Matt & Me
by BobbyG


Chapter 1

At exactly 11am on this hot summer Friday I crossed the border into Scotland heading towards a small town not far from Sterling and now my sat/nav would earn its keep as I drove towards the family whose wedding I was a guest on the Saturday. I would be returning home midday Sunday.

I was driving my pride and joy, an E Type Jaguar, which cost an arm and leg and then the other two to get it in fantastic shape. New 2.0 engine with fuel injection, new gearbox, disc breaks, wider wheels with Continental tyres, uprated suspension, new lighting, twin exhausts and a host of other bits and bobs which meant I now had a 1960’s icon, brought into 21st century technology. The only original part was the body shell.

I also knew it would impress the family and in particular Matt, big time.

Dean, my 21 year old nephew and late brothers son loved me as much as he had his dad and when he got into big trouble with the law I took him in after his year in youth custody and gave him a choice. “I will help you to turn your life round or you live in the gutter, if you choose the gutter, you will never see me again.” Dean made the right choice and now had found his lady in Scotland where he was an excellent barman and promised a pub of his own when he had gained more experience and qualifications, by me. It would be a business deal and we would both benefit from it. Yes he loved me as I did him but, he being straight and me gay, the twain would never meet. He was fucking gorgeous though!

Dean and I spoke shit loads on cam and over the months I also met his new family, 36 year old Mary, her 14 year old son Matt and 16 year old daughter Mary Jane from previous relationships and the lovely 3 year old Gail who they had made together, but it was Matt who really peeked my interest. He was polite, funny, cheeky and seemed very sure of himself but without any arrogance.

He was around 5ft 4 and, from what I could see on cam, a perfectly proportioned slim body with fair hair and blue eyes which made him look so cute.

“Uncle Simon?” Dean would only ever address me as “Uncle” even though I was only 2 years older than him.

“Yes junior!?”

“We think Matt is gay, Mary is positive he is.”

“And?” Dean seemed to be struggling as he looked into his cam at me.

“When you come up next mouth would you try and find out?” Bloody hell! I could have just won the lottery!

“Oh come on he could just be having wank jobs with his mates, just kid stuff and even if he is, he will only be looking at lads his own age Dean for fucks sake!” There was another long gap before he answered.

“I know its bad of me, but I went on his computer and found he has been on gay porn sites and a lot of his favourite gay following is young and old.”

“I’M NOT FUCKING OLD!” Dean laughed his frigging head off and did not quite choke himself, which was a pity, then went serious. “Uncle Simon, IF I was gay or bi I would have wanted to have sex with you and I know you would as well. Would you try and find out when you come up?” I laughed my head off. “What you or Matt? Ok, leave him to me.”

The things you have to do for family! I knew I would of course, my hardon proved it, but I did not want to sound too keen.

“I’m not too sure about this Dean, why me?” He smiled into his cam. “Because you are the only gay man I know very well and trust, it may help him to find out about himself, I know he already likes you a lot when we have video called. He might be going through some shit thinking about who he is and how to go about it. Uncle you turned my life around and you could help Matt to find his. IF he is gay, Mary nor I won’t have a problem, all she wants is to be certain and then she, and me, will be able to support him.”

“Does Mary know you’re asking me to find out about her son’s possible sexual orientation and what COULD happen when I come up?”

“She asked me to ask you Uncle and she knows “something” could happen and if it does she will at least be sure and also know Matt would be safe with you.” Mary was a very liberal lady it seemed!

I told Dean the next time we video called to make it from Matt’s computer in his bedroom and when he came on, “get the fuck out and leave him to me!”

