a girl. She was pretty and slim with big tits and no brain, but I don’t think Paul was interested in her mind. He saw us sitting in the corner and they came over to join us. James and I were sat at a small bench-table facing each other. Paul sat beside me and the girl sat beside James.

“Hi guys! How’s it going?” he asked, as he sat down.

As I said, the table was small and it was a bit of a squeeze for all of us so I ended up squashed into the corner with Paul pressed up tight against my side. At first I tried to keep my legs out of the way but there was so little room that there was no way to keep them from pressing up against Paul’s. Being a bit in awe of him, I didn’t want to upset him by seeming too familiar but he didn’t even seem to notice and made no effort to move as I relaxed and let my knee touch his.

The girl didn’t really seem interested in anything that we had to say and as the evening wore on I could tell that she was itching to leave. Paul on the other hand seemed to be having a great time and began to ignore her completely. When he got up to go to the bar she followed him and  I could see that they seemed to be having a bit of a disagreement. After a bit of arm waving she stormed out. Paul looked over at us and shrugged as if to say ‘what was all that about?’ then he turned back to the bar and continued  to order the drinks. When he came back to the table he explained that he had met her for the first time that night and had been hoping to get her into bed but it seemed that, despite appearances, she wasn’t that type of girl. Once Paul had realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere with her he lost interest but then couldn’t get rid of her. All in all, he felt like he’d had a lucky escape by meeting us two. At least the night hadn’t been a total failure was his attitude.

I’ve got to admit, I was a bit surprised. I’d never realized that Paul was so mercenary when it came to sex. Little did I realize just how mercenary.

We had more room now but Paul sat down in the same place and seemed oblivious to the fact that he was pushing up against me. I on the other hand was acutely aware of the heat of his body, of the smell of his freshly washed clothes and of the cologne he was wearing, and it was making me horny. In fact it was getting hard to concentrate on the conversation and on one occasion James had to kick me under the table to bring me back to the present. I had been in the middle of a daydream in which I was sucking on Paul’s hard cock.

“Hey! Earth calling Rory!” he laughed as I snapped my attention back to the conversation, trying to remember what he had been saying.

“I was asking you if you were going to stay at ours tonight?” he repeated.

“Sure! If that’s alright?”

“When is it not alright!” he responded. “On top of that our parents are away for the weekend so we’ll have the house to ourselves and you can sleep in their room.”

It was just about then that Paul put his hand under the table and rested it on his thigh. At first I didn’t pay much attention. It was a normal thing to do. But as the conversation continued his hand slid gradually a bit closer to my leg as it pressed up against his. Eventually, a couple of his fingers were touching the side of my leg. My heart skipped a beat as he began to move them rubbing his own leg and at the same time rubbing mine. The movement was almost unnoticeable and James, from his point of view on the other side of the table, certainly didn’t have a clue that anything was happening. I couldn’t even be sure that Paul was aware of what he was doing, but that didn’t stop my cock from stiffening until it was as hard as iron.

The bell rang for last orders at the bar but we ignored it. Instead we finished up our drinks and left. As I got up from the table I noticed Paul slip his hand inside his jeans and adjust himself. He did it quickly and discreetly but the fact that he must have had an erection and was trying to hide it didn’t escape my attention.

As we walked the short distance to their house Paul began to talk about girls, complaining that  he was tired of trying to get laid and failing because the girls wanted to feel that he was in love with them before they would let him do more than heavy petting. ‘I just want a fuck!‘ he protested. ‘Maybe I should try boys instead’ he joked, ‘I’m sure it would be a lot less complicated’. We just laughed and said things like ‘Sure, at least they would know what you like‘. Getting braver I offered the comment,

“I once read that only a guy can really give another guy a decent blowjob because we know exactly how it feels.”

“Where did you read that? Gay Times?” joked James.

Suddenly I felt vulnerable as if I had let James see a part of me that I wanted to keep hidden. The truth was that I had read it in Gay Times. I started to blush bright red and even in the yellow street lights the colour in my face was visible.

Paul noticed my discomfort and offered his support.

“Yeh! I read that as well, and it was in Playboy Magazine.”

He was walking in the middle between me and James, and as he spoke he placed an arm around each of our shoulders. It was a gesture of friendship that gave me a warm feeling somewhere inside my stomach and a bone hard cock in my pants.

