MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 32

Scott took advantage of this outward sailing to give the boys more flying practise with the Bullets and told them to get a couple of planes out and get them ready, this time there would be a slight change. This was about to get real.

Their “pirate” boat only had one out board engine, but they had two spares and Scott was about to reduce that number by one. The whole crew were on the bridge as he told them what was about to happen.

“I will take the “pirate” out and I want the RIB out as a safety boat but stay at least 200 yards from me. I want you two to attack me with the bullets and keep attacking until I raise the flag I will have with me, then one of you will fly into the engine and I hope destroy it. Marcel you are “heads.” Jon you are “tails.” Scott took a coin out and flipped it, “tails.”

“It’s you then Jon. Right, this will go on for some time, I will be throwing the thing all over the place, so try and keep up. When pirates attack they always go in a straight line and when I raise the flag, I will also be straight, not that I am of course.” Scott hoped that Andrew saw the joke and looked at him, the look he was giving Scott told him, “no.”

“Ok, off you go and get ready boys, I am going to get into safety shorts and a top. Going to help me Andrew?” They left the bridge.

“Ok, let’s have it, you think I’m stupid right?”

“No and because for two reasons.”


“One, if the fucking bullet hits your head it will just bounce off! Two, there is no brain inside to do any damage anyway!”

“Thanks Andrew, so nice to have you on my side, but I have to find out if the boys can do it and I won’t let anyone else do this, sorry.”

“Oh shut up. YOU didn’t see the joke either.” Andrew held Scott tight and kissed him.

“I have a couple of bungie cords and will attach them to the tiller just before I wave the flag and then go to the bow and hope Jon won’t fuck up.” They kissed again and Andrew got Scott out of his uniform and dressed him in “safety” sports gear, after a bit of fiddle time of course.

The two boys were on the flight deck as Andrew, who tended Marcel’s plane and Colin who was with Jon prepared the Bullets, Andrew started the jet first and after a wave from Marcel he launched the plane over the side and Marcel screamed off towards Scott who was 350 yards to their stern.

After a number of passes and just missing the out board engine Marcel told Jon to start up as he was running out of fuel. They timed it perfectly and as Marcel carried out his last attack so Jon carried out his first, meanwhile Scott was having a great time as he threw the boat all over the place, reducing speed and then opening up to full throttle again. The boys had to concentrate like never before. Scott, just being a couple of feet away from the engine was more than impressed as this tiny plane came at him making one hell of a noise and JUST missing the engine and therefore him as well.

Scott kept this up for two more hours before he went out to two miles before turning for the final run in. He tided the bungie cords and opened the throttle wide and jammed it open, the boat would now come in at 40 knots. He waved the flag and scrambled to the bow and sat up watching, not that he could see anything.

Both boys took off and it was Marcel who got to Scott first and screamed in just missing the engine. Scott thought Jon had missed and was totally surprised when he heard another scream coming from the opposite direction and just for a second watched as the little plane slammed into the out board motor and completely destroyed it. The boat decelerated so rapidly Scott fell overboard!

A very wet but happy Captain was helped into the RIB by George, they connected a tow and went back to the Jean which had come to a standstill. All those that could were on the boat deck when the two boats were bought up the ramp and after the cover and engine head had been removed they could all see the total devastation to the engine, the bullet was just tiny bits and mixed with equally tiny bits of the entire inside of the engine.

Scott was taken to the cabin by Andrew who over did it a bit when he stripped Scott off and took him to the shower. Half hour later they joined the rest of the crew on the bridge and both received a huge cheer. Scott went to the two boys and gave them a very pubic cuddle as a thank you. Pirates could be in for a very big shock if they came up against these Bullets.

“Skip, we are nearing our turning point.” Scott was in the saloon taking to Jan.

“Thanks Freddy, as soon as we get to it go back at 20 knots.” He looked Jan who was smiling back at him. He was about to say something when Andrew came in, kissed Jan on the cheek and Scott on his mouth.

“Glad you came in Andrew, we have been rumbled.”

“Rumbled what?”

“Us and the boys.”

“Oh fuck! Oh well I guess it would happen one day. Is it that obvious then Jan?”

