MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 37

Jan bought the RIB onto the ramp at the stern and the winch bought them back into the boat deck. As soon as they were in Paul closed the door. They had a problem with the change in weather and much higher seas, but Scott was thinking it COULD be in their favour, but they would now have to hurry.

Paul listened as Scott made up his mind and thought that even though he was still so young he had a very wise head on those lovely shoulders. He also knew he was driven to rescue his friend and his crew. Nothing was about to stop him but Paul also knew Scott would consider all risks.

The RIB was now secured on board and Scott told them they would now use the practice “pirate” boat. “It’s faster than the RIB and I know we will be chucked all over the place, but we will get to the O6 quicker and we need to go now as she has changed course. I wanted a stern boarding in the RIB Jan, but now we will have to board at her midships and I know even that will be difficult… Ok it’s going to be shit but when we are on board you will come back to the Jean now and you will have to wait for our flares to go off, if they do, you will know we have taken the O6 back. Let’s go we don’t have much time.

Reggie was with them and told them to “keep your heads down and don’t take any prisoners guys!” Reggie had been watching too many films!

Scott, Paul, Jan and Jerry climbed in and Reggie opened the stern door and all of them looked at the sea and Scott knew if this was a practise, he would most probably cancel it.

“Ok, Reggie!”  Reggie threw a switch and the clamps holding the boat to the runners released and gravity took over. Jan opened the throttle wide and adjusted her course knowing exactly where the O6 was. Andrew also altered course as well and would have to wait for Jan to get back and confirm to him the O6’s course and distance, he could not get too close, he knew he would be on radar anyway, but so were other ships, he assumed as there always was. He stood close to Freddy giving both of them some sort of comfort, the rest were standing close to their partner looking through binoculars but could not see a thing, but all knew the weather was getting worse.

“Andrew, I want to go to the engine room please.” Colin asked. Andrew was taken by surprise, this was the first time any crew had asked him for permission to do something!

“Course Colin.” Colin needed to be with Neil.

The boat was approaching the stern of the O6 with the sea now beginning to get a lot more angry, another storm was almost on them and he knew they would have just one attempt to get on board so Jan and Jerry could get back to the Jean as quickly as possible.

“Take us to the starboard quarter deck Jan it’s in the lee.” With great skill she took the boat to within 5 feet of the O6’s hull and held her there as Jerry, with his strong arms lifted the boarding ladder up and hooked it on to the rails. Scott was the first and literally jumped on the ladder and climbed up. When he got to the top he bunched up and fell over the rails and landed on the deck in as small a package as he could get himself. Five seconds later the massive Paul landed on top of him!

Jerry unhitched the ladder and Jan cut the throttle and waited for the O6 to sail away, when the ship had gone a couple of hundred yards she opened up and went back on the reverse course hoping like hell Andrew had maintained his! He had and when they the saw Jerry flashing them, there was a sigh of relief from the crew waiting anxiously on the bridge. Reggie went back down to the boat deck and opened the stern door again and welcomed the two guys back. “Fuck that, no more trips tonight, Skip and Paul can swim back!” Jan said her bit and went off to get showered and got back into survival gear, she may have to go and find them!

William was on the phone to the Mistry of Defence and was told the O6 had been located. Bob Taylor had switched the AIS on before the pirates took over, but had no idea the Jean had located her and was about to board. Neither Scott or Bob Taylor would know that HMS Edward had been diverted towards the O6 and was now at full speed heading towards both ships. Marines on board were already suited up and armed. The eight pirates on board were oblivious to the fact that they had been boarded and 6,000 tons of Royal Navy was steaming at them at 30 knots, but still 12 hours away.

The pirates had the whole crew in the mess deck, except the first engineer who was being held down in the engine room and four pirates with an AK47 each guarding them. In the engine room two more pirates were working and both qualified to be there. The O6’s engineer was tied to a rail. On the bridge were the other two, one was trying to work things out and the leader of this band of fuckwits who was screaming at him telling him to “turn right!” The poor guy was spinning the wheel like mad but nothing happening as the ship was being sailed by computer. To override it all he had to do was throw a switch right in front of the helm, but there were another nine switches and the poor sod had no idea what switch controlled what.

The head of this mob called the engine room and told them he need one of them to come to the bridge to get to the bridge. Ten minutes later he arrived after running up all the stairs and out of breath and not realising he could have got there in half a minute if he had used the lift!

He arrived gasping for breath.

“We can’t steer.” The guy staggered over to the helm and looked at the array of switches and got lucky, he threw one and an alarm went off which would tell the captain the ship was now under manual control. Once again the engine room pirate got lucky as he turned the wheel to starboard and the O6 heaved over and the guy who had tried to gain control could now steer the ship towards the coast and when they were a mile off it they would stop and anchor and then wait for the demands to begin, $50 million of which the pirates would get a nominal amount.

Bob Taylor was sat with a couple of his crew, the pirates had spread them out and every dining table had just two or three men sitting where they could be kept an eye much better. Bob felt a vibration in his trouser pocket. He looked around him and risked taking his mobile out. He held it under the table and pressed messages.

“S n P here.” Bob smiled to himself and looked around him, he need to tell Scott how many of them and where he was fairly sure they were.

Now they were on the O6 Scott could contact Bob because there was mobile connection from one of the pods on the top of the bridge. Bob stood up.

