MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 38

The lift doors opened with Paul standing right behind them and slowly got out, his head was everywhere checking every angle.

“All clear.”

Scott stepped out and went straight to Bob’s cabin door, it opened and both men went in and shut the door.

“Lock it Paul.”

“No, you do what you have to and I will welcome any cunt who comes in, there won’t be more than one anyway and the bastard will get the shock of his life.” Scott was sure Paul hoped someone would indeed come in. He went to the screens and found out where they were, course and speed. He opened his phone and pressed the call button to his father.

William was in bed and had been there for hours and was far from sleep. He looked at his clock, 4am and knew it was about 1am where Scott was. “Fuck it!” He rang Brenda and told her to come and help him get out of bed. “I’m going to the study and I won’t leave until I know what the hell is happening.” Brenda duly arrived and as she and William were in the lift to take him down to his study, the phone rang and rang then went on to messenger.

Dad its Scott. Don’t know if you know but the O6 has been taken. Paul and I are on her now and have taken out two pirates. We now have to find the rest of them. This is our position.” He read out there exact location, course and speed. “Dad we have to go. When we have got the O6 back I will call again. Dad, we WILL get her back. Love you and so does Andrew. I have given him command of LJP and hope he doesn’t get lost!”

Scott cut the call and once again thought of his mother and the adrenaline kicked in again. He looked at Paul. “Ok, you lead but let’s get those bastards and I don’t care how we do it. Let’s get the bridge back first and then search for the rest of them. He took his sawn off shot gun out of its holster and took the safety off. “Let’s go!” Paul looked at his Captain and smiled at him. “Skip, we will go but this aint a movie. Put the gun back in and stay calm.” Scott put the shot gun back in the holster and stayed calm!

William settled behind his desk. “Thanks Brenda, sorry to get you up.” She saw the flashing light on William’s phone. “Don’t you think you should listen to that?” William pushed the button and they both listened to Scott’s message, after the second time Brenda went to the drinks cabinet and poured a double for William. “Don’t you want one as well?” Brenda went back to the cabinet and came back with another double, they would be there all night while William made many phone calls and just sat for the rest of the time hoping Scott would call again and at the same time dreading he wouldn’t.

“Paul I think we should go to both entrances to the bridge, port and starboard. We have the headsets and when we are both there you tell me who to go for, they don’t know we are on board yet so with any luck we can take them by surprise when we go in.”

“Ok Skip but we need to get to the doors at the same time and try to find out how many are there and where they are on the bridge. One of us then needs to say when to go in?”

“That’s you then. Come on, we won’t get this sorted out standing here.” They went out and Paul and Scott separated, Paul going to the port stair way up to the bridge but would have to wait for Scott to go back down one deck and then climb the stairs back up on the starboard side to the bridge. They had agreed that Paul would go the shortest way because he had the AK and if he found himself in a confrontation he would have a weapon to fire.

Scott reached the bottom of the stair way and froze as he heard someone cough. Someone was coming down the way he was about to go up. He took his shot gun out. There was nowhere to hide but his training by Paul kicked in and he remained frozen, not a movement. He tucked his gun behind his back and the torch in his right hand would be out of sight. Paul had taught him that if others were in that situation most would either turn and try to hide or open fire. “Scott, if you freeze that will at least confuse the fucker then its advantage to you.” Scott had nothing but rice to fire at this guy anyway but if he did fire all that would happen is everyone would know something was not quite right and the hostages could themselves be fired on. No, he had to stay as he was until this guy got closer and hope like hell HE did not fire. Scott was inwardly shaking but made himself stay absolutely still and waited but knowing the guy could see him as his steps became much slower as he came down the stairs. Scott sensed the pirate was about four or five steps above him but all he could do was stare straight ahead and forced himself not to look! It was made even worse for him as, whoever it was, stopped and cocked is gun!

Paul had arrived at the port door to the bridge and peered into it. The first people he could see was Bob Taylor and the young Enrico tied together and sitting on the deck. There was a guy at the helm and another one speaking into a mobile phone. He could not see the rest of the bridge as it was such a large area. “Were the fuck are you Skip!?” He asked himself then risked a call.

“Skip, you there?” Scott nearly shit himself as he heard Paul in his ear piece at full volume and knew he could not answer, the guy coming down was now four steps up staring at Scott and wondering why this “statue” was there? He bought his AK up as he slowly went down the last few steps and was now just two feet away from Scott.

The pirate was now standing right in front of this “statue” but within seconds he knew his day was completely fucked up as the eyes moved and looked at him and the mouth smiled as well!

“Hello!” Scott nutted him on the bridge of his nose and broke it, he would not feel the needle stuck into his neck. He hand cuffed the guy to a stair rail and helped himself to his AK and ran up the stairs.

“Paul I’m at the bridge door, just got rid of another one of them.” He had stuffed the shot gun back into the holster now he had an AK.

“Ok, Bob and one crew are tied together and on the deck left of the wheel. A pirate is at the helm and all I can see is another one on his phone but can’t see the back of the bridge and I know you can’t either.” Scott was higher than a dozen kites and would by now take the whole fucking lot on by himself, fortunately Paul was there to bring him back.

