Ups and Downs of a Masseur
by BobbyG


Chapter 1: Me

Hi, my name is Paul West and I am a licenced Massage Therapist. I am 23, 6ft 1 tall and a physical fitness addict and been told by many, very good looking. My body is very well defined but not over developed, I work out in the gym to maintain the body definition I want and keep extremely fit by swimming every day, running every day (to work and back) playing Badminton or Squash once a week at my sports club and have ran two London marathons. I have dark hair which I keep trimmed to grade 2, I have a streak of hair on my chest between my abs and another one below my belly button that runs down to join my bush which is also trimmed to grade 2. Loose I am 6 inches of straight cock (the only straight thing about me) and low hung shaved balls.

I was also up my own ass and many saw me as an arrogant twat and in dire need of a kick in the same place a few cocks had been. I suppose coming from a tough area in the East End of London and not particularly committed to school work except some sports and not much in the way of prospects I had to rely on my only asset, good looks and by the time I was 18 I was sure I could just walk into modelling, gay porn or indeed both, neither of which came about but something even better. However, being rejected by two porn film companies did fuck up my ego just a tad.

When I finally got into massage work I offered escort services to some of my clients and accompanied them to restaurants, theatre, late night shopping in the west end of London, occasional day trips to museums, churches ect, or just days out to tourists spots. Whatever the activity of choice was, they all ended up back in the clients hotel room or their apartment for yet another full body massage followed by lots of sex until the early hours. My fees were high and the tips and gifts from regulars was an extra bonus. I collected a Rolex watch and half a ton of gold bling and other jewelry during the two years I spent prostituting my body.

Looking back I had a lot of luck in my life and it all began when I was 15 and with my best school mate, Darren de Kock who’s parents originated from South Africa. Big black and fucking gorgeous! Darren was captain of our school Rugby team, a sport that I distance myself from as it had a habit of fucking your face up with broken jaws and or noses, missing teeth and also broken limbs if you were unlucky enough to get in the way of a charging Darren or one of the other fuckwits who had only one thought in mind, taking a frigging elongated bag of wind and deposit it over the other teams touch line! I kept my good looks by following sports that did not include getting your face smashed in!

My first bit of luck came about when Darren picked up a back injury due to an over enthusiastic challenge to one of the other brain damaged who played that stupid sport! Darren needed physiotherapy but his dad could not afford private treatment and waiting for an NHS appointment would mean Darren would have to wait weeks, but joy of joys I would get my hands on his beautiful body very soon, not that the straight twat realised that’s what I had hoped for since I was 13!

We were in his bed room working on home work, or rather we should have been but there was a good film on so we watched that instead. We were sitting on his bed when he suddenly winced and said something like “FUCK!” He laid down swearing at me for laughing my head off.

“Right, take your top off I’m going to massage your back.”

“Fuck off you queer, anyway I haven’t got that massage oil stuff.” All the kids at school assumed I was gay because I only had one date with a girl and that was a disaster. She wanted my cock and I wouldn’t give it to her. The bitch spread around school that I was homo and would only fancy her twin brother! How right she was and a few others, including Darren of course!

“Your mum’s got olive oil so I will use that, now do as your told and get your top off.” Bloody hell! He did!

I told him to lay on his front and rushed down to pinch Mrs de Kock’s extra virgin olive oil from the kitchen. The virgin bit was appropriate in my case! When I got back Darren was waiting and now just in his shorts, he looked stunning.

He was the same height as me, 5ft 8 and of course not fully developed but what there was, was perfect. He had the beginnings of a muscular torso and powerful legs and those thighs were both in great shape and powerful. I stood there looking at him and whipped my own top off.

“Why did you do that?”

“Masseurs always take their tops off.”

“Bullshit and your not one anyway.” True I thought as my only experience in massage was confined to watching gay porn and they always took their tops off, well the ones I watched anyway.

I climbed on the bed and held my breath as I straddled his bum waiting for the reaction, it came.

“Why are you there?”

“Because I can put even pressure on your back like this. Shut the fuck up I know what I’m doing.” I lied but my cock would be close to his bum and that was really the point.

I poured oil over his back and then, for the first time in my young life, I laid my hands on someone else’s body. I had seen enough porn to know masseurs used thumbs and the heel of their hands a lot of the time and that’s what I did and massaged Darren’s entire back, all the way down to the top of his shorts. I was in my own heaven!

“How is it D?” I waited to be told he had had enough.

“Fucking great, don’t stop!” Oh my word! The next thing that came out of my mouth was a surprise even to me.

“Do you want me to do your legs?” A very long pause.


The first thing I had to do was adjust my hardon as it was sticking out and getting uncomfortable. I began to manipulate the whole of Darren’s legs but stayed for a long time on both thighs, right up to and slightly underneath the legs of his shorts. Another ten minutes went by and by now I was thinking about the next step. I held my breath.

“How’s the back?”

“Its helping, keep going.” I went to his back again but this time slipped his shorts down a little and smiled as there was no reaction. Now full of confidence I told him to turn over. “I might as well do you all over.”