“Well, certainly to me, you must know what a nosy bitch I am but before you think we, and I mean Paulina and me, have a problem, forget it, we think it’s great! I have known since you all got back from Yorkshire that “something” had happened between all of you, but I have known long before that there was a lot of love between all four of you and I do mean love, not a matter of four guys after a bit on the side, none of you would do that anyway. I also think that if the four of you came out to the crew, nobody would be that surprised and I’m bloody sure there won’t be a problem either. The love that you all have for one another is equal to the love you have as partners. Paulina and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!

Look, I need to get something off my massive tits, can I tell you?”

“Of course Jan, you don’t have to ask, if you are comfortable telling us, Andrew and I will feel good that you can talk openly. Would you prefer to come to our cabin?”

“Thanks Skip, I am happy to talk in the open, anyone coming in I can trust anyway and it would be good to get it all out.” She smiled at her two friends and felt secure in telling these two beautiful men a little about herself. She waited as they felt the ship gently turn 180 degrees and then increase speed. Scott got up and went to the compass to check the course. “Seems Freddy knows where to go. Sorry Jan.”

It took her almost an hour to tell Scott and Andrew about her life and the misery she had endured from childhood and beyond. All the physical abuse at the hands of her father and other abuses from the same “man.” At the age of fourteen she had ran away and got into even more trouble and taken into care.

“I didn’t realise it at the time but that was the first time I had any luck, I was put into foster care and Uncle Tom and Aunt Vicky really did care although I took them to the limits, I was a total shit. I had no idea what love was as I never had any or knew it existed, but I knew a lot about sex and, not to put too put a fine a point on it, I fucked and was fucked, man or women, it made no difference to me but I became to realise I preferred women, but there was never anything like love, just sex.

Goodness knows how they did it but by the age of 18 they got me into the Navy and life could not get any better, or so I thought, I fucking loved it and just happened to be good, but even then I managed to fuck it all up. During the time I was in the Navy I had shit loads of sex and got into trouble because of it and then one night my whole life changed when I got into a fight with two blokes, I decked the pair of them but broke a finger on one of them and had to go to hospital to get it fixed. That’s when I met Paulina.

That is a VERY long story but to keep it short I hated the bitch! She would not allow me to get her into bed BUT, I kept meeting her, I just could not stop seeing her. All I need to say is she showed me what life was really about and me as a person despite all the shit she must have known I was. We talked for hours and hours over many weeks and during all that time she made me understand I was not a lost cause and of course I was falling in love with her the whole time. I had nothing to do with the first time we slept together, it was Paulina and it was the first time I ever made love to anyone and of course I was being made love TOO.

Despite what I was and the crap I gave out, Paulina showed me what love, TRUE love is all about. She saved me and ever since I have learnt so much about other people and although many would say you four are at risk by being involved and could become a problem for both relationships? Fuck the so called “norm” because if that were the case Paulina and I should never had become what we are, and that’s for life, so are you four. The Lady Jean Peterson first bought you two together after your mother’s death and then Marcel and Jon, Jerry and George, Theo and Royston, Robin and Simon, David and Fahmi and now Scott, Andrew, Marcel and Jon. Your mother and her ship has done more in the name of love than anyone I have ever known and I know the crew will NEVER have a problem with you all being in love with one another. So just show it to all of us, you don’t have to hide your love for one another, be proud of your own relationship and “come out” so we can all be proud knowing that there is even more love on this fantastic ship and Lady Jean’s crew.” Jan looked at the clock and smiled. “Perfect timing, Paulina and I are on watch in 15 minutes and I must go and get ready. We love you SO much!” She kissed both of them and was about to leave.

“Hang on Jan, the boys need to know this as well and we, you and Paulina need to see all four of us.” Jan kissed Andrew again. “I have already spoken to them silly man and they are the happiest gay boys I have ever known, apart from you two that is!” Jan stopped at the door and looked back at them. “Oh I nearly forgot, I told them that you wanted to see them in your cabin, they are there now.” She opened the door and smiled all the way back to her cabin knowing Paulina would be waiting for her.

