The Hut
by BobbyG


Chapter 16

“Come on then, spill the beans if you want to but as I have said before its none of my business.” Simon and Steven were sitting in his office talking while the crews were doing something useful.

“All I want to do is get it off my chest and, although you will not think it’s necessary, I want you to know.

“Simon I got involved with a rather senior politician three years ago and it was only my father’s influence who managed to keep it out of the papers, but not before other people found out. There was a hell of a stink and my entire family rejected me apart from my mother who threatened to leave my father if he did not stop the shit hitting the fan. My father is one of the most powerful lawyers in the country and virtually told quite a number of people he would let slip some information about a number of them if the papers got hold of it. The man who I got involved with is dead, but we all know he committed suicide and that’s another reason I’m not that popular. I was sent away and managed to get into the navy, again by my father’s influence. A deal was made and that was I would never get higher than what I am now, they could not accept someone who had disgraced his family because he is homo to become anything more than what I am now. I am just one officer among many and just about invisible to the rest of the service.”

“Wow, I did not expect that, not that it’s important to me. Do you have someone now?”

“NO! Not that I wouldn’t like someone. I fucked up with him and stupidly allowed myself to get involved, still I do take my share of responsibility. I know it’s stupid, but I actually thought I was in love with him, he definitely was with me and that’s what bought the whole thing crashing down, he opened his mouth and the rest kicked off. In some ways the war has come to my rescue, at least I’m good at something. I won’t be allowed to stay in after it’s over and God knows what I will do, most probably bugger off to the US and start again with any luck.”

Simon thought about what he had been told and what he was about to say. He was fed up with hiding what he knew to be normal. He took a deep breath.

“I could never coup without my father supporting me and understanding my situation. Look I know I’m risking everything, but I am the same as you and at least we know now. I am not going to keep hiding away from the bigots of this world. Do with that what you want, I don’t care.”

“Simon can I say one more thing?”


“I already knew you are the same as me, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to tell you.” Simon thought about that and smiled at Steven.

“Good, I’m pleased you did.”

“Can I say one more thing?” That smile was infectious.

“Ok, just one more thing and then we had better go and help the lads win this war.”

“I would love to get to know you a lot better and I do mean, a lot better.” Steven got up and went out of the office leaving Simon sitting there staring at his back.

Tony reread the letter from Simon and wondered if he could get leave as well. Only one person could give it to him and that was Alan and he would not see him for another couple of days as he was away. Tony had been busy preparing for yet another exam and this one was the most important yet. If he passed he would spend three months at the Royal St Georges hospital after which he would return to study for his finals and then go to London to actually take them. If he passed, he would qualify as a doctor.

The letter was in his pocket as they sat in the hospital garden and was about to ask if he could have leave, but before he could, Alan spoke.

“There is something I need to tell you Tony and I hope you will understand.”

“Fine, no problem.”

“I told you about a friend of mine who was killed in France with the BEF?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Actually he was much more than a friend, we were lovers Tony. I realise now I wasn’t IN love with him, but I do miss him terribly. I suppose what I really want you to know is I am homosexual and hope that does not affect the friendship we have.”

It did take him by surprise but only because he had been so absorbed himself he had not noticed the signs that where there to see. Now he had been told there was no point in hiding his own sexuality. The term “coming out” was years ahead, but that’s what they were doing and would become closer afterwards.

“I am so sorry about your loss. I don’t know if it helps, but I am the same as you and I am pleased you know now and know nothing will get in the way of our friendship.” It confirmed what Alan had thought and hoped for, but the next thing he wanted to say would have to stay with him, for a while anyway.

“Alan, Simon is not just a friend either he is much more and we are in love. It’s been well over a year and I don’t know how much longer I can hang on without seeing him again, but he is going home on leave in a week and I hope you will agree I can go as well, please Alan?.” Alan was disappointed to say the least but he knew he would let Tony go, he would just have to hide his feelings, it would be a struggle as he already knew he had fallen in love with him.

“Of course you can, I will look at the leave chart and find as many days for you as I can.”

“Thanks Alan, what with this and everything you are doing for me, I own you a lot, thanks again.”

“You don’t own me a thing. Right I must get back to the office.” He got up and walked off. Tony did not watch him go, he was smiling at the thought of seeing Simon soon. “Christ and I thought we were drifting apart! It’s not going to happen.”