“I can’t.” What struck me was he didn’t say no, so I just came out with it.

“You got a hardon, like me then? He laughed and turned on his back and we both had the sight of each others hidden stiffies. I now knelt by his side and poured oil over him and began to massage his chest, shoulders, upper arms and then down to his thighs. I kept looking at him and smiled. He could not keep his eyes off me but smiled back. Nothing would be said and when he raised his hips it was all I needed to be told. I got hold of the waist band and pulled them down and for the first time I saw him hard, it was beautiful, all six inches of it! I looked at him but he now had his eyes closed. I took him into my hand and he let out a huge sigh.

I spent ages just gently pulling on his rod and then finally went to the next level, I lowered my face and took him into my mouth holding my breath as I did.

“Oh fuck!”

I kept blowing and then changed to wanking him. He was getting close and he just stared at me with his eyes and mouth wide open. I was also getting close myself even though Darren made no attempt to touch me, but that did not stop me taking my shorts off just to give the poor thing a bit of freedom.

“Oh SHIT!” His body was rock solid and every muscle looked amazing as they all tensed.

“Oh SHIT!” He repeated as he continued to stare at me and then he called out and remained frozen as Darren de Kock’s cock exploded with the first ejaculation shooting two feet up and landing on his body and bed followed by five more.

“Oh FUCK!” That was me this time as my own cock reacted to this incredible sight and just fired off, all by itself!

An hour later and after independent showers and a change of bedding we sat in awkward silence.

“Do you want me to go D?” He smiled at me and lent over and kissed me!

“No, it was only because I was as horny as fuck but that’s the only time Paul. I will never forget it but I am not gay like you mate, but I will never forget this.”

The whole experience proved beyond doubt what I was and indeed what I would become. I was determined to go into massage work and experience many more times like this. Meanwhile I would be pursuing qualification to become a masseur and as many men as I could get my hands on!

I learnt all I could by reading all about the art of massage while working as a labourer on building sites. My luck continued when I plucked up courage and contacted a guy who had his own massage parlour. Jon and I met in a local café and he took an instant liking to me and offered me a job. I was now 18 and he was 50. The odd thing was he never pushed himself onto me and one reason was, I found out later, he was in a relationship and totally committed to his partner.

He was also the reason I got invited to a hotel in the West End to work as a masseur offering my services to guests and other, well off, non residents. I would not be employed by the hotel and would have to earn from my fees but at the same time I was given a room in the basement to convert into a parlour at a modest rent. I borrowed money from my dad and by the time I was 20 I was ready for my first client and all down to Jon and one of his clients, Robin who was the general manager of the hotel. Jon and his partner Freddy, Robin and his wife Sandra and I would meet socially and from those meetings Robin offered me the chance of my own parlour at the hotel.

“The Capital hotel” boasted 5 stars and was at the top of the luxury brand and catered for guests who’s bank accounts would have been in the millions and I was determined to get a slice of it once I realised who they were and also being told by Robin many male guests had a liking for young handsome men and the chance of having his hands all over their bodies. It would all be very discrete and completely safe. In other words the wife would never know!

“Paul you do realise the clients may want more than just a massage don’t you. Are you up for that?”

“Would they expect full sex Robin? I won’t offer anything I don’t want to give.”

“You will Paul believe me, the money they will offer will change your mind and it will be cash! But most of them will hope for personal relief, you wanking and sucking them off is want they want. Full sex is something you can control.” I was happy with that.

So, was I still a virgin when I met my first client? Absolutely not and all down to popping into a gay bar after work one evening. Ok, I had “relieved” several of Jon’s clients as was expected, but never sex the other way, in fact I was still the only person who had felt and wanked me off!

I hardly ever drank alcohol and ordered a fresh orange juice while looking around the bar and caught the eye of one of the most handsome young men I had ever clapped my eyes on.

Mr Beautiful Japanese Man was looking back at me and smiled. I smiled back and knew he would have no problem joining him.

“Hello, I am Paul and I think you are drop dead gorgeous!” He laughed his fucking head off and told me I was lovely as well and told me he was called Tan.

” Well this is nice, a gay bar with two lovely gay men in it and we both fancy one another and if I said I wanted sex with you, I bet you would say yes.” Arrogant maybe but being confident was helpful.

“Me too, your place or mine?”

“I am still with the oldies, so it has to be your place.”

As soon as he closed the door we were clung together and kissed the crap out of one another.

It was a bedsit so I didn’t have far to move him and once on the bed we stripped one another off and now we could touch, kiss and lick every part of the others body but playing particular attention to what was stiff between our legs.

” I want you to fuck me Paul.”

“I don’t have condoms.” Tan opened the draw of his bedside cabinet and took out a large tube of lube and a handful of condoms. I smiled at him and knew it was going to be a long but glorious night! It was and I lost my virginity at the same time, several times in fact but I did not tell Tan he was my first as I wanted to appear experienced and a man of the gay world. Some how I thought that gave me status, however I did come to wonder why he always had a ready supply of lube and so many condoms.

