MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 34

Scott elected not to go into Mumbai and instead patrolled 10 miles off the coast for a day and a half and wait for the O9 to come back out and escort her down the West coast of India until they were out of harm’s way but to continue to sail with her to meet up with the O6 coming from Australia and escort her into Mumbai and from there to South Africa. He would follow the O6 into Cape Town where there would be a five day break waiting to meet up with the O2 who was on her way to Mumbai, Colombo and then Australia.

Sailing to meet up with the O6 would be a very welcome break as there would not be any pirate activity and they could all relax and apart from the normal work of sailing there would be a lot of time just to cruise and have fun.

Scott bought the Jean back to 8 knots and watched the O9 as she went away at her 10 knots. The whole ship wound down and Scott ordered that not one exercise would be carried out for the next five days. There were a lot of smiles of understanding from the crew, none more so than Marcel and Jon. They just waited for the call, they didn’t have to wait long.

Several thousand miles away Scott’s dad sat in his study and smiled at Brenda who had just banged on the door and came in. She put her hands on her hips and all present knew she was not best pleased. “An hour ago I laid out a cold chicken salad and I’m WAITING to cook the apple pie and custard. The chickens getting bloody hot and the bloody pie will be cold if you lot don’t get to the dining room NOW!” She sniffed and went out.

“I think we had better go lady and gentlemen. Housekeepers like Brenda are hard to find these days!”

William led the way and wheeled himself at top speed to the dining room followed by two government misters, a Deputy Police Commissioner, an army Colonel, the Company lawyer and a government lawyer.

“Please help yourselves to champagne but it seems we have been restricted to only one bottle, never mind the drinks cabinet is well stocked.” William sat at his place and started to count to ten. He got to eight when Brenda came in and dished up what she thought William needed and then after putting his plate in front of him and a, single, whiskey, she left them to it.

“Sir William, if ever Brenda looks for another position tell her she has a job in my home, it could do with a bit of discipline!” The Colonel said.

They settled down to their meals and the conversation started up again. “So Sir William how does all that sound to you and will Captain Peterson agree?”

“AGREE!? Of course he will Minster, he has been saying that since his mother was murdered and FINALLY you chaps have taken notice. We will of course need to talk to him but he will not fly back and leave his ship, we will have to get a secure video link and talk to him, well, I will. This will make the crew so much safer sailing through pirate areas, it’s a brilliant suggestion and I cannot wait for it to start.”

This brilliant suggestion? The Jean would become armed again and it would become effective as of this meeting.

Weapons would be loaded onto O2 at Southampton before sailing for South Africa and meet the Jean well off the West coast of Africa in international waters and transfer the weapons.

Scott would now have two machine guns with 500 rounds each, a snipers rifle and 100 rounds, four 9mm hand guns and he would have the flash/stun grenades for the bridge tubes and helicopters as well as CS gas. Paul Smith would train a member of crew of his and Scott’s choice to fire the second machine gun. One down side to this was Scott would have to stay at sea the whole time and if, for whatever reason he had to go into certain ports, he may have to dump the lot over board and wait for the next ship to rearm him. He would also have to be refuelled and resupplied at sea.

“We are aware that you have applied for a licence to carry armed guards on your ships Sir William and that will take time but there are a lot of people who think this is the best option but there are those from other countries who will never agree to ships being armed and therefore your son will not be able to sail in the Suez Canal or Red Sea, certain countries either side of it will not allow armed civilian ships to sail in their waters. This is the best we can come up with and we hope a temporary provision but also one that will attract more escorts for your son’s ship. I understand there have been a lot of enquiries for his services?”

“Yes and I have to talk to Scott about that as well, it seems he could be very busy but at the very least the ship will now start paying for herself, she would have done if that fool had not accused my son of firing at him. That idiot could very well be responsible for ships being taken as company’s who enquired about being escorted by the Lady Jean withdrew after all that shit happened.”

The meeting came to a close and William saw them all off and after they had gone he went into his study and tried to link up with Scott but could not get through. It just happened that his son and partner were making love to Marcel and HIS partner and all four of them in a world of their own.

They had been mixing and matching on the bunk but now with Marcel and Jon on their backs and being rimmed by Scott and Andrew.

“Please Scott, I’m ready!” Marcel whispered.

“Me too Andrew!”

Andrew pulled Jon up and took him to the couch after kissing Scott and Marcel, Jon did the same and off they went.

Scott climbed up Marcel’s body and laid on top of him and looked at his lovely face.

“Still ready?” Marcel did not answer, just lifted his head and kissed Scott. He closed his eyes and felt Scott pull his legs wide open and waited for his captain’s cock to arrive.

Scott lined himself up and gently put pressure on Marcel’s button and then some more until it opened and he felt the whole 7 inches slowly slide into him. Scott waited for Marcel to get used to this invasion and slowly withdrew to the head and just as gently slid back into this wonderful man.