Simon was in the cottage by himself waiting for Tony’s call and when it come at last neither of them could say a thing for some time.


“Sorry, I am supposed to be a man, but the fucking tears are pouring down my face. Oh Christ it’s been so long.”

“Bet I’m crying harder than you. Come on let’s try and be men then.” They did not stop talking for the next hour.

“I will get in at 11am, can’t wait to see you.”

“Me neither, I will be at the station by 10 30, you never know a train might get there before time for once.”

Around the country many Head Quarters were planning the invasion of Europe. Most of those buildings were beautiful mansions and were an historical reminder of English history. Eisenhower’s was one of them where many Admirals of the Fleet, Generals, Air Marshalls and other ranks of all nationalities were banging on the table as they argued their opinions of how the invasion should be carried out and where. These buildings had witnessed much during their time, but there was another building, much less important than Eisenhower’s, or so he would think, as two fine officers would also be banging out their own plans for more private invasions. They had each “planned” what they would do down to the last detail, Ike and Co would have not been too been impressed had they known what the plans were all about. Anyway it all screwed up as it would take these two young officers an unplanned hour to get to the Hut before any banging went on as they spent most of the time kissing their way towards it.

Simon had been to the Hut the day before Tony was due and bought new blankets and cleaned the place out ready for their first meeting for over a year.

At 9am the following day he went back and lit the fire and put the stew on, all was ready and about as romantic as the Hut could be. Simon walked slowly back towards the station and just managed to get his cock back to respectability as he walked out onto the main road.

As prearranged Simon was waiting at the front of the train and Tony got off at the rear. This would give time for other passengers to get on board or leave the station giving them, they hoped, a clear platform by the time they got together and the train had gone. It all went to plan and they were still yards apart when they found themselves alone. They walked slowly just staring at one another with massive smiles on their handsome, no, beautiful faces. When they were still 10 feet or so apart Simon stopped and held up a message he had written on a large piece of cardboard.

“Junior officers are FORBIDDEN to break the noses of more senior officers.” They flew together and wrapped their arms around one another and stayed like that for a very, very long time.

They closed the door and once again the world outside did not exist. They pulled off out door clothes and shoes and stood on the new blankets and once again wrapped tightly together. As they kissed so they pulled a layer off until they stood looking at one another just in their pants. Even though they were both wound up so tight they could not help laugh at the sight of him standing like that with an enormous stiffy trying to break out. Finally they got close again and at the same time pushed the pants down and over each erection. With a twitch of their hips and a helping hand both pairs landed around their feet and after more kissing, Simon put Tony on his back and gently got on top of him.

They kissed for ages, every now and then Simon would stop so they could smile at one another for a while and go back to kissing.

Once again they made a wonderful sight as they revisited every part of the others body with hands, lips and tongues from head to toe and back again. It went on and on and the only sounds were their heavy breathing and telling one another of their love. They were both getting close to the point when one of them would have to make a decision very soon otherwise there was going to be a mess.

It was Simon who suddenly got on his knees and stared down at Tony in some panic.

“Oh my word!” Shit! Oh bloody hell Tony!” He yelled out as he scrambled for the Vaseline jar and as quickly as he could he did the necessary and grabbed Tony’s legs and parted them. As gently as he was able, but praying that he would not be too late, he entered Tony and only just in time.

“Oh God I’m cumming! Christ Tony…!” He could not move and had no option but to allow passion to take over and as soon as he had fully entered Tony, he blew up. He erupted into his man in one continuous stream and at the same time holding Tony tighter than at any other time.

They should have stayed like that for ages, well Simon would have, but Tony’s own needs had to be met or he too was at risk of losing out. He forced Simon off of him and there was a repeat of a very quick lube on a cock and into a bum. Simon had obligingly got himself into position on his back which saved the day because as soon as Tony got himself the whole way into Simon, he too shot massive loads, time and time again.

“Shit, no points for artistic impression my man.” Simon observed.

“I thought I did better than you though.”

Simon was too weak to argue so he kissed Tony instead. Simon was on his back with Tony’s head on his shoulder as they softly kissed and stroked one another’s faces and smiling into them.

“It was beautiful though Simon.” Once again, as had often happened after making love, Simon reached over for a blanket and covered the pair of them. They moved positions and got on their sides and wrapped their arms around one another, still kissing until they both fell asleep. It was a happy sleep, the first sleep together for over a year, it was a comfort sleep when the war was briefly forgotten and their roles in it. They at least were at peace…just for a little while anyway.