“I need to go to the toilet.” The pirates did not speak English and he did not know he was being told to “fuck off and sit down!” He remained standing and gave a visual explanation of what he needed to do. He pointed at his cock and pointed towards the toilet. There was a discussion in Somalian and one guy went to Bob and took him to the toilet but the fucker went inside with him and watched and waited! After he had managed a trickle he was taken back but before he was told to sit the pirate must have realised Bob was there for some other reason because he knew he had not pissed. He put the barrel of his gun at another crews head and put his hands in Bob’s trouser pockets and took his phone out. There was a lot of shouting and Bob had the butt of an AK smashed on the back of his head. Two of them went to all the crew and by the time they had finished, they had 20 more mobile phones and all of them thrown out of a port hole. Bob fell onto a chair and even though he was in great pain and blood coming out of his head, he was fucking angry as well, all he hoped was that he would get five minutes with that bastard if Scott and Paul managed to take his ship back.

The pirates were more than settled now as they had full control of the ship and crew, they relaxed although the storm had picked up even more now and the ship was heaving about alarmingly. But the pleasing thing about it for Bob was three of the pirates were getting a tad uncomfortable and two of them had rushed to the toilet and threw up! As Scott and Paul had been saying all along they would think that once on board and the ship was theirs and with hostages under their control no one would get anywhere near them.

Without anything needed to be said Scott and Paul began the long climb up the port side gang way towards the bridge. They ducked under each port hole as they passed and both were more than happy that the wind had now reached storm levels and even though they had to hang on tight what with that and the O6 riding very heavy seas they were sure nobody would come out from inside. This was perfect, so far.

The head of this gang knowing the ship was theirs and the engine room covered, he told the guy who had come up to stay on the bridge to sail the ship while he went down to check on the hostages. As he left so Scott peered over at the window to the bridge.

“Two of them.” He told Paul. “We need to get in.” They went to the door and Paul gently tried it, it was locked. Paul motioned to Scott and they began to climb back down only this time trying every hatch, they were all locked, Bob Taylor had done a good job securing his ship. BUT the pirates had got in somewhere, it was just a matter of what hatch. Back on deck they tried every hatch and of course it was the last one that opened outward as most ships hatches do and Paul held it so Scott could just get in, Paul followed and closed and locked the hatch. They found a safe place and stayed hidden and listening out.

The gang leader arrived at the crew room and talked to the rest of his filth. The crew looked on not understanding anything that was being said but knew he was not pleased as the two who had just thrown up came back out. He went to the pair of them and punched crap out of them and threatening them with his AK. The crew were even more worried now, if he treated his “men” like that, what would he do to them!? He continued to shout and it soon became clear what he was on about as one of them went to Bob Taylor and pulled him to his feet and took him to boss man. He looked around and selected another crew, the youngest one of them, Enrico just 18.

Boss looked at both Bob and Enrico then the rest of the crew and yelled out in English. “These two come with me, they will be shot if ANYONE tries anything, if they get shot I will pick two more.” He looked around the room again. “YOU and YOU!” He spoke to one of the guys who had been sick and he left to go to the engine room. Neither Scott or Paul would now know there would be three of them on the bridge and Bob and Enrico with them now.

Scott and Paul were situated three decks above the engine room and two decks below the crew room. Paul gave the all clear and they made their way to the gang leading to the engine control room. As discussed while planning a boarding Paul told Scott that to take the engine room was the first priority, They slowly went down to the next deck and were about to take the next gang way when they heard someone throwing up from the deck they had just left. It was a huge bit of luck as they got this early warning. This guy could only be going to the engine room and Paul whispered to Scott to hide and just step out in front of him. This bloke had no idea his pirate days were about to be a tad fucked up. The first he knew there was a problem was when Scott stood in front of him and then felt a needle being rammed into the side of his neck and then, nothing, he was fast asleep! Scott took the AK 47 and stuffed the five magazines into his pack. Paul picked the pirate up and put him over his shoulder and they went down the gang and stood outside the engine control room. Paul tapped Scott telling him to wait. He took the pirate to a rail and got a set of handcuffs out and hung them over a grab rail and then cuffed both wrists. One down but no idea how many to go. Scott handed the AK to Paul and at a nod he opened the hatch and walked in. It was almost too easy, the guy had his back to them and it was Scott’s turn to ram a needle into a neck.

The O6’s engineer could not believe what had happened and just stood there with his mouth open. Scott released him while Paul went out and bought the first guy in the control room and then handcuffed the pair of them to the same rail the engineer had been tied too.

“Right mate lock the hatch when we go and only open it if one of us shouts out “LJP” ok? Do you know how many of them?”

“No, I was down here and the next I knew two of them came in. I think they must have got lucky and came on board just as the Captain had ordered lock down because it was about that time. That guy was not one of them so he’s loose somewhere.”

“Ok there must be another four or maybe six, we will assume six. Can you reduce speed without them knowing?”

“Can do a knot maybe two without them knowing in this sea and I can do another one if it picks up more.”

“Ok do it, we better go Paul. He turned to the engineer, you keep the AK and don’t be afraid of using it. I will leave two more injections, if they wake up just jam it into their necks, they will be asleep for another two hours anyway. DONT answer the phone for another hour.” They left the control room to go to the bridge. Scott gave the AK magazines to Paul and now they were better armed and with the weapon in Paul’s hands he felt a lot better.

“Let’s take the lift and stop off a deck below the bridge.” They got in and Scott selected the deck which he knew would take them to Bob Taylor’s cabin just below the bridge. Assuming they could get in, he already knew there would be “repeaters” that the Captain could look at and would be able to check his course, position and speed as well as weather conditions without having to call the bridge, he could also call his dad.

BUT, he knew he and Paul could not hang about now, it would not be too long before someone cottoned on to the fact that they have been boarded with two of them missing and the crew would be in even greater danger.

“Skip I MAY have to use my full training with the SBS.” Scott was sure he understood what Paul meant and some poor bastard could be in for a very bad time. Then he thought about his mother and father.

“Ok Paul, you do what you have to do.”


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