“Skip, on the count of three we go in together, I will take the phone guy, he is the leader, they have got their AK’s so be careful…..Skip, you there?”

“Where the fuck do you think I am! OK, I’m ready!”

“Three…! two…!” Scott opened his door:-

“BOO!”  Both spun round and in that instant realised pay day would not now happen. Paul went for phone man, who had his back to him looking at Scott and had him in a lock that he could never escape from. Scott aimed his AK at the other pirate and pissed Paul off no end. “Make my day punk!” he said to him, then stuck a needle in his thigh. The pirate was fast asleep in seconds and then Scott went around the bridge and knew that Paul was right, there was no one else there. Both pirates were hand cuffed to a grab rail and then Scott picked up the phone and listen to the voice at the other end and it was VERY angry not that he understood a word of it. He looked at the phone and turned it off. Whoever was talking was even more angry now! He put it in a pocket, MI5 would get it later.

They now had the ship back but 28 crew to save as well. They released Bob and Enrico and knew after Bob had spoken where the crew were and three pirates holding them. Bob agreed that he and Enrico would stay on the bridge and gradually take the ship away to port and back on course. Scott told Paul to go to the engine control room to let the Chief Engineer know the ship had been retaken and Captain Taylor was now back in command. Scott meanwhile called his dad.

Scott filled him in for as long as it would take Paul to go to the control room and back. “Dad we have to go and get the crew free. I will call you as soon as we have. Love you dad.”

William and Brenda hugged and she went to the cabinet to get more whiskeys and once again waited.

“Ok Paul, what now? Bob tells us there are three holding the crew.”

“We don’t have much choice but we are armed and can take them out.”

“May I suggest something?”

“Course Bob.”

“On that screen is CCTV and the crew room is on it, you can see where the pirates are before you go in.” They all looked and saw the filth standing together with their backs to a bulkhead covering the whole crew. The door into the room was to their left and when they opened it none of the pirates could see them until they were inside and there would be enough space to open fire and not harm any of the crew. “I can also help by turning us beam on and that will be a huge problem for those cunts, the crew are sitting and the pirates are standing and will never be able to stand when I turn the ship if you gentlemen agree.”

“Give us two minutes to get down, as soon as you turn we will go in, well as soon as Paul tells me!” They left the bridge leaving Bob and Enrico to sail Bob’s ship and after locking the doors they were safe and also had an AK to help them stay that way.

Scott and Paul got into the lift and concentrated on the next encounter as the lift went down, but Paul knew Scott was at the edge, he had seen it so many times when a guy was SO focused the next situation could make him TOO confident. They had taken out five pirates and regained control of the ship and there was the risk that Scott could become over confident. He had a simple solution which would bring Scott back.

“Next level…, ladies underwear but if you wait until the next one, its men’s underwear!” Scott looked at Paul and knew there and then why he had said that and smiled at the only man who could help him get this ship back. “Thanks Paul.” The lift stopped and the door opened which happened to be directly opposite the crew room. As they stepped out a pirate was coming out and all of a sudden he found a heavy fisted glove on his head delivered by the Captain of the Lady Jean Peterson. Paul gave the injection and handcuffs.  Yet another pirate was handcuffed to a rail, they were beginning to make the ship untidy. Two in the control room, two on the bridge, one that Scott had stuffed up and now this one! They stood looking at the door to the crew room knowing there were just two pirates left, but two pirates with two AK 47’s and 28 unarmed crew. Scott’s and Paul’s next move could see many die if they got it wrong. Even one of the best of Brits had to make it up as he went along during his service, now was the time to “make it up” again.

Andrew stood next to Scott’s empty chair, no one would sit in it until Scott himself was back. The crew noted that and Andrew was even more respected because of it. They all had their eyes waiting for the flares to go up, but at the same time tried to think about what Scott would do if he was in the same situation. At this time they would not know that the O6 had in fact changed course and only the Jean was heading towards Somalia!

“I want to relieve the boys on top, George and Paulina please.” George completely forgot himself and the situation. “Yes Skip!” Andrew kept staring ahead but managed a smile and a thought, “Come back “Skip”. Where are those fucking flares?” They were all looking the wrong way. Tommy and Jan were working trying to get the radio back on.

Andrew would have no idea that at very moment Scott and Paul were standing outside the crew room door and preparing themselves for what they hoped would be the last action to get the O6 fully free of this scum. They hung on to the grab rails as they felt the motion of the ship change as Bob altered course so the waves would now come at them on the port side.

Bob Taylor very slowly turned the O6 beam on and she heaved over to starboard at 20 degrees. The crew, because of their sea experience automatically lent the other way. Not so the pirates as a wave slammed into the O6 and they hung on for dear life as the ship lent over and kept going. Panic set in and now their AK’s were hanging on their wrists as both men hung on to the grab handles. Paul timed it to perfection and waited for the O6 to lurch to port, the pirates slammed back into the bulkhead. Paul opened the door and both men rushed in and got to the pirates before they even knew they were there. After two more injections, it was all over.

Five minutes later Scott stood on the starboard bridge wing of the O6 and sent two flares off and at the same time the storm blew out and the sea became very calm.


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