They would be together for five days and those days would be with them for the rest of their lives, no matter how short or long they would be. They experienced just about every happy emotion from making gentle love, walking out holding hands, telling one another of their love, pretend arguing so that they could make up afterwards, wrestling so that they could get worked up to the point that the only thing left to do was make love, again. Spend time with Andrew who just smiled at the obvious love coming out of the pair of them and being the happiest father alive, a very unique father at that time and his acceptance of his sons chosen life style and partner. There was the time when Andrew caught them kissing and did not hear him come in.

“I wish you two would find your own fucking place.” The last thing he meant of course.

These few days were the happiest of all the countless other happy days they had been together. Oh yes, they would remember this time and much of it during their own “hell” that was waiting to consume both of them.

The 2nd Lieutenant and the Lieutenant Commander stood together on the platform and once again trying to think of something to say. They were back in the real world and were about to separate and go back to a life and events that would be controlled by others. As with other times like this, both of them hating the wait for the train to come in, but at the same time wanting it to come and get this over with.

There was one last look and one last squeeze of a hand. They stopped doing both and Tony got into his compartment. He leaned out of the window and Simon got as close as he could.

“Take care Simon. Come home safe.”

“Just you do the same do you hear me?”

Tony’s train drew out with him fighting to control the tears from the other passengers. Simon just let his fall out.

Tony arrived back at his station and was waiting for the bus that would take him back to his hospital. He began to think about the next stage of his qualification training, but smiled at the memory of studying while Simon was cooking dinner two nights previously.

“You’re only doing that to get out of the domestics you lazy sod.” He went over to the table and took Tony’s book. He read a paragraph and he did not understand a word of it.

“It’s far too complicated for a naval officer to understand as it takes a higher level of advanced intelligence to be able to absorb this particular subject and in your case every other medical subject. Anyway I am busy, go back to your cooking.” Tony dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

“Oh it takes a certain amount of intelligence does it? Explain the 20mm Oerlikon then?” Tony sighed and looked up at Simon.

“It’s a gun and goes bang when you pull the trigger. It’s just mechanics really and quite below my own intelligence level, but there is no doubt that if you understand its workings it HAS to be simple.” Simon just looked at him with a pretend look of anger on his face, but gave in.

“Just about to do the gravy.”

The first person Simon saw was Steven who bought him up to date with all that had happened while he was away.

“We have done a few escorts, but 995 was damaged and is still out of commission. It was just good luck none of the boys were killed, not a scratch in fact. We all went out one night and blasted Dieppe harbour which was fun and have had two air attacks on us. We didn’t shoot any of them down, but damaged one. They missed anything important, just killed a few fishes and that’s about it. The CO mentioned that we may be doing another undercover landing soon, but he has not said anything about it since. Did you have a nice time?”

“Yes thanks, we had a wonderful time.” Simon hoped Steven would get the message, he did and ignored it at the same time.

Alan made it obvious that he was pleased to see Tony and after asking him about his leave got straight down to business.

“You old chap are about to enter the final leg of your medical training before finally turning onto the final stretch which will finally take you to your finals.” Alan was rather pleased with that.

“You’re in a daft mood, what’s bought that about?”

“Just happy to see you again that’s all. Really pleased your back Tony, finally.” Tony thought that was quite funny and was happy that Alan was pleased to see him and also knowing he had a good friend not only to help him through his last few months of training, but a thoroughly nice person to go with it.

He got back into his work and studies with even more enthusiasm, both of which helped him to stop worrying about Simon so much, he did most of that in bed and would wank off, reliving what went on during the Hut invasions.

1943 was coming to an end and although there was still a long way to go, there was a certain amount of optimism as the tide seemed to be turning. The Americans defeat of the Japanese at Guadacanal stopping Japanese expansion. Orde Wingate and his Chindits entering Burma in an attempt to stop the Japanese from taking India. Mussolini arrested and Italy invaded and considering a peace treaty with the Allies. The long fight back to defeat the Nazis by the Russians and the Royal Navy sinking the German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst by HMS Duke of York and her escorts one of which was HMS Belfast now a floating museum on the river Thames near Tower Bridge. Scharnhorst was sunk on the 26th Dec.

Tony, Alan and his family heard about it on the radio where they had all spent Christmas together.