That happened about half a dozen times and we would happily chat for half an hour or so, that is until the last time before I went to Scotland. I told Matt I was too hot and took my top off and watched his face as he looked at my body and it was obvious he liked what he saw by the smile on his face. I then excused myself to go for an unwanted pee so he could see me in my boxers. When I came back he also had his top off. “It’s hot here too Simon.” That time we talked for an hour which included Matt asking me if I worked out. “I think you must because your body is great to look at and I hope I will get one like yours when I get older.” I told him I worked out and swam about twice a week. “But I don’t overdo the gym work, I am happy with my body as it is. Bugger! That sounds boastful!” He just smiled at me. “I don’t think you are at all… you look great and I love those boxers.” There was a pause as he smiled back at me and I felt comfortable asking him what he wore. “Briefs, do you want to see?” Without waiting for a reply, he got up and stood back from the cam. He was in black shorts and could now see his thighs and halfway down his legs. He dropped them and stood back up now just in his tight white briefs, he looked beautiful and I could see a rather pleasing boy package, the whole scene woke my dick up and it began to join in. He sat back down and again smiled at me. “That’s the first time I have EVER done that. I bet you think I am some sort of tramp.” I smiled back. “That makes two of us then Matt. ” We said goodbye and both said we were looking forward to meeting properly the next day, but just before I closed the call, I blew a kiss and was pleased to get one back.


I stopped outside the house and waved to the whole family and got out. I had eyes everywhere but in particular Dean. We slammed together and hugged in tight. “You fucking tart. ” He whispered, “Matt will love your shorts and that vest!” He then introduced me to his new family and we all hugged, all very proper even when I got to Matt. He held his hand out and welcomed me to his home as he checked me out, top to bottom smiling all the time. “It’s nice to meet you in the flesh Simon.” That made me think! I was looking at a very handsome boy, taller than I first thought and guessed 5ft 5. I already knew he had a beautiful body having seen him in just his briefs, slim, fair haired and bright blue eyes. A boy body that I was sure would develop nicely over the next couple of years and beyond. A sight for gay sore eyes I thought.

I went to the boot and took out the goodies I had bought for all of them and with Dean and Matt’s help we went inside to find other family and friends sitting there, the place was packed. I gave out the stuff I had bought with me which included beers, chocolates, sweets, several bottles of wine and presents for the kids. I had known for sometime Matt was an army cadet and was thinking of joining up when he was 16. With that in mind I had visited the army museum in Aldershot and bought a couple of books for him to read. He was over the moon and rewarded me by going to get me a glass of wine. He looked great in his skimpy black shorts showing his slim legs and a Rangers football top. I checked his bulge but could not see much, he must have tight undies on I thought. “Cheers Matt, but only this one, I have to drive to the hotel soon.” He managed to squeeze next to me on the sofa with our hips and thighs stuck together. I watched him as he flipped through the pages and at the same time being part of the conversation going on but every now and then looking at the book with Matt when we would talk about what was in a particular photo.

We had been sitting there for about half an hour when Matt suddenly lent into me and I felt certain he would not have a problem when I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him into me. He looked up and smiled, I pulled again and smiled back. He whispered, “Can I come to the hotel with you? I would love a ride in your E Type.”

I told him it would be fine but to ask his mum first. She didn’t have a problem not that she was concentrating that much as the topic was hairstyles, makeup and which of the five pairs of shoes to wear. The men talked football, work, cars, holidays but with Matt sitting so close and our thighs touching I had to concentrate hard to join in, my cock was certainly beginning to, the bugger.

We said goodbye and arranged to meet up at the pub for a meal later that evening. “You had better take a change with you Matt, you cant go to the pub dressed like that.” His mum said. He dashed up to his room to sort out what to wear and two minutes later was back. “Come on Simon I can’t wait to ride in the car.” Dean smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up, I looked at Mary and she gave me a wink. Signs of approval? The thing that amazed me was they were both so relaxed about me taking their son to my hotel and what COULD happen when we got there, Matt was even more relaxed, he got hold of my hand and led me outside. What a family!

I started up and as no one was seeing us off, I picked his hand up and put it on the gear lever, it would continue the body contact as I changed gears. “The hotel has a very long driveway and you can sit on my lap and steer us up it if you want?” His smile could not get any wider. “Hope I can concentrate Simon.” Then laughed.