Scott and Andrew tried their best not to run to their cabin but they still managed it in record time. Andrew got there first and opened the door and they both looked at Marcel and Jon sitting on the couch cuddled up. Scott closed the door and the boys got up and they all met and without a word threw their arms around one another and kissed and kissed and… “FIRE FIRE FIRE, ENGINE ROOM, JERRY AND CREW RESPOND!”

Scott got to the bridge as Paul was about to leave.

“Paul, can I ask you something?”

“Course Skip, fire away.”

“If we had a fucking gun I would, piss off!” Paul nearly fell down the gang way laughing his size ten’s off!

Jan and Paulina were on watch, Scott sat in his chair as was normal during a fire exercise. Jan and Paulina went about their business while Scott thought about his and Andrew’s talk with Jan and smiled as he recalled her openness about her life and the love she had found with Paulina after such a dreadful time. He had had a wonderful life until the moment his mother had been taken from him but then he had called Andrew and his life was turned around, a bit like Jan’s life when she met Paulina for the first time.

He tried to imagine what Jan must have gone through during her early years and up until she and Paulina met and could not even come close to understanding the trauma she must have gone through but what he did know was that his, Andrew’s, Marcel’s and Jon’s love for one another and coming out to the crew could never be as traumatic as Jan’s life had been.

He remained in his chair still thinking and despite being assured by Jan that the crew would not have an issue with his and Andrew’s relationship with the boys, he still could see how he and Andrew could “come out” to them, he had not even been able talk to Andrew, Marcel and Jon about it because of Paul’s, once again, bad timing! But he was about to get a helping hand from the very person who had saved Jan from a certain life of misery, Paulina. She looked at Scott and smiled at him and at the same time gave Jan a quick kiss. She picked up the mike and pressed the button.

All crew, all crew. This is Paulina. Jan and I have an announcement to make, Andrew, Marcel and Jon to the bridge, please stand by.”

Down below in the Engine room Paul bought the fire exercise to an end and Jerry, George, Freddy and Thomas made their way back to the emergency equipment store to get out of their gear.

Neil and Colin were carrying out maintenance on the winch and waited, Reggie put his cross word puzzle down and waited for Paulina. Andrew had just got out of the shower and laid on his back waiting for his Captain to come in and “Top Gun” him!

A naked Marcel was on top of a naked Jon grinding their cocks together and both kissing the life out of one another. Marcel was about to welcome Jon’s cock into his bum when they heard Paulina’s “announcement.” They got dressed and ran to the bridge just as Andrew arrived. They stood looking at Paulina wondering what the hell this was about, Scott already knew and held Andrew’s hand, tight. Paulina opened the mike again.

“All crew, all crew, we, and I mean the heavy bitch and me want to inform you that Andrew, Jon and Marcel have become an item……! Oh and all crew! You have two choices, either chuck yourselves over the side if you don’t approve, OR, come to the bridge and give the four of them a hug!”

Within minutes the whole lot were on the bridge giving the cuddles Paulina had asked for and a great deal of affection between them all. Reggie was a little confused though.

“That it Paulina? Next time you make an announcement could you tell us something most of us did not already know?” They stayed on the bridge for a while longer when Scott thought it best to become a Captain again.

“Thanks all of you, now let’s get back to the job, we are approaching our rendezvous with the O9 in ten miles, 15 knots please.

The captain of mother boat 101 had guessed right by assuming the ships he wanted to attack would be heading for India and not Australia and was now at 5 knots and a mile north of the course he was sure the ships would be on. As soon as the ships came on radar he would get the pirate boats in the water on the port side to hide them and with the crews waiting in them. A fishing net would be out on the starboard side which would be cut as soon as his two targets had past them and the attack would begin.

The captain was having a good day made even better as he picked the two ships up at four miles behind him and ordered his boats over the side. There was a lot of traffic as well as four other fishing boats and he felt confident he would just blend in with all of them.

The Jean’s Hawk radar had all the fishing boats on screen watched by Scott. He picked up the mike.

“Andrew go to the hanger and wait, there are four fishing boats I want you to check out. Marcel and Jon get six bullets ready. George and Colin go with them, tell the O9 to go full ahead.”


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