It had been a lovely time although Tony felt a bit guilty about not going home, but Andrew understood and did not have a problem with it. However, there was something bothering him. They had agreed there would be no presents, instead everyone would hand their ration books over as well as contribute to the booze bar.

On Christmas morning Tony had got himself ready to go down to breakfast when Alan knocked on his door.

“Happy Christmas Tony.” Before he knew it Alan closed the gap between them and wrapped his arms around and hugged him. Tony felt he should do the same and hugged Alan back.

“Happy Christmas Alan, just going down for breakfast.” Tony was about to make his escape but Alan stopped him.

“Look I know this is against what we agreed, but I want you to have this Tony with my best wishes.” He handed him a small package much to Tony’s embarrassment. He looked at Alan who was looking back with a big smile and an expectant look on his face.

“Please accept it Tony and I hope you like it.” Tony had no choice really, not without being rude anyway. He thanked Alan and knew he had to open the package right then. He took it to his bed and removed the wrapping and saw a really well made wooden box. He opened it and inside was a beautiful solid gold pen and propelling pencil set and sunk in a bed of dark blue velvet. His first thought was how lovely it was and the second was, “oh shit!” He looked up at Alan who had the biggest smile ever.

“Thank you so much Alan, I will definitely pass my finals next month now.”

“Oh you will pass them anyway, I just wanted you to have something from someone who is very fond of you Tony. Sorry if that’s a bit too strong, but that’s how I feel. Thank YOU for accepting it.” It WAS too strong and Tony remained uncomfortable and for the rest of their time there as well. He made up his mind he would take it home with him the next time and leave the set there. It was far too expensive to use anyway! He laughed at that and felt a bit better.

Simon’s boats were at sea on Christmas Day just off the Kent coast. It was felt that they could get a surprise attack and needed boats out in the Channel. Nothing happened any more than it did with E boats patrolling their waters. On Boxing Day they carried out a night attack on Dunkirk harbour as according to messages coming through there had been a lot of activity of late. It was a carefully planned operation and very well carried out by Simon’s flotilla. They had support from four other boats from another unit to cover against E boat attack and were pleased they were there as it turned out.

At the set time for 03 00 all 16 Bofors opened up sending 1600 x 40mm shells at maximum range into the harbour and did a lot of damage as a fuel storage tank blew up. That gave them a good sight of the four ships tied up. They were also hit and one caught fire and the harbour would be out of action for a few weeks. As they were attacking the harbour four E boats were spotted and engaged by the other boats and two of them badly damaged with no losses or damage to the RN boats. All in all a very good operation.

Two weeks later Simon was called to the area Commander and congratulated on his award of the DSC for his leadership skills that, according to the citation, made the flotilla an even more valuable force against the enemy. The citation went into a lot of detail about Simon and his command, but he has threatened violent action if it’s recorded here.

Simon and his flotilla had so far sunk a U-boat, shot down four enemy air craft, carried out five coastal raids as well as four beach landings with commandos and agents. Simon knew they had luck on their side because so far there had not been one casualty or serious injury. It would not last.

All the crews congratulated him and he did the same to others who had also been decorated. He then wanted to forget it, he hated being the centre of attention. Steven would not let him forget it though, but in his own way.

“Congratulations Skipper, you deserve it and as a token of my admiration for a great leader, I will allow you to take me to bed, as many times as you wish!”

“Fuck off!”

“Not QUITE the reaction I was expecting Skipper and a rather disappointing one I must say, but off I will fuck!” He went out of the office moaning about ungrateful commanding officers leaving Simon creased up.

Tony had packed his case and was in a hospital car being driven to the station by Alan.

“You will be fine Tony and when you get back we will celebrate you becoming a Doctor.”

“NO Alan! I don’t want to think that way, its tempting providence. I will do my best and wait for the results. When I get them, you will be the first to know. Alan, thanks so much, I could never have got this far without you and to have you as a friend as well makes it even more special.” He hoped he did not overdo it, but really he needed to tell Alan of his feelings of friendship, nothing more.

“I am convinced you will come back as a qualified Doctor. You are a very special person Tony and I will be a friend for life, but even more than that if ever you wanted more of me.” Tony closed his eyes and wished Alan had not said that.

What part of telling him of his love for Simon did he not understand!? He cleared his mind and thought only of the coming week.

