MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 36

“Take us slowly away until she is out of sight please Freddy.”

Scott will now have to guess distances and just about everything else, without radar, GPS and not even being able to communicate, the Jean was blind and deaf. Back in England William was tearing his hair out.

They were all on the bridge knowing what the next discussion would be all about. Andrew had been dreading this day and as the weather was fine with no seas to give them a problem and a new moon when it got dark and with plenty of cloud, it would make the RIB virtually invisible. The conditions were the very ones that Scott and Paul had been talking about in planning a possible boarding.

Tommy of course was thinking the same. He and Andrew looked one another with all the worry in the world on both of their shoulders. They were all waiting for Scott to speak, Paul kept quiet but planning in his mind of their preparations that would be needed to launch an attack. He smiled to himself as he wondered if Scott would like sawn off shot guns to take with them.  After what seemed a life time Scott spoke.

“Unless Paul tells me differently I want to go and take the O6 back. I know the conditions are on our side and the only issue I have is that they may know we are here. Take us to port again Freddy for 30 minutes and I hope that’s about 8 miles from the O6.”


Scott would know the O6 could still see them on radar and just hoped that the pirates now on board the O6 were not all seamen. They may have been fishermen and very able to sail, but they MAY not understand the complexities of modern shipping and hoped the many screens on the bridge and the computer systems that ran them were beyond their understanding. BUT, he had to assume the pirates did understand those technical issues and had to think and plan with that in mind. Scott thought that through and made himself think, and assume, that the pirates were as clued up as he was. Paul had taught him so much during the times they were together as he told Scott about certain individuals, groups, organisations that only dominated by force and made it up as they went along. “Skip, always think that whoever you are against there is always only ONE leader. Take him out and the rest will be fucked.”

“How do we know who the leader is?”

“The one with the biggest mouth.  He will be the last to board a ship but when it’s taken he takes command as he is directly involved with the cunts who finance this shit… Skip, the O6 has been taken and I need you to lead me and we take her back!”

“So, you’re saying I have got the biggest mouth and therefore I lead?”

“Yes… Skip!”

“You’re lucky Tommy’s here to stop me beating the shit out of you!” Scott smiled at the 5ft 6inch Tommy who smiled back then got behind Paul. The bridge became much more relaxed.

“Jan and Jerry, would you be willing to go out and follow the O6? We would at least know what course they are on, we have the hand radios at least to keep in touch.” There was no hesitation from either of them.

“Yes Skip.” They both said together.

“Paul. Is it on?” Scott asked. Everyone looked at this massive man and already knew the answer and listened intently as he gave it.

“Skip, we are all just thankful we came out of the storm but I know pissed off because we could not help the Harmony’s crew who cannot go home now, but there is another crew on the O6 who we can help and get them home. I am saying yes Skip but it’s your call.”

“Thanks Paul, but if it was your call?”

“I would go Skip, but only because it’s you and me.”

Andrew and Tommy looked at one another again but this time smiled. They went to their respective partners and hugged them. Paul wrapped his massive arms around Tommy and hugged him. Andrew found Scott’s arms around him while the rest of them looked on and prayed this would have a happy ending.

“Neil, I want you free to look after the engine room. Tommy you will stay at the helm, Colin and George, you will man the cannons as they are our only means of defence now. Marcel and Jon, you will operate the aft search lights if they are needed but you will be on top with night glasses and you as well Freddy. Reggie and Paulina I want you to get the injections ready for us. Jan and Jerry you will need to go after this bullshit and get the RIB ready, you will be off when it gets dark.” He turned to Andrew. “When Paul and I go, you will have the Jean. Everyone in survival suits, helmets and headsets on. After we board the O6 Jan I want you to stay half a mile behind her. Paul and I will have a flare each and we will fire them if we have to jump over board. You will also radio Andrew to let him know if the O6 changes course, just give him the heading. As soon as we leave the ship will be in lock down and the only way to get in or out will be via the bridge top ladder. Right, we now have to wait for a couple of hours before Jan and Jerry can go but we need to get back and look at the O6 again. Over to you Andrew, Paul and I are going to get ready.”

William put the phone down and opened his computer again knowing full well there would be no contact this time as the many other times he had tried to contact his son. No one knew where the Jean was and after the reports coming back about the storm, no one knew if the Jean was still…”Come home ALL of you!” His phone rang. “Sir William, we have been informed that the O 6 has been taken and we still cannot raise the Lady Jean Peterson.” For the second time in his life, his world fell apart.