We met many times after our first meeting and I knew I was falling in love with him and, I thought, he was with me. Our love making was intense and beautiful. We laughed a lot and just enjoyed being together. It was not just the physical side of our relationship either. Okay we would always cuddle up and kiss but at the same time talk our heads off about anything, be it films, celebrity gossip, the latest Boy Band, all the talent shows and who we would like to fuck and which one of us would fuck who. All serious stuff!

We had been together for three months and had even talked about getting a flat to share but on this occasion he was quiet as we walked over Westminster Bridge towards the Houses of Parliament during an evening walk.

“Something wrong Tan?” I asked. He did not answer straight away and that told me there was a problem and at the same time I just knew we were finished.

After a long silence Tan told me he had met a wealthy 67 year old American who would take him from his bedsit to his five bed apartment in Manhattan and presumably a secure life.

It took sometime to come to terms with the rejection, it was a real slap in the face to be dumped for Christ’s sake and it hurt, but at the same time I also came to realise that was exactly what I was looking for as well, meeting wealthy men and getting to know their bank accounts. At that time in my life I did not realise that love could not be valued in financial terms, true love was, is, and always will be priceless. Tan leaving me for the contents of a wallet did not enhance my already bad attitude even though when I was with Tan I had none of that shit at all. He had gone and all I knew was NO fucker would ever do that to me again.

During the time I was trying to get over Tan my work at the hotel took off and I began to get a full appointment diary and built up quite a reputation with regular guests some of whom were almost permanent at the “Capital.”

“Hello Sir Wellington welcome to my studio.” Sir Wellington looked around and laughed in that sarcastic way of the higher knobs who looked down on anyone that was not in their “class.” I was pissed off!

“I want a full body massage Mr West and don’t hold back, the quality of your massage will determine whether I make further appointments.” Suddenly I wasn’t pissed off any more! I gave him the full treatment which included a blow and hand job and afterwards accompanied him to the shower and washed is entire body which resulted in Sir Wellington exploding once again. “Well’s” lurched out of the shower and was in no fit state to dry off so I did that for him and after some time drying his bollocks and rod, he shot again which meant I had to take him back in the shower where there was a repeat of the first time I took him there! He had by now shot four times in an hour and he was fucked! The poor bugger had no idea how much the tip was and he just opened his wallet and handed me a wad of notes and then staggered out to meet the wife. He became one of my regulars.

Clients had to deposit the fee at the reception desk before their appointment and I would be paid after the hotel commission was taken. I got 100 quid an hour, they got 25. The tips were all mine and it was about to get better and would help me get over Tan leaving my life, I was asked to escort my first client.

I would already know my next days appointments before I left the hotel. I always arrived by 7am and would know how long I would be working by the number of appointments I had on any day, but insisted I would not work beyond 6pm.

Colin from reception who took my appointments rang me. “Paul, a guest has asked for a 6 30 appointment tomorrow, he can’t make it before that time mate. Can you accommodate him?”

“Fuck it, who is he?”

“A Mr Yuta Ninomiya, a Japanese guest.”

“My last appointment is 4 30 Colin I will have to hang about for an hour, I was going home after him.”

“You could give me that time Paul?”

“You cant afford me Colin,”

“But you would get my ass for free Paul.” Colin was a good looking guy, he had a nice body and young!

“I can get anyone’s ass Colin and still get paid.” Colin told me to “fuck off ” and put the phone down. I shrugged it off and jogged home but thinking about Colin putting the phone down on me, I did not like that one bit.

To make matters worse Colin rang me the next day to tell me my 4 30 appointment had cancelled which he loved telling me and was still laughing when he put the phone down again. It would now leave me a bit spare hanging around until 6 30 when Mr Whatsisname was due to arrive. I rang Colin back.


“Sorry about what?” I had not prepared what I should say to him, all I wanted was a fuck.

“I’m sorry about being a shit and if you are free please come down.” There was a long pause, but I just knew Colin would be down soon and smiled in anticipation of his answer.

“Fuck off Paul, I’m not that desperate!” And the sod put the phone down, AGAIN! I was beginning to learn a bit about myself and I realised then that even a good looking guy with a great body but with no personality would only ever get one night stands before being dumped. I thought about Tan and wondered how he was doing with his old rich man. We had been lovers but even he left me to be with someone who could give him financial security. It made me think about myself and knew bloody well that if I could not keep a lovely guy like Tan, even though we would be financially ok ish, who the fuck would even want to be involved with me except for those one night stands and giving a wank and blow job to my clients?

I needed to get my mind off Colin and the cancelled appointment and went to the gym and had a massive workout followed by 50 lengths in the pool. After a shower I got into clean sports kit, checked the parlour was ready and waited for my Japanese appointment to arrive. Dead on 6 30 there was a knock on the door, I opened it and saw Mr Yuta Ninomiya standing there.


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