He settled into his room and studied the programme for written and oral examinations that would take up the next four days. He put it down and got his gold pen out and wrote to Simon. Simon knew where he was and what he was doing and had a letter from him two days ago wishing him all the luck he did not need.

“You are nothing more than an asset to the Medical Corps and to all the people in your life. Dad and I wish you well and send our love, lots of it.”

At 9am the following day he sat his first paper, the first of six and all of them set to take a minimum of three hours. There would be three oral examinations and they too set to take three hours. He took out his pen and smiled at it.

“Right you bugger, get it wrong and you will be in the Thames after this!” He set his mind on nothing but the papers on his desk and answered the first question which asked for his number rank and name. “So far so good” he thought, then got down to being serious.

At the same time as Tony got his first question right Simon was sitting in an office in the Admiralty in London. He was the lowest rank in the room and felt a bit out of place. He was there only because he would lead an operation when it was fully planned out. He had been invited to butt in at any time during the meeting, but he would only do that when the plans became clearer.

“I do not have to remind everyone present that this meeting is top secret and all that is discussed here will not go out of this room.” The Admiral looked around the group and Simon thought he had better nod as well.

“The date of invasion is set and will take place on the 5th of June and will be on the beaches of Normandy. (Yes it was the 6th, but only because bad weather delayed the invasion by a day) There will be many more covert operations leading up to the invasion and this is just one of them. We have built up over the years very good communications with various Resistance movements in France, Belgium and Holland, but we need to send our own people to join up with these groups to strengthen intelligence gathering and more efficient radio communication, commandoes who are trained in undercover operations will conduct operations behind enemy lines. One of the reasons why we will carry out beach drops is because they can take much more equipment than people being dropped by air. Quite a lot of it will needed which will all add to the risk I am afraid.

“We have to rely on causing as much disruption as possible to confuse the enemy in that they will not be sure that the main assault will be confined to the Normandy area even though that’s where it will be, but for them to assume there will be other assaults on other parts of the European coast at the same time. I cannot express too strongly how important it is that we keep enemy forces away from Normandy. I can tell you this gentlemen, IF the enemy becomes aware of our real area of invasion, we will not get within a mile of the beaches.” The Admiral broke off for a glass of water.

“Lieutenant Commander Walsh your flotilla will be busy on a number of dates I will give you after this meeting and you will land a total of 100 commandos and agents spread over the whole of March onto various locations that I will also give you after this meeting. There will be many such operations like this from other seaborne units and many more than 100 will be sent in to carry out the work I have already mentioned. Many will be dropped from the air and will be taken further in land. What we hope to achieve is that we have undercover forces both south and north of German held territory but also cover a wide area to engage in sabotage work. We want the enemy to assume that the resistant movements are better organised and better armed thus making sure that they will have to cover many areas to combat an assumed threat from even bigger forces. Its lunch time gentlemen.”

“So Simon, what sports do you play?” The Admiral had made sure Simon was sitting at his table with three other gold clad officers.

“Mainly football sir.” Simon’s thoughts went straight back to THE football match and the sex he had had with Spike afterwards. He knew the Admiral would not be best pleased if he were aware that one of his best officers was in fact homosexual and was deeply in love with another bloke! He would love to see the reaction if he told the old boy!

“Excellent! Not into rugby then? I love the game and if I may say so, quite good, played for good old Eton. Gosh what wonderful days and some really nice chaps.” Simon wondered what went on in the showers afterwards with those “really nice chaps.” He was about to score points, not that he needed them.

“No sir, I would never be good enough to play rugby, too busy being working class.” There was a pause as the gold rings tried to work that out, but not being able to, burst out laughing.

“Good for you young man! More corned beef? STEWARD!” Simon thought the drinks were being ordered. “More gravy please!”

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Tony was telling himself off after his first oral examination with Professor Dewhurst Dewhurst, whose parents must have had a quirky sense of humour and the bastard had stitched him up.

“How long does it take for a person to bleed out?” Tony thought this was easy.

“Twenty minutes average Professor.” Dew stared at him with one eye brow raised and straight away caused bowel tension in Tony’s nether regions.

“Ten minutes?”

“Does it not depend on how deep and long the cut is? Oh, and how many there are? OOOH my goodness, I nearly forgot and where the fucking cut is? I don’t want to rub your face completely in the shit, but I did say a “person?” You don’t say “person” when you are obviously talking about a dead fucker. You say, “deceased.”