“What do you mean saw the barrels off the shot guns? I want to get the O6 back not kill the fuckers who took her.

“We won’t have shot in the cartridges.”

“What then?”

“Rice…! When I was a kid I went to stay with my uncle who was a game keeper, he also trained gun dogs, nobody ever found out how he did it, except me. The dogs would arrive and a few days later he would call the owner to collect. He was pretty unique in his training methods and these days he would be barred!

He would take the dog out and had one normal cartridge in the left barrel and a cartridge in the right one with rice in it. He would shoot a bird and the dog would always run off, the next thing the pooch knew was a few hundred grains of rice slamming into his arse! They never ran off again until they were told to. We could do the same thing by firing into a pirates bollocks and believe me only the pirate and his girlfriend will be pissed off! But not only that Skip as we will be in a confined space and the guns going off will sound like there is a fucking army after them! But Skip we can only use them if there is no other option.”

“Let’s get to the galley.”

Andrew had taken the Jean to within a distance that the O6 was in range of the power binoculars and was quite relieved she seemed to be on the same course at no more than 8 knots. He and Freddy agreed that it would be likely she would continue like this until they had got to within 100 miles of the Somalian coast. They also guessed that the course she was on and speed they would remain like that for another 1 or 2 hours and by then it would be dark and by the look of it the conditions would remain in Scott’s and Paul’s favour.

Scott and Paul were on the boat deck seeing Jan and Jerry off.

“All ready?”

“Yes Skip.” They were in full orange survival suits that had been painted black, even their faces were blacked out.

“Ok, off you go and remember the code, only plain language if there is a problem. Please take care both of you.” Jan and Jerry climbed into the RIB, Paul opened the stern door and then launched them down the rails and out into the sea. Jan opened the throttle and took them away. Paul closed the door and they rushed up to the top deck, by the time they got there the RIB was nowhere in sight.

They went to the bridge to be with Andrew and Tommy for the last time before they had to go and get into their own gear. The next time they would see them, they would be almost unrecognizable.

There were no words, just VERY hard cuddles. They “high fived” the rest of the crew and went below to change into their boarding gear. They smiled as they over heard the chat on the bridge.

“Andrew can George and I check the cannons to make sure they are working ok?”

“We already have Colin and we know they are fine.”

“Do you want to cook your own fucking dinner?”

“Please check the cannons Colin!”

“Andrew, when Skip and Paul have gone can we open the bar?” Freddy asked. There was a two second wait.


It was of course a means to relieve the tension, they all knew the conditions were perfect, calm sea, very little wind, a new moon and broken cloud. They were all sure that Scott and Paul would get on board the O6 without any problem, it was what would happen when they got there that they were all worried about!

Jerry called in every five minutes as agreed and just coughed three times into the mike. That way Andrew would know they were ok and nothing to report.

Scott and Paul arrived back on the bridge and looked completely different and apart from Paul’s 6ft 6 inch height and massive frame, no one could tell who was who! They now had their one piece black overalls and boots that could grip into an ice wall, a chest pack which held the battery to power their headsets, six syringes that were loaded with a VERY strong anesthetic which, when rammed into a neck, or anywhere else, would see the receiver fast asleep for at least two hours within two seconds. Four pairs of handcuffs, a roll of duct tape, six rice filled shot gun cartridges (they had two already loaded) and a pack of sandwiches made by George and Colin! On their left hip was a holster housing the sawn off shot guns and all they had to do was swivel it and pull a trigger rendering the receiver fuckless for quite some time. On the right hip was a torch, one of those American massively bright LED’s that would blind a blind person, but also heavy and strong and could be used as a club and do the job that the injections would do but much more painfully! They had heavy gloves on, which was another weapon but with the left forefinger cut off to allow access to the triggers on the shot guns.

Their faces were already blacked out but held their black balaclavas and helmets in their hands as they hugged their reason to live. Scott looked at the boys and gave them a thumbs up, they smiled back and wiped the tears away at the same time, holding on to one another. Scott gave Andrew one more squeeze and let go, he tapped Paul on the back and they both went to the boat deck to wait for Jan and Jerry to come back to pick them up. So far they had only called in to let the Jean know they were ok and the O6 had no change of course or speed.

But the conditions were about to change as the wind picked up and the rising sea would be much more of a concern and then Jerry called, “304!”

The O6 had been turned towards Somalia.


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