I did an extra 10 miles getting to the hotel and came to a stop as I drove through the entrance. I picked Matt up by the armpits and hauled him over and sat him on my lap. “Ready?” He wiggled his bum on me and laughed again. “Ready,” he replied and wiggled again. He would have felt my semi sticking into his ass, I just wished the driveway was much longer.

I selected first and slowly pulled away then went into second were we would stay as I took us up to 10mph. All the while Matt was concentrating hard and did not seem to have a problem as I wrapped my arms around his body. “My arms are your seat belt Matt”. When we got to the top of the driveway I stopped but held on to him and gently squeezed him against me, after a few seconds I got him back into his seat. He looked at me with a huge smile on his lovely face.

“That was great Simon and the driving as well.” I was confident about what would happen when we got to my room but as we had four hours before meeting up with the others, I did not want to rush things which really meant I had to try to keep my hands to myself , but at the same time play with his mind and wind him up, that in itself would be a huge turn on for both of us.

We got to reception and I booked in. “Is this young man staying with you sir?” Mind your own fucking business I thought, he is just here to find out about himself. What I did not know then, we both would.

“No but he is booked in with his family tomorrow for the wedding.” I told him Matt’s full name and he checked his room number. “Ha yes you are in room 204, on the same floor as your friend here.” He smiled at the pair of us and handed me my door card. “Have a lovely stay with us, Sir, I’m sure you will,” then looked at Matt smiling in a sort of knowing way. I wondered if he would have wanted to join in, he was very good looking and I marked him down as a possible for when Matt was not available, assuming of course Matt was indeed looking for anything other than a drive in my car.

The room was great. It was in one of the two corner towers and therefore round with three large windows overlooking the hotel gardens and countryside. We dumped our bags on the bed, I put my arm around his shoulders and took him to one of the windows. We stood together like that looking at the beautiful Scottish countryside. “Lovely isn’t it Matt.” He put an arm around my waist, “even better now Simon.” We stayed like that for some time with me thinking where to go next. On impulse I got behind him and wrapped my arms around his body and gently pulled him into me. “This ok with you?” He did not reply straight away, instead turned round to face me and wrapped his own arms around my waist. “Yes, of course it is Simon… I… I have thought about you since we first met on cam.” He looked up at me, ” I just hope that bloke in reception doesn’t come banging on the door!” Matt had noticed the looks the guy was giving us as well it seemed. I looked down smiling at him and knew he wanted to say more by the look on his face. I ran my fingers through his hair with one hand and stroked his back with the other.

“This feels so good… Simon I know you are gay, Dean told me weeks ago.” He hesitated trying to find the right words. “When Dean and I were in the kitchen putting the stuff you bought in the fridge, Dean suggested I ask you if I could go for a drive in your car and of course end up here. I think he and mum are sure I am gay as well. I haven’t come out to them yet but I will tomorrow… if… well, that’s up to you!”

I held him even tighter now, oh my word it would have been so easy to kiss him right then but I really wanted to stretch this out, it would be so much more special for both of us.

“Are you sure this is really what you want Matt? I know I do but YOU have to be sure. If I started something you found uncomfortable about, it could lead to big problems… for both of us.” He looked up at me with that cheeky grin. “The only thing I’m not comfortable with is you haven’t started anything yet!” Oh right I thought no need to seduce him after all, just stretch this out and wind him up.

“Right, I need to shower, do me a favour and unpack for me please while I’m in there.”

“Oh fucking hell Simon!” Matt assumed I would strip off in the bathroom I guessed but I wanted to give him a bit of a show.

I kicked my trainers off and then stood back up and removed my top and chucked it on the floor. Matt stood rock still, his eyes glued to my torso and for the first time properly he could see a very well developed chest, shoulders and upper arms,. He would have taken in the light covering of fair chest hair and a firm flat belly, all in great shape because of my gym workouts at home and as much swimming as I could fit into my busy workload. Not overdeveloped as I did not want that and at 5ft 10 I wasn’t built for anything else. I went to him and took him in my arms again and pulled him into my body. He pulled me close as well, “oh fuck you smell great!” I pulled away and removed his Rangers football top and it landed on top of my tee. “We are now the same Matt but you need to take your trainers off as well.” He kicked them off followed by his socks and stood back up and cuddled back into me.