Scott would keep this up for ages and all the time bringing both of them to the end and without either of them touching Marcel’s cock.

Meanwhile just a few feet away Andrew was on his back with Jon straddling him sucking one another as Andrew played with Jon’s cute ass and fingering him at the same time. Jon was worked up so much he suddenly turned and after kissing Andrew for some time, raised himself and took the American’s cock to his back door and slowly fed himself onto it. He would now bring them both to a fabulous end very soon as he fucked himself on Andrew and by the sounds coming from the bunk Scott and Marcel were not too far away either.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming Marcel…! It’s all yours!” Scott thrust himself back into Marcel and held himself deep inside him, his body was like rock as he erupted into him time and time again.

“I’m coming too Scott…!” They both watched as Marcel’s cock literally exploded many times covering his and Scott’s bodies.

At exactly the same time as both Scott and Marcel were coming so did the two on the couch.

“Jon! Oh my God… Oh my…! Andrew could hold back no longer as he rammed himself up into Jon and fired off round after round. He pulled Jon down to his mouth and kissed him which took Jon over the edge as well and cried out as he too erupted covering both of them.

All four cuddled in waiting to recover and while doing it gently kissed again for a very long time.

Andrew took Jon back to the other two and all four cuddled in and smiled at one another, kissed and then both couples went back together and like that, fell asleep. They would have all night together until Scott and Andrew had to get ready for their watch at 8am. The Jean sailed on but now out of danger and even had her navigation and deck lights on. She was two days away from meeting the O6 and despite the relaxed atmosphere on the Jean, Scott was about to become busy again.

Neil and Colin were in their cabin and for once fully dressed even though there was over an hour still to go before they were due on watch.

“We are going to miss them all Neil, the Jean has become home for both of us.” They sat on the bunk leaning against the bulkhead.

“Yes of course we will miss everyone and everything about the Jean, but we have to think of the future and the offer you have had will secure yours and I can take up the teaching job at the Marine College. We can’t let either of those offers go and I know Scott would encourage us to go if he knew about them. He will have until we get back home which is plenty of time.”

In their cabin Reggie and Freddy had also agreed that they too would be leaving when they got back home. Freddy had been asked to teach languages at the Army Academy in Sandhurst and Reggie to take a teaching post at the Royal College.

Scott and Andrew were on their watch when the call came through from his father and with Andrew actually doing the watch, Scott listened to William as he told him about the meeting and the Jean being armed again and how they would meet up with the O2 and transfer weapons. They talked for some time about it all when Andrew came up with a good idea. He was at the radar screens and could not see William but heard everything.


“Yes Andrew?”

“If there is a Royal Naval ship in the area could they not be authorised to supply us with at least one machine gun? Or maybe an Australian ship? Our latest attack has been on the news of course and everyone knows we did have some luck, mainly because Skip is our Captain, but we could run out of the rest of it if there is another attack” Andrew smiled at Scott and guaranteed himself a good time when they went off watch! He came and put his arm around Scott and looked at the smiling William.

“Hi Andrew, you both look wonderful and that’s a great idea, I will get onto our people as soon as I finish this call. GREAT idea, so pleased you have Andrew to think for you Scott.”

“There are no Brit or Aussie ships in the area so I dismissed it.” Andrew kissed the top of Scott’s head.

“You bloody liar!” He said.

“Don’t worry Andrew, I will check and I bet you are right, Scott’s lying. Bye lads, take care and come home safe.” He waved at them and signed off.

Scott and Andrew handed over to Paul and Tommy and went to the saloon. Neil, Colin, Reggie and Freddy were already there and had just found out all of them would be leaving the Jean as soon as they got back to the UK. “Scott has a list of replacements as long as his arm and it won’t take too much effort to get new people.” Freddy said.

It was something that Scott had expected and although he and everyone would miss them all so much he knew Freddy was right. He had two months to look for new crew, but at the same he was thinking and typical of the young man, he needed time.

When they got back to their cabin Andrew came up with yet another good idea and suggested two guys who were not even on the reserve list, Theo and Royston.

“Not sure Theo would be interested and if he isn’t, neither will Royston of course.”

“Why not?”

“Well they have new jobs now and doing well according to their last email but I’m not sure if Theo will be happy working with you as you will become our new Chief Engineer.”

“ME!? Chief Engineer?”

“I would not want anyone else Andrew and I know you are more than qualified.” Andrew looked hard at Scott trying to work out if he was taking the piss, again.

“You mean that don’t you?”

“Course I do, can I fuck you now?”

They had a long fight instead and after Scott “allowed” the United States to win, they both fucked one another and the “special relationship” was well and truly secure. Perfect!

Whilst these two wonderful men were shagging one another the father of the Lady Jean Peterson’s Captain had contacted the Ministry and after a long conversation HMS Edward was diverted to meet up with his son’s ship so she could transfer a GPMG and 200 rounds.


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