“I had not thought of that Professor. So my amended answer is, it depends on length and depth of cut and how many there are and what part of the body the cut is on the deceased?”

“Too fucking late soldier boy, I will only take your first guess that you call an answer. Right, we need to stop for ten minutes, I need a fag.”

Professor Dewhurst Dewhurst was a clever bugger, he got more out of Tony by just chatting to him during the fag break than asking him the formal questions in the examination room and he could not be more sure of his report by the end of it.

“Ok you lot, here are the details, but the first thing to say is we are all confined to base from now and for two months at least. Aren’t we the lucky ones.” They all booed him and settled back to hear what Simon had to say.

“Right, our boats will deliver agents to these locations during March.” He pointed them out on the map. “But we will carry out normal escort duties in the meantime. We have to deliver about 100 chaps on dates that I will be informed of and we will take anything up to ten at a time on each boat, maybe more, it depends on the operations that they are involved in. 998 and 997 will deliver them to their drop off locations and the other two covering us, but we will have different boats landing agents on each operation, so none of us lose out on the fun. We will take on extra ammunition and we will only have enough fuel to get us there and back, in other words not enough fuel to fuck about with E boats. We will sail at economic speed at all times and rely on our weapons to defend ourselves if the need arises. I need to know if there are any technical problems and will get any replacements we need on a priority basis. Look lads this is getting serious and we have to work even more closely. Just make sure you and your boats are ready. I really don’t know more than I have told you, but I am convinced it’s all about to come to a head very soon and all I ask is that we are ready to do whatever is asked of us.”

“Come in Mr Tennant Williams.” Tony had been sitting outside in a corridor with ten other hopefuls for two hours. Five had already come out with long faces, not that was anything to go by, they ALL had long faces. Tony had no idea about the others as he had a long face as well and was also clamping his bum cheeks together in anticipation of a bad reaction to bad news.

He stood in front of the table and sitting behind it was a surgeon specialising in emergency operations, a doctor in general medical practice and of course Professor Dewhurst Dewhurst.

The doctor in general practice was the chairman and would be the one to give Tony the thumbs up or down.

“Mr Cornish? Would you like to comment first?”

“All I need to say is if I ever have an accident and my life depended upon one person to save it…it would be Mr Tennant Williams!” Tony just stood there and allowed his bum cheeks to relax a bit.

“Professor Dewhurst?”

“Mr Tennant Williams, if I were to die right now, what would you refer to me as?”

“A great loss to the medical profession and the tobacco industry and of course deceased.” Tony was relaxed and knew Dew would like that answer.

“Mr Tennant Williams would you please take a seat through that door?”

“Oh fuck off Bertie, let’s just pass him. I need a fag anyway, we all know he is fucking great and he is about to save a lot of our boys when we go and fuck Hitler up!”

“Bertie” stood up and held his hand out.

“Congratulations Doctor. Welcome to the club!”

Doctor Lieutenant Tennant Williams finally got through to the base in Broadstairs and was connected to Simon’s office.

“Walsh speaking.”

“SIMON! I passed! I have PASSED!” I am a fucking Doctor!”

“Brilliant! Well done Tony, not that I ever thought you would not pass anyway. Absolutely delighted for you.”

“You’re not taking the piss, so you must have company?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Ok, I won’t say any more, but you know what it would be anyway. Hope we can see each other again soon Simon.”

“Me too Doctor.” Simon put the phone down and looked at Steven.

“Good news?”

“Yes, Tony has just past his finals and is now a Doctor.”

“Never trust a Doctor Simon, let me save you from him.”

“Shut up, we have to go through tomorrows landing again.” He looked at Steven and saw such a handsome man and so good to have him and all the boats crews. Steven deserved his own boat, he was as good and better than many and if senior officers knew him as well as he did they would think differently about him. Whatever happened to him and that politician may have been a mistake, but he would meet someone sometime and be happy.

They would have all the next day hanging around until midnight when they would leave for the landing. Simon’s 998 would have the agents and the other three boats covering them.

They all met in the crew room for a coco and chat, but it was getting late.

“Right, I’m off, see you lot tomorrow.” Simon said good night and got up.

“Yep, good idea Skip. I don’t need beauty sleep, just sleep beautifully.” Steven got up as well and followed Simon out and walked with him to their quarters.

Sometime later Simon was laying on his back with his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. He felt movement as Steven climbed back up his naked body and kissed him.


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