“Will you kiss me now Simon?”


Shit did I ever want too! I put him at arm’s length and smiled at his beautiful, perfect young body. I nearly lost it and to stop myself dropping his shorts, I dropped mine instead and stood back up now in just my tight white briefs. My shorts joined everything else on the floor and I stood there for Matt’s inspection.

“Oh shit Simon!” He was looking at the front of my briefs and would see my hidden hard cock laying to the left and a good sized ball pack, at the same time I was looking at his hidden stiffy as it tented his underpants and shorts. I had to get to the shower quick but not before one last item was removed, I hitched my thumbs into my briefs and shoved them down, stood up and threw them onto the ever-growing bundle of clothes on the floor. I just stood there for him to see me for the first time naked.

He would now see my rock hard cock sticking up to its full 6.5 inches and my fair trimmed pubes with my hairless balls swinging as I moved my body. I smiled at him, turned and went into the bathroom.

“I hate you Simon! I good mind to go down to that guy in reception!”

“No you don’t and you won’t, just unpack for me.”


I let the water run over my body and soaped up taking the sweat off of me after that long drive.

“MATT!” I shouted’


“Do you want to join me…? If you do I will kiss you.”

“I’m unpacking your case remember, but I MAY be in after I have done it.” The bugger had now turned the tables! I filled the bath, sat down and waited for “Boy Wonder” to turn up, hoping the little fucker would and not carry out his threat and fuck off to reception!

I waited and waited and still he did not show up.

“Waters getting cold!”

“Put more hot in it then.” You little cunt! I got out dripping wet and went into the bedroom and stared at this young beautiful naked boy laying on the bed with his legs wide open and his hands behind his head staring back at me. The only thing he had on was a fucking smile. Who the hell was seducing who now!? I was speechless and just took in his beauty.

Between his legs I saw a sight that I could never have imagined! It must have been just under 6 slim inches sticking straight up, NOT marble size bollocks, more like walnuts but to make this incredible vision even better was the abundance of fair pubes crowning his magnificent being. He may be only 14 and with a body of one, but that did not include his lovely package and I knew in a few years he would boast at least an 8/9 inch cock!

“Can I dry you off Simon…? Please?” I needed to take back control. “No, just stay there, don’t move.” I rushed back into the bathroom, grabbed my towel and dried myself off and as I did my cock went into hard mode thinking about Matt and his magnificent body.

I went back in and looked at him and went to the left side of the bed. I laid next to him and took his glorious body into my arms as he wrapped his around mine.

I smiled down at him and stroked his face with my right hand. He smiled back at me and waited knowing he was about to be kissed and whatever was to follow.

I moved down and kissed his forehead and then moved to both cheeks and all the while stroking his body but stopped short of his pubes. I then kissed his nose and eyes, very very tenderly and then with one more smile I lowered my face and gently brushed my lips onto his. I kissed him like that for a long while but the passion had already mounted up since we had first met and finally I kissed him deep and at the same time both of us opened up and found each tongue. It was intense, beautiful and would never be forgotten, by either of us. I had kissed many men during my 23 years, but none like this young boy. He was coming out and the passion was fantastic. I was in a place I had never been before as I kissed and stroked his body, it was simply beautiful and so was he.

We must have been like that for at least ten minutes, just kissing and stroking one another’s bodies without going anywhere near a cock. I turned us so that I laid on top of him still kissing and after a while flipped us with Matt on top with our mouths still together, I stroked his magnificent bum and at the same time running a finger over that special of all special places and all the while listening to Matt moaning his pleasure.

“Are you going to fuck me Simon?” Even him asking that turned me on even more!

“No Matt, it would hurt you too much and there is no way I would do that as you are so small down there. No, I would need to work on your bum for a week or so to get you ready, but even then if I fucked you it will still hurt the first time and a few times after that and I won’t be here that long.

“But I want you to take my virginity even if it does hurt.” I just looked at him for some time and came up with the answer but I would not tell him until later, I needed to think it all out first. “There are lots of things we can do and no pain either and I know you will love it.”