Before long we arrived at their house. It was a big detached construction with a well manicured lawn in a nice neighbourhood. Paul opened the door and James went in first. Paul pushed me in front of him and as I entered I felt his hand squeeze my ass. I turned to look at him in surprise but he just held both hands in the air in a comic gesture as if to say ‘wasn’t me!’ I smiled at the joke and went on in.

We sat down and turned on the TV and James went to get us some beers from the kitchen. As soon as he was gone Paul said,

“I’m so fucking horny tonight! I was really hoping to get laid.”

“Maybe you were right, maybe you should try boys.” I said, with a sly grin.

“Are you volunteering?”

“Maybe!” I answered.

“Maybe what?” James asked as he came back into the room carrying our beers.

“I was just asking him if he would have liked to fuck that girl I brought with me into the pub” Paul said, before I even had time to think of an answer.

After watching a film we decided to go to bed. James showed me up to his parents room. On the way to the bedroom we passed the bathroom and then Paul’s room. James’s room was on the other side of the house. The bed was enormous with big fluffy pillows and white sheets. There were large mirrors on two of the walls making the room look even bigger. Paul switched on a bedside lamp.

“Okay, this is where you’re going to sleep. One thing though, DON´T jerk off in the bed. If my parents find a stain it would be a bit embarrassing and they’ll go crazy!”

“If I jerk off in front of one of the mirrors can I cum on the carpet?” I asked with a serious face.

Paul looked at me for a second not sure if I was joking or not. Then he gave me a painful punch on the upper arm.

“Don’t even joke about it!” he ordered.

The two guys wished me good night and went off to their own bedrooms. I stripped down to my underwear and climbed into bed. I lay awake for a long time with a cock that was so stiff it hurt. I was trying to think what to do. I tried to make up some excuse to go to Paul’s room but everything I thought of seemed really lame. I’d been so sure that he was interested, but now, lying here in the dark, I began to think it had all been in my imagination.  Gradually I fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later desperate for a pee. Climbing out of bed I fumbled for the door handle and opened it as quietly as I could. I didn’t switch on the hall light because now I could see well enough by the light coming in through the windows from the street. I paused for a second outside Paul’s room but I couldn’t hear anything. I made my way to the bathroom and relieved myself. As I came out of the bathroom the first thing I noticed was that Paul’s bedroom door was now open just a crack. I crept up it and looked through the opening. I could tell that he had the TV on by the patterns of light but I couldn’t actually see anything. I was dying to push the door open and walk in. I spent what seemed like hours trying to pluck up enough courage but I couldn’t do it. Instead I crept back to my room cursing my own lack of balls.

When I got to my room I practically threw myself face down onto the bed, almost in tears with the frustration. I had just passed up what would probably be the only opportunity I would ever have to get into bed with Paul. I was totally pissed off and totally frustrated. I climbed under the covers and buried my face in the pillow trying to control my emotions.

I was just falling asleep when I heard my bedroom door creak open. I froze, holding my breath. After a few seconds I felt the weight of somebody climbing onto the bed. I was covered by a thin sheet and a duvet. I felt the duvet being peeled back but I still didn’t move, instead I pretended to be asleep.

A hand touched me very lightly. Slowly it slid down my back until it reached the twin mounds of my ass cheeks. It moved over my ass and followed the groove between the mounds, pushing the sheet into the crevice. My heart was in my mouth and I was trying to control my breathing but failing miserably.

I felt a movement and the weight of the other person as he lay on top of me and it became obvious that it must be Paul. He was too big to be James. I could feel the hardness of his cock as it pressed into my cheeks. It felt enormous and I really wanted to see it but I didn’t dare move. I could hear Paul beginning to pant as he slid his stiff shaft slowly back and forth over the sheet that separated us. I pushed back against him trying to grip his hard cock between my cheeks. It was the signal he was waiting for. He stopped and quickly lifted himself off me. He pulled back the sheet exposing me completely, then lay back on top of me. This time I could feel the heat and smoothness of his pulsating cock. Neither of us had spoken. The anonymity made it more exciting. Paul began to slide his hands over my body as he rubbed himself against me. I wanted to cry out and beg him to fuck me.

As he humped me I could hear him whispering, almost to himself, ‘Yeah, you like that don’t you, you like the feeling of my hard cock.’ And he was right. I did like it.

My own cock was crying out for attention and I decided to take a more active part. I began to twist underneath him, trying to turn to face him. It was a bit of risk because it wasn’t so anonymous that way. Paul realized what I was doing and lifted to let me move under him. Once I was on my back he lay back on top of me pressing his hard rod against mine. The weight of his body on mine felt amazing. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him too me as he began a slow pumping motion. The sound of his breathing in my ear and the soft grunts and groans of pleasure excited me and I wanted this moment to last for ever.

I began to sense that Paul would cum soon if he continued and I didn’t want that. Not yet. I wriggled beneath him and once again he lifted up off me. I slid down the bed. I wanted to see that big cock of his, and even more than that, I wanted to taste it. Paul realized what I was doing and helped me by moving up the bed as I moved down. He was now spread eagled over me and I could see the head of his gorgeous cock pointing at me as I moved to place it close to my lips.

As soon as he felt that I was in position he thrust with his hips pushing the swollen head into my mouth. I took it hungrily sliding my tongue over the slit and trying to feel every contour. I heard him gasp as he began to pump in and out, fucking my face. I closed my eyes and did my best to take him as deep as I could but he was too big and I began to choke. At the sound of my gagging he stopped and pulled out. By now we were both gasping for breath and desperate for each others bodies. That was when he really surprised me. Moving back down the bed he pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. Determinedly he placed his arms beneath my knees lifting and pushing them back towards my shoulders until my ass lifted off the bed. Without asking or even attempting to loosen my hole he put the head of his enormous hard cock at my entrance and began to push. The pain seared through me and I couldn’t help moaning in pain.

“Shhhhh!” he order.

Taking one of the pillows he placed it over my face to muffle my groans of agony as he tried to force his cock into me. When he saw it wouldn’t go in he pulled back for a second and lubed my ass with his saliva. This time as he pushed I felt the head start to enter me. I wanted him badly but I didn’t know if I could take the pain.

“Relax, relax!” he whispered.

He slowed down his assault for a second giving me time to adjust. I felt his hand take hold of my stiff cock and begin to jerk me off. Soon I forgot about the pain and he began to push deeper. After a few minutes he was all the way in and I couldn’t feel any pain. All I could feel was his fat cock stretching my hole wider than it had ever been and the his fuck pole as it slid in and out of me. I threw the pillow to one side so that I could see his firm body working rhythmically as he pumped me full of his meat. He was looking at our reflexion in one of the mirrors and it seemed to be exciting him even more. I could see he stomach tensing with the effort and his six pack standing out like a washboard, his strong hands held my ankles and pushed my legs wide and back causing him to spread his arms and display his broad chest and strong shoulders. I reached out with a hand and ran it over his torso, feeling his hardness and moisture of his body as he began to sweat with the effort.

The bed began to creak as he pumped in and out, making slapping sounds with his body against my ass. I began to jerk myself off hoping that I wouldn’t cum too soon, but Paul had other ideas. Pulling out he flipped me onto my stomach, then he gripped my hips with his strong hands and lifted me onto my knees. The guy was an animal and I was loving it. I could feel him hurriedly searching for my ass again with his cock so I reached back and took hold of the thick shaft, placing the head against my hole. He pushed hard entering me in one stroke. This time I gasped not with pain but with pleasure.

“You like that don’t you? I heard him whisper “you like the feeling of my fat cock inside you, don’t you?”

I didn’t need to answer. With every stroke I was pushing back hard trying to take his full length. He rotated his hips filling every corner of my ass. Suddenly he started to pound me as fast as he could. The slapping sounds would have told anyone what we were up to but he didn’t care anymore, even my groans of pleasure didn’t seem to bother him.

Faster and faster, deeper and harder he slammed into me as I jerked my own cock, trying to keep my balance as the bed rocked beneath us.

“I’m gonna cum!” he gasped brokenly. “soon!”

“Fill me! Cum in me! I want to feel you cum inside me!” I groaned.

“Gonna cum, now! I’m cumin, cumin, yeah, fuck, fuck!”

I had been trying to hold off for a long time and as soon as I was certain that he was cumming I let it go. Forgetting about what James had said I sprayed streamer after streamer of hot cream over the white sheets.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I cried as we came together.

Paul collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath.

“Shit! That was better than any girl!” he whispered into my ear.


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