“What’s that?”

“Just lay on your back and trust me please.” He did as I asked and I got onto my knees and looked down at his body and loved every inch of this beautiful 14 year old, I laid on top of him took him in my arms and kissed his sweet mouth as I ground our cocks together. After one more kiss I moved to his neck and kissed that for some time and then back up to kiss and lick each ear. As I did Matt was moaning his pleasure and saying several times, “Oh fuck!” I began to slowly make my way down his body kissing him as I went. I stopped at both small nipples and teased them with my teeth and tongue which caused them to harden making them even more sensitive and more moans of pleasure coming out of Matt.

I slowly kissed my way south stopping off at his belly button and giving him yet another delightful sensation as I licked and kissed that spot for quite some time and then to his belly and as I kissed my chin made contact with the head of his cock. He lifted his hips and I felt his hands on my head running his fingers through my hair. “Oh shit Simon.” He thrust his hips up again “asking” me to take him into his mouth.

I climbed back up and we spent some time kissing and me grinding our cocks together again and all the while Matt was beginning to lose it. “Simon… Please…!? I kissed him one more time and got my face just an inch from his throbbing cock. Instead of taking him into my mouth I blew a strong stream of air onto the head. “Oh fuck!”

I took one more look at this amazing sight and finally went to his balls and licked both of them before running my tongue up the length of his shaft stopping off at the underside of the head and licked that very tender spot causing Matt to call out with the sensation I was giving him.

His foreskin by now drew back revealing the whole of his small but beautiful purple head. Matt I knew was holding his breath just waiting for my mouth to arrive. I kissed it many times and as he was about to call out to me, I took him in, just the head and with my tongue still stroking the underside Matt finally called out, “Oh bloody hell!”

I slowly took him further into my mouth and as I went Matt’s breathing became more laboured and quickened, he was not far away now and I knew he would not be able to hold back much longer.

I could have stayed as I was but I wanted both of us to watch him cum and so after blowing him a few more times and listening to Matt’s breathing getting much more intense, I sank into him one more time and then shot up to his head, took him into my hand and began stroking him to the final.

“Watch Matt!” I put my left arm around his head and lifted him up. His eyes were wide open as he stared at his cock. I felt the rod swell as I slowly stroked him to the point when he simply blew up! Out shot one continuous stream which splattered on his face followed by five more that covered his chest and belly as the force diminished. Matt’s body recoiled at every ejaculation and gasped as each one shot out.

He could not say a thing, just laid there looking from his cock and then into my face. I released my hold on him and began to massage his loads into his body and at the same time kiss his forehead. He then raised his face and we kissed, oh did we kiss and for a very long time while Matt recovered and his breathing returned to normal. I turned him to face me and we cuddled up with our arms around one another and held on very tightly.

After some time like this he looked at me. “Thank you Simon that was amazing, but what about you, I was being selfish, I didn’t even touch you!” I kissed him again and smiled at him. “You can now dear boy. Hold me with both hands.” He did as I asked and turned him on his back and once there I began to fuck knowing this would not take long. “Hold me tight Matt.” I could now bring myself to completion and after only half a dozen strokes into his hands my balls swelled followed by my cock as my cum travelled up its length and burst out blasting Matt’s chest and belly many many times with great force. When the last drop fell out I could do nothing except gently lay on top of Matt and take him into my arms with my face next to his. Matt wrapped his arms and legs around me and we would be like that for some time as we both fully recovered.

I slipped off of him and we laid on our sides looking at each other, smiling all the time, oh and gently kissing of course. Even if we had not exactly engaged in a complete sexual experience, no rimming, 69, fucking and much more, for me it was the most wonderful sexual experience of my life and all because it was with this beautiful young man. As we laid and me fiddling with Matt’s bum, my thoughts went back to a way we could spend much more time together but that would be entirely up to Matt and his mum. I was going to invite Matt to come back with me on Sunday to spend his summer holiday with me, all 8 